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REVIEWS OF American Museum of Science and Energy IN Tennessee

Marta Hintz

Super interesting history of the making of the nuclear bomb. The secret city and the determination/ fast hard work of the folks back then is crazy! The hands on items are fun to do even for the "big kids"

Greg Sargent

It would have been better if there weren't such huge crowds of kids on field trips. With so many people in there my own kids couldn't participate in any of the activities. There was some pretty cool things like the Jeep and bomb. It's mostly stuff for adults to read through.

Mjom M

What a neat place. We went at 5:00 in the afternoon and there were no crowds. It was very interesting, but a lot to absorb. The history of Oak Ridge is fascinating. As far as its history going forward, was surprised to learn how much Oak Ridge is doing to research and develop renewable energy.

Nate Chertack

I really wanted to like the bus tour. The tour guide was super friendly and knew her history. But the issue is that most of the historical buildings have been dismantled or are still being used for government research, so you can't see anything. We drove past a bunch of nondescript research centers that could have been anything. It was cool to say I've been there, but I could have driven around a random industrial park and then read up on the history of Oak Ridge. The museum is brand new and provides info about past and current research at Oak Ridge. Would be great to take kids to. Very similar (almost identical) to the Bradbury Museum in Los Alamos. FYI, the NPS stamp isn't here, it's at the local children's museum. For something more unique, check out the International Friendship Bell nearby.

Tom Richardson

Fantastic. Learn science and American history at same time.

Miranda McBride

An amazing look at American history!

Terry Garrett

My kids loved it...


Love the history here. If you like atomic American history great place to check out. All about the birth of the secret city! Love to stop when I’m in town! Something for the kids and the whole family! Highly recommend.

the knubbles

VERY COOL!! very kid friendly. Learn about the important role of oak ridge in winning the war. It has a little worksheet to do that my I did with my nieces!

Chanda Mitchell

As an avid atomic history fanatic I was very excited to visit the museum. I was, however, disappointed that the history of the town and its inhabitants was completed excluded from this museum. Be sure to visit the community center on the other end of town for the real people behind the war effort

Debbie Riseden

Very educational. Fun games and shows for the kids.

Michael j. Stoetzel

If you are ever in Oak Ridge, Tn (my home town), be sure to stop by the American Science Museum. It's a great place to learn about how much a roll Oak Ridge aka "The Manhatten Project" played in the effort to end WWII. Started going to the old museum as a kid and continue to go back to the newer museum at times when I return to O.R. to see family and friends.

Fred Connie Beeler

Took our Grandkids over this week and really enjoyed the new setup, we have been to the old site with our son and then our grandkids in the past Like the new one much better....Very nice staff able to answer questions and help Very well laid out for everyone to enjoy, Great price Fred and Connie Beeler


I enjoyed the museum a lot, and would probably give it 5 stars, but in comparison to the old AMSE building this one is a little lackluster.

Richard Truntz

Very disappointed. Would have loved for more detailed info about the past and how it all started!

Rick Wheeler

Great little museum my kids and I enjoyed it

Kameron Vanover

Great place, clean, nice staff, educational, already wanting to go back and allow a little more time to view everything...

Ann Greenlee

Always so interesting, so much to look at, read,& enjoy. Could spend all day.

Daniel Bowman

Enjoyed the experience. A lot of history about the area, science and technology. The interactive exhibits were fun. Worth the visit.

Brian Newman

If you a geeky science type, this is a great museum that helps explain the complexity of splitting atoms and how Oak Ridge played a central role in atomic energy and the first A-bomb. Lots of interactive exhibits and educational diagrams. I do miss the larger space of the previous location.

Jason montgomery

I could not wait for them to open the new museum as from child hood up to when my child was born I have been to the old museum many times. Alto has changed the house is no longer a part of the tour I will miss the old energy museum it is not the same but still a neat place.

Darnell McGavock Sr.

Great for adults, teens and kids. This place is enjoyment for all members of the family. It's all about learning science and how energy works. There is no shortage of interactive displays. Which show and let you actually experience things about energy and science. There are also movies and an auditorium with a great presentation. If you have not been here, you want to go and take the entire family. It's very inexpensive and offers tons more than the price of admission.

Stacey Tull

Great museum and bus tour. We learned a lot.

Ann Martin

Take time to visit.....very interesting

Adam Malin

It's was awesome! They did a great job with capturing what was great about the old museum and incorporating new and engaging content. The addition of interactive touch screens and projected displays will keep you this museum looking sharp for years to come! The history of oak ridge is amazing and the new AMSE Museum does a good job of sharing it!

Tracey Church

Kids enjoyed it here. Some fun activites but could use more guidance in kid zone. Overall well worth the time

Jeffrey Privett

I would not go back. Remarkably unfriendly and unhelpful lady at the entrance.

Jack Carraher

This was a fun and educational museum. We wish we had more time

Nancy Woods

My 9 year old grandson enjoyed the "Exploration Zone" and we both found the history behind the "Secret City" to be very interesting.

C West

An excellent place to take the kids...or not...and spend a couple of hours learning about Oak Ridge and atomic energy and the Manhattan protect and much more! The demonstration with the van de Graffe generator was really fascinating and my 13 yr old keeps talking about it.

Lesa Read

Bus tour of Manhattan Project a must see

David Poole

You unimmunized by our phi nubby

Dessa Hutchison

Disappointing. Many things about Oak Ridge and its history are gone. Not many interactive displays like in the old building.



Andrea Breeding

Expect to spend a long day at the museum if you take the bus tour, which I highly recommend. It's all worth it. Get there by 9 am to buy tickets. Extremely good deal at $4 for seniors for museum and tour. Recommend either a hearty breakfast or buy tickets then go eat. Only snack foods there. Bus tour is 11:30 til 2:30. Perfect outing for the inner science nerd in all of us.

Blake West

This place was fun and educational. Admission price is reasonable. Lots of great exhibits. It was fun for my 8 year-old. He also enjoyed learning about the Manhattan Project. There is plenty of information on the history of Oak Ridge and two good short films. Also lots of hands-on learning exhibits to keep children interested. I like the puzzle exhibits, too. The place was mostly clean and we arrived after lunch and stayed until a few minutes before closing. If you are anywhere near, this is worth the trip.

Phil Griffith

Great museum, very nice place to visit


Enjoyed this small museum. Inside is clean and full of displays and activities. It's a good starting point to learn about Oak Ridge history, past research projects in the lab, and nuclear energy.

Kathy Faber-Pitts

Very educational in a fun way.

Jodie Morgan

My daughter and I really enjoyed the museum. Great price and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I would recommend planning to stay at least 2-3 hours. There’s a lot to read, watch, learn, create, and shop for!

Gary Rowcliffe

the new location is pretty awesome. Very modern and easy to walk through exhibits, with way too much to read and see in an hour...

Ricki Dykes

Great experience for Nuclear Science Merit Badge for Troop 516. Staff and counselors werr very knowledgable.

Davis Schmidt

The old museum was much more kid friendly, overall our visit was less than interesting.

xina wotitdo

Small but engaging museum featuring history of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and exhibits on the functions of energy. Also demonstrations and the departure point for tours of the Oak Ridge facility.

Ellen Sheppard

DON'T MISS IT! We'd toured the museum previously on another trip through the area. This time we came intentionally to take in the center more thoughtfully, and to participate in the bus tour. Oh my gosh -- what a fabulous glimpse into …

Hannah H

My husband & I absolutely loved our experience here. This museum is fun for all ages as well as accessible. Fee for adults was $5 each. There were a lot of interactive exhibits. Plan to spend a couple of hours in here. It was also great for learning more about the Manhattan Project. Make sure you go check it out before it moves next month! You could tell that all the employees enjoyed their job, everyone was friendly and helpful. One of the most fun museums I've been to!

Barbara Cenalmor

Great place for learning science and history of nuclear energy in the US. Perfect mix of learning and nostalgia that will appeal to young and old.


Very informative and helpful staff. The place is brand new and everything ran very smoothly. It was packed with kids on a field trip but there was plenty for adults to check out regardless. Wanted to do the tour but it was so difficult to coordinate online as all tours were booked for the entire month. They keep some seats available for in person reservations but without advance notice of available seats we didn't make time in our plans. We intend on returning next year. :)

Lou Ann Cole

Interesting displays, especially for kids that like hands on learning. The 45 minute video was excellent, as it was from the WW2 time period.

Charles Richardson

Very well done. We learned a great deal

Jackie Hao

One of those things where you don't expect anything great out of a little museum in a little town, but turns out to be mindblowing and awesome

KK Hamilton

It's very fun!! I learned a lot!!

Billy Price

This was a ton of fun. Lots of hands on activities for the kids. If you (or your kiddo) have long hair, you can make it stand up using static electricity. My 7 year old loved the mechanical robot arms the most. There is also lots of great historical information available to.

Alanah Cooper

Great experience for all ages

Deena Clifton

It was fun with the kids from inskip elementary.

J Thompson

OK that's all I can really say.... I was excited to go and once there was extremely disappointed. Majority of the exhibits are based on local information and research, not all are factual (missing the black contributions to the past) No activities for kid's like a scavenger hunt that schools get upon request. There is a small questioner (not fun) It was fine for a new learning experience with 3 kids but won't be back. Definitely not worth a membership, nothing like a real science museum example museum of science and industry. This was tiny and really felt limited to Oakridge specifically.

Steven Stokowski

Interesting museum on the Manhattan Project and subsequent research at Oak Ridge with interactive exhibits and videos.

Christopher Sanders

This is a very cool place. There's a lot of information and it would be entertaining for all ages.

Margaret Bland

A great museum to learn about the development of the atomic bomb. There are other displays as well. Well worth visiting.

Rachel Myles

Really cool way to spend a rainy day. We have been a few times to learn about the Manhattan Project and let the kids do some of the interactive displays. One of our favorite features of the museum is the Flat-top house that has been moved to the yard. You can do a walk through of this time capsule.

Albert G.

What a fascinating place! It really is a hidden treasure, and at just $5 per person it is affordable too!! So much information and cool expos, I was here for 5 hours and couldn't even begin to get to everything. Also the lightning machine show was fantastic!!

R. Scott Frank

Great new museum. You should check it out. New building and all new exhibits. I love the 3D printed military jeep.

Joseph Mahoney

Great history and good educational value for adults and children.

Travis Smith

I loved this museum! I brought my family (2 accountants and a nurse), and I think a lot of the material was at a level that they could understand. There are also plenty of interactive and kid-friendly exhibits, so I wouldn't worry about the information being to dense for most people to enjoy. It's hard to present a lot of this information in a way that engages young people, but I think this museum does a great job in making the information accessible to everyone!

Steve Broome

So I really miss the old museum. The new location is much smaller, but everything works and is shiny and new. I soon realized that most of the old location was in the new building, just condensed. Much more interactive exhibits that are not dated and obsolete are in place. In all, a great museum, sadly the new building is just a box, unlike the old location with its terraces and open spaces. In such a small location, school groups really fill the place quickly. Is the new museum worth a visit, absolutely. I still will miss the old location, a part of my memories being demolished for another box store.

Travis Fawver

My kids love this place. Great exhibits and very modern

HippiechickMissy Russell/Phillips

Not fun anymore. The employers do not get too involved with the customers. Day weren't even around to ask questions.

Josh Whitaker

Very fun, super kid friendly, and the hair raising exhibit should not be missed.

Brandon Brown

Great exhibits and knowledge welcoming staff. Takes a lot of reading but when a well educated nuclear physicist learned a lot. The Van de graaff generator presentation was a blast. Shocking experience really. The mind games are great and the interactive displays are truly engaging.

Emily Anderson

We took our daughter and niece (ages 7 and 6, respectively). They had fun with the interactive exhibits. We enjoyed learning about what happened here.

Eirik Bye Hauge

Fascinating museum about the Manhattan project and Oak Ridge


Has a lack of working thermonuclear bombs, despite the city's history.

Vincent Nocito

Excellent museum where you explore the origins of the Manhattan project and the aftermath.

Henry Crist

This is a must go to in Oak Ridge. Take your kids or grandkids. Learn about the Secret City and the work done and still being done to protect our country.

William Masters

The information videos & movie were great. The displays I viewed (didn't have time to see them all) were also well done. The people running things were helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Aaron Gibson

The last time I visited the AMSE in Oak Ridge, TN was years ago in it's original location - this time they have a brand new location and I have to say, I kind of wish they would have just renovated the old place. Despite that critique, I enjoyed my visit and always like to learn more about the Manhattan Project and the development of nuclear technology through the ages. The video presentations are good and the live show was fun. I felt the museum was somewhat limited for kids (mine are 7 and 12) so would be nice to have a bit more to do. Also, the day we visited, around July 4th, the bus tours to the Y12, K25, X10 facilities were not running - so I'm looking forward to going back so I can take the complete tour - which may the the best part of the experience!


I. Love. This. Place. We went for a school trip and I had a blast. Some of my friends that i havent spent much time with in a long time were with us and we spent the day together. The whole time we were doing the scavenger hunt we were laughing nonstop and enjoyed every minute together. I would definitely recommend to anyone, even if you dont like science/chemistry. You'll have a blast, and you'll learn the whole time even without thinking about it. And the history behind Oak Ridge was really interesting in my opinion.

Christopher Fiske

Great museum! Lots of great info and plenty of hands on stuff for the kids. Well worth the cheap admission price! Will return next time we're in the area!

William Hope

Fun place, a little small but lots of interesting stuff to see.

Skip Jenkins

Really liked the information 0n the Manhattan project

Sam Hart

Great place to visit

Pat A

Our children enjoyed the interactive exhibits and the robot arms. It is smaller than it used to be. But the exhibits are better

Tracy Tran

Love it. Ticket is $5 (children and students) which is so cheap for what they have to offer. Make sure to watch the documentary film about the Manhattan project (45 mins). The film has made a great impact on my child. She wants to be a scientist contribute to save/change the world. It's an amazing visit. The museum is clean, well maintained with friendly staff and volunteers. It takes about at least 2-3 hours for a thorough visit (allow kids to play with some interactive games, and solve brain puzzles)

Derek Gibson

This was a very informational place. A lot of history about Oak Ridge and the secret city. My son is 3 and he had a blast with the exhibits.

mission mab

Great history and information. The workers are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Seth Kirshen

Oak Ridge contributed significantly to the US winning WW II and the cold war. This museum highlights scientific achievements and the people that lived and worked in Oak Ridge from the Manhattan Project to present. A great museum and museum shop!

Alyssa Eubanks

It was really fun here! I went on a field trip with my school, only 8th grade girls, and it was so cool! Lots of cool exibits and overall an interesting learning experience.

Rob Smith

Very good museum! Lots of info on nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Great exhibits about science and energy. Good for children of all ages!

Rick Burleson

If you like science and history, this is a nice museum. My five year old even liked it.

Siobhan McCoy

Very scientific and educational. The kids (10+) really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and the hands-on demonstration. Highly recommended for older kids.

Stuart Meyers

I remember the old museum. It was about four to five times bigger than the new museum. It also had allot more interactive learning activities. This new museum was the epiphany of everything boring when it comes to science. This makes me miss the old museum even more. It saddens me to think of the generations of children who are going to miss out on what was always an awesome experience.

rayland robinson

Not as big on the inside as expected but still nice

Jason Duncan

If you have a science-loving kid, take him or her here and you will be a hero for life. For that matter, if you are a sciencescience-loving adult, you'll have a great time here too. The museum has several exhibits devoted to World War 2 and doesn't shy away from the controversy surrounding the use of the atomic bombs in 1945.

Michael Pekala

Pretty interesting, but not great.

carly faith

if you haven’t been since they moved buildings, don’t come. biggest disappointment of my entire life, one room, and probably one tenth of the fun and interactive things they used to have. even the exhibits aren’t as interesting, if i could rate it negative i would. but cheap, and thank god because $5 is still too much for this big of a disappointment.

Bryan Herren

Had a great time. Make sure to request a class with the static ball, or whatever you call it ;)

Sandy Ekstrand

Kids really enjoyed all the hands on exhibits. Surprisingly innovative to be in a shopping mall.

Margaret Coker

The new museum is not kid friendly! We read the reviews for the museum and thought our grandkids (ages 7, 4, 3 and 1) would enjoy it. Unfortunately, the reviews must have been for the old museum on Tulane. We were VERY DISAPPOINTED with the new museum on Main Street. There was little to nothing for our grands to do. I thnk this new museum is mainly for middle and high school kids and adults only. Wish I could get a refund! The price is now $8 for adults and $5 for kids 7 and up.We only spent 15 minutes there....

Don Bowman

Great history and interactive exhibits for the whole family.

Wayne Taka

Very interesting and informative. I didn't know that the Manhattan project first started in Tennessee. I was always under the impression that it started in Los Alamos, NM..

Bob Ruley

The museum has quite a bit of neat information. The displays are very dated looking and have old information in many cases. The mid-90s era Macintosh computers used in a couple of places reminded me of middle school. My 6 & 8 year old daughters liked it well enough. The number of hands on displays made it even more interesting to them. It was worth the stop to kill an hour and the price was reasonable.

Debra Ramsey

The children had a great time

Dan Goedeke

Very nice, I always take my out of state friends to visit there. Also, they give a senior discount, but you have to ask for it.

The Tattered Painter

This place was so cool. We recently moved here and have come to realize there is so much history in this small town. We took the kids and they had fun but we definitely want to go back without the kids one day to really get the full on experience and read everything without being distracted. I've never lived somewhere with so much history, it's just really neat.

Laura Young

Very interesting. Interactive exhibits and demonstrations for families.

Gary Colley

Enjoyed it for years but needs updating.

Tammie Parker

This Museum is a wonderful place to come learn about Oak Ridge's contribution to War World II. There are many learning stations inside this Museum, from Electric education, to Toxic Waste, to Glow-In-The-Dark! The Museum is well kept and staff are friendly. Military get in free.

Chantelle Price

This is my first visit to the new location and at first glance, it's alot smaller than the old building. But my kids had about as much fun and learned a little more than I did as a kid so this visit was a hit in my book. I recommend coming in early on the weekdays or sign up online to be included on the tours of the plants. There's no extra cost as the tours are included in the admission price which isn't expensive at all.

Amy Hilburn

Such a great museum! They give you background info on how the town of Oak Ridge came to be and tons of scientific information. It's also perfect for curious kids with all of their interactive activities! The staff was very welcoming and friendly too!

Dan Ilas

The museum has been moved recently to a new location, and guess what? It is not as good as it was at the other location.

Ben Davis

A bit simplistic in it's displays.

Vermicious Knid

The old AMSE was great, but the new one was extremely disappointing. You could spend hours looking through exhibit at the original location, but you can be in & out the door of the new museum in about half an hour. I really liked the 3D printed army jeep, but that was about it. We won't be returning.

Hawk Krebs

They've really condensed the exhibits at the new location. I spent a couple hours and didn't get to see everything last year at their old location. I made it through in a little over an hour and saw everything at this new location. I really hope they're expanding it.

Doris Bruun

This Jeep was made on a 3d printer

G.R. Bliss

Amazing! Educational and fun for all ages!

Mandy Gross

Very informative and fun! Certainly will have to come back!

David Thrasher

Lots of displays on the history of the Oak Ridge site and the current scientific and environmental efforts. They also had science activities for kids!

Lewis Hodge

I hd not been there in years but went with my son and grandson. The exhibits are engaging and the history is worth repeating. I think anyone with an interest in this pivotal time in American history will find a trip to this museum worth their time and energy.

Diamond Markey

It was very interesting. I learned alot.

Phil Allanson

Science all morning and ride a nuke into the sunset


We loved visiting this museum! We have 3 daughters, 4, 3, and 1 and everyone was entertained! The electricity demonstration alone was worth admission, not to mention all the cool exhibits!

theresa Corral

We enjoyed the tour of the sites and the museum was quite good. A real value at $8 per head

Zackariah Murphy

The new building is not worth paying for. They don't have as much as the old one. No show where your hair could stick up. It was 21$ for 2 adults and 1 kid but it should be free. If it becomes free then yeah I recommend it. But not with the little of stuff they got. Very small building. I miss the old one.

Jim Corpora

Very Interesting, Totally Recommend! Wish we would have booked online for the Van Tour. But if you don't get to, the museum is very interesting, with Tons of Information about the Atom Bomb and what has been developed to make the world a better place with medical inventions, electrical power, and much more;


This tour of the National Laboratories is great. Very limited in what you can see. Only allowed off the bus a couple of times. It is a government nuclear facility, so security is important. Pretty neat to see where one of the Manhattan Projects main facilities operated.

Debra Yonts

Our 8 year old had a blast. A lot of fun interactive activities.

Sandy Sexton

If you have children under the age of 13,the first 2/3rds of the museum is difficult to understand. But the back third of the museum is geared towards children! Even if you don't have children, it's a fantastic place to learn about Oak Ridge's involvement in the war. Very good history presentation! I highly recommend.

debbie rea

We love to visit here My grandson wants to visit there often..prices are reasonable too..

Jo Halstead Gruenwald

Very interesting. Part of the Manhatten project

Kimberley Holmes

This museum was fun and informative

Charles Armstrong

Vary informative, wish there was some restored homes and living areas to go through. More information on living conditions

Brian Trout

Lots of kid interaction stuff. Helpful staff.

Nick Porter

Very cool interactive museum. There are lots of volunteers who are all very nice and knowledgeable and can give you a more unique experience versus just reading about the nuclear program.

George Mwasumbi

A small museum, but still a fun and enriching experience. There were plenty of interesting and/or unusual exhibits that made for good entertainment and better information. I was also able to participate in a live exhibit of sorts involving electricity and a Van De Graaff generator, which was informative and also electrifying! Great visit, and would definitely recommend!

Eric Thornton

The redesign is awesome. The space is definitely smaller but they have done a great job with it.

Joanna G.

This museum has 2 parts: the Manhattan Project and children targeted scientific actitivies. The historical information and artifacts provided a solid description of the Manhattan Project and its big players. I wish there were more details on specifically the Oak Ridge city before, during and after and how the unknowing workers were effected. This museum is also a science museum that children of all ages could spend up to 2 hrs interacting with the many exhibits. Had a fun time either way and the price was right!

Alan Scurrell

Great place to take your kids. Full of history that will also define our future.

Normandy Helmer

Good collections but hard to find (Look for JC Penney!), terrible external directional signs & terrible Web site. Info presented well. Two themes: famous bomb work and "we're still relevant." Learned that supercomputing was closely linked to bomb work. Amazing that big city could stay hidden so long. Mobility not addressed on Web site, didn't see door switches, but inside all one level, probably reasonable.

Sherry Byrd

New building and exhibits, especially enjoyed the tour to the graphite reactor at Y-12.

Janice Stull

Incredible experience. So much history there. Wish we had more time to fully explore all of the exhibits, but we got there too close to closing time.

Trent L. Payne

Loved visiting here with my son

Amy Rigney

Great place, however I loved it much more at the former location. which was much larger and had much more to do.

Kellyn Green

This is a new building and location. It did not have much for the kids to do hands on like the older building. In my opinion i think it was too expensive for the amount of hands on activities they had there. Oak ridge is a beautiful place to visit though.

paul fritz

This place is a true Museum of Science. The museum of science and industry in Chicago can learn a lot from this place.

Wendell Nealon

A bit dissapointed. We were at the previous location which seemed much better suited for the site. We certainly missed the flat roof home display and the wonderful grounds that surrounded the old location. The new location is a revamped shopping center. Ugh! They deserve a frowny face for this location.

Becky Blondin

I wish I knew more about nuclear physics in order to better appreciate this museum. I wish they would address the atrocities associated with the nuclear age.

William Scott

Amazing experience in a quality museum. I was very impressed to see such a professional presentation in what appears to be a small town museum. I definitely recommend anyone traveling through to stop and learn about the history of this town. You'll see a great deal about the development of nuclear weapons and WW2, and the continuing scientific and technological revolution America has experienced since. It's a rich experience with many artifacts and period photographs and declassified documents and facts.

Ellen Vig

What a fantastic find! We stopped by, thinking we'd spend the morning and ended up being there the entire day. They had enough hands-on things and demonstrations to occupy our 3 school-aged children, and more than enough to keep us adults interested

Delta B

Better than I expected from the outside appearance. Nice short museum with some good displays, worth the ticket price.

Bama Green

Great science museum and cool gift shop.


Great place for anyone into science. The staff is excellent and very informative.

Leanne Kersey

Still a great museum. Terrible decision on the city’s part to move the museum to a strip mall.

Bruce Blackmon

Small but very interesting lots of good things to do

Steven Burress

Had a great time. Hadn't been there in about 10 years. Really interesting place.

Sherrell Usher

Love this place. Amazing part of US history.

Baylor Nicole Love

Great place to learn about history of Manhatan project

Caroline Shealy

Interesting, informative, and wonderful interactive displays for both adults and children.

Chris McKercher

Just spent a couple hours there and am having overload of info and science. It was great, and well presented. Glad we saw it in the present facility before they move.

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