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10 Mt Moriah Dr, Deadwood, SD 57732, United States

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Where is Mount Moriah Cemetery?

REVIEWS OF Mount Moriah Cemetery IN South Dakota

Sarge & Sadie L


Cemetery with old west historical icons Wild Billy Hickok and Calamity Jane with a nice view of the town of Deadwood. You can catch a tour bus from town if you don't want to drive which is pretty cheep. In my group of visitors I overhead a few complain about the $2.00 admin fee but in my mind its a fair cost considering most cemeteries are not visited by tourists which increases maintenance and staffing. if anything $2.00 seemed more then reasonable in my mind.

Chris Otto

Wonderful to get to pay respects to old west heroes. Has some good views of Deadwood as well.


If you are in Deadwood you must visit this cemetery! Don't just stop at Wild Bill's grave but continue through. The overlook is beautiful and the history here is overwhelming.

Jeff Meister

Excellent visit for history buffs, the grounds are well kept, worthy of a visit. This is on 'hilly' ground so it will take a little effort but well worth it!

Jason Gilmor

Beverly Stierstorfer

I love old cemeteries and the stories behind them!


Nice history. Lots to read and learn about

Tony Consolo

Little hike. Nicely kept up. Interesting historically

albert humphrey

Great place for history buffs that like the old west. Wild bill and calamity jane are up there . If you take the hick up to sheriff bullocks grave, it is well worth the effort. Fun experience and very sombering.

Wandern Leo

Mostly known as the final resting place of Wild West legends Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. It’s on top of a steep hill and offers a great view over Deadwood.

Mike R

Very cool stop in Deadwood. Great historical information and great views over the city. Well worth the $2/person.


This was my first stop on my first visit to Deadwood. I knew about the big names that were buried here. I had to hike a little to get to Seth Bullock's resting place and the view from up there was beautiful. The whole cemetery is a …

Tyler J. Adams

You'll see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane, including some others with colorful names. Be sure to take in the valley views. I did not find Rocky Raccoons' gravesite, however. ©TIFA 2003


I do a yearly visit to give thanks, homage, and gifts to the spirits that rest here :)

H. T. Scaccetti

Final resting place of old time western notables such as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and others. Very well maintained and serene given the age of this cemetery. Historically significant and well worth a look around.

Darrell Logan

$2 to walk through a cemetery? I suppose one must really really be a diehard old west fan.

Don Jackson

very well maintained several sections including Civil War of the trends section Wild Bill Hickok Calamity Jane and several other local prominent individuals pleasant walk restful good to get away from the crowds.

Paul Schell

Make sure you have cash. This is probably the only place in Deadwood that doesnt accept credit cards or debit. The ladies that work there are kind of snotty.

Dr Richard Barton

No credit cards. ATM broke. RUDE GERIATRICS WORKING. Don't waste your time.

Virgel Mitchell

Parking is limited and grounds are not pedestrian friendly. This is not a place for those who are out of shape

Dewese Milstead

Really cool cemetery but the most interesting was that Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried there. lots of other interesting sites there as well. It is a well kept cemetery overlooking Deadwood, South Dakota.

Pat Stakem

You have heard of a lot of people that are buried here. Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and other icons of the old west. On a hill above the town, it offers excellent views. A few parking spaces allow you to drive up. There is an admission fee. The friendly staff will direct you to your area of interest. It is also the final resting place of ordinary people from the town. Bit of a hike, but worth it.

Luci Tania

Interesting cemetery to wander, a bit hilly, nice views, great history and a lot of famous people buried here. Entrance fee but only a few US$.

mike buch

Spent a few hours here checking out all the historic people buried here seen graves of Wild Bill, Calamity Jane, Sol Star, Sheriff Seth Bullock who was actually born in Canada. Any wild west fan will love this place

Robert elliott

Absolutely stunning to walk among the resting place of so many colorful figures of the Wild West

Jesse Garcia Galiano

Pelo desprezo que aqui me causa Pela causa que apenas a eternidade O barulho alheio o silêncio eterno A reprocidade absurda que causou O rosa quântico tão irreal A imagem que produz produzirá A quantidade o veneno o capuz Sim o perturbador que correrá assim Neste terreno você minha vida

Dana Carlson

Took a tour bus, extremely informative. Well worth the $10!

Threetimes Thecute

Wild Bill Hitchcock & Calamity Jane's Graves! Need we say more?!

housing plus

Was there june 17th and had my sevice dog with me with service vest , lady behind counter says no dogs allowed ...i said he is a service dog ,can't u see his vest... then she ask what he did for me and if i had papers and by law there not supposed to ask that , i told her the law and she let us go reluctantly ...and then in a snotty voice says well clean up after him.....

Heather Hoge

Sounds odd to tell people to go to a cemetery but this is one of my favorite places in Deadwood. It's a glimpse at the history of the town and the views are incredible. It is definitely worth hiking up to Bullock's grave.

Vickie Greenacre

Lots of history, very well kept.

Nick & Lorena Collier

Vicki Spencer

It's a very cool graveyard. So much history there. It is a steep walk, but I think it's worth the view, as it looks over Deadwood.

Quintastics Adventures

Western History Buffs will love this place. Don't drive your motorhome to the cemetery for the hillsides are at least a 10 grade climb. There is plenty of parking in Deadwood.

Matt Walters

Nice place to stop. Offers some great views of the city. Make sure to stop by Bullocks grave. It’s a little hike up but still cool.

kahiro kahiro

(Translated by Google) Superb experience in this place that recalls the history of deadwood. A very well done plan takes you through the graves of the personalities who helped make this little town a unique place. Deadwood is really a beautiful step not to be missed when you come to South Dakota (Original) Superbe expérience dans ce lieu qui rappelle l histoire de deadwood. Un plan très bien fait vous fait sillonner à travers les tombes des personnalités qui ont participé à faire de cette petite ville un lieu unique. Deadwood est vraiment une belle étape à ne pas manquer quand on vient dans le sud dakota

Thomas Potter

Our family went through the cemetery using the map the visitor center provided...although Wild Bill and Calamity Jane was the main attraction I enjoyed hiking up to Seth Bullock's grave. The cemetery is on a hill and will give a workout if you are not in shape. Note we found a gopher had made a home under the white Chinese structure.

Meriam El Mansour

Interesting place to feel wild west history

Klein Alain

(Translated by Google) This is where Calamity Jane and Bill Hitchcock are buried. A page of history of the American farwest. Amazing visit. (Original) C'est ici que sont enterré Calamity jane et Bill Hitchcock. Une page d'histoire du farwest américain. Visite étonnante.

Sarah Thygesen

Make sure you take cash... The admission is $2 a person, cash only, and the ATM machine is out of order in the visitor center, and their credit card machine apparently doesn't work either. Not very tourist friendly.

Jeff Price

Lots of history. Clean and easy to get to.

Sam Brummett

Lots of history.

Silvia Itin di viaggio

(Translated by Google) really great cemetery, you can see the grave of Wild Bill, calamity Jane and Seth Bullock. To visit (Original) Cimitero veramente grande, si possono vedere la tomba di Wild Bill, calamity Jane e Seth Bullock. Da visitare

Jessica G

We loved the cemetery itself, but beware the gift shop owner "Mel", a rude and squirrelly man. The bathrooms are closed in the off-season, so make sure you take care of your needs before your visit. Because of this, admission is also free (usually it's $1). The visitor center has some great history and information on the cemetery that will enrich your visit. The gift shop is in the same building, which is where we had the experience of the gift shop keeper shouting at us from where he sat to quit "stealing his book titles" as we were checking reviews online on his books for sale. Ample, free parking. Be sure to pick up a newspaper at the gate to guide your walk in the cemetery.

Gene C

Historic cemetery. Well kept.

Constance Strott

As a child, my brother and I read about Wild Bill and vicariously lived the life of a gambler. I never thought I would be here and see the graves of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. Mount Moriah Cemetery is very well kept. Interesting that the maintenance and preservation are funded by the proceeds from the casinos. I would highly recommend that you take an hour from your vacation and tour this piece of history

Matt Tibbs

We spent a afternoon visiting the burial sites of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Seth Bullock. To reach Seth Bullock's final resting place, you will have quite a hike up hill. The cemetery was well-kept and the employees at the shop we're very kind.

Bruce Rose

Historic cemetery in deadwood. Stop and see the final resting place of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane.

Margaret Bean

Was there in April 2014. Loved the history of Deadwood. It's been in my mind a lot lately and can't wait to go back! Something keeps calling me back there! Maybe because I have some Lakota in me...who knows

Carolyn Hansen

Pretty cool place but be prepared to walk up hill for those that might be pushing a wheelchair. They have a grave site for the first woman Dr in Deadwood , which was pretty cool.

sean bercume

Was a great place to visit high point of our visit to deadwood. Pretty good hike to see Seth Bullocks headstone but well worth the trek.

John De santis

For who as my age and lived on the old west movies and storys will love to see where some of the people that was part of that story is barried

Jason Bathon

We had a great visit here! Be sure to go see Seth Bullock's grave as well, worth the walk. Best attraction and only $2 each! Very cool place to visit and see all the history.

Gerald Avery

To the person who described the grounds as not pedestrian friendly, the cemetery was established in the 1870's, and on a hill side high above Deadwood. What die he expect? Guess he expected flat ground with no ups and downs. Don't whine, when you have to walk up and down the hills. Stay at home in your easy chair. As far as I am concerned, one of the best experiences in Deadwood. Lots of history, and a compliment to the City of Deadwood for its care and upkeep.

Kevin Hlavenka

If you're a history buff or fan of the show Deadwood then you have to stop here. Wear your hiking shoes because its on the side of a large hill.

Billy Oliver

At $1.00 worth it to see once.

ken dabkowski

Check out the graves of Wild Bill, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock, Potato Creek Johnny and more!

Clyde Felton

Ted Thompson

Can you love a cemetery? It was interesting to see the graves and easy to find.

Deborah Auffret

paola lunardi

(Translated by Google) Fantastic (Original) Fantastico

Jessica Carter

If you would like to pay your respects to the likes of old time folks like Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, or Seth Bullock, people who made Deadwood what it became, then visit this cemetery. Be respectful, it is a serenely peaceful place. When we went, there were deer everywhere, and they were cautious, but not afraid of us. It was beautiful, and after watching the show Deadwood, it was pretty awesome to say a few words to Calamity, she really was an amazing functioning alcoholic.

Aaron Vega

There’s something immoral about charging admission to a cemetery.

Harry Jassi

(Translated by Google) The entry of $ 2 I think stupid. (Original) Den Eintritt von 2$ finde ich doof.

Tom Scardino

This is worth checking out if you're interested in the history of the area and the early settlers of Deadwood and the area.

James Jensen


Tyler A

The resting place of many famous cowboys/cowgirls as well as outlaws and sheriffs and many local folk mixed in. Bring your hiking shoes and some water because it's quite the trek to get around this place, but the history is worth it. The …

Fred C

An absolute don't miss while in Deadwood! The History that lies beneath the ground here is incredible!

Shelby Jackson-Register

Mount Moriah is one of those locations that if you shrug it off because it's a cemetery, you're missing one of the best spots in the town. Not only is it the location of the "guessed" graves of Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, but several …

Přemysl Černý

(Translated by Google) Famous Cemetery in Deadwood - here is buried Wild Bill Hickock and next to his wanderer Calamity Jane. Just keep in mind, Bar Number 10 on the main street, which shows a program involving the shooting of the Wild Bill, is not the bar where he was shot. He was actually shot in Bar Number 10 - Mann. but the building was still at the beginning of the city and burned down. (Original) Slavný hřbitov v Deadwoodu - zde je pohřben Divoký Bill Hickock a vedle jeho odbdivovatelka Calamity Jane. Jen pozor, Bar číslo 10 na hlavní ulici, který ukazuje i program zahrnující zastřelení Divokého Billa, není ten bar, kde byl zastřelen. Byl zastřelen skutečně v Baru číslo 10 - Mannových. ale ta budova stále jinde na začátku města a vyhořela.

Cathy Hale

Interesting place to visit!

Cory Cameron

It's an old cemetery with some famous folks graves. Be aware that if you elect to walk from downtown, it is a strenuous walk, especially for flat landers.

Charles Bennett

I came here for one reason, Wild Bill Hickok's grave. I was not disappointed. It's a steep walk up to the cemetery from the parking area.

seb hcd

(Translated by Google) Not essential to do if you have time - July 2016 Crossing Deadwood, located high over the city, parking along the street all downhill. Easy access, good reception and presentation of the plan to navigate. For the …

John Booth

Cemetery is full of history and worth the visit. Gift shop was not worth visiting kids not welcome.

Nico 63

(Translated by Google) Very welcoming ladies who call you a map of the cemetery. The entrance fee is $ 2. You will find the grave of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane, and other characters that have marked the local history. The city view is …

Jason M

Enjoyed our time visiting Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane at Mount Moriah Cemetery. R.I.P. Follow our adventure (see more photos) via Facebook/Instagram @ Happy Campers 227 as we travel this beautiful country full time.

Colton Devine

Michael Oestreich

The graveyard is very well kept and its enjoyable to walk through. There is an entrance fee of $2 per person in the winter months. If you walk from downtown to the site, be warned it is a strenuous walk up a steel grade hillside. Plus theres more walking up in the graveyard. Parking is limited and sadly there are no night runs at the site. The view from atop the hill is very beautiful and well worth it.

Frederick Breedon

It was disappointing the the highlight of the city of Deadwood is the cemetery. It's neat to see the final resting place of Wild Bill. The city itself has been overrun by casinos, completely destroying the authentic feeling of the city. Back in the 1990s Deadwood was a better stop.We drove through SD and simply skipped this whole place in 2016.

Matey Checko

We stopped at Deadwood to see the final resting place of Buffalo Wild Bill, one of history's best show man and Calamity Jane. The cemetery has a nice view of the town.

Mike Tigerbaer

(Translated by Google) $ 2 entry, grave of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane at the beginning after about 100 m .. right. At the flag a bit further you have a good view of the town. (Original) 2 Dollar Eintritt, Grab von Wild Bill und Calamity Jane am Anfang nach ca 100 m.. rechts. An der Fahne ein Stück weiter hat man einen guten Blick auf das Städtchen.

Nicholas Miller

Great stop for a bunch of history.

Julie Johnson

Was so awesome to see the burial site of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. It was so hot. Take sunscreen and water.

Rob Ashford

So much is made of Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood, even in this cemetery which you have to pay $2 to visit! By all accounts Wild Bill was only in the town a few days? Surely the real hero was Seth Bullock, yet he hardly gets a mention!!! Let alone a prime spot in the cemetery.

Pikazar 100 central


Ira Mitchell

Moving. Stopped during a snowstorm to see the graves of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane with the family.

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