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2500 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203, United States Located in: Centennial Dog Park

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Where is The Parthenon?

REVIEWS OF The Parthenon IN Tennessee

Shannon Hackney

Unique, picturesque scene, plenty of area to walk around the park. The museum is great and Athena is breathtaking.

Rebecca Larkman

Super cool way to spend some time. Self paced and fun to just walk the grounds if you don't want to go in

Kim J

It's in the centennial park. The full-scale replica of the ancient Parthenon is worth to visit. Also a lot of collection paintings to see. The stature of Athena is so pretty. Tickets for Adults is $6.50 and children(4-17) is $4.50. No food and drinks is allowed in the building.

Mike Wyrick

Again what can you say the Parthenon in Tennessee. Definitely a must see even if you've been to Greece

Richy Wittmer

Great photo op. Had daughters wedding pictures here


Beautiful and very interesting! Must visit!

Michael Sheehe

Unique place to visit while in Nashville. There is an admission fee, but it’s worth it. Located in the middle of large city park.

Alice Wang

Touristy but good place for photo opp. Small museum. The giant athena statute is worth seeing, especially right before museum closes when it’s a bit quieter. Admission $6/adult.

Rob Hemker

Great park area with a nice 1 mile loop around a little pond. We always enjoy coming to this area as there is typically some sort of event or activity going on at the park that connects... Good for strollers due to the paved paths too.

Jorge Sotres

Great awesome place to visit. Take your family it’s amazing

Enthusiastic Techie

Great place for some Greek history. I would recommend going again.

Alyssa Witte

Worth seeing, but only with the All Access pass as that makes it free. Otherwise it’s $6 and not exactly worth that much. Exterior and park are free to view

Matt DeBenedetto

This place is really cool to see! If you in the area I highly recommend walking through the park at the very least. It’s not everyday you get to see a full scale rebuild of the Parthenon.

Amo Cenare

We just visited the Parthenon on our visit to Nashville. The park itself is huge, but it was hard to find parking. No clear directions where the parking for the Parthenon located. There is a museum inside the Parthenon. It’s a $6 admission …

Shubham Garg

A place worth visiting in Nashville is this replica of The Parthenon. Incredible craftsmanship on main structure and even better bright shining statue of Athena. Walking around the building is fun in itself. Plenty of parking.

Jacob Webb

If you are a fan of Greek mythology then this place is great. My wife and I were very happy with our experience here. Very beautiful.

Keri Spencer

Cool spot in Nashville. Small museum but worth the small entry fee.

Emily Aicher

$6 entrance totally worth it. Full of stunning art, historical content, and the astounding Athena! Bathrooms were clean, they were even setting up what seems like a kids activity time while we were there. Do not miss if your into art!

Anthony Leach

I came here as a child and now I bring my child with me. What a beautiful site to see.

Humphrey Christopher

The Parthenon is in Centennial Park, which is amazing in itself and the Parthenon feels like the centerpiece. The building was impressive - if not a little random - but it is a must see if you are in Nashville. It has a small art gallery inside and doesn't take tons of time to see everything. The statue of Athena is breathtaking and worth the visit alone.

Colton Noyes

This thing was huge! And the detail of the architecture was amazing. Definitely a must see if you are passing through the area! Not sure why though, but 90% of everyone there was playing Pokemon Go.

Junifer Q. Sparrowhawk

Beautiful place to walk around, sight see sand also to take photos! I haven't been inside the museum yet but I hear it's quite the treat and only a few dollars for admission. The only issue is that it's a bit hard to find parking so you may want to get there early or be dropped off if you're planning on being there during the weekend.

Grace Tuesca

it was a nice place, the park was beautiful but the museum itself I didn’t think was quite worth it. it’s very small and not very much to see. also the janitor lady was very rude to everyone who walked by her. there is also no sign that directs people where the correct entrance is.

Elizabeth Popovich

I visited The Parthenon a few years ago and it was amazing. Especially if you have an interest in Greek Mythology. I would recommend going to see it. All age groups are appropriate.

Darren Knapik

many Reliable facts. highly recommend sight seeing here. Everything here was great, but the bathrooms were a little bit dirty

Kristi Kargic

Majestic and so much more beautiful than photos can show.

Kessiah Gipson

Surreal experience seeing it in person. Nice park and lots to see in the area. We didn't go inside...maybe next time!

John Nichols

We went at night, so we could not go inside. The replica seems pretty darned good. We haven’t been to the original, but this seemed pretty neat to us. The nighttime view was pretty special.

Anastasia Yeager

The park was soo beautiful and the museum was amazing.❤ can't wait to go back

Cota Walls

Beautiful place to visit in Nashville even if you don’t get the opportunity to go inside. The grounds are breath taking and landscaped nicely. Great for walking. I also rented some of the scooters and drove around the property. Will definitely visit again one day! Such a cool addition to the Nashville scene.


The Parthenon is much more than just a statue of Athena, which is obviously very impressive. It is a museum rich in history from the past, present, and somewhat the future. The displays are laid out wonderfully and create an incredible …

Thomas Rolen

Very neat place to visit. Definitely worth the price to go inside and view the statue of Athena. One of the better attractions in Nashville and theres not many.

Frank T

A beautiful place to visit. I'd recommend it in fall or spring, so it's not too hot or cold. Also it's got some cool stuff inside but I found walking the property to be more interesting.

Michael Matthew

Wow - I have been to Nashville several times but never knew about the Parthenon - absolutely amazing

Ela Gonzz

The structure of the building is beautiful. Must visit if you are around Nashville. The tour is very short. It'll be like 1 hr to see everything.

Jess the Egg

The entrance is $6. Groundfloor has an art expo as well as pictures and artifacts from the exposition where the Parthenon was built, the upper floor has statues, including the one of Athena. Security guard was a nice person and joked around with us a bit.

Glenn Delong

Beautiful Park area surrounding the Parthenon. Great art exhibits on the lower level.

Aaron Cheek

With all the things to do in Nashville this would be easy to miss. Don't make that mistake a must stop. Impressive building and grounds. Take time to read the information on the centennial celebration and imagine what an event it must have been.

walk in beauty

Athena makes a stunning golden face while holding her shield in her flowing gown. One of the best attractions in Nashville and very fun for the children! A must see treasure in Music City Nashville USA.

Roy Mathew

Built in 1897, this is a full scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens. Was designed by Confederate veteran William Crawford Smith. Today it functions as an art museum, stands as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, west of downtown Nashville. There is a small fee for entrance. Check hours of operation before you leave

Ashley Woodcock

Nice place to visit with the kids to get a little history while getting some exercise. Pretty place.

Jon Jon Giang

a little flocked with tourists but a cool place to visit nonetheless

Paula Spencer

For all the visitors who never venture from the downtown C&W tourist traps, you are missing a real gem. The Parthenon is a beautiful building located in a very nice park in Midtown Nashville. The real surprise is when you go inside and see the statue of Athena. A must see when you visit Nashville.

Kobi Adato

What a great replica. I couldn't go inside as it was closed but the massive building was great. Great photo op if u like it. There were many people just walking and sitting there. You should spend about 20 min just walk around if it's not open and you cant get inside. Personality liked it as i like archeology also so it was cool for me

Sean Fournier

Beautiful park but the Parthenon itself costs money to go inside... should be free. The surrounding park is really nice.

steve constantino

Just spent 2 hrs with my son. Totally awesome set in a huge park. Great art exhibits inside. A must do!

gene McDonald

This is a wonderful visit. Not expensive and the art is unbelievable.

Stephaine Inman

I went with family and learned so much. The statue of Athena was breathtaking. This is a must if you are in Nashville and cant beat the $10 price tag.

Brittany Laird

The area is very well maintained and the museum is always a treat. Gorgeous place with a ton of really interesting history. Pricing for museum access is really good and they offer military discount.

alex byrd

Nice place to visit when stopping by, but there isn't a great deal to see. Definitely interesting for history buffs.

Paul Iford

Worth the cost just getting to see the giant Athena statue. The American art gallery was a nice bonus. -1 one star for the weird dragon outside

Erik P

Buddy has Greek wanted to come check out the place during a bachelor party, so we came to check it out during our downtime. Place - Not much to do around here, only if your into the Greece part of it and learning history. I've been to many museums and I was impressed by this place. Fee - Small fee to get in but you it wont take much to cover it. Location - A bit of a drive out from Downtown Nashville had to Uber. Overall wouldn't come back or recommend checking it out.

Alex Steele

The Parthenon definitely fulfills your expectations! It is an incredibly fun building to explore, inside and out. Walking around it shows you truly how massive it is and all the detail on the outside that they had to model. Going inside to the art gallery and to see the statues, you must go to the east side lower level. Cost of admission is around $6 a person (depending on which days or ages are discounted). Inside, the gallery has a very good collection of work to check out. Additionally, the hallway ramps leading up to the gallery display pictures and artifacts from the construction and era of the Parthenon in Nashville. When you finally get to the upper main level (an elevator is available), you enter into the hall with the statue of the goddess Athena, which is very impressive. A lot of detail went into it! There are many things to read and look at while you’re in the main hall too. The Parthenon is a must see if you’re in Nashville!

Rebecca Swafford

The park was filled with people laying on the grass, walking with family, relaxing in hammocks, and sitting on the steps of the Parthenon. There was a man playing a saxophone under the pillars, and it echoed all around the building with mellow thouhtfulness. The entire park was filled with peacefulness and liveliness. The building itself FEELS way bigger than the pictures look. It is massive. You can walk all around the building, go under it to the museum about when it was built, see the changing art gallery display beyond that, then go up to the ground level via the stairs to see an Athena statue as tall as the Parthenon itself (pictured). If you are passing through and have an interest for history and architecture, or even just enjoy being outdoors, then go check this out.

John Wingler

Great place for everyone that wants to learn some history

Bill D -

Full size replica of the actual Parthenon in Athens Greece. The views from the park offer a testament to the brilliance of the design. This structure, as intended by the original to be, is best appreciated at a distance.

Stacy Duke

World renowned replica of The Parthenon in Greece. Beautiful gold statue of Athena inside, historic artifacts & rotating modern art exhibits. I enjoy talking my out of town guests/family here.

Lynsie Simmons

We went during renovations, but still had a great time. A beautiful, clean attraction. The area is great and right next to a greenway.

Nandhini Karthikeyan

This architectural monument is the exact replica of the original monument in Greece. It is grand and it is refreshing to see such a monument amidst modern buildings. The museum is small but the Goddess Athena statue stands tall, bright and beautiful. It is indeed worth visiting this place. Anyone visiting Nashville should not miss this place.

Lance Blake

Needs better maintenance considering you have to pay a fee to see that replica statue. We expect a cleaner Parthenon. Absolutely nothing special. Not worth it to get in unless it’s free. Outside is dirty and trashy. What a shame!

Derek Van Dyke

The building itself is a cool structure but the centennial history isn't that exciting. If your interested in Greek mythology it's got some but it's not near comprehensive. You can tour this museum in 1-2 hours easily.

Randy Coulter

It was my second time ever seeing it,but my first time ever being able to go inside. It's detail is unbelievable and it's definitely something to experience if you've never been. Especially if you're into the Greek mythology stuff

Romero Mariano

This facility is so impressive. Seems out of place almost in the country music capital but when you read the history about how it came to be you will understand why. The bronze doors are like WOW! It will impress you if you enjoy architecture. The gold statue is impressive and huge although I can’t understand why people worshiped such things. One of a kind facility for sure! Definitely something to see all around. Many art exhibits in the basement, as well as picture history about how and why it was built.

Jessica Bennett

Great museum inside with interesting facts about the Nashville Parthenon. Great place to spend an hour or two. Centennial Park offers trails and other activities nearby. Tickets are $4/6 for children and adults.

Dave Barrett

Very cool space, did not realize that this was under the building. Nice rotating exhibits and awesome statue of Athena along with the Greek mythology on the upper floor. Excellent outdoor area along the lake although you have to watch for the new fad--scooters--- they will run you over.

Dwight Woodcock

An American site to scale of ancient Rome without purchasing the of the overseas plane purchase. Well done Nashville.

Tiffany Le

What a cool place to check out! Definitely worth coming to look at even if you don't go inside. Viewing it from the outside was still a great experience, and from the crowds surrounding this place, I think everyone also enjoyed the view. Parking was easy to find. Definitely recommend taking kids here because there is a park with a small path nearby that would be good to walk around on a sunny day!

Milton Magee

For all the visitors who never venture from the downtown C&W tourist traps, you are missing a real gem. The Parthenon is a beautiful building located in a very nice park in Midtown Nashville. The real surprise is when you go inside and see the statue of Athena. A must see when you visit Nashville.

peggy waters

Excellent. The centennial park was amazing. The historic statues in park along with the history of centennial park was interesting in addition to the parthenon museum. It was a terrific day. Make time to cruise by Vanderbilt university which can be seen adjacent to Partheon.

Agustin Soto del Rio

Nice place! Follow my Trip in Instagram: @usaen180dias

Eddy Oneil

Great location! It’s a great replica of the real Parthenon. However, there’s not a lot to do here unless there’s an event ongoing. There is a small museum inside but it’s not worth the admission in my opinion. Great place to take photos for any occasion though.

Jason Lankford

Fun little detour while you're in Nashville for the day. A replica of the famous Parthenon of Greece that was erected for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition. It also hosts an art gallery, history of the site and exposition, and a giant golden statue. See pictures in review. Worth the few bucks to browse for an hour.

J Michael

Cool tourist site in Nashville. Really nice surrounding park.

Patrick Flaherty

Just like Percy Jackson. Fun fact: Tennessee not only has a better Parthenon than Greece--it has a higher GDP as well.

Adam W

Great place to visit. my family really enjoy the experience. My only reason for 4 instead of 5 was unattended young kids just running around like the had no parents.

Jimm Plaza

This is literally a replica of what the real Parthenon would look like. I thought it was going to be "tacky" but I was surprised. I actually enjoyed every minute of it. It is so worth the $6 fee. The entrance is at the back (so do not waste your time looking for it in the front). If the line is long, skip it and ask the guard if you can go to the gift shop to buy your ticket. Inside is an art museum. The exhibit was really great. Parking was a little tough. The parking lot was small. I highly recommend visiting and going inside.

Scott Martin

Amazing to see in person!! And the history of the site they cover inside is extremely interesting and educational.

Melanie King

This was so neat loved it. It is worth the money to get in the first floor was okay but once you went up stairs and got to see what was up there totally worth it!! Highly recommend people go and check out this place and learn some history.

Queen Nefi

It was absolutely beautiful. I did not like that the day we went they were only accepting cash but what could be done it was a technical error and a friend of mine had enough cash on him thankfully, but the inside was gorgeous. It doesn't have the same aura as the grecian Parthenon, but it gets about as close as a reproduction can get. Wonderful road trip to go and see this.

Meredith Cravey

The cute tour guide had a lot knowledge on Greek mythology for someone who claims not to be a nerd

Shaon D.

The structure and build of the statue is a bit disappointing. Not entirely worth it to get in buying tickets. The outside on the other hand is really great!


Little to be desired. If you've never gone though you should at least check it out

Steven B

Very amazing place to visit. Costs very little and you get to learn about some history. Was not too fond of the art on display, but the rest of the building was interesting. Would definitely bring my child here. Gift shop is a bit pricey, but they do have some unique items.

Mark Shibish

Beautiful Park area surrounding the Parthenon. Great art exhibits on the lower level. Amazed at the workmanship of this replica building. What a great surprise in Nashville! Stunned at the size of the Athena statue. Located in the center …

glass crags

It was something worth going to once. Having seen the real one a number of times in Athens it gave a good perspective being to scale. There is an admission fee to go inside and see the statue, which is the main reason for visiting. The park and surrounding area are very nice to walk as well.

Greg Thorson

A bit of kitsch, but it's amazing this full scale reproduction of the parthenon, in its concrete and wooden glory, has stood the test of more than a century.

Spencer Volzix

The very best replica of Greek history. Lovely!

Marianne Ruiz

For all the visitors who never venture from the downtown C&W tourist traps, you are missing a real gem. The Parthenon is a beautiful building located in a very nice park in Midtown Nashville. The real surprise is when you go inside and see the statue of Athena. A must see when you visit Nashville.


It was a neat place to check out! Only $5 entry per person.

Chelsea Qualls

Not really what I expected. I expected more Greek history and statues. There were several rooms filled with art and paintings people donated that literally made me feel I was visiting an art museum. Upstairs is the best part and truly what the entire building should be based around. Would not visit inside again. It was also really crowded at 10 in the morning. So crowded I had to hide out of the way just to get where I wanted. The park was really pretty though!

Jennifer Crytzer

Came here based on a suggestion of “things to do with families” in Nashville. While the park it’s self is very family friendly the actual Parthenon was not. I understand that this is a recreation of the original Parthenon (and it is very impressive) - there’s no way to get on the Parthenon unless you climb steps. Meaning, if you have small children in a stroller you cannot enjoy this marvel without paying an admission fee (when we visited the museum portion of the building was closed for an event) but there’s plenty to do around the building without climbing the steps. Lots of grassy areas to run around and plenty of parking. My daughter loved a mosaic dragon bench that sat in front of the Parthenon that she and other children were climbing on. There’s also lots of walking trails and a pretty water area nearby to enjoy.

Stephanie V

Such a cool experience to see the parthenon in Athens and then to see it in Nashville to get a better sense of what the original truly was like in its glory. Worth a quick stop, even to just see the outside.

Joey Keenan

This place is a nearly perfect replica of the original Parthenon. There are a lot of fascinating pieces of art inside, as well as a recreation of Athena. On the outside, it is a great place to take pictures and honor the history behind this building.

Michele Kane

Very cheap little stop if your in the area. Would recommend for anyone that is looking for either a closer glimpse into history or just a photo op. Very busy location though so be ready for there to be people all around. Other than the people this was an incredible little stop that allows you to step back in time and see what it wold be like to walk through the Parthenon.

Stephanie Pereira

Though we enjoyed the small art gallery over the site itself, it's a reasonably priced $6 to get in. Spend some time in the park before or after, or both. We really enjoyed our afternoon. Not something I see myself visiting again and again, but, worth the trip. Plus, you're close to a bunch of good places to eat.

j. anderson

Pretty cool inside. Lots of pictures, art, sculptures, and history to read about. Price isn't too bad and if your there in the summer they have good a/c, restrooms as well.

NYC Gal Out

This looks like an amazing replica of the actual Parthenon in Greece (great for photo-ops too); there's a park with a playground area for kids; this would be a nice place to take pictures at; but there wasn't really anything much to it. There's an art museum inside and a gift shop, and I'm sure during the summer there's lots of events that are hosted here, some maybe are even free; but we went on a day where there was nothing going on. Parking is a bit hard, but there is parking available. There are also public restrooms available. They have food cart vendors outside, but there's no restaurant inside the museum like some have. I was heavily pregnant when I was here, so I didn't really feel like trekking around either, but it's also a big open field; which can be great for like a picnic and stuff like that.

Leroy Chen

Very nice replica and make people feel like at Athens Greece.

Andrew M. Travis

Beautiful park and Parthenon. The Parthenon is a little random, but nice place to walk or hang out. They could put some more money into this park by providing dog stations, drinking fountains, or better landscaping.


Very cool place to visit! For anyone interested in ancient hostory/Greek mythology it is a very neat place to visit.

Spencer Goldade

The Parthenon was confusing to get into— a problem that almost every person we encountered seemed to have as well. The wayfinding (signage) is almost nonexistent to help get you inside, as well as once you're inside to understand where to go to see everything. For example, many folks wandering around with us didn't even realize you can go upstairs to see a MASSIVE statue of Athena. It's not marked at all, and the stairs are right next to a sign for a door that says Staff Only. Once you're inside the Parthenon, and finding your way around, it's fantastic. Such friendly, hospitable people. And the art was a great mix of something for everyone, not to mention technically well executed. You aren't supposed to take photos except on the top floor, but it wasn't policed at all and everyone was doing it. I say be a follower in this case and make sure others who can't make it see the beautiful art and history contained within.

Jen Sartin

Visiting the Parthenon is an absolute must if you’re in Nashville, TN! The architecture is breathtaking, to say the least.

Michael Young

When you visit Nashville, you don't expect to get a piece of Greece, but The Parthenon makes you feel like you are in Athens. The large statue of Athena is impressive. If you're a Percy Jackson fan, this place is for you. The Lightning Thief was filmed here. Downstairs also has some great art pieces.

Eusoj tinez-reic

Very good history in the inside and the outside is very nice to enjoy your day with friends and family

Stephanie Gibson

The detail in all of the architecture was amazing. Definitely recommend it to any art lovers too, the galleries inside were beautiful. Absoluetly worth the few dollars admission, but just as beautiful if you just check out the outside

Jeffrey Humble

Make sure you bring extra money for the gift shop because YOU CAN BUY IDOLS HERE. How cool is that? I've been offering small road kill sacrifices to mine every full moon, and I have had the best luck this year. Thanks, Nashville Parthenon!

Ashley Gorba

One of my favorite places to visit whenever I am visiting Nashville. The area is HUGE, beautiful, safe to walk around. I haven't been in the art gallery yet but I hope to on my next visit! Beautiful area and park. Excellent photo ops, lots of free parking also!

Addison Morgan

This place was AMAZING! My wife and I love Greek and Roman mythology. Being able to see this replica of the Parthenon was truly fantastic. Of you are on Nashville, then you definitely need to make sure that you stop here and visit. It is definitely worth every dollar we spent, which for museums was not that much.

Phyllis Madden

Very good permanent art collection on main floor

Lucas Litwin

Awesome! Was closed for 4th of July while I was there. But it's an incredible structure!

Sandy Zimmerman

Amazing! Loved being able to see a replica of an ancient wonder. There is information on how and when it was built and an art museum inside. It does cost money but it's worth it! Cute gift shop as well and staff and security were super nice!

Le Chen

Look at outside is good enough....the inside may not be what you expected

Seregnin X

Save your money cool exterior is all it has going for it. Everything inside is modern art. No Greek or roman factoids to be seen inside. (Note if you still wanna go it's only $8-$10 per person to get in)

Rose Duffey

You feel so small walking into such a grand building and being greeted with the Athena statue. The museum didn’t cost too much and the grounds were nice. Walked around the cute pond and lots of pups and walkers.

Rod Fisher

Simply Beautiful and a great history lesson. Makes me proud to be a Tennessean.

Kristopher Reece

Very cool and interesting place to visit, had no idea this was in Nashville...hate we got there to late to go inside

Pablo Bravo

Great spot to catch summer events. Caught the international festival on October 5th. Are at the 2 peruvians in a truck. Cevichito and tamale. Delicious. Best Peruvian I've had in a long time. Food from all over the world.

Kiana B.

We went at night so we didn’t get to go inside, but it was still very beautiful and picturesque.


Art lovers go for it! Greek mythology enthusiasts would love it. Get to know goddess Athena and history of Greek culture. The paintings are very lively and don’t forget to take a stroll around there. Warmer climate combined with evening walks are perfect!

James Blum

Classical Greece gaudier than you think. Nice little art museum, unfortunately a rarity in much of the South

Michael Coleman

Next best thing to being there. Impressive.

Earl Wyatt McCrory

Well $4 Dollars Senior stayed about one hour lots of people good attraction.

justin sipple

Stopped by while on vacation to visit my twin who is stationed in the Army nearby. Myself and my kids loved this place. Highly recommended!

Vidas Dubininkas

Very nice area with lots of parking. Nice sidewalks and ponds. Several, large, open grass areas. Parthenon itself is very nice, easily accessible by stairs, free to approach and take photos. However, there seems to be an entrance to make a museum or gift shop near the entrance, but we did not go there. Overall, very nice place for families, couples, jogging, etc.

Gary Schnaper

Wicked cool! Amazing how big and majestic it is when your up close.

Anil Vallabhajosyula

Beautifully constructed and magnificent to look at! There is a museum and art gallery underneath, that you need to buy a ticket to visit. No Greek artifacts, but some history of the replica and art by local talent on display. Real gold enamored, 40-foot Athena with Nike in her hand, is grandiose.

Adam Relayson

Very cool. It feels a bit odd to have a giant tribute to Greece in the middle of Nashville, but its impressive.

Joe Zoller

My wife and kids went in. I stayed in the car the whole time, but they said that they loved it.

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