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South Dakota, United States

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Where is Badlands National Park?

REVIEWS OF Badlands National Park IN South Dakota

Susan Slager

Well worth the visit. Wish we had more time to do the trails. God's creation is awesome.

Chris Priddy

It's quite interesting to see this area, especially towards the end of the park where you see endlessly stretching grasslands on one side of you, then the rocky badlands on the other. You pretty much feel as though you're part of the default Windows background.

David Smith

Like all of our National Parks Badlands did not disappoint. Desolate grasslands give way to beautiful rock landscapes. Spotted Bison, Antelope, Prairie Dogs, Big Horn Sheep and had my first Rattlesnake encounter on the notch trail. If coming from the west highly recommend entering on Rt 44 through Scenic and taking the back-country dirt road in. Awesome.

Travis Wilson

Got an aerial perspective with a quick helicopter ride coming into the park, just outside park boundary, at the East entrance then took the drive through the park. There are plenty of viewpoints to pull over at and keep an eye out for big Horn sheep, prairie dogs, buffalo and rattlesnakes!

Eric Bell

Badlands is a perfect name as there isn't much that could be done with this land. The loop is a 25 mph meander through the Badlands with ample designated spots to get out and sight see. If you're visiting Custer Park or Mount Rushmore add this to your list as it's breathtaking.

Lance Mitchell

You don't want to miss this! Some really spectacular views. Plenty of opportunities for pictures, picnics, trail hikes, etc. Highway SD220 is well maintained, and has lots of scenic overlook spots.

Fire Hire

My friend and I went on vacation and this was of our stops. Before we reached the Badlands I though the whole state was flat. It was an amazing view of an amazing rock formation. 10 outta 10 would recommend again.

DL Bradford

Fabulous National Park! Beautiful this year with all the early summer rains. The sweet clover smells wonderful.

Andrew Garris

A must see place to drive and hike! Amazing landscape with no hiking restrictions! Pictures just don't do it justice! Make sure to bring water on your hike and keep your eyes open for prairie Rattlers. You also see some Bighorn sheep, Bison, Pronghorn, and Muledeer.

Kevin Sloan

Such an amazing place. It's like looking at part of the moon. The wildlife is great to see in its natural habitat rather than a zoo.

Jenni L.

Badlands are a good place to visit. We enjoyed a couple short hikes with spectacular views. Even in October this park did not disappoint. Make sure the drive the loop along the wall.

Shirley Lehmann

Didn't know what to expect with this park but was more than pleasantly surprised. Love the color of the landscape and the different formations of the mountains. Would recommend it to all park lovers!!

Evan Hartshorn

The park is made so everyone from the grossly over weight to those healthy enough to walk can enjoy it. Enjoy it before the god-less Republicans and their "True Conservative" big spending US Government budget busting destroyers of all natural beauty develop it into Disney-styled fun.

S Lamson

Awesome park.. Beautiful scenery. There's even a little "prairie dog petting place near the East entrance,, it's a buck for a bag of peanuts.

Daniel Hoey

We caught it when it was not so beastly hot. Lovely place. So green during the summer of 2019...we very much recommend visiting.

Axel ulen

4 Stars for the natural beauty of the park. No points for the windstorm that blew up a dust storm that blew all tents down overnight and drove campers into our cars.

ralph hartsoe

Have to see it to believe it... Wild scenery. Loved cruising in and around this area so much.

Helena Funny

Amazing landscapes. We visited this park with Trafalgar Tour. For just a few hours stay, we didn't have enough time to explore the vast areas of park, nonetheless, the experiences were overwhelming: the stone formations were so colorful and so diversed. A great site for travellers. One picture from me.

Kristopher Rockfield

Fascinating place. Was going to camp but was 100 degrees in September and no shade in the park so headed to wind caves national park just west of there.

Samantha L

So green during the summer of 2019. We very much recommend visiting. You are even allowed to scale the formations, but you will need to be very careful and do so at your own risk. It is so quiet. We stayed overnight at the campground and it just added to the experience. Plenty of pull outs and in the right places.

Savanna Williams

We had a blast. It's not as "uptight" as a lot of other parks are (yes, I know they have their reasons) but it was fun getting to get out and explore. All easily accessible by vehichle if you are not able or don't want to walk.

Penny Cloutier

The Badlands are beautiful. Never see any animals, but maybe because it is always hot like a dessert there. Bring lots of water if youre hiking. Great views though.

melissa harms

Very very cool place to see!! I definitely want to go again but during the day this time so the sunset doesn't block some of my views. We just drove through and stopped here and there for pics and it was worth it! Next time I want to do some of the hikes available, etc!

Scott Ames

Awesome! Definitely worth the $25 entrance fee which is good for one week. We went from east to west which I would recommend because there is a lot of climbing opportunities in the east end which was really fun in the morning but would have been too hot by afternoon had we started from the west.

Dawn Allen-Carlson

So beautiful!! Were there in late afternoon and then again as the sun rose. Lots of wildlife to be seen and tremendous views of the geology. Freezing weather so didn't walk as much as the site deserved in order to fully appreciate. Will come back if possible to experience more.

Dawn Brown

The Badlands National Park is a worthwhile place to visit. The geography of how the Badlands formed is phenomenal and fascinating to learn about.

Jamie Cagle

We loved the Badlands. We camped at Sage Creek and saw a bison in camp the next morning. 10/10

Kevin Springer

It's a whole other world. The wildlife is abundant and easy to find. Peaceful.

Kasey Moyers

Amazing! Stayed at the Cedar Lodge Campground, kept the rain fly off of the tent, watched the breathtaking night sky. Woke up surrounded by the beauty of the Badlands. It pure magic!

John Boettcher

If you are going to South Dakota just to vacation in the Black Hills you are seriously missing out! The Badlands are one of the most amazing natural features next to the Grand Canyon. Take the Scenic Road, as it will take you from one end of the park to the other, and past every spot you would want to see. Seriously, the short drive from Rapid City is 100% worth it!

Allen Mclain

Awesome natural formations and lots of areas to pull off the road for pictures. Good visitors center with lots of historical information.

Don Chase

Beautiful park. Worth exploring for a day. Definitely stop at the Visitor Center..

Mike Privette

What a cool place! I visited late July. The yellow clover and wildflowers were popping everywhere. A spectacular sight to see. Not a tremendous amount of time needed here. Visit many things not too far away like Deadwood and Mt.Rushmore & Crazyhorse.

Samir Muranjan

Super fun park to hike and visit. The formations are breath taking. We went on the notch trail and loved every minute of the hike as the views change constantly.

Joe Reeder

It is interesting once.... Glad I went, breathtaking view! Hot and dry, take plenty of drinks..... The welcome center was clean and informative.

Joe Van Tassel

Incredibly beautiful. This park offers plenty of hiking but can also be thoroughly enjoyed by vehicle. Boasts multiple scenic turnouts along the main route. The campground at Sage Creek is as good as it gets. A perfect combination of drive up accessibility and back country amenity. A prime location for starry night skies. It's first come first served at that campground so try to arrive early. Be on the lookout for bighorn sheep throughout the park. Also be sure to find a good location for sunset pictures somewhere along your route and be there a little before sun down to enjoy the view. We enjoyed the park while driving through for a few days. We did not explore the southern portion, only the main stretch from East to West

Zach Taylor

Beautiful Park! I drove right through the park and it was lovely, it didn't blow me away like the parks in Utah but it was fine. The visitor center had a delightful museum and the park loop flowed nicely. There were lots of turn offs for pictures. My only complaint was I have seen lots of areas in the South West that resemble the badlands. Sorry but I am being honest.

Barbara Michels

This is a wonderful National Park, so rich with history and beauty. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the older woman at the west entrance gate. She was extremely rude. This woman should not be the face of the park.

Ashley O'Toole

Absolutely, psotiviely loved this park. You must take time to hike though- as this is the best part. Climbing the rocks was amazing, but you have to be careful! It was such a beautiful place, it's worth every second

Tanner Dougall

Really enjoyed the alien landscapes and sweeping vistas here. This is a smaller park but we saw bighorn rams in the park and enjoyed the 240 loop. Highly recommend that loop. Visitors center was also cute and cozy; the fossil exhibit especially was unique to this national park. Reccomend this stop!

NiteLite Gaming

Amazing to go to and see the sights but other than the hiking it can get bland. I advise to stay hydrated and bring something to eat aswell.

Lethicia Park

Love the color of the landscapes and the different formation of the mountains. Best walk is near visitor center, cliff edge. We were blessed with sun and warm temperatures. A must see for sure.

Daniel Snow

One of America's most beautiful places! Cool rock formations, Buffalo, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, Prairie Dogs and Rattlesnakes, too! We recommend visiting this beautiful place whenever you can, but please be respectful of your surroundings, as this land belongs to the native people of the Sioux Tribal Nation.

Elizabeth Bennett

Breathtaking, anything but Bad. The history of the area is super cool too! We really enjoyed our trip.


Kind of like Grand Canyon but different... go there early for hiking. Lots of good trails. Must wear hiking shoes. Lost of fossil exhibition.. easy to book campground. Helicopter tour available right before park entrance..

Mindy Reese

Wished I had more time to hike here. Gorgeous place. Watch out for rattle snakes though.

Jennifer Blazek

Gorgeous scenery! A lovely family drive. Lots of places to stop, and picnic areas. Not a lot of public restrooms, so be sure to stop when you see one. Buffalo, antelope, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs.

Richard Higgins

Spent the day driving and checking out the Badlands. Nice formations and stunning views. Many pull outside with interpretive panels and informative visitors center.

Aninditta Rao

Spectacular vistas on the road between the Pinnacle entrance near Wall and the Ben Reifel Park Center! Easy access to some short trails that take you into all the formations made over millions of years.

Dan R

Absolutely one of my favorite travel experiences ever. It’s like being on another planet. Park was excellently maintained and there’s something for all physical abilities and ages. A can’t miss national park.

Jenalyn Burns

So beautifully surreal that some of these rocks don’t even look real! This is an absolutely unexplainable experience. One would have to go to truly take in the beauty around them.

Stacey Fenton

We loved this park! It was raining the day we were there but it was still just breathtaking.

Carolina Shank

Gorgeous. Don't take just one day to visit. They have the coolest hiking trails. Take your time. It's breathtaking.

Kari Johnson

Very pretty. They offer helicopter rides to get a closer look at $50 per person, well $49 as a special. You can also drive thru of around which we were not lucky enough to have time to do that but hope to make it back in the near future.

Christian Richards

So cool to see the bighorns as you drive in. This place is from another planet! Badlands is a place I’d recommend everyone to visit at least once if they have the opportunity.

Haunted Minnie

Been here several times. Last time was in August. Beautiful place year round. Can't get tired of natural beauty.

Nancy Caswell

Beautiful place to see the geology of North America. The visitors center has many educational experiences, books, fossil hunts (summer), and National Parks fun.

Christina French

Badlands is definitely something that you can only experience in the Badlands. I've been here several times and it's a different experience every time! I would definitely recommend a visit, as pictures cannot do this place justice! There is an abundance of animals and plant life to appreciate as well as the interesting formations! Definitely bring a camera with you on your visit!

John Lysaght

This park is fantastic. You can walk out onto the various formations. You can even camp for free as long as you set your camp out of view of the road and trails.

Jan Laman

This park displays a unique beauty. The viewing and walking areas were very good. Excellent outdoor bathrooms with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Visitor centers were good. Take water. I'll never forget this park.

Michael Cash

The loop is an easy drive and has many areas to pull over and stare at the incredible landscape. We did see some bighorn sheep but could not find any bison... Maybe they were camouflaged or hiding!

Matt Hubert

If you or your kids like bouldering this is a must visit park. So many unique opportunities to experience here and some great animal siting possibilities(big horn sheep)

Mary Locatelli

Being a National Park phanatic the Badlands did not disappoint! Unfortunately I took the stunning photos on my other device. I'll have to add them later. We sure enjoyed the visitor center with the lovely gift shop and the neat and informative fossil and history sections. It is well worth driving through the whole park.

Lois Bettelyoun

It's always a great place to visit with family and friends! Nice place to relaxes and have a picnic with family and friends just to go hiking and walking around getting some exercise!...Awesome place to take photos near and far!...Alot of history for children to learn too!... beautiful place to visit with family and friends!...

Andi McDonald

Just amazing. The contrasts were stunning. I need to go back to be able to spend more time learning rather than just looking!

Shaun Simmons

Loved it! A great big park to hike and explore in. The kids love the prairie dog research station, where they were able to feed the prairie dogs, the peanuts provided were available for a cheap donation to help with running the program.

Joey Mills

A spectacular place to view nature's earliest landforms. The drive is easy and pull offs plentiful. Great for families traveling through the area.

Brent Wedding

Worth the entrance fee. Driving through the park was a great experience. Even my 2 teenagers enjoyed it!

Rodrigo Medina

I visited here with my family and I was able to climb the rocks and explore around without restriction. Great place, however, there wasn't anyone around surveying the area, I feel like there should be at least a couple people taking shifts and going around watching to make sure no one has fallen or anything. Again, great place, but I recommend going in the fall or spring since during the summer it gets really hot there.

Leah Moody

This was a great family trip! We had so much fun climbing and hiking the trails.

Kayla Weaver

Badlands National Park was never high on my bucket list of paces to go, but it should have been! Pictures just don't do justice to this amazing place. The scale is incredibly huge. The colors of the rock and soil are beautiful, especially if you are there during golden hour. Take the time to stop and take a hike. It's totally worth it.

Nica L.

AMAZING PLACE. While entering the Badlands, there was a bison crossing the street. It was amazing. I have never been in such close proximity to a bison before. My boyfriend and I did some night photography and heard a pack of coyotes.

Shiv Ganesh

Unlike any other place I have been. When you drive through, it feels like you are going though a place in a fantasy world. There are lots of spots to take pictures and go walking around. You are even allowed to scale the formations, but you will need to be very careful and do so at your own risk. Be sure to take your time and observe your surroundings. Definitely a highlight of my trip to the state.

Robin North

This place is other worldly. Spectacular scenery. We drove the rim road and stopped at every overlook - it was THAT amazing! I also stood at the edge of the canyon and just listened to the wind. It is so quiet. We stayed overnight at the campground and it just added to the experience. This is a must see.

Chris Vazquez

One of the most unique national parks I've ever been to. If you have the time, drive the Badlands loop or take in a quick trail or two. I highly recommend the Notch trail and the Night Sky program (bring bugspray, because mosquitoes come out in full force at dusk).

Connie J

Beautiful rock formations, breathtaking views. Lots of pullover spots where you can get out of the vehicle you hike or take photos. Even if you're just passing through, the Badlands Loop is well worth the time.

Chelsea Wright

Badlands was such a great experience! It has such a unique beauty to it. We spent a whole day here but I could definitely see spending more.

Rob G

This is a very beautiful place. It makes me wonder how our ancestors ever made it. Beautiful in the summer winters would be a very different story. It’s definitely worth the tour. Plan to take an entire day.

Stacy Deanne Sluyter

Wow!!! I've skipped this place again and again while driving through the Black Hills. Now that I've finally been, I definitely regret driving past! It's amazing. Be sure to hit it at sunset!!! Mind blown!!

Jonathon P

Hiked the Castle trail and saw big horns. This is a long (12 mile) hike but well worth it. The Badlands are a beautiful place but would recommend going in Sept. or Oct. When the weather is cooler and there are far fewer people.

Randy Hardman

A ride that had beauty second to none. Great rock structures. Great drive through!

Erik Szyperski

On our way through, and was only there an hour before it got dark, but it was incredible. Definitely worth a return trip to explore more.

Dave Scharffs

The road was well maintained and there were many scenic turn outs. The views were great. The Badlands is different than what you see elsewhere. Having seen Zions and Brice in Utah, it was not that grand. The Rangers were all great, and the dining was good.

Nancy Stephenson

A great view no matter what you would like to do. You can just drive through it and still see plenty. If you have more time, you can stop at all the viewing spots, and if you have lots of time, you can hike through it. Something for everyone!

Tennille K

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Amazing. Lots of areas for more experienced hikers, along with trails and viewing spots for those who aren't as experienced. You can camp, hike, picnic, it's easy to spend all day or even a week or two in this beautiful gift of nature.

Stefan Frank

It's a beautiful landscape and great wildlife in the western part of the park. Most of the greatest views are accessible from the road so they are a bit busy in season. We took the one longer hike there is and it was worth it even though it doesn't pass by the most iconic formations. Just gives a more intimate experience.

M. P.

I was pleasantly surprised with this national park. It has plenty of short easy-ish trails that can be done in a half-full day's time which is all we had time for. The formations are really cool to see. Our top 2 favorite trails were notch trail and the door. Just make sure to bring plenty of water, wear sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the sun. It is hot out there and there isn't much protection from the sun. It also has a very nice scenic drive with lots of cool lookouts. This place is definitely a must see if you're ever out in South Dakota.


Even if this park is not your destination, it’s worth the short detour from interstate 90 to drive the loop through the park, it definitely has her new features we’ve never seen before in any of the other national parks, it’s quite amazing. It took us about 90 minutes to drive the loop, from exit 110, to exit 131.

Kandice Gerdes

While it is crazy how much the environment changes in this region this just wasn't for me. It was beautiful in a creepy, fossilized kind of way, but I prefer living trees and running water.

Jiayan Huo

It is wonderful, the Saddle trail is highly recommended. And Sage rim road is also full of fun to drive. Though I was expecting more wild animals.

John Pettet

One of the most beautiful parts in the west. It is full of rock formations that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The rocks also have a beautiful red and yellow color which is something that is rare for anyone to see. I'd recommend driving though if you are close by

Terry Frey

Amazing place & has great access for those of us with mobility issues. Very happy with our time in the park.

Ryan Leasure

Amazing park in the middle of nowhere with views like you will not see any other place in the world! Similar to Bryce national I’d say but much different at the same time. 10/10 would recommend. Free camping within the park and I thank them highly for that! Saw a few buffalo, a big horn sheep, bunch of mountain goat females and babies. Very cool place with no limits, just go! Wild Wild West and it’s amazing!

M. Peterson

Do whatever you have to in order to visit this park. Beautiful and awe inspiring! We will be back to spend more time!

Shrekels k

Amazing one of the most beautiful places I've seen, and it's inexpensive, not too busy, and no extreme weather. The gift shop is also great with tons of gorgeous handcrafted pieces to take as souvenir. Would love to see again someday

Daniel Lee

Incredible rock formations, wonderful drive through park. We went Rapid City SD to Interior and out to I90 east bound. Would drive through again.

Jello Dee Marco

We went through a small portion in the south eastern part to hit I-90. The jutted rocks were beautiful to look at. The vistor center was also informative!

Vincent Thomas

Had a blast exploring and seeing all the crazy hills and mountains! Was super interesting!

Daniel Kimble

The views are amazing. Fun hiking trails. We did the Notch, Window, and Door tails with a 6-year-old. The Notch trail was challenging for her but she did it. I recommend going during the cooler hours of the day. Go to the visitors center to escape the heat.

Bob Koby

This park is beautiful. So many interesting things to see. Lots right on the side of the road. The scenic road that goes through is great even if that's all you can do. A must see for sure.

Graham W

This was a very enjoyable motorcycle ride through the park. We were blessed with sun and warm temperatures.. We found a helicopter tour place but didn't like the prices so enjoyed our ground level experience.

Stephen Blehl

Unique park that makes you feel like you're on the moon or a different planet. Stop at the visitors center. Nice exhibit there.....maybe 15 - 20 minutes, but shows and talks about the park. The rock formations are cool. Some have different colored strata. BTW: There are pull outs to stop and take pictures or use the many restrooms that dot the park. Watch for prairie dogs at the end, big Horn sheep, and mule deer. You'll enjoy this park! Time for a visit....ya gotta go.

Secret Faces

What can I say, this is an amazing place. There is nothing like the South Dakota badlands. It is beautiful and the day time and at sunset as well as during thunderstorms and of course at night. We love taking the back way on Sage Creek road where you can often see wildlife.


Really really cool place! Words cannot even describe the views and my pictures definitely don’t do it justice. It’s so cool to see animals roaming around while driving around and you can get pretty close to them too. It’s also really nice that they have paved roads throughout the Park and trails. I bet it is a neat place to be when the sunsets... pictures have to be unbelievable then.


This is an awesome natural wonder and certainly a gem of South Dakota. Endless miles of jaw-dropping scenery and wildlife to keep you occupied for hours if not days.

Dave Den Adel

Do you want a lunar experience without going to the moon ??? Than head to the Badlands of South Dakota !! Badlands is Lakota for Badlands and South Dakota is English for South Dakota. The Badlands are like the moon in every way except for the oxygen, grass, trees, buffalo and ten dollar entrance fee. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the moon landing wasn’t filmed here, at night. Either formed by millions of years of wind erosion or created 10,000 years ago by God, the park is a beautiful drive worth getting off I-90 for. Be sure to hit Wall Drug after your lunar adventure...

Nilmadhav Mishra

Must go place for nature lovers and people who like driving on exciting motor trails. One of the most beautiful scenic view I have seen in The USA


Amazing geology. I was in awe. If you can spend all day or multiple days, do it!! Well worth your time.

Nevin Zimmerman

What a unique experience! There is trails leading up onto the columns and is even dangerous making it all the more fun. It seems like you on the moon or something.

Kelli Johnson

Great national park. We did the scenic drive and it was worth every minute and dollar we spent on it. I would go again, probably in the morning or evening so my pictures would be better. The colors are breathtaking.

LeAnne Fiske

The scenery is otherworldly. It's easy to just speed through and think you've seen it, but take your time because you'll never see anything else like it. Soak it up.

Joshua Mullins

You can’t go wrong with this place from the beautiful powdery hills to the awesome hiking trails, you will definitely enjoy this place if your alone or with the entire family, you can have loads of fun

Natalie Otto

I fell in love with the Badlands! Such a beautiful National Park with so many things to see. Beautiful landscape, many different kinds of animals and information points. Would come visit it again any time. Definitely recommend checking this part of South Dakota out!

Doni Westfall

Stunning-- easily now in my top 5 national parks. Cannot wait to spend an extended time next summer.

Roger Sanders

Awesome place to drive through and see. The beauty of God's creation. It's well worth to take the day and see it all.

Victoria Pederson

Such a great site to see! Many places to stop and take pictures or get out and walk around. Definitely recommend visiting

Philip Keithley

This is a must visit if you are in the area. Great sight seeing and beautiful scenery. Lot of hiking trails if your into that. You will occasionally see mountain goats running up and down the hills.

Rhoda Stauffer

The east side of the loop was great, If your in a time crunch. But the whole loop was worth the drive. Truly God is great. Only him could create such beauty.

Andrew Lesher

These is my first visit to Badlands National park. Very strange place to be!! Its looks like it came from different planet!!! But,its not!! And its looks like it came out of one of the planets of the movie Starwars!! Very strange, &very unusual National park, I been to!! I gave it a 4 star rating of my own experience of these is not bad to watch wild animals,& hike some of the trails!!

praveen kumar

One among the best places that I visited... morning was foggy... but afternoon it got cleared and it was a breadth taking scenery all around....

Chelsea Schopper

A fun place to hike and search for fossils! And we found some! They have Jr. Ranger programs, a nice small museum and fossil lab. The night astrology program was great too. The dark sky for star viewing is amazing!

Michael Serio

What an amazing National Park, and I've been to quite a few! We made it here right at sunset and after a few thunderstorms rolled through, which made for some amazing shots of the storms and sunset in a panorama shot. Seeing bison and antelope were a nice addition too. If you're in the Wall area, skip Wall Drug and immediately go and explore this park, you won't regret it!

Deborah Rijser

If you are in the Black Hills, you have to drive through the badlands! If you are able to, drive through and get out at night! You have never seen so many stars in your life! The Badlands are majestic in the day and night.

Vicky Gerken

Absolutely breathtaking. You have to go through the badlands national park to appreciate every view. The park us full of hills and very limited space on lanes but it's Mike's if dangerous curves and adventure!

kristen hickok

Amazing! Once in a lifetime experience! We saw big horn sheep and bison! Plus amazing views!

Lauree Baldwin

I visited here when I was 12 and have always wanted to return. That's how impressive it was. It did not disappoint.

Mark Fechter

Loved this place. Tons of hiking and camping spaces. Very unique park with tons of spectacular sights to see.

Kristen Switney

I am so glad I visited and I wish I could have spent more time. The park has great overlooks. There are picnic areas and trails that are well marked on the road.

j Avery

Simply amazing landscape! Caught the park at sunset and was in awe of the beauty. Definitely a must see.

Caleb Wilson

You have to visit to really understand. It’s like no other place on earth. We camped in the Cedar Pass campground. Fantastic facilities! Ranger Ed explained the history of some animals in the park and then we looked at some planets thru telescope!

Ben Bierdeman

Remember, free hike National Park! You can hike anywhere! An excellent park with very helpful rangers! I would recommend the Notch Trail. Try to make it to the top of the peaks, it’s well worth the extra climb from the valley!

Amanda Byrd

Amazing views, we travel here often just for a couple days. I love the variety of wildlife too!

Varjavand Ariaban

Incredible natural landscapes that are truly a sight to see. It's a great place to reconnect with history and explore the badlands. You'll see wildlife in the park as well which is just an added bonus as the formations themselves are spectacular.

Shahidul Islam

It was my first National Park experience. So, I’ll always remember being there and it has been a nice memory to have.

Steven Price

Nice trails to get out and explore the area. Very good informative and educational signs explaining what you're looking at.

Anthony Larkin

Made a pit stop here on the way to Rapid City. Well worth the delay. Wildlife, landscapes, and good parking. What more could you need out of a national park?

Tony Verchio

I have lived near hear for a long time and this year the park is the most beautiful ever. With our wet year all the colors in the park pop and it was a joy to visit. The visitor center as a very good 20 minute movie playing on a loop that tells you the history of the park and about the geological formations and wildlife. There are hiking trails and scenic overlooks in abundance. Definitely worth a stop on travel through western South Dakota.

Craig Holstedt

We had missed this National Park before. We are very glad we took a couple days to see it on this trip. Truly amazing!

Rachel Berndt

Amazing views. I loved seeing the cactus, bunnies, Prairie dogs, and of course the breath taking views. The storm almost blew us away, but we passed the time watching the movie at the visitor's center and then made our way through the park.

Harry Cuuuz

Wow. Just wow. What a magnificent view! Forget about pictures, they'll never do it justice. The park is clean and well-kept. The look-outs are spectacular. Do yourself a favor and visit at least once in your lifetime.

Joetta McKissack

Loved driving through the Badlands. So scenic. Great photo opportunities.

Luke Wiley

This is great place to get out and play! Fun and beautiful. Great views and awe inspiring formations.

Edited Visions

An easy park to visit. Not as crowded as some national parks. Doesn't take long to drive through and see the magor sites. If you are close it is a must stop.

Jennifer Lundberg

Such an interesting landscape! The whole family ages 3 to 80 loved getting out and walking the trails and climbing around. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Geoff Ashby

Our family enjoyed the 240 loop driving out to exit 131 on I-90 and finishing near Wall, SD. Along the route there is a great balance of scenery, educational stops and wildlife. Get there on a clear morning for the best views and light traffic.

Richard Sanders

We spent about 6 hours and thoroughly enjoyed it. We went from the West to the information center, starting on the northern gravel road on the west side. That part felt like an adventure, but no real problems.


It is OK. Same scenery throughout with little change. Best walk is near visitor center, cliff edge. Not worth spending a night. Cedar Cabins are inside the park but AC did not work and it took 2 days to fix. Food is bad and it is fly infested. Windows don't open or stay open, service bad. Check in is 4. Not 355. Not 359..4. They just don't care. Try calling the desk direct (not the reservation number, the office). They put you on hold and leave you...never come back. Simply not worth the stay in so.many ways. Just do the drive through off I90. Go in one side, out the other and be on your way.

Jing Lin

This is absolutely the most beautiful park I have been to! Make sure you visit those golden mounts. Incredible!

baljinder singh

Amazing formations. We spent almost 3 hours here and didn’t even complete 1/4 of the park. I would recommend an entire day here. Very less crowded and the drive absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a must see in the Rapid City vicinity visit.

Shelly Katoch

Recommend the Notch Trail. The ladder climb can be challenging for kids and those who have a fear of heights. The final view is worth the hike!

Charlie Dango

Beautiful park. Great views from road that winds throughout as well as from many scenic lookout points. Trail system is well marked. Bring water as trails provide no shade. Buffalo and Big Horn Sheep can be seen in and around the park.

John Saenz

A beautiful place. Spend some time doing a hike or two so that you can get out of the car and see the park away from the road. The scenic drive has many amazing places to get a wonder view of the landscape.

Ben Keller

Visited during memorial day weekend on a sunny day. Just crowded enough to give the park energy but not enough to make it feel too crowded. Did the scenic drive on SD-240 and the notch trail which winded through the badlands and offered up a wide view at the end. Great experience at a fun park.

Sherry Drumheller

It's like you transported to another planet! The geology, fossils and vistas are amazing. Herds of bison and bighorn sheep were by the road. A must see NP.

Kirsten Hendrixson-Swanson

The highlight of our trip to South Dakota! My two boys loved following the numbered poles of the Door Trail, such a fun mini adventure! And the scenery was breathtaking! Definitely a fun adventure, we just wished we had more time.

Kris Grymonpre

Hike the door trail for a fun way to see some amazing views. This was our favorite part, beating out Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Just be sure to bring your water bottles with you--the visitor center has a refill station.

Ferretti Farm

A must see! Beautiful. Our family loved it. We were lucky enough to see a lot of wildlife as well (including big Horn sheep). This is a National Park everyone should put on their bucket list

Taylor West

Fall is a great time to visit! Not as crowded and the scenery is breath taking! Hopefully next time, I'll have more time to do some hiking in the park!


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