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REVIEWS OF Black Hills Central Railroad IN South Dakota

Markus Maurer

Real nice train and a great journey

Toby Atencio

Great family outing! Seats are comfortable with beautiful scenery. Passenger cars are enclosed and have lots of windows making it comfortable any time of year.

Sandy Kirchner

When you take a ride on the 1880 train you will see beautiful scenery along the way. It is a very fun ride.

Tad McDowell

Great family experience. One of our favorite things we did over 4 days in the Black Hills. Highly recommend.

jamie chadd

What an amazing excursion. We went in the autumn, the scenery was second to none. The train car was very clean and well maintained, the entire trip was very relaxing. Would absolutely do again.

Lori Crighton

Great ride. Friendly staff

Michelle Overdorf

Beautiful old trains in the Beautiful Black Hills. Fun for the whole family.

Carmen Prach

Beautiful way to relax & take in the beautiful views of the black hills!

Jamie Agnew

I honestly do not see what the lure is for this! We paid extra for the 'shoot out' experience. I purchased tickets in advance for the 'best' recommended car. Both times someone else was sitting in the window seat we purchased. One person was so large that my husband sat with two of our kids in the seat as he wouldn't have been able to fit in the seat. The announcer was so dry and monotone in her delivery. She was borderline rude to the passengers. I felt that the 'acting' was so so bad. I enjoyed the outfits however. A few were dressed up and all ended up getting off the train. I think it would've been better had the announcer not narrated the events. The train moves at a snail's pace. I had just envisioned a difference experience. As soon as you get on the train and it's moving they want to take a commemorative photo. They put this green curtain behind you and then put your faces behind the train and mt Rushmore. We passed on it as we were spread out over three seats. Turns out they're $25. They offer popcorn, candy, and drinks on the train also. If you so the round trip you get off and have barely enough time to hit the restroom and then get back on the train for the same, bland, slow narrated drive back to Hill City. I would not recommend this trip for anyone. My kids were really underwhelmed also by the whole experience.

Erin Newport

Beautiful scenery! Relaxing train ride with points of interest poimted out along the way! Would definitely recommend.

Tammi Coulter

Was really excited to ride our first steam engine train but 15 or so minutes into our adventure the train broke and kept us on the hot, humid thing for 30 mins before they backed it up all the way back down to the train station. What a disappointing trip

Dolores Ckark

Great place to visit.

Patti Webb

This tourist-trip operation is unfriendly. The conductor is a grumpy old man. There are plenty of other high class tourist railroads in the United States that are warm and friendly. Black Hills Central Railroad is a waste of your time and money.

Kara Ginn

Beautiful scenery while feeling nostalgic about riding an old time train.

Tim M

The 1880 train ride was so much fun. The staff is very knowledgeable. It was a great trip to take the whole family on.

Tina Hooker

Kids loved walking around on their own and exploring the various trains. No pressure place to kill some time.


After riding the 1880 train to Keystone from Hill City SD, we visited this small museum. Lots of great historic RR info, a real caboose

Kevin Reed

Relaxing train ride thru the hills

William Cassedy

Nostalgia on rails. Wife is big on railroads and this gave her a great opportunity to ride in old time steam train in fully restored rail car. Terminus is Keystone, SD, an admittedly tourist stop but well worth it. Timed return trip to Hill City to allow for leisurely stroll thru Keystone's shops.

charlene clarkson

So many configurations in the cave. 723 stairs but very manageable.

Susan Thomas

Did the train ride with my grandsons. Was told a lot of history. Well worth the ride. Beautiful sights to see

Robert Toombs

I've done the round trip from Hill City to Keystone 3 times!!!! Love it!!!! I highly recommend you at least do the one way. Really beautiful country at a leisurely pace. Drinks and snacks are sold on the train. If you need the bathroom go before you get on because there's nothing available on the train.

roberto cortes

Great ride .excellent view and good history

Mark Harris

Great trip on this historic railway! Very informative speaker as we rode from Keystone to Hill City and back. Scenery is beautiful and also saw some wildlife along the way! Seating is fairly comfortable and I would suggest sitting on the opposite side of the aisle on your return trip to get a different view! Pricing is reasonable for the trip!

Kenny Stratton

Unique and historic. Great scenery

Phyllis Babb

The best. Information given to us by the conductor was interesting and helpful. Scenery was amazing and beautiful. I personally learned a lot about South Dakota and the railway.

Teresa Starnes

Enjoyed the train ride. Easy access for all. We rode in open car and weather was perfect. Complaint: the speaker system in our car was not loud enough and we could not hear the narrative. We mentioned this but it didn't change. Could hear when in the stations but not underway. Was also disappointed at the trash we saw from people living along the way. Didn't expect that. In the end, I would still recommend. Saw many deer.

Dan Fisher

This is one of the best train rides, you will not be disappointed

Cindy Hearn

Or favorite place to visit! Guaranteed to see deer, tour guide is interesting and the seats are comfortable. if you are a train lover, this is a must. And the train museum is cool too!

Patrick Delaney

I'm like a big kid when it comes to trains, so I loved the whole experience. They just need to restore old #7.

Dawn Kanne

Nice relaxing ride. If you love trains you will love this.

John Mills

These people really care about preserving these old trains. Fun trip back and forth. We didn't do a direct return so we spent a couple of hours in Keystone. Made for a really fun day. Could have spent longer in Keystone. Something I will have to do on our next visit.

Dan Grelinger

Nice, SLOW train ride through the mountains of the Black Hills on a (pretty) real old-time train.

Heather Sibley

Amazing ride. 1 hour each way. Guess between Hill City and Keystone. The seats were a little small. And the seats on the blue bird car we lower than the Gillette car. Whistle is loud. Scenery amazing. Tons of deer and other wildlife


first time for anyone in my family on a train, we all loved it, only bummer about our time on the train was on the way to keystone they were staging a "heist" and we were at the very front of the train and this happened more to the middle and back of the train, we heard it, but didn't get to see it, and that kinda bummed out our 10 year old. other than that we had a great time and suggest it to anyone going out there. (try to get a seat in the middle of the cars, they pull 7) we were out there for a week and did as much as you could with a 10 year old and 2 week old baby. Would highly suggest this to anyone going out to the black hills. Make sure to do this early in the day and before it gets dark!

Thalia Blanchette

FUN! Bring the kid

Carl Frosty Swinford

Worth the trip for train officianodos.

Marshall Spezman

A wonderful relaxing way to spend the day sightseeing.

Travis Mills

Amazing train ride. Good views, good information. Well worth the trip

Liza Timmers

This is a must do experience in the Black Hills! The little steam engine meanders through the countryside. You will see all sorts of wildlife and scenery. It was great!

Jeffrey Whiskin

What a great trip my wife and I enjoyed this train ride very much!

Jakob Garner

Fun place perfect for family and elderly. Can take as little as 1:15 for a trip or 2:15 for a round trip. Snacks and souvenirs are sold on the train, and it has a live steam train!

Joshua H

Very nice and enjoyable ride. Interesting facts along the way and got to see a lot of wildlife.

Annette Stoffel

Fun little excursion for my boys

Jaime Allmeroth

Such a fun event!! Learned a lot about history and the area all at the same time.

Kayla Douglas

The hour ride from Hill City to Keystone aboard the train is very relaxing. Always love it. My niece got to go for the first time and loved it; she is 8. Take time and slow down on this ride.

Thomas Crawford

Great ride and found out our good friends Sister used to live in the 100 year old house that was bought at Sears and brought there. Awesome


Was hoping it was the old coal powered train, it was not. Kind of expensive for the train ride. Very nice though

I Will Rise Up

First time we've done the train ride! Not disappointed at all! Loved it

terry richardson

A Real Steam Engine. Great Conductor Trip Commentator. Awsome ride.

Lynette Tiede-Beals

We loved the museum. We enjoyed the videos and the historical information that is nicely displayed throughout the museum. Rick was very nice and our 11 year old son enjoyed the visit as well. The model train display has a neat layout and Rick was very informative about it while we visited. Reasonable price for admission too, great family stop for all ages

Mike Hill

Really nice little museum. has some very interesting stuff and a very helpful and friendly staff.

Fred Kurzweil

This railroad Journey was so much fun. I took my daughter on it and she loved it too. We would definitely go back any time that we're in South Dakota. The price is reasonable.

Ne Du

Enjoyed the nice relaxing 2 hour train ride from Hill City to Keystone.

ruby buske

Nice gentle train ride. Great scenery. Nice way to see the wooded areas without walking.

Chris Czosnyka

Kid friendly, very slow ride through the hills.

Janet Patters

Great experience all around. All of the employees dress and act the part. During the ride to Hill City and back the scenery is great and the speaker gives a lot of information.

sara j

Wonderful experience! The conductor ( wish I could remember his name!) Made the trip even more special by visiting with our grandkids during the ride. Thank you for providing an experience that we will treasure

Diana Spezman

What a beautiful and relaxing way to spend the day.

Mark Ormiston

Awesome place well worth a visit, very interesting too.

Tyce Bradford

Sweet train and a very cool ride!! my son and i had a blast!!

Amber Mulford

Wonderful ride we really enjoyed it.. all three of my kids liked it

Lazaek -

Really cool train ride, but train-level seats.

Jason Reeves

We road in the Edward Gillette railcar and liked the option of having the windows closed in the rain if we wanted, although I'd recommend claiming individual window seats if you really need to see the view. The windows aren't tall enough for the inside seats to see everything. Grab some seats in the front to really feel the engine, then in the back on the return to see the full train in the bends.

Eric Bewley

Beautiful trip through the woods, but super slow.

Linda Dykstra

Fun and relaxing !! Great gift shop & photo opportunities galore.

Brent Villalobos

If you're a fan old trains, this is a must. It's relaxing and educational. There's also I nice little museum with old train equipment.

Michael Cannon

Very fun only thing that I would recommend just get there early so you can guarantee that you get train tickets.

George Klinetob

We had a great time touring the museum located right beside the railroad! The train ride was a ride back in time!! They have some very famous trains there. Many have been used in T.V. series. Riding in the train cars, you almost expect Matt Dillon, The Virginian, or Trampus to come on board.

Jaden Barnes

Authentic 1880s train ride from Keystone to Hill City! About an hour long each way and wheelchair accessible! Guides are very knowledgeable and friendly!

Francis Vorrius

Needed more time in Hill City.. Was supposed to be an hour, it was cut to 25 minutes.. Really wanted to eat lunch and look around..

Steve Baldwin

Just drove by today, but it is the very best must do in the area.

Shane Hoffman

Very scenic views. Lots of picture opportunities. Must do for little kids.

Brandi Nash

An absolute must on your trip in The Black Hills! What a fun adventure. Loved every minute!

Mike Lyons

Take some time to enjoy the beautiful countryside and scenery on this charming and interesting train ride. Good wine and food, great service, a treat best shared with friends.


Train ride was good, but not much to see

Jorjanna Robinson

Loved it! A fun vacation!

Glen Stipes

This is worth the time once

Terri Crites

Nice gift shop and snack bar.

Sherry Hunter

One of the best things we did in the black hills!

Ritika Shekhar

It was a beautiful ride as we went both up and down the hill. The journey had places of historical importance which one can only be known when taking the ride.

David Lee

Take the train ride! Peaceful, fun and entertaining

Amy Klein

Such a great ride. Very scenic. The staff is amazing and very engaging. They take your picture too and print it for you


Noce museum with a caboose and very interesting pieces. The art was beautiful 8/10

Frederick Coleman

Great piece of American history and nostalgia. Runs through beautiful scenery. If you can, book the steam run.

retrogaming 20

Enjoyed very much am doing agian


Very authentic and has an amazing route that let's you see many great things.

Kristyn Hansen

We loved our ride on the 1880 train! There were 9 of us, ages 16 to 75 and everyone had a great time. We left around noon from Keystone, spent the day in Hill City and returned in the evening, which was perfect for us. We rode the open air car first, and closed on the way back, and so glad we did because it was rainy and chilly coming back. So watch the weather when you plan. We bought tickets online ahead if time and chose seats near the rear of the train so we could see the engine during the ride. The museum and park in Hill City were great to visit also. Worth the price! With small or active kids, I'd do the closed car. Windows still open, but it's a little more secure feeling. Open cars have better views by far!

Epic Suer Science

We paid extra for the center seats in the Shootout Train and were assurred we would be able to see. Well, the reeanactment did not occur on the train like we thought. Very shortly after the train started moving, a woman came over the speaker to say a criminal was on the train. She continued to narrate to the point that my 6 year old asked why she was ruining the scary part. They walked through our train GRINNING with Rattlesnake Kate handcuffed but that occurred over seconds (not worth the extra money). The actors then all moved off the train on the side opposite of our seats. Everyone was standing and we hardly saw a thing (again after paying a lot more for the tickets!) We had been on another train ride a couple of years ago where the cowboys jumped off horses onto the moving train, hijacked the conductor, had a scuffle, and killed the sherriff. This was not even close to a comparison and was very poorly done. The actors were smiling and joking the whole time and it was horrible! The ride itself was extremely slow and crossed over a road that we could have easily driven. I guess my expectations were too high because my imaginary mountainsides and beautiful scenery was replaced by residences, summer camps, trailer parks, and the occasional farm. So dissapointing.

Amanda Wilson

Fantastic experience. We are telling everyone.

Maria-Edna Bon

What a colourful and historical experience. Great service, glorious views. Everything about Black Hills is awesome.

Amanda Israel

Wonderful scenic ride, very relaxing

Layla Krueger

Very awesome. Recommend getting there early to watch them put the train together!

Gregory Gorsuch

Awesome to ride in a train car pulled by an old steamer. Great views of the black hills

Doug Townsley

This train ride is a must do! The ride from Keystone to Hill City and back is a really beautiful trip. All the staff are very friendly and informative about the history of the train and the area. Price is reasonable. Don't miss this, it's a lot of fun.

Vel Maxson

Great fun day in the South Dakota

Lisa Dewey

We really enjoyed our train trip. We had a little bit of rain but it didn't alter anything about the ride. While we were riding they sold snacks and had a nice snack shop and gift store in the depot in Hill City.

C Brevik

Took the kids on the Christmas Express. It was a fabulous ride. Lasted a little over an hour, and the family was served hot chocolate and cookies. The kids met Santa and got a magic Christmas bell. Really well organized and the elves were all really friendly. Beautiful scenery. Highly recommended. Bring a lap blanket if the temps are chilly.

Kirk Clayton

Great train ride! I loved the hundred year old beautiful kestone carriage and the others like it. The tank engine was great, and you can get great views of it from wherever you are sitting on the curves. The views are also peaceful and beautiful.

Jon Morrill

We loved our ride this past Saturday. Be sure to make your reservations in advance. The train cars were nearly full for our round-trip ride, even though the weather forecast was for a bit of rain. There are a couple or narrators on the ride. One live and one recorded. They call out some of the sights for picture opportunities and provide a history of the railroad in the area as well as for each of the engines and cars. Would highly recommend you take a ride when in the Black Hills area.

Tania Taylor

Perfect way to admire the scenery and learn about the rich history from Keystone to Hill City! Highly recommend; fantastic and thank you so very much for the wonderful experience!

Steve Brown

Loved it. Great knowledge of the area. Had some fun

Kristie Rhodes

Was a great night ride! Wine with my love. However, we paid extra for the shootout. Uhm... when we stopped you could see the "bad guys" had rode up on their sturdy F150's lol... and the narrator would not BE QUIET!! Instead of letting it play out she talked over the whole thing and to them. Was quite annoying to all of us. Besides that it was beautiful and we would do it again without the "extras".

Melanie Raines

Very relaxing trip between Hill City & Keystone. We were able to book our return trip later in the day so we had the afternoon to explore.

Anthony Brown

A ton of fun, blast from the past!


Very cool train ride through the hills

WesJanet Garcia

It is a very fun ride pulled by a steam locomotive and has some nicely restored passenger cars as well. Worth the money.

Devon Fountaine

What a beautiful and fun experience!!

Kevan Sanders

Beautiful and Informational train ride.

Lynn Van Dam

Wine train, great fun.

Daniel Bry

Nice and relaxing train ride from hill City to keystone or vice versa. You get to see great sites, trees, deer, and some mountain peaks. The train cars you ride in are nice. Some have enclosed windows while the others are open window (meaning no windows), which is the one I rode in which was wonderful, except for the wooden seats which can hurt your bum after the hour long train ride. However the ones with enclosed windows do have much more comfortable seating available.

Kathy Hahn

This was a wonderful trip. It was very relaxing and very beautiful. Returns to ride in the open cars without the windows. It was extremely pleasant.

Michael Dorn

A nice leisurely way to see the Black hills and experience a ride on a steam locomotive.

Julene Healey

The kids had a lot of fun putting their arms out the windows, it was so beautiful and green. The black hills are so amazing, the train was so much fun to ride. We walked around Keystone for awhile. Some of us went on a tour of one of the mines. Some of us walked around and looked at some of the old equipment they used in the mine. Great trip!

Barry Hill

The train and the ride were very enjoyable. I seek out trains while we are traveling because I like them so much. I was disappointed by the lack of access allowed to the engine and cars. I have never before been denied access to the tracks and operational areas. I was even followed around by a stalker to be sure that I didn't breach their barriers.

Michael Mills

Great tour everything was great accept they do not give you enough time to deboard, use restroom and get a snack. Otherwise excellent!

Darlene Biel

It would be 5 stars if it was open

Karen Brill

Really enjoyed the trip from Keystone to Hill City and back. Great commentary and hospitality. Nice that they provide concessions on the train and they have great gift shops at both locales.

Patricia McMahon

Beautiful ride through the forest with great historical information. Recommend sitting in one of the back cars to be a little further from the whistle - it's loud.

Elizabeth Hiner

Train lovers will love this!

Marty Coffey

Nice change of pace actual steam engine and period correct cars..nice scenery ..reasonable cost

Howard Pastran

Need a whole new alphabet to describe this glorious scenery

Kenneth Reeve

Clean and Relaxing Wonderful Scenery

Teresa Warren

Great fun, great scenery and great history. Loved the train ride.

Cathy Barylske

We rode this past week. The scenery was beautiful and guides were very knowledgeable. Definitely worth the price.

Janell Virgin

Between Hill City and Keystone about an HR ride. Both towns interesting

Veronika Jorz

Pretty historic train station offering steam train rides from Hill City to Keystone and back. The adjoining gift shop is quite attractive as well. Very friendly service.

Vinny G

Amazing ride through a scenic route. Old-time passenger cars were fun to ride on.

Alissa Dyer

I can not speak highly enough for the amazing experience they provide here! It's one you won't forget! It's expensive but I have never regretted the money spent or memories made! I came as a kid with my grandparents and will never forget it! My son has autism and loves trains so we knew the perfect birthday treat would be riding the train! What an amazing memory! The staff went up over and beyond to make my son feel so special! The train conductor even took time to visit with my son and take some pictures. Then this year for the first time we rode the Christmas train! It has been on my bucket list for awhile and did not disappoint one bit! It was over the top amazing too! I hope to some day try the adult drinking Christmas train ride too!

Ghennel Horozewski

Enjoyed the train ride. I wish we had a bit more time in town between rides. I thought it would be a bit more scenic.

Ivy Geyeman

This was such a fun train ride. It takes you to a little town where you can walk around and go shopping and eat great food. We really enjoyed it.

Richard Ogin

A great way to spend a day in the Black Hills. You'll see two towns in one trip: Keystone and Hill City, SD. The narration is also very informative.

Jesse Vault

It's like going back in time. Entertaining train heist in the hills

Connie Jean Klein

I wish they had cheaper prices for locals. The trip is an awesome ride. I could not afford to go. A friend paid my way. If you got the cash, take the ride

Christopher Dale

Keystone is not RV friendly for parking so if it's raining you will get wet. Keystone is tour bus loading place so if you want a ticket book it on line. Hill city RV parking is a few spaces on red cinder so if it raining it looks and it gets carried into the RV. Prices are excessive but it's up to you

Franci McPhee

My son really enjoyed this place. Lots of information and rail road history. And you can take a long ride.

Craig U

Great, very informative. Note: if you have small children, do not book in the car attached to the engine as it's pretty loud.

Susan Roberts

At 7,8 and and now 12 and 14 our family loves the history.

Doug Taylor

Originally stopped to see the museum, on a whim checked to see if any seats were available and there was. At $29 each. the tickets were very reasonable compared to the Viginia and Truckee RR $48. Northern Nevada RR $35 or the White Pass & Yukon RR $125. The scenery was really pretty and the narration was informative. You can bring drinks and snacks on board or they have the same on the train for sale. Due to time my wife and I couldn't stay in Keystone so we came back. We really enjoyed it. We never did the RR museum. Maybe next time.

Jeff Dillon

Had a great time with family. Enjoyed the train ride.

koren kennedy

It is a memorable trip thru the Black Hills from Hill City to Keystone and back for 2 hrs.

Chuck Patient

This was so cool got to see alot of wild life

Ruth Cowden

The scenery is beautiful. The only complaint by any in our party was the stinky exhaust.

Kelly Meyer

Beautiful mountain scene and historic train ride. Great information and view as you travel to Keystone and back. They delay long enough in Keystone to grab a quick bite to eat and browse the station there. Great old steam train, two thumbs up from us! *and it's handicap accessible

Stanley Gordon

If you like to see old trains and take some pictures it is worth the stop. But a train ride for $30??? And they have NO discounts, no seniors or aaa. The museum is $10&$5 for seniors did not go in as I have seen many others without a fee.

Mike Bergstrom

We had a blast! Very friendly staff

Doug Haner

Good relaxing activity in the Black Hills. Guide knew a lot. Turn around on the round trip is a little quick.

Robin Lynn Boyd

Pretty cool train ride. The route was awesome between Keystone and Hill City. Had lunch at Dakotas ... best pulled pork I've had in years. Good narration about the train 1880 history and the surrounding areas. Word to the wise ... USE THE RESTROOM RIGHT BEFORE BOARDING, both ways!!

Marilyn Maurer

Great!! We had 22 people in our group. My children with their children and some great grand children all got together. We came from Rapid City, Billings, Mt. And Georgia. Thank you for a wonderful memory made.

Gary Garczynski

Great relaxing g ride. What's better than the sound of a steam engine. Great vistas.

Cindy Kellar

This is the 2nd time I've been on this train...& it still amazes me! My family had a blast! We went on the 3:45 train...& did the round trip from Hill City. Love Love Love!

Jen Wisby

We had a great time! Beautiful view!

Alice Simmons

Nice relaxing ride with beautiful scenery.

Tony Knapek

It's the 1880s train at it's finest.

Maricar Caliva

The place is very relaxing. There are many places to eat around the area.

Stephanie Gazaway

Lot's if cool information, beautiful sights.

Jason Johnson

Totally worth it. Great time

Eric Jacobson

Very fun ride on a railroad. They had a guide person explaining everything as we went along. I was hoping for drop off views of the mountain which there were not. But it did have great views with plenty of picture chances. The train traveled at 10mph the whole time also. I would recommend this for people visiting the area.

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