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South Dakota, United States

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Where is Wind Cave National Park?

REVIEWS OF Wind Cave National Park IN South Dakota

Billl Alexander

Would have given 5 stars but the caves were closed for the last 9 week's due to elevator not working, they are waiting on repair parts, bummer

dragon tooth

Nice drive. Enjoyed seeing the animals. Very peaceful. Would recommend.

Pam Calkins

Awesome scenery, saw lots of buffalo. Didn't do cave tour this time, but it's excellent

Hans-Peter Schadler

We had a very good time at the Wind Cave National Park. The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. The Park Ranger guiding us through the Cave (we took the Natural Entrance Tour) had profound knowledge of the cave, geology and area around it and she was a great story teller, which made this visit even more special. Definitely worth a visit.

Bruce Provencher

A great tour of some beautiful Caves. And back up on top there are all kinds of photo ops with animals and scenery.

Kathi Bosilovatz

Enjoy hiking centennial trail came across two buffalo on the trail. Thrilling and scarey both at the same time.

Natalie Acheson

A great place to visit. We visited here just after memorial day and while it was fairly busy we were able to get a tour about 90 minutes from when we arrived. We had plenty of time to fill out junior ranger books and see the museum. The Natural Entrance tour was excellent, Ranger Grant had many interesting things to tell us and a very easy tour physically. We will be back to try out some of the other tours!!

Kelly R

Unfortunately, the elevator was being serviced when we stopped so there was no tour, which was disappointing. The museum inside was nice and the park ranger was very informative.

Cat Barber

This was a great place to visit. Although we were not able to tour the cave due to the broken elevator we still enjoyed visiting. - This park is about the cave and the land that it's associated with. There is a long drive to take around the park, we were able to witness buffalo crossing the street in front of us! - They have a movie that gives the background about the cave - There is an area downstairs where you can read about the park - Upstairs they have their store with lots to look at. This is where the stamp for the National Park Passport book is located. - If for some reason you can't tour the cave you can still go and view the hole that pushes cold air out, and man does it feel good when it's hot outside! - They offer a variety of tours, kids of all ages can participate depending on the tour. If you haven't gone I would recommend going!

Chad Reickard

We liked Wind more than Jewel. The tour takes you through tight turns and low ceilings which makes it an ADVENTURE! You can just show up and hope to get in or just take the next tour or buy tickets online. We chose to show up, buy tickets, then eat while we waited. They have a very informative tour guide and great stories on the original founders and how it became a national park. You can visit the original entrance too.

Lisa Forness

All of the National Parks are wonderful and Wind Cave was no exception. A must see if you are in the area!

Gregory Poe

Pretty park. The cave was not that impressive because it's a dry cave. No stalagtites or stalagmites. You're guaranteed to see buffalo, so that's cool. Seems more like a state park than a national park, but I'm just not impressed by caves I guess.

Sid Haas

Historic national park. Great tours. Even if you've been in other caves you've never seen anything like the boxwork formations in this one.

River and Peak Outfitter

It was great to see the Bison. Easy drive from Mt Rushmore.

Joshua Thomas

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour Ranger Missy guided. She had a lot of enthusiasm and was very knowledgeable about the history of the caverns, and there were plenty of opportunities for some great photos in low light conditions.

Tamara Fox

Could be more interesting, but the cave is CLOSED until September! ☹️

J Pineda

Great place for families to visit.

Jeff Dugal

Did the middle tunnel trail. Didn’t realize there was an elevator at the end so it was easier than expected. The box work was plentiful and the concrete path was easy to navigate.


There's some great hiking at Wind Cave with beautiful scenery. You do have to be careful around the wildlife, so make sure you get information on dealing with the animals if you're going hiking. Some of the views are magnificent, both along the road and on the trails. We got to watch about 30 bison run across the road one night, so you do have to be careful driving through the park. One night we saw bison, elk, coyote, prairie dogs, and a burrowing owl. Several nights going through the park we noticed one of the bison had a favorite spot by the guardrail to watch traffic go by. The cave tours were closed when we were there due to elevator issues. Hopefully those will get fixed soon. We did hear a ranger presentation on the discovery of the caves, and it was really good.

Kristopher Rockfield

Beautiful area. I was there in September and had a the tent camp grounds to myself. The elevator was broke so couldn't get into the caves.

Dorothea Casey

Unfortunately, the cave tours were not operational, due to elevator issues - there was so much more to see though! We did the loop drive and took a short, moderate hike up to the lookout tower. Saw LOTS of wild life - birds, prairie dogs, bison, pronghorn. Glad we didn't just leave!!!

Tayler Hill

Sadly, the elevators were broken so we didn't get to do a cave tour. However, we did a ranger walk to the blowhole/natural entrance and were able to have some cool experiences at this park regardless of circumstances beyond our control. The pressure was causing wind to blow into the cave during our visit and it made for an interesting sound and a fun photo of my hair being blown into the cave! On our drive to the visitors center, we saw many bison that were perhaps 20-30 feet from the road. They're very beautiful creatures and Wind Cave National Park is one of the best places to see them!

Anjanette Kalb

The scenery and information are wonderful. Bison, caving, all so interesting.

george robertson

Pretty disappointed in the tour, the groups are too large spread out along the path, offering very little interaction with the park guide. If you insist on going, bring your own small flashlight, they keep it rather dim in there. Personally, Jewel cave is far better, pick that one if time is limited.

larry cooper

This is a great place to see prairie dog towns, bison and antelope. The primary attraction is the extensive underground limestone cavern system. Guided tours of differing length thru different levels of the cavern system are offered at the central visitor center. Tours require a reservation and a few.


Great place. Still I would hope park services take time to connect this place to Native American culture. This place is the most revered place for Natives as I learned and there is not much mention in the visitor center. I feel people will respect this place more if information is shared that Natives believe that this is where all Natives and bison emerged from.

Jacquie Sullivan

The museum was OK but it would have been better if we could have gone on a tour. The elevators down into the cave(s) were in disrepair however, and all tours were discontinued.

Amrendra Kumar

I don’t see any value unless you plan to do guided tour... average time required is 2 hours. I have not done any tour so don’t trust my review if you are interested in tour

Dan Binder

I love Wind Cave. Unfortunately, the elevator into the cave was out of service. Check tour availability before you go.

Robert Ramsey

Another beautiful park. We more drove through this one to get to our destination but it was a scenic drive.

def rabbit

Wind Caves under construction. No mention of it till you drive all the way into the park, office. Only wildlife is prairie dogs. No tour. Lots of minimal hiking paths.

Bobby Blaylock

Wind Cave was amazing. There is 6 different cave tours. Learn so much about Alvin the young man that started mapping the caves. We did the Fair Ground tour. The Park Services guides are knowledgeable and funny. Also stayed at Slk Mountain campground at the park.

Randall Woods

Be much better when your elevators are repaired.

Julie Saucerman

A great story behind the finding of the cave.

Alan Thomas

Awesome cave, my friends and I went on the tour of the cave and it was pretty neat. The tour guide was very friendly and knew a plethora of information about this cave, nearby caves, and other caves in other national parks.

Liam Smith

Wind Cave National Park is truly spectacular, with multiple different tours going through the massive cave complex there is always a new thing to see that you missed before. These caves have most of the box work formations in the world. Well worth the trip especially driving through Custer State Park on the way there, you are likely to see roaming American Bison.

Marcus Haines

Very interesting place. The cave has very intricate growths in it. All round a good experience. This cave is considered to be one of the most complex in the world

Dorcyle McClure

The scenery was breath taking and the buffalo were so delightful to watch. But the winds blowing through the valleys was unbelievable to experience. It was all I could do to open my car door so I could step out to get pictures of the buffalo crossing the road. But then the sound of the winds blowing through the caves and trees was almost frightening, even though the different singing pitches were beautiful! I hope to go back and spend more time enjoying them.

Oksana Spencer

Great place! Pure nature! I would recommend to go there with kids!

Joe Van Tassel

Camped at the Elk Mountain Campground for a night. Caught a cool Ranger Talk at the amphitheater. Saw some Bison Didn't make it into the cave, which was a bummer. Elevators are down this season, but I realize now the park does a great job of paying that information across multiple outlets, I just never checked, so that's on me. Above ground the area is still beautiful and there's a lot to see. If you're doing multiple spots in the SD and WY areas, as we were, this first come first served campground is a great spot to spend some time. National Parks Forever!

Brian Richtmyre

Great scenery with lots of wildlife to enjoy. Always enjoy sharing the road with the buffalo!

Lonnie Perry

Beautiful area of our country. I am tankful it has been preserved for generations to visit. We were not able to do all we wanted. We were able to get close with buffalo. At times it seemed too close even though we were in our van or at a safe distance. I look forward to visiting the park again.

Rick Olexo

Great place to visit if your an outdoorsman.

Jacqueline Loats

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Elizabeth Bennett

Loved our visit, everything was gorgeous and it's a great park. Smaller, but no less full of adventures and wildlife.

Ian Allen

Unfortunately due to an issue with the elevator there were no cave tours, so we were planning to skip this park. So glad we ended up visiting! We attended a funny and informative ranger talk, took a drive through the park, and did a short hike up to the fire tower. Along the way we saw quite a bit of wildlife and really enjoyed the soundscapes during our hike—it’s very easy here to find a quiet and peaceful a lot to yourself. I’m looking forward to coming back someday to see the cave, but was very happy exploring the rest of the park!

Jeffrey Whiskin

Had a great time here on the tour what an amazing site to behold!

Isaac Draxler

100% worth the stop when in the area. Kids loved it

Bob Moore

Very good

Karen H

Be sure to check and see if the elevator is working. We drove an hour to get there and couldn’t see the cave because the elevator was not working. We did see lots of buffalo which helped make it not quite so frustrating.

Ashley Albright

Really neat place! The tour was great and even driving around the park was fun with the bison & prairie dogs. Get there early for the tour - when we were there it sold out pretty fast for the day.

Tytus Cornejo

This park is unique from the 5 other NP's that we've visited and in a good way. While it may not have the notoriety of Yellowstone and others this park allows you far more access to the grounds than others. You can literally just park your car and start walking. We were able to encounter bison, prairie dogs, elk and many birds. The only downside is that the elevator to the cave was under repair so we were not able to go into the cave. If you are visiting Mt. Rushmore make sure to make this part of your trip.

Ron Withers

This is a fascinating place. It's amazing just how extensive this cave system is. The elevator was broken on the day we were there so we didn't go down into the cave. We still enjoyed learning about the area and it's history.

Susan Harvey

Although the Cave tours were closed due to maintenance (elevator was broken), there was plenty to do and see. Wild life at almost every turn. Watch out for the buffalos crossing the highways, they're not in a rush to cross, and you definitely don't want to hit one.

J Huinker

Beautiful park! Wind Cave Visitors Center was very informative. The building was kept up nicely and the park rangers were very helpful and friendly. The elevator was not working when we were there, so there were no cave tours at all. There were lots of activities at the visitor center at least. The gift shop had a lot of options for souvenirs and were reasonably priced.

Kaitlynn Glover

Great place to see wild buffalo and prairie dogs! Definitely a cool experience to drive through.

Deborah Cousins

Intriguing, we had a very knowledgeable guide.

Jim Cullip

There was no access to the cave because the elevator was broken. Call ahead first and see if you can get in; otherwise, theres not much more to do here.

Christina French

We completed the "natural entrance" tour of this cave. It was kind of boring. It was mostly just walking in silence, looking at the same two formations; "boxwork" and "popcorn", over and over. There wasn't much to keep your interest. The historical aspect of the cave was interesting, but in my opinion not much else. If you're looking for a cave with formation variety or a lot of interaction with your guide, I would not recommend Wind Cave.

Daniel Hess

Cave elevators closed for maintenance for several weeks when we visited. Still a neat area.

Sue Scroggins

It was great. But no tour because of the elevator is down this season. So is the one in Jewel Cave Park.

Thomas Hansen

Really cool place to visit.

Lori Rodaway

Loved the visitor center, wish the cave had been open when we were there.

Karen Demers

Well maintained and beautiful park. A great place to camp too

bianca shepard

Despite seeing no cave tours on the park website, I decided to visit anyway. You can really tell that the staff are working hard to make this a worthwhile trip despite no cave tours. For example there are ranger talks pretty much being offered at all times. I went to two of them and they were cool! They even made a cardboard cave for kids to explore (I was too big for it though). The exhibits were informative. After spending like an hour at the visitor center, I went on a short hike. I finished just as the sun was starting to sink in the sky... it was beautiful. Overall I'm glad I stopped here. I'll just have to wait til next time to take a cave tour.

Jeff Garner

Great visit. Beautiful area.

Veronica Peters

The museum/visitor center gave some information about the cave, how it was found, how it was formed, etc. There was a ranger (Anthony) who did a 15 min explanation on the map of the cave. He was very informative. The disappointing part of our trip was finding out the day before that the elevator was broken and we would not be able to go into the cave itself. I get they did it for safety reasons....but had heard a few people say it had been broken all summer.

michele haines

WOW! MAGNIFICENT! This is a MUST SEE! There were HUNDREDS of Prairie Dogs they were extremely curious and funny! There was a huge bull bison just lollygaging down the middle of the road. The scenery was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Highly recommend! WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES especially the first of August.

Cori Anzicek

What a breathtaking place. Worth visiting.

Emma Tulip

Had an awesome time a Wind Cave. Bought a really comfy sweater after realizing that the tour into the caves would be a bit chilly. We took the Natural entrance tour and it was about 2 hours. I highly recommend wearing jeans, a jacket and non slip shoes for the tour. My favorite part of the visitors center was the map with all of the silly cave names. Definitely spend some time looking at that when you visit.

Amber R

We still enjoyed learning about the area and it's history. At times it seemed too close even though we were in our van or at a safe distance. Inside the cave is quite interesting if you have never been in a cave before, but even regular cave dwellers will probably find this cave intriguing. But the elevator still isn't working; it's a bummer not to be able to enter the cave. The elevator was not working when we were there, so there were no cave tours at all. I don't know what I was expecting when we were offered a tour of the largest natural opening, but I was a bit surprised.

Karl Zeigler

If you are near here is a great place to visit

Anupa D.

Plenty of parking, several of herds of bison across the park, walking trails all over the place, pull-outs to see nature in all its glory, 3 tours of the caves and free entrance to the park! If you want to do one of the tours, try to get in early as the longer tours happen earlier in the day and sell out pretty fast. The 75 minute boxwork lattice tour has about 8 tours timings and we took one around 6 pm. The others were all done or sold out by the time we got to the park around 3 pm. You can spend many hours just walking and watching wildlife in this park.

Amie Holmberg

Guide spent a lot of time explaining before going in because of the narrow trail. Great for smaller formations but very few large formations on the tour we selected.

Clifford F

Really fun place. Unfortunately the elevators were broken when we were there but the visitors center gave us lots of information about the cave.

Dion Giesbrecht

Beautiful part of the country. Unfortunately the tours have been stopped due to the elevator shaft being broken. Still lots of stuff to do and see in the area.

richard kanatzar

Wind Cave is open,,, but the elevator is broke- has been broke- and not sure when it will be fixed. Strange, the other cave in the area also has a broke elevator. No elevator- no cave. The rangers do give a nice talk, however.

Philippe Jeanty

The tour is not hard, it is well organized but there is not much to see: the popcorn crystals, the boxwood formations and that is about it. The beautiful crystal seen on the NPS site address not visible. If you have never been in a cave go for it but I saw many caves, USA, Vietnam, New Zealand, Europe, and this particular tour is not impressive. However it is well organized, even with elevator to get you there! The wildlife in the park in very nice.

Chantha Choung

The elevator was broken so we couldn't take the tour that's why such a low rating. We'll have to come back around some day to check this out then I'm sure it be an easy 5 star rating I'm sure of it.

Shaela Stone

so fun to see them roam free..lots of pull offs for photo ops

Jen D

We did the Natural Entrance Tour which was covered by the fourth grade pass. The tour was at a nice pace and the tour guide was excited about what she was speaking about which made the tour great. You walk down the steps and then take the elevator up so it was an easy tour. The boxwork was extremely interesting. There were no stalactites or stalagmites. It was said that the annual pass does not cover the cost of the tour tickets.

Michael Anderson

Really interesting!!!Elevators were broken, and we couldn't tour the caves. Will have to stop back here again.

Tom Raines

My experience here was absolutely stunning as it was beautiful and the guide throughout the tunnels was fun, friendly, and very capable. I however can't give this location as the staff within the building (the visitor center that is) was rude and distracted. Definitely fun and I recommend it to anyone else who has a few hours to kill and is not claustrophobic.

Droned Aguin

Amazing tours. So glad we stopped and looked. Watch ur head though on the tour... I left part of my scalp on the tour. The guides are super nice.

Greg Bruce

Beautiful place, wild Bison are roaming around free, so do pay attention to your driving, they own the place and are walking on the road at times


Very nice park. We enjoyed the tour of the natural cave entrance as well as the visitor center. The rangers all seemed very dedicated to making the stop at their park interesting and worthwhile, which we were impressed with. But the elevator still isn't working; it's a bummer not to be able to enter the cave.

Jack Johannes

Unfortunate that the elevator was broken when we were there, but the rangers had plenty of activities to share in the visitor center. The exhibits were well put together and the surface of the park is amazing. We enjoyed our hike and running into Buffalo and pronghorn.


I'm glad we toured the cave a few years ago as this time the elevator was out, wait didn't I just write this already. Yep, both Wind cave and Jewel cave tours are closed as both elevators were out of service. Wind cave might be out until September (2019). If you want to visit, check the website or give them a call.

Raymond Therrien

Black Hills Canyon caves. Very nice tour about 1 hr, some tight spots and lots of stairs but nice experience, really nice gift shop.

Nathan Hansen

CALL AHEAD! The cave elevator has been down since July 2019 and was still down in September. The center is nice and the nature preserve around the park is great, plenty of prairie dogs and bison! Just wish I knew we couldn't go into the cavevahead of time.

Jason Lalanne

Beautiful open plains but the cave was closed. Elevators were in need of repair so no tours. Did get out JR rangers badges though!

joe montoya

If you have a few hours to spare for a tour it is definitely worth it. The staff and rangers are very knowledgeable, Parking is abundant and the cave(s) are obviously the highlight. You phone camera wont get a good photo, need an SLR to capture what you really see.

Matthew Confeld

The self service campgrounds are a deal at only $18. But more importantly the staff was incredibly accommodating. My wife had a small anxiety attack before entering the cave and staff was kindly able to escort us out and exchange our ticket for a less intimidating tour. The cave was really incredible. I would suggest the fairgrounds tour.

D Johnson

We just did the museum/ visitor center. Tours fill up quick. We would have had to wait for 2 hours to join a tour. I'm sure it would have been 4-5 stars!

james kiefer

Was very informative was a very nice time wish I would have known I can camp there


I love caves, so perhaps I am biased, but this was one of the coolest cave systems I’ve ever been through! Before even entering the cave, your tour guide (and also a park ranger) shares with you the history of the cave. You get to see the largest natural opening of the cave system, and get to learn about the unique, one of a kind, characteristic of the cave. That, you’ll have to learn by visiting. Everything about this visit and experience was superb, I hope to be back someday again!

Dave Dyer

We enjoyed the cave tour a lot. The elevator issues were a little scary but everything was fine.

Bruce Baker

The elevator is down for maintenance so no cave tours. If I would have known that, I wouldn't have driven the 50 miles round trip from the hotel I stayed at. On the bright side it meant more time at Custer State Park.


Great place great staff very interesting

Paul Haushalter

Great place to take the family. The tours are wonderful and park Rangers are very knowledgeable of the caves. The only thing this place is missing is a seating are and a food court. We took the fairgrounds cave tour and took a elevator 30 stories down in 20 seconds. Then explored the cave for about a mile walking up and down 450 stairs. It was not a king fu panda temple stair case. Very manageable for most people.

José Julio Park

The lifter was out of order so the main attraction was unavailable. The rest is quite fine, but when you have visited Yellowstone or Yosemite it is not so impressive

Patrick Tam

Well the wind cave was closed when we went due to elevators being down. However got to look at natural entrance of cave and had a very knowledgeable ranger talk to us about it. He did a good job.

Victoria S.

Wonderful presentation by Ramger but unable to go into cave due to elevator issues. Very disappointing that the main attraction was a no go.

Beth Ann Pillen

It is amazing to think of the miles of caves connected underground. The tours are worth the time and effort.

Teresa Dunnam

One of my favorite places in the country!

Timothy Hineman

It's worth every minute.

Susan Haynes

Watching the prairie dogs play was fun. Disappointment was not seeing elk or other wild animals. Would have given 5 stars but the tour seemed to be pushed along pretty quick. Could hardly get any great pictures.

Skyler Sutherlin

Great park! Awesome to see the cave and also the wildlife (buffalo, bighorns, birds, antelope, etc.) on the land. Just know that the tours of the cave cost a few extra dollars, and are on a first come first serve basis, so you have to show up early to get a spot. The park is located near some cute small towns, the black hills national Forest, and Custer state park, which are all awesome places with seeing as well. Overall great experience, would recommend.

Bryan Wenger

This national park is a special place of quiet beauty and grandeur. To round a corner and view a 2,000 pound bull buffalo poised with massive calm on a prairie knoll against a backdrop of towering groves of ponderosa pines on the surrounding hills is a timeless glimpse of Americana never to be forgotten. Wind Cave itself is one of our nation's historic attractions and is heavily trafficked but it is still well worth seeing (recommend the "Fairgrounds Tour", see the most with the least steps). If you are camping don't miss the highly recommended Elk Mountain Campground.

Kevin Astl

Very nice visitor center, nice rangers. However, the elevators to the caves were not working and they were not allowing ANY tours in the cave - not even using the stairs which they have. That was not cool. And they should clearly mark their website (it was very vague) so that people don't drive hours - as we did - to not get any cave tour. That's the whole purpose of going.

Laurel Radomski

Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, nice hiking trails, well maintained park.


While we didn't actually visit the cave here, this is an excellent area to see bison and prairie dogs. It's lovely park and we enjoyed our time here.

Kelly Blodgett

A must see, we almost skipped it because we had our dog with us but we just set her up in the car and decided to go for it, so glad we did. Very informative tour guide, full of fun facts. I would decide what tour you want to do and buy tickets in advance, we wasted a lot of time because two tours filled up while we were deciding what to do and they are only once an hour.

Todd Cisna

We really enjoyed the drive through, saw bison and thousands of prairie dogs. We didn't go through the cave, so I can't comment on that.

Linda Kelly

The tour and Ranger Justin were both awesome. The 75 minute tour of the cave was fun and informative. Well worth the $12 admission fee.


Established in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt, it was the seventh national park and the first cave to be designated a national park anywhere in the world.This place is very cool and beautiful.The cave is notable for its calcite formations known as boxwork, as well as its frostwork. Approximately 95 percent of the world's discovered boxwork formations are found in Wind Cave. The cave is recognized as the densest cave system in the world, with the greatest passage volume per cubic mile. Wind Cave is one of the longest caves of world with 239 km of explored caves.Above ground, the park includes the largest remaining natural mixed-grass prairie in the United States.I highly recommend to all

Glenn Schwenk

Wind Cave NP plagued by elevator woes. No access to cave. Not expecting to be repaired until October. Pleasant rangers. Prairie Vista trail not clearly marked, if reversing route. Many bison and prairie dogs.

David Cwodzinski

Nice walking trail. Good formations

Dennis Fuerst

Did not have 1 tour available. Poor maintenance I guess.

Bethany B.

This is an awesome ‘MUST SEE’ stop when in the Black Hills! The facility is great and the staff is super friendly! The cave is an amazing experience! We used the 4th Grade ‘Kid in every park’ pass available online and got the whole family in FREE! Great opportunity!!

Michael Hoffman

Sadly, the cave was closed due to elevator repairs. Ranger Nick was helpful and knowledgeable. Above ground, we saw bison, mule deer and prairie dogs. We'll revisit when we can actually see the cave.

Cassandra Lawrence

Wind cave visitor center is great. There is a lot of information there. It was a shame the cave was closed for elevator repair.

James Aderman

Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Interesting site. The rating would have been a 5 if the cave tour was open. It should open by Labor Day.

Joe Kurland

Elevators that provide access to the inside of the cave were not functioning this trip. I don't know what I was expecting when we were offered a tour of the largest natural opening, but I was a bit surprised. The story behind its discovery and the emergence story for the native peoples were engaging. Glad we went to the visitor's center, but I'd have enjoyed it far better were the full tour operational.


We were greeted by bison at the entrance. Great place to check out with the family. We did the 9:30am cave tour which is free with a National Parks pass. We also watched the film and did a little 1 mile hike with the girls. Overall a must see!

Ana A.

The caves were closed on the day we happened in, no tours were available for this reason. The staff however were friendly, informative, and shared interesting facts about the location with us. Stop by if you're in the area.

Jacinta Colombo

The tour in the cave is an hour long. It was great

Dominik Kirchhoff

Sadly the elevator is broken. Couldn't see the caves. But staff was nice anyway.

24 kp

Caves closed due to elevator issue but park was great, lots of bison in the area.

Deron Anderson

Cool park. Elevators were I operable so couldn't get to caves

Michelle Gasca

I'm sure it was beautiful, but was closed for a few weeks due to the elevator not working.. Would of been nice if them to post signs telling us that before entering the park

Bruce Heilbrun

90 minute tour/hike down 300 steps under ground. Elevator back was a lifesaver for some people. Amazing and very cool experience, use the bathroom before the tour. Wear a light jacket.

reece foust

We seen a buffalo here very awesome

Mechelle LaLanne

Although the cave was closed, the rangers work hard to bring a quality experience to the public. The prairie was stunning.

ken smith

This place was very cool... the cave tour is a must!

Michael Gerhold

We did not go into the cave because the elevator was broken. Check before you go

Marie S. O'Connor

We took the afternoon Wild Cave Tour with Adam. The tour was excellent! We saw a lot of neat formations as we climbed and crawled through the cave. Adam was very knowledgeable about the history of the cave and was a great guide!

Charles Burrier

Very interesting. Nice exhibits. Must be real nice in the summer with the cool air coming out.

Matteo Stucchi

Very interesting stop while in the Mount Rushmore area! The volounteers and rangers were very good at their job and even the short and easy Garden of Eden tour is worth a stop!

Michael Tucker

If you are visiting the Black Hills, the cave tour is something you might find interesting. It would not be a "must see". The tour was a walking tour inside the cave. The tour we took lasted about an hour. I think the guide on these trips is important and the one we had seemed to have memorized a script but did not have much independent knowledge. I would say this attraction would be 4th or 5th on the list to see in the Black Hills.

Phil Trivilino

Even though the cave was closed, we had a great time touring the Park roads.

Renee Zeilbeck

Great history and information!

James McIntire

I have been to many caves in the U.S. and this is by far one of the best. Many different types of tours to take and very knowledgeable Rangers for each one. Very educational and a fun experience. The part when you're 150ft down and they shut off the lights was awesome! Hope to be back again.

Nanik Chugani

It was closed during our visit but they tried to accommodate us with other events.

Ben Keller

Above ground some nice rolling hills where bison roam, and we were able to pull up right next to one at a turnout. Inside the cave is quite interesting if you have never been in a cave before, but even regular cave dwellers will probably find this cave intriguing.

cecil ward

Great park service.

Ahava Goldwater

I like this beautiful place, half way between wild and tame. I especially liked seeing a herd of pronghorn antelopes who didn't need to be afraid of onlookers because hunting isn't allowed here.

Chuck Barnhart

Great place to visit.

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