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206 N 8th St #100, Rapid City, SD 57701, United States

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Where is Berlin Wall?

REVIEWS OF Berlin Wall IN South Dakota

Rosemary Hunziker

Price Walker

Very interesting display, and a good reminder of what people have gone through because of tyranny

David Dather

henry Sutterfield

Rainer Summers

A great reminder of how fortunate we are living in a free nation.

Travel Gurl

Free parking Free admission Minimal walking Wheel chair and child stroller accessible The Berlin Wall exhibit is located in a beautiful park. Parking is easy to find and easy walking distance to the exhibit. There is lots of grass for the kids or pets to run around on. A small pond is adjacent to the exhibit. You could spend 15 minutes looking at the exhibit or an hour running around the park. The location and exhibit is great for everyone. I really enjoyed my visit, I should have brought a lunch for a picnic.

Karla Bentley

This is a must see for the history buff! It was far more then it looked like when you drive up. We took our kids to see it and learn some more about history. To see it in person was quit unbelievable. They have signs with information about each item. The park that it is set in has a great walking path to take and enjoy. There is a play ground for the kids to blow off some energy. Something for all ages. Great find in Rapid City.

Benjamin Goldinger

Sanford Ader

Cool piece of word history right in my backyard

Benita Hansen

We learned a lot about past history

bls txi

This a surprising find in the middle of Rapid City memorial park. It has two parts of the wall and 2 tank traps as well as several information boards about the wall, the pieces in particular, the fall of the wall, and the hardships during the cold war in Berlin

Donald Trump

This is a great big, beautiful wall. I'll tell you something. Our wall will be twice as large, spanning all the way from the Caribbean, to the Spacific ocean. Unlike this, measly little wall-y-ya know I visited this wall, terrible. Couldn't keep anything out. I walked right around it. My wall will be twice is large, and 198,754 times longer.


Very educational being able to feel and see what the people of Berlin saw.

KK Little Thunder

Here's a piece of the border wall you're getting all upset about.

Cameron Gallagher

Shelly Baxter

The whole Berlin Wall was heartbreaking... This is an excellent tribute to it coming down and the people who survived this. We should never forget history... Those who don't know it are bound to repeat it. This should not be repeated.

B DuBray

Jenelle Davidge

Cristi C

Elena HerManyHorses

Loved it

christian aldridge

To many drunks around for my liking. But it's a beautiful walking park.

Kamal Sharma

It's good. The parks near to this are amazing. It is really good for kids, they likes it.

A strange man

Rita Nauman

Robert Kroeger

Not super exciting. Fun to look at when you ride by on the bike path.

C Marquez

chillin little place

Shawn Nason

Great Tribute in SD of this!!!

Joseph Budd

Lots of history, items from a bygone era. Chilly during the winter and spring, bring a jacket.

Jacob Blakeman

Kasandra Bernot

Vincent Chipps

Great place to relax

Amelia Brown

Kevin Heinen

Ada Bautista

(Translated by Google) Beautiful (Original) Hermoso

Jerry Ettel


T.J. Likens

Amanda Bednarz

Cody Ford

See, touch, and feel a piece of iconic history that impacted the world. Marking an official end to WW2, well after combat ended. Right here at home.

Harry Lichtenberger

Not much to see, but the history is rich.

Fox E.

Seeing an actual piece of history can be pretty cool if you don't mind taking the time to read and reflect. It is located in Memorial Park and the scenery is relaxing. The bike path takes you right by here, or you can park nearby and walk.

Harley Miller

Anita Bonner

Nate Waite

This is a very informative place that should not be missed.

nathan rasmussen

Adam King

Jenna Callaway

It was awesome.

Terri Miller

Stephanie Kirkwood

Very informational, well put together

Jean T

Very small memorial to the Berlin wall but worthwhile if you are in the area. There are two pieces of the wall standing next to the tanks and several plaques explaining the history. Nice tribute next to a duck pond and beautiful walking paths. parking is close to the memorial. Across the bridge are a few playgrounds for children with a variety of equipment spread out in several areas. Parking is not that close to the playground, however. Although in the middle of downtown, the park is relatively peaceful with small gardens and memorials throughout. If you like walking or biking, or just like nature, this is a beautiful park.

Wendy n

Great park! Beautiful in town location. Fun for kids and gets you right on the bike path.

Ryan S

Maria Blanton

Logan Baker

The wall is really the least interesting part of this area. There is a nice lake right next to the wall segment and a playground and park five minutes walking. A great place to go on a sunny day.

Diana Belcher

I really love south Dakota this was down town rapid City SD worth it

Jeffrey Burkhardt

Joel Palmreuter

Mark Linder

A must see if your in Rapid City

Marty Harmon


matthew rolli

Dino aroundtheworld

There are better pieces of the wall to watch. But if you are from berlin its relativ anyway.

Mckenzie Beery

Darren Two Crow

Well since Rapid city is a sister city they put it there over twenty years ago and been a part of Memory parks capture so the general public can it.

Sarah A. Meyer

Homeless have over taken this Park the history but with them all there it was a little spooky...

Matthew Flory

Around The World环游世界


michael balander

Kormakur Hognason

Daryle Mindeman

Peaceful park in the middle of the city. Good spot for a walk with a nice pond and fountain.

Paul J

Alliance 12

too distracted to do my games dev work because this is NOT the berlin wall you thieves!



Very interesting

Jordan Mason

It is a piece of the original Berlin Wall that came down in 1990. It was transported to Rapid City, SD and now is located on the west side of Memorial Park, near the Civic Center, off of Omaha Street and Mount Rushmore Road.

Gaige Mortenson

Cool piece of history to check out.

Josh Wittenberg

Worth the stop!

Jeroen Travel

Interesting too see but not really a detour worth. If time, make a visit to this icon piece.of wall. Not a must.

Cody Adamson

Monica Huber

Like having Cliff Notes for this living history. Great place to go with children as the visual panels have large enough words and short, yet extremely informative paragraphs about the Berlin Wall. It is a must see...a bonus is that it is next to a beautiful pond with a walking path around it.

Martha Provancial

Chelsea T Jahn

Nothing I can make a fanatic deal about

Steve N

Pierre is a beautiful space. But it is small town at its finest.

mark tozer

Thomas Verheecke

Tristan Priest

Beautiful piece of global history.... RIGHT HERE I N RAPID CITY.

Dylan Wegner

Beautiful park with some added history. Very interesting

Debbie Be

Beautiful park a must see if your in town

Brett Slater

Very cool spot to feel the history! Must see!

Bull Smith

It's not one big piece but very well thought out. nice display

Haz3 -

Nathan Blaisdell

Dave Miller

Benjamin Martin

I'm not a huge fan of ultra-nationalism, and standing in front of this piece of history genuinely made me feel something. A powerful reminder that we're generally better off together than we are alone.

April Vig

Really neat having such an important little piece of history

Alex Flores

A fun slice of history memorial park is right beside the piece of the wall and there is so much to learn!

Mark Slade

Worth the visit. Lots of information and heart touching.

Misty Graham b

Ali Alashgar

(Translated by Google) The place is beautiful, quiet and suitable for children, the little river is beautiful. (Original) المكان جميل وهادئ ومناسب للأطفال، النهر الصغير زاده جمالاً.

Jim Allen

George Delaney

Martin Leeper

Great to see a part of History.

Robert Steele

Beautiful piece of important history.

Sky Coronado

Marietta Kuhl

A piece of world history in the United States

Charles Bennett

I loved this. As a man born the year the wall was erected and who's child was born the year it came down this was very cool. The best treatment of wall sections I've seen to date.

John Colhoff

Robyn Dadig

I remember knowing about the Wall in elementary school and that people were killed while trying to leave East Berlin and East Germany. Later I understood the Berlin Airlift by the Allies after WW II. It was very moving to read the different markers, detailing before the wall, during the wall, and after the wall came down. And even more moving to see the two sections on display. The high price of freedom....

BreAnna :ᴛ

Martina Steinhoff


chris goin

Tony Rhodes

The tactal pieces really make this area alive. Not overwhelming but memorable nonetheless. Educational, outdoors, & free.

Hannah Orr

Perfect tourist spot for the history buff. This location features interesting and relevant plaques and is relatively quiet so you can have a break from overcrowded tourist attractions.

Dominic Miller

marsha skinner

Kelly Harris

Brady Holmes

Fun meaningful location to visit.

Laura Pendegrass

Josh Kennedy


Jason Etchaspn

Michael Sefranek

This park is a blast. One of the best most interesting parks for kids I've seen in any city ever. Easily kill 3 - 6 hours. The parking perhaps wasn't the most convenient, and prepare for full sun exposure as there are few mature trees covering the playground "pads". Otherwise a must, definitely. The added history of the Berlin Wall nearby adds a little something for everyone.

Kasper Bosscher

Great place. We came all the way from europe to see this berlin wall memorial. In Europe we don't have a berlin wall memorial, you see. I've been several times to berlin as it is quite close to my home town, but couldn't find the wall everybody talks about. It's great that I now finally found it. Allthough it was quite a journey. By the way, nearby there are also some presidents heads carved in rock, they are nice to goto after you're visit to the berlin wall memorial.

Tina Perkins

Greg Malone

A bit of history

Scott Holtslander

So much history in such a small area. Beautiful area for such a surreal piece of history

tristan Brooks

Joy Means

Nicholas Miller

Really cool place to stop and take in a bit of history. Well presented and parking is very close.

Nate Barry

Neat good info

Nikolas Robinson

Though it is only a small section of the former Berlin Wall, it still manages to serve as a poignant reminder of just how profound we allow our differences to separate us, political or otherwise.

Chris Hoffmann

Tammy Fields

Nicole Gresbach

Lydia Kowalchuk

The real thing is better

chilly d

Fine memorial in a beautiful park.

Nadeem Farooqi

Eileen DeCora

Beautiful downtown Rapid City

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