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REVIEWS OF Tootsies Orchid Lounge IN Tennessee

Sidalia Aguilar

So much fun! Several floors so there’s always somewhere to listen to music and different types of artists. The place is packed right, but lots of interesting characters! Definitely check our the rooftop where you get a good view of the entire strip and can plan out your next move as well as get some breathing room.

Carlo Romano

Enjoyed this place. Upstairs was nice but downstairs in the crowd was best. The band was good and the girl singer was great, at hustling $20 for each request. But she was honest and on point - so all’s fair. Enjoyed her and the band very much. Great drink service right when you walk in.

James Burris

Tootsies is just one of those places we have to go to every time we are in Nashville. It is always packed, but their servers are second to none. While they have music on all 3 floors, we tend to gravitate to the 3rd floor more often that not. It seems to be a bit more current country and being able to walk out onto the roof is nice. Sunday is probably our favorite time to go to Tootsies. It is far less crowded, but the music is just as good.


Drank for a few hours with great service on the main floor; Great bartenders, being a previous bartender, was incredibly confused when I tried to re-enter the bar to close my tab with my mother inside and was not allowed in after I exited the bar. Explained that I had to close the tab in order to get my mother back to the hotel and was denied because I was “too drunk”. as they let in individuals that could barely walk by themselves in to the bar to purchase beverages which seemed ironic. Great bartenders, trash bouncers. Maybe train them first.

Ben Havlicek

Legendary place to visit on Broadway while you're in Nashville. Great live music and a rooftop viewing area.

free smiles

Nothing says "holiday"like getting drunk before 12 PM. That's exactly what we did. Be sure to try the apple pie moonshine and listen to that good ole country music that they're playing live. I imagine the lad playing for us could make it big. A 16 year old with the voice of someone decades older. Historic feels. Didn't stay for the food.

Matt Nichols

It’s almost 90 degrees. Both my female companion and I showed up in tank tops. They wouldn’t let me in but they’d let her in. I borrowed her other long sleeve shirt that was tiny on me but they’d let me in even though I was miserable and looked ridiculous. Their “dress code” is sexist and unbelievable

Courtney Gill

Good atmosphere and good food but I gave a $10 for the band and after 30 min they didnt play my song ????????

Fred Cook

Great place, rooftop is a nice visit. Tootsie Rita's are a great treat for a hot day!

Dawn Barbera

We had a blast!! Great band tonight!! I wish I knew who they were!! So much fun!!

Karenna Baker

OMG this place was awesome i cant even describe how great this place is i took a lot of picks of the walls which had all the country stars that have come and gone thru the years. There were 3 floors total , each floor had a band .

Bill Latronica

Very cool bar. The ambience is awesome and the bands are great!

jetblast 500

Lots of fun. My wife and son had a great time. The staff was friendly and took care of all our needs and even stopped by just to chat.

Mark Robinson

Amazing hole in the Wall. Backstage and across the alley from the Ryman Theater. Very historic. I recommend entering from the alley out back, like all of the stars have done over the years. Very nostalgic.

Megan Finneran

The legendary people who played here. You can't miss the purple building.

autumn wieringa

We had a great time here!! Band was awesome! Brittany was our bartender and she's amazing! She made sure everyone that came through the door was greeted while making sure customers at bar were taken care of! She didn't miss a beat!!


I was able to feel different things each time.

Donna Anderson

The place was so packed that I almost got crushed. Why is it that all other bars can control occupancy and this place can get away with unlimited number of people?! I'll be calling the city hall about this

Tyler Austin

Incredible live music with three different levels - each with different bands. Requests will cost you $20 a pop but it's a great time and there's no cover.

cheyenne f

Fantastic chili cheese frys and great live music

Dorothy Creinin

ABSOLUTELY LOVE TOOTSIES!!! We always take family here when they come to visit. Great music. Fabulous staff.

Karen Obannion

Drinking their frozen rum and coke was perfect on a hot day. The music was great.

Adam Nicks

Off the charts fun! The live music was great and I had the best time I can remember having at a bar ever!

Thomas Sutter

Very cool bar!! Sitting the rooftop with good food, a cold beer and of course good Countrymusic - what else do you want


One of my favorite honky tonks in Nashville. Great music and an awesome rooftop!

Michael Paxson

Good food good time our bartender Jen was amazing... great service and friendly !!!!

CrazyorNothing Music

This place was interesting, it had 3 bands playing at the same time, but unfortunately it was crazy beyond busy to even consider staying for more than a few minutes. So too overcrowded and some people were fighting and getting kicked out.

tim shufelt

Great place everyone gotta see it once

Steve Siergjuk

A staple in Nashville and a must to visit. Always great entertainment with multiple levels of fun and let's not forget the rooftop. Great way to view downtown Nashville!

RJ Schmidt

3 bands under one building? Great vibes!

Leroy Simonson

Got the the lady from London who said that she'd heard about you in London is pretty awesome and she said you guys a drapes drawn looking forward to come on myself you guys keep up which he didn't because whatever you're doing it's tract of people from everywhere

William Girardot

Great fun on every level. Great bands.

Daniel Dollar

Nothing like it in the world. Full of history

Trent Nutter

Several floors with great music and atmosphere.

Brooke Keith

Not a clean place but very iconic. Went there to say I was there. Roof top deck was a great view of Broadway. Music on every level. Definitely a must if in Nashville.

Janice DeLattre

Such a fun place and if you go early enough you can sit and chat with the bands. Great time with lots of great people

Eamon O'Hara

Historical yes. Great talent flourished and was sustained here in the past. But today only about dollars.

Sandro Antao

Famous purple building. Gets busy but should be able to get in. Lots of floors.

stylesz Smith

This place was so cool! Several floors of music! Amazing! I went up with my cousin to the roof top and that was excellent. On one floor it was so funny to see a Canadian (like me) band. The singer was killing it too. She sounded wonderful so did the band! Tootsies is a national treasure. I'd love to spend more time in this wonderful place. I'll be back in the near future for sure. Honestly if you love music come here! Even on a traditionally slower day the place was hopping! The rooftop offers excellent views but get there early. I had to stand because no seats were available.

Erik P

Venue - Cool bar, smaller than most, not as modern as others. Crowd - Good looking crowds with good vibes. Drinks - Outside has a cart bar that has good deals on drinks. Prices - Very fair prices. Location - Great location with great views from the patio. Staff - Very nice and friendly. Overall great place and would be back.

Steve Powell

Tootisie's is one of the most iconic places in Nashville. Very good Bands and great atmosphere.

Raquel Flieger

Fun and great place to go once in Nashville! Different love bands in each floor fast service at the bar and very friendly. Had a great time. Highly recommend it!


Terrible. Used to be the best. Has gone from a traditional honky tonk to party place, with rooftop, playing hick-hop for millennials and bridesmaids parties. Tootsie Bess is turning in her grave at what has happened to this place. Overpriced beer, but that's the same everywhere in this area except for Robert's.

Sue McT

Enjoyed a drink in the sun on the roof top terrace. It was really crazy listening to the different bands from this vantage point. Looking down into Broadway we could see at least 6 bands in the various bars playing their hearts out and working hard for their tips!! Fantastic viewpoint which added to the great memories of our Nashville visit.

Heather Lockie

This place is awesome 3 different floors and a band on each one. I've only been to Tootsies during CMA FEST because I live in Canada but if I lived in Nashville I would go all the time. Staff is fast super friendly all in all a great place to go for drinks and listen to some great bands and meet people. Definitely worth the visit

Jason Kems

Oh my! What a great spot for lunch! We sat on the roof and had a blast listening to the great musicians and watching everyone on the street. The wait staff was super friendly and knowledgeable.

Barry Moss

Just a great place. We would start there and always end the evening there. A true landmark.


You cant go downtown without stopping into tootsies. It's a historical landmark and has the old time original feel of the heart of Nashville. Upstairs is a nice little scene and they have a couple frozen drink machines.

Joyce Gilette

Great fun place excellent bands, service n delicious Chicken Tenders


One of many rooftop bars on Broadway but the atmosphere and history makes this the only one you must visit.

tony brack

Best music was here and at AJ's! We spent 4 hours here on a Saturday afternoon. Sooo much fun! We loved the Lady who played the Fiddle!! If you go to during the day....the night time scene is too busy.

Lucas Brogan

Great bands, interesting atmosphere, very small and crowded. I would say you should check out this iconic landmark if your in town but once is enough for me.

Jessica Fortenberry

This was m my favorite bar on Broadway The Ket Lime Pie drink is AMAZING

Douglas McDaniell

Awesome historic landmark and great honky tonk.. look for the purple building. Bartenders are very efficient even during busy times.. don't come here if you are claustrophobic and most importantly, don't leave your credit card at the bar overnight..

John Thomas McGrady

I know the owner. Great people great fun. !!

Premium Motor Sales

Great place. With plenty of live music bars and clubs this is a place where you can actually sit down and talk to the people you're with. Beer menu was extensive, 5 pages of all the draft beers they have. Only thing they offer is 16 oz though ………...

April Kohtz

Happy bday to the lounge! Amazing live concert in the street!

Michael Vullo

Great bar / night club with 2 live country bands

Vickiandken Engles

Two different bands going at same time. One good one not. Silence would have been better.

Tasting Room Smooth Ambler Spirits

I'm in hospitality and rarely leave reviews, let alone negative ones. I work in sales and was not born yesterday, as I travel for work and spend alot of time in bars/restaurants. Occasionally staff has bad days, the kitchen is slow or it's just plain damn busy. Be very careful with your tabs here. This place has staff that is in the business of fluffing up the totals on tabs for customers to get higher tips. I was with a bridal party, it was the end of a long day in the sun, we went in to get a reprieve and listen to some music. I was charged for 6 drinks not on my tab at check out. I was the only one going up to the bar and ordering drinks on my tab. I wasn't given an itemized with the credit card slip. I realized that was very high. When I brought it to the bartender's attention, Sidney the bartender on the top bar asked if we'd had tequila, which we hadn't. When I called her out on it, she agreed to remove them from my now $172.00 tab. She then recharged me for the correct amount of $144.00, and told me the 172.00 would come off my card in 2-3 business days. She said she couldn't give me a void receipt because it didn't authorize the amount - which in fact is not true as it's still on my debit account. I've made repeated calls to management with no return calls because the staff charged me $316 for 10 drinks. I will keep calling until I speak to a manager. DO NOT GO HERE, it absolutely ruined our trip and experience in Nashville.

Carl Rygwelski

Saw my friend play here last night and had such a blast! So much history and character in one condensed area.

jason duckless

Original Nashville classic with a list of famous singers that once performed at the venue.

Jim Homoly

A Nashville landmark. What a great time!

Derek Davis

Tootsies is a place that you should experience. We went during lunchtime since we had our kids, we didn't want to go when it was rowdy. We all had a good time. Food was typical bar food. We got to hear some spring artists.

lori olszewski

Insanely crowded. Actually got stuck in crowd trying to get out and couldn't move in any direction for like at leastv5 minutes. Then pushing match started between 2 customers and I was able to squeeze out. Got to be breaking some fire codes there.

Donna Jones

Okay, to be fair, this place would qualify as a tourist trap to some. But we had such a great time it is deserving of some love. The band played the crowd wonderfully. Drinks were expensive, but the same as all the other Broadway bars. The bartenders brought those drinks fast! Probably won't go back unless I'm entertaining out of town guests, but this will be one of our stops.

Miss Q

Love this place! You can put requests in for the bands that are playing for a good 20 buckaroo's that is (come on, y'all gotta sponsor upcoming talent right ?

Catrina Lynch

Best best bar in Nashville! Bartender was the bomb! Great band, and nice and cool on the hottest day on the rooftop!


Tootsies is a must if visiting Nashville. Many artists got their start there. Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and others. Lots of old pictures line the walls of musians

Lori Taylor

A must see when in Nashville. Great music all day long and good drinks. Go in early afternoon to get a seat on the rooftop with beautiful views of the city.

Jennifer Sanchez

Very cool bar with live music and rooftop access. It was a little too full for comfort on the weekend even with having three floors. Bartenders are very friendly, and the decor is unique.

Logan Adams

Now if I liked country music, this place would easily be a 5 star. It’s nothing against the place, it just ain’t my taste. However, Tootsie’s has the best balcony view on Broadway and maybe even in all of Nashville. This is definitely one place to go if you’re a tourist and on Broadway. (If you are a tourist, there’s a lot more outside of Nashville that you shouldn’t neglect to see)

Ben Edelman

The band was all 90s covers so it went straight to my heart. Plus the bartender must have an eidetic memory since she remembered me every time and got all my drinks in seconds and remembered my name for the tab. Saw three live bands on three floors. All country. All great. The definition of honky tonk. Loved it!

Arikah Nash

Still a great place to have fun.. whether you're a local or a tourist!!!

sherise anderson

Great place to bar hop! Just make sure you've eaten before-hand lol. I don't think there's any food!

David Baker

Great place. Amazing the history there. It's written all over the walls. Great music.

Joe Krouse

I understand that this is a nostalgic place and all, but the bartender was extremely rude. I asked for 2 simple cocktails and she couldn't make or didn't want to make either one. My sister ordered a Bicardi and club soda and she got charged $20!! The woman next to us ordered a cocktail with 3 spirits and was charged $11. I will bypass this place next time I'm in Nashville on Broadway.

John Johnson

I asked the band if I could join them with my harmonica for a song, by the end of that song, the crowd,and the band had me up for two more!! Fun place! Look at all the celebrities on the walls! Hank, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Bob Dillon, Patsy Cline!! When I walked in there I had no idea I was in such good company!!

Karen Solverson

Wow, a Saturday night on Broadway street and we found Tootsies and went to the top floor. The band we saw plays five nights a week and they were unbelievable. It was packed and they had an outdoor lounge open,even though it was in the 40s. They played all requested songs, and the lead lady danced and sang in the bar. Young guitarist was crazy good. People of all ages there. It was an incredible first day in Nashville experience!!

Amanda Cook

It's a busy place with great food! Totally worth it!

Luke Trochinski

Huge amount of history! Artists of all kinds have been here and their pictures cover the walls to the ceiling for three floors! Awesome live music singers!

James Montague

Good food and good service up on the rooftop.

Pierce Conway

Three levels including a rooftop. Different, talented musicians on every level. Drink prices are standard for the area ($6-7 bottled beer, $10-12 liquor drinks). Loved the rooftop for the view and music.

Alan Dash

Nice spot. Good food. Great music. Crowds at night!

Bobby Kees

Had two great bands playing the night were there. One upstairs and one down.

Emily McLaughlin

Great music but not enough room for people

Ray Broullire

1st time there, will definately go back. Incredible entertainment! Especially the Andy Gibbons band. Great music. Can't wait to see them again!

Laura Steelman

Wonderful place to see for the history this place holds for Country Music.

David Peterson

This place is a Nashville must! Live music on every floor with top notch acts and a great atmosphere. Could stay here all day and never get bored.

Thomas Carr

Damn good country music and the atmosphere is out of this world.

Sandra Mitchell

Absolutely packed but worth it! Bands on all 3 levels including rooftop. Fun place!

Trask LeNoble

Great time here! the history of music is displayed on the walls. Was very interesting!

Josh Hacker

What a joke of an establishment. They try and steal from their customers and short change you hoping you don’t realize. They gave us $3 change on a $17 bill paid with $100 and then make security escort you out because you call them out on it after taking blame and apologizing for their “mistake”. I would hope the owner would have enough decency to come forward on this issue!! We love Nashville and have always enjoyed tootsies but the way the staff and security handled this issue made sure we will never take our business here again!

James Springs

This is a historic bar in Nashville Tennessee. It reeks of country music history! The walls are covered with photos of country music stars, some of them so old you can barely make them out. Live music and a beautiful old time bar are notable features. Drop dead gorgeous bartender too!

Kelly Ruhe

it was fun. 3 or 4 different floors and on each floor there is a different band. only downside is that it is EXTREMELY crowded. super packed, wall to wall with nothing but people standing EVERYWHERE. it was so bad you couldn't move without someone spilling their drink all over you or themselves.

casey copley

Heard of it in the country music museum and it's still a very exciting place to stop by.

Scott Martin

Not exactly the place to go if you are looking for a spot to sit down. But the atmosphere was great! Three stories, each with different bands playing. And tons of history on the wall to take in.

Sarah Kayeye

Amazing and vibrant atmosphere, we enjoyed ourselves so much at tootsies orchid lounge. The music was phenomenal and the food was really good as well .

Jessi Couser

This joint is over the top great! Don't go here for good drinks or food (or anywhere else on Broadway for that matter), but the music and liveliness will blow your mind. The talent in the city is amazing, but I kept finding my way back to Tootsie's on my visit and always wanted to stay. You also never know when someone famous will drop in;) Do yourself a favor and visit even if it's the only place you go on Broadway (but there are other great spots worth seeking out). Tip the musicians well. And if you're going to buy a ridiculously overpriced beverage, be sure to tip the bartenders well, too.

Chris Edgar

Best bar in Nashville. 3 levels of music and a rooftop view.

Linda Hook

Very cool iconic place in Nashville. Music in several levels. Fun place. Worth stopping in.

Michael Richter

Top floor is cool with a band Cash bar! They have an atm inside for a fee & beers are outrageously priced The lower floors & stairwell smelled the alley of bar. Their bathrooms smelled better

Edward White

Place was really jumping the live performance was good

Bailey Good

Extremely famous bar in Nashville history that you have to visit at least once. The music is typically some of the best on Broadway and they have multiple levels with different brands. It is always extremely busy so that's definitely something to keep in mind when planning your trip!

Joey Clapper

Historical place. Love the atmosphere. Usually crowded.

Kim Garvey

If you go to Broadway, this is the most notorious spot. It's always crowded. If you only have time for one Broadway bar, this is an excellent choice. There's three floors of bands and the rooftop. Drinks are expensive. Service is efficient because they have such a huge turnover. Crowds are generally buzzed and happy, rarely overly rowdy. You'll have to tip the band, so consider that an ongoing cover charge if you stay or change floors. It's is a tourist spot for sure, but it's still fun.

Tiffany Anderson

Great musical atmosphere. The highlight of music row.

Hailey Levasa-Helbling

Great music, drinks and service. There was a fun crowd and it made our time here entertaining and enjoyable.


Loved this place learning the history of the place back when the grand ole opry was behind Tootsies. Nashville TN is a must visit. Music row is awsome

darrel sharp

1st time. Brought my parents back to relive their glory days. Staff was excellent & we all enjoyed both days we were there

Jason Talley

Three floors, three bands, ample fun. Great music!!

Stephanie V

This place has so much history (where Willie Nelson essentially got his start). A total hole in the wall essence adds to the charm. Its small rooms gets very busy at night time, I recommend you visit during the day.

Mary Gann

Stopped in for a drink..The place has happy friendly staff..We had a great time..

David Fleming

A real classic, had a drink, and enjoyed the music.

Lauryn Gonzales

So much history! A must go if in Nashville. The top floor is my favorite. It’s kind of a hole in the wal and a little run down must still do much fun.

Shannon McCarthy

We really loved tootsies! We were able to get drinks pretty quickly. The band was very awesome and interactive. They got our group up on stage and took photos with us. The rooftop was nice also!

Stephen Werth

Great music! No cover on a Monday night. Decent beer prices and fun people!

Tim M

This is a great spot to take in the authentic Nashville experience! Rowdy, loud, and brimming with general good cheer. The musician made two rounds with a tip bucket, and after tipping the first time, I was a little put off that she seemed rather pushy about the second round.

Jaclyn Livingston

Had a blast here. A lot of people made comments about the band's asking for money for requests, but this is how they get paid. There is no cover charge. Beer is pricey, but to be expected. The band we saw had great chemistry and did their best to play requests of Lizzo to Bruno Mars. The energy is great inside and there is a lot of history. Missing it already!

Jen Bernard

There is a reason you can barely get in the door here. Everyone loves this place! Great entertainment and drinks. The key lime pie drink was out of this world. Drank way too many!

Nicole Spencer

Such a unique place. I have been traveling Tennessee visiting shelters so one can be opened in memohia to help our Huge problem in Memphis. This place rocked. Thanks Cyndra for the great job you do!

Gerties Ride

The 3rd floor is my favorite bar. Bartenders are pros. The tables are kept clean. Always have great bands.

Jeremy Aug

This my favorite place in Nashville. The bartenders are the best in town. Love this place.

Michael Pindelski

Absolutely loved Tootsies. Rooftop was great and the band was exceptional. One of the better bars in town.

Michael Farnham

Awesome place multiple levels and multiple bands. Some great tunes being played.

Nicole Timoteo

Fun and Full crowd. Great drinks. Love this place.

kim mcclamroch

Unbelievably OVERCROWD. you couldn't move once you finally pushed through the narrow path between the bar and tables and had a harder time leaving. I would not go back Truly a fire hazzard. That many people should not be allowed in. I am guessing Tennessee doesn't have a occupant limit??. The band was good.

Carrie Holmes

Very impressed with the service. The place was packed but as soon as our group walked in the bartender asked us for our drink order and had us served within minutes. Great rooftop bar area too.

Christy Sewell

Safety is a concern of mine when visiting a place like this. The atmosphere was great but I don't think its right to allow someone to go into the restroom with you no,matter the gender. Be very careful when visiting

Mark Horner

Great entertainment. Be prepared for a large crowd on the weekend.

Brad Hall

Everything you have heard is true, and the place is a legend. But there are better choices less than a half block away.

emily hill

Visited here years ago and had a great experience! Came here today and the bartenders were extremely rude.I was trying to tell the bartender that I wanted to buy a shirt and she said she couldn’t hear me. So I went to lean in so she could hear me better and she pulled away, rolled her eyes, gave me a dirty look and walked off. Thought maybe she was having a bad day...but we went upstairs and the bartender was rude as well. She acted like I was bothering her by asking for a drink. Um sweetie, your a bartender, Your job is to pour drinks...The girls that work here think their s*** don’t stink!

Devon Boon

We managed to grab a table along the side of the stage on the second floor. Servers were extremely tentative for the size of the crowd. Music was great. Only downside is the drink prices but they are pretty competitive with the other big bars on Broadway. Would recommend checking it out at least once.

Rebecca Heishman

Rachel the bartended is AMAZING!! We connected right away! She's now Fla girl!! Thank you! Bob n Becca

Andrew Algaze

You can barely walk in here and once you do it's hard to escape once someone starts covering 'Wagon Wheel' for the millionth time. The bartender with the red hair and fake glasses was really hot and tried really hard to get me to buy a drink. If you're reading this just know that if I was drinking that night, I would have wanted to buy that beer from you doll.

Brenda Lee

Music filled bar with multiple levels of fun. Each floor had a slightly different theme with live music throughout. We went during January so it was chilly, but the roof top was still a nice place to hang out as long as you're bundled up.

david culver

Famous place that got to their head. Nothing more special than the rest of broadway

River Rat Metal detecting/digging

Fun to say the least...always great music talent. Drinks are a bit higher than most bars locally so we start at the others first & then come here later. Love the rooftop. Don't forget the kiddos can come in early while on a family vaca if so desired. Nice option for sure.

Emily Carter

Great atmosphere!! The bar was slammed with lots of people. They had great live music that you could hear inside the bar or from the porch. The porch had a great view of Nashville and had heaters for cold nights and high tops with umbrellas for durning the day. The staff was friendly and quick!

Mike Larson

Great music and bartenders were quick.qith the drinks. Can't wait to go back.

David Standard 320entertainment

Love this place and the atmosphere. Always awesome line up of musicians. The staff is so unbelievable nice. You may go to other facilities while your in Nashville but you will always come back here. Enjoy the rich heritage of Nashville. Dont and I say don't forget to stop by here and enjoy yourself.

Chris Mowat

Crowded A.F. Great bands and service.

Brad Yeats

There’s a bartender there that has big eyes, and black hair...worst drink I’ve ever had. Sucks because I just started liking this place. Management needs to get their bartenders together.

Michele Chatelain

Oh Tootsies!! Always great! Could use a bit more accessibility but then would take away from originality.

Matt Fox

Great music and moonshine! Tootsies is a good spot to start or end your night on music row.

Martin Hubner

Famed drinking and music establishment. Awesome music and atmosphere.

Sandi Wiezycki

I've been to Tootsie's orchid lounge a few times before and it is always the greatest place to go to hear a live country music.

Tim Wright

Just got home from a week in Nashville and of coarse had to make a few stop at Tootsies. A bit disappointed in the bands this week. First floor was far better than the second floor. Usually better bands play here but it feels like it’s only about the money and not the music unfortunately. In my past visits they have had far better talent. It’s a given that it’s gonna be packed.

Carolyn Wright

Great music. Met interesting people

Andrew Carroll

You can't say you have been to Nashville until you have stopped by Tootsies. One of the most historic country music bars in Nashville.

Thomas Keefe

We enjoyed the salad and burger. We ate on the roof and in the shade the upper 90s were not an issue. The bar staff was excellent, the wait staff, not so much. Need to put pitchers of water out for rehydrating the customers whether to self serve or the wait staff to do it

Parker Maertz

Very cool vintage spot, really the only good bar in Nashville

J Davis

Tootsies is a Nashville treasure! The legacy of this bar and all the great talent that has walked in this place is legendary. The bar in its self is a wonder for the eyes. Both the the food and the music is a feast for your soul. The place is filled with happy music loving people with a great staff, strong drinks and an even better story to tell written all over. You can spend hours here just looking at all the priceless memorabilia! If you are coming to Nashville then you must stop by for some true Southern Comfort! As Always, Enjoy!

Austin Russello

This place had the most energy out of Every bar I visited on broadway, the live music is phenomenal.


The best place along Broadway to have some beers and listen to some country music. Whilst most bands are good, the quality of the music here is a notch above from.

Bill Me

Sort of an obligatory stop in Nashville. Generally very touristy with lots of cover bands playing to the tourist crowd. We did the third floor bar for a show and had a good time. Cover band but they put on a fun show. Crowded but not out of control. Good service from bar staff. Attendants in bathrooms a nice touch.

Christy Lea

I normally do not post reviews. However I feel it necessary to do this one. The band was good the vibe was good however at the end of the hour when we decided to move on our bar tab was $180. Of course this was not accurate but when my husband argued he was threatened and was told that he had to pay. So he paid and did not cause a scene. It's wrong to do people like. I only had one drink, friends had three beers, my husband had a couple of drinks.. that's it!!! this is just wrong!!

Chad Petersen

Overly pushy for tips for the band. Walked in the door and before one song had a guy begging for tips. And a new one for each floor. Drinks here are more expensive than most other bars nearby. And also was the most crowded. But it is a super interesting historical site. Go have a drink and move on.

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National Park Service Obed Wild & Scenic River Visitor's Center
National Park Service Obe...
Tourist Attraction - Tennessee

Visitor center

Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Church
Cades Cove Missionary Bap...
Tourist Attraction - Tennessee

Historical place museum

The Parthenon
The Parthenon
Tourist Attraction - Tennessee

Art museum

Jack Daniel's Distillery
Jack Daniel's Distillery
Tourist Attraction - Tennessee