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Rim Rd, Wall, SD 57790, United States

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Where is Roberts Prairie Dog Town?

REVIEWS OF Roberts Prairie Dog Town IN South Dakota

Victor Batiz

C and M A

Great spot to see prairie dogs up close. While we were there, we saw dozens of prairie dogs with their babies. Just be careful as you drive in the area, as they aren't afraid to go out in the street! Have your camera ready, as it is a great photo opportunity.


This was a great little pit stop tourist attraction. If you’re going to be in the area anyway, I’d stop by. It’s not what you expect and you won’t leave disappointed.

John Abbott

Great up close experience with the prairie dogs.

nick zembrzuski

Charles Gabel


Greg Parsoms

Prairie dogs

James Connelly

It's a large field full of prairie dogs. What else can I say.

Daryl Cook

Just awesome to watch those varmints! Pretty friendly and seem to enjoy the attention. Photogenic as well. Worth the drive.

Thomas Sheffer

So worth it! Don’t feed the prairie dogs. And wear bug spray!

Dave Van Sickle

Julie Bauman

Loved everything about RPDT! The prairie dogs are super photogenic and watching them is just so fun. Be sure to get out of your car and get closer to the dens. Buffalo were close when we were there- bonus!

Jaime Candler

Quick unexpected stop here was worth it!

Paul Hebner

On our visit the prairie dogs were much less fearful of humans than those in Custer State Park. We got some good video of them foraging.

John Grove

Roberts Prairie Dog Town is 5 miles down a dirt road that's very rough but well worth the trip. The Prairie Dogs seem to have no fear of people and are all over. If you want some good Prairie Dog photos or just want to relax and watch them for awhile, it's worth your time.

Paula Johns

Spent some time hiking here, glad the recent snowfall drove the rattlesnakes to higher grounds. Such a beautiful and spiritual place to be.


Tayler Hill

This is worth the drive on the dirt road! The prairie dogs were so cute and there were >100 of them! It looked like there were adolescents playing when we visited in late August. Also on the drive to the prairie dog town, we saw 2 bighorn sheep and a bison (e didn't see any on the main, paved park roads). We took the dirt road in a sedan car with no problems.

Anto Shibu

Really great. The prairie dogs were active and fun to see interacting. We could even see buffalo in the distance, would definitely recommend.

Angie Martin

David Dusenbery

Scott Schaub

Great place to stop and visit.

Ruth Cheney

So fun. You can walk right up to the praire dogs and there were buffalo roaming in the background.

Mark G

Marie Webb

Judy Hicks

The prairie dogs are so cute. Everyone needs to see them.

Dan Vincent

Just plain fun. A must if you're nearby. You may also see some bison nearby. Be sure to bring a bag of peanuts.

Bob Zoeller

Great family outing

Beast killer2353

Awesome love it the pierre dogs let you feed them.

Hanoch Raviv

We spend 30 minutes chasing those little cute animals to pop in and out of their holes...

Gillian Holder

Absolutely Fabulous.

Frédéric UGUET

Kate Oneill

I fell in love with prairie dogs, the meerkats of North America.

Josh Marggraf

Can't you people read. DON'T FEES THE WILD LIFE!!! Also who let's their kid kick dirt down into the prairie dog holes and giggles about it. Would have been really cool if not for the ignorant people.

Martin Cline

On the northwest portion of the park, this town sits north of the gravel road. There is a pull off for your vehicle - be nice and park in an organized manner. Once you have exited your vehicle, turn it off, stand still, and let the citizens re-emerge to do their thing. The kids will be kids and romp and play. The moms will be moms and scowl at visitors. If you step off the parking pull off, the moms and dads will get upset and bark at you. Soon the whole town will be barking! If you stroll through town the citizen will dive back into their homes. Somehow they will know when you have moved on and re-emerge. When I was there, I got into an argument with the mayor about being kinder to visitors. He was resolute: hairless monkeys are simply not welcome. So, if you go, be kind and show the citizens that visitors are no reason to be mean.

Aninditta Rao

This is an area in Badlands National Park that is accessible by a well maintained gravel road(Sage Creek Rd). It is home to hundreds of prairie dogs. We also saw burrowing owl, Wild turkey, bison and pronghorn deer. Spectacular vistas.

Chuck Benson

My favorite place

Lisa Moore

John Salmon

This is mostly for the kids. I was raised to despise these little vermin with an award of some money given for every tail one brings back to the land owner. If that deal was still active this would be the place to make a salary! The kids were able to approach them really close and although my kids didn't have dollar signs in their eyes the potential didn't escape me...

Jim Fijacko

Sara Murzyn

Didn't see any at 5pm. 7 am they were active.

Nicole Fratrik

The prairie dogs at devil's tower are better

Ed Lyons

Awesome place everyone who enjoys nature & wildlife should experience!

Wesley Caloia

Tim Cromwell

Colette Ford

This is a fun place to drive through to see all the prairie dogs

Dave Sadonius

Richard Hill

Fun to watch

Ann Rennier

Cute little guys!

Phil Spence

A definite must see when visiting the garlands. But please don't feed them as some folks were doing, even after I told them it was wrong and harmful to any wild animal to feed them.

Steve Showalter

Don't forget to bring cheerios for the prairie dogs. Some will eat right out of your hand, most are a little skittish. It was interesting watching the different personalities. I suppose the sign that says the prairie dogs carry plague is intended to keep people from getting too friendly but Purell afterwards just to be safe.

Michalyn Sturgeon

loved all the prairie dogs and buffalo.

Renee Draheim

Bryan Habeck

See prairie dogs up close.

T.J. DeBolt

Danielle Frazier

They were adorable! Cute place!

Jack Grissom

Angie Harig

Cute little place to see some prarie dogs

Chelle B

Loved this place! Definitely a must do when you're out in the area! Quick stop, fun for all ages!!!

Joshua Howard

Hideaki Kawachi

Enjoy prairie dogs.

Adria Keuning

I was disappointed that there was no Roger, but did get fairly close to video some prairie dogs.

Noah Hampl

Diane Pavlovich

Charley Nye

Dan Freund

Danielle Carlson

Can't see prarie dogs when idiot tourists are crowded over each hole. Move ahead or just before the town and you will see prarie dogs acting naturally.


Denise Malcher

Avery Hanken

Fun to watch them run around, very cool

Kat n Dog named Thirsty

I just love these little guys...if you forgot to bring peanuts to feed them, just buy them in the gift shop. If you're planning on coming, bring your own unsalted peanuts, it'll be cheaper.

Nico Klassen

(Translated by Google) Great and very fun (Original) Klasse und sehr spaßig

Alex Pellegrineschi

This place is halfway on the road to sage Creek campground. The prairie dogs seem not to pay pay too much attention to humans and you can take nice photos. The impressive things is that you can see their burrows all over the plateau.

Johnathan TePaske

They're adorable.

Free man

Worth every minute you spend there - my kids and wife loved it and we'll never forget the fun. Went in June 2017 - just awesome!!! One of those unexpected vacation stops that was just great.

A palandri

Fun to see little prairie dogs

Cheri Pittman

Chris N

SK Dymmel

Prairie dogs everywhere! And they are very willing to pose for photos.

Dani Hoep

I love this little animals. There are so many in this area. You have to make a stop and watch them for a while.

Sabrina Mueller

Ron Plasse

Very interesting.

The Unicorn Named Stitch

MIchael Sacco

OH, yes they're here. just park and don't make too much noise and they'll be prairie dogs everywhere!

Ameet Kamath

jacquie white

This place was ok. But with it being so far off the main road, we weren’t excited about. Especially after we had just seen a huge colony of prairie dogs from the main road who were more active then these guys! And it would of saved us sooo much drive time!

Promod Sharma

The prairie dogs are fun to watch! Once you know what they are, you'll notice them in other places and states. Some tourists got too close --- even though they had telephoto lens. The prairie dogs are more active and comfortable when you give them space and wait patiently. They seem to be out all day.

Kevin Astl

Kelly Blodgett

They were everywhere, and babies! A must see!

Amundsen Scott

Fun spot, it is away from town a bit.....but definitely full of prairie dogs! We had some goldfish crackers and the dogs loved them. They are entertaining and seem to enjoy interacting with the crowds.

Harrison Keely

Scott Candler

Robert Mueller

(Translated by Google) You have to follow the loop in the Badland National Park to the unpaved part, from there it is only a few miles and you reach this place; Here you can watch the prairie dogs with a little patience wonderful. It is worth it in any case, because sometimes you can see bison. (Original) Man muss den Loop im Badland Nationalpark bis zum unbefestigten Teil folgen, von dort sind es nur noch wenige Meilen und man erreicht diesen Ort; hier kann man die Präriehunde mit ein wenig Geduld wunderbar beobachten. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, denn teilweise sieht man auch Bison.

Wayne Hulshof

Elodie Maricot

Sascha Weyer

Maggie Momeyer

It is just a stop and viewing area along the route. Not what I thought it would be

Jonathan Ostrow

This is a must see int the park for all.

Ashley Nebel

Stephen Smith

Cool stop along the rim of the badlands area! Tons of prairie dogs that are quite sociable.

Lia Morris

This is absolutely a must visit location! This place is crawling with cute little prairie dogs! There are tons of them and they will just sit there for hours watching you! At times they may even come up close to you

JM Rowe

Awesome. You can actually get very close to the Prairie Dogs. Worth going.

Rodney Rahl

So much fun.

Megan Kelly

super convinient for park goers. prarie dogs arent shy and are very noisy so its very nice!

sagar kane

Alan Weissman

Love nature

K Adelmann

Loved it! These little creatures are more fun than you can imagine. Bring binoculars and get a close up view of these clowns of the prairie.

Mirosław Siemieniuk

Very intersting place for someone (from Europe) who never saw praire dogs. Here I've seen them for the first time in my life + fed them with peanuts bought at this store. I do recommend coming here.

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