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REVIEWS OF Museum of Geology IN South Dakota

Louise Morris

Great display!

Kathy Ament

It is a very interesting place. It's hard believe that dinosaurs roamed this area.

David Mack

Always a great visit.

Sancia Lunderman

I love the gift shop

Jeanette Masloski

Museum was good. Lots to see. The scavenger hunt was a struggle for me. I usually like to do them because you learn extra facts & see things you might have missed. I gave up. Enjoyed looking around museum with out trying to find specific things.

Megan Tower

Amazing collection and fun for kids. Very educational.

Jessica Hebin

AMAZING! The specimens they had were beautiful! The only thing I didn't like was the presentation of the rock/mineral collection. It is on uncovered styrofoam---- but still a phenomenal collection!

Scot Lassle

Lots of Bones and rocks very nice.

Jessica Nelson

This is a wonderful museum. My six year old said it was the best part of her day. The fossils and Dino's we're impressive.

Aidan Brady

Small and sometimes hard to find (it's in a building on a college campus). But well worth the visit. Well done exhibits with impressive specimens and knowledgeable (typically student) staff. Being free makes it especially good if you have a mixed group and want to kill some time in Rapid City.

Joe Ceritelli

I first saw the School of Mines Museum of Geology nearly twenty years ago when I was a little child, and it is still exciting to visit. Although the exhibits do not change much, it is still a great place to explore.

Jeff Meister

Free museum on campus, if you are in the area I would definitely take time to check this out, it was great!

Krissy Mousseaux

My kids loved it!

Tina Hooker

Amazing place. My boys loved their visit. They did the scavenger hunt and had so much fun finding all the pieces. The gift shop has cute and inexpensive items. We will definitely come again once back in SD.

Crysta Reeves

Very cool, we all enjoyed it from age 7-adult

Michael Harmon

Absolutely worth going to if your driving through.

William Gloor

Well organized mineral and paleontology collections of high quality specimens. Enough dinosaurs and a kid's corner to hold their interest. Staffed by students who know their stuff.

Laura Hardy

Great place for kids and very friendly staff!

Kate Morrison

What a pleasant surprise to share with my grandkids... we could have stayed there hours. Parking is challenging, we we're lucky.

Joel H

This is one of those unexpected and remarkable museums. I loved the exhibits and presentation. This is a smaller collection but everything is incredible. Well worth a visit.

Shawon Dey

There are some fascinating mounted skeletons of dinosaurs, mammals, marine reptiles and fish. Also there is a museum gift shop. The environment is very quiet.

Jodi Moss

Cool as all get out

Mariella C. Zanotti

This is one of the most educational museums I've been to. Definitely recommend.

Christie Muster

Very informative. I'm not really into fossils but I really enjoyed my time there.

Kate Rogers Serenity Spa

Was difficult to get to as it wasn't even on my radar of being on the college campus admissions building. Once we found it and got there, we had a great time. The skeletons that were there are massive in size and everything displayed wonderfully. Added with the bonus of the geology part! They had a glow in the dark walk through of rocks that light up. Was so neat. Also love how kid friendly this place is. Had a great activity set up for the kiddos to enjoy!

Lara Hughey

If you are interested in geology, fossils, or just pretty rocks, this is a great stop. Very comprehensive. Our kids loved it.

Kevin Talley

Great way to spend a few minutes or all day, and the price is right! You're going to be able to enjoy a spectacular variety of fossils and minerals for free! The number of things that were found in South Dakota was surprising, and the famous gemstone reproductions were impressive to see in person.

Kerr Newton

Great visit and friendly staff

Eric Griffin

Amazing content for its size. We were most impressed and will make this side trip again.

Christopher Love

Family enjoyed every minute there! So many things to look at and learn about!

Angel Grijalva

Cute place to visit!

Jason Gibbs

Breathtaking displays! Volunteers are very knowledgeable, the place is very clean and easy to navigate. The gemstone displays are second to none. Fossils amazing. Shall I continue?? It should be a crime to drive through Rapid City and not visit this astonishing museum. Did I forget to mention it's FREE?! Well worth the visit!

Elehcim Sunoira

Marvelous museum! Resplendent rocks! Thank you for being here!

Matthew Enderle

I surprised the wife by taking her here. She is a nursing student and was very interested in the museum. We had fun taking pictures and showing them to her brother who is planning a trip out here sometime now.

Francisco Dima

Small but if you are interested in rocks, you will love it. Very helpful staff, who knows a lot about rocks. The best part to it is FREE. Yes, something to do for free that you will have tons of fun. Most see.

Bob Zoeller

Amazing array of fossils and is great...the total experience was one that we would do again, and recommend to everyone...

Tiffani Bussie

Free museum. Rocks and fossils on display. A few interactive areas for kids.

Adam Finuf

Free and fun

John Eaton

outstanding, and free..dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, geology and history, staff is all work study, but really know what they are doing(not all geology majors..our person was a physics major...but she really knew her stuff. and if you want to buy rocks and minerals, the selection is incredible and so very cheap, and wide...most excellent stop...all local fossils and minerals, amazing

hosea robertson

Kids loved it

Joseph Budd

Went here as a kid, still fun 30 years later.

Martin Szabo

I loved my visit here! I really like how they have the minerals organized. There's even an area to keep younger kids occupied. Lots of great fossils too, but personally I am more of a rock-hound. The fluorescent display is really cool.

Leslie Groome

A small museum, but lots of lovely fossil and mineral exhibits. They have a small children's area; that with the small size of the museum makes it a nice place to take young kids with short attention spans. The staff is friendly and informative. Free parking and admission is a plus for those on a budget.

Jolien Schwan

Free museum with lots of neat items to look at. Staff was super helpful and willing to answer all my 12 year old's questions!

Jamie Linde

If you're looking for something to do in Rapid City, then I would definitely recommend going to the School of Mines Museum of Geology! It is a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. My personal favorite part of my walkthrough was the multiple cases of beautiful gemstones to view and admire. Overall, it is an amazing experience!

Elizabeth Stuard

Free, educational museum to visit. I always enjoy going and I learn something every time. My daughter loves walking through the fossils and learning about them.

Stephen Langley

Very cool spot for kids to explore. Gems and history displays are super interesting!

Candace Suriano

We visited here with three young children! The museum is free! They loved it! Outside there is a dinosaur sculpture for the kids to play on. Inside the small museum there are fossils, minerals, rocks, and lots of help to explain it all to museum attendees. The kids especially enjoy the fluorescent mineral room. We had a graduate student explain the displays to the children. The kids are interested in why there are various rocks in the cracks of other rocks, so the graduate student explained how lava will cause a deposit of one type of rock in another. There are fossils and minerals for children to handle and learn more about our Earth! Come visit, pair it with Dinosaur Park, fun and free! Yeah!

Bruce Dillon

Really cool if you're into rocks/crystals/minerals. And then there's also fossils and DINOSAURS, including my wife's favorite, Triceratops. Perhaps not as big as other places, but if you're not close to the Smithsonian, NYC' Museum of Natural History, or the Field Museum in Chicago, this place is hard to beat!

Rick Carlson

Great learning experience for the whole family. Awesome (free admission) for approx 1 hour 1.5 to learn about fossils and rock/minerals. Even has a little area for kids and touch table. It was nice to see the gift shop have a lower priced options. All the staff were very nice and helpful.

John&Cindy Witt

Fantastic. Great staff

Kevin Crum

Good collection rocks, fossils, and ancient sea creatures. Free to the public.

Luke Lucas

Well worth the stop


This was very beautiful and clean we really enjoyed all the fossils and the different kinds of rock.

John Parkyn

Great place!

Carrielee Dahlke

The kids absolutely loved it!!!!!!!

Dean wandersee

Very cool free place to stop and take the kids, highly recommend!

Nate Waite

Not only were the geology related displays beautiful and educational, but the fossils and the dinosaur models incredibly interesting as well. I truly enjoyed my time there. It was low key, you could roam around as you wish, but there were people there to cheerfully answer questions if you wished as well. Good job! This is a nice museum.

William McDade

Truely a fantastic museum

Lee Cerveny

If you are in town or passing through on I-90, take 30 minutes and get off the exit. This is a marvelous museum. Giant fossils. Gorgeous samples feom all ober the world. Simple and provocative displays. You won't regret a visit.

Bruins 1389

This place is absolutely amazing. Only complaint is that they didn't have a bowenite.

Jessie Holmes

Great little “short stop” to make while visiting. Interesting and educational. Loved the kids area.

Greg Mellang

I am amazed at the quality of artifacts st this museum, and the staff is passionate and knowledgeable

Ashley Taggart

Awsome place! Free!

Pat Ernst

Great display of artifacts, minerals... Loved it!

Glenn Harbin

very hard to find this place but once we got there it was well worth it we got to learn a lot about rocks they had a whole bunch of fossils from dinosaurs and stuff like that excellent gift shop

Nicole McCready

Great little museum! Many interesting geological and fossil specimens. The employees were very nice and helpful, and gave each of my children a free rock. Free admission.

linda riedinger

My 8 and 15 year old grandsons liked it a lot. One is into Don is and the oldest into minerals and rocks. Educational. Would visit again

Jason Reeves

Lots of great exhibits that you can experience up close. Plus it's FREE! The kids loved seeing a variety of fossils and minerals. Check for parking right in front of the building after the busy hours

Sarah Martinson

Amazing collection of fossils and minerals!

David Joyeux

Very nice museum, free you can give donation. A young man was very nice with our family.

Don Asher

Fantastic museum and free!

Luis A. Casillas

Pretty cool exhibits!

Roy Thomas

Great place to visit and a lot of exhibits to view. Very educational.

Lorraine Tonkin

Great displays and artefacts. Free to visit but worth a donation. Go before or after visiting the Badlands.

Erin Lewis

Amazing place with an extensive collection. Sales person at the gift shop was friendly.

Jeff Kaser

Very helpful young man at the counter. They enjoyed what they were doing.

Andrew Slap

Nice free museum for a rainy day. Spent 30 minutes and kids liked it.

Alyssa Taylor

Smaller than expected, but what I saw was interesting. Had a cute little gift shop, but nowhere to press pennies for souvenirs.

Annette Utecht

Enjoyed going through and seeing the many types of rocks and minerals.

Shannon Mutschelknaus

Great museum for the price. Diverse fossils and amazing mineral specimens with good labels on origins of specimens.

Ellen Phillips

Whether you fascinated by rocks, gems, or dinosaur bones, there is something for everyone! Cool collection!

Mike Kenyon

Small but with interesting exhibits

Andy Stensven

Awesome stop if in Rapid City! Only take 1 hour

brandy allison

The display was amazing.

Jaci McCaskell Kulish

A must-see if you have fossil or geology lovers in your family! It's free, it has a ton of specimens to look at, and the book store is delightfully low priced. With the free admission and low priced gift shop, it's a nice respite for your wallet too! It was harder to find but that was more because we lacked phone service.

Emily Crane

Great little spot for families! Be sure to do the scavenger hunt!

Shannon Millar

Fabulous Museum! Friendly and knowledgeable staff! What a local treasure!

Korrin Francis

Awesome museum especially if rocks are your thing. Well worth it!!!

Joanna Aspenson

Great place to visit!!

John Messina

Small museum but packs a punch. You'll like it if you enjoy rocks and minerals. As an added bonus, you'll get an awesome up-close view of some really neat dinosaur fossils!!

Kimberly Sterne

Great stop for anyone in the family who enjoys fossils and rocks. Our 10 year old loved this place. We only spent about 30 minutes there, but it was a great addition to our trip to Rapid City.

megs like a boss

This was really fun to go to! Walked around for a good few hours! Lots to see! There's a nice gift shop too. My family loved it. We love rocks and dinosaurs. So this was perfect. If you have little ones they'd probably like it too since a lot of it they can look at and but can't touch it since its behind glass. So no worries.

Esther Ames

Great exhibits, family friendly, informative and there is no charge.

Jerral Kay

I contributeda miner's headlamp & lunch bucket. No thanks or recognition of contribution

Blair Arendt

Great find. Instructive, completed and excited over bones and rocks

Guido Salducci

AC, Great Exhibits, & YES FREE! MAKE A DONATION!

Jodi Mathe

Great experience! Definitely a must when visiting Rapid City area!


So neat

Aaron Mendoza

What's better than a free museum! The skeletons are awesome!

Ken Moore

Very interesting and lot of information. Saw many different fossils and geological specimens... Children would find cool... Learned a lot...and it's free what a deal. Be prepared for stairs...there us a elevator inside.. takes about 2 hours to see it all.

Aaron Tieman

Interesting fossils and minerals on display.

Jennifer Theen

My son loves rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils. This was right up his alley and to top it off, it was free! I could see this becoming even bigger and better!

Benjamin Heidgerken

Always awesome.

Krispea Project

One floor full of information plus it is free.

Marc Metz

This was a great place to take the family. We thoroughly enjoyed the museum.

elite army

Loved it

Ana Cecilia Noriega

This is a small museum but free and very interesting. We visited with our children and they all learned something new and fascinating about rocks and minerals or prehistoric creatures. They even have an area with blocks and toys for toddlers and young children!

donald magnuson

Fantastic rocks/minerals/fossils displays

Eric Friesen

Incredible hidden gem! On campus as part of the South Dakota school of mining & technology. Quiet, cool, packed with exhibits and it's free.

Vilhelmiina Vekkeli

Very nice museum with excellent exhibits of minerals and dinosaur skeletons. It provided a great intro to geology and answered my questions of local nature, like the Badlands. And it’s free!!

Jamie DeBacker

My family and I had a great time exploring all the fossils at the Museum of Geology.

Martine Kline

The museum employees are always ready to engage in conversation with my 6-year-old. We bring in rocks from home, and the museum folks treat it like a rare treasure, explain what it is, what makes it special, historical context, how they are formed, etc. I love how they can make every visit meaningful and special for us!

R Scott Weaver

A little hidden away but worth the search. Great collection and fantastic and knowledgeable staff.

Kathy Hahn

Definitely a hidden gem. Don't miss this place. Not only is it free you can give a donation. But it's a good rainy day place.


It used to be nice it could be again if they would stop paying their left wing faculty 'tenured' clowns so much money.

Paula Kohrt

Great place to take your family to learn about fossils and gems!

Jessica Carter

This place is amazing! As usual, because it's a museum, it's free for all ages. They have dinosaur exhibits, rocks of all shapes and sizes. They have a dark room filled with rocks that react to blacklight. There is also a gift shop with lots of tumbled stones and jewelry and posters and books you can purchase. The focus was largely on rocks and fossils found in South Dakota, because of it's hotbed of geologic offerings. I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Kevin Astl

This is a gem (ha ha) of a geology museum near downtown Rapid City. Great collection of rocks, HUGE collection of minerals, broken down by element, crystalline structure, with hundreds upon hundreds of wonderfully beautiful and some bizarre (phospholuminescent!) specimens. Pay special attention to the South Dakota mineral exhibit room. Then, a nice selection of fossils, most of which are from South Dakota. A full T Rex skull, a mesosaur and a plesiosuar, and many others. Student body staff were kind and helpful, and they have the best prices on rocks and minerals in the area in their small but nice gift shop.

Melissa Long

Very cool place

Robert Kaczanowski

Great place to learn about the geology of the Black Hills. Don't forget to visit the gift shop for affordable stuffed animals!

Sharon Pazie

Fantastic history of the earth's surface and all the fossilized creatures. Beautiful rocks from local area and around the world.

Rock Hard Firearms

Awsome place, cant be live it is free. This a must stop place while visiting rapid city.

Jim Moore

Small, but a great collection of quality pieces, particularly of local finds. The scavenger hunt also helps keep kids engaged.

Laura McMeeking

What a great find! We went here on our Spring Break trip to SD. The students working there are amazing with kids and are really informative for adults. My 6 year old asked all sorts of questions, and they were able to explain things at a level she could understand but didn’t make it too simple. She is still talking about all the minerals she learned about. This was her favorite part of the trip!! And it’s completely free (although I HIGHLY suggest leaving a donation). If you’re in the Rapid City area, stop by the Museum of Geology. You won’t regret it!

Rick Joyner

Very well done displays of dinosaurs and minerals.

John Rains

Great museum with a ton of great information and specimens!

Maryann Turner

A great free museum. My favorite parts were seeing the skulls of the bison as they evolved over the years and the florescent minerals. This is on the third floor but there is a ramp and an elevator available. Also there is a hands on section for the kiddos.

Rich Schurter

Great gem of Rapid City.

Jessica Rockeman

Great specimens in a budget building. Easy to find on the campus if you are in Rapid City. I will definitely stop again to check out their excellent mammal collections. A very fun exhibit space.

Anastasia Link

Great museum full of rocks, fossils, & a cute little gift shop! Worth a the stop for a self guided tour. Informative for kids & adults. It’s air conditioned too!


This museum is the best out of all of the ones I've been to. I know why it's so highly rated because everything (rocks, gems, minerals, dinosaurs, plants, animals, etc.) is cool in all levels. The gift shop has interesting stuff to buy, too. I especially love that admission is free! This means even the poor residents and visitors of Rapid City with a car can see all the wonderful attractions in this museum. Everyone who visits Rapid City should not forget to visit it for hours of entertainment! I highly recommend this place!

Joshua Mentele

Great place to look at bones.

Ken Langas

Very interesting! Fossils, minerals, and much more...

Travis Schmieg

Fun and educational! Staff is very knowledgeable and eager to answer questions. They also have a scavenger hunt you can do. Kids loved it.

Brianna Voigt

I could have spent an entire day here just looking at all of the beautiful gifts of nature and reading up on the fossils. Absolutely recommend. Brought my 7yo and she managed to stay entertained for over an hour

Tom Koenig

I've been to many museums, but I've never seen a meteorite display from around the world. That was my favorite part.

Paul Walaszek

This is by far one of the best collections of minerals and fossils that I've ever seen.

Sam Powers

Free admission with a small recommended donation. Nice collection of minerals and fossils.

Calcorax Productions

Classic rapid city museum. There are great displays and they seldom change, which might sound less than exciting, but nostalgia plays a big factor. Taking your kids or neices and nephews to see the same things you saw when you were little is fantastic. My favorite is the glowing rocks room. The collection of minerals is grand and the triceratops was always my favorite when I was little.

Meg Buchanan

Always a treat to visit. Wish there was new finds to view but all is good!

Leiðulfr Link

Free, lots of cool stuff to view, not overcrowded at all, very pleasant visit.

Jim Turenne

Great museum with lots of cool stuff for kids and adults

Cheryl Cher Lyons

If you like rocks & fossils this is the place to go. The staff answered all my questions.

Manny Jimenez

My daughter and I loved this place

Michael Sefranek

Somewhat smaller than we expected, but still jam packed, and excellently done. For 3-7 year olds the fossil cases were a bit too high up, and the railings were somtimes at eye height, they could benefit from a stoop for smaller kids. The advertised "kids hands on zone" was less directly fossil related, but still a great time. All of the exhibits were great, tons to absorb, show and learn.

Megan Wipf

Very educational. So much to see.

Max Smart

Outstanding free museum collection.

Laura Deitzel

Free and super fun for my 10 year old!

Tavin Hudson

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Lissa Kelley

Nice for free admission. Great diplay of minerals with explanation. Good history of South Dakota mine

Lia Rivard

It is really cool. If you like dinosaur bones and rocks I would recommend it. But it is kinda small.

win cowger

Wow this place is great they offer so much to see and way more than you could learn in a day. One side is dedicated to fossils and the other to minerals.

Sheryl Glenn

Lots of fossils. And you can learn about rocks and gemstones.

David Clark

Free museum which includes an impressive collection of rocks, gems and minerals. This is a great place to stop before going to the Black Hills Institute in Hill City (which has a more impressive collection of fossils, dinosaur and other other fossilized bones.) The gift shop is very reasonably priced. Great stop for all ages.

Michael Hice

Awesome exhibits of fossils and minerals! Well labeled and showcased.

Joshua Chung

Very educational and interesting. Worth taking the kids to.

Linnea Gentry

Fantastic collections. The kids were very entertained and that takes quite a bit for a 4 and 6 year old.

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