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222 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203, United States

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REVIEWS OF Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum IN Tennessee

James Thomas

A walk through some interesting pieces of country music history. From the old to the new. Really great,

Matt Fjorden

Great place, 3 floors of exhibits. Great gift shop. Pricing was not bad. Thanks again. Elevators are on site.

Audrey Ivester

Love this place! Has great permanent exhibits as well as temporary ones. Went with some friends to see the Kacey Musgraves exhibit— hence all the photos of Kacey outfits. Would recommend to every country music fan!

Mike Wyrick

Definitely worth the admission learned a lot from beginning to end. Even attended free concert during visit.

jetblast 500

The layout of the museum was a little confusing and closterphobic. Can't figure out why Casey Mustgrave had an entire wall and Garth Brooks had a small display case. We picked and choose what interested us. I know everyone has different tastes. Go with an open mind and see for yourself.

Jeff Calvert

Im not a country music fan but this is a must see. It really gives you the history of how country music evolved and how it influenced and was influenced by other genres and events in history. The exhibits were well done. You can walk at your own pace and read everything or only those things specifically of interest to you.

Lauren Howard

Great experience with a lot of interactive areas. The Brooks and Dunn exhibit at the beginning is the most impressive. This visit Kacey Musgraves had a special exhibit, and it was filled with a lot of recent outfits she has worn at the award shows. The most impressive finds were Elvis' gold plated Cadillac and the original TransAm "Bandit" from Smokey and the Bandit! Takes a lot of time, approx 2 hours. But well worth it if you're in town!!

Mike Ellis

It was great to see the different instruments played and how some have changed. The clothes that the artist wore.Also Elvis caddie. Even today's artists. We enjoyed the tour very much.

Ashley Honeycutt

So amazing I learned so much about country music and its roots and I have grown a new appreciation for country

Aubrey Prestridge

It was fun. They had a lot of cool things to look at even though I am not a major country music fan. It was supposed to take so much time and we did it in 30 minutes even with reading through everything it was with a large group of teens but it still doesnt take as long as it says it does.


Actually really good! A little pricey but worth it, so much memorabilia from country artists of all kinds. A must see in Nashville.

Claire Barrow

The best interactive museum I have ever been to. Put it on your Bucket list. Fantastic experience

Luann Nicholas

Very easy lay out, informative and fun with lots of interactive things to do and see!

Lea Shi

Wasn’t open when we arrived there. Only had a peak from the outside. The piano like building design is very cool.


World-class archive of historical country music artifacts and informational history on the Country Music business. Worth every penny of the entrance fee (which is reasonable and you support this wonderful museum). A Nashville treasure.

Laura Batey

Amazing displays that change periodically. At least three floors of memorbilia to look at. Many great opportunities for photos.


Enjoyed every minute. Disappointed I couldn't find anything about Hank Williams Jr. and the ticket taker said there were 3 floors but, neglected to mention 1 entire floor is a gift shop with a lot of over priced merchandise. Still glad I went, just wouldn't go a 2nd time.

Sean M

Are you kidding? So awesome...walking through a time capsule immersed in country music history. Plenty of great parking close at hand.

Thomas Lomas

A must stop on the Nashville country experience. Would advise the extra couple bucks for the audio guide. It adds a lot more detail to the self guided tour. Didn't try any of the paid extras. Plenty to see and do in the museum part.

DJ Rajkhowa

A walk through some interesting pieces of country music history. From the old to the new. Guitars, costumes and fancy cars. Old Willie and Johnny Cash. What's not to love. Could do with a little more organization though. Maybe the time of the year that we visited during may have affected the impression.

matt short

My wife is the country music fan, but i still found this to be very educational and entertaining. If you enjoy country music, this will be a must see.

Ashley Chevalier

A bit pricey for entrance for a one time visit but definitely something any fan of country music should see once in their life. A lot of exhibits with a lot of history. Took about 2 hours to go through it all but you could definitely be there longer then that if you took the time to read everything.

Sherry Pfendler

It was a nice place! The tour guide was very knowledgable about the history! She was very upbeat and good to listen to! She loves her job!

Paul Dwyer

This is a must see when you visit Nashville. If you are a music fan you will love this place. The history of country music and its ties to rock and pop music are on full display. You should include the tour of Studio B, where Elvis recorded, in your visit.

Patricia Sweeney-Pakiz

Unique. Museum of country stars over the decades. Memorabilia like Elvis car. From the 20s to present day. Sections for kids to try songwriting. Special exhibition highlights certain stars in detail like Emmylou Harris and Taylor Swift.

Kenn S

A must see in Nashville. Even if you are not a fan of country. The history it presens and the exhibits have something for everyone.

AbbyT Mauwong

What a great experience! So much more than music. Culture and stories of how country has come to be. So good!

Sarah Tozer

Not what we expected bit disappointed as expected more information and exhibits on the people inducted into the hall of fame

Lauren Jones

Wonderful museum I spent almost 3 hours inside going through music's history. A must for visitors

Gary Fondren

This place has been on my list for a while. I can’t believe how nice the exhibits are. It is so amazing to see all of the costumes and records etc. My favorites are Brooks and Dunn, The Elvis limo and Kacey Musgraves ( btw her mom is an awsome Artist) As you walk thru you’ll hear music around every corner. You’ll see Loretta Lynn in an old commercial selling Crisco. Plan to be here all day and enjoy the history and the present.

Ben Boyd

This museum is laid out very well. They are always rotating new exhibits. It is also centrally located downtown, which makes a day downtown easy to plan.

Matthew Leopold

A comprehensive review of country music. Some long videos that are worth watching, so make sure you have enough time. The museum closes promptly at 5, but if you arrive at 4, they will let you in with a ticket that is valid for the following day.

Stereo Jam

Extensive exhibitions and collections of instruments, clothing, apparel, cars, jewelry... very cool stuff. Affordable and within walking distance of Broadway. Would recommend

Naveen Roy

Overrated. I don't know too much about country music except I've listened to Don Williams for around 35 years. I've listened to few other country singers. Like it. But was there anything to spark my interest even more? No. Do you love country music? Then you already know enough - just skip this place. For $10 maybe this place is worth it. For & 25 - no way!

Laura Belrose

We had a good time at the museum, there were quite a few people and it was fairly crowded. There are many artifacts to look at and descriptions to read that accompany some interesting stories. I would recommend the audio tour as it might be a better guide and slightly less overwhelming!

Jennifer Tweedy

We spent hours exploring. What a great place!

Jamie Rey

Very well done museum. Yes it primarily focused on country music, but since all modern music has some country/blues influence. It was great to kno the history.

Michele Riopelle

More like a museum although I wasnt really sure what to expect. It was interesting historically, more interactive would have been better. I really liked Taylor Swifts recording studio

William Christopher Spreadbury

I had never heard of country music and stumbled on this place by mistake. What a pleasant treat. The exhibits are so cool and exciting! I had a great time here and left with an appreciation for a music genre that I never even knew existed! I was brought up in a home where we only listened to Ska, death metal, and Indonesian Punk. So glad to have discovered country music and its rich history. It is definitely a genre that should concentrate more on promoting itself. You should still give it a chance and check it out. And if you are into literary fiction, you can check me out. Just go to Amazon and under books search CF fiction.

Sherry Inman

Fabulous! Enjoyed all 3 hours we were there. You can leave to eat and come back just a rescan of your ticket. So much to see. Takes you back old Country straight up to newer artist. Not too expensive and something to make everyone happy! Would definitely come back again.

Will Huhn

Great museum that really takes you through the history of country music step by step. There are also some amazing artifacts inside including some crazy cars that people like Elvis drove and Taylor swifts guitar. Not as much of a focus on newer country artists if you’re are looking for that. All in all a must do in my opinion if you are visiting Nashville.

b. manning

This is an outstanding museum if you're interested in the history of country music. Lots of exhibits focusing on old and newer performers. Interesting artifacts (check out Webb Pierce's tricked out Cadillac, Earl Scruggs banjo, etc.). I spent the better part of the day there. A worthwhile supplement to the museum, at an additional charge, is a side tour to historic RCA Studio B, where Elvis and many others recorded songs. If you can, do both. I thought it was worth it.

Ashley Hafner

The country music hall of fame focused on the country singers of the past. There was short video clips and audio to participate in. The entire place was easy to maneuver. Plenty of room for wheelchairs or strollers. It took around 2 hours to walk the exhibits and listen to most of the music. The building had a few places to get food and drinks. There was also multiple bathrooms on each floor.

Molly Rhodes

Exhibits were very informative and well put together. The museum has a nice layout from one area to the next. I was surprised by some things that were not mentioned or exhibited at all. Staff was nowhere to be found so we were looking for a specific thing in the museum but unfortunately couldn’t find anyone to ask. Despite this it’s a worth a trip if you are into country music.

Daniel Foster

It was really interesting to see all the items from past country music legends. I'm not a fan of pop-country so it was kinda disappointing to see Taylor Swift exhibit as you start your tour right off the bat. The audio service provided isn't worth paying for. Most folks stop using it halfway through.

Monty Pack

Songwriter Series is worth going to. Very entertaining. 3rd floor is the more historic floor, for the history fans. 2nd floor is for those more concerned with contemporary artists. So, everybody is covered and the info and exhibits are top notch, as we're the staff, and all at a reasonable price. Made for an excellent day!

Mike Brodbeck

If you're a country music fan, you'll love this place. If you're not, you'll still enjoy it. Lots to see and learn about. The hall of fame room is cool. Love all the Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson stuff. Super fun place to go. I think it was $25 and it was definitely worth the money.

Amy Thompson

It was amazing. Make sure you spend the little extra for audio!!! A must see

Randy Stewart

Comprehensive and we'll thought out as the display moves along chronologically over 3 floors with memorabilia and interactive displays and old video and audio. Also highly recommend Hatch Printer and Studio B tours.

rebecca kahn

so much to see and enjoy! I didn't realize how much I already loved country music and how much it was ingrained in my past! I especially loved how the museum experience brought back wonderful memories of my mom and how she enjoyed singing and listenning to some of the Greats!

Beth Neil

The special event space had a gorgeous view of downtown. This organization does great things for music education locally here in Nashville...AND they always have great exhibits (rotating) for locals and tourists alike. This museum is a must see!

Michele Brown

$25 per ticket. Lots of cool stuff. Do not go there with small children They will be BORED and will RUIN the experience for others. Would not go back unless they added MANY new exhibits and more interactive items

justin beaty

Learned alot and had alot of stuff. 3 floors.

Trent Bernard

Long wait times to get into the museum. Lots of dresses and outfits worn by country music’s greatest. Definitely some interesting exhibits. Just not as interested in the large amounts of clothes on display.

Alan Mars

Haven't been a big fan of country music really but my visit to Nashville was fantastic. I rounded of my holiday with a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It's laid out over three floors with the top floor dealing with the various roots and origins of country music in America. As you travel down to the ground floor you move forwards in time through the many developments and innovations and the artists associated with them. You end up in the actual circular 'Hall of Fame' which has been constructed artfully and with great thoughtfulness. Just do it!

bob chadwick

3 floors of country memorabilia from the last 75 years. Big wall full of gold discs and a circular room dedicated to all the artists in the Hall of Fame. Large gift shop and a couple of cafes. You're ticket is valid all day so you can come and go at will.

Nikki Dahlberg

This was the 1st time visiting. I really enjoyed getting to see the different artifacts. There was a puppet show before hand and my daughter got to do a scavenger hunt to keep her interest.

Jesse L

Good collection of art, stories and music in a beautifully designed building. Each popular country star had personal stories shared. The Eagles should be somewhere in there.

paul caswell

I'm from Detroit, and would come back to Nashville just to visit this restaurant. Better than the food, was my server Kaitlyn. She conveyed an incredible sense if sincerity, that made me feel like I was a part of her family! I hope management recognizes how special she is!

Milt Stringer

Self tour is a bit overwhelming. And just my opinion, wonder if displays should be in more of a time line? Seems a bit busy. BUT, overall experience was good and do recommend a visit.

Eric Gonzales

Good modern displays. Wanted a little more history of the various artists.

L Callaway

This is a must see in Nashville! I can not begin to say how amazing this was. So many artifact, information , on so many artist. Lots of history. From cars to actual manuscript to songs, clothes. I strongly recommend to buy the Stidio B tour add on pass. The only was to get this pass is with a country music hall of fame purchases. It was the best part, very intimate and just bone chilling if your a Elvis fan, or just a fan of the music in that era. To sit in the same studio in the same spot these artist recorded some of the most awarded music was just a wow moment. This is also a stop on the old town trolly route.

Felicia Smith

If you love country music and appreciate the history then you will enjoy this museum. It is definitely a must see when you visit Nashville. There are a lot of neat things so take your time when going through your tour.

Leanne Parker

Amazing place to visit for any country music fan. Bucket list item: check.

brice hall

Awesome displays and exhibits. Some interactive, most passive. The only reason it wasn't a 5 star review is they dont sell bumper stickers in the gift shop and the line to purchase items moved very slow because they dont have enough staff at the registers.

Pete Human

As a huge country music fan I really enjoyed the museum! We spend over 3 hours here and it was not enough! A lot of interactive exhibits and music of course!

Busy Mom of 3 a. greene

Nice facility, multi leveled museum with lots to see and read. I don't think it's a place for young kids because there are not alot of displays to interact with. It's mainly looking at clothes, props etc and reading.

Cortney Ayers

Very well-put together museum to honor country music history. They did a great job taking you on the journey from Humble beginnings to the rise in the 90s to the changes more currently. There were a lot of older folks I didn’t even recognize but a fair share of more mainstream country music artists from the past 20 years as well as up and coming stars as well. Check it out!

Wayne Plunkett.

Three floors of Country Music history!! All types of instruments, including a hand made banjo!!! Built before the machines were invented! Picturesof the stars, history on their lives. Quite a few of originaĺ manuscripts, when they had a thought, saw something and a song was born! AWESOME PLACE TO VISIT! WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES.

Kyle Phillips

Spent about 3 hours wandering the exhibits. The audio tour was informative and the video exhibits were the best part. As a fan of country music, it was cool to see all my icons displayed and memorabilia from their careers out for people to see. The building itself is also very pretty.

Rp White

If in Nashville and u have any love of country music you have to go here. 1 hour self guided tour. Great.

John Steely

This by far out shines the rock and roll in Cleavland. Give your selfs time to explore this shrine to America's music

Jon Jon Giang

an awesome museum offering something for everybody! you don’t even need to be a country music fan to enjoy checking out the exhibits and experiencing the rich history and culture centered around country. from featured exhibits of artists like hank williams to newer ones like kacey musgraves, a big spectrum of country music is well represented here, making it an incredibly approachable and welcoming place to visit!

Lee Sheldon

I loved every minute if it. Videos and displays are first rate. Spent a good three hours there and did the Studio B tour which was also first rate.

Georgette Jeffries

Really liked the exhibits. My favorite part was the display of celebrity cars & music instruments. I couldn't believe Elvis's car had a phone in it. Really? He was high rolling & who knew (I guess not that they had that type of technology then! Worth a visit.

stewart gable

Absolutely awesome and so much history under one roof. This is a must see if your in Nashville. I can't imagine getting tired of this place. So we'll set up . I will be back many times. Thank you.

Shevon Poynter

Was a real nice tour. I was a little disappointed that some of My favorites weren't displayed. One being Roy Clark.

Kermit Bias Jr

A lot of history here. The Audio tour is helpful and fun too. I didn't do any of the other tours... Yet!

Brian Adams

It's a good museum. I'm not really into country music, but even I found some things to appreciate. The place is absolutely enormous, and packed with things I never would have thought about, like the multi-story walls covered in gold and platinum records, costumes and props from classic TV shows, and a couple of famous cars. A lot of interactive stuff, too, especially for younger kids to do. All said, it's a good way to spend a day in Nashville.

James Copen

Very interesting and informative. Wonderful interactive displays This is a must see for anyone who loves Country music.

Rebecca Swafford

Tickets were a bit steep for me ($25 for adult), but there were three floors to see and a nice sized gift shop. There is historical information and artifacts (lots of guitars) about famous people who are long dead, as well as artists as recent as Taylor Swift. The Hall of Fame is a place of contemplation, whereas the museum comes alive when you see all of the clothing, instruments, vehicles, and jewelry that famous people wore.

Matthew Paul

The Museum is awesome but the people that work in the museum area are extremely unfriendly and flat out rude. We were rushed out of the museum without them offering for us to see the most important part of the exhibit, the actual Hall of Fame part. Hire friendlier and more informative employees.

Derek Davis

We were very excited to visit the country music Hall of Fame but unfortunately we were not really impressed. The majority of what they focused on was very early history. There was not much from Elvis up through the 90's. There was some current artists but most of these rotate on and off display.

Paul Anthony

First off I’d not consider myself a country music fan, so was 50/50 on even going. But so glad I did! The museum is fantastic, really tracking the history and impact of country music. I also bought the audio guide that I got a lot of value from. Also allow 2-4 hours to really take it all in. Well worth a stop.

Marissa Strickler

Awesome displays and artifacts! Dreamed of going forever and finally made it. Not a single disappointment.

Donna Morro

I've never been to a music museum before with this was a great experience very informative and I love the history behind the music in Nashville

Katherine Holtz

The line to buy tickets and get into was long but moved fairly fast. Was a fairly kid friendly museum with some interactive sections. Good exhibits and information about the evolution of country music. Tickets are good for re-entry all day.

Mary Goss

A must see. Unbelievable on how many items to see. Great tour.

Mary Goulding

This is a wonderful place to read and see all about how country music was born and is continuing today. It is organized in a fantastic way so you can understand the timing of the history.

Jennifer Cohen

We were looking for something to do with the whole family and were not disappoint. The museum is well organized and very informative. Our 14 year old loved the scavenger hunt. It kept him engaged and he learned a lot. Our 5 year old loved the Taylor Swift areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Even tough many of us are not huge country music fans, this place was interesting and well worth the time and money

Kristin O'NEIL

My husband and I were able to enjoy the museum because the kids had an awesome scavenger hunt to focus on. They did both the instruments and costumes hunt (ages 11 - 13). It kept them busy; they learned some new things, and they said it was fun!!!! I'd definitely recommend.

Scott Brown

Very cool museum. Lots of nostalgia for me and some of the old artists.

Sherry Moore

Wide variety of memorabilia of new and old artists. The rotunda/hall of fame plaques were the highlight of the tour


This is a very large museum. It has a huge collection of items and the layout is easy to navigate. Allow yourself a few hours to truly enjoy everything. Be aware that there is major construction in the area and driving near here can be a little intimidating. Scattered but very limited parking areas around the museum, for a fee of course.

Janette Hyndman

Lots of really great memorabilia and a fantastic way to learn the stories behind all the country stars from now and the past.

Jamie Bowman

Maybe there are rotating exhibits? There were many artists that weren't represented (most notably, Patsy Cline) or had very small displays. Yet some artists had overly large displays. For example, it looked like Kacey Musgraves cleaned out her closet and sent half of her wardrobe for display. There are definitely better museums in town.

Jordan Pieri

Such a cool museum with lots of interesting music history pieces, definitely worth a look even if you're not that big into music!

Danielle Martin

Very cool history of all things country music. Only issue is parking in the area.

Aigar K

Epic experience. Absolutely must to go for any country music enthusiast. Weekends can be busy though. Lots of line dancing before you get anywhere.

Jean Reyes de Gonzalez

If you love country music from Chet Atkins to Kacey Musgrave, you need to visit. You will learn about the history of country music, and honor those who have died. You will walk away with new knowledge and delight

Tom Miller

Loved it. If you see all of the videos, read all of the material it will take about 4-5 hours to see it. If you glance through and pick your favorites, it will take about 2-3 hours. Have fun and enjoy, I know myself and family did!

Stavros Sionis

Very happy to see this impressive museum. It gives the proper history of country music

Ann Leslie

It was amazing! There is so much to see and enjoy, it would take days to see it all. I definitely plan to return!!

Stewart Smith

This place is a must see for anyone visiting Nashville, country and western music fan or not, it was packed today, 8/9/19, but plenty of room to roam around, all day if you like, there is plenty to see and do, and exhibits on the who's who of country music. Could have a few more staff available to answer questions, but this is hardly a deal breaker.

Kendra Miller

It was a good museum with lots of exhibits and history. The audio guide was pretty disappointing, the information was lack luster, it was easy to miss the numbers on the exhibits and hard to listen to because of all the music/noise going on in the museum already. I was also disappointed that women and people of color weren't better represented.

Conner Couch

A must see for visiting Nashville. If you are a big fan of country music, museums, or just music in general, you could spend a whole day just going through this museum. Nice organization and exhibits for the whole family. Includes anything you could imagine about country music

Carol Erwin

A must do if you visit NASHVILLE! Enjoyed everything about the museum!

Bailey Good

Definitely a must-see for Country music fans! It has a good variety of how Country music started and the originals but also touches on new people on today's Country charts. Is very well set up and has a lot of great memorabilia. They also have multiple seasonal exhibits that change every couple months.

Matt Snowdon

Interactive sections were fun, but could do with a little more throughout not just in the current artists bit at the end. Recommend sharing an audio guide as best bit is dolly parton who talks right at the end. Note ticket with audio guide for two dollars extra, prevents using any discounts or vouchers, making the audio guide quite expensive really.

Mark Shibish

Intresting Exhibits. I don't think the price is a fair value for the size of the museum and the amount of exhibits. First off the attendant told us when the elevators opened start to your left at the Emmy Lou Harris exhibit. We were walking around in circles along with the group who came off the elevator. We just kept walking feeling we were going the wrong direction. We ended up upstairs at the very end on the 3rd floor next to the elevator. Behold the Emmy exhibit. So the attendant put us on the wrong floor! So please start on 3rd and work your way down!!

Kasey Raia

A pretty cool experience for country fans. Lots of history of country music. There was also lots of attire on display worn by famous could try stars. There was some neat interactive activities, which was great for kids. We went at a very busy time, which made it a little less enjoyable since it was so crowded. My one complaint is how expensive it is. I don't think it is worth a $26 general admission fee.

Lois Helland

This was my second visit to the Hall of Fame. There is so much to see and explore, the second visit was as good as the first! This is a must-do venue for visitors to Nashville!

Bob Lee

Nice museum, bathroom facilities are lacking. Everything was great.

Cameron MacDonald

Very educational, clean and overall a great atmosphere. The Music Hall of Fame had numerous genres, areas and activites for you to attend. The price was fairly cheap and I felt that I got my money's worth while I was there. I would personally recommend you check out the lower level near the end. This section has a new wall with Kasey Muskgraves.

Alfred Lopez

OK, we were on the fence about going not being country music super-fans but decided to check it out. So glad we bought tickets. If you appreciate music and history at all, this is really worth it. There is a TON to see and hear!! My wife and I just loved it.

Randy Bensey

Very educational location. They put a lot of effort in upkeep and making sure the customers learn.

Stephanie V

A must visit in Nashville. Buy your tickets online to avoid the line, but the line does move fairly fast. I recommend the package that includes the RCA Studio B tour. I also highly recommend paying the $5 for the audio tour, there is so much to see- the audio tour really helps if you have less then 2 hours to see the museum.

Melissa Mona

So many things owned by so many different artists. Country music from the start until now. Plan on spending several hours here. Well worth it.

Laurie Mccormack

If you like Country Music you have to see the Hall of Fame! This is the radio from Alan Jackson's song "Neon Rainbow"

Yvonne Alley

You do not have to be a Country Music fan to enjoy this really well thought-out designed museum! It is filled with knowledge and can entertain you easily for over 3 hours. Lots of interactive exhibits and music of course! Videos, seating for short films, and lots of connections to outside country music. Well worth the visit. Of you buy basic ticket, for $2 more can get audio stick that gives you access to 41 spots of information, well worth it!

Cody Fox

Great time with the family. This is my 2nd visit and was able to take my time to read and listen about the artists. We used this audio handhelds for the tour and it was just ok. We used it for the first 17-18 and then 40-41. I would rather read about the artists and the history. Enjoyed the Texas area in the Hall of Fame. 4 stars only because this was my second time to come.

James Rogers

Wonderful museum with a ton of interactive exhibits covering country music from beginning to current. Many of the exhibits change frequently so always something new and great place to bring kids.

George Rohlfing

It's a great place to learn about the people and the story of country music


DThey have many different types of country music (classic, current etc.). I would not recommend to someone who does not enjoy country music. I would strongly recommend to visit this place if you do enjoy country music. The gift shop however is a little expensive a place magnet banjo is $9.00, but the gift shop sell pretty good records. The gift shop let's you try out different instruments. Hammers

If you love country music its certainly the place to visit. We spent thee hours looking round. There is just so much to see. Totally amazing time. Paul crissy

Weston Kensinger

Nice, but a bit too old school. Go if you are into history, but skip if you are more modern.

Will Anderson

You need to already know a lot about country music to enjoy the hall of fame. The museum doesn't explain or give a timeline of country music. It's mostly exhibits on entertainers that'll be fun to look at if you already know who everyone is

Diane Smith

Love county go it's like walking down a memory of country before and now

K Richardson

Lots to see, read and some interactive activities. Great place for all ages. As a local I love that they rotate some of the exhibits so there's always something new to see

jmike 45acp

Great place to learn about country music history. We really had a great time walking through!

Scott Hively

It was fun and worth the stop. 4 stars though because I like more interactivity in my museums. It was well layed out but had a lot of stand and read, OK stand and read, OK now again stand and read exhibits.

eric hernandez

Even if you are not a fan of country music, the museum is great. You can spend 3 or 4 hours inside the museum and you will enjoy every minute. Discounts available for students.

Gowri Nataraj

Great exhibits and history. People who love music will enjoy it even more.

Erin Esbeck

Not a huge country fan, but I grew up listening & loving many artists. I learned some interesting facts - Shel Silverstein, wow! Loved seeing the original scrawled-on-scrap-paper lyrics of many tunes. Take the audio tour - super helpful & enjoyable.

victor soto

Amazing place lots of interesting and fun souvenirs postcards and also really good selecction of clothing not only for country lovers but for music lovers in general. Got my self a really cool looking guitar love the way i was treated by staff. Its a must stop for people passing through Nashville

Adam Weiss

Don't miss that if you're in Nashville. Exhibition is well made and entertaining even if you're not a country music top fan.

Victoria Brinkman

Surprise visit from Tricia Yearwood. Last stop to promote Every Girl tour. Great vocals in the Rotunda. Thank you

Nick Donegon

There is so much to read and look at I could have stayed all day.. I HIGHLY recommend getting the studio B tour package. That was my favorite part of our entire Nashville trip. It's was an honor to sit at the same piano in the same studio as Elvis and many more.

JJ Gagne

Awesome modern museum giving homage to the stars of country Music both past and present. It has both static and motion exhibits including sound and video. Took a self guided tour which lasted 2.5 hrs. They have a number of gift shops including books, records, videos, clothing and souvenir trinkets. It's a must see if you make it to Nashville.

Deborah Newman

Went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Maria was my server. She was very polite and helpful in helping us decide what to eat. She has a AWESOME personality and was a Joy to us ALL. Hope to see her next time we are there.

Zachary Milot

This place was so fun to walk around and view such a cool part of this countries musical history. I highly suggest getting yourself a pass to the American association of museums before you go visit so you're prepared to go to this museum and so many around the United States, and definitely take advantage of it! And make sure to check out the studio b tour it was absolutely worth the extra money!!!

Elise Yoder

Did the RCA Studio B tour today. My husband and I are not super into all of the touristy things, but I highly recommend this tour. It was a great experience. Ron was an incredible tour guide - very knowledgeable and kept the tour interesting and fun.

Anne Luk

If you are a country fan, it's a must see. Its educational and good times! From the extensive history on so many artists to the awards, cars, clothing, musical instruments..etc. It has something interesting for everyone to see. I really liked the history video hosted by Glen Campbell.

Mark M

Been here twice. They seem to update frequently so there is always something new to see. They even have the smokey and the bandit original car. Highly recommend this place.

Bruce Cuddeback

Great exhibits about the history of country music. The instruments alone are incredible

Jonathan Racic

We have been to many museums. This was a great experience that was worth the money. Amazing history and gorgeous guitars.

Frank Baier

This was a great stop during our trip to Nashville! There are numerous exhibits and opportunities to learn about this great music genre! Highly recommended!

Becky Lege

Wow, this was a much larger exhibit than we expected. We could have spent the whole day there if we hadn't planned other things. The history of country music is captured so well. My husband and I and our 18 year old granddaughter enjoyed it equally.

Helen Nelson

Beautiful building I could walk around this building all day, so much to see and I get to look for my favorite Country star on the Hall of Fame.

Dennis Clement

Very well organized and tastefully displayed. Loved every minute of the guided audio tour.

Giang Trương

Really enjoyed this! My husband and I really enjoyed the museum. We had a wonderful day walking around, reading, listening, and reminiscing a bit. Some of the older music took me back to my childhood. They do a great job of telling the story of country music and the displays of costumes, cars, songwriting drafts, etc are really fun to see. We did this in conjunction with the Studio B tour which was also fantastic. Our son, who is 23, loved the Studio B tour but was not as interested in the museum. He hasn't been into country music until moving to Nashville, and I think that generation maybe doesn't have the appreciation yet.

Joshua Waters

A friend brought me to the Hall Of Fame while we were on a business trip. I insisted that I really hated most country music. Then we get inside and I find great exhibits featuring the stars I grew up listening to. Very well done. Good security, clean and well organized. Excellent architecture. Good for all ages. Interactive displays. Lots of music.

Jennifer Biggs

I was surprised to find a lot of singers/songwriters I like are actually country music folk. Informative, interesting and well displayed exhibits. Definitely recommend, even if you don't think you're a country music fan!

JusA Piece

There is so much to see! From clothes and instruments to cars records and awards. This place is very big so make sure you have enough time to walk through at your own pace. With two gift shops and a drink bar and eating place, be sure to bring extra money!

Laura Addis

I am a country music fan and the exhibit was very well done however it was just OK. I was very disappointed however because I have gone to the gift shop that’s all very expensive guitar that I wanted to buy for my fiancé. Unfortunately the store was closing so I had to call them the next day to check on the price of the guitar before I went back in to town to purchase it. I’m staying at Gaylord Opryland which is a $40 Uber ride to and from town.I started calling the store as soon as it opened at 9:00 AM and continue calling every 10 minutes till 10:20 PM. Nobody ever picked up the phone and called me back so I had to make a trip all the way into town just to find the price of the guitar. Customer service is definitely lacking

Daniel Evans

A one-of-a-kind museum a must-see country music history that you never knew before..

Gregory Jones Sr

Have to admit my expectations were much higher. It is great if you are into the stage costumes and can take the time for all the video presentations. There was one video presentation on the host that was absolutely outstanding. Unfortunately you can not get a copy due to multiple copyrights. The audio tour was fairly limited and not really worth the cost.

Angi Rose

Came on the right day got to see Brooks and Dunn in an intimate talk on everything from music successes to record sales challenges. The whole experience was amazing. Definitely a Must-See while in Nashville

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