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280 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg, TN 37352, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jack Daniel's Distillery IN Tennessee

Diem Dinh

Ron was an awesome tour guide. Humorous and knowledgeable. My friends, family, and I enjoyed the tour very much. It was educational. I definitely respect Jack Daniel’s even more now.

Thomas Lomas

Wow, what an incredible tour and sampling. The tour guide was fantastic. Very informative of the process and JD's life. Ensure you book online as it's busy. There is ample parking across the road and a visitors center. You will not be able to take large bags with you. Best to leave in the car. After the tour take a walk into the town and have some BBQ.

Pat Deciantis

I'm not a whiskey drinker and I still loved this tour. I took the flight of Jack tour, Jacob did an amazing job showing us around the facility. Would definitely go again.

Erin Guevarra

This place is so much fun! Our tour guide was Brian and he was super entertaining and knowledgable about the area, being a local himself. Everyone we came across was super welcoming, and the history of the area was really nice. We enjoyed walking through the town of Lynchburg as well, and had an amazing lunch at Barrel House BBQ. Worth the trip out of Nashville if you have the time!!

Arlene Wolf

Visited today 4/26/19 and went on the Flight of Jack Distillery Tour. We had Ron as our guide who was excellent. He explained everything in detail and had personality plus.

Zackery Rice

Ron is hilarious and super knowledgeable about the history of Jack Daniels. Awesome tour and can’t wait to bring family here when they visit Nashville.

Jeff Camara

What can I say, VERY cool history! Take the "Angels Tour", you won't be sorry.

Simon Etin

Tour guide Ron is awesome. We gain more respect for the Jack Daniels brand upon learning how much labour goes into it.

Carl Torner

Toured Jack Daniels today 4/26. Amazing quality for you distilling process. Ron our tourguide was so awesome! Friendly, knowledgble like he worked there 25 years! I came up fr further se us. Definately worth the sip!

manish ambast

We went around 2 PM and got the angel tour worth 25$ at 4 :15 on 29th dec 18. The tour guide name Bob was really good with the stuff which he was sharing and last the sample whiskey of 5 branded JD flavour was awesome

Syfo Deous

All I can say is that I was smiling ear to ear my entire visit. Beautiful place also. The tour guide was very nice and also very informative. All employees working there seemed genuinely happy working there.

Jean-sebastien Regimbald

Beautiful place, nice people's. You got to experience it.

Susan Brown

If you are nearby I absolutely recommend this tour. The tour guide (Jon) had tons of information that really told Jack’s story. It’s also an interactive tour. You get to smell and see things I have never been able to do during other tours (I did the Jameson tour in Ireland and as much as I loved that I think this one was even better). Make sure you visit the town after the tour. Filled with good food and friendly people.

Carl Kohel

Awesome place! From the landscaping to the amazing tour w/tasting it's beautiful. The best gift shop you will find anywhere.

Ann Hester

I have lived in area for over 40 years and we use to come here a lot, loved it and the old downtown part to visit. We had not been here since it was sold to Japanese or some company. Heard it was diffrent. Went last year and was really suprised by how it had changed. Parking is better, like the park across street and catch free tram over to it. But the entering part and informality of it is so....cold, business use to be so much southern hospitality ...friendlier. Once we got in and took the tour it was good. Person doing the tour was knowledgeable and funny, here was the southern hospitality coming through. If you don't know what your missing then you don't miss it. So now you go to a window and pay like at a theme park and then the tour is good. Just that I remember when it was...more! Still..great tour and information.

Hannah Byrd Little

We had a delightful tour with an international group. Our guide was Michael who is funny and full of clever puns and one liners. We were on THE FLIGHT OF JACK DISTILLERY TOUR suggest you book ahead. This tour includes tasting and sometimes a souvenir.

Yun Hwang

Fascinating place. The tours provide a good insight into the operations of the world's biggest distillery!!! And it smells wonderful throughout!

benjamin Cooper

highly recommend if in TN. around an hour and a half drive from Nashville

Rebecca Dickinson

Horrible experience. They refuse to allow women to carry their handbags in. I am not ever comfortable leaving my purse in the car. I carry my medical necessity's and credit cards when I travel. It's not a large purse but they say none are allowed. Lost my respect and money. What a disrespectful business approach.

Andrew Gisel

Staff was warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend the Angel's Share Tour to anyone headed through Lynchburg.

Erik Anderson

Really interesting tour and informative tasting

Caitlin Smith

Great experience! Had a seven hour drive to the distillery and ended up stuck in traffic and missed the start of our tour by 10ish minutes. Penny was very helpful and accommodating in figuring out how we could transfer our reservation into a different tour or tour combination. We ended up only doing a whiskey tasting and received a partial refund. Our whiskey tasting with Kim was very entertaining and informative. We will definitely be back to do some of the things we missed on this trip! Can’t wait!

Josh Leonard

Ben was are tour guide and he was very knowledgeable and informative. Would definitely recommend the tour.

Bryant Reel

Took a bachelor party here. We didn't come here to get drunk, the groom just likes Jack's whiskey. So this was a fun, simple trip. Our tour guide Jason, was very informative and answered all our questions. He was very personable. Which was nice. It helped make us feel like we all knew each other.

Christy schoeller

This was a great tour. Very informative on the process of how Jack is made with a touch of history on Jack Daniel’s himself. Our tour guide was funny, corny and had cheesy dad jokes that was entertaining. He kept the full experience alive from start to finish. You even get to keep cool souvenir glasses from the tour tasting that my husband and I love.

Kenneth Murphy

Lots of history to look at. Enjoyed the distillery tour and the tastings. Beautiful area.

Roger Gibbens

Great tour! The whiskey is of course delicious. Our group also had a dinner at the distillery's BBQ Hill which is an awesome venue.

Mel Johnson

Very cool place called e, lovely grounds and gorgeous setting. They're very proud of their product and you'll pay far more for it here than anywhere else on the planet. They also won't ship the product, but that's likely doe to legal issues. Love the place but don't care much for the prices

Rob Johnson

Jakob made for an awesome time. He was informative as well as funny and we had such a great time. Thanks Jack Daniels

Marco Nosenhamp

Happy Days!

Anastasia G

One of the most memorable things of my first visit to the USA. I don't consume alcohol but this tour impressed me much. Whiskey production is not as simple as it may seem)

Alicia Brown

Love it ,we try to go every year !

Andrew James

Took part in the 150th Celebration and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Great whiskey, great marketing and a great party.

Adam Forrester

What can I say about the Jack Daniels Distillery? Being somebody who has wanted to visit for 20 years and has only just managed it at 37 makes me kind of biased but perhaps my stupidly high expectations can even the playingfield? After all expectations and reality rarely match right? Wrong, at least in the case of my visit to Lynchburg. The place is amazing. These guys aren't messing around when it comes to making Whisky and they certainly aren't messing around when it comes to employing tour guides and visitor center employees either. Starting with our tour guide (Jacob) this guy knew the tour inside out. Nothing could throw him off his game, he fielded questions, was entertaining and knew exactly when to let the group roam and when to herd us back to the tour. Everybody from the visitors center, tour receptionists and even the assistants in the hardware and general store down the road in the town square were dedicated to making sure visitors to the distillery and Lynchburg were having a good time. I can't speak highly enough about this friendly group of people. The marketing of Jack Daniels tells us about this tiny Town making Whisky as it always did taking their time and enjoying life while doing it. I have to say that this is either true or these people are Oscar level actors! Recently the tours were monetised. Ranging from 15 to 25 dollars for adults it's not big money and to be honest I would spend more if I had to. Don't let it put you off. For at least and hour of touring, looking, hearing , touching and smelling a historic distillery it's worth every penny. If I had to pick something which didn't match expectations - just to be fair(!)...Its tough but I would say the Cave Spring. I liked that it looked exactly as it does on the adverts but I went away wondering how a distillery producing several hundred barrels a week (thanks Jacob!) could do so using only water from that small spring! I hope I am wrong and the is indeed still the only source of water for the Whisky! In conclusion everybody should go to see the distillery at least once. It's interesting for everyone, and for a Jack Daniels fan like myself its an incredible experience to have. I hope to go again if I get the chance.

D Mouhot

We had he best tour with Ashley. Made it fun!! Really interesting details into how all of this is made and the time and effort that goes into it. The grounds are beautiful and amazing details. So worth to go and the tasting is another experience as well!! The nicest staff!!

Tom Gatermann

I've been to the Jack Daniels Distillery three times over the last few years and I haven't gotten tired of the tour yet. It amazes me how such a small facility can make all the Jack Daniels' for the entire world. The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. If you are in the area definitely stop by and take the tour.

venkatesh kurahatti

The tour was amazing! The one and only JD distillery in the world. Totally worth it.

Chris A.K.T.

This is such a fun place. I cannot believe we waited so long to go. We did the tour with the tasting at the end. The tour was great and we sure did learn a lot. It’s a bit of hike so make sure you got some tennis shoes on! The tasting room was breathtaking and the the whiskey was so good!

Kamber Butts

Really enjoyed visiting. Ron was our tour guide and he made the visit so much better with his knowledge and humor. Learned so many interesting facts. Totally worth going

Tomas Cvrcek

I could barely understand the accent but apparently that was partly on purpose - to give visitors the full local experience. The visit was great fun and informative, too.

Joe Brown

The tour is excellent, very informative and gives you an in depth overview of the history of the brand. 10/10 would go again

Charlotte Champlin

Great tour, with samples! Loved it! Would recommend.

Kimberley Harris

Courtney our tour guide was fabulous, very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. The distillery is well presented and has lots to interact with. Enjoyed the samples and cute wee glass to take away.

Gloria Scott

I only have them four stars for one reason. The bottles they sell on site are quite simply over priced. Like any other distributor you think you might get a price break purchasing direct but that is not the case here. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. The center is clean and organized. There are lockers onsite if you roll in on your bike. There is plenty of parking and a shuttle that will drop you if you require assistance. The small main street part of Lynchburg is a five minute walk and ALL about Jack Daniels. Plan your trip so you can spend time wandering around the visitor center, walking the small town of Lynchburg and, doing a 1.5 hr tour. This stop can take a full day. Wear comfortable shoes, make sure to remember your ID and bring a Fanny pack for water etc.. I recommend this stop, half price for active duty military.

Erica Wendland

We had the best experience when on the tour for this. We also were gifted to have the best possible, knowledgeable, and humourous tour guide names Mike. He was able to show is everything, explain everything so well for anyone in the group to understand (including someone who was deaf so he would slow down for his wife to interpret what was being said), and he could answer all of our questions. It felt very personalized to us. Definitely a place to visit and a beautiful drive from Nashville.

Kevin Agan

Great tour. Go early and get the Angle Share tour for best experience. Go to town within walking distance for a wonderful meal while waiting for your tour.

David Ringel

What a great place to visit. Took the $25 tour and the tour guide was super. Had 5 samples of various JD products. Learned a lot of info

Amy V

My boyfriend and I went on the Angel's Share tour with Dusty as our guide. We enjoyed every moment. Dusty's family has worked for the Jack Daniel Distillery for generations, which made our your that more authentic. Highly recommended this tour!

Stephen Zubrycky

Great way to spend a few hours. The tasting is definitely worth the $5

Heather Stone

We had an awesome time on The flight of Jack tour. Our tour guide Kim was awesome as well. It's a must see. Just be careful on the stairs lol.

Frank Wood

A must of you are visiting anywhere in Nashville. Amazing tour and tour guide.

Darrin Adams

Awesome tour and very informative on its history ... Lynchburg is cool little old time town just as awesome. Had a blast!!

Mary Barber

Super affordable and a great thing for locals/natives of TN and tourists alike! We did the $25 tour and it was worth every penny. Loved our tour guide, Courtney, and all of the sights, smells, and tastes this place had to offer! Even if you don’t like whiskey (I didn’t before this!) it’s worth a visit.

Dianna Blizzard

Very interesting. The Dry County tour was suitable for all samplings offered, only good historical information and a tour of the facility. Extremely clean and well maintained. A lot of walking required on the tour, but a shuttle was on standby should someone tire out before the tour ended. A quaint town square with plenty of shopping was a close walk away. A nice experience even for the non-drinker.

Charles Gibson

If you drink Jack you won't be disappointed to see how it's made. Great tour guides that know the history and process of making the most famous Tennessee whiskey.


Second time visiting and it was as nice as my first go around. Parking is divided in 2 sections, one being directly in front of the entrance and the other a short walk across the street. This time I went on a busy weekend with great weather, it was packed but they seem to have a good system for the tours to make sure no one is waiting too long. We maybe had to wait for about 25 minutes but there’s plenty to look at around the entrance. We arrived around 2pm and wanted to do the tour that included a tasting at the end but it was booked in advance for a couple of hours so we opted for the standard tour, which basically is the same thing minus the tasting at the end. You get called by your ticket tour time and there was about 20 in our group. Our tour guide was very energetic and provided plenty of entertaining commentary throughout. There’s plenty of walking throughout the one hour tour so I’d recommend wearing something comfortable to walk in. If you have trouble getting around this may not be the tour for you since there are a couple section of stairs you traverse not to mention a good bit of walking. Also may be a good idea to bring a water with you if the weathers warm and theres a couple of places you enter that are kept intentionally hot. Once the tour concludes you step into their shop to buy bottles of you might guess, some of which are special bottles not commonly sold at liquor stores. Overall this is an excellent tour and would definitely recommend!

Susan Scott

Beautiful area, the distillery has various tours, have added large parking lot and new tours with some that include tastings!! Gorgeous area, walk a couple blocks to town square for restaurants - 1 great BBQ joint-plus souvenirs, antique shops and Harley Davidson store.


wonderful place .

Jewannes Witte

Visiting the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg is an awsome experience. You don't expect that in such a small village all the whiskey is made! You can choose between different types of tours, dependant on the amount of time you have (want to spent) and the types of whiskey you want to taste. We did the standard tour and the guide gives a lot of information and funny facts. And off course: the tasting. Best part of the tour ;) Definitely go there!

Erik P

Venue - Great location with a cool history to it and able to see how whiskey is made. Tour - Great tour provided here that teaches you the history behind how everything started, how the whiskey is made, how barrels are made, and so much more. Parking - Parking lot across the street but didnt see if its big or not since we came in a party bus. Cost - Prices for the tasting tour is very reasonable. Service - Staff here is very nice and friendly. Would highly recommend checking it out and glad to see where Jack Daniel's comes from.

Kate Z

Had a great time! Thank you to our rour guide Ben for the awesome tour & all the interesting info!

Pedram Bashiri

I took the Angle’s Share tour it was well worth the money, time and 1 hour drive from Nashville. Tip: Don’t go for the cheaper tour, with Angles share you pay $5 more but you get to try the premium whiskies that you might never get to try again!

Carli Zale

The tour guide was great! Luckily, it was just myself and one other person on the 9am tour so it was a very relaxed time. I opted for the 5 whiskey sampling at the end, that made for a great breakfast! I highly recommended this distillery, you will not be disappointed.

Ryan Moss

Worth the trip. I'm always keen on checking out how things are made and this didn't disappoint. Also the water from a fountain machine here was like some of the best I've tasted anywhere.

ryan porter

The tour was awesome highly recommend!

Cheyenne Marmolejo

Love this place! 4th time going!!!

Jennifer Sanchez

Came here with a group of friends and had an absolute blast! The staff here is very nice and the gift shop is absolutely amazing. If you plan on taking the tour, make sure to buy your tickets online to avoid the long lines.

R Minor

Our tour guide, Steve, was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was rainy and humid, but it was still a great time!

chris Netzel

The tour was a lot more than I expected. The tour staff were super knowledgeable and funny.

Samantha Everett

This tour was the best! Christy was our tour guide and she was very informative and fun. Highly recommend the Angel's Share tour.

Dana Geerts

Had a great tour. Our tour guide Ron was very knowledgeable of Jack Daniels history. All in all would recommend to our friends. Tim & Dana Geerts and Randy & Elaine Geerts.

A.D. Langston

This is a fun place to visit, the tour is a treat. If you want to buy or sample the wares, just be sure not to go on a Sunday.

Julie Lammers

We had an amazing adventure!! Tour guide Ron made the adventure even more amazing!!#jackdanielsdistilleryrocks # tourguideRonisamazing #stanandjulesadventures

Elizabeth Florek

We did the Angel’s Share tour yesterday and Brandy was our guide. I’m so glad we made the trip to see the distillery. Brandy was excellent, and the tour itself was so much fun and interesting!

Tom McCormick

Great experience, tour was excellent. Very cool set up and the tour was well done and informative as well. Ron was a great tour guide.

Maerde Williams

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Steve V

Awesome awesome awesome! Our tour was great! Melissa answered all my questions and gave a fun and informative tour/tasting! My favourite was smelling the mellowing tanks!


Blew my mind! Their precision methods and attention to detail! One of the best parts of our trip was the tour and tasting. Heavily encourage you to see this!

Violetta Voronina

We debated whether or not to drive an hour and a half to visit the distillery and we had an absolute blast! We did the Angel Share tour. We had about 2 hours before hand so we walked around in the gift shops. The visitor center had restrooms and plenty of parking. We took a complimentary shuttle to the distillery. We didn't know what to expect but the tour was incredible. It was cold to walk around but worth it. Our tour guide Debbie was so great! She was funny and knowledgeable and there were no questions she couldn't answer. The history behind Jack Daniel made me realize how much whiskey is actually produced. Everything was so clean and organized. Highly highly recommend it!!

Randy Hinger

I recommend the sampling tour. The guide (Jacob) was very entertaining while showing us the history and the process of making Jack Daniels. The samples at the end were delicious. It was a fun tour that I will definitely take again.

Patricia Nelson

Awesome customer service. Ladies not only patiently helped us on which tour to choose but also went out of their way to provide suggestions on other site seeing ideas for the area. Best customer service we ever received (7/14/19)

E.A. Harvey

We had the absolute best tour guide. So knowledgeable, personable, energetic and humorous. I learned a lot and enjoyed the history. The pace was just right.

W Brehm

Amazing trip to Lynchburg. The Jack Daniels distillery, the tour, the tastings (Angels Share) and the entire town are wonderful. The tour is very informative and they offer different tasting options depending on your level of whiskey drinking experience. The white rabbit is their on-site gift store which carries only limited edition bottles, some which are only available in Tennessee. The prices are very fair so if you are visiting budget for a few bottles - ****Highly recommended****

Reggie Watkins

If you have time to spare and you are in Lynchburg Tennessee be sure to stop by and tour the Jack Daniels Distillery, you will not be disappointed. Bob was a great tour guide.

Tara Moye

A MUST for any whiskey or Jack Daniel's fan. Even if you're not, this is still a very cool place to visit. I recommend taking a tour as the history is remarkable. It was a quiet drive to get there as there isn't a whole lot around the area. Neat experience and fun employees.

Derek Zickert

This was an incredible experience! There were so many cool things to see and interesting things to learn. All staff were very friendly and tour guide was very enthusiastic. If you're in the area or planning I trip, (even if Jack isn't your favorite) I highly recommend checking this out!

Gerald Bradley

Jack Daniels has excellent tours. The whiskey is very expensive like double in price.

Paula Vincent-Davis

Fabulous, just fabulous!

Alicia Sierrawolfe

Informative guide with great presence. I enjoyed the tour very much. If you're planning or just passing through, this one is an historic gold mine. They have tours for lookers and for tasters. If you're going to taste, try the No.27- it's only available in Tennessee!

Chris T

It’s worth the price , informative and fun!

Kyle Delp

Awesome experience! I recommend making reservations for a tour if your on a schedule. We drove down from Nashville one day during a trip (about 90 min), arriving just after 1:00 and had to wait until 4:15 for a tour. There were 7 of us so that definetly affected the wait. They suggested we check out the town square a short walk away and visit the Lynchburg winery and distillery which we did and really enjoyed. We did the flight of Jack tour and loved the walking tour through the property. The guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching us the history of the distillary. Walking through the barrel houses is absolutely incredible and it finished with a flight of 5 whiskeys in the center of one of them. Nothing beats sipping Jack while surrounded by hundreds of aging barrels.

Chris Konrady

Had a great tour and tasting after. Ron was a great guide with some great knowledge about all things Jack Daniels. A 90 minute tour did not seem that long. Great time had by all in group.

Jennifer Sharp

Courtney is the best tour guide EVER! We had such a blast!

Kevin Broomell

This is such an amazing tour. If you are in Tennessee, take the trip down to Lynchburg to experience history. The campus is absolutely enormous and hearing the history of Jack Daniels is really cool. There's a lot of unique features here and the tasting at the end is awesome!

Danny Miller

Sinatra Jack Daniels is amazing but we’re they make it is just beautiful. The whole little town inside a town. It’s so cool to see how they make my favorite liquor.

Arjun S Raju

As a history and whiskey buff, I completely enjoyed the guided tour. You get to see the entire process of making whiskey in real. I recommend taking the tour that offers you the whiskey tasting experience to unstandard why the Gentleman Jack is worth its cost. Smooth AF! The barrel storage area is beautiful too.

Jennifer Baud

Tour was awesome. We had the best tour guide. If you want to visit here ask for Jason as your guide!!

Doug Villella

Did the Angel's Share tour of the distillery, and John T. was our guide. He was an incredible host and really made it a wonderful experience. The grounds were beautiful, and the folks working there were incredibly friendly. The facility and it's founder have an amazing story. It is the home of the first registered distillery in the US. The tasting was fun, but just seeing the operations of such a well known brand and how it supports the local community and families who work hard was awe inspiring. If you get a chance to visit, I can't recommend it enough. You'll learn about Tennessee whiskey and hopefully fall in love with the beauty of this country while hearing about a great American heritage.


Loved visiting here! We did the tasting tour and it was pretty fun. My only complaint is that I wish they provided more than water to cleanse your pallet between tastings. Water doesn’t wash whiskey out very well lol Partner with Coke and I bet it would take off! Who doesn’t love Jack and Coke? ❤️

Deborah Everson

My husband and I took the Angel's Share tour and were not disappointed. Jason made the tour fun, funny and educational. We loved learning about the history of the distillery and experiencing the tasting. I'm not a whiskey drinker, but enjoyed sampling Jack Daniel's. We ended up purchasing a single barrel to take home and share with friends. Thank you for a great experience.

Jamie Whitefield

I have been to been Jack Daniel's Distillery on two separate occasions, its a great time for even a non drinker such as myself! The tour and tour guide was a hoot, but very informative! One time i was there I watched a barrel of whisky being bottled! I recommended store to everyone even those that don't drink!!

Debora Milani

The tour itself was very good and very informative. The tour guide was comical as well as knowledgeable. My only issue was the excessive price of everything including the items at all of the "general stores" in town.


Making the detour to this place was worth every minute! Great tour guide - Brandy? Brittany? can't remember her name but she was awesome! Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and fun! I loved learning about the history of person, place, and ofcourse the whiskey! I'm a fan!

Ray Haynes

This was a really cool and interesting tour. Our tour guide, Maddy, was awesome! Even though she is the newest guide on staff, she had the knowledge and delivery of a seasoned pro. She was highly complimented by everyone in our group. I'm not a drinker, and took the Dry County Tour. It was amazing and I highly recommend a visit and tour of this facility.

Jennifer Crytzer

No strollers. No backpacks. If your planning a trip here and have kids under 5 I would not recommend. I get that this is a distillery - but I’ve been to wineries/breweries/distilleries that have allowed strollers/diaper bags on at least on the grounds but not here! I get that they don’t have a ton of space and a small space full of very fragile bottles and it would be a disaster if there was an accident. But this place is a bit ridiculous with their rules. Very disappointed with this whole experience.

Michael G

The kind of warm, kind, fun, and informal Southern experience you would expect. Take the tour if you are physically up to it. A bit of walking, however there is a lot to see and hear about this World famous brand in production.

Marja Cormack-Price

The place was great! Our tour guide is a keeper!!! Her name was Kim. She was super sweet, very knowledgeable about Jack, and most importantly, she was hilarious!!! We love her and she made our experience well worth the money. We would definitely return!!

James M

We had a really good time learning about the Jack Daniels history. Beautiful property.

Kevin Petges

Had a great time at jack Daniel's for the tour. They offer 50% off for all military members which is awesome. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and friendly. If you are in the area, you should definitely check it out. Tour lasted roughly 90 min.

Joe Brouillard

Attended the Angel Share distillery tour. Extremely interesting and informative time. Especially loved the historical aspect of the tour. Jasper "Jack" Daniel had an intriguing life!!

Virginia Terry

Fantastic tour and a fun tasting experience!

Billie Goodson

The tour was very informative and interesting. Our guide (Brandi) did an awesome job and brought the history of this place alive with her story telling and style. A great experience!


Amazing! We took the Angel's Share tour, and it was worth every penny. Very informative, and got to see a lot of cool things on how they make whiskey. The tasting was excellent, of course the most expensive one was my favorite (The Sinatra). Our tour guide was fantastic, she was very knowledgeable and hilarious, we had a blast!

Winston S.

My first time visiting a distillery with a tour and it was an enjoyable experience. Our guide was Bob, but he spells it differently, backwards. It was an insightful history to the brand and you are able to walk the grounds, which included walking through Jack's old office with the safe he kicked, finishing line for Jack's select, mash stills, and a barrel house, where you have your tasting of Gentleman Jack, No. 7, Jack's select, Tennessee Honey, and Tennessee Fire for the Flight of Jack Distillery tour. I would recommend this tour if you are interested in whiskey.

Randi Halvorson

Loved our tour! Brandi was a fantastic guide, and we loved how interactive the Angel's Share tour was. Would definitely go back.

paola becerra

Had A LOT of fun. It exceeded my expectations. The tour guys are very knowledgeable and very down to earth which made the tour more pleasant. Customer service at the desk are a little rude but you only have to see their face for a minute or so while paying for your ticket. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. $17 was well worth the pay. Make sure to stop by the Jack Daniels gift shop a couple blocks down!!!

Nick O

This is a great tour, so much information and history.

Kylee Hohensee

Visited 6/29/18 for a tour of the grounds and I’m so glad we did! Tons of fun info and cool stuff to see & learn! We also had a sampling at the end of our visit that gave us a chance to learn a bit more about the products. It was worth the trip over! Awesome and friendly staff and great tour guides too. Shout out to Chad for the great tour! He was super knowledgeable and funny!! (Sorry, we missed the comment cards but hopefully your boss will see this one! :-) also, keep up the good work on that mustache haha!) Thanks for the fun day Jack Daniels!! Cheers

Adam Ahl

Great tour full of history in a beautiful location! I highly recommend the Angel tour with the single barrel tasting. Also, Brandi was an amazing tour guide!

Lynn Tobitt

Want to get a true feel for TN? This is the place to go! The people that work for Jack are super friendly, nice and have a wonderful since of humor. Work ethic is absolutely amazing. I guess when you love what you do it really shows.


Loved this tour. Kim our tour guide was fabulous!!! My first time for the tasting room. Great experience and I highly recommend.

Erin Glaus

Great tour. Our guide Ron was very knowledgeable and funny. No complaints!

Nathan McMillen

Was interesting when I visited the distillery 15 years ago watching the pot and how the ingredients are all mixed into the pot which has to be able to make thousands of bottles of the whiskey.

Greg Mealer

I've been there 3 times in 10 years and learn something new every time. I love the new Jack No 27, all the taste of single barrel select and smoothness of gentlemen jack in one bottle. Get the angel tour, $5 more than the other tasting, you can try all the single barrel versions including the new rye and get a very nice rocks glass so a great value.

Happie Sandoval

A dream come true being able to visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery. They gave us a lovely tour of the premises, its beautiful!

Soreim Avila

I have been there with people of different ages, even children and the tours they offer keep everybody interested. The place is full of history and the production process is so nicely explined that when time is over tou would like it to last a little more.

Kevin H

Love visiting Jack Daniels

Bryce Bigelow

VERY INTERESTING. BRANDI was a great guide, very enjoyable. We did the tasting. I am not a big whiskey drinker but I learned a lot.

Marcus Fawkes

We did the "Angel's Share Tour"and it was brilliant! The guide was hilarious and extremely knowledgable, and the process of making JD is fascinating. It's a bit in the middle of nowhere, but definitely worth the trip.

Viktorija J.

Our tour guide was the highlight of our visit, super energetic and enthusiastic! Would do the tour again!


had a blast checking out how Jack Daniel whiskeys are made! it's too bad they had to shorten the tour because of maintenance. I never would have thought that you could take a shot of whiskey without drinking it. you just have to go to know that.

Diana Lopez

Was in town for a show at the Caverns so we decided to do the Flight of Jack tour before. I loved this place! It was 1 1/2 hour tour , you’re taken via bus and dropped off at the “exhibit” and the tour leads back to the visitors center; lots of walking and some stairs so wear your walking shoes. Our tour guide John T. was cool as hell and just seemed like a genuinely nice guy that made small talk with the visitors in between stops. I learned so much about Jack Daniel’s the man himself so if your a person that just loves interesting little facts you’ll love this. The grounds are so beautiful.

Chris Nall

Hands down the best Distillery tour i've ever been on. Really enjoyed the scenic location, history, and tasting in the rickhouse.

Tristan MacCunomori

Fantastic tour. Highly recommended whiskey tasting. Los of history and inside look at working distillery. Guide was very knowledgeable and really found answers if he didn't know something.

Ben Carson

Kim was awesome and the Angel's share tour was awesome

Robert Patrick

I brought my wife down today for her birthday, and we had a blast here. We did the 1:45 Angel's Share Tour and Jon was our guide, he was very nice and informative. Everybody ( Staff ) were very friendly.

Frank Pulliza

Did a tasting tour, we had a great time visiting here and learning about how they make Jack Daniels.

Penny Nunnelley

We visited the distillery and enjoyed it immensely! Our guide, Kim, was knowledgeable and informative, as well as hilarious! While the distillery itself is interesting, Kim made it awesome!

Michelle Poirier

The Jack Daniels Distillery has an interesting history. It houses exhibits within its main building, and offers several different tours. We purchased one of the tasting tours. After walking the distillery grounds, which included stops in some of the buildings, we were taken to the aging building, where we were allowed to taste 5 different Jack Daniels products. However, keep in mind, the samples are very small, so if you are hoping to catch a buzz, you'll have to buy a bottle in the gift shop. The tour guides explain the history of Jack Daniels whiskey in a fun and informative manner. While a bus takes visitors to the first stop on the tour, there is a bit of walking required, including some stairs. The smell of the whiskey mash is pungent during parts of the tour, but did not appear to bother many of the visitors in the tour group. While the distillery had a gift shop, it mostly contained liquor. Other gifts can be purchased at the Lynchburg General Store (a 5-10 minute walk from the main building of the distillery), where your visitors receive a shot glass with a $10 purchase.

colton bishop

Was a great tour. For $25 per person there is a lot to see. And the tour guides are amazing. You get to see where it all started,the first fire trucks that were in Jack Daniels. Did you know,42 % of Jack Daniels employees are in that county. Worth it!!

Lou VanKirk Jr

Had a blast. Take the 90 minute tour. Worth the extra few bucks. Matt was our guide and he was amazing. I will be back when friends are in town. This is a 2 hour drive for me and I will do it again.

Franklin Powell

I've been to the Jamison distillery and the Guinness Factory and this was a way better tour. You get to actually walk through the factory and smell the different parts of the whiskey making process. Even though I don't enjoy Jack, I enjoyed the tour and tasting.

dazer l

A great place to spend a few hours learning about how your whiskey is made. Whether it is you favorite brand or not, you will not be disappointed. I did the Angels share tour which allows you to sample the finer Jack products. A few I have previously had, but not all. You are able to purchase bottles on site and get the liquor free as it is a dry county and they can not legally sell liquor. The bottles can be engraved too (certain ones). All merchandise can be bought in the town square and look around at the smaller shops other than the general store and you will find most of the same items but cheaper. I highly recommend going on this tour. Kids are allowed even four the tasting tours just obviously can't taste test.

Michael Elftman

It was great learning about how my favorite drink is made. You're told not to take pictures on the tour, but there were two annoying people who kept taking pictures that I hoped the tour guide would've caught and reprimanded. It also bites that it's in a dry county, so you have to go to the next county over to buy any gear or booze. Otherwise, I plan on coming back.

Evelyn Loya

Highly recommend. Took the Dry County Tour cause I had my little one and still had a great time. There are other tours to chose from to include tasting of some good ole Jack! There is a shuttle to use if needed. HC parking in front of location and in parking lot across the street.

Bogdan Stepniak

Hi was a little man with the desire to create distinctive whiskey for good digestion, happy feelings and longer life. No kidding? Whiskey drinkers live longer. Who said it? I, who love whiskey. Don't ask me stupid questions anymore. Okay

Sharnelle Edwards

This place is wonderful!! Such a great way of learning the history about Jack Daniel's. I found out many things I never knew. Had an amazing tour guide that made us laugh and really knew his stuff. Also you get to purchase special Jack that are hard to find and also get them engraved!!! It's a place where everyone should go at least once.

Tara Coleman-Starr

Amazing place, very much worth the drive! We did the 90 minute tour with tasting and loved every second.

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