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45160 257th St, Montrose, SD 57048, United States

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Where is Porter Sculpture Park?

REVIEWS OF Porter Sculpture Park IN South Dakota

James M

Awesome artwork

Bronwen Keller

Such a cool place! This was one of our favorite stops on our road trip (thanks Atlas Obscura! ). The giant bull is awesome and the poetry is pretty good. We really enjoyed meeting the cheerful artist and hearing about his process. Definitely worth a stop. Wear closed-toe shoes.

Trevor Conklin

Kansas Cityshuffle

Wish I could have seen it. Closed for the season. IMO if I want to be cold looking at art that's up to me.

Emily Rames

Linda Krantz

Unique metal sculptures, many with poems written by sculptor.

Brooks King

Second visit in 12 years. Nice additions. Too bad the horse hasn't arrived yet.

Matt Finkel

On a road trip through South Dakota, my girlfriend and I saw a giant bull head and hammer on the side of the freeway so we decided to stop and see what was up. This ended up being truly amazing. If you appreciate art and poetry, this is the perfect stop. Worth every penny of the $8 we each paid.

Maureen Feterl

Love the artwork and beautiful view!


Must see!!

Grace Casteris

Beverly Reid

This place was very amazing to think one man built all this and he was very kind and very trusting and his next exhibit the horse I wish I could see

Teresa Newman

Really Neat Place!!!

chris chirico

Looked it. Interesting place with an interesting host. Great for kids.

Annie P

This is a great road-side attraction. Very unique and creative. Definitely worth taking a tour ($8 per adult). You get to meet and talk with the artist when you get there. I hope he continues to add to the sculpture garden. Thank you for your wonderful artwork!

Dave Hansen

Unbelivable energy!

Jason Winget

Awesome. A very talented artist, great guy to talk with, easy on off the highway.

Kass Woody

We were on our way to Rapud City, saw the sign, and decided to give it a whirl. I'm so glad we did. Not only was the owner funny, but his poetry was incredible. The sculptures were amazing.

Tammy stockland

Mason Pawlowski

Brian Eldridge

Love the creativity and that the gentleman does this.

bacon pope

Wonderful artist and his owner. A true can't miss.

Raymond Wilmes

Joey Zielinski

shade diaz

jason van clark

Very interesting art. The artist lives on site for the portion of the year that it is open. Do yourself a favor and stop

John Gottstein

Mike Lindsay

Incredibly great works that bring a truly surreal experience for weary travelers along I90.


Nice photo OP. You have to go on a dirt road to get there but well worth the pics.

Brentz Moritz

Mandy Ferguson

Jonathan Schauer

You will be drawn from the highway by the sculptures, but you will be humbled by the poetry scattered throughout the garden. And say hi to the flickertails running all about.


Honestly had a great time here. Absolutely loved it!

Pamela Blaxton

Very interesting pieces!

Bruce Grandjean

Really interesting sculptures and what doesn't show in most of the photos is the poetry. Artist in residence is interesting and worth some additional time to chat with. We stayed in his parking lot over night in our RV courtesy of his relationship with Harvest Hosts.

Danqing Liu

Such a cool place. The owner is a poet.

Zoe Parsons

Fantastic, awesome find, whimsical, thought provoking, I can't say enough good stuff about it. The artist Wayne Porter is super friendly and genuine, not to mention talented. Great dog Bambino (I think) and clean port-o-lets. Worth the stop and time well spent.

Paige Bailey

Pretty unique place along the highway. Good folks who allow you to pay and make change on your own. Definitely worth a stop if you're on an adventurous road trip like we were.

oh No

I love this jazzy goat

Pamala Wilson

Amazing!! If you are anywhere close stop and check out all of Wayne's amazing artwork. He is always adding more too he said. Well worth the detour

Sharon James

We all enjoy Porter Sculptures He has created some amazing pieces and the poetry is thought provoking. The kids really liked it.

Mary Greene

Always a must stop when we pass through!!

M Ferguson

Fun roadside attraction! The family loved it!

Christina French

Pretty interesting place to stop for a stretch of your legs and imagination. It seems the sculptor has a very active mind and expresses his thoughts through sculpting. I appreciated his honesty! I would definitely make a stop and check it out if you're in the area! It's also dog friendly, which is awesome!

Garrett Isaacson

Out there sculpter

Lynn Dozler

Elizabeth Grote

Amazing artwork. The artist/owner is super kind and welcoming. I loved how each sculpture/area had a poem or story that went with it. Definitely unique and a must see.


All made from within his heart and soul, glad we didn't pass him by!

Bill Yeager

I really enjoyed all of the metal sculptures in the park. The artist was there to talk about a future exhibit and all of the existing art. There was a small fee of $8.

Sara Arline-DiGaetano

Awesome combo of funky whimsical Roadside Attraction and real beautiful works of art. A little something for everyone. Definitely worth a visit!

Howard Luther Gilson IV

The kookiest of road sides attractions, and an absolute can't-miss. Only a few minutes off I-90, Mr. Porter has built all of these sculptures himself. He is a very kind man, who loves to have company. Easily worth the $8 entry fee.

Mary L Ramaley

Awesomeness. Meet Mr Porter the sclupture

Mana Lyn

It is creepy! There is a "dead" person hanging from the bull and so many other satanic sculptures.

Gran Jaguar

Is a cool place, but it's a one time deal

Vladimir Burakov

Lovely place :)

Heath Hughes

Diane Chermer

I don't usually add comments but this place is a must see!

Becky Berry

Interesting sculptures

Lois Bettelyoun

You will never see these anywhere else! Someone put a lot of work into creating these pieces of art!.. Beautiful and awesome picture collection to show to your family and friends too!..

Cindy Perry

Nice break in driving

K Tf

I've driven past many times and I regret not stopping sooner. This sculpture garden us amazing. Both dark and colorful, slightly satanic. STOP HERE!!

braeden Brown

A fun-crazy-loco-eerie statue park next to the interstate

Bailey Hernandez

Uncle Wayne is the best, so appreciated how me and my do Chinook were so accepted. He’s a swell guy, so glad I got to meet him and visit!

OOSE. Productions

No doubt my go to this with your family. I went with mine and it’s all super cool til the bull then it gets satanic man don’t go the guy is weird and wanted our address and the place gets way satanic and scary quick. We had to run outta that place. Don’t go alone or with your family have a buddy this place is scary. And be aware and protected. Trust me this place is way weird. Don’t go.

Nadyne Brost

We pulled off when we saw the signs off the highway - and it was the best stop we made our whole road trip! Wayne was so nice and took us on a bit of a tour at the beginning. The sculptures are amazing and the best we have seen (and we stop at a lot of parks!). Would HIGHLY recommend this place :)

Duane Adair

It's a joy to see, and the artist is a truly nice man. His art provoked me. I appreciate it, very much.

Zachary Powers

Was fun and unique. Random stop drawn in by the bulls head. Got to drive a golf cart. Friendly artist is a bit of an character. One of a kind experience. Gets a little disturbing with some, others are well done.

Leota Specht

Very interesting. Loved all the sculptures and the thought process behind them.


Looked good from the road, but the cost seemed too high for a family of five.

Corry Mahnke

Allison Cadle

Eva Lewis

Eclectic sculptures and sculpter.

Trent May

Katie Neumiller

Great way to stretch your legs on the trip, very fun.

Kim Doran

We stopped a few years back on our way to my Rushmore. We all loved it!

Dennis Shook

8 dollars per person . Very funny and cool looking. Well worth it.

D Johnson

It was neat. Met the guy that builds the stuff. I asked his motivation and he replied "I'm twisted". Yup seems a little eclectic type person but very nice and very friendly and talkative. The kids really enjoyed the sculptures.


Amazing art run by a great guy.

Ashley Utterback

Pretty neat but some of the sculptures are of a dark nature if you are at all bothered by that might not be for you.


Eclectic sculptor and excellent canine partner really bring the whole experience together

Austin Haikes

Cool, unique experience! Listen to the guys story.

Jil Lillich

Easy to get to from off the highway. The artist accepts credit cards and the park is dog-friendly.

Lilith LaVoisin

Just spectacular! I stayed for almost 2 hours and could have stayed longer. Wayne is a real treasure.

Jennifer Wear


Kat n Dog named Thirsty

What a unique place! Saw the big bull while driving to Sioux Falls... had to stop on my way back to Mitchell. Must see... Wayne Porter, the artist himself was there when I went. So cool to have met him. Fyi, it does cost a few bucks to explore the park but so worth it.

Susan Kapp

Sign says closed for the season. It's May!

Paul Mandeltort

Amazing! Well worth the stop.

Lara Palmer

So random, I loved it!

Wanda Sanftleben


Trinity Harig

Very unique sculpture park. One of a kind. Outdoors. Walking a fairly short distance, golf carts avaible of needed.

Mylissa Turner

We enjoyed it

Chris Fridley

Interesting roadside attraction...we saw the bull from miles away and had to stop. Mr Porter is a cool cat with a huge project in the works...stop by and say hi! And watch out for the ground squirrels!

Jeanne Griffin

Nice stop on journey. Very original art.

Becky Groseth

Creative, unique, and fun sculptures. DOG-FRIENDLY! Perfect place to get out and stretch your legs on a road trip up to the Black Hills!

JB Smith

We stopped here because the reviews were good. It was neat to see from the road, but didn’t expect a $10 per adult price tag. Children were not free either, so it would’ve been a spendy stop for us. Look from the road— save the time & money.


Kristi George

Great place to stretch our legs! Took about 45 minutes to walk around and see all of the art. Was about $10 a person. The road to get there had cattle crossing and hanging out by our windows which the kids liked. You won’t see art like this just anywhere.

Evan Carmichael

Interesting and unique place to visit.

Jennifer Freeman

This place is funky cool!!!!

Matthew Adams

Really neat sculpture garden. My daughter and I had a blast. The people who have one star reviews are toolbags. Nothing satanic about this ARTIST'S work. And sometimes places close for a bit. *smh When We went and the sculptor was out of town but met his extended family, really nice folks. Thanks guys!!

John Coleman

Well worth the stop and visit

Matthias Sarazine

Carrie Stonehocker

The artist is friendly and humorous. His talent is amazing and I'm so glad he's sharing it with others. My kids and I had a ball walking through his sculpture park reading the poetry and getting caught up in the imagination of the art. I loved so many of the pieces, but my particular favorites we're the giant fishbowl, vulture row, the balarina, the knight riding the stick horse, and the largest invisible ball of twine.

Veronica Barrass

Liked what we saw from the highway.

Jeffrey Martin

This roadside attraction is not another South Dakota tourist trap. Wayne Porter has put together a wonderful, whimsical, interactive sculpture park that is joy for people of all ages.

Sawyer Rasmussen

Noah Darnell

I would absolutely stop here. It might just seem like a little weird roadside America stop, but the sculpture garden is actually really interesting. And remarkably thoughtful. It takes actual skill to do all this artwork, and it isn't just a big random collection of junk in a field. Again, definitely worth the stop.

James Barton

Worth the stop!

Bonnie Hamilton

Susan Wong

What a wonderful place! Very creative, and the owner and artist is a lot of fun. Wayne Porter's sculpture park is a special place. Come with an open mind and a sense of wonder and you will enjoy yourself.

Kangaroo Music

Great experience, amazing sculptures, if you are traveling, make the stop!

Mandy Mullinix

Such a treat when traveling on I-90. Mr. Porter's art is something to see, and he is a delight to talk with as well. Made us feel like the most important guests of the day. Would highly recommend for a short stop on your journey. You won't regret it!


The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Saw the bull many years ago and thought it was just an ad for some cattle company. The sculptures are not only amazing but also many times comical. Urge people to go see it. BTW, Mr. Porter was going to let us in for free because he couldn't process our credit card. Just paid cash for admission then. Well worth the price.

Kevin Allen

Eccentric, whimsical, huge art in a field along the interstate in South Dakota. If you're driving by, take the exit, drive south about a half mile to the dirt road on the left, wind around the cornfields, and see Wayne Porter's entertaining creations. A great excuse to get out of the car during a long road trip!

Mallory Wilkerson-casko

Gem of an attraction, owner was very friendly, as were all the cows as well. The sculptures are incredible! Amazing craftsmanship, some are very comical and there are signs for each one. Really great place to stop and walk your dog on a road trip! The wise visitor should bring bug spray !


You can see from the freeway, fun little stop in the winter to break up the long drive towards Mount Rushmore.

Charles Bennett

Been here many times. Always something new and a good time with the artist. Great stop on I 90. If nothing else it will give you something to talk about on the long drive to the next thing!

Erin Nearing

I loved Porter Sculpture Park! Such a unique and memorable experience.. I felt like I was viewing art and poetry that should otherwise be in some famous art museum. Definitely worth the stop especially if you are just passing through and need a break from the road. (Dog friendly!

Sharon Pardue

Loved this

Breanna Bell

So fun. The best place to stop and stretch your legs. Make sure you look inside the bull head.

Proceeding Onward in America POA vlog

It looks cool but when we showed up they were closed for the season so we could only see things from a distance. Maybe another time and hopefully they will update their hours to save others for driving all the way out here for it and can’t.

Brad Murray

A must-see. Very creative, quick stop, and a nice guy.

Veronica Ramirez

So cool. Very nice favorite was the flowers in the pot

Jody Huffcut

Absolutely wonderful place , Wayne is a true gem .

Catherine Barton

Looked like a neat place to see. We got all the way to the entrance but wasn't ready to spend $10 per adult to get in. I've been to similar sites that were free, including a replica of Stonehenge and the Easter isle statues.

Caroline Switzenberg

Love it

Wade Williams

As we passed on the Intersatateyou can see both the bull head and horse. The walk on the hillside admiring the other works and reading the bbn poetry and stories about each piece. We stayed overnight in our camper and the artist come over to sit with us and just hang out for a while. Three is a fee to get out on the hill but $10 is reasonable. Kids are free and seniors are $5. If you are in the area, stop in and say hello to Wayne.

Joseph Milligan

Kind of a fun, odd place. Little kids may like it, but there is nothing for them to play on, just FYI.

Shannon M

We saw a giant longhorn sculpture while driving to Badlands NP from Kansas today. We stopped and found that it was an amazing sculpture garden. What a lovely surprise! The artist was there with his sweet dog and was friendly. He explained that he has completed another gigantic sculpture that he plans to move to the park. Can't wait to see it next time. Anyone coming through the area (or not) should stop here. It has been one of the best parts of our cross-country road trip!

Zulikha Neumann

It was one of the strangest and most interesting things I’ve seen. Worth the drive to see this odd collection of artwork.

Ib Jensen

I had a wonderfull time viewing the sculptures and talking to Porter. Well worth stopping.

Michael Dunlap

Awesome. A must see if you're in the area.

Lucas Rogg


Honestly, the most amazing place I've ever been. We stumbled upon it accidentally and ended up spending five hours there...the work is great, but it's the very evident heart and soul poured into every inch of metal that makes up these pieces...I will never forget what I saw, and what I felt; how everything smelled; how everything told a may not be for everyone but it was most definitely for upmost respect and adoration for sharing something so deep and amazing with the world at a price even us poor folk can afford. Personally, it changed my life in a way I cannot explain...thank you Wayne Porter, for sharing yourself with the world

Jordan Goodrich

I've been on a road trip across America for a few weeks now. This was absolutely 1000% one of the highlights so far. Wayne is the best and you absolutely should stop here. You'll be very welcomed!

Kathryn McCauley

Found this place through Harvest Hosts and it was a rare gem. Many whimsical pieces and several gorgeous and detailed pieces. Hard to pick a favorite. The artist was welcoming and willing to answer all our questions.

Audre Brickey

Worth the stop off of I-90! Lots of sculptures to view and admire.

Steve Miller

This is the awesomest of awesome! Each work is true, realized art!

Drake Marshell

It was such a amazing park. I had a lot of fun.


Eric Mahnke

Interesting Park. The horse made it!

Steven McQueen

Good sculptures road not good for cars.

Michael Gafford

Worth the stop!

Benjamin Scott IV

jae jordan

Very cool Scripture! Nice attraction! Kids thought it was the coolest!

Ron Jenko

This is a pretty cool road side attraction with different sculptures. The bull is pretty interesting, the artist hid smaller objects on the out side if the bull like a frog and a bat, but if you walk around the back and peek inside the bull you will be surprised to find what you see!

Shannon Jamison

Wayne is an incredible human being and this place is worth the small detour.

Keith Wagner

Interesting art and artist. There's some impressive pieces here, including the bull's head and horse visible from the interstate.

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