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3788 Chapel Ln, Rapid City, SD 57702, United States

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Where is Chapel In the Hills?

REVIEWS OF Chapel In the Hills IN South Dakota

Markus Maurer

Awesome chapel with great Scandinavian architecture

Linda Krantz

Chapel built in Norway and moved here. Log cabin furnished in period. Gift shop.

Bryan Sullivan

Beautiful place. A must see.

ellen bello

Such a peaceful & beautiful property.the church is phenomenal. Also run. By donations please leave one if you go.

Nabil Salama

What a beautiful chapel. Very relaxing looking at the quality and ingenious of the past. If you feel like meditation go there and spend couple of hours. There is even a prayer walk. I wish there are more chapels like this. Love it.

andrew ohlensehlen

Great heratage stop, some Scandinavian snacks books postcards nice little oasis

Anita Kochutin

Absolutely beautiful ceremony. Thank you for hosting this wonderful event.

Mike Rooker

Exquisite workmanship, gorgeous, stop by it's worth it

Christopher Simmons

This is a must see unique structure with great historical elements of the Norwegian people

Tyler Altenburger

Got a chance to run up and check out Chapel in the Hills. If you're into churches, architecture and/or wood work, this place is a special treat! This was very cool and impressive!

Red Crowder

Peace and tranquil


Beautiful and peaceful free replica Norwegian Chapel and gardens

Mary Owens

Beautiful and reflective. Definitely visit while in Rapid City SD

George Larson II

A piece of history right here in the black hills of South Dakota

Sharon Blanchard

This was a nice Hidden Gem

Gaagle Plas

A nice little chapel with a different architecture than you typically see in the states. They had a small gift shop/welcome center, the Chapel (of course) and at least one other building that was a museum I think? They gave one of my sons a scavenger hunt (my other son is too young) but we had to cut the trip short as a thunderstorm arrived. They still have both boys a small gift (little plastic bug and my other son selected a small rubber ball). Wish we had more time to wonder around but we arrived later in the evening and then with the thunderstorm, it cut our visit a bit shorter than we initially had planned.

Rachel Tunks

Beautiful! I loved this stop.

Lara Hughey

Picturesque find in Rapid City SD. They have a little scavenger hunt for kids that kept my nine year old engaged.

Kate Hurst

Chapel In the Hill was a little hard to find had to drive through residential area but well worth the search. Very peaceful and beautiful Church. Make sure to save time for the prayer walk.

Shelly Wingate

This is truly the best place in the world. We will be going back. Great for the whole family. The volunteers are amazing.

Christopher Love

Beautiful and amazing. Second time being there and love it!

Josh & Sara Chouinard

Beautiful! A must see.

Jeff Larsen

Very nice Church

Jill Rudloff

No matter how many times I visit, this church moves me and puts me awe of the craftmanship of its builders. A must see!

Jennifer V-C

Absolutely Beautiful! Must do and see in Rapid City. Don't forget to visit the other buildings and the prayer stations.

susan chapman

What an awesome find in South Dakota

da crab song

It was an amazing place to go to. I really liked how you followed this trail for a couple minutes and it had all these statues with quotes under them.

Nicholas Smith

I love this quaint and tranquil place. It's always a pleasure to visit this rare beauty when visiting the hills.

Cindy Elder

Very peaceful and beautiful! The chapel is breathtaking and the grounds are majestic!

Steve Dutton

Always a beautiful place to visit!

Geo Neo

Very serene. Would go back


Awesome place for a wedding or photoshoot very nice folks

Joseph Budd

Nice and peaceful location up and away from the humdrum of the city

John Park

Very cool, we loved our visit!


The church looks good and is a great replica of the real 800 year old church. You can see the inside of the church with the photo provided below. This replica church also holds summer church services at 7:30 pm mountain time.

Kole Wagner

Very well kept

John&Cindy Witt

Awesome very nice, very nice people

Matt Peterson

If your into old Christian churches this place is great. Exact replica of an old Norwegian church that was built 800 years ago. You will be blown away by the intricate details in the hand craved trim work throughout the church. They have a 5 min narration of what the church is about and why there are certain features in church. Very interesting.

Joshua Chapman

Beautiful place and a great history

Robert Jeanne Crosby

Beautiful place will worth going

Desiree Messenbrink

So beautiful and amazing. Very peaceful and ladies are wonderful to talk to their

Linda E

Lovely spot. Out of the way place.


Absolutely beautiful historic church and outbuildings great narrative to explain its origin And we are fortunate to have met the 86 year old builder

Jamie Amador

Such a beautiful and serene vista nestled in the hills in Rapid City. The history of the Norwegian/ Scandinavian built chapel is told by informative plaques and actual people, volunteers who eagerly answered questions and set us off on our tour.

Branson Rogers

Beautiful church and they have a daily service in the evening during the summer.

Dolton Mckoy

It was a beautiful Chapel, nice place.

Jim Burrows

Would lik0e to thank the people who made our wedding renewed vows two years as they were told my beautiful wife and i were married there in 2006 and 11 years later we took our daughters now 9 and 10 to be witness to out vows and for my wife to have a lasting memory with our children. My wife is very ill and we dont know how much time we have left.. The people who run the church made my wife happy and tears were shed by us. My heart felt thanks and prayers to this wonderful people. God bless you all and if we can we will make the drive from new Jersey soon.

Veronica Peters

This church is cute. Definitely different. You are welcome to tour the inside and outside of the church and there is a Scandinavian gift shop outside as well.

Jason Yorek

What a beautiful chapel! It's definitely worth the stop and was one of the highlights of my visit to Rapid City and surrounding area. The small museum has lots of interesting items coupled with albums that describe their origin, use, etc. The gift shop has lots of great Scandinavian items, and the volunteers were friendly, knowledgeable, and absolutely delightful. I'd highly recommend spending an hour for a visit!

Sarah Martinson

Walked around the area with our leashed dog and on our way back to the car was told that dogs are not allowed on the property but only in the parking lot.

Jean/Doug Matter

This was a ver interesting find . There is just something about this church that when you are there you feel so at peace. It is the most beautiful little chapel I have ever seen! Well worth the visit!

Katie Bietsch

Absolutely breathtaking and so well maintained!

Denise Nguyen

Very beautiful and serene with beautiful grounds.

Coulter Adams

Beautiful Hidden Gem in Rapid City, South Dakota. Have been there for many years so figured I'd check it out and it always so beautiful to see.

braeden Brown

Nice little chapel tucked into a neighborhood at rapid city. The workmanship is a work of art. Beautiful.

Shiv Ganesh

Cool and peaceful place to check out. The staff are friendly and welcoming. It really does remind you of Norway in a way. There are a couple of exhibits along with a gift shop to check out. There is also a nature walk behind the church. Do not expect anything fancy in the interior; it is meant to be an exact replica and reflect the simplicity. I would definitely recommend if you have extra time to look somewhere.

Meriam El Mansour

Funny finding in the middle of rapid city, weird wooden chapel in a thai style.

Erin Lewis

This neat little replica is magnificent and definitly a must if you're exploring rapid city.

P Haney

Beautiful and serene.


Beautiful example of a stave church. The museum has some interesting artifacts from the every day life of Scandinavian settlers. Loved the gift shop! (I am not a very good photographer but the site is truly beautiful!)

Ron Willard

Beautifully woodworked buildings that are artistic both inside and out. We were very impressed, even on a gloomy rainy day.

Tammey Zelfer

Took an anniversary rock I had made for them. It's a beautiful area!!!! ♡

Corinne Putwen

It is so beautiful if ever in the area please make sure to stop

Bryce Nussbaum

My mother's favorite place to visit when she comes to Rapid City.

Mike Diekmann

Very beautiful and relaxing place


Interesting but sound on narration is very hard to hear. Lovely grounds, nature walk and the building is stunning. A wedding was taking place when we visited. Festival too. Small museum on the grounds is a must see. Outlander style!

Cindy Barger

Beautiful, serene church.

Dwight Alexander

Forced to go by tour group! Not a fan!

Liz Singer

Love this little chapel & history that goes with it. Services there are short but pack a great message & the music is great, it takes you back to your childhood with your family & friends attending services. The atmosphere is authentic, quaint, & very casual at the same time.

Alliance 12

games dev work doesnt get done in the hills though does it?

Dawn McCool

Breathe taking chapel and trees and we loved the prayer walk. Friendly staff as well.

Jaci Kepler

The Chapel was unbelievably beautiful!! It was not on our list to stop but was something we found on a search of the area for sights. So glad we stopped and was able to experience its beauty and history!

David Dornbrack

Nice place. Had to slip in between weddings. Chapel is all wood and very beautiful. Friendly staff in giftshop.

Mickey Livingston

Friend wedding

Alexander George

A truly moving experience. The chapel and the surrounding buildings are a true piece of history. Loved the gift shop!

Rachel Kuecker

Love this beautiful place!

Mallory Tuttle

This is an amazing place to see and visit.

Alice Olson

Nicely set up to see and to learn about the chapel and it's history. Free

Amy-Mable Kim-Marks-Hines

Oh my word. This place gave me chills. What a beautiful place to go. Please donate and keep them up and running. It is GORGEOUS!

Julia Cornell

Beautiful - serene, historic, and nestled in the woods. When we arrived deer were munching through the parking lot. The museum is really cool, especially how you can go inside the cottage and flip a book which tells you more about each artifact. The woodwork in and around the church is incredible, and the path behind is a nice stroll. This was such an unexpected but wonderful stop in South Dakota.

Chad Francom

Beautiful place, the prayer hike was easy but beautiful. Worth a visit!

Ольга Демидова

Lovely church with nice people inside. The exact replica of a Norwegian stavkirka

Denise Hachez

Beautiful church in South DAKOTA

A Stratton

So lovely! Worth a stop! Truly amazing architecture. Wish I could have stayed for a service. The path behind is beautiful.


Very interesting history, the hand carved work is amazing, decent parking, volunteer staff friendly and knowledgeable

Jovon Leblanc

Nice walking path for pictures

Steven Dumont

Beautiful recreation of a Nordic Stave church.

Cynthia Trevino

It was a neat little stop, some girls where doing a photoshoot there and I can see why. It looks something you see in a movie. Its 50 years old, but looks like it came from a different time and place altogether.

Charlene or James

Fun, quaint, and holy place. Wonderful architecture too.

Ken Kubischta

Beautiful, Peaceful, Inspiring. And if your really lucky you may experience a wedding of two loving couple coming together. Again a must stop.

Gary W Goodnight

Beautiful replica of a Norwegian stavkirke. Built in 1969 by local craftsmen from plans obtained from the government of Norway. Authentic in every detail save one: the state of South Dakota insisted that it be constructed with metal nails rather than the traditional pegs. Even so the nails were counter sunk and hidden with wooden plugs. A master work.

Valerie Dale

Married here by 32 years ago. Great place for small weddings.

Maryann Turner

This is a very beautiful location. You can get up to the church without stairs but the walkway is uphill. The inside of the stave church itself is not wheelchair accessible. There is a small gift shop and a restroom on site. If you're up to it the prayer walk is very lovely with many benches to stop and rest. There are religious statues and plaques on the way up. It can be a little steep. Wouldn't suggest it if it is raining or snowing.

Richard Abel

Beautiful historic chapel celebrating our cultural heritage

Will Hatch

Very cool! The architecture is Amazing!

Janice Hogan

Beautiful ! After tutoring through the church I was a young couple getting ready to go get married inside the church.

Benjamin Wolf

Not really sure what to expect upon visiting. My daughter said she wanted to go to the popsicle church. Wow what a cool place! It's a Nordic Christian church exact replica. I've been to a lot of churches in Europe, and they are not like this. It's small and detailed and different. There is also a small log house to see how they lived back in the day. The custodians were involved and caring. You won't spend long here, but you won't regret going.

Charity Freeman

It is a charming, relaxing place to visit. There is a little museum, the Chapel, a gift shop and a prayer walk. It's a good place to calm down and it's on the edge of the Black Hills.

Spearfish,SD Local

Architecture is amazing, a feeling of being in a sacred place. In a perfect world I would love to get married in this chapel.

darlene dyer

Was a wonderful peaceful place.loved the women in the gift shop.Loved the prayer walk

Ruth Baker

I really like the church. The volunteers were helpful. Things to buy are over prize.

Dan Bailey

This chapel is an exact replica of one in Norway and is highly interesting in it's setting, architecture, and construction. It's small, seating about 40 people or so, but it's entirely unique. The woodlands setting is beautiful. The chapel is available for weddings, renewal of vows, and other ceremonies. A pastor is available to officiate.

Jimmie Darrington Jr.

The chapel itself and the surround grounds/landscaping are amazing. There are two reasons for the low mark: 1) Based on the online photos and descriptions I saw, I got the impression that this place was very secluded in a forest; there are actually quite a few suburban residences within a few hundred feet 2) the groundskeeper was incredibly rude and condescending

Karen Moritz

Architecture and all natural wood construction, beautiful! Glad someone told us to check it out!

Marjorie Weiss

A lovely spiritual place. Or historic if you are not spiritual. The Prayer walk up the hill, into the woods, is lovely and short enough for most to enjoy. We saw deer and wild turkeys. The evening worship is intimate and was a chance to meet people from Europe and all over the US. The caretakers, Brian and Joyce, do a wonderful job.

dconner 221

Very peaceful place. Worth visiting

Boni Dye

Fantastic wood work and story

Rev. Ted Pierce

Wonderful church building in a beautiful tranquil setting

Alex Conklin

Just beautiful....wonderful craftsmanship

Brent Bloomingdale

Very nice place. Lots of history and although we didn't stay for the service they did have a sign that says they had a church service and 7:30. Nice little gift shop and employees we very knowledgeable on the buildings and history. I would recommend this place to check out as a stop.

Paula Noll

Neat, off the beaten trail, one of a kind place. Free too!

Rebecca Topp

So beautiful. Amazing craftmanship.

Lissa Kelley

Interesting history. It's free to view. Nice grounds and meditation path

Wallace Gutzmer

One of a kind. Beautiful and worth the stop.

Suzette Corpier

This is a very interesting place to see

Joseph Anderson

Very beautiful area. However there is little room in the chapel itself.

Jennifer Lundberg

Such a neat little gem. Stopped here on a whim and really enjoyed it. The Chapel is beautiful, the staff incredibly kind, and the kids really liked doing their scavenger hunt.

Scott Holtslander

Very interesting history. Beautiful and serene. Loved the Norwegian mock up house

Monica Lenarcic

Beautiful chapel. Worth the visit!

Laura Purcella

A must see. Amazing woodworking.

Sarah Jenkins

Breath taking.. peaceful and beauty thanks to the Masters hand. Will go again

Zo C

A very peaceful place to relax, reflect, and reenergize...

Taylor Ploeger

Beautiful and thought provoking. Very well maintained and very friendly staff

Debbi Austin

Cool Norwegian heritage information

Fergal Devitt

Historic old charm and glory.

James L

Some of the most amazing wood work you will see. The property is just as beautiful. Free, but be sure to try to take a small donation to help maintain. You won't regret it

Clint Mitchell

Really cool place, I'm glad we stopped.

Shauna Blair

Beautiful! A must see!


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