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REVIEWS OF Wall Drug Store IN South Dakota

Paul Baldassarre

This is one of those roadside attraction that's a Must See in my book. The people working there are the best too, quick story; I bought a jar of Pickled Eggs and as I was walking them back to my RV I tripped and face-planted on the street, of course the jar went flying and shattered so after getting up and brushing myself off I went back in to replace them. The lady behind the counter recognized me and said 'oh, you came back for more...'. I said, "'I'm embarrassed to tell you but I fell down and broke the jar you sold me earlier". She said "I'm not going to charge you for these and I hope you're ok". Totally unexpected and I just had to share that story to demonstrate what kind of people work there.

Willy's Performance Cycle Center, Since 1969

Excellent stop while traveling across South Dakota! Great shopping and lots of souvenirs and gift ideas. Usually pretty crowded but exceptionally clean. The restrooms are clean too. Nice folks working here that are helpful. A lot of …

Susan Wynia

First of all , I love the maple glazed donuts at Wall Drug! We always have breakfast there on our trip back to MN and bring some extra donuts for our kids! Last Saturday we stopped there and I bought a mug and some jam for a friend’s birthday. I absentmindedly left it sitting on a bench. I knew it was a long shot , but I called Wall Drug and they went the extra mile to watch for it and when it was actually turned in, they mailed it to me! Kudos to Wall Drug!! Thank you for your great customer service!

Aradhana Dalai

Recently visited this place during a trip. We were lucky to stop by this place that sells coffee at 5 cents!! Yes, 5 cents and unlimited refills. They have a range of stores selling unique antiques, traditional and handcrafted artifacts, a pharmacy and souvenirs. The cafe serves a breakfast buffet with other options as well. It is positively surprising to know that a place like this still exists which is not all about making money but wants to truly serve its customers. This place is going to make one content and happy that may be a fine dine dine restaurant cannot provide.

Liz Savery

Is this a tourist trap? Hell, yes, it is. Are you going to stop in if you're in the neighborhood? Hell, yes, you are, you practically don't have a choice. A destination in itself thanks to the iconic bumper stickers, this is a huge gift shop (or, collection of shops) where you can get anything from souvenirs to candy and ice cream. The people that work there are very nice and prices aren't too bad, considering the location. The restrooms are very clean and plentiful.

Wandern Leo

Is it a tourist trap? Is it worth the visit? YES!!! Absolutely. Didn’t know about this place in advance, but we’ve been seeing the advertisements along I-90 for at least 100 miles in advance so we decided to stop there. The place is worth a trip in itself. Pretty sure there is nothing you wouldn’t be able to bug there. Very entertaining.

Mazen Aladwan

Very nice place we visited while we were driving from NY to WA. They used to give the ICE for free, and the coffee for 1 cent. Yes, 1 cent. You can stop for lunch and refreshments. Very nice place with lots of things to do and remember.

Jay Teague

This is a glorious tourist trap you have to experience just to see why within a 500 mile radius you see their signage. ‘SEE WALL DRUG”. its funny and ridiculous all at once. Walk the store and get lost immediately. It’s like somehow spirit of 1850’s snake oil charmers created the place. Worth at least one or 2 stops in your life. Good times.

Grace Ramey

It is decent place to stretch your legs and grab some food, however, the ice cream was nothing special and food was mediocre. It is definitely a "tourist trap" but that's to be expected. I didn't give it a negative review because nothing was bad, there was just nothing great about it either. If you are looking for a place to stop, walk around, let the kids stretch their legs, then this is fine for that.

Jrod K

The place that put Wall on the map so to speak. Wall drug is a definitely must stop experience! It has fun things for kids of all ages and a plethora of gift shops and activities! If it's a really hot day there is a splash pad of sorts in the backyard! Kids will love running around either avoiding or jumping on jets of refreshing water. And as always there is an ice cold water station nearby:)

Kayla Kennedy

Such a cute little shopping area! So much cool stuff to look at. Even though there were tons of people there, it wasn't crowded. Cool little place to visit.

Asante Galambos

I love this place. It is a must see on your way through South Dekota, they offer plenty of services and nice staff. They will always offer free ice to anyone that stops on by.

H. T. Scaccetti

South Carolina has South Of The Border...South Dakota has Wall Drug Store. Both are gigantic tourist traps that lure you to them with mile after mile of billboards advertising anything and everything trying to get you to buy something you didn't know you needed. It's an interesting enough place to stop and see one time just to say you were there but that's about it.

jeff venable

Definitely a tourist trap, but sometimes you need that. Homemade donuts. Home made pies, ice cream, you name it. Lots of stuff to take home. Great boot store too! Now the old pictures are amazing. If you don’t have kids with you spend an hour. Well worth it. They have lots of photo sets and water area for the kids. They even sell some film cameras

Sarah Wenthold

This popular tourist attraction does not disappoint. We eat yummy buffalo burgers and took in do you experience.


Loved this place. A must stop in my opinion. Amazing coffee at 5 cents is still happening. Wild west at its best.

Scott Hiland

This is an iconic South Dakota tourist trap. Visit, take pictures on the Jackalope and the bucking horse, have some nickel coffee and excellent homemade donuts. The prices are reasonable, the food is good, the staff are friendly, and while …

Lonnie Perry

A nice place to stop when travelling through the area. We stopped to eat and see the facility. The donuts (homemade) were delicious. The coffee was good. Everyone we spoke with was very kind and helpful. It was crowded, but we did not …

Maria Jenkins

Just a tourist trap. Food is out of a can not very good. Very poor quality. High price. Decaf comes in an instant packet, not brewed. Gravy is made with water not milk. Sausage was undefinable.

Liza Timmers

It’s a tourist trap but fun none the less. Lots of shops and food. Crazy amount of people stop here. It’s pretty much a must do at least once just to say you went, lol.

Wade Christiansen

If you're not from here, or South Dakota, then there is much to see. I had to come and see and that was enough. If you like wall to wall foreign stuff to spend your money on, then this is for you. Please don't get me wrong. There is history in Wall Drug and some interesting things to capture your attention for a time, but for me, once is enough

Kelly LeRoy

Had a cute old west vibe. Google said that they close at 6pm but more than half the store closes at 5pm leaving just the tourist junk available. We didn’t get to see half the stuff on the signs

Richard Higgins

Had lunch at Wall Drug cafeteria. Ordered the roast beef dinner and a doughnut. The meal was good and filling. Nothing overboard, just plain comfort food. The doughnut was ok at best. We were leaving as a horde of tourists from a bus, clogged the entry and exit of the cafeteria.

renee yeatman

The ART people, the art! I happened upon Wall Drug on a cross country trip in 2014 and was absolutely blown away by the collection of original western oil paintings. I'm on another cross country trip right now and I deliberately planned the route to stop at Wall Drug later today just to spend a couple of hours drinking in the beautiful art displayed. Thank you Wall Drug.

Todd Shiber

I have now dug Wall Drug. Was a great place to stop for gas on my way through. I bought a bag of kettle corn. I enjoyed that bag of kettle corn all the way to my destination and beyond. I will go back if my travels permit.

Eric Ruppel

Everything you ever wanted in a weird tourist trap. Café has solid food for reasonable prices. If you've ever had trouble finding your name on a coffee mug, you need to head here.

Paul Sonnabend

Visited here when I was 12 years old. Was a lot of fun and unusual. I really don't remember that much since I'm now 73. Might have to take a road trip see if it's changed at all. I do remember seeing signs all over Minnesota saying how far it was the walls drug store.

Lenn Heighes

This is a great place. Good food, fun place with lots to explore. The Art is incredible

Tina Olszewski

Great place to stop. Lots of fun things to see and do. Many shops with everything you can imagine. The restaurant was nice and the food was good. They also have a bakery, ice cream shop, candy and more. Kids will really enjoy Wall Drug. There are lots of photo opportunities so take your camera. Some e parts of the attractions are outside so dress appropriately.

Patti Mintun

Stopped early on a Sunday morning after seeing all the signs on the freeway. Was not disappointed T all...very kitschy, touristy, but NOT A SURPRISE! People were very friendly and helpful. Donuts were great. Definitely worth the stop!

Karla Wood

Bought $200 worth of books from bookstore alone in less than 15 minutes of arrival!!! Loved this stop along the way.....had my free water.....and stayed for lunch. The art was awesome. Truly something for everyone. Well done. Well done.

M Trower

This review is strictly on the DELICIOUS homemade donuts they make and sell. If you are looking for a nice perfectly fried home made donut stop here. The frosting puts the cherry on top. The donuts have a slight sugar coating on the outside and make every bite worth the diabetes you'll probably get.

Elaine's Gospel music Jacobs

Best little store, has alot of near cool stuff..A must see if your in this town!

eric weiser

VERY cool place! Plan on spending couple hours here. DON'T MISS! Lots to see. Kid friendly. Nice cafe/restaurant.

Nadia P

This is an interesting place. Lots and lots of shopping opportunities from native American jewelry to Western apparel and everything in between. Tons of souvenirs. They also have a cafe, but the food was just ok.

Tigershark HD

Probably the best tourist attraction around because the people are nice there is a Ton of unique stuff and I bought a blanket and it is my new favorite one because of the wolf on it. The surrounding areas are awesome especially the black hills it is a great place and nearby places breathtaking. It is one of the coolest places I have ever been and would recommend this place to everybody at least one time in their life

Rick Chambers

This was an awesome stop during our long drive. Learning about the history and seeing the old photos (so many photos) could have kept us there all day.

Marci Glines

Fun place to stop on the way to the Black Hills! Lots to see and do. Bathrooms could be alittle cleaner but other than that great place to visit!

Kristi Newcomb

I love to shop! It's just fun looking for something different. I found cool books and some really good lotion. But really believe the other reviews about the food. Restaurants look dirty and the food is horrendous and way overpriced.

Chelsea Wright

Despite the fact that there were tons of people there we were able to get ice cream and the service was impressively fast. The ice cream was very good! I don’t know that I would want to return though just because of how crowded it was. They definitely do a good job of advertising!!

Jake Reinders

A great place to stop and stretch your legs after a long drive. The donuts are a must, they are very delicious.

Greg Thompson

Fun place to visit. Lots of history and amazing stories

Jayne Hope

A bit cheesy. It was okay. It was a place our friends wanted to stop off the interstate for breakfast. Breakfast was good and not too expensive however other items I may have been interested in purchasing were expensive.

Paolo Testi

The donuts were so good we stayed the night so we could have another in the morning. Bloody great. Thanks for an excellent stopover!

Tony C

Interesting back story but really not worth a stop unless you are in the neighborhood

Cindy Larson

Cafe review too pricey..for ordinary.. ordinary.. plain food. Unfortunately we went there when, there was a crowd. A old man behind me all but push me to get to the ketchup. The counter person, impatience. Workers clearing tables, hard working pleasant. ...the soda was perfect.

Emily Earl

This place is like home. I’m from Nebraska. My family growing up have taken trips down to Rapid City and Custer area, and always stopped at Wall Drug Store as tradition. Every time I’ve come back it’s like we never left. I always can’t wait to go back. It’s tradition to have either lunch or dinner there. Always wait for the T-Rex to go off. And of course drink their water. Take a picture on the Jack Rabbit. There’s so many precious family memories. Even with my grandparents who aren’t with us anymore (past away 2001,2007) My boyfriend and I will be up there in a couple weeks and I’m so excited to start this tradition with him too.


This is a destination, whether you live in the area or are just passing by. Looking like an old Wild West town, Wall Drug plaza has plenty to see. The ice cream shop usually has a line, so please be patient. There are places to eat or snacks to buy. There are a lot of souvenir shops to explore, and lots of unique items to buy. There's plenty of parking, if you don't mind a short walk. Lots of friendly tourists flock here on their trip to Mount Rushmore, so you'll see plenty of out of state license plates

Abby Staggers

Love the home made ice cream!

Monica Rotondo

Very interesting Place. Few stores a restaurant, easily 1 to 2 hours for sight seeing and eating. All the store and service people very super nice friendly and polite Would go once to see it but not a 2nd time.

Rachel Foster

Had a very nice time spending the afternoon wandering around with my family.

Mark Hamburg

A fun place to visit. Free ice water and excellent ice cream.

Graham W

From hundreds of miles away on I-90 (either direction) signs warn you about Wall Drug. Ya, it's overrated a bit but on our motorcycle trips, I wouldn't dream of NOT stopping and having breakfast there and picking up souvenirs. The whole town of Wall is worth stopping in and touring - especially if you're on a bike.

Jessica Shepherd

The coolest tourist shop and beyond. Has such a amazing story to how it came about and is still going today.A must see if your driving through this cute little town! So many different things!!

Theresa Krol

You can’t miss this place! It’s a destination in itself! Many rooms with themes. The best souvenirs in the badlands area. The food is great too. I had a bison hotdog and it was delicious. Make sure you get a photo with the jackalope!

Kathy Mills

Some might even say it’s a tourists trap, they would be the ones that didn’t take time to look at the walls. Art worth millions. Take time to enjoy the historic photos in the back alley. This is so much more than a tourist place. Did I mention best donuts in the world? No? Well, there you have it!

William Whitehead

You'll see the billboards before you even see this review. Seriously, those things span for hundreds of miles on either side of Wall Drug. It's the classic tourist trap. Homemade donuts were delicious, but most of the other food seemed very cafeteria-like and generic. The gift shops sell anything and everything, and for the number of people packed into the place it seemed like one or two extra sets of bathrooms would have gone a long way. Case in point - none of the other businesses around Wall Drug even *have* public restrooms, and just direct you back to Wall Drug. This place manages the public restroom needs of an entire block. Wall Drug was a fun place to visit, but also came off very kitschy and overhyped. Interesting for a visit, but I wouldn't go back if I were in the area again.

holly murtha

Stopped on the way back to ny. Treated my husband with the best strawberry ice cream cone...(his words) lots of stuff to look at and the food smelled yummy! I’m sure I’ll stop next time I drive out west.

mahathi ramya A

Very nice place to go with kids. The backyard that they recently opened is great. Dinosaur exhibit, splash pad, homemade ice cream,, gift shops, western theme are good.

Paige Bartley

I love this place. Is it a tourist trap? Yes. Is it corny and the dumbest place I've ever been? Also yes. Do I want to go there from Wisconsin a 7th time?? You got it. It's stupid and corny and it's perfect. Food is cheap and so good. Get the pecan rolls, they taste so good and are affordable

Rick Hollebeke

OMG who would have known that a simple drug store would turn into the most awesome and amazing drug store in the world. This hidden gem is a must stop to enjoy shopping and eating all in one building. Please stop on by. Don't pass this one up at all

Carson S Miller

Possibly the best tourist trap on the planet. Really, if traveling on I90 it is a must stop. Food is good. Plenty of unique shopping experiences. Tons of photo ops. Something for everyone!

Opassa Travels

I was driving along the interstate headed to Badlands National Park, and I kept seeing sign after sign for Wall Drug. I told myself I wasn't going to stop, but I ended saying "why not" and stopping by. WOW! I could spend all day here! What an AWESOME place with tons of even more awesome places within walking distance. Next time I come to Rapid City area, I am definitely spending at least a day here. I LOVE THIS PLACE! You cannot skip Wall Drug!

A Watton

Wall Drug was the perfect stopover going to Sturgis just to get that exciting old town feel. Lots of great shopping and the food was excellent. We had roast beef and tators with green beans. Although I would suggest fresh green beans over canned. But loved the place, so was just fine anyway.

Jude Fernando

A good quick stop for a few photos. Definitely a tourist trap but worth the stop for some quick photos and quick food.

Adam Hough

The epitome of "tourist trap", Wall Drug is an essential stop as you journey in either direction in South Dakota. The kids will love the toys, there are plenty of items for adults from books, to western wear, to snacks, and any drug store essentials you may need. You can also get food here although it feels like cafeteria style food for sit-down restaurant prices. My absolute favorite thing at WallDrug is their maple donuts. They are pricey, ringing in at about $1.50-$2.00. You get a small discount for multiple donuts with half dozens and full dozens but not much. Make sure you try at least one before leaving. They DO have free ice water and 5 cent coffee but the coffee is small cups and you need to pay a nickel for each refill. Not a big deal, but be aware. Also, they advertise "FREE DONUTS FOR VETERANS" but that means a free plain donut. I'm not a veteran but my brother and father are and it seemed cheap to me not to give a free donut of choice to veterans. In other words, if you are a veteran and request a free maple or chocolate donut, you'll be told no and handed a plain donut. All in all, stop here!

Mark Fechter

Very cool place to stop when driving across the country. Yes they have free water and 5 cent coffee! Also a bunch of food and attractions. Definetly a tourist trap but well worth the stop.


My family loved it! It is so worth the stop. We saw plenty of signs along the way and we figured why not. You can easily spend a day here and there is something for everyone. Thank you for an unexpected and fun family experience we will never forget .

Spearfish,SD Local

Tourist trap from hell , don't reccomened, also seems disrespectful to indigenous tribes

Dart Mall

Wall Drug is a nice place to stop after a long drive across the great state of South Dakota. Free ice water and it's delicious fill up a jug before you leave! Food is delicious and the doughnuts(coffee is cheap too) are to die for made fresh all day. Plenty of things to look at and buy. Been visiting this place since I was a kid.

Dieter Galambos

Had a great time there. The food was reasonably priced and only took a few minutes to get. And was very good. I had the chicken bacon ranch sandwich with fries, and a homemade cherry pie.

Suzanne Roquemore

Better souvenir process than anywhere else we've stopped (black hills to Yellowstone). We parked from abbott midnight on in the paved lot to the west and moved to the marked rv spots to the west-north. There are signs stating no camping …

Stephen Smith

Cool store...or western town mall. Lots of cool old western artwork and photographs, souvenirs, etc. A bit of a tourist trap, as top be expected, but a fun experience nonetheless.

Mike Holien

Are you in the middle of nowhere and need a place to entertain the kids and get some free water? Wall Drug is for you then. All though the whole place is a tourist trap, it is fun to look around and take in what is there. The old animatronic quarter machines are iconic and the staff is very friendly. All in all I recommend hitting the Wall Drug if only to say you've been there. "We're the heck is Wall Drug?"

Kaitlynn Butterfield

Best place to stop as a pit stop for a family vacation! Also, they have the best buffalo burgers I’ve ever had! Totally recommend this wonderful place! Definitely has an old Western vibe to it!!

Jeremy Zorkocy

What a fun place, I only had time for about an hour there but could have spent about 4 hours there. Also had lunch there and it was great.

Trapper Ramsey

...very interesting place. Wish we could have stayed longer but stopped real quick on our way home from vacation. I would have to say, smashed all into one area are many cool stores. TONS of neat things to buy. I'd definitely advise anybody to take a peek into Wall SD if they have never been there!!

Dennis Pattinson

Just leaving Wall Drug. I generally love all things in the ilk of Wall Drug, but I was disappointed in this visit. The number one reason is because no where did I see that taking your picture on the Jackalope was either season or weather dependent. A snow storm swept through yesterday, so we came today, Monday Oct. 21. It was windy and chilly, but no rain and no snow. The backyard area was closed. We came for the Jackalope and we got no Jackalope.

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