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521 N Duluth Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cathedral of Saint Joseph IN South Dakota

Chere Rosa de Sharon

Visit if you can

Brad Price


Joesphine Kornelik

Love It! Beautiful Chapel, Mass was excellent

Elsy Rams

I am at home.

Barb Wilber

Beautiful church...traditional services.

Monique Rhodes

Mass was very dignified

Senthil Kumar

Holy place

William Karels

Nice church, didn't know that hymn numbers were on the bulletin. Had to peer over at nearby clergy members to know the song.

Samuel Toler

We attended Mass here last Saturday at 4:00 pm. The Bishop was actually having the Mass so that was unexpected surprise. The Mass was very traditional and the Bishop sang almost all the Mass parts. Their music was beautiful. The whole Mass is in their bulletin so it is very easy to follow along. The Cathedral is beyond beautiful. All the details are amazing. If you are Catholic and in Sioux Falls SD do not hesitate to visit the Cathedral. If you aren't Catholic do not hesitate to visit. You will not be disappointed in the beauty.

juan rivera

(Translated by Google) It is the house of God, all of us, in case you have a little of your time, please come. Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for you. (Original) Es la casa de Dios I todos nosotros por si tienes un Poco de tu tiempo por favor ven El senor jesucristo te espera

Ben Heller

I get married here in a few weeks. It's coming up on it's 100th anniversary. It's been fully restored and looks beautiful. If you're of any Christian denomination or just looking for a interesting tour.

Gregg Anthony

Very beautiful and serene

Neil Y

Beautiful architecture

Nancy Tovar

Beautiful and historic! The Mass was made even more beautiful by the choir and pipe organ.

pax tecum philomena

Beautiful Cathedral recently refurbished

Sean Lynn


John Pirtle

One of the most beautiful churches in the world. Amazing!

Philip Rossing

Beautiful Cathedral

Heather Doeden

Donna Dubsky


Christina Schroeder

I have been attending mass here for two years now. The stability and silence of the Cathedral is empowering. The chapel is beautiful, simple and a bit dark. If one is seeking a brighter interior, pray in the new monastery. Here, you may pray with the sisters in a location that is bright and cheery. If you are seeking a deep, empowering, divineness go to the Cathedral. This is the place where I sat and prayed, cried and came back to the profound truth of the Catholic church. The Cathedral of St. Joseph offers family programs that are led by the wonderful Maurine Irvine. She does a phenomenal job at organizing and structuring these programs. The school is quite old, but is an okay location where the classes are held. The Cathedral holds a great history that people travel from across the world to see. If you are in the area and seeking truth, stop at the Cathedral. It will bring you something if you are willing to look.

Elais Legesse

Worship was phenomenal. The clergy and laymen are holy people who are there to serve God.

Lori Ann Navarro

Like it here there were able to help with some dipars

Geej Nepia


Charlotte Folk


Otto Gaher

Peaceful, Beautiful!!!

Bridget Murphy

Always love visiting this church

Dr. Tim Fiegen


Deborah Burns

I attend Mass there from time to time and the priests and staff are very nice and compassionate.

Lisa Heintz

Amazing midnight mass Beautiful and breathtaking

Lee Conley

Shawn Sare

Simply breathtaking and very spiritual, just amazing

Martin Szabo

One of the most beautiful churches in a tri-state area! The mural in the chapel is a must see as well!

darren hengeveld

Stephenie Ronning

Absolutely breath taking!

tammi strong

Very pretty from outside

In Persona Christi

So beautiful, you'll sense God's presence there!

Kip Dirkschneider

Went there for a Christmas concert. What a performance visually and audibly! It would be hard to top this church in the whole center of the United States.

Darrell Meredith

Beautiful Cathedral with views of the city

Miranda Ruesch

Absolutely gorgeous architecture. The concerts that they host are life changing. I recommend going to a Transept concert there.

linda iler

Beautiful architecture. I feel welcomed everytime I visit. Mass times make it convenient for me to attend.

Chris Hovanec

Incredible architecture and exquisite workmanship inside. Truly awe inspiring.

Charles Moyer

A great fellowship with the Lord. CHARLES L. MOYER

Linda E

Beautiful atmosphere, wonderful music.

Her Ladyship

When you think of a Catholic Church, the Cathedral of St. Joseph is what should come to mind - the architecture, the pipe organ, the reverent Masses.

Kathleen Brave

Grew up there. Came home and went to mass.ove it.

richard fayal

Beautiful, I've never seen the likes!!!

christian wunder

Stop to take pictures pastor waived and put a smile on my face

Alcione Lobato

(Translated by Google) Beautiful (Original) Belíssimo

Brady Olson

Beautiful! This was my first time inside since the remodel! A beautiful place for a wedding! It reminds me of some of the cathedrals I've seen in Europe!

Mary Ann Holden

Beautiful service to send off our Friend Pat Turco McEntee . Rest in Peace Pat

Rachael Kapaun

Attend mass every Saturday. The cathedral is gorgeous and like listening to the Bishop Swain. Very traditional services.

Cheryl Tumbleson

Beautiful mass, Beautiful choir, Beautiful Cathedral=perfection.

Mary Cox

My Mom used to go to this church when she was younger--it was great to see her in it after > 75 years. There was a flood of memories

Alex Kemnitz

Kris MC

Absolutely beautiful Cathedral!!!

Elie Nitu

Eric Griem

A beautiful place of worship.

Catherine Base

Nat'l Catholic Daughters Installation Mass. What a treat to see the beauty of this Cathedral. I very much appreciated the rosary before Mass on Saturday morning and confession in the afternoon. Thank you Sioux Falls SD. ❤️

Merl Mews

Very impressive experience.

Nathan Pease

Not a more beautiful building in the state.


Beautiful Catholic Church in the center of Sioux Falls!

Nathan Hofflander

The fullest experience of our goal for this life, to become saints in the next. Thank you God the father for our mother church.

T.J. Smith

Holy and reverent Mass. One of the most beautiful Cathedral in the U.S.

William Paradeis

Yes, It is a great place of worship and to worship!!!

Sherry Ann Durst



It's church

Mr King

The priest consecrated the host and God revealed Himself to His people in the blessed sacrament. Oh! Also, everyone seemed nice and cordial, pretty awesome building, great big pipe organ. ..

Kevin Oxyde

This place is beautiful.

Cathy Matteucci


gretchen ortner

Bobby Greenlee

Great church

Jeremy Brenden

Absolutely amazing cathedral. Only been here once and would go back in a heart beat. Completely amazed by all the architecture, the intricate details throughout, the amazing people and hospitality. So many unique things to see and learn that you may want to schedule a couple days to take it all in! Highly recommend seeing this place and taking in a service. It really is a new experience you can't get anywhere else.

Brian Kirby

Beautiful Cathedral.

Joshua Guenther

I was a two year choral scholar here at St. Joseph while I studied at USD for my music degree. Tonight's concert was spectacular. The level of musicianship and artistry is an absolute pleasure to hear. It will not be unheard. I can't wait to see what comes next for Transept. Well done to the singers and especially to Dr. Tim Campbell.

Jay Everson

Luis Montes


Ann Martin

Beautiful church

Georgia Metschke


Larry Meier


Jodie Pederson

It's a beautiful cathedral!

Susan Toohey

BEAUTIFUL church. Nice traditional service .

Jill Hand

Beautiful church

İpek Er

This is a beautiful church. The vitrae works are amazing. The last walk of Christ is depicted on the walls that I found astonishing. It is definitely worth seeing.

Michelle Faris


John Jurewicz

Great spiritual place

Eli Koppenhaver

A very nice historic church with a great service!

Christopher Santini

Beautiful architecture and overall really great mass service!

Denise Ver Meer

The Singers they have are amazing it can bring me to tears.

Gerald Frisbie

Regular Parishoner for 27 years. Beautiful Cathedral with caring priests and staff.

Dance of Darkness Rae

Best place to sing praises in. The echo is like having angels on top of your own voice. Miserere is lovely to sing there.

Amanda Foster

A Good Church

Dane LaFleur

Beautiful building, wonderful choir.

eyuriel benitez

Beautiful and historic home of worship

Taylor SaintTheos

WOW! This place is so beautiful. I toured it today. Just amazing.

Samuel Lerma

This place is gorgeous! I went to a wedding here and the backdrop it provided was simply breathtaking. The homily provided by the priest was excellent and mass the next day was lovely. I have nothing but great things to say

Kevin Lopez

Architecturally speaking, this is hands down one of the most beautiful PokeGyms in the entire universe.

Christopher Turner

Absolutely beautiful cathedral. Great service. And I challenge you to find a more beautiful cathedral anywhere.


You walk into this majestic building, and instantly feel you're in another world. The history, both architectural and religious, envelops you. The peaceful atmosphere rejuvinates the soul. I can't say the congregation is overly welcoming, but most Catholic parishes aren't in my experience. If you're looking for beauty in worship, this place does it better than anyone in Sioux Falls, with the exception of the Greek and Ethiopian Orthodox.

Tina von der Heiden

Great church phantastic architecture

Helen T

Beautiful Cathedral.

Michael Horgen

Beautiful inside as well as outside and there sermans are good to


Enjoyed worship here. Thank u.....

Linda Weber

The Cathedral is an iconic landmark in Sioux Falls, SD. Beautiful architecture and design and history. Breathtaking beauty by night.

charlotte folk

First time here. Beautiful

Erin Szabo

This magnificent cathedral is an oasis of beauty in Sioux Falls. Every time we go here for Mass or just to stop by to pray, we are drawn out of our daily lives into the glory of God Himself. Absolutely breathtaking!

Michael Clark

The house of God. Beautiful inside and out!!!!

Mike Loween

Free back to school items. Thanks.

Radomysl Twardowski

Great church. Moving Liturgy of the Holy Thursday.

francisco solano

Karen Mason

The Cathedral of St. Joseph in Sioux Falls. Gorgeous inside and out. They also say mass in Latin which was great. Simply put, a beautiful place to go to reflect or visit.

Rebecca Tarrell-Weidenbach

It's a peaceful, beautiful house of God. Beautiful gardens and interiors

Morena Lemus

Aaron Tovar



Hard on my knees. Very limited wine selection.


Chris Stalheim

Beautiful Church

Mark Staufer


Peggy Duclos


Madeline Koch


Nestor Pena

Beautiful Church loved the Architecture

Brian Shevlin

Gorgeous, we needed a bathroom and tried here but stayed to look at the architecture, beautiful.

Tabitha Moe

Gorgeous cathedral! Easy to appreciate even if you aren't Catholic. I unfortunately didn't have time to go inside.

Patrick Welsh

Such a beautiful church!

Phil Trivilino

Beautiful cathedral. Architecture and construction are amazing.

Jonathan Byrd

Beautiful church

Renee Lewellen


Chad Hennings

We have never gone inside but each time we are around this place we cant help but admire the beauty of it and how it was built so amazing just to look at! Also there are lots of little historical marks around the area that make it that much more enjoyable to visit or add to your list of things to see or do in Sioux Falls.

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