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Where is America's Founding Fathers Exhibit?

REVIEWS OF America's Founding Fathers Exhibit IN South Dakota

Noelle Bonjour

It really makes history come alive! Instead of just names and dates, this exhibit shows the human side of our founding fathers. They really were just like us!


Kristi Davis

If you like history it's a must

Baltimore Bob

Dan T

Very well done wax (?) sculptures which recreate the famous painting of the signing of the declaration of independence. Well done audio history briefly explaining what was going on during that time in history. Biographies along the wall of all the signers. Great exhibit, outstanding staff who are personable and knowledgeable. Definitely worth the visit and interesting for the kids too...don't miss your chance to ring the giant liberty bell outside!

Shirley Hoffa

Tom Lawrence

Very interesting and we'll done.

Dave Anderson

Tony Dodd

The Founding Father's exhibit represents both history and art. We enjoyed our visit very much.

Diane Poletti

This was our final spot in South Dakota. How fitting siñce we were going home to Philadelphia area. Loved the unique presentation of the Revolution War.

Aidan Brady

Quite good! Great for families and surprisingly objective (not perfect but still). Our guide (interpeter) Jake was great too. The building is a pretty good facsimilie of Independence Hall (complete with liberty bell) though minor liberties were taken (such as the bell being more stainless than pig iron). Would be great for those who especially want to shoot a musket. Actual exhibit is an interesting combination of sculptures and oral presentations.

Patricia Dorgan

Very informative very well done honoring our founding fathers their strengths but acknowledged their failure too good way to learn why they risked so much personally for our freedom very patriotic good lessons for child

Lisa Landgraf

You gotta stop and shoot a musket! The guy at the range has a wealth of knowledge as well as being extremely friendly. It cost $20 and you get three shots.

Crysta Reeves

It is a nice exhibit but not what I expected. Kids were disappointed .


It was very informative and interesting. It felt like I was back in time.Would highly recommend for schools and just for fun day trips.

Becky Archer

Jenna Lockman

Great place with cool history!


Way cooler than we expected!

Jodi Haywood

Teri Zubia

I really enjoyed this exhibit. The guide was very informative. If you like history, this is the place to visit. We rang the bell too!

Kevin Talley

Great stop for the history buff. Paired with Rushmore, and the presidential wax museum this place is sure to inspire the patriot within.

Atom Jones

Kids and I loved this place.

Hugh Mungus

Doug Perry

This was a fun activity for a rainy day. The presentation was very informative and well thought out. There were backgrounds to read on all of the signers of the declaration. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to shoot a musket, but maybe next time. I definitely recommend a won't be disappointed.

Nicki Hartz

Amazing to learn and see all the founding fathers of the declaration of independence and you can even shoot a gun from back then also

Gary Ashley

Ryan Miller

Great place to visit. Very educational and well put together. Very reasonable admission.

The Prodigal Toonie

Karen Schwartzkopf

Leon Schlice

This was like stepping back in time!

Linda Gann

Daryl Plank

Fabulous and very moving!!

Rebecca Paoff

Clint Padgett

Very informative place with a great display

Larry Sargent

heven58 mow

We learned so much.

Rob Fangman

Nice program about the start of the American Revolution. Also fun chance to shoot real muskets.

David Gierisch

A must-see. Don't even think about just driving by. Even if you have no appreciation for history, you will be thrilled with what you see and learn there. Seeing the beautifully rendered figures brought the whole scene of the signing of the Declaration of Independence to life vividly.

Eric Olsen

A must see for all Americans! A well done and laid out exhibit on the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Lisa Hebner

Keith Schmitt

Great exhibit and had a great time shooting musket!!!

Nick Liker

Estie Tabarnak

Great spot, about an hour long attraction

Elaine Badger

Learned somethings I did not know and got a copy of th constitution

Martie Crittenden

Wonderful very interesting.

Tracy Harrison

Stop here to fire a replica style musket!!! So cool!! Definitely under-rated. The exhibit was cool, but pretty short and nothing too special. $20 to fire 3 bullets. And about $10 a person for the exhibit. Be sure to leave a tip for the rifle guy at the shooting range. We didn't get his name, but he was great at explaining everything and taking his time, which was really nice.

James Sutherland

Great place and good to learn more about the declaration of independence

Hampi Hp

(Translated by Google) Seers nicely done as far as the founding of the USA is concerned Very great care on site. (Original) Seher schön gemacht was die Gründung der USA angeht Ganz tolle Betreuung vor Ort.

Helen Hein

Rollo Shaffer

A true gem

Dave Wyant

We need one of these in every capital of the country in our opinion! Truly amazing place to visit while in South Dakota. The employees wear costumes appropriate for the time period and were extremely knowledgeable. Also, shooting a 50 cal Flintlock is a great experience so don't miss that!

Eric Buhrow

Very informative and a neat display, and it was cool to shoot a musket out back, but there wasn't a lot to do there. Nice stop for history buffs, but may be boring if you aren't.

Matt and Jennifer Roberts

Very informative. Great place to show your kids how this country got started. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and cost was very reasonable.

Janet Davis

Impressive. Very well done and extremely informative

Janet Denney

Wonderful history in a powerful display. Well worth your stopping.

Chuch Gillespie

Very Cool, shooting the black powder and the founding fathers was great do it every time we go to the black hills

Colleen Dunford

Enjoyed reading history of our founding fathers!

linda riedinger

Awesome place. Both grandsons age 8 and 15 really liked it. Educational and quite interesting

Jason Reeves

Pros: high quality static display of the declaration signing. Tour guides are very knowledgeable and welcoming. Lots of background information on all the conference attendees. Cons: high quality static display of the declaration signing. Younger kids may be bored. Definitely worth a stop if there's a history buff in the family and a nice break from hot or bad weather.

Bryan Smith

Lawrence Steponitis

Linda Dykstra

If you're a history buff this is a MUST stop. LUVED it !! Staff polite and very knowledgeable. Musket shoot was my highlight. Wonderful gift shop !

Hans Lundquist

Shot the musket! A little expensive for 3 shots, and they won't let you load it yourself.

Jessie Stover

Amazing place!

Carl Horton

Rob Rouze

Joe Leichtnam

Very interesting and informative ! Nice tour and interpreter led story at the beginning with time on your own to wander, read, learn & photograph after. Good amount of books and merchandise available in gift shop / lobby for purchase.

Jeanne Gantz

Great place.

Heather Gaukler

Jennifer Morriss

Loui Wertish

Jason G

Didn't see the museum, just went to shoot a musket. Dave (the range fella) was very helpful and good at explaining how to fire the musket safely and accurately. Very friendly as well. Would definitely encourage others to go try it.

A.G. Rich

America's founding fathers were brave. Stood up against tyranny and those fish and chips eating merry Poppins across the pond. Nevertheless, if you haven't been to any of the Washington DC or Philadelphia museums. Than this is a must for you. Ring the bell outside and grab some souvenirs. Family of 6 here and we got in for 25 dollars. And if you like things that go boom, for and extra 20 you can shoot a musket. #MERICA

Chad Johnson

Just on a whim, we stopped here. It was a blast--literally! I got to shoot an antique rifle like a Kentucky long rifle outdoors. Interesting books. Workers are in character. Great 3D presentation indoors. Very patriotic. Great for adults and kids, and a relatively quick stop (1 hour?).

Jennifer Potadle

We didn't go inside, but outside there is a bell that can be rung. This is highly recommended if you enjoy ringing bells. The resulting sound is a wonderfully rich, deep resonating BONGGGG that is guaranteed to make even the grouchiest in your group smile. It would probably be a good idea to have some type of hearing protection for the kids, as this bell sound is LOUD!

Mike Henderson


William Manley

PAS Helpline

Ania Tyrka

Pefect! Shooting was an absolute great time and the instructor was very helpful with explanation. If you like weapons this is a stop for you!

James C.

yoney cat

This exhibit was amazing. The life-size figures along with the narrators accounts of the meeting were educational and inspiring.

Paula Waymouth

Worth a visit. This was so well done. The figures were very realistic. Make sure you stand near Benjamin Franklin, you'd swear he was staring straight at you. There are Bios to read about everyone who was there. Make sure you ring the Liberty Bell outside!

Cynthia Nolen

Worth the cost of admission. Thought provoking. Our docent was excellent. The figures, lighting, audio presentation were all very well done. Afterwards, you can walk around the perimeter of the room where there are framed likenesses and bios of each of the signers. Allow yourself to reflect upon the true meaning of Liberty and all we owe these Founding Fathers, many of whom lost their fortunes and family members in the cause for Freedom.

Kenny Gilbert

Amazing place to visit. Shooting the flintlock rifle was awesome!

M Mckay

Very informative

Lori Hines


Kimberly F

This was a fun, informational experience. Loved learning about the history of the Declaration of Independence and those of the men who signed it! Great experience for people of all ages! Kids admission is free! Older folks can test their skills with a Musket!

tony gillman

Maureen Neyhart

A bit of a disappointment. Save your money for an entrance fee elsewhere.


Good place to learn more about our founding fathers. Good for kids to learn history.

Jamie Soper

Great exhibit. Presentation had great information, and staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. My preschool age children were not paying close attention, but we were able to have them with us. They could look around the room during the presentation, and didn't have to sit still. That made it possible for the whole family to attend. My husband fired the replica musket, and definately enjoyed it.

Leon Brower

Katherine Cheatwood

Super interesting if you like American History. My husband got to shoot a musket at a British Soldier, a paper one any way. He loved it! Nice gift shop too.

Cathy Decker

I did not know what to expect of America's Founding Fathers but absolutely loved the experience! The attention to detail made me feel like I was in that room in 1776. I am thrilled to have been today, July 3, 2019.

Tobias Krag Månsson

Jordan Smith

Marlene Koyle

Recommend everyone visiting the black hills stop here great learning experience for me and my kids learned things I never knew about the declaration of Independence

Dean Frei

This is a must see. Great exhibit.


Mt Rushmore has always been my favorite place to visit. I will now add this to my route to the Mountain. It is so realistic and powerful. So many of us have forgotten the risks taken by these great men to give us the freedoms we have today. I already had a copy of the Declaration hanging on my office wall but decided to purchase a second one here because it was a much nicer copy. I will be back and will bring as many as I can with me. I consider this a MUST SEE. For anyone who wishes to learn about our beginning or reaffirm your patriotism.

Nicole McDowell

Bob Smith

Amazing, great information perfect place to visit before Mt Rushmore.

Ryan Taylor

Looking for something to do to pass the time while waiting to check in to the hotel. Wasn't sure what to expect, but we definitely got more... Very interesting and informative. Well worth the money.

Alex Miller

John Duggar

Take the time to enjoy this wonderful presentation about our founding fathers.

Life a Little Differently

Absolutely amazing! Great historical info, reenactment, and shooting a real, historically accurate Kentucky rifle, which was used in the Revolutionary War. Very interesting and interactive attraction. Very nice employees. Loved it and would return anytime!

Tedmon Babbitt

Learned more here in two hours than history class.

Randy Black

Everyone should expect to visit here on there way to or from Mt. Rushmore. A rich journey back in time to experience the reality of what our founding fathers went through and why and what went into the process of creating the finest nation that has ever existed in the history of mankind.

Jk Hout


Albert Johnson

Great place to visit and get a history show. Outside is where the shooting the muskets. ... worth the money.

Tracy Vessey

an awesome stop on the way to Rushmore.

cory falconer


Karen Conticelli


Bryan Prell

Candace Okeson

Terri Grundvig

Very educational!! We loved this stop

Donna DiTaranto

This exhibit was very educational. Bringing children to see this is a excellent leaning experience.

Jaco Du Plessis

Rev. Judith Armstrong

Nothing to see for free. Cost was 25 dollars each person. Would not recommend

Kellie Fitzgerald

High quality statues and narration. Got to shoot a musket!

Floyd G Hein JR

It was awesome

Levi Harper

Great place, wonderful ladies that put on the show everyone in America should visit and learn about the founding fathers, this is a great place to visit!


Worth stopping. Shooting musket is great. Story could be a bit better.

Donna Hintze

Good history lesson. Everyone needs to see how America got where it is today! !!

Lee Xixis

Julie Hartmann

Kathy Brockman

I thought it was a great history reminder. It looked so real. They did a really good job making all the clothes that the men are wearing. I took my 7 year old Granddaughter. She liked to look at it all. But that's about it. I pray she learns it all in school. I would have gave it 5 stars if they can figure out a way to teach the kids that young. But it's hard at that age. If you want to be refreshed on history and see some wonderful art work as in the figures of the men and the clothes please go. beautiful.

LoraTodenhoft Owen

It is inspiring to see the debate and events leading up to the creation of our country. To some degree it is similar to Pagent of the Masters in Laguna CA.

Michelle Lebsock

Marie Hein

Matthew Scholten

Tony Rhodes

This IS a must see if you are a Patriot! If you have forgotten the story behind America's Independence as framed in the Declaration of Independence, you can get refreshed here. The presentation is well done and the resin statues are very detailed. THEN - shoot a musket!

Brenda Land

Very informative! Joey is a wonderful guide!

Juan Ramirez

If you like to learn about history this is a must see. The presentation in amazing and shooting a flintlock is so much fun.

Sky Ortiz

Fun experience, definitely something to try at least once in your life.

Tracy Rothery

Very interesting

Stephany Huber

Claire De Guzman

Stephen Smith

A great idea, but could use some updates to the audio visual setup. Still a unique place to visit.

Theresa Brady

I am the weekend manager. We are able the American Revolution and The Declaration of Independence.

Dave Jensen

This is a wonderful, but short, way to show how courageous the U.S. fonding fathers were. Well worth your time and money.

Brianna Kroontje

The staff was outstanding! The best staff we've encountered so far in our Black Hills honeymoon. The staff was very knowledgable and helpful. My husband shot the musket and the instructor was phenomenal and knowledgable as well. This is an excellent exhibit for families and is a must see on your trip to the Black Hills. I highly reccomend!

Chandelle Brink

Extremely impressed in the quality as well as the amount of info shared about the Founding Fathers. Their bookstore has an excellent selection of items no matter your age.

Malina P

This place was fantastic!! My 9-year old son was instantly drawn to the Liberty Bell replica out front and vigorously rang it. It was so loud! I was going to apologize when we walked in but the lovely woman running the museum said she loves it when we ring the bell. She was amazing! Very friendly and full of information. We walked around the shop and then enjoyed the program in Constitution Hall. It was so lifelike and informative. The entire family learned a lot in a short time. We arrived too late to shoot a real musket but next time, for sure!!

Alan Harris

If you love America this is the place to stop. I was blown away by it and will visit every time I go to the area.

Ben Beerents

(Translated by Google) Sometimes you come across things that you start from 'How can it exist'. As far as we are concerned, this is also the case with the American Founding Fathers Exhibit. Driving on the highway you suddenly come across a replica of the hall where the agreement in principle of the American Onafhishelijkheidsverklaring was taken (the actual signing lasted because of the distances for months). Inside, based on the famous painting by John Trumbull, all players in the form of life size dolls are drawn. Almost a must for American history buffs, especially as it also provides a lot of detailed information about all the signatories of the statement. Did you know, for example, that a number of people in the painting were not present at all at the meeting? (Original) Soms kom je dingen tegen waar je vanaf vraat 'Hoe kan het bestaan'. Dit is wat ons betreft ook het geval bij de American Founding Fathers Exhibit. Rijdend op de snelweg kom je ineens een replica tegen van de hal waar het principeakkoord van de Amerikaanse Onafhakelijkheidsverklaring werd genomen (de daadwerkelijke ondertekening duurde daarna vanwege de afstanden nog maanden). Binnen staat op basis van het beroemde schilderij van John Trumbull alle spelers in de vorm van levensgrootte poppen opgesteld. Bijna een must voor Amerikaanse geschiedenisliefhebbers, vooral omdat het ook nog veel gedetailleerde informatie geeft over alle ondertekenaars van de verklaring. Wist u bijvoorbeeld dat een aantal mensen op het schilderij helemaal niet aanwezig waren bij de vergadering?

Daniel Jacobs

Very well done

Connie Demary

Shawn Myers

George Patrin

Unique concept, to recreate a painting in 3D and then provide so much historical detail and personal information about those who signed the Declaration of Independence...and those who didn't, but we're influential in making it happen. Well worth the time and admission cost.

Jrexminchey Minchey

Lots and lots of bears. Other animals but the bears where the best

Brent Burkhalter

Albert Burns

Shoot a musket here. Range master will teach how to handle, load and fire this revolutionary era replica. If you like to shoot, you'll have fun.

Kolby Rush

Bruce Hitt

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