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805 S Kiwanis Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

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Where is Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History?

REVIEWS OF Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History IN South Dakota

Cindy Carlson

Updated, always fun. Great place for family

Lyssa Kuhl

It was raining so alot of animals weren't out!! The train wasn't running so kids were disappointed.

Lorinda Van Maanen

Clean, safe place. Things have changed for the better with recent new management, but we were super disappointed that they discontinued the popcorn bucket discounted refills. All the popcorn is now premade and bagged up...not fresh from the popper.

Amanda Versluis

Amazing!!! I love all the new explore areas getting that close to some of my faves animals

Sean Pluim

Nice zoo, won't take you all day to explore probably around 2 hours to get through the whole thing. To get the most out of it wait until summer as not all animals are out even in the spring time.

Rachel D

Haven't been to this zoo since I was little, but we brought my almost 2 year old niece here and were impressed. It's the perfect size that it's not overwhelming, but they have many animals to see. It's a nice layout and well taken care of. Staff were all friendly. Our niece enjoyed the carousel, petting zoo, playground, bear and bird exhibits the most. We will be back.

Logan Pederson

My family has been members for over 20 years and the zoo just keeps improving. They have awesome exhibits and a very friendly staff. Recently a new brown bear exhibit opened and they got 4 of the most playful bears that you could watch for hours. The next big item on the list is a new lion exhibit!

cory leaf

Nice little zoo with lots of animals for a zoo its size and price. Most animals were very close compared to other zoos I've been to.

Brian Frank

Great zoo much bigger than expected my daughter loved feeding the giraffes.

Ryan Massey

For the two years we lived in Sioux Falls we visited this zoo several times! Bought season passes both years. My kids absolutely loved it!

Adnan Akram

I have been here in winter. Its really bad to go in cold weather bcoz most of the animals will not be present. Its not a very big zoo and has lot of fake animal statues. For little kids its ok but if you want to see a lot of real and wild animals then it may not be the right place.

Pete Balzer

Very cool animal museum inside! Large selection of animals here! Only 12.75 to enjoy!

Tim M

The loraket exhibit is great along with the walkabout. Lots of fun

George Winchester II

Very very disappointing. More than half of the animal exhibit were empty. I strongly recommend not going. Waste of money and time. 5/19/19 I would give it no stars, but I had to just to post.

Samuel Toler

Visited this zoo with our 5 year old grandson and had a great time! The zoo is very well laid out. Many animals and very easy to get around. The museum that’s attached to the zoo was interesting as well. We spent about 3 hours at this zoo. Great Plains is a wonderful smaller zoo that has a great collection of animals. I especially like it because it is mostly flat and easy to walk or push a stroller or wheelchair. It also has lots of shade and benches which is nice on a warm summer day.

Paula Lo

This zoo is the perfect size and has most things that the bigger zoos do. You can spend and hour or 2, or spend all day leisurely strolling through. It's located in a great spot with lots of green space, free parking and a wonderful park right next to it. It usually not super busy, especially on a weekday. The Delbridge museum has been around since I was little and was moved here and this is a much better home than it had in the back of a hardware store. While it pains me that he killed each of these animals, it is also a place to see preserved specimens of extinct or, soon to be, species.

Kaylie Hewitt

Great for a small zoo. Clean and wonder animal

Brittany Kind

It was not too pricey for the family, no charge for parking, and the zoo itself was phenomenal! Something for everyone and plenty of shade to stop and cool off from the heat!

Sara Heath

Nice zoo. Animals seem very well cared for. Very expensive food options. $3.50 for a standard size bottle of water. However ticket prices were low.

Laura Troastle

Had fun. Love seeing the animals. Some of the older areas the cages block the animals for too much.

dennis boudreau

I liked the zoo, cause it was clean, and the animals looked like they are well taken care. I come from Milwaukee and the zoo there is a lot bigger and there is more walking distance, but here, I wasn't tired from walking or bored. You guys just need a fish exhibit. I was surprised that we didn't have to pay for parking, like in Milwaukee. I'll go back again and visit in the future. I was very pleased.


Fun zoo! Loved seeing all the animals being protected and the information given on each enclosure. This was one of the cleanest zoos I've ever been to.

Dakota Sioux

Always great entertainment for the children.

Cary Williams

Very nice zoo, very intimate here from Cincinnati which has excellent zoo, but very impressed

Annalesia Machado

The Great Plains Zoo was great overall. The animals there are very well taken care of, which is something that I love about this zoo. There are also many animals there. They recently put in a new bear habitat, which I found to be great. Especially the new playground for the little ones. The museum was also great. It is not only kid friendly, but also a great learning experience for everyone. I have a membership there, and will continue to go back there with my family.

Elizabeth Nenque

Small zoo, easy enough to do the whole park in one day. Great attractions.


Our group came from rapid City, it was wonderful, but what happened to the snow leapords and the animals were very healthy and the prices were right I will be back you can count on it.

Kari Slieter

We always have so much fun at the zoo. Our son love the new bear exhibit. He loves the playground there, we had trouble getting him to leave. He also loves the carousel.

Megan Gute

The Kangaroo exhibit was my favorite part aside from seeing the foxes, tiger and feeding the birds.

Tammy Austad

Amazing animals to see, lot all of tbem are out since its still spring. Nice zoo.

Richard Lang

Expect to wait an hour in line just to buy tickets. There are only two ticket SELLING windows open. But two other people are standing around waiting to TAKE the tickets. If they just moved one ticket TAKER to the ticket SELLING windows, the line would move 50% faster.

Adam Hofer

I take my children to the Great Plains Zoo every weekend. We love it! We have a different experience every time we go, but it is always a good experience. It has been fun getting to know the animals' personaities. I love the new additions they are making at the zoo. A $114 yearly pass is a deal.

William Price

Always an inexpensive way to spend a couple of hours. Clean well kept with a friendly staff. They have a new exhibit were can go inside the kangaroo enclosure with no fences between you and the kangaroos. Good family fun.

Nicole Bardon

We went to the zoo expecting quick visit but we easily spent three hours in this park with my 4 year old and 1.5 year old. It was nice that we could bring in a backpack with snacks and water. The animals were all pretty active and overall we had a great time. Nice little zoo, worth the cost!

Marcus Guider

I wish it was more hands on with the animals.

Mikayla Blumer

I’ve been to quite a few zoos and this is by far the best set up I’ve ever seen at a zoo. I love the signs in front of each of the different exhibits. It is very helpful when trying to find certain animals. There seems to be an adequate …

Big girls hike TOO

Winter in the zoo is awesome. I think I was the only person there. I spent 30 minutes alone with a tiger. She gave me kisses through the glass. It was an amazing experience.

Becky Twaddle

Very enjoyable day.Train ride , plenty of play stations, concessions and restrooms.

Droz Henbane

Good place to take the little ones. Tiger exhibit is the best part.

Justin Roddy

Great place for the whole family lots to see.

Kevin Halfpop

Pretty nice zoo for a town that size. My family loved it. Reasonable priced food, Good time I would go again

Andy h

This is a great little zoo. They have a terrific selection of animals to view. I was impressed with what I saw. Definitely better than what I expected walking in.

Joni Jacobsen

Very nice. The zoo has done a great job of updating the animal's environment. Our grandchildren enjoyed it because they could see the animals on their level. The workers were friendly. Even though the parking lot was full of cars, it didn't feel there were that many people around you while going through the park.

Lana Tran

Loved the zoo! Great place to bring the kids! There was a little play area there as well!

Kristen DeJager

I'm so glad I brought my 1 year old and 6 year old to the zoo for the day while visiting Sioux Falls. We had a great time feeding lorakeets, watching foxes and wolves, and taking a little train ride. It's a smaller zoo, but well kept and lots of fun for the kids.

Brian Witzel

This is an awesome zoo and great place to spend the day with your friends and family!!

Lissa Hendricks

Even with the recent flooding the visit to the Zoo was worth it. We got to be up close with the giraffes. Their size is a lot more impressive when you are at the indoor enclosure. The monkeys were social and playful and quite interested in my daughter.

Mona Johnson

A lot of empty displays Would have liked to see more animals

Anahi Gomez

Loved it! May not be the biggest zoo, but it sure is amazing! The animals are so silly!

Kyle Polvere

Fun spot to spend a few hours


Very laid back atmosphere. It was great listening to all the small people ooo and aah. Probably best to avoid the noon hour as it also appears to be nap time for the animals. Lol

Jason March

A great zoo worth every penny to go. Good variety of animals to see and a petting zoo as well!

Debbie Howard

A lovely spot. Well kept and clean. We arrived late so only had an hour but there were very few people so we had the animals to ourselves.

Carson Merkwan

Gets better every year! Birthday party


Conserve some almost extinct species #Sorry chinese alligator, you are just one of the 150 left.

Barb Widner

Enjoyed the zoo in the morning with clients from the LEC which included 18 clients was it 22 clients and for staff.

Heather DeWit

We visited the zoo again after not stopping by for a few months and there are already even more awesome and interactive experiences for all ages to enjoy. Our annual pass is worth it for stopping by for long and short visits. I'm so thankful to have this right in Sioux Falls!

William Baird

The kids enjoyed their field trip here but there were basically no open concession stands or gift shops except for the small one at the entrance. So alot of walking in the heat in between water fountains and nowhere to get into some ac to cool off the kids.


Was so cool seeing the Bears active they were so cool playing kids loved it where's the habitats are a little bigger for the animals but otherwise it was really cool!!!

Scott Siebert

Good exhibits, able to get up close to most of the animals

Sarah Ricard-Walton

This is a smaller zoo, but very well maintained, and it does seem like they're always adding to it. For its size, there's a lot of variety of animals, from birds to big cats to bears. It's also a nice bargain. For the price of going to the movies, you could have a fun and educational experience checking out all the fascinating animals. There is a markup with the refreshments in the cafes and such, but that's to be expected, and again, it's no more expensive than the movies. For $11 today, I got a shareable portion of delicious fries and a cool commemorative refillable cup. The museum portion of the zoo has some realistic models of animals and is interesting if you're into that sort of thing. I also hear that there's a good selection of kids' programs and events at this zoo. You can also go during the winter and still have a great time, as we did several months ago. Keep in mind that all animals may not be available to see, but they do have special winter viewing areas. All and all, a very enjoyable time, and I will definitely be back soon.

April Lehmann

Visiting the zoo was a very nice experience. I'm a regular at this zoo. My family gets a membership every year. There has been a lot of updates within the last year to include a new playground within the zoo, sand area, and new animal exhibits. We loved the bears and kangaroos! They are our family favorites!

KayLee Door

Amazing zoo!!! loved the variety, most of the employees were sorta grouchy and seemed bored, and that was sorta a downer. Two employees were very very nice!!! the women who was by the sheep who was very kind and a women who talked to us about the bears was amazing! overall a fun experience. wish the staff was nicer though.

Phil Schneider

Nice zoo. A bit on the small size, however definitely worth the visit. Great for kids and adults.

Katie's Cottage

Great Plains zoo is wonderful! Its clean, the workers are friendly and answer questions. It's a small zoo but very well cared for. The gift shop is nice with plenty of zoo related merchandise. We had a great time. The food is a little expensive. There's a colorful merry-go-round and a train that will take visitors around the zoo.

Joy Jones

Great zoo...very family friendly. The Great Plains Zoo is really a wonderful zoo to spend the day at with your kids. It is a very family friendly zoo. The Bear area is so much fun When we were there recently, the bears were playing with …

Leah Moody

Great place to casually walk and enjoy the animals.

Matt Boyda

Tons of animals on display. Go early if you want to see the animals being active. Great opportunities to see and learn about so many different species of animals. Great place to spend the day.

April Salisbury

Excellent experience on the kangaroo walkabout. Also loved the Lorikeet exhibit. The kids had birds landing in their hair and preening them. They were a basket of giggles.

ally hemmer

Beautiful zoo, love how they continously improve each year! We have had a membership for years!

Donna Moeller

I think it a pretty zoo. It was a nice walk the weather was perfect. But I think the penguins could use a bigger pond. Some of animals could be in a bigger area all in all I would go back. In fact I am thinking of getting a membership.

Jill Gebauer

The zoo is awesome and always has great special activities for kids. I wish the cost was not quite so high or they didn't charge for kids until 5 because then I could take the little ones more often. Also, it'd be great if the special activities were discounted too.

Lisa Cash

The new addition of the playground area by the bears is great. It'll be exciting to see what's next!

Rachel Iverson

We loved this zoo, it’s a little on the small side but it’s big on charm. Our favorite exhibit was the snow leopard exhibit, they had just fed him and we got to watch him chew on a nice big hunk of meat. We also really enjoyed watching the different birds in the aviary area. Staff was interactive and friendly enclosures were clean. The Bears were really playful and you could tell they were having a great time. I would recommend this for families, but we don’t have kids and we also had an amazing time!

Rebecca Waldner

Very poor service everuthing closed for winter hours already and very dirty restrooms! Would not recommend at all.

Joey Luther

Nice little zoo that only takes a couple hours to see everything. Don't expect something like Omaha but the selection is just right. Bring the kids and enjoy a family outing at the Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History in Sioux Falls! Oh, and don't forget to bring sunscreen!

Mary Nickel

Always a nice place for a walk and the animals seem happy and well cared for!

Jake Anderson

Small Zoo, but definitely worth the visit.

Nicole Avey

Great little zoo! Big enough to see lots of animals but small enough that kids don't get tired of walking around.

blah blah

Too small not enough to see not very cool.

Cindy Schlagel

It Was Fun Going To The Zoo!


Very clean, friendly staff. Kids loved the monkeys, bears and food!

Matthew Minderhoud

This is definitely not the largest zoo out there, but despite its small size, it offers a good 4 hours of fun. There are many different animals to be seen, most are threatened or endangered species. Many of the enclosures are quite small, but you can often get very close to these animals. The brown bears were amazing! They were so playful and fun to watch. This is not a full day zoo, so it is good for little children who would be exhausted after walking all day long. The museum is also quite nice, it exhibits many different animals from each continent. The farm was also quite fun, the goats will eat right out of your hands! If you are looking for a big zoo with large exhibits and an abundance of animals, this is not the zoo for you. If you are looking for a nice 3-4 zoo trip, then this zoo is for you.

Meghan Randall

The zoo is always fun. There are plenty of places to sit down and plenty of shady places for hot days. Great when you're there with small children.

Rod McClanahan

Nice city zoo. Wonderful place to take young children.

Jackie Madison

You can get close to the animals, but some of the pens seem small and sad. The market food is much better than expected

Alaster Sandler

This is definitely not the largest zoo out there, but despite its small size, it offers a good 4 hours of fun

Robert Mathis

It was ok but we paid $3.00 a piece for a train ride that took us around an empty field

Holly Whorton

First time going to Great Plains Zoo, although my daughter has been here before on a school field trip. Very nice zoo, but most of the animals were asleep! Friendly staff, and even some of the animals were also friendly! They even posed for pictures! Would recommend going to this zoo!

D Johnson

Nice small zoo. They were renovating some of the enclosures. Nice and clean.

Randy Doyle

It was good for a small zoo. You could tell the animals were well cared for. I also enjoyed the Museum of Natural History they have there. The animal exhibition was quite nice

Richard Fuller

Very clean Zoo. Very impressed! The animals were well cared for and saw animals from all parts of the world. It was 12.00 for adults. Children were 10.00. 5 and under free. Close to I-29 and I-90. A must see while in South Dakota. Very nice Zoo.

Bobbie Jo Krpata

Very clean with friendly staff. Its a grrat zoo and museum for those looking to get out for a couple hours. Doesn't take a whole day.

Scott Costigan

In winter at 14°f we had zoo to ourselves as the animals looked at us as much as a curiosity as we looked at them. These two were very well suited to the weather. Staff was very nice.

Kate P

So many new changes and new exhibits a must see for all ages.

Katelyn Mather

Was so fun! Loved to see all the awesome animals.

Julie Kuehn

The Sioux Falls Great Plains Zoo was so cool! The animals were very active and because we visited in January we had many areas to ourselves without the summertime crowd and were able to take our time viewing the animals. Definitely coming back again.

StEpHaNiE Marie

Love this zoo, wish it were bigger!

Anna B

Huge disappointment. Nice size zoo but hard to negotiate as their maps are not accurate and very confusing. Signage not much better. Several people were complaining. Train, carousel,cafe were all closed and it wasn't even Labor Day yet when you might expect things to switch to a winter schedule. I had a half price admission. IMO it wouldn't be worth full price. I had stopped at the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown, SD on my way into Sioux Falls and while a much smaller zoo I found it much nicer and enjoyable. I did enjoy the museum included with the zoo admittance.

Della Whitcomb

What a great place for me to take my grandchildren, or for a family to spend time together! So many nice exhibits to enjoy. The Safari train and the Carousel are wonderful to enjoy also. The punch card for rides is a nice addition...good savings! I highly recommend purchasing that. Having a yearly membership is the best. That includes discounts of snacks and gift shop items....helps when you take kiddos!

Mesay Solomon

Most of the animals are put away but still it's a great place to visit. It's a well kept facility.


The great plains zoo has become a great place to go! I have been coming here for almost 25 years and I can tell you my latest visit there was the best buy a mile! They have added so many great attractions and animals. And the best part was that you could actually see all of the animals. We've all been to Zoos where you can't see anything because the animals are all sleeping somewhere. Definitely not the case here. It's clean and convenient and there was plenty for kids to do including the petting zoo and a really nice carousel sponsored by the Sanford family. I would highly recommend this sue for any one of any age.

Massage and Wellness Center

We had a nice time for such a small zoo. I think the animals need more room though.

Dave Schulz

Great place to bring the family. Bot often a fan of zoos, dont like seeing animals penned up in tiny enclosures, but they do a pretty good job here. Animals looked healthy for the most part and staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Prices were fair as well. Giraffes were great!

Dave Miller

Lots of new things at the great plains zoo and delbridge mueseum. Griaffes monkeys bears oh my. Great place to bring your kids grandkids or any kids for that matter. So many things to see and do.

Stadiume Hott

Not a terrible place. The Animals seem well taken care of. It's not a huge place but is good for the area.

Brian Clarey

The Zoo is one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon. Great Plains Zoo for it's size does not usually disappoint, however this is weekend a lot of animal displays were empty.

Malinda Davis

Nice zoo for it's size. Well maintained and a good layout.

Carla Hepp

Beautifully groomed grounds accent the treasures within the zoo. Zoo keepers are keenly aware and attentive to the animals needs. You can see the bond of the animals and the keepers. The human to animal interaction is a clear visible …

donna lent

It has a lot of animals and I enjoyed it very much I've never seen so many animals up close

Paulee Bauer

Had a nice variety of animals to see. Very nice and well kept zoo. Would recommend for families to take their children. Good time.

Dennis Mozer

Great zoo - however the train ride is not worth the price as there is little to see on the ride.

Collin Andersen

Small but had a very nice time with the cooler weather and my little one.

Marsha Howard

It is a nice do I! Not huge so you don't have a lot of walking! Nice gift shop too!

Paula Marshall

For the cost of admission for my two daughters and I to get in I am not sure it was worth it. My 9 year old was excited and happy, so that's what was important.

LaVonne Benson

Almost of the animals were out, some were napping but you could see them napping and they seemed like younger animals than before when I was here. The zoo is immaculate and has lots off grass & flowers. Shaded areas to stop in. Fun things for kids to do. Even a little park in part of it: a slide, things to climb on. My 3 year old grandson and I were there ALL afternoon! Oh and inside was fun too! He played for almost an hour in there.

Tailinna Beckmon

I went here with my big sis Erica not last Saturday but the Saturday before it started off cold then warm then cold again but I mean I had my sunglasses because it was bright outside and some animals were actually so hilarious I should've took a picture but I didn't

Holly D

We love going to the zoo. It keeps my little one entertained, quite an assortment of animals to view. The petting area is a favorite of ours!

Samantha Garza

Much smaller than we had expected but we were very impressed with everything. Beautiful and well kept.

Kendall Larson

This is the only zoo in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area other than Omaha and it does not disappoint. They have a huge museum sections with a multitude of animals from various continents. Once you enter the park there are plenty of things to see, like tigers, bears, leopards, wolves, anteaters, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, and so much more. There's also a large petting zoo area for little ones to interact with the animals.

Kevin Lopez

We absolutely love this place. Winters are long but they keep it changing and keep it fresh. We are excited for the lions to be added. Some of the more interesting exhibits here are the Primates, African Safari, Asian Cats, and definitely the bears. If anyone is wondering whether or not the family membership is worth it??!? It is and helps the cause.

Rtown McKoopa

It's pretty dull. That said, there are so many that are worse. I suggest the taking the time to actually explore because much gets lost in the environment of the park.

Josh Klein

Nice place to take the kid for a couple hours. But the messiah market is rediculious on prices. Soda- a box of soda syrup costs around $100 for 5 gallons, which makes 30 gallons of soda. -they use 20 oz cups at $4.50 a cup (no refills), 1 box fills 192 cups. That's $864, they make a profit of $764 per box. Thats insane

Ryan McKeever

I have been very impressed with the continual improvement the Great Plains Zoo makes. It seems like they're improving an animal exhibit every year. Love the new bear exhibit!

Jeannie Welch

So many exhibitors were not open. They have taken out so many animals and not replaced them with something else

Will Griffco Recover

I have been here a half a dozen times in the past 25 years. It has gotten better over the years. I enjoyed the place more an adult I think than a kid. I love the cat exhibits they have. Pretty good time for all ages.

Beth Green

Really enjoyed the more up close exhibits

Ryan Egan

For a town the size of Sioux Falls this is a very decent zoo. It's well-kept and has a good variety of animals and exhibits. Some exhibits, like the penguins, for example, could use an overhaul. The carousel is great, the train isn't worth …

Heather Privett

Went to ZooBoo! Very cute and a great place for families!

Irma Quinones

dissapponted in the state of some animals here... baby alpaca was by himself. when you guys should know they need a pack . penguin exhibit was dissapointing so small no snow and no room for alot of swiming. they were just standing there looking bored out of their minds. also a giraffe in an enclosure by himself with no grass or anything and the flamingos had dirty water it looked green . and goats need sometype of grooming aswell . :( people were trying to pick dirt out of their fur because of how bad it was.

Arlo Walljasper

The zoo is small but a great one day family outing.

Eric Huisken

Great zoo to view some animals you don't see everyday. Perfect size to keep the attention of young kids.

Kathy Summers

We had a nice day to visit, our grand kids loved seeing all the animals.

Steven Thulin

This was my first time at the zoo since we moved here five years ago. I was reluctant to try it because it didn't seem very big. I wish we would have tried it sooner. It is well kept and we enjoyed the exhibits (especially the snow monkeys) and play areas. We also liked the indoor displays to get out of the heat. We will probably get a yearly membership to enjoy it more often.

Merlyn Ritter

Good zoo for all ages. Varey nice zy

Amanda Corson

Beautiful zoo, wonderful helpful, friendly staff. Great time for all!

Matt bohmbach

Great zoo for the size of city constantly improving.

Zachary Morris

Horrible service. They raised the price and didn’t give us a military discount when we told them we were active military.

Valree Sue Lopez

Little Zoos let you be up and personal with the animals. Love it.

Theresa Mckinley

Cute little zoo. The train ride is not worth it you don't get to see anything except for trees and some wild dogs and the giraffe. The museum is neat.

Nicholas Dendanto

Its constantly trying to.improve and always ensure animals are well cared for while allowing bits of knowledge about them

Alexis Althar

Small zoo but great experiences with the animals! Can get more up close and personal and less walking so we could see all the animals and still enjoy the extra fun stuff without everyone being completely exhausted!

Amy Ross

Small zoo great place to spend a few hours

Susan Klarenbeek

This zoo really has improved.

Keith Ditmanson

I thought the zoo was very over priced for what we saw. I don't know how an average family could afford to spend any time there.

Daniel Braam

Family friendly. Nice exhibits and clean.

Kris Fliehs

Many unique animals. I liked it more than the kids.

lona leiss

Enclosures were small. Giraffes are still in winter pens despite being an 80 degree day, no enrichments for any animals, mckaw didn't even have a water dish in his 4ft by 8ft cage, bears seem to have anxiety, half the exibits were empty. Zoo made me sad.

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