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Spearfish Canyon Hwy, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

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Where is Bridal Veil Falls?

REVIEWS OF Bridal Veil Falls IN South Dakota

Josh M

It was beautiful. My kids and I crossed the creek and explored the base of the falls. There is a game trail that meets the edge of the cliff.

Mathew M

If you like nature this is a spot for u. Just one of many spots to visit in the black hills

Andrew Browne

Easily accessible.

Chris Geimer

Nice little stop

Bradley White Bird

Breathtaking site...hidden deep in the hills$$

the adventure of Jayden Miller

Breath taking... Make sure you are wearing sandals or water shoes to get close!

Wayne Boulanger

In the Black Hills, there are many places you must visit. Spearfish Canyon should be on your list. Bridal Veil Falls, is just one of the great sights to see and enjoy.

See Lee

Great short drive

Anonymous Person

Awesome place to stop off and rest for a bit while enjoying a spectacular view of the falls. Unfortunately for me getting some rest wasn’t part of my girlfriends plans because she decided to start climbing to the top of the falls and obviously I couldn’t let her do that alone. Long story short it was worth the view and experience to follow her up there however it was a task to say the least. I wouldn’t suggest doing this yourself because of all the loose rock, and once you’re at the top the vegetation on the backside of the falls gets really thick, the ground is wet and spongy and very slippery. Also the climb back down is a much more intensive and delicate situation then the climb up was. Nonetheless we turned a quick road stop view of the falls into a 3 hour adventure that I’ll never forget.

Donna Hatzinger

Easy to get to .The falls and surrounding area was beautiful

Kelsey Eide

So beautiful! We went climbing by the waterfall!

Lynn Calcaterra

OMG, can you say so beautiful and amazing?

Ace of Hearts

Beautiful falls, definitely worth the hike

James Smith

It was very pretty and we liked the fall atmosphere.

Sri M

It is very nice and very good and educational!

Gaagle Plas

Not a bad waterfall but not a whole lot here. Travel a bit further South for trails and a better waterfall IMO. Not saying you shouldn't stop here, but I preferred the other one we stopped at.

David K. Irwin

Most splendid in the Spring after heavy rains...but gorgeous year around. The frozen falls are breathtaking in winter. Easily viewable from road...but be sure to stop!

Carla Anderson

Nice place to stop.

Hilda Dominguez Perez

Beautiful place!

Anto Shibu

Lovely view from the platform. There is access to the creek further down the road, the water was pretty clear and fun to splash about in

David Workman

Great to know that man has again a beautiful place to see the creators hand piece. After he destroyed it trying to make into something it was never meant to be. Awesome place to visit

Ruth Cheney

Gorgeous views! Fun trail to the bottom of the canyon.


Fantastic! Close to sturgis . Nice ride and spacious parking area for all.

Anthony Devito

Fall are really roaring due to lots of rain this year

Derek McWhorter

Beautiful. Words can't describe it. If you're scared of cliffs and heights like my wife this is the perfect road to travel! Best views in SD if you ask me.

Harlan Wayne

A must do on a motorcycle!

Carol Georgeson

Must see! So beautiful!

Jerry Spencer

Very pretty and relaxing

MN Nice

Beautiful....for the more adventurous people, you can go right down to the base of the falls. The drive through the spearfish canyon is one if my favorite things to do when in the black hills

Tonia Johnson

Beautiful! You can venture down to the creek and actually get really close to the falls. Just make sure you wear good shoes.

Bob Zoeller

Beautiful gem in the Black Hills....worth getting your feet wet

Matt Preisner

Really good for pics

Jack The Jackrabbit


Karl Hillstrom

I think it was low water when we visited. It was cool, but other pictures made it look more full.

Tim Buresh

Amazing water fall and also a lot of fun crossing the creek via stable logs

Jason Wallace

Great place to stop by when visiting the Black Hills

Wendy Ellis

Beautiful area with plenty of roadside parking. Platform across highway for closer view and great for pictures. Found in heart of Black Hills. Glad we took the cut through highway, to Deadwood, to see this.

Tweek The Mighty

Beautiful and a must see

Kelly Miller

One of several nice waterfalls in the area. Nothing real fancy, but nice to check out as part of a hilly scenic drive.

Tony Iacobelli

Alsolutely gorgeous and a real treat!

Aalok Gautam

On the highway. It is little nice stop with water falling from hill. There are tons of people who stops on highway and walk across to see fall. Be safe while crossing highway.

sh9down onme

Beautiful scenary and an enjoyable ride

Pete Zengel

Stunning. Love stopping here.

Jonathan Nikoleyczik

A great place to stop if you're passing by. There is a great view of the falls from the road. You can even go down the hill and get a closer view. There is a river that you'll need to cross but if you're not afraid of getting your feet wet, it shouldn't be a problem. This waterfall is a cool stop but there is not much to do other than look at it. There isn't really any hiking trails or good places to walk around nearby. Still worth checking out though.

Christina French

Very beautiful waterfall along the Spearfish Scenic Byway. I would definitely recommend a stop, there is a large pull off on the side of the road, which makes it pretty easy to stop and admire the natural beauty of the area.

Isabell Hodgson

I have been going there since I was 3. It is a beautiful waterfall. I love that waterfall like crazy. It is my favorite waterfall in the whole wide world.

Doug Stanley

Worth the trip and good hike to falls

Carmen Santiago

Highly recommend this View.. the hike ..taking the time to admire this beauty. Was awesome

Ron and Heather Wallace

Beautiful drive and the water falls are awesome

Chad & Jill Spoelma

Hike the trail to the base of the falls.

Ann Rennier

Beautiful falls & creek. Well marked as opposed to other pullovers on the loop.

Jacob Clendenen

Beautiful drive to get to the location and enjoyed the view!

Jeff Borah

Awesome spot, the entire Spearfish canyon is a beautiful drive that must be made when in the area!

rodolfo hinojosa

Its a sight to see and get away plus there is a trail that leads to the top of the mountain. Located in spearfish canyon along with many other trails. Come early to hike all day and bring a lunch. I definitely enjoyed my time out here . Also poor cell phone service so always keep a first aid kit on hand just in case

Mary Gowins

Unexpected! Beautifully peaceful!

kevin newlon

So beautiful.A must see

Shiv Ganesh

Nice place to stop by to take a look at, but I defintely wouldn't say it is something to take a long drive to visit. The falls are not as big or special as you would think and the viewing area is pretty small.

Gene Murphy

Lovely, serene ride.

Maria Fernanda Jimenez

Honestly pretty uneventful. When driving around in colorado I pass waterfalls like this all the time without giving it a second thought or stopping to admire it. If you do go don't go in winter it is honestly a waste of time. The waterfall was frozen and it was pretty boring. Honestly I'll probably skip this the next time I'm in South Dakota.

Eli Sanders

Great view and easy climb

Lynnette Muhich

Nice waterfall right off the road. Cannot really do more than see the waterfall, but we did climb down to the creek and did a bit of rainbow trout fishing (live bait is not allowed here). Caught one 14" trout and released it.

Peggy Deloge

Loved seeing and listening to the falls! Even on a foggy rainy day it is worth the visit!! Was the bright spot of the ride!

Matthew Lola Long

Very nice the best thing is it's price. Free

Anuj Shrivastava

Visit here when it rains. Located in the spearfish canyon, this is a refreshing ride for anyone too stressed. Stress just melts away. There is a small area right in front of the falls where you can take photographs, read about the flora and fauna in the area. That's about it. Nothing more here. The attraction is road till here and beyond.

Dominic Scoccola

Well worth the find...the mile the falls.

Jannelle Ruiz

Beautiful quick stop on highway

Ed P

So glad we stopped here.

Alen Eckhardt

Nice place for a family photo op.


Beautiful! The recent rains have really pumped up the falls.

David Lee

Beautiful!!!!! Always worth the stop to admire the beauty

Tyler Elliott

Cool place. Lots of water this year. The entire place is super green. Always enjoy the rides around Spearfish Canyon.

Joseph Parsons

Beautiful and easy stop right off the road.

Connie Talley

Pretty stop on a motorcycle ride through the Canyon.

Alex Wallace

Absolutely brilliant roads.

Melissa Laskey

Beautiful sight!

Amanda Israel

An must see spot! Absolutely gorgeous views. Also saw a few mountain goats, what a treat!

Lindy Herbel

Absolutely beautiful water fall. You have to climb down rocks, and cross a creek to get to it, so make sure to bring water and/or hiking shoes. Great place to wade and take pictures.


The Bridal Veil Falls is a great and beautiful waterfall. Because this place is located near Spearfish Canyon, it is a nice drive to it! There aren't any bathrooms because it is in the middle of a scenic drive. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful night to see. Personally, I love recording waterfalls, especially in slow motion. There is always something so peaceful and majestic about them. If you love peaceful things and like to watch waterfalls, this is definitely a waterfall you definitely want to see. I would definitely go again if I am ever anywhere near Spearfish.

Steve Whatley

Spearfish canyon at its finest.

Marianne Galati

Pretty, easy hike. You can see the speckled brown trout in the clear, clear water of Spearfish creek

anny grohmann

Beautiful waterfall next to the highway no need for hiking.

Ken Moore

Take the wife great pic spot. The spearfish canyon is awrsome... I love to ride my harley there...stop an see the other 2 falls also... Go slow an look jus goes on an on...the creek side stops are great also...look forward to a little fishing there also.

Robert Shirey

Great picture opportunitie. Saw a mountain goat when I stoped.

J. Gardner

It's beautiful and there's an easy place to pull over and walk across to read info and take pictures. Bald Eagles may be seen in the area. We saw several flying and 3 sitting in trees nearby.


Awesome drive-by waterfall!

Dhamon Bateman

The views were amazing


These Falls were beautiful. You can literally drive by them on the road. Otherwise you can pull to the side of the road to see them. You can walk over to a balcony, take a picture, and leave. It’s a really short thing to do with a grand view. It’s not something really to walk to or from what I could see go see it from different views. Was pretty though!

Tim S

Very pretty falls just off of Spearfish Canyon Highway, a fancy name for a two lane scenic road. Limited parking across the road but we had no problems finding a spot.

Richard Browne

If you have ever been to Rocky Mountain Natonal Park, this bi-way will bring back spectacular memories of vistas that your senses just cannot adequately store. Incredible beauty.

Michele Jones

So beautiful anytime of year.

Robert Aubry

A beautiful place to visit and see.

Kevin Astl

Super cool fall right off the Spearfish Canyon scenic loop. Nice cool water, easily accessible, and rarely crowded.

M Williams

Beautiful little stop.


It's over hyped. Easy to miss since it's so small.

Ben Cedarberg

Beautiful stop on a beautiful drive.

Paul Pasker

Very Beautiful, needs public restroom.

Jessyca Kindt

Beautiful waterfalls, but was unrecognizable 25 years later. So many changes over time

A Watton

Excellent place to visit. Walk right up to it and feel the relaxing cool breeze.

Becky Maki

Very pretty!

Brian Dougherty

Take the ride it's beautiful

Alyssa Rogers

The drive through spearfish leads to this pull over where if willing to cross the river you can get up close and personal. It's beautiful from directly beneath the falls and worth crossing the river to see!!!! Plus a gorgeous drive to get there.

Dennis Fuerst

Bit of a safety hazard with parking situation and the highway traffic.

Andre Hoyt

Great place to stop and enjoy nature and clear water succumbing to gravity.

Chris P.

SUPER easy to access. Easy to see and take pictures of. Can pull off to the side and get out to take your pictures and then be on your merry way.

James Aderman

Bridal Veil is a pretty waterfall along the road through Spearfish Canyon. It's well worth a stop -- and a photo.

Spearfish,SD Local

Once you've seen it ..meh well you've seen it. Place is turning into traffic jam tourist trap of people everywhere.

Deborah Barron Brown

Easy stop right on the scenic byway in Spearfish Canyon with parking and a deck for viewing. The canyon is the real beauty on this road.

Michael Blejski

An absolute treat. Makes you really stop and think about the tranquil thrashing of this world.

Steven Price

This Bridal Veil Falls is found in the Spearfish, SD area. It's a beautiful setting to get engaged. The whole canyon is a senic drive.

John Riefler

Spearfish Canyon was pretty and well worth the trip through it. Really enjoyed the views and scenery.

David Hallenberger

Great ride on Spearfish and run into this falls and a nice pullover by the falls

Jamie Keim

I wish we lived closer to this place!

M. Raza

This has got to be one of the most magical places I’ve ever seen.

Ruth Cowden

Too many people. I should have visited 50 years ago.

Christine Arason

Very easy. Can pull right off of the road and see this falls.

Dan Moore

Cool back story

Kristina cordova

Extremely beautiful!

Nicholas Dendanto

It was pleasant sight to view, would visit again when in the area

Jeanne Zelaskey

So beautiful offvof spearfish canyon rd SD

Helga Leap

Love Spearfish Canyon great ride.

Ron jarvis

Short drive from Spearfish. Watch the traffic from the parking area. If energinc can hike the area.

Doug Grimm

Really neat spot to get out and explore! You can go right up to the base of the falls. Bring water shoes!

baljinder singh

Drove from Devil Tower National Monument and got off the highway to jump onto the scenic drive. This falls is just on the road and very easy to access. You can go down the embankment and walk across to the bottom of the falls.

Jesharelah Pena

The falls can be viewed from a viewing platform just off the road. They're gorgeous, but it can be a bit busy! There is decent parking close to the viewing platform. if you're feeling a little adventurous, you can climb down a small incline and cross a stream to get to pass that will lead you up to the falls. lots of people usually take this path, so it is quite clear. There are usually a few people at the base of the falls taking pictures or playing in the water. There is some hiking around the falls, but it's generally pretty steep if you want to go very far!

Mike Bailey

Easy pull out.

charles Johnson

Beautiful place must see if you come to south Dakota

Mike Gallagher

Somewhat overdone. It's a nice waterfall, but it just kind of drops off the hill right next to the road, not much for atmosphere or ambiance. There is an informal "trail" that you can hike to get right over to the waterfall if you're up for wading the stream. All things considered it was worth stopping for, but the waterfall by Savoy is much better and worth the hike.

Deborah Lograsso

Easy access in a lovely location.


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