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Where is Devil's Gulch Park?

REVIEWS OF Devil's Gulch Park IN South Dakota

Barbara Steeg

A very intriguing place to visit

Cindy Lohr


Mike Gaines

Great history in area nice place to visit.

Brande' Black

There is a history here you cannot see any where else. With it's trails and greenery it was a great day spent with my family.

jon -

Apparently the hours posted here on Google and on the front gate are wrong. I was here today around 8:30am and the gate was locked and closed. What are the correct hours???

Tammie Thompson

Worth the trip to get the story.

Garrett Spencer

I'm usually not a fan of historical sites, but this was a beautiful location and a great place to stretch my legs on my cross country drive.

Dale Walker

Sacred place on the Lakotah trail.

Daniel, Tina Markovetz

I was reliving the past it was nice

Tanaya datta

A little hike... I liked it, stopped by going back.

Nicole Thome

Good hiking trail with a story about South Dakota's hisyory of Jesse James and the Younger Gang!

Jonathon Acierno

Would probably be really cool if you had a long time. I dont think I would bring kids because theres some pretty dangerous ledges to get any decent views.

Michael Nickisch

Awesome! Crazy views! A must see!!!

Jarrod Hafner

Beautiful scenery and history

Lisa Zimmerman

Very beautiful gulls and the water ways if you can get to them. Found a waterfall back in aways and it was beautiful. I hope the I got some good pics of the cliffs. My dogs love the trails.

Nathan Smart

Very unique place

Heather Patzer

Great hike!

Ivan Hudson

Nice park

daylin arevalo

Its beautiful park and good for smal adventures, hikes.

Lisa White

Breath taking views and amazing scenery

Katherine Mead

It a nice way to spend some quality family time in the outdoors. The trail is a little rocky and there are some drop offs that can't be navigated by small children.

Geej Nepia

Neat place. Big spiders lol

Charles Beechler

Interesting place to take a picnic lunch.

Kevin Parker

Located in a city-owned park in Garretson, SD, Devil's Gulch is one of America's hidden gems. A tributary of Split Rock Creek has carved out a rather impressive canyon in the Sioux Quartzite rock. It is difficult to convey the wonder of this place--the canyon is deep and narrow, the tributary tiny yet powerful, the rocks almost glisten in the sunlight. You have to see it for yourself. Beware of the road that leads to the parking lot. If it looks like you might get stuck up ahead, you will. When the road is bad you can still gain access to the gulch by turning into adjacent Split Rock Creek Park. The road here isn't much better, but you should make it. From here you can hike into the gulch by following the tributary upstream and under the railroad bridge. Be careful this is a difficult trail with uneven footing.

lynn stadheim

This was awesome park

Ray Whiddon

Cool place

Adam Whitelock

Serene. Love the hiking trails.

Dan Krueger

Great place to visit!

Jaime Diaz

Fun lol place & one of the trails leads straight to Split Rock park

Bill Moss

Really neat place.

Dennis Tjaden

Great roadside attraction. Fun and scenic.

ALun Ko

Awesome place !!

Jennifer !


masta shake

Great place

Lissa Hendricks

Devil's Gulch is a gem hidden away in Garretson South Dakota. Breathtaking walking paths with amazing views along the way. The beautiful Sioux Quarts surrounded by the varying shades of green of the plants combined with the stream and falls are just unbelievable.

Keith Knobloch

Not overly developed, but nice trails and bridges make the walk easy. Very beautiful area with a fun historical context also. It's not usually too busy, and it's waterfalls and rock formations offer a nice contrast to surrounding eastern South Dakota landscape.

Laura Gunst

Been there before and good place to walk

Racquel Heley

Good little hike and beautiful view.

Clicia Farnsworth

Very pretty scenery and nice trail, even with a 4yr old. Would have appreciated a little heads up before we stumbled upon a rattle snake tho (hard to see, but pictured below)

brittany swee

Such a hidden gem in South Dakota! This place is so beautiful and unique! Would love to come back here and go camping nearby and take the time to explore more!

JamesSmalleys Lifes Advertures

A must stop, bathrooms available in the warm season. Awesome views, interesting story that I don't believe but it's history it changes all the time. Camping a block away! Small Town!

Gerald Jacques

It was ok but. Not too many things to do!

M Ferguson

Beautiful! Great place for the family to visit!!

Joe G

A perennial favorite of mine--and my dog's. Here, the South Dakota prairie briefly gives way to the impressive rock formations, waterfall, and creek of Devil's Gulch. The trails through the gulch lead hikers to a series of vistas and climbs, and they can be a workout. Come mid-summer and enjoy a several degree temperature drop at the bottom of the gulch. Devil's Gulch truly is a must-visit.

JoshuaCaleb Wichner

nice place to go had fun with family n friends

LaVern Story

great scenery

Anna Underwood

Pretty walking trails... Not marked very well, though. Be sure you get a map at the visitor's center!

Caprice West

Good little stop nice to walk the trail and stretch your legs!

Chris Provance

Great little day trip. 1.5 mile hike can be slippery but not too strenuous.

Becky Berry

Amazing hike!

Jennie Haeffner

Awesome scenery!!

Quinn Swenson

Soo beautiful! The story of Jesse james is on the first reason to stop here. A beautiful hidden gem in MN.

Todd Watson

Nice trails

Carol Reif

The history behind the gultch is interesting.

Christina Melton


Jason Christensen

Much cooler than I thought it would be. A nice little gem in southeast SD. Go and walk around, it's very cool.

Pat Mc

So pretty!

Daniel Reynolds

We love the rock formations, the water below the waterfall and the hiking. Beautiful park in Minnehaha county.

Justin Winker

This is a great little trail - we went down just the trail for the waterfall observation point, and it took a bout 20-30 minutes to get to the waterfall point. I enjoyed the trail, it's not difficult but might be a little rough for elders. There are train tracks nearby as well, and unfortunately there was a train on it idling so instead of just nature's music we heard the him of the locomotive as well, but otherwise this is a great place for a short trail hike.

Preston Zifko

Great little park about 15 minutes from 90 but far enough to be a breather from a long trip. Just enough information on its history to help you enjoy it more. Hiking trails are pleasantly unrestrictive, letting you get right up to the gulch. Don't let children wander off though.

James Chatwell

Have fun

Hollie Huss

Family visiting from out of town. Park was closed off Sunday morning at 10 am. Hours listed say open from 7:45am-8pm. Google hours state you were open. Might want to fix your hours open if you aren't going to follow them.

Irinea Garcia Hall

Nice Park

Justin Dearduff

Unbelievable scenery very nice hike very helpful staff

Tennille K

Hands down one of my favorite hiking spots in this area. Lots of nature. Climbing and walking and you can cool off in the spring. The story of Jesse James jumping the gulch is pretty neat, you can judge how easy or difficult it would have been by standing at the part he jumped and pondering it a bit. You have everything from rock climbing and hiking, to laying in fields of grass and dangling your toes in the crystal clear water flowing through the rocks all in one place. What more could one ask for?

Trenton Asbury

Cool rocks.

Anna K

We took the short path off the interstate to see this, really glad we did. Learned a little more about Jesse James. And a special thanks to Garretson rocks!

Tim Koen

Great part 2 walk trails and is where Jesse James jumped over the creek to escape fall men. And is in Garrison South Dakota.

Sarah Curbow

Beautiful experience

Kandice Toth

Beautiful place to see and definitely worth the trip! Would recommend to everyone I know if you don't mind a little walking

James Sundell

Beautiful place and great folklore.

Jesse Fonkert

We take friends and family that are visiting out of state. Big fan of the area!

Dorian Warner

Great story, great park. Driving through what seems to be prairie for ever and you come to this cute little town. Follow the signs and you come to the park, start to hike and right there is this amazing gulch where the story goes Jessie James convinces his horse to jump. Pretty cool. We hiked every trail and although there is not much for distance this park packs it in.

Lloyd Clark

This is one of those places that you must go see at least once. WHY. Well, I can't think of any other reason than it is just there. Go see it and you be the judge. I was there, rode 2 hours to see it, but I was not disappointed. It is just one of those places that you have to experience just once.

Steve Eckerman

Awesome view with some good hiking trails

Phyllis Smith

Awesome place


Great scenery and fascinating history!

Ashton Brown

This place can be a quick stop to look at the Jesse James tourist attractions, or it could be a day trip where you go hiking along the trails. Breath taking views around every corner. Be sure to bring your camera.

Cindy Heesch

Great place to walk and spend time with family

Kat Finzen

I can finally review this place properly lol. It's a wonderful place to visit and it's super cool to see. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL!

SD gypsysailor

Great trails, and very good price, Free!!

Caitlin Jo

Educational. Clean and paths are well done. Enjoyed it with the whole family.

Butch Hasbrook

Very beautiful, historic park

Roger Focken

It's a excalent place to visit

Aaron Boone

Great place to see

Jeffrey Warner

Gorgeous hike, absolutely worth the stop.

Jenna Horrocks

So beautiful. We took senior pictures there.

Srikanth Adurthi

Nice place with excellent valley views. It has nice and natural rock formations.

Paul DeCou

It's a good place for a little hike. Definitely a lot of history.

Drew Daniel B

Great park

B. Clute

Absolutely fantastic! I'm visiting from Kansas and my beautiful niece was kind enough to show me all the beautiful sites in Garretson, South Dakota

Ramie Reyzlik

All I can say is.....WOW. So happy I stumbled across this place. Living in Nebraska, you don't get to see beauty like this. I was absolutely blown away. A MUST SEE!!!!! Free admission but there are donation places.

Rayburn Robinson

Awesome park, the Gulch and falls are awesome. The history of it is also very cool. My kids didn't want to leave!

Cris Butts

Free and beautiful!

Amanda Jo Pavlicek

Fun to walk around and explore! Wonderful spot for photography enthusiasts.


Very interesting park. Full of trails! Restrooms located at the front.

Hannah Olobri

This is a nice short trail. A little uneven in place but my 83 year old grandfather with pneumonia was able to do it.

Maria Sebastian

Very historical! Amazing stories! Love the water

Cody Huisken

What a neat piece of History and beautiful Terrain! A rare gem in a corner of the state that is dominated by agriculture.

Daniel Anderson

Great place to visit. Good for anyone interested in Jesse James (or history in general), and also good for anyone just looking for a pretty place to visit.

April Early

Amazing place to visit

Travis Hartman

Interesting little bit of old West lore. Information about the James'

Christopher Kubic

Devil's Gulch is an interesting and quiet place to walk around with great rock formations and rapids. I'd say it's a hidden gem.

Lynne King

Fun, very interesting park! Lots of history.


Very scenic! I enjoyed my visit. 9/10 would get drunk there again.

Ben Cedarberg

Moderately rugged hiking, would not work with strollers.

Dawne Olson

It's amazing! The history, the water falls, the gulch... It's a real gem of a spot to visit. We often take out-of-town guests here.

Mason A.

It is beautiful I've been there once but i will be going back

Adam Boggs


Chrystine Uilk

Beautiful place to hike

Paul Lightfoot

The park is kept clean, pretty cool experience. Summer time they have a port a john for visitors. A block or so away from the gulch there is an rv park which has a nice waterfall dam too.

Diane Giittinger Rainbolt

Fun hiking trails with kids. Not too difficult or long. Very pretty as well.

Lynn Stadheim

Came upon this on accident!!! It was great!!!

Charles Bennett

Good local park but there is no way that Jesse James jumped his horse over that gulch. Nice story though.

Charles Kent

As a kid I used to play Cowboys and Indians. Well, we have all been told stories about Jesse James or Billy the Kid. Not only is it a nice place to visit for a hike, but there is camping available.

Shawne Stanton

That was so much fun

Michelle Palmer

Fun, beautiful stop. Definitely different from the rest of the state.

TJ Harig

Great place in the Sioux Falls area to visit. If you enjoy hiking and the outdoors this is a must see. Also has some historical significance. Stop in and learn all about it. Last time we visited there was a gentleman demonstrating shooting an antique black powder pistol.

Heather Odens

Beautiful place. Great hiking.

Hannah H

Pretty place to stop, some short trails and a little bit of history as well!

Drew Laleman

Absolutely beautiful park

Kristi Wilebski

Great family time - climbing!

Mark Johns

Porta Potties completely full.

Teigan Nytroe

It was beautiful scenery

sam lucchese

Love how this State takes care of these parks

Jeremy Waldner

Interesting place and views.

Nick Holman

great spot for short hikes

David Bonham

You'd never think something like this wild exist in Eastern South Dakota!

Bob Herman

5 stars

Max Kaftanati

Definetevly a place to visit. Great views.

mike steinhofer

Historical spot with a great story. Must see

Valree Sue Lopez

Beautiful. Nice easy walk.

Shawn Wika

Nice place for a little hike through nature

Donald Holden


Ken Exner

Nice and peaceful place. Great walk around area.

Chandler Nelson

A great place for a quick hike. Simple enough for young kids to be able to tag along as well.

Claw Crew

Very cool lil canyon

Ner Ner

Peaceful and beautiful park with nice little waterfall and trails.

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