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40 Patriots Point Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, United States

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Where is USS Yorktown CV-10?

REVIEWS OF USS Yorktown CV-10 IN South Carolina

Parker Bush

Great museum ship and a great place to take pictures. The view from the bridge is amazing, and this is the place to go if you're into any sort of military, naval, or aircraft history. The tickets are very affordable, and with three different vessels to explore, you can spend as much or a little time here as you want.

Leah Moore

It was very hot but our family had a lot of fun. Admission pays for you to tour all that they offer. Very educational! Our family visited while we were staying in Isle of Palms. My advice, go on a cooler day because it gets hot in the ship.

Violeta Sandoval

A must see! Lots of history being told here! They have planes that have flown on this ship and even have a small ride for kids to experience. Have several small clips of history. And they really try to put you in the shoes of those who sailed on her. It definitely left me emotional. And they have military discount.. Free if youre in uniform!

Ashley Lewis

Learn a lot and get to see some interesting things. Would defiantly recommend.

John Carpenter

Proud to be an American. Medal of Honor Museum is a moving tribute to our heroes.

Carrie Gaske

Cool place to visit. Suggest going on a cool day as there is no air. Its very hot and your climbing stairs and ladders

Betty Baun

One of the most enlightening historical tour's I have ever seen. Designed to be an experience for all ages. There are many steep stairs if you tour the entire ship but it is so worth it! They do have a handicap accessible elevator to gain access the ship and the volunteers who great all guests will be able to assist with any special needs.

Kane Morris

Love this place, definitely a must see if you're in the area. Spend a day and tour the submarine, the destroyer, and aircraft carrier. Totally a blast from the past, and a very unique insight into the way life was on a pre nuclear aircraft carrier.

Vladimir Kovtun

Very fun exploring. Prepare to spend the whole day. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will be crawling in tight spots.

Barbie E

It's pretty amazing here. There's so much to explore and no one really is micro managing you as you explore. It was very relaxed and informative.


Excellent museum. Just wished we had more time to spend inside. The space inside and all the equipment has been refurbished to seem like in a working condition. Your tour will begin with some going around to see stuff then you get more and more curious. For the lovers of naval history is a must go place/Ship. There is the possibility to visit the underbelly of the ship, including the motor and electrical generator area. The living quarters and the mess of the ship. The commanding deck, the flight deck and also various types of aircraft you can find there. Please visit to understand because words cannot fully describe what is an old-fashion aircraft carrier. Must see to believe!

Michael Wolfe

Tons to see and learn. I feel like the Yorktown's story is lost among all the other ship's stories.

Steve Burt

Fascinating. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to see everything. Very neat museum.

Maarten Clauwaert

Was a lot bigger then expected. Worth a visit for sure.

Michael Hucks

Really cool place to explore and learn about history and the navy. I've been several times and enjoy it every time.

Michael Eden

Very Patriotic, alot of history. Check out the U.S.S. Laffey Destoryer amazing story!

Abigail Klein

The final stop on our tour of Charleston! Despite the persistent rain we were able to see most of the exhibits and walk around the ship. It was very hot and humid inside with many stairs and ladders, so this is NOT for those who dislike stairs + humid heat. There is an elevator for those who are disabled, but they still may not be able to access most of the exhibits inside the ship.

Ildiko Faklya

This is the place that all the family will enjoy. You can see many interesting things, boat, airplanes, even a submarine.

David Crawford

This is a must visit anytime you are in the Charleston area. Gives you a really good idea of how our American heros had to live and work during their time at war. Great selection of aircraft to view both in the hangar and flight deck. I can't get enough of this place.

Leann Ruggles

While this is awesome history, it's a shame they dont have a veteran discount!

Taco Suave

It took my 12 year old son and I six hours to complete all of the exhibits. Allot yourself some time.

Joanna Bradshaw

Definitely an all day experience. There is so much to learn between the three water vehicles. The view from the carrier is breathtaking. The volunteers are really kind and helpful. We'd come again.

bobby abercrombie

Excellently preserved by a great staff, there is so much history here that you would need an entire day to take it all in. The ship is not entirely air conditioned so bring water or take advantage of the water fountains placed throughout the ship. You can walk almost the entire ship so be prepared for a big workout or save your ticket and come back later in the day.

Lori Dadekian

So much to discover on this huge ship. Ticket included the Destroyer ship and Submarine! Adults and kids enjoyed!

Mark Ostendorp

Great value. Very informative aneducational.

Ian Compton

Great place to spend the day. Learn about our service men and women. How a naval ship works.

Meteorologist_Gachatale Aph

This place is the best. I spent the weekend there with my girl scout troop 11878! It was a fun place!

Steven Rathbun

Took our cub scouts here for an overnight stay. Great piece of American history. Make sure You visit the debths of the engine room amd see how this massive ship was powered.

Ella Bruckert

What an amazing place. If I could 10 stars I completely would! Stayed overnight for Memorial Day Weekend on the ship. Amazing is an understatement. So much history and BEAUTIFUL views. (Great location too!) Really inspiring, and the staff are amazing. definitely would go again and again!

John Adams

Very interesting visit. You could certainly spend most of the day there. The destroyer is very well curated. I was super impressed. The Yorktown is, of course, amazing. The Medal of Honor museum is very interesting. I’d go back again.

Ryan Klasmeier

Excellent exhibit with well maintained ships. Several exhibits throuought the boats. The best being a battle experience in the destroyer gun turret. The aircraft carrier was hot and stuffy a bit hard to navigate due to no maps being available. Still a great experience.

Petra V

Beautiful look into our military history. Makes you appreciate our soldiers even more then before you came here. Very informative. You can see how much effort and work is put into this amazing place. It takes some time off you want to see everything. Lots of walking but so worse it!

Michelle Chapman

Wow, this took all day but was full of interesting displays and videos! You can take a break for lunch and come back later. We spent about 8 hours there, I'm sure you could go faster, but there is so much to look at, from the ship itself to the Apollo 8 experience, the smaller battleship (Laffey) and the submarine. The Vietnam area is very large but the kids were too tired at that point to even do any of it! Totally different from what I remember when I went 15 years ago, totally worth revisiting.

Justin Beebe

Great for navy and WWII history buffs. Is a true honor to see and be on board such a historic vessel.


Fascinating visit. Plenty to see. Cruise ship had organised an evening of 1940s entertainment. The photos and other displays are interesting and we all the guests had a great time

Aaron Zollo

Great US history and great for families. Expect to be there 2-3 hours with a lot of walking. About 3 miles in a few hours. Only small parts of the exhibit are air conditioned so if you go on a hot day be prepared. Definitely worth checking out.

Tim Pashuta

Excellent alot to see on it and the other ship and submarine and across the bridge by gift shop is the Viatnam exhibit

JP Farrell

One of, if not the best , floating museums. We have been to almost every floating museum on the east coast, but this beat the others hands down. Chock full of history with volunteers that knew what they were talking about and very much into the subject. Exhibits were first rate and the self guided tour was absolutely terrific. Do not miss this, the tin can and the sub also on display. Highly recommended!!

Jordan Morris

Very cool. $24 or so gets you a tour of a deisel submarine, a destroyer and the Yorktown aircraft carrier. The gift shop is pretty good too! The prices for some of the shirts are surprisingly reasonable.

Paul Elliott

This is a very nice experience if you have never been on an aircraft carrier, destroyer or submarine. You can do all three at Patriots Point. It is easy to navigate with the signage that is available.

Daniel Dickey

For one fee of $24 per person plus $5 per vehicle for parking you can tour an old carrier, an old destroyer, visit a Medal of Honor museum, and walk through a really neat out door Vietnam War museum. It's all self guided and self paced. Expect to take the whole day to see all 4, could even take longer if you stop to read every thing. This was pretty eye opening and informative. Wear tennis shoes, you will be doing a lot of walking and clinbimg steep ladders/steps to explore the depths of the ships. There is a gift shop, vending machines, information center and a snack bar. Nice view of the surrounding areas from the deck of the USS Yorktown. There are a few rooms with air conditioning so be prepared to be hot most of the time. Went on a Monday and there was no crowds, lines, or waiting.

Stacy Saghini

LOTS OF WALKING! Super interesting and very knowledgeable volunteers. It is amazing to see how the brave people that served on these vessels lived. I spent the night on the USS Yorktown when I was in Girl Scouts over 30 years ago and it is still a treat to tour today.

Chuck Williams

Very engaging and interactive stops through the ship. There are a great variety of planes in and below deck - and the ones on deck aren't roped off so you can walk right up and touch them. There is a destroyer and a submarine nearby also that you can tour. Both were neat. Finally there is a neat Vietnam exhibition which seemed also very immersive. This is done much better than the USS Midway museum in San Diego. Overall I highly recommend if you have 3-4 free hours to invest.

Skip Gorz

Very well done! You not only tour it. You become part of it. They play recordings of the normal sounds aboard ship. You walk right past the kitchens with very well done manikins of cooks, etc. Below deck, they have a collection of old Navy plains and on the flight deck newer planes. Allow plenty of time to tour...2 to 3 hours minimum. It has a rich history and many men lived and died aboard this ship.


Great, family fun on any day! The history of the USS Yorktown is AWESOME too!

Lindy Pruett

A wonderful experience. When planning a trip allow plenty of time as it is high and most interesting

Joshua Arnold

Just begin there knowing what they went, makes to understand our men and women do very humble.

John Maynard

This is a much see for any Scout Leader to take his/her troop. What a wonderful experience. Spend the night and treat yourself to a complete weekend of adventure and education. Great folks, and exhibits. We still have this as a Favorite for our NC Scout Troop. Thank you and who will give this a Thumbs Up??

Nate Elston

It's an aircraft carrier you get to walk through and explore history. If that is your thing, this is your place, bonus submarine and battleship we saw dolphins. If that is not your thing you will be disappointed. If you do not want to read a ton of stuff make sure you do the audio tour. The tour took us about four hours.

Jim Randazzo

A fantastic floating museum at a perfect location. This is a must see for the whole family. There are so many things to see and learn, that I couldn't begin to mention them all. You're gonna need to allow yourself several hours just to walk the ship. There's also a submarine, a destroyer and a Vietnam experience that are included with your admittance fee. There's a few food venders available on the Yorktown in case you get hungry. There are military, senior and children's discounts on admission fees. I think you'll enjoy this, we did...

Josh Netherton

So much fun. Great place to have a good time and learn.


Entertaining & informative tour. Very interesting, both for the nautical/maritime as well as the military history.

Shana Tackett

Did the night time ghost tour and it was great! The ship is amazing! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. The night tour was really nice because we didn't have to fight any crowds to see or hear the guide. Can't wait to come back!

Kim Reaves

We enjoyed her experience to the Yorktown. It was fun to be able to do the self guided tours and see all the different parts of the ship. Our favorite Was climbing up the bridge and seeing all the aircraft. It was really neat history preserved in the museum. Definitely recommend Making us a part of your trip to Charleston. It is a bit pricey but my kids will tell you it’s worth it

J Carter

It is a full day adventure. A lot of up and down ladders. Drink lot of water. If you are a reader you will be there all day and then some. If you run through it and the other two vessels you will need a half day....... don’t run through it you’ll miss too much.

Brundon Majors

All I can say is wow, such and well kept moving exhibit of The US Navy. Was taken away by the detail and how well kept everything was. Also the staff made up of some volunteers were knowledgeable and helpful.

Judy McCrary

Made me cry!!! My father-in-law was stationed on this carrier!!!! What q beautiful tribute to their wing

Bobby Self

I was in the seventh grade, came with Camden Milltary Academy in 1977. Im bring my family to enjoy what I did many years ago. Thanks so much. Bobby Self

John Pishotta

As others have said, very immersive. Be sure to take your time and not rush through. You will learn a great deal about the ship and more importantly, our history.

Nikki Skye

Amazing in size and scale. Plenty of historic planes from WWII to the Cold War and a few past. You can walk through almost all decks or the ship and view everywhere from the bridge all the way down to engine room. A must visit not just in the city, but across America.

Brenda Crump

Everyone should visit. We went in June so it was very hot. Need to be able to climb lots of stairs.

Eduardo Capo

Thank you US Navy for your service. I visited the BB-64 in Norfolk couple years ago but this experience was amazing. A lot of history from the Navy during WWII and also it has Medal of Honor recipients museum inside the ship. It was worthy!!!

Chris Bowlick

Very good experience especially if you are into WW2 history. You can leave the park for lunch or just to take a break and come back. Parking is $5 and you only pay once for the whole day if leave.

John Pietras

A famous aircraft carrier, destroyer, and submarine. So much to explore and see. Aircraft, ship life, all the different systems that make a ship function. Definitely worth a day to go see.

Debbie W

This was great. We were able to see 3 different type of ship or water borne military vessels. Besides the aircraft carrier we also saw a destroyer and a submarine. All with quite a history. Definitely worth seeing. Be prepared to walk and navigate stairs and crawl spaces. They did a great job with the displays and the explanations.

Mike Williamson

The USS Yorktown is something for everyone to see. I come every time I am in Charleston. All the military airplanes on display are the most impressive collection you will see most places I have been. The destroy USS Laffey is berthed next …

Mike Ramsey

It is amazing to see how life on a ship this size was and learning the history of this awesome ship is really exciting

Tammy Hunter

Amazing adventure. Great value and fun for the entire family. Very educational. Made me one proud American

John Clark

This is the only aircraft carrier of its class to be preserved as a museum. Rich in WWII & cold war naval history ships and airplanes. Also while there don't bypass the USS Laffey, a WWII destroyer with an amazing battle history and survived. Vietnam sites and sounds was OK, but a little benign, music played in the theater was spot-on. MOH museum was so humbling. Don't forget to visit the WWII submarine. All the above for one price. Ft. Sumter is there also for another fee. To do everything plan on spending the day there at Patriots Point.

Gracie Lewis

So interesting and historical. I'm glad we came. I recommend going on a gray line tour. Air conditioned bus, goes all around Charleston, then a ferry ride to the fort included. $44 a person. Definitely the cheapest way to go.

Arthur Barksdale

Amazing peice of history. We camped 2 nights and had a blast.

Jerry Kelly

Good amount of aircraft types flown during the Vietnam era, nice presentations and comfortable tour flows. Loved CIC show on the DD!

Lisa Szabo

Extremely educational and interesting. I love the history behind the carrier. Not to mention the ghost stories.

Erez Bar Haim

We had a great experience and would like to highly recommend this place. It is accessible and parking is widely available. It was really interesting to walk around and to explore it. We got a chance to see how life was there. You can easily spend 1-2 hours there

zohar Lerman

Amazing place to visit. Attractions for the all family, from the youngest kid to the elderly. You can spend here 3-4 hours without managing to see it all. Do not forget to also visit the submarine, the battleship and the army camp on the premise.

Ming Chan

Great carrier to visit, lots of naval aircraft to see and facts and bits about other ships like battleship shells below the hangar

Maria Lazoran

Wow so much to do! Amazing...a must do. Worth the time & money..there's hours worth of sight seeing here.

Arndt-Gerrit Kund

I did the self guided tours aboard the USS Yorktown and was amazed by the accessibility. There were plenty of areas open to the public even far below deck. The exhibition does a good job, of giving you an idea of what life was like on the carrier. Furthermore, the planes on the hangar and flight deck constitute a significant collection. I spend approximately four hours there, trying to see everything. You should be aware that temperatures on the carrier are usually lower than on land due to wind and the steel sucking in the cold of the water, so dress in expectation of that.

Karan Berry

This is a very historical place. To be able to tour the two ships that are docked here was such a great experience. The self guided tour allowed us to go at our own pace and see what we wanted to see. We really enjoyed this tour!

Greg McDonald

This ship has a major place in Naval history. From the Medal of Honor exhibit to the flight deck there is tons to see. Absolutely a must-visit!

Maria Lowell

Great experience. It is amazing how the ship has been preserved for the future generation to see. We enjoyed the tour very much.

James Evans

You better bring your patience when you come to the Yorktown. There is lots of very interesting stuff to see, but many visitors will just be staring at a wall and blocking everyone's way. The tour is self guided, so you will likely hear other visitors confidently spewing implausible information with the tone of a tour guide. 24 dollars is steep for just setting you loose in the place, but I'd rather pay 200 dollars for a full expert guided tour with a period correct meal in the middle. The audio tour would probably have been a good idea.

Gary M

Great experience went with a ghost tour did not see anything paranormal. Great historical value

Marcus Law

Amazing!!! Its so cool to board the ship and be able to tour all the decks! Very awesome planes inside and wonderful exhibits! Would definitely come back again

Jay Nicklaw

Had a grand time. Staff was very nice and answered questions that I had about Patriots Point exhibits. Only downside would be the Hot Weather.

Matthew Jones

My son and I stayed a couple of nights here with a scout group. This is just a wonderful experience. We spent all day walking the ship and learning the history. It is so vast, and almost every section has been opened up to the public and turned into an exhibit. You cannot visit here without learning something. We especially loved the chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Stephanie Myles

Amazing. You need a day or two if you want to read and learn more stuff. Also, when it's hot, the visit isn't as fun.

H&M Boas-n-ballz

Awesome place! Love the ships and the submarine! Word of advice though, make your trip but be sure to take/bring allergy meds! Just a lil hindsight!

Anita Laabs

Very cool. Great (self guided) tours. You can touch most of the stuff. Makes you think about history and all the sacrifices made. Lots of stairs. Need to be physically mobile.

Greg DeGennaro

Information, video and displays are worth the visit. Very hot (Aug.) in most touring locations in the ship. Self touring directions could be much better.

Tad Deuel

A great day trip via a Charleston Southern Tour but you need to spend a full day at Patriots Point to experience the full scope of visiting an aircraft carrier, destroyer and a submarine. There is so much to take in, reading all the tid bits of information and videos they have provided on these ships. Of particular interest was a limited time display of Vietnam War photos, some taken by those men fighting the war. Another exhibit worth the time is the Folds of Honor, a history of the Medal of Honor and its recipients.

Paul Leonardo

My first time on a naval ship of any kind. Extremely impressive monument. It's just a riot trying to get up and down all those narrow steep stairs. You have to be young, lol. Also saw the July 4th fireworks show front the top deck of the ship. Absolutely positively amazing. If you love fireworks, and who doesn't, this is a must go to place. I'd go back again and again and again....


We go back every time because my son loves it. They do need some new displays. Love all the pictures and interactive they have on display.

Frank Abate

Great place to visit if you're into World War II history and memorabilia. Lots of walking around to do, so be ready for that. Some fun things for the kids to get into also. Good for a family visit if you have some time to spend.

Brad Schumann

So much to see, takes a while to see all of it. Nice Medal of Honor area.

Preston Jones

Awesome Exhibition! Highly recommend. There's a lot to see

Michael Anthony

Well done patriotic museum. A great way to show everyone why we are the greatest nation.

Derrick Clark

Just an overall awesome experience. Theres so much to do and learn and you can take as long as youd like. Whether you do a quick look at one exhibit or experience it all, you will walk away humbled by what these ships amd their crews went …

LeAna Shannon

So much fun. Very interesting.

Lorin Bird

I was surprised by how much it offered. Medal of Honor museum, flight simulator, aircraft museum below and above deck, all the rooms such as comms, captains quarters, gunnery etc. We were there like 3 hours and I never felt bored, kids were …

charles maresh

This is really a great way to see what our Navy personnel deal with and how they live for months at a time. This is a all day stop to see it all. You can do a fast visit but miss so much. Kids LOVE to stop here and can learn a lot about history. The very best part is if you meet a visitor that one time served on one of the ships. To hear the personal stories and see the joy in them getting to tell you.

Shane Smith

It's a aircraft carrier what's left to say. I've never been on a aircraft carrier and this thing is a floating city. All the ghost stories were awesome and the aircraft used in so many battles across so many wars was pretty awesome. But if go during the summer go at night because it's hot as hades or least it was during our visit.

Candy Spicher

So big and awesome. Alot of walking and stairs. Vietnam experience is wonderful. I have been here 3 times and take family every time they come visit.

Dean Starovasnik

Great to see the old girl. Almost no AC onboarding, however. You've been warned!

SV Aqua Bob

Such a great part of our history is on this aircraft carrier. Not only does this ship memorialize the real USS Yorktown (sunk at the battle of midway) she battle streamers cover WWII through Vietnam (although many upgrades were made during those times). The Yorktown was also apart of the Gemini and Apollo program, recovering the space crafts after they fell from space and splashed into the ocean. This is a must see, easily a whole day can be spent viewing this vessel and the multiple tours on her. Don't forget the medal of honor museum aboard her as well.

Frankie Maglione

I've been here 5 years ago and the engine room (for the carrier) was not available for a tour, but they recently opened it up, and wow! Amazing to see some old-school ways of the Navy. Beats any other museum because this one has real ships with real history! The ships were surprisingly clean, I'm definitely going back.

Bruce Farrell

Awesome! Spent the whole afternoon here touring the ships. It was great! You must visit the Vietnam Experience. The whole day makes you appreciate our military that much more.

Dawn Maxwell

Visited May 20, 2019 on a family trip. Had a great time viewing everything on display on the USS Yorktown. Unfortunately we didn't plan for enough time to visit everything available. Hope to be able to view again in the future!

Keith Wagner

Very moving experience to see and understand what they went through. A lot of the younger generation should visit and realize how lucky they are

E Cook

Lots of history here, have been visiting this place since '83 and will keep coming back whenever I can until I can't travel any more. She needs to be seen to be fully appreciated, and her memory kept alive.

Beth Hausner

This museum is great to help understand how airplanes changed the war. There are several self-guided tours that show the officers' lives, the enlisted life, what it took to run the Yorktown, as well as how the carriers changed the war. There is also a Medal of Honor Room that is a mini museum inside the Yorktown that details the history of the award and the why behind the recipients. There are many flights of stairs, even an escalator, that are narrow and steep. There is an elevator for those who need it (including those with young children). Definitely worth the trip to see the museum.

Annalee Tobey

It was incredible to be on board this aircraft carrier and get to know what life was like when it was in service. There are many self-guided tours which were really great. Had lunch on board - simple, but great service! Had a nice museum and this part was air-conditioned which was nice. Saw many different planes on the flight deck which was exciting to see close up. We spent several hours and really loved it. If it's a warm day, be sure to watch the short video in the theater on board, a great history and nice and cool too!

Mike Golden

I'm not even a Navy guy, Go Army! But I actually really enjoyed doing the full tour of the carrier, the destroyer, and the submarine. The overall setup was very professional and well documented for each area for information for those of us have never been on ships :-) this is definitely an attraction that I would recommend if in the Charleston area for any amount of time.

Noah Green

Impeccable and timeless monument. A voluminous amount of amazing things to see on not just the Yorktown but also the other vessels stationed at Patriots Point.

Christina Sanson

We enjoyed our walk throughout the whole exhibit Plenty of history

John Parks

Awesome piece of history you need to see! It can literally take all day if you want to see everything. I highly recommend touring as much as is possible for you. I've never served in the Navy and I found it educational and amazing!

Strangeobject M

You won't see it all the first time through. Completely amazing experience

Sandy Roozeboom

Nice historic location. Alot to see and read. Allow a half day for an unrushed self tour.

Tim Kedzierski

Excellent, historic display. Awesome food -the best salads we had in Charleston! Totally unexpected from a cafe on the ship!

Chris Bishop

Great place that tells a great historic story! Also the medal of honor museum is excellent.

Simon Martin

Fair entry price considering the amount you get to see. Very interesting to see all the aircraft inside and on the flight deck. Lots of information and displays giving history of CV-10, other vessels and the action they were involved in. Bear in mind some of the rooms are hot and claustrophobic and the stairs are very steep and narrow. It gave a good insight in to the conditions the service men and women had to put up with.

Lori Reed

Great experience no matter how many times I go. Adding new things all the time as well

Tim Brookbank

Was an interesting site, anyone that likes military equipment, and even those curious about military life should see it.

Paul Williamson

Did the sleep over with the scouts. It was fun, lots to see and learned the history of some of our Navy's best.

K Lee

My son loves and so interested in Battle ships And Aircraft carrier. This museum was perfect for him. Enjoyed almost 4 hours 90 degrees outside. It was great place. 군함을 좋아하는 아이에게 최적의 박물관입니다.

Donna Abbruscato

Such a great venue to have an Event, Dr Murry, Mennito & Evan's knocked it out of the park with their knowledge. Dr Murry's live scan with the Planmeca Emerald S scanner & MaryAnn, such a gracious volunteer blow the guests away! Great product presentation at a wonderful location! Thank you, Bobby & Lanie!!

Chastity Arden

Kids loved it. Go early to beat heat! I appreciate the military even more after seeing this. Took 3 hours! A must see in Mt.Pleasant

David Meadows

Wonderful military tribute for the Navy at this site. Incredible Ships. You get to see the conditions that the sailors had to operate in.

Derrick Garrett

Lots to see and do. There were several informative and entertaining videos to watch. Beware of lots of walking and ascending and descending narrow ship stairs. There may have been an elevator somewhere.

Rodney Lewis

Wonderful ghost tour. Tad our guide was the absolute best. Highly recommend this

Jake Wolfe

A sight to behold, a massive marvel of human and American engineering and ingenuity, this is an amazing piece of our history, and an experience every visitor to Charleston ought to visit.

Lynn Schultz

The self guided tours are easy to follow. Very interesting WWII ship. Be sure to tour the other two ships moored nearby. Also the Vietnam display is really interesting.

Gustavo Pimentel

My visit to the Yorktown was amazing. We spent two hours in the carrier and we didn't have time to see everything. The staff is polite and knowledgeable always eager to provide you with information. You can spend easily 3 hours inside the carrier and not see everything. The ship is well maintained and you can pay $6 to have the "jet simulator experience". In addition to that you have the Apollo 8 mission experience for free.

Markus G

Awesome experience. Best of Charleston and best carrier visit ever. Needs at least 2 hours to see most of it, but you easily can spend a hole day with all the extra tours. Must see!

Andrew Blumhardt

WHAT A COOL EXPERIENCE. We were just going to drive up and look at the ship. But WOW of you are in the area at all stop here. It was so cool to walk through all of the floors of the ship and see how the men and women lived and worked on such a massive ship.

Jamie Reed

This ship is unreal! Such friendly staff! I loved seeing all of the aircraft and the information during the tour was a great read! I've been on many ships and this is by far my favorite. I couldn't make it to the other two because we spent so much time on this one. It is definitely a lot of information but very educational.

Sandra Norgaard

Mike was our tour guide - he did a great job! Very informative and friendly.

Malu Pazos

Amazing and historic place. Everyone will Love it!

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