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REVIEWS OF Reptile Gardens IN South Dakota

Maeve Horn

Excellent adventure for all ages! The giant tortoises were so adorable and sweet. The amount of flowers was incredible and so colorful. It was a bit pricey for entrance admissions, but was 100% worth it. The leader of the snake show was very funny and the snake show was overall interesting. A fantastic experience!

marina price

Worth it! Was clean and had neat shows and exhibits. If you have a turtle or tortoise lover take them! You can pet a giant tortoises!

Milkami Tisane

Felt sad to see animals shoved into cages too small for them with too many other reptiles. Only the prairie dogs and tortoises outdoors seemed somewhat happy. Would like to see larger tanks for these animals because it was obvious these animals were not happy as they were so cramped... Hope to see this change because quality should come before quantity. I also could've sworn I saw an underweight bearded dragon and the geckos in the dome could easily be stepped on and killed. Please be more mindful of the animals rather than the entertainment of children who don't understand that their conditions are poor. These are living creatures. Not statues for putting on display. I came to see a zoo. Not a Petco. - sincerely, a reptile owner.

Tim Balderrama

Awesome place to spend a half day with the kids! We really enjoyed the seeing the giant tortoise! Kids enjoyed seeing all of the exotic animals and the snake show. Overall a great visit.

Chad Reickard

Neat little reptile "zoo". Has some history worth learning about. The cost is a little high (would be better if they had a family rate, we had 2A, 4C and it was over $80). But, for the price of admission, you get a bird show, a snake show, & an alligator show. Those were neat - I would highly recommend. Then you can walk around & see the other animals and displays. Make sure to visit the prairie dogs - they are so cute. The snake dome is neat too. The gift shop is HUGE! We came back another day and slipped into the gift shop to do some more shopping. I would recommend this during your vacation. Only takes about 2-3 hours (1/2 day).

0's Geckos

Reptile gardens was very fun for the entire family. They had great interactive games and the animals look well taken care of. Although the amount of venomous snakes was a bit much. I wanted to see some plain old noodles as well.

Emily Walker

Very neat place. They have very nice and informative staff. There are 3 different shows, the bird show, the snakes, and the alligator show. They have several times each day for the shows. There is a prairie dog exhibit, tortoises, as well as a dome that hosts many reptiles, including their massive alligator, as well as some different birds.


A little expensive but it was superbly maintained. The gardens are incredible. We watched the alligator show and it was very entertaining. Kids liked the sand box. The tortoises are sooo neat!

Mike Molettiere

Absolutely amazing place! The shows are very well done and the diversity of the animals is incredible. An awesome place for kids!

Tim M

Great shows that happen every half hour. Staff is very helpful and friendly. One of the best attractions for families in the area.

Silver Snow

Amazing place! A bit spendy but worth it. They have showings for their gators, birds, and snakes, and places to see prairie dogs and giant tortoises outside. Their snakes are impressive, never seen so many hard-to-get snakes in one place. Animals from all over the world! Gift shop is fun as well with quirky buys at reasonable prices. Definitely recommend the stop!


Beautiful gardens and LOTS of reptiles, birds, tortoise, and more. Much nicer (although not bigger) than any zoo I've ever been in

Amy Moya Rivera

Had such a great time here. Loved all the shows and the indoor garden was beautiful.

Becky Archer

Make sure to go in the morning to catch all of the live shows. Otherwise wonderful place. Staff was very helpful and very friendly!

Aimee Bijeau

The best place for reptiles I have seen so far! The staff is super friendly and approachable and willing to answer questions to help you learn. Very reasonably priced! Make sure you check out the shows!

Lutic Maria

We saw the sign and just decided to stop by, and we didn’t regret! It was the best reptile garden I’ve been so far! And the gift shop it’s not like in all the places , it’s different and we really loved the experience

Tyler Howard

I could write pages about how amazing this place is and after buying my pass once it's good for the rest of the season!! Definitely coming back!

Sanford Ader

Great place for kids and adults alike. When you buy a ticket you get a season pass

tiffany mbaluka

For the price, it isn't worth it. Its overpriced. Only spent about hour and saw everything. The alligator show was the only interesting part. The staff were nice. Restroom women restroom only had cold water.

Gantulga Gankhuyag

I had so much fun time in here. Great atmosphere with cool animals to see. Also they got snakes. I mean really big one.

jonathan ruiz

Ok... This place rocks! Very clean and friendly staff, relatively cheap entry fee. Couldn't have asked for more! Keep up the good work folks, our family loves it.

Amanda Hopsecker

Great staff. Great shows. We spent lots of time, and really enjoyed everything.

Brittney Townsend

Awesome animal attraction nestled right here in SD! Entertaining for all ages. Lots of child-oriented areas where they can: pet giant tortoises, play games, watch live shows (alligator, snake, & bird), walk-thru exhibits, and a great gift shop. Coolest feature is you can come for a second day - free of charge - as long as you keep your receipt.

Barbara Kay

Young or old....great place to visit. Beautiful gardens. Nice shows. Friendly stafg

Paul Klopp

This place is wonderful. Has something for everyone. Flowers everywhere, and a beautiful indoor flower display filled with orchids. The entire facility is impeccably maintained, the bird, crocodile, and snake shows were interesting and informative. Im glad my wife talked me into going. Friendly, helpful staff everywhere to answer questions or take your picture. Plan on about 4 hours. Well worth admission price. Food sales and giant gift shop too.

Emi Antoinette

This place is amazing! Madeline took our picture and was very upbeat and informative.

Jennifer V-C

If you like reptiles, this is a great family outing, worth the money and time. Be sure to see the giant tortoises and the shows. They have exotic birds and a nice gift too.

Sarah Wenthold

We love Reptile Gardrns. The animals were roaming safely in a natural environment. The employees were friendly and helpful. Chase put on an amazing alligator and snake show.

Wolf izz

Alligator shows, snake shows, and bird shows are really worth the money! Animals are well taken care of and handled gently during the shows. One of the highlights was the absolutely MASSIVE alligator (“Maniac”) they have on display. The only downside was the fact dogs were allowed to roam the area without restrictions, and their loud barking and overall presence scared some of the animals (namely the prairie dogs, which quickly scuttled back into their tunnels.) P.S. Bring some extra money for the extensive gift shop

Mary Williams

Pleasantly surprised!!! I never expected to find a clean, respectful, well maintained animal exhibit in the middle of South Dakota (no offense). This place puts most zoos to shame! It is truly about the animals and the education with them, not a “tourist trap.” Worth the money and the time!!! Would absolutely go back.

Sheena Revell

Enjoyed the birds of prey show followed by the snake show, perfect for the cold wet day we visited.

Donovan Tucker

Really good shows. Lots of cool animals to see. Best part of our South Dakota trip


Was great. Cost $14 per adult

Nyssa Nabi

Reptile gardens is a beautiful zoo filled with reptiles and many other small creatures. The rock features around the park add to the beauty of the experience.

David Hudacek

Huge collection of snakes. My 8 year old son and I loved it. Wife and daughter sat this one out. The snake, alligator and bird shows were also well done.

Rachael Scott

This beautiful place exceeded our expectations! The gator show was awesome, the flowers and beautifully kept grounds were lovely! We had so much fun w the huge tortoises! And the prairie dogs were the cutest thing ever! If we're ever back in SD, we'll visit again.

Derek Scranton

Giant tortoises that you can hangout with and touch...Bucket list item officially checked! The presentations made by experts in various areas of the park were interesting and concise! The entire staff was friendly too! Worth the stop!

John Guertin

Such a great place to visit for all ages. You will learn a lot reading about the different animals. Make sure to check out the snake and bird show!

Mykal Barker

The staff was very friendly and even explained what we were looking at! We saw the alligator wrestling show and it was phenomenal! The man doing the show was serious and also cracked a few jokes! I will say this is a must stop place.

Mark Riddle

Super experience for the family! The show's are entertaining and educational all at once. Plan to spend a few hours to see everything. They allow leased dogs. You can touch the big turtles and a few other animals at the shows. They have a bald eagle on display which is really rare.

Peyton Borcher

This place is amazing! I had so much fun! The shows are incredible and the staff is friendly! I got to hold a baby croc and I got to touch a big snake! They have everything there! This place was my favorite place to visit in South Dakota! Great job Reptile Gardens!

Clayton Folk

Great bird and snake shows. Great place for kids

Kirk Nielsen

This is our nee favorite destination close to Grand Junction. The people are the best. The gardens, reptiles, and birds are fantastic.

Mindy Reese

Kids loved this. We saw both the bird and snake show. The staff was great and made it fun and entertaining

Joshua McKinley

This place was awesome! I highly recommend seeing all 3 of the shows (alligator, birds of prey, and snake show). Logan was awesome as he conducted the alligator show and the snake show. I think he sounded kinda like Garfield which added to the humor when he was talking about the gators feeding. My kids loved petting the tortoises. The staff was incredibly nice. We talked to the guy in the tortoise area for a little while. We were the only people in there so we weren't holding up any lines. This place had possibly the best gift shop I've ever seen. Of course I love rocks and fossils so it was right up my alley. I highly recommend going later in the day. The crowd was clearing out as we got there. It was really nice. Wouldn't mind going back. It's a must see if you're in the area.

Jamie Milheiser

My family and I had an amazing time here. Do not miss the Alligator show with I believe his name was TY. I could be wrong. He likes the vikings and made fun of packers, aside from that however, it was really awesome

Tatiana Zentner

First off they are dog friendly. We were able to walk through with mine on a leash. There are many interesting exhibits. Several free (with price of admission) snake and bird shows during the day. Good for all ages. It is noisy inside so if your dog is sensitive, be aware. Mine jumped several times when the birds squawked, she also wasn't to sure if the big tortoises. Went during October so there weren't many tourists around. I would suspect that it gets very crowded in the summer. Price is reasonable. Would visit again.

Wade Nielsen

It has been a long time since I was there. About 35 years ago. It was nice to come back.

Hailey Gould

Amazing! My daughter & I both had the time of our lives. Hands down the coolest experience we had in SD.

Daniele Moffat

Fun, but expensive. It cost 3 of us (all adults) $48. A bit expensive, but they did have unique experiences like getting to be up close with giant turtles. We got their too late to see any of the shows, so can't rate. Lots of snakes, but safely in glass cages. Very interesting, but expensive.

Kristina Whiteley

This place is amazing! Every one of the staff was super nice. I loved the Gators! They had to have been my favorite. They have gator wrestling! The tortoise petting was super cool, too...I'd never been able to touch one. We also got to pet a gator and a snake! Definitely recommend this place!! They also have an amazing gift shop! So many beautiful things to choose from.

Kayleah Simmons

Amazing place to take anyone of any age. We took my 10 year old for his birthday along with my other two children ages 11 and 5. Me and my husband as well ages 27 and 30. So many healthy wonderful well maintained reptiles and birds there as well as prairie dogs and black widows and alligator and crocodiles. Awesome experience as we are from Arkansas and have never seen a komota dragon before. Beautiful place that is just unexplainable. The only thing that upset me in the least bit was that the day we went there, the Male bald eagle was all alone in his pin. Above him Sat a female bald eagle waiting for him patiently to get out. I wish they could get her also or set him back free into the wild. We will definitely be back and I would reccomend for anyone in this area to go see it all for yourself. I didnt take as many pics as I should have but there was just so much to see and do !

Kristen A

There is so much to do here that we stayed about 4 hours. Kids had a blast! The guy doing the alligator/snake show was hilarious. Would definitely go again.

Natasha Betts

My kids loved the alligator show and the giant turtles! A little over priced for how small it is in my opinion. But I come from a place where we have a very large zoo (Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska). But overall my kids thought all the animals were cool. I don't think I would pay to go a second time.

Bethany Evans

I used to live in South Dakota and when I was young's the school would take us on field trips here. I remember it being so much fun, and there was so very much to look at! This year I convinced my husband to take the kids there this year. They had such a blast and I cannot wait to take them again! If you're going to check this place out, just plan on spending all day there. If you don't like creepy crawlies this probably isn't the place for you. Thanks for the great time Reptile Gardens!!!

Danniii Phantom

I love all the new lizards added to the dome! Thanks for always having such great staff!

Mary Black Bonnet

Fun entertainment for the whole family! Beautiful grounds with flowers and natural gemstone rocks incorporated into the landscape. The grounds are easy to navigate with displays clearly marked. Make sure to see the bird, alligator and snake show! If you are not a reptile fan, you can hang out with the tortoises of various sizes or go into the botanical garden and see numerous parrots different species of turtles, and blooming flowers. Watch your step because frogs and small lizards hang around too! Don't forget to visit Tortuga Falls and talk to the kookaburra to see if they'll talk back to you! Say hi to the beautiful eagle and go do a silly dance with the prairie dogs! You can easily spend three hours here without realizing it! You can get a season pass for the price of admission which is the BEST deal in the Black Hills!! After you're done seeing everything make sure you read the book about the founder. This is a grassroots place, for families made by a family and from the minute you walk in those doors, that feeling comes shining through.

william navarro

This is truly a great day adventure. A work of art and beauty. The staff is super friendly and professional. The service was wonderful and the attraction in itself is awesome. A must see if you are looking for a different adventure.

Jamie Buschke

Absolutely loved this place! The shows were neat, the animals all looked happy and healthy, and it's a beautiful, well-staffed place. TONS of snakes and animals! My teenage siblings and I loved it! Thought it was going to be a tourist trap, but totally exceeded expectations. Worth the price!

Damon Aberle

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Eric Bewley

This is a GREAT place to take young kids. The shoes are interesting and informative, and the crocodile guy was funny. We spent almost a full day there, and our kids were being is to go again.

Ed Ferguson

Reptiles snakes tortoises n Eagle.indoor look at frogs n birds.go in summer the tortoises will be outside( smells bad in there house) great time priced right

Aulton Mitchell

If you have kids then you have to take them here. They have the largest amount of reptiles in one are. They have amazing alligator, snake and bird shows

Rochelle Johnson

Awesome place! Beautiful flowers everywhere. All the reptile shows are excellent and educational! You even get to pet the tortoises!

PK Lee

Very cool place to take the kids, there’s a lot to look at and they have so many shows scheduled throughout the day. They had a very large collection of snakes that’s pretty amazing and a very beautiful botanical garden. The crocodile/alligator show was fun. The host was pretty funny and entertaining. He did a great job! Overall it was a great experience and my daughter enjoyed this place.

Adam Morton

Really neat place and decent price. Very well maintained and beautiful flowers. Getting to interact with the tortoises is awesome.

Shiv Ganesh

I would say this place is ok... If you are a kid, you may have a little more fun since it is geared toward families. The price of 18 dollars is kind of expensive for a relatively small place. The shows that they do have are pretty short... the alligator one was like less than 10 minutes. The best part would probably be the reptile building; it has a lot of snakes and gators to check out, but other than that, there is not too much to see. Your typical city zoo is much larger. Staff are friendly and helpful. If you have extra time in Rapid City, you can check this place out, but I would not say you are missing out on much if you skip it.

Maria Fernanda Jimenez

Loved this place the people were so nice and the place was amazing. They have so many snakes and lizards, they all look very healthy and like they live in great conditions. It's probably best to go in summer but even in winter it was worth the trip. I think this is a must when visiting South Dakota.

Jennifer Cruz Irizarry

You must arrive by the time they open or before. If you wait until noon, the line may be by mid parking lot. It looks small, but it has a lot of reptiles and tropical birds. The shows are funny and educational. Galapagos tortoises are gigantic and they are walking free with a chaperone. Very clean and organized. We spent 4 hours there and saw everything. Definitely not a tourist trap.

Bruce Keller

Great place to visit with the grandkids. They loved it.

Charles Miedema

Was a good time staff was very friendly. I wouldn't advise going so late in the season as a few things were closed but the shows were good and the animals were cool.

Brett Claussen

We had a great time. The entire place is well-set-up with a lot of different animals. The gentleman that was running The snake show in the morning at 10:15 and The reptilian show at 11 o'clock on Saturday, August 24, 2019 deserves a raise. He was super educational. But he was also a great entertainer. Hilarious with self deprecating humor.

Jannelle Ruiz

Love this place! Gift shop every reasonable $. Gator show was great. We really enjoyed our time here.

Droned Aguin

Nice place to see snakes and alligators. They have several shows a bit pricey though on admission prices. The food was excellent and they have a wonderful gift shop. Your kids won't be disappointed.

Patty Williams

Great presentations. Conner's presention in the crocodile and snake show was very entertaining. The two young women in the "bird" show were very knowledgeable about the birds. Beautiful gardens.

Leslie Leis

This is a super fun place to visit while vacationing in the Black hills. The crocodile

Keith Clarkson

Great friendly and clean place! Staff was great! Really enjoyed being able to touch and scratch the giant tortoises head and necks! Felt like a kid again!

Alen Eckhardt

The old tortoises are probably the kids favorite, gator show and snake show were fun. The bird show was shorter and less fun than previous visits, more Informational than anything. Food is good, staff is friendly. Got charged by a little green lizzard, it was fun. I guess I looked at him wrong.

Chris Gabel

Pretty amazing collection in the middle of the Black Hills . Stop in you will not be disappointed.

Neefie Paris

Amazing place. So beautiful. The local discount is amazing too. If you haven't seen it I suggest strongly that you check it out.

P Aguallo

Beautiful!!! Cool, overcast day. Not very crowded because of the weather but it was the perfect time to visit. The landscaping is breathtaking, the displays are well done and informative. Great place for younger kids as they have room for them to run and play. The staff members are well trained and very helpful. We had a great time and hope to go back soon.

Phylis Campbell

A solid 5 stars. Way more than I anticipated. Clean, aesthetically pleasing, educational and straight up cool. I’ve been to Rapid City many times and blew this off as a tourist trap. Man was I wrong!!

Michael Diaz

Get a pass and can visit multiple times, kids ages: 11, 9, 6, 5. * Alligator and snake show were good Note: We found Logan funny and entertaining Note: After alligator show you got a chance to touch a baby alligator. * Bird show was okay, brought out 3 raptors and shared information. * Big tortoise were cool to see and tickle. * Some areas where you can pay extra to do rides, 3d safari, and shooting gallery. * Lot's of snake and alligators, and cool rocks in the exhibits and walkways. * If you have been to alligator, birds and snakes in other locations, then you could skip, otherwise I would recommend visiting.


We got a season pass to reptile gardens this year and can't wait to go again. Did you know you can bring your dog as long as it stays on leash? This is a fun place to visit for an hour or two, and a unique experience for families with kids of all ages.

Coralis Jennings

Our grandson age 9 loves Reptile Gardens always has fun. I love their flowers! The grounds well kept, shows are fun for children as well as adults. We always visit here when we are close by Rapid City.

Bruce Baker

Very entertaining shows. Gardens are immaculately maintained. My son loved it. Held a 2 year old gator. Tortoise area was amazing.

Talen Connor

I’ve been coming to this place every year since I was two, this place has the coolest animals, my brothers favorite thing to do is try to find the little lizards and and frogs in the dome area. I wish I could get a behind the scenes tour because that would be funnnnnn

Crystal Zoeller

Awesome place! So clean and beautifully maintained! Animals and plants were really cool and very interesting shows put on by staff about the animals.

Chad Tracy

Great fun, so much to do. The crocodile show was neat

Chaddy Beckstrom

The 4 year old and I had a real blast. Reccomend doing it all. Worth every penny

Jensen Wright

Really cool place and get informative. I do wish their bird and snake shows were more than literally just showing off the birds and snakes, but I did learn a lot. The crocodilian show was really cool and kind of intense. I finally know how to wrestle and alligator.

Malina Malina

This is literally the most interesting place with animals I’ve seen. We were stopping by absolutely randomly and was extremely surprised! The biggest alligator

Angela Schreifels

Well priced, has a great snake, alligator, and bird show! Love the interaction with the reptiles, of course the tortoises are my favorite, I have picture of them when I was a kid and now with my own! Very nice gift shop with some amazingly beautiful amethysts that could be on display all on their own! Plenty of parking and very accessible from the highway.

Talli Linnabery

We came to reptile gardens as a family of five (two eight year olds, a four year old, my husband and I). I believe it was about $50 for us to get in. I thought the price was a tad steep for what was there (a few shows and exhibits). We really enjoyed the gator show. The gentleman in the ring with the gators was entertaining, lots of laughs. The gators were being feisty and I was nervous for him! The snake and bird show were okay, it was neat to see the owls. Aside from the three shows, there wasn't a ton to do. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves but we were done in the park within a few hours.

Sean Howard

Fun and exciting but a lot of kids about. Good place for the little ones but less exciting for the adults.

Anthony Brown

Great time, worth a visit for sure! Hands down the giant tortoises were our favorite part, incredible experience being inside the pen with them. Our 2.5yo loved it!

Faith Cross

Great family fun. Liked that they had an elevator for our mother in a wheelchair so she could get the whole experience. Very knowledgeable and courteous staff!

Shadow Moon

Lot to see and the two shows I seen (Snake show and Gator Show) was very entertaining. Even got to pet a snake and gator when the show was over!

WesJanet Garcia

Great place to go in the hills. Nice shows and exhibit. Everything is kept clean. We really enjoyed it. ADA compliment. Easy to get around.

Ronald Hegner

1st class little place! Had a great time, excellent staff, families should stop atleast once, probably years to come

Jessalyn Middendorf

What a unique place to visit! The kids and adults alike enjoyed all there is to see. You can even touch a 113 year old tortoise! Also, be sure to watch the alligator show. At the one we watched, the alligator handler had to be rescued by his boss as he was completely surrounded.

Rachel Kastet

The kids and adults all had a blast. The grounds were beautiful with flowers galore. Trey did a wonderful job on both the alligator and snake show! He was a great speaker! We also enjoyed all the snakes and other creatures in the atrium on the grounds. One of our favorite parts of the trip!

King Tanner Avre

So much fun for the whole family. Love the shows, animals, flowers....just an amazing place!!

Oliver Stubbs

Amazing collection of reptiles from all around the world! Beautiful tropical gardens and loved the bird show and the snake show. Very friendly and helpful staff too.

Brent Jones

We bring our kids (7, 9 and 11) here every time we visit the Black Hills. They have the most incredible collection of venomous snakes I’ve ever seen (including some very large zoos). Our kids loved the allogator and snake shows. Very large gift shop. It’s a little pricey, but it’s a great time and worth at least 2-3 hours of fun.

Kevin Astl

So much more than your stereotypical tourist trap - this is nearly a zoo. The facility and staff clearly care about these magnificent, and in most cases, extremely rare animals. The place is clean and well laid out. Don't forget to spend time with the tortoises. Orville is 113 years old and has been around during WWI and WWII. Very impressed. What a fun afternoon!

S Rat

Great place with plenty to see for the family. The alligator show was awesome. They have a number of different snakes on display. I would definitely stop here again.

Joshua Burton

This is definitely the place to go to see reptiles, birds, and other things. The staff is hilarious and seem experienced and very knowledgeable about everything. The gift shop also has some very unique things like rare Megalodon teeth. There's a tortoise there that was born in 1906...just go. You won't regret it.

John Waggoner

Super kid friendly! Amazing shows for viewing reptiles. We got to see different snakes up close, got to pet an albino python, see a bird show, and even watched them feed alligators and crocodiles up close! That doesn't even cover the main dome building where they have dozens of snakes and reptiles on display.

Peanucklehead Gaming

We visit here everytime were in town. Always clean, always friendly staff. A must visit place!

brody stevens

I can't say it enough how nice the people in South Dakota are and how well they treat people! This place is no exception! Super cool to see all the reptiles and learn about all of them. My son was blown away! The prairie dogs were awesome as well. the gentleman who does the snake and alligator shows is super and funny. If your in the area check this place out!

Tomi Cimarosti

We took our first family trip to the hills this week and Reptile Gardens was a must see on the list. Our kiddo absolutely LOVED it. The shows were excellent, the attractions were all fantastic and the staff were all SO sweet and kind. We will be back, as our kiddo has proclaimed this as his favorite thing here, yet! Thank you, Reptile Gardens for a wonderful day, and awesome memories!


Is a pretty cool place, largest reptile exhibit I've seen. Place was really well kept, lots of beautiful plants, landscaping, friendly staff, etc. except for the water fountains... When you're paying $60+ for a family of four, you kinda feel rail-roaded when the only water fountain has a sign telling you to go and drop $3 per bottle water at one of their many shops in the park...

Aaron Galuzzi

Honestly, there's not a ton to see here, but the shows are worth seeing. Make sure you go see all three of them. I liked the gators and snakes, but my kids (surprisingly) really liked the birds too.

Michelle Henson

This place is quite impressive!!! Yes, it's a bit pricey ($16/adult and $12/child at our July 2019 visit), but very worth it. Not only are there the most snakes you will ever see, there are also amazing large tortoises, bald eagles, a children's playground area, and more! We plan to return again when we visit the area again, as we did not plan enough time to see the whole thing (had no idea it was so huge!) Also to note: wheelchair access is very good here.

Drew Johnson

Maniac is such an incredible site and made the stop. Seeing everything else was bonus and so cool to. Kids loved seeing all the different reptiles. Be ready to spend time to see exhibits and the shows put on to see the animals a little more up close.

Andre Hoyt

Always a fun experience. Logan was fun to watch wrangle the critters big and small. Great collection of reptiles and birds that pray...prey.

Nancy Shipton

A few of the enclosures were small but the bird and reptile shows were informative and cool

Trudy Schamberger

This has been one of my absolute favorite places in SD since I was little. I've been many times and it just keeps getting better! Reptiles rule, and reptiles gardens makes it fun and interesting to learn about them!

MNP Construction & Consultants

What an awesome place to take your family! Kids loved everything in this place. Definitely a place to visit if you're in the area.

Melissa Annen

Fun place to spend the afternoon with your kids. The snake and alligator shows done by Connor were great! The grounds are gorgeous and are decorated with beautiful geode rock crystals. The giant tortoises were a big hit with everyone, including the playground area (suited for kids under 10). I would recommend stopping in if you want to kill some time between adventures.

Sky Ortiz

It's a really great time for the family, kids love the place especially the petting area where they can feed and pet a variety of turtles. They also have a variety of gardens and one that is indoors with birds and lizards and room free, its awesome to the birds singing as soon as you walk in.

Beverly Frey

For a relatively small place there is lots to see. It is all very professionally presented and they really take care of their animals. Even in the off season the bird and snake shows were great. Finally, the gift shop has a section of gifts that represent areas of the world where some of their animals come from, including fair trade items. All around lovely place - way better than I expected. If you are in the area, go here. It is well worth it!

Jonathon Austin

This is a must see place. If you are in the area and have an hour or two free, then go. Kids have a blast and is great for the adults also. At the end you are greeted with a one of a kind amazing gift shop. Prices are not bad, but the amount of cool stuff is outstanding. If you are traveling and want a keepsake, this is the place to find it.

Kathy Nixon

Visiting from Michigan and our South Dakota family recommended Reptile Gardens. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the bird and snake shows. Our 7 year old niece had fun and so did Grandma. We definitely would reccomend and wouldn't mind visiting again.❤

Daniel S

Had an amazing time, enjoyed the shows and the staff was very friendly. A wonderful place to take a family.

Tony Bendorf

Awesome place to visit. You'll kill an afternoon or morning here very easily

Luke Wiley

All 3 of the shows are fun. The giant turtles are cool too

Alicia H

Very cool, happy, fun, atmosphere with beautiful botanical gardens. Great shows with great presenters who obviously love their jobs, are having fun, and are very knowledgable. Really cool animals, love the turtles and the Jungle in the Biodome.

Jennifer Lundberg

Worth the price. The shows were great especially the snake and alligator shows. Staff was friendly. The kids loved looking at all the reptiles. Petting the tortoises was a highlight. Our kids are 3, 6, and 10 and they all had things they really enjoyed.


The place is great a little higher on the price scale but I imagine that money goes towards the amazing animals. You can see the whole place in an hour or less, more time is spent at the shows but make sure you get a seat at least 10mins before the show in the middle of the day when crowds are heavy. If taking kids spend time looking at all the snakes and birds don't let people make you feel rushed, the kids will appreciate it later.

Nichole Peterson

We were not disappointed! The grounds were immaculate. The animals all seemed healthy, and well cared for. The staff were all very polite, and knowledgeable.

JJ Games

Our kids loved this place. The alligotor wrestling show was their favorite but they also loved the poison reptiles area too.

Alexis Althar

Love this place, beautiful flowers and extremely clean! Super friendly people and great display of all reptiles! Will definitely be returning!! ❤

ranjun singh

Very interesting and diverse collection of flora and fauna. Super cool to see some of the animals really up close. The shows are really worth watching, very engaging and informative, especially for kids!

John Wilber

Awesome experience. Kids had a blast. Went to gator and snake show. Presenter on both was the same and a great speaker and funny. After the show kids got to pet baby alligator and a snake. Turtles were amazing and the kids got to pet them. Facility was clean and well maintained. Try and avoid peak times, it gets crazy busy. Well worth the visit.

Mindy Diltz

Great experience! Kind and friendly employees, clean, lots to see, good mixture of indoor and outdoor exhibits. Our favorite was the alligator show. The man that does the show is hilarious. Definitely recommend! We even left a water bottle here that we called to inquire about. They found it and had it waiting for us when we arrived. Would for sure go back.

Lynn Largesse

My husband and daughter loved it. Spend 5 hrs here. Definitely worth it

Alex loughrey

Great place with plenty to see for the family. Make sure Logan is doing the snake and alligator show. He puts on one good show and will make you laugh. Only place in town you will see someone wrestle a alligator.

Craig F

The kids loved it. So did I. Saw Tracy's snake and alligator shows back to back. Give the guy all the raises, he was great. Park was very well maintained.

Ken Winter

We really enjoyed the botanical aspect as much as the critters. The shows are fantastic, especially if you are visiting with children in tow. We stop in every time were in town.

Fred Scherbarth

Knowledgeable staff. Great shows and exhibits. Food and drinks are a bit pricey.

dylan wallskog

Very fun place to go. Wide variety of reptiles to view and LOTS of snakes. Some are the only ones of their kind on display in the United States. The staff are very friendly and the employees doing the animal shows are knowledgeable and fun to watch. We were able to see the bird show, snake show and alligator show back to back on a Sunday. Our two year old had a blast. Would definitely stop here again.

Ferretti Farm

Definately surprised by the experience. Was expecting a "typical" tourist town venue. Not the case at all... Instead, amazing exhibits with both rare and interesting animals. Here you will see the World's most RARE snake and the World's most deadly snake.There are also seriously gigantic crocodiles, huge turtles, birds and even black widow spiders. Additionally, the facility was clean and inviting. The flower gardens were awesome as well. One of the best parts were the 3 shows which come included with the entry fee. Logan (I believe his name was) was great and entertaining. I would recommend going early so you can time all three shows. Definaetly a great family thing to do.

Ramon Barajas

Oh man I’ve heard of this place and have always wanted to check it out, and let me tell you, it’s more exciting than I thought. Will definitely return again.

Nichole Beck

Do NOT skip this when visiting the area. Our kids loved this more than anything else.

Scott Johnson

Very interesting and inexpensive! Good way to spend three or four hours.

Damara King

My daughter loved it at 4 yrs old and again this yr when we visited at 5 yrs old. Easily can spend 2-3 hrs here. Connor, one of their reptile show experts, is great and very entertaining. Their staff is great overall. They have concessions, but you can pack in your own picnic if you would like.

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