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12151 Ave of the Chiefs, Crazy Horse, SD 57730, United States

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REVIEWS OF Crazy Horse Memorial IN South Dakota

Tara Stage

Awesome information center and the bus tour is a definite must. Very awesome place to visit.

Stephanie Iannapollo

$30 entrance fee to view an unfinished project at the visitor center. Pay an additional $8 to take a 25 min bus ride to the base of the mountain and to listen to a very automated bus driver (also asking for tips). The visitor center was informative but also intense on receiving additional donations for the monument. Very expensive and disappointing. Save your money and view from the road!

Aaron Scott

I love the concept of what they are doing here, only this memorial will never be completed in mine or my children's lifetime which elicits the rating... it's rather disappointing to see from 3 miles away a completely unfinished memorial that they've been working on since the 1940s.

Aurora Vintilescu

Absolutely impressive! I’d recommend starting with the movie, especially if like me, you don’t know a lot about Crazy Horse/ Native American history. The story is beautiful, and makes you appreciate everything much more. Then I’d recommend taking the bus up to the mountain base. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable and super funny. I did not know that this was not federal funded, so it’s impressive to see how well kept it is! Everyone working here is super friendly and restrooms are spotless. Makes me want to read more about Native American culture and history when I get back home.

Tony L

Scam. I wouldn’t have gone if I knew the sculpture was only about 5% complete (after 75 years of work). Pretty much a ploy to get you into the gift shop and restaurant.

Keith Dalton

So much more informative than Mt Rushmore. The movie is very informative. Pay the $4 and take the bus to the base, it will give you the true enormity of the project. We'll be back in 10 years to see the progress!

Kevin Yates

Definitely something to see at least once. Pay the $4 for the bus ride to the base of the mountain. Worth it

Timothy Holland

Would have been nice to get closer but there are active explosions so...The kids really like it. The live native american dancers were really cool. Very nice place.

Pamela Wilcox

We were there 7/22/19. I had previously seen where you can walk up there. This is not happening and not sure when they stopped this. The entrance fee is $30 and each person is an additional $4 for the bus ride up there. However the bus ride gets you at a safe distance from the blast zone. It was disappointing to not be able to walk up there but the bus ride was ok. It is an active construction site so we did understand. Our tour guide “John” was made for that job. He was great and recommend him! The cost of everything is worth every penny. They are doing great things there.

Willy's Performance Cycle Center, Since 1969

The Crazy Horse Memorial is an outstanding experience for anyone. The mere task at hand is monumental to say the least. It is a very big, giant, granite carving that is slowly, but surely, coming to life. The entire grounds are immaculate, clean restrooms, and a very nice bus driver that really help bring it all into perspective.

Kris Hadis

Another massive giant sculpture is on going process. When they finish the work, the sculpture will be phenomenal. Beautiful area, and very relaxing atmosphere. You have many things to explore in this site, history wise. You could easily spend hours in here and will not get bored. Hope i will still be able to see the finished work of this majestic project.

carl petersen

Great, the Museum is fantastic. Would recommend taking the face to face tour to see it from up on his arm.

Chris Bloomfield

This site is very educational. I want to come back when it is actually finished, but it’s understandable that it is taking so long to complete because it is epic! The laser light show was incredible, but they need better seating for it. The hoop dancers were good and informative. I only wish they had a trail to hike to get closer to the monument, it’s a construction zone though and they don’t want people wandering near it. The sculpture studio was neat and almost empty of visitors. I think most people don’t fully explore the museum.

Les Day

Pretty cool place. It is decades from being completed. The story behind the monument is fascinating.

Steve Neely

A great tribute to the Native American Indians inspiring Monument

Sarah Skillington

$24 for two people to see an unfinished monument from two miles away. There is a lack of progress which needs to be addressed / made transparent. My boyfriend went in 2002 and he was excited to see what had changed but he says it looks exactly as it did 17 years ago. Where is the money going? I understand if a portion of the entry fee supports native indian education / preservation efforts but the main mission seems confused. Is any of the revenue going toward finishing it? Based on the last 20 years it seems not. Overall it left a bad taste in my mouth and I don’t think it will ever be finished.

Sheila Mussman

My children that are 9 and 12 along with two adults did the Volks March 2019. I'm not sure why anyone would do this again! I'm sure it is a good fundraiser. You were able to get in free if you brought non-charitable Foods. Along with $3 each. The hike was hard and strenuous at times. You marched through a mile and half of woods through muddy areas, slippery areas, rocky areas. When in reality you could just March up a dry dirt road. I'm sure it was all about the experience (forest like) There were people twice our age doing it. We are in our forties. So we figured if they could do it we could as well. It was breathtaking once you were up on the monument. Along the way they did have pit stops where you could buy water, Gatorade, some snacks. But again I'm not sure if I would do it again. K1186B

connie tarbah

This is not to be missed, we saw Mount Rushmore the day before so we were not sure if we wanted to see another some figure considering the cost to get in. But there is really alot to see, so much history and take the time for the Indian presentation, wonderful dancing. Next time I am in the area I will make sure to visit again to see what has been achieved on the monument.

Scott Windham

It's an amazing experience and the staff are wonderful to work with as well as the history of crazy horse. The light show is quite awesome

Keenan Nygaard

It's a bit of a money grab place as it is. Paid $24 for two people for a view I could have gotten from the road. I would recommend waiting until it's finished to go see it unless the artifacts and culture are your thing.


Everything here is so artificial. They just poorly borrowed couple of ideas and put them all together in one place for people to visit. The horse sculpture is less than half done, so I consider this a scam charging people $12.


The main center was perfectly put together and easy to navigate around, you got to see artifacts from Crazy Horse’s time period. Then outside you could hear about Crazy Horse’s life in a presentation by a Native American. Back in the front of the center you can take a bus that will bring you up to the mountain so you can see Crazy Horse up close. Later that night we returned for the Laser Light Show which was absolutely magical and breathtaking. There is nothing that I have seen that will compare to the beauty of Crazy Horse.

Mary Holden

Awesome. The magnitude of this monument is staggering. If you can afford it, take the face to face tour like we did. Our guide was awesome. Once they complete the arm, this opportunity will be gone forever

Rachel K

One word - AH-MAZING! we will definitely be back to see the progress. Wish I would have been able to do the tour up to the top.

eric post

I was quite disappointed although it is an impressive site. I was surprised the entrance fee was only to enter the visitor center. To get closer you need to pay another $4 a person which is fine by me if we actually would get closer. You just drive down the road a little and where the road really goes up the bus turns around. Yes you get a better angle but still far away. We went to mount Rushmore afterwards where there is a nice walking trail to get closer to the sculpture. That was really missing at crazy horse.

Julie Baker

Amazing! Great video experience and the bus ride was fabulous for photos.

After The Storm Hail Repair

I don’t know if it’s that I’m Native American myself or what but I felt this experience. It was amazing. They offered a huge museum, gift shop, people were amazing. They were so excited to share the story and make you part of the story too. Amazing!

Chris Santillo

This is a monument to Crazy Horse and the Native American Indian in the spirit of Mount Rushmore. It was started 1948 and is still in progress. It may never be finished, however, it's outreach mission including a university, museum, and cultural center are ongoing and continue to grow ans expand each year. Highly recommend a visit.

Dawn Allen-Carlson

Expensive. $24 to park the car, tour the museum and gift shop; one expects these tourist places to overcharge for their stuff but this was worse. To see the sculpture up close it would have been more money. May have spent 1/2 hour there. Maybe if it were warmer and walking would have been possible my opinion would have been different.

Paul D'Oyley

Amazing work in progress. Plan on spending several hours if your into history and culture. Staff are great!

Cassaundra Wiest

Will return, the restaurant there has amazing food


Fantastic place ! Take the bus tour for half an hour. Spacious parking area .

Aggie M

This was just a big tourist trap. $24 for two adults and then $8 more to get to a decent view of Crazy Horse. If your are on a budget skip this and you have missed NOTHING!

Tom Parker

The museum, the presentation, the activities at Crazy Horse are great. I don't think there has been much progress made with the sculpting up on the mountain in a long time. I would have loved to have seen it completed during my lifetime but i dont think it will happen. Still, its well worth the trip/drive over to see it!

Sarah Wenthold

Our family was blown away by the majesty tea and history of crazy horse. The nightly light show was amazing.

Ike Bennion

A very nice experience. The entry is $12 per person or $30 for a car full of entrants. The campus is well maintained and has a beautiful approach to the memorial. Everyone was very nice and helpful to guide us around. The museum does a good job telling the story of the Native American way of life and the loss of land to the US government. It also tells the story of the monument and plans for it and surrounding lands.

Matthew Samp

This is such an incredible monument in a beautiful place. The bus tour to the foot of the monument is definitely worth a couple bucks they charge for it. Also, make sure you save enough time to visit the sculpture studio. I wish they had a better lighting ceremony at night but the one they have is pretty decent. I really like the addition of the education pieces they’ve added.

1 CrazyCubfan

Unbelievable beauty as far as the eye can see... tastefully put together visitors center and museum telling the amazing story of this 8th wonder of the world's creation! Will definitely be back for the annual hike in June sometime in my life!

Rex Reno

Amazing place to visit. Friendly staff and just simply an awesome place to see. Will be back one day that's for sure.

Saber Uddin

This was a really eye opening experience. Crazy horse memorial has a really inspiring story behind it. You have to watch the film inside the museum in order to understand everything behind crazy horse. Also be sure to take a ride in the bus that takes you to the base of the mountain. It was a pleasant experience. I would recommend this to anyone.

Steve Williams

The $30 entrance fee provides access to an extremely dated, 15 min movie focused on the sculptor and his family (very little is actually mentioned of Crazy Horse himself), a “museum” of donated gifts and tribal information, and bathrooms. To gain closer access to the unfinished mountain carving, additional fees are required. The highway offers an excellent view of the monument and Google can teach your visiting party more of Crazy Horse than the $30 admission fee. Once completed, the memorial may be worth visiting. Until then, save your vacation dollars. *see my photos for the view from the memorial building

Geo Neo

Wished I would've picked up a some memorabilia. A TON of progress since I was there over thirty years ago. This work of art is all privately funded. Well worth your time!! Also take the bus tour for four bucks more. You won't regret it.

Lonnie Perry

Beautiful Memorial. I was able to learn much that I did not know. I am thankful for the leaders choosing Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski. I am even more thankful for Ruth Ziolkowski, the families determination, and the Foundation's mission to protect and preserve the culture, provide a living heritage of the North American Indians, and the traditions. I have had the privilege to visit the area on two occasions. It was nice to see the changes from one visit to the other. Sculpting continues so there will be new sites for every visit. The museum is beautiful. Everyone is kind, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We had the joy and honor of meeting and speaking Mr. & Mrs. Ziolkowski's daughters. It was nice to hear her passion for the area. It has been many years since our stay in the area. I look forward to going back again during my next visit to the Black Hills area.

Pat OConnor

What an awe inspiring visit. I returned after my initial visit in 1982, the year the sculptor died. The vision, devotion, determination and perseverance of him, his wife and now his descendants to this project is amazing. The mountain carving is an unbelievable feat in and of itself. But the development of the school, the foundation and the legacy is beyond the pale. This is truly a story of an American family legend honoring a true American legend.

Wade Christiansen

Today's visit was my fourth. Each time has been an all new experience. The entire place changes greatly. Always new additions and expanses. The museum is beautiful and I hope it is seen as a great honor to American Indians. Be sure to visit and save a couple of hours during your vacation to the Black Hills. You will need to explore because there a number of doors and hallways where you are welcome. Make sure that you come back again in a year or two because it will have changed. I see that the a number of people are complaining of the price or lack of info on the website. First, the information is on the site. Second, it is $10 or $12 for everything in the Back Hills. The $30 is per car for more than 2 people so if there are 3 people, it is $10 and so on. Bus rides are $4. Also remember there is no government funding for this endeavor. Please take the time to understand the full scope. This is a National Museum, school, and Memorial.

Jill Bird

We had an amazing experience and a pleasant surprise visiting Crazy Horse. We just happened to be there during the Volks March and got to hike up to the top on the monument which apparently only happens like two or three times a year. Definitely go watch the short movie too explaining the history - gives you such an appreciation .

William Giles

The monument may never be finished but the supporting infrastructure is great the Musium is good lots of interesting things to see The restaurant is good with plenty of choice. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Craig Bullard

Awe inspiring DISAPPOINTMENT! It's an amazing undertaking, but they may have bit off more than they can chew. $30 a car, 70+ years of work, and not much change in the last 25 years. I get it...They are literally moving mountains, but it makes one wonder if much of the money collected is being spent on carving or the visitors center for that matter. At this rate no one living today will see it completed.

Richard Higgins

I found Crazy Horse Memorial to be very interesting and informative. Many displays of cultural items and historic items relating to the local indigenous peoples. We were able to watch a "hoop dance " preformed be 2 locals Indians. Totally amazing history and performances.

Alexander Davis

I was here 27 years ago and nothing was carved except for the outline of his face. Came back and now his face is complete! And now his arm and horse are next, so amazing!!! If you look at the potential finished product, it will be a sight to behold for sure!! I was also able to see native dancers and listen to native elder pass on oral traditions, quite the experience! Very humbling. Learning the importance of Crazy Horse to the Native American people was awesome! They also allow you to take a piece of history home with you, a blasted rock! So cool! For all who question this project, please do not forget that natives and whites started this together, and it may be one of the only agreements ever kept by the whites to natives! It was awe inspiring ! Keep on pointing to where your people are buried Crazy Horse! Much love and respect! Hope I live to see it completed, to see it is on my bucket list before I die!

Lyn Elcock Huggins

By far the most interesting place to visit. We spent several hours visiting and it was difficult to leave because there’s so much to see. If you go be sure to coordinate times so you can see the live show with native Americans performing as they speak of the life of Crazy Horse. What an unbelievable performance...native dances and native tongue was enthralling!! A must see!!

Suzann H

This was a fantastic hike. I highly recommend it.

Maggi Las

Dont waste your money. $30! It’s unfinished and you get the same view from the street. Best spend your money somewhere else.

logan lindeman

Be prepared to give your right arm to get in. Entrance fee is $30. Entrance fee gets you into the visitor center. If you want to get close to the monument you have to pay an additional fee. After about 70 years of work and the don’t even have the head completed. Don’t waste your time or money here.

Ana K

Always good to see how it has changed over the years

Kenny Z

An Amazing One-of-a-Kind Spiritual Experience you won't forget!! I recommend seeing the beautiful movie first. Then take the bus up to the see Crazy Horse face to face. Everyone including our guide were very caring. Rushmore doesn't compare. It's more a commercial feeling. Crazy Horse Memorial is an awesome Spiritual Experience! I highly recommend this place and donating what you can to help make this dream become a finished reality as soon as possible!

Yvette Sisco

Good spot to explore. Lots of Native American artwork. We enjoyed watching the Indian dancers, exploring the shop. Of course seeing the famous Crazy Horse rock. We ate at the restaurant there and the food was just ok but the staff was nice. They allow you to take home a rock that is the type of rock the memorial is made out of.

Brian Lannoye

Best if viewed from the road for free. It should not take over 70 years to carve out a memorial. It should definitely not cost 30 bucks+ to see an unfinished project.

Margie Olivarez

Enjoyed my visit very much. I learned alot about the lakota tribe. The sculpture is magnificent..this is off my bucket list. So glad we made this trip.

kelsey Walton

Absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Lots of things to do see and learn a. The monument itself takes about 10 minutes for photo but we were there probly about 2 to 3 hours with everything you have to do. Just wish they had an estimated time of completion since they've already been working on it a 100 years.

it's_ok_to_be _white

Won't ever be finished. I understand it is big but no project is too big in America.

DockLight Productions

Love it. I’ll send my friends and family here. If you ask nicely and make the proper donation, the very helpful staff can take you to the top. Can’t wait to see this again when it’s finished.

Ranae Gear

Very disappointing that we paid $30 dollars to see nothing.....this has been going on for decades and yet no advancement or completion after all this time! The gift shop area sells “Native American” jewelry...there was literally a blonde haired blue eyed woman sitting making the stuff....not authentic and was best seen as you drive by on the highway! Honestly I feel like I was scammed!

Eila Simianer

We have been a couple of times over the past few years. We always enjoy ourselves. Lots of cool stuff to look/learn about while strolling through the museum. The statue is coming along nicely.

Rich Woods

The greatest! I personally enjoyed Crazy Horse much more than MT. Rushmore. I'm sad I'll never see the finished product.

Brittany Gaines

One of the most breathtaking memorials in all of America. An incredible tribute to Crazy Horse and the Native American tribes. Arrive early to enjoy the full experience. Be sure to take a rock of the mountain and tour all the different rooms. I recommend watching the movie when you first arrive to learn about this history of the mountain and the family and community who make this creation possible. The face is complete and we hope to see what project is completed next.

Alana M

I have been here a few times over the years and it's very cool to see how the carving is progressing. The area is beautiful and the information in the visitor center is great! If you're planning a trip to the black hills, make sure to stop here! You'll have an even bigger appreciation for the area and the history.


Crazy Horse, one of this places *must be seen *. Work is still in progress and maybe will be done in next 200 years, no one now... It's amazing work in progress. Museum with great displays of native Indian work, restoran with great food, very educational experience, love this place

Mark M

The "monument" is a joke. No more progress on it since the last time we visited it 25 yrs ago. His face is the only thing done. There is no rhyme or reason to the visitors center. After going through the museum, I still have no idea who Crazy Horse was. The $24 fee was excessive. The viewing area is far away from the monument. They want another $4 for a bus to take you closer. Never go back!!

Darlene Camis

This beautiful artistic tribute was breathtaking. Here is the partial carving that will not be finished for many years. We loved the bus ride up to Crazy horse. To think how they did not have a picture to go by but only friends descriptions of him is mindblowing. Please go see this!

vinh nguyen

Was informed it will be completed in 81 years. About 30 mins away from Mount Rushmore. Take the shuttle bus to get a better photo opportunity of Crazy Horse.

Chris Timm

The memorial is worth the visit but there's a few things to be aware of. Going into the memorial wont yield a much better view than from the highway. The cost to get into the memorial at the few times I've gone was more than double the experience at Mt Rushmore.

Ken Oliver

Interesting place to visit especially if interested in Native American history and a good contrast to Mount Rushmore. Staff was nice and enjoyed watching the movie about the history and construction of the monument. The museum was a nice surprise and had a lot of information, history , and artifacts from early American Indians. Enjoyed my time here.

Tony C

Don’t mind paying for tourist attractions but this seemed a bit much. $24 for 2 just to enter plus more for inside events. Monumental undertaking but seems like it might be too ambitious. I’ll be back in 200 years when it is finished.

Mrs Ess Zaasijiwanook

I love visiting the monument to a great Native American Leader!

Kevin Fuqua

A great native American museum too

Lydia Garza

It reminds all people of all Native American tribes. I was filled with emotion as I was reminded of the loss of so many tribes. The heroes of the Native American are finally being recognized with this monument which I hope to see the completion. The Native Americans are overlooked by many all over the states and I felt my roots were recognized at the Crazy Horse Monument.

Dawn Contreras

This place is amazing so much history and information about it at the info center it's well worth the admission process ppl complying about the price I have no idea what they are talking about go cee it for yr self well worth it such an amazing place

michael jenkins

It's coming along great and it's awesome to see a memorial to native Americans that does not hold pain and suffering

Jessica Zephier

The Volksmarch is my favorite activity here. Will come back again next year for sure.

Kristi Kehoe

This place's history should be much more well known, in my opinion. Allow yourself time to walk around the multiple exhibits, watch the introduction video, and take the 25 minute round trip to the bottom of this massive structure. Such an interesting juxtaposition of the often unrecognized part of our American history with Mount Rushmore being so close. Staff members were also so passionate about this place and so friendly!


This national memorial is great. I doubled seeing this with Mount Rushmore. Personally, I loved Mount Rushmore. But that still doesn't take away how awesome it is to see this giant memorial!

Mary Spratt

This was great and the guide was very informative, only wish I would be able to see it completed.

Deirdre McIntosh

Worth a visit. Friendly knowledgeable bus driver.

John Costa

For the 12.00 just to drive up to the fair museum exhibit. Then they want 125.00 for a bus ride to the monument that is not any where near finished. How can it take 70 years so far and it is not complete. Where does the money go. Big waste of time.

J. Bradshaw

This will be really cool once it is done, but it's definitely not worth the $30 cost per vehicle and then they try to get you to pay an additional $4 per person to take a bus out to the memorial. Take a page from Mount Rushmore and bring down the cost to $10 per vehicle. Maybe once it's finished you can charge a bit more, but not yet.

Seth Winn

This was another item on my bucket list. I hope that it will be finished in my lifetime, but even so I will go back in the future to see the progress. It is incredible how large this memorial is going to be. And it's an all privately funded and family-led project. When it's all finished the view will be breathtaking. I am glad that I got to visit while it was still in progress. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to see it complete.

Graham W

Another stop on a motorcycle tour. Very glad we made it here. The sculpture is shaping up but it won't be completed in my lifetime, nor my children's lifetimes. It's a YUGE undertaking but once completed will be a wonder of the world. At the guest centre there is a small sculpture to show what it will be when completed and that's the best I'll ever see of it.


Took the to of the mountain tour and enjoyed it very much. Sue was our guide and she was very knowledgeable of the whole story. Was worth the extra money

Maria ToddRobertson

Divine! Tour bus guide was very informative and helpful!

Carissa Raye Todd

I've lived in the Hills for 5 years and never paid the entrance fee for Crazy Horse. Yesterday my friend and I finally bit the bullet and went with the intention of going to the face, I couldn't find any information online about how much it cost. When we get there, they say it's $125 per person (12 years- free), I understand that all the fees fund the project but that's insane.

Randy Merta

Just left there. It’s cool to see the monument in progress but not for $12.00 per head. $24 for my wife and I. There are some decent displays inside but I was not impressed. Lots of rude people visiting there.

Dennis Nyman

Very interesting. Took bus tour to bottom of mountain. Great view and definitely worth the extra $4.

Cassius Gates

VERY impressive work of art, in progress. Well worth a visit.

M Duncan

Very cool. You can take a piece of granite home!

holly murtha

Omg! This is a must see place!! I’ve been here three times! does cost money to go but it does go to a good cause! I’ve gone to the top of the mountain $125 - $100 is a donation. The view is incredible and it’s something you can’t imagine until you do it! Go and spend the day:) he’s awesome!

Shannon Stanish Wynne

Crazy Horse Memorial is breathtaking. Inside the visitors center, Native American artifacts are on display with descriptive notes. There is a souvenir shop as well. Outside of the visitors center, there is a massive iron gate with ornamental animals, depicting the native animals of South Dakota.

Nevin Zimmerman

It's an amazing piece of work but it's no joke that you get ripped off to see it. Hopefully it will someday be complete.

Kim Stickel

What a wonderful memorial to the true first Americans! We owe this and much more to these individuals....when it is finished it will be spectacular! Shame it will not be finished for a longtime

Captn Clash

Crazy horse memorial was pretty cool. They had multiple museums where you can walk through and see all the different tools and their culture. The pricing was a bit overrated but other than that it was fine. Can't wait to see it finished one day.

Melissa 1980

Great view - even better by helicopter! Mom went. I supported her from the ground lol

Daniel Ngo

It is a great place to visit and learn the history and the war of the Native American. It was moving to listen and anger to know the dark history of this country. Went throught the negative comments and saw a lot of complaints on the price. Also why people are so negative on this? The whole thing is funded privately and the money will partially fund the project.


Another Great Epical Monumental Place.. Must to See..

Laurel Radomski

Nice area, dogs were allowed inside as long as we could carry them. Great history, informative short movie. Wish there would have been a small sculpture of the crazy horse project in the main building. Definitely an air of respect permeating the area. Love that his kids and grandkids are still involved in working on it.

Marty Coffey

Nice scenery reasonable cost .in visiter center nice Indian displays ...and hand made items for sale .runs a bus down to the base of the monument .

Steve Harmon

Was very disappointed in the whole experience. Not nearly enough handicap parking, we had to park so far away that my wife couldn't even go in. Definitely not worth the $30.00 we were charged to get in. Mt Rushmore was much more accessible and it only cost $5.00.

Damon L

Go see the Crazyhorse monument! It's a work in progress that is incredible, even without being done yet. I will definitely be back to see how the progress goes!

Kory Hopkins

A fitting tribute to the history of the land and it's first inhabitants. The memorial itself is a multigenerational work in progress, but the artistic and cultural vision are already present.


Great memorial to Crazy Horse. Good compliment to Mt Rushmore. Large visitor center with a movie, workshop, and museum. Gift shop and restaurant. Lots to see. Best pictures from the center deck outside or from a base tour.

Christopher Chan

Interesting place to visit in SD. I am not sure how long it will take to finish the whole project.

Gayle Swanson

We took bus up there to c it close o it's something to c you would love it great family stuff

Heather Renee

We didn't take the bus tour, which is required to see the full monument. Be aware the $30 fee is not included in the annual park pass. (understandable as this site is maintained by the tribes).

Janice Hogan

Enjoyed going here. I was a little disappointed because I was thinking part of the horse had already been started and they have not started on it yet. They are still working on the arm. Brought home three of the big rocks, with a donation, which the Rocks came from the mountain where they are cutting into it to make the formation of Crazy Horse.

j Avery

This should absolutely be on your list of places to visit in the area. Not only is it visually stunning both in and out, but the information shared is important, educational and touching.

Melissa Kepler

The sculpture of him was beautiful. The rest of it was boring. No historical stories, just a Native American on a stage telling jokes. There’s a museum, but it’s mostly random donations. It was hardly any Native American memorabilia. I mean, there was a whole case full of signed college sports balls—I’m fairly confident that Crazy Horse was not a Duke basketball fan. Why was that there?! It was incredibly underwhelming. Honestly, not at all worth $30. Spend $20 and go to Custer State Park. It’s better and more fun.


This was the most amazing memorial I have ever seen. I highly recommend the tour to the top of the mountain. We spent almost the entire day there

Cindy N

Even better (in some ways) than Mt Rushmore! I enjoyed seeing the process and work that they have done and are still doing. And the fact that there is no government funding is amazing! It is a sight to be seen. The bus tour down to the base is worth it. Wish we had known about the 4pm close up tour that they do (after the workers are done for the day, you can actually go close up / on the monument! - that would have definitely been worth it!). Definitely a sight to see when in the area!

D Zonneveld

Amazing to see what has been accomplished so far. In addition to the statue work we really enjoyed learning about the Indian cultures. While it's unrealistic to expect to see the entire project completed in my lifetime, the foundation has been laid for a bright future that coming generations will benefit from.

maxwell lewis

Slightly underwhelming, there really isn't much to see of the monument itself. Would recommend just looking from the road and NOT pulling in as there is no place to turn around, you will get bopped over the head for $12/person to see what you can see from the road. There is a museum and movie but we weren't there for that per se. Almost seems like a scam, just build the darn thing! Hasn't changed since I remember learning about it in elementary school in the mid 90s....

Betsy Poe

Went on vacation with my family for the first time in my life! And this was one of the “must see” spots for my dad! I’m glad we went. The video showing the history of Crazy Horse was very interesting; the gift shop had many nice items; and the building and outside were kept up beautifully!

Stephen Smith

Wow! The mountain is awesome and the history and museum are very well maintained and contain a vast amount of history! Nice to have a place focus on their mission and not trying to just sell you random junk in a gift shop. HAVE TO SEE THE EVENING LASER LIGHT SHOW!

Karl Hehr

Wonderful place to learn about indigenous peoples and the history of the Hills. Such an expansive learning center. This is WAY more than just the mountain carving!

Jeanette Sims

Oh my God I loved it so much it was better than Mt Rushmore! We spent the day there and we all had fun. I'm 62 years old and I'm going back next year. The people were great and the place is wonderful.


I give this five stars as it is truly a sight to see. In addition, the federal government should give money to this memorial, so that it is finished. It has been too long now that this has been being carved since 1948. The surrounding area is chock-full of photographic opportunities and it's a great place to stretch your legs. The American Indian exhibit inside is spectacular and very educational. I highly recommend when in the area, stopping by and spending two to three hours here to learn about the American Indian culture.

Christine Arason

Great place! Beautiful museum. Paid the $4 to go down to the mountain and our diver was such an enthusiastic and good tour guide! Really worth a visit!

Irish Kennedy's

Crazy Horse Memorial beautiful place to visit. They have Crazy Horse Volksmarch every year that's a lot of fun and great exercise!

Gary Hazard

Beautiful! One of my all-time favorite places!

Dylan Forrer

Not fully finished, but a cool place to visit!

Kathy Scheuermann

This Memorial is breathtaking when you have opportunity to go to the very top and look into Crazy Hoses Eyes and see what he has seen, felt and how all his people went thruogh. When you look out in the open territories or lands all around him it is breathtaking. Beautiful and peaceful. I just wish that I will still be around to see him finished but I don't foresee that in my life time. So for now I go and spend my time there when I can. I feel like I'm home when I'm there why I don't know but I do.


It's really interesting. Enjoyed my visit. Very little had changed in 11 years. Great that it is not government subsidized.

Judy Shirk

Beautiful! Wish I could live long enough to see its completion! The artist museum is neat!

James McIntire

Thos place is so amazing! In my opinion it is a better experience than Rushmore. The museum is wonderful and very educational. The gift shop is on point with anything you could possibly want. I highly recommend taking the Face to Face tour! That is the most incredible tour I've ever been on.

Jay Cox

Not a national park, but definitely a place to you all need to visit.

Dang Entrekin

Disappointing at best. Four of us. We paid $30 to park and another $16 for a 25-minute round trip bus ride up to the bottom of an unfinished monument. We weren’t allowed to walk because an escort was required. They have been working on this for over 70 years, and all they have is a face. What are they doing with all the money they are collecting? Mt. Rushmore charged $10 for parking, which is good for 1 year. And it only took them 14 years to create the sculpture. Suggest saving your money and your time and just view it from the road.

Dan Ward

It will be awesome once finished, but it doesn’t look like much progress has been made here in a long time and there’s not much to see. They did let me carry my dog around inside and even in the theater which was great considering we were on a road trip and didn’t have many options.

Justin Schilling

Interesting place w lots to do

bob doriety

Loved the history, museum and the story. For some, not seeing the finished product was an issue. Seeing the slow progress and how they're not taking government assistance is part of the appeal. You can tell the government took enough away from natives and they don't want to have the government take control of the monument with their money. That and the family commitment to finish it that way is definitely part of the appeal. Can't wait to come back years from now and see the progress with future generations.

Marshall Perry

This place is amazing. The museum was full of wonderful artifacts. It will take your breath away. If u are going to Mount Rushmore it's only a short drive away.

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