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3200 Indian Village Rd, Mitchell, SD 57301, United States

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Where is Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village?

REVIEWS OF Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village IN South Dakota

sanath kumar

An off track location that is very interesting to see and observe. An active archaeological site where you can observe what happens on a dig

Bill Maxwell

Very interesting insight into human life. Archeologists study homes and tools of a Native American community that lived around what is now Lake Mitchell in the 1300's.

Robert Sears

Terrific site and museum for all ages!

Vicky Tracy

We received a personal tour but only because we went early morning, they open at 8 which is really great. The staff are knowledgeable and very ready to answer a question. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the work that has gone in to making this dig site open to the public

Erik Gonzalez

The dig site is still active. Make sure to check out the model of the dwelling inside. Small admission fee.

Natalie Acheson

Wow! An amazing experience right here in South Dakota! A must see museum and an active archeological dig site. Best time to go is late June, early July if you want to see the digging but anytime you can see the amazing artifacts. What will future civilizations think of us!?

Sherrie Stanton

Very cool place!! The gentleman who walked us through informative.

Deanna Stubbs

Small site... lots of parking. Small path to walk on to get there.. not sure if its handicapped accessible, small area for kids to dig for bones and artifacts.. pretty cool though that you could see workers digging and looking for artifacts.. small gift shop.. gift shop was a little pricey

Sylvia Larson

listen. this place was really weird. I had no idea what to expect when I decided on a whim to take my sisters here. The pre-museum video was informational but unnecessary, considering we were two teens and a 4 year old. The museum tour was short and weird. Our guide was a sarcastic college student. When we went to the dig site he basically let jessa run up and down all the staircases with no repercussions. It was amazing, having him as a tour guide completely made our visit worth it. We're planning on coming back again!! It was some of the most fun ive had all year.

Dorothea Casey

A subject I didn't know much about. It was interesting to watch the archeological students dig and interesting to talk with them.

Gary Ashley

The people were great and very informative will treasure the visit

Todd Diehl

Very informative, very interesting, had a really good time talking with the people.

s n

Great place to learn the ancient Indian’s history.

Justin Renfroe

The man working was very nice and helpful.

Ray Webb

History of Native American culture. They provide over night camping with BSA merit badge options as well.

Gofler Chris

Nice place to visit and learn about the native people of the area. If you find yourself in Mitchell, kill time here and at the corn palace. It's small, they try hard and are passionate about their exhibits.

Nicholas Fell

Great place, but parking was confusing.

Chad Rector

The thing where the kids get to dig up "arrowheads" was silly but the kids really liked looking at the actual dig site.

Darrell Barber

a.azing place to go see history. A must see on your way to the west. Definately explore their gift shop. They have a neat cove palace island indian jewelry collection with raw stone specimens available to purchase!!!

Nathan Delano

Fascinating. The history lesson it provides makes it a must visit. Well worth the slight detour off of I-90. There are hands-on archeology exhibits in the archeodome, which is an active archeological dig site.

Jasmine Smith


Ange Stonefield

This was a great, informative trip for kids and adults alike.

Ptak Light

Amazing archeological site that is still being discovered today. While we were there a grizzly Ensisor was discovered. Kids loved it as well as the adults.


Awesome to see a live dig site and great for kids! Sparked a lot of conversations and was very educational.

Sharene Adams

Thos is a gem of a spot! It's a reconstruction of what may have been an earth lidge 900bc. There is an archeological dig that you can observe in the summer but it's open for viewing. There are people who walk with you and give insight to what they have discovered over the years. A must see if you are interested in prehistory.

Ken Goodfriend

Awesome up-close archeological dig. Activities and movie is really engaging for kids. Must see if you are in the area.

Roger DeKok

This is a must stop treasure. It brings a reality to real history.

matt kern

I took the tour a few years ago and was really surprised at how much information you gain on the tour. They also have many activities for kids like spear throwing and digging for plastic arrow heard that they can turn in for a real arrow head. Would recommend for any family visiting mitchell

Deen Garcia

Such an interesting place to visit. I had no idea that there is an active archaeological dig site here. Better yet. .....they built a dome over the site to protect it from the elements and to allow visitors to enjoy it.

Graeme Young-Batman

Best mitchell has to offer. Get the guided tour. Throw the ATALTL as many times as you can. Highlight of all of South Dakota! PLEASE challenge the tour guide to a ATALTL throwing contest. Our family loved this place.

Danielle Beuchle

Fun stop with a short hike. Lots to see but not a lot for little kids to do. If you have bad knees hips or ankles I would not recommend.

Brandon Lieberman

The tour guide knows a great deal, which made our experience amazing!

doyle gortmaker

Been there two times loved it both times. Surprise what I learned. If you haven't been there go.

Darlene Engelmeyer

Free day open house. Several great activities for all ages.


Best local guide, I ever met. 100% for the place.

Diane Pavlovich

Delightful, interesting

Oscar Sevilla

Great historical place. Learn a lot and my kids enjoy the trip

Venus Bubble

It was fun though the I max theater was kinda burning and gave me a head ache

Michael Kaveler

Stopped for the Corn Palace, wish I knew about the Indian Village. Thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Lisa Lanham

Was so excited to go there (after Corn Palace) but as soon as we pulled in, it started raining! Bummer! The gentleman that was working was very knowledgeable & friendly...explaining all about the dig & other things available there. We will surely head back to Mitchell & return.

Ron K

very interesting

Jane Charchenko

We enjoyed learning about the ancient people who once lived here. Actually seeing an archeological dig with artifacts still present was quite fun. I especially loved the tiny pottery bowl on display. It was an enjoyable visit.

Virginia Slattery

Love learning about ancient cultures! Fascinating to be able to observe an actual dig in progress!

Dan Weaver

My first active archeological dig. The kids enjoyed the activities too.

Del Jensen

Great people there! Lots of interesting things to see and do!

William Ruis

Very neat and clean open dig of Indian Artafacts

Chopper S

Very interesting with lots of artifacts! Jordan was great & very kind to the kids.

Matthew Zachman

A cool and interesting place. Kind of small, but a great experience and a lot to learn.

Marie Moore

I had a wonderful visit to this museum!!! Very interesting and educational!!

Kelly Dunkeson

The staff was super friendly. The little movie was informative. Be ready for a hike to the actual excavation site, but it was worth it...the grandkids loved this place, especially the hands on area.

Christina Kasal

This place was awesome full of history.

Rachel Hayden

this is a pretty spectacular working archaeological dig that allows folks to come in and actually dig in a climate-controlled environment it's pretty nice it's worth coming to see. the views are beautiful of Lake Mitchell. guides are pretty knowledgeable, they have done a tremendous amount of work and the exhibits for kids are all hands on and that is very cool.


Very informative and very well put together. My favorite part was the bison skeleton. Very worth the cheap admission price.

Barry Mulroney

Informative site but needs to be developed into a more visitor friendly site. To academicly oriented.

Marty Caffey

Great exhibit and history.

Mark Hopkins

Very interesting ongoing archaeological dig. I wasn't really looking for this place but happened to find it and went in on a whim. Not very big but very educational.

Harry Myer

Most valuable time spent in town. Will go again. Great displays. Real research and vast knowledge.

Dexter Gibson

Learned a lot in 40 mins ,than it closed

fount mckinley

Very educational. The tour guide was exceptional.

Matthew Kearns

Nice little place for a hike and learning about this unique location and history.

Shannon P

Our daughter attended the Girl Scout over night event that they hosted. She has a great time and learned a lot. The dome is very neat, you get to see items in the ground that they are still working on getting out. There were also some hands on exhibits for kids, they could touch real bones. Overall I would say for a family this is a great educational experience.

CD Hanson

Really a neat place to visit and learn. The tour guides and people who work here are very attentive and helpful.

Carol Tellez

Great tour, great tour guide, well worth the stop.

Laura May

Very cool to see a living archeological site. The grids, what they have found, what will be found, just mesmerizing

Emily Kenney

This place was awesome! We learned alot and were given the chance to throw the atlatl, a natice american hunting tool! Forget the corn palace, this place is worth getting off the highway for!

Nathan Sandberg

An interesting adventure and good educational opportunity

Robert Stephenson

if you have an iq above 93, go here instead of the corn palace, and spend a good half day. really

Shirley Chalmers

Very interesting and I liked there gift shop

Julie Hartmann

Very interesting and so close to home

Blake D.

Well I suppose if you draw upon your imagination you can visualize how it might have been like. I will say that at least it was not some staged tourist attraction, and that is good. Its good to be at the waters edge and look for the turtles and insect life. I left happy.

James Marsh

We saw this in the 70's when it was little more than a few holes in the ground. It has evolved into a great way for people to learn about the indigenous cultures around here as they would have lived in 1000 AD. The Archaeodome has a combination of hands on and media to engage a variety of ages. The lodge house was worth a look. And yes there is a gift shop, lots of items from toys to art to candy, made for about every budget and many tastes.

Dan Holstad

Very educational and pleny of friendly people available to answer questions

William Sanford

Staff is exceptionally helpful. Indoor dig was amazing.

Mike Loween

Really interesting. Good information.

kathy merithew

Interesting to visit, be prepared to pay entrance fee and to walking a lot.

Richard Kasson

Educational and mind opening

ken smith

Very educational.... an active dig site

Larry Whitaker

Very well done and super interesting.

Richard Krueger

Primitive dig. Not commercialed.

Nick Bakhtiari

Always interesting! They have added some new exhibts. Its definitely worth checking out!

Tom Schuler

Cool place, glad we stopped in

Tait Erickson

Awesome place so underrated

Wendy Albright

This place absolutely the best part of Mitchell South Dakota. It's a must see for children and adults. With an authentic dig site on the grounds of the museum to visit it take you back in time and really makes you think about the history of the Native Americans. It's a wonderful place with very helpful employees.

Megan Jean

Fun experience. Our host was knowledgeable and seemed to really love sharing the story of the original caretakers of this land. We were able to meet and talk to the lead archeologist Dr. Adrian Hannus. My son was start struck! What amazing work they do here! Please consider supporting this site. We can learn so much from researching the past.

Lyle Hart

Very cool place, lots of history there and lots of information. Everyone had a good time, wish we had more time to look around but we were on a short schedule!

Erica Harvey

So much to learn! Great tour!

David Schwarz

If you are in town for a day, it's definitely worth the visit. I actually learned quite a bit, but was only disappointed that there is no time line. All of the artifacts are scattered, and though the civilization only lasted an estimate of less than two hundred years, I think as an archaeologist dig site, a little more information which helps us understand how the people progressed would be helpful. It's scattered a bit as it is. The video should focus more on the people and less on the project as well. I think most of us are much more interested in understanding ancient civilization when we visit, than we are in archaeologists of today.

Malik Koehler

The archaeological facility on these grounds is very impressive and interesting. Although the museum portion isn't that large, the archeadome is the best part.

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