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REVIEWS OF South Carolina State Museum IN South Carolina

Reidlos Cidem

4 floors of awesome history! Please do check out their 4D short movie theater. A real treat for the kids. And every Tuesday they open up the sky dome to allow us to see through the telescope. Amazing.

Rutgers Marine

I love the state musuem.

LaShone Chavis

Had a wonderful time with my grandson and his mother.

Tori Williamson

My friends and I had so much fun on our first trip to the museum. We really enjoyed Fly Me To The Moon 4D, and the National Parks Adventure movie.

C Yauch

Lots to see, not crowded, they let us in free as evacuees from hurricane Dorian

Alexis Legrand

Was a nice day spent with my friend and our kids. Amazing pieces and setup. My daughter loved it.

Graig Owens

Great place to take the family!

Kathryn Venegas

4-D experience was worth the trip. Many exhibits were on the dull side for my younger charges.

Alyssa Zhao

Good place for a family especially for the kids.

Chris Marler

Definitely has some cool stuff in it. May or may not be too interesting to people who aren't huge history fans.

David Alexander

Large museum with a lot to see. Very well done.

James Boone

Three floors of sights with some interaction and sights of all sorts. I wish I could go more because some areas change with att or other exhibits. If you live in Columbia I encourage you to stop in and see history of Columbia and the other historic events.

izzy arocho

Was great, got the 1 hr before closing, definitely going back

Margi Scotti

Nice exhibits... interactive art show. This place always has something fun to offer. Planetarium shows are great.

Tim Shattuck

Surprisingly good. They do a great job of mixing American history with South Carolina state history. Highly recommended and if you're there late enough check out the telescope and look up at the stars.


Great museum! Both educational and fun. Only problem is some of the exhibits are broken.

Elizabeth Baker

A fun and educational place for all generations built in an old mill. They have multiple venues, all fascinating ,the majority free with admission. The interior is spacious.They have a 4D theater, large telescope collection, observatory, planetarium, among many exciting and varied exhibits. The Crescent Cafe, and the Cotton Mill Exchange, provide opportunities for food and shopping. There is ample free parking, plus separate parking and entrance for school buses .

Jonathan Yang

A ton of views and displays, many of which are interactive. A lot of them having to do with South Carolina history as well. The employees were very kind and the amenities were very clean.


Excellent experience and well spend time with the history of the ancestors.

Sherri Burrows

Highly recommended. Several floors of history and artifacts. Nice people. Very interesting & informative.

Ricky Badger

Excellent, a must see during your visit to Columbia.

Jean Smith

Excellent museum. One of the best museums we have been to & the cafe was small, but had a nice selection.

George Fleckenstein

This is a great museum! Many, many items very atractively displayed. Plan to spend hours.

Sherry Rigouard

Always so fun with more to see than time. We love it!

P Clark

My kids and I enjoyed viewing the wizard of oz

Queen Queen

Call & see what events they're having. It's a great, fun learning environment !

Ann Murray

Had a awesome time with my son. We went to the Hall of Heroes... cant wait to go back..

Crystal T.

This museum was a complete disappointment. It truly lacked history and culture. Seeing as hope this is the south, I expected to see more about the civil war, both pre and post. I received nothing The exhibits did not keep my attention or draw me in. My husband and I were ready to leave after 5 minutes. I do not recommend.

Cheryl Tate

When traveling, I like to visit the local museums and spend time learning the history of the place. Little did I know Mexico has influenced this state with the plants and their culture. Too much to take in at one time. Have to return several times

Keri Lyon

There is so much to see here and the kids really enjoyed it

Christopher Mann

Loved the new planetarium section of the museum, the NASA exhibit and like always we enjoyed the older exhibits as well. The only draw back is the fact that it seems that a lot of the older exhibits in the museum need maintenance. See pictures for some examples.

barbara knight

This is an excellent family or just adult experience. These 2 seniors thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning about things from our State.

Michael Celtrick

They have a bunch of really good exhibits and we can't wait to go back and look through their telescope.

Nicole LeVan

We had a blast and learned so much! Super nice staff.

Andrea Gerrish

Quaint and easy to just stroll through on your own. There is a little bit of everything for each person's preference. Made for a nice stop while in Columbia.


Awesome 4-D experience

Zondra Harp

Lots of neat things for adults and children 6 and up.

Ashley Yarborough

We love the museum and go as often as possible. I started buying the membership last year and renewed it this year, it's been invaluable to us. Definitely worth it.

Nathan Weyerhauser

Amazing museum with many fascinating exhibits. I highly recommend this establishment to any person of any age looking for a great place to spend their day.

Kelly Perez

Great place to spend the afternoon and nice lunch/ snack bar

Jonathan Whitlatch

Good museum of SC State history. Better for younger folk and those not as familiar with SC history and natural history already. Great exhibits on science and astronomy as well. If you are looking for a museum with more specifics or in depth on various SC subjects, there are better places to go, but this is an enjoyable starting point for the overall.

Lynnda Bassham

My nine year old granddaughter and I love coming for the special events and exhibits. The “ rock day” was such fun, the space and moon landing exhibit was wonderful. The 4-d theater is a favorite, too.

Kendell Wilson

Very cool museum! Kept the kids interested and involved!

Don Diva

It was a great experience for the kids and also my bf. We loved it!

Ronnie Dawsey Jr

Had a blast here. Couldn't see it all in the time I was there. Well worth what we paid for it! And they have a military discount, so that's a plus! Gonna go back soon and take my time and see the whole place!

moira smoak

Always love going to the museum. There's so many different areas of interest.

Sarah M.

I love the museum!! So many things to see and and my kids visit often and theres always something new. Lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Wylie Bear

Awesome ace to take your kids. As an adult, I could spend all day just taking in the history that this place can teach about South Carolinas past

Amanda W

Things have really changed since I was a little girl but the awe factor of the history of the state is awesome. The planitrium is super cool and the 4d theater is really neat and keeps you literally on the edge of your seat. Fun to do with the kiddos during the heat of the season.

Leila Potter

Our family of four paid $31 to go there. There was hardly enough to entertain us for an hour. No teacher discount, unless you're a homeschool. The exhibits need to be updated, bathrooms too. I don't think anything has changed since I went there on a field trip in 3rd grade (in the mid nineties).

Nina Dre

Beautiful museum. You can spend hours going through this place. The dinosaurs, history, telescopes etc. Strongly recommend to spend your day here with your family or out of town friends.

Leona Prescott

It's fun place to kill a hr or so. We like to take our 3year old, he loves to look and see the whole place over and over again. But as members it not much different from vist to vist. The young people room on the bottom floor is amazing for my son and worth the trip. The food at the restaurant (second floor) is great, and the price isn't bad. The 4d theater is a blast we have gone twice and still love it. The extra cost a bit but they are worth it.

juan soliz

Cool place to spend some tome with your kids. Its always nice to visit different museums around the world. Every museum has something different that you may not have ever seen or have heard of. This one has a lot of cool information about telescopes, and a cool submarine.

SJ Porter

I get very strong hints of "we almost won the Civil War", "slaves didn't have it that bad", and "science is for heathens" from this museum. Their scientific exhibits look like they were put together in the late 80's or early 90's, there are no particularly interesting or mind-blowing facts provided, and almost every exhibit regarding the history of the state seems to glorify the confederacy. One star for the museum existing at all, and one star for the excellent collection of telescopes on the top floor. Go to the Columbia Museum of Art instead.


Our company had a wonderful experience renting the Vista Room in the museum for an Employee Appreciation Day. The staff were responsive and helpful from the first call. Margaret followed up with every question and Alexis made sure we had everything we needed throughout the day. Judy at the Crescent Cafe made sure the food was ready on time at every interval. There was more than enough and it was good! Everything was great!! Thank you.

Anouke Sinthasomphone

pretty nice i guess. expensive tho


Eight thumbs up! My family loved the experience and could have spent many, many more hours there. The 4D Polar Express show was amazing. Fun for the whole family!

cynthia suggs

What an amazing place to visit. So educational and FUN! Bring comfortable shoes and ready to walk a lot and learn even more. Such a great place, always adding new stuff and never the same place twice!

Brian Henry

The 4d movies are good for kids. The planetarium is very cool. We saw the black hole film. It would take several hours to go through all of the regular museum exhibits in detail.

Richard Stansill

This is a nice museum. I suppose I have been here too often and it starts becoming more like a story you've heard over and over. I now only visit when there is a special exhibit. I would appreciate it more after paying the admission if the interactive portions actually all worked.

Charles Brown

The ground floor entrance seems to be set up in a confusing manner. The museum shares the building with several other agencies and a counter with a sign "Tickets" is where you are supposed to check in. Since I had a membership card I thought I did not need a ticket... but was told otherwise. So go there anyway even if you don't need a ticket... There are some mechanical issues with their train model displays not working (1 out of 3 trains working in one display; 0 out of 3 trains working in another display). Some of their videos displays are very dated with average to poor video and audio quality (VHS quality to include obsolete TV sets). This is something very noticeable in the era of HDTV. Not trying to be too negative, just pointing out areas that could be improved with respect to a modern museum. Overall I spent only 2 hours there and felt it was an otherwise educational experience.

Quantae Duncan

Good, educational and inexpensive way to have family fun. We learned a lot.

Bubba Ernst

My kids loved it as much as I did. I have been there many times and you always see something different.

Janis Lynch

We flinched a bit when we saw all of the school buses as we drove up, but went in anyway. For just $15.90, 2 seniors were able to see all of the exhibits - but not go to any of the separate shows available onsite. (Perfect for us.) The almost life size Huntley submarine was awesome. (I suspect it was 5’ shorter than the original because I was made before the original was rediscovered.) The cotton gin machines were interesting, as was their extended focus on the realities of colonial plantation life in the region. The early 1800’s half-finished dugout canoe (still attached to the original tree stump!) was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, we visited on a Monday, and the connected Carolina Military Museum was closed. We’ll get there another time..We thoroughly enjoyed the museum, in spite of the man6 school groups that we shared the space with.

Jon Buerkert

Went to the museum today as a chaperone for my daughter's school field trip. Expected the same old thing but was pleasantly surprised! Besides the planetarium which is a cool feature, they also have the 4D theatre, a huge new gift shop, and the Hall of Hero's exhibit on display. Glad I went and look forward to going again soon!

Sheree Collins

Enjoyed the museum. It was a perfect rainy day activity. We spent quite a few hours, and didn't get to finish going through all the exhibits! The 3 and 4D movies were a lot of fun.

Erik Garrett

The employees were exceptionally nice and conversant on their subjects of interest however, the displays were a tad simple if not dated when functional. Everything was clean and well lit, just more like a company history display of SC than a real in depth museum. The space / observatory exhibits alone add a star. If anything this is more of a continuation of the childrens museum across the parking lot geared for teen / tween students.

Pattie Cox

Granddaughters loved the Hall of Heros. The hands on activities were a delight and the nostalgic displays were nice to see.

Lawan Spinks

Nice museum attended family reunion and this was a activity and we had a room for our food that was catered.

Michelle Beach

What's not to love about the museum? The planetarium shows are fascinating and the 4D theatre is really cool. It's nice that the shows are kept pretty short. Gift store prices are reasonable, too, for a gift store. A membership is well worth the cost.

e savoyjr

Great place to spend the day lots of historical items and displays. Very nice staff well worth the money. The 4D shows are a must if you have time. A full day is needed to really enjoy the museum.

Carol Bond

Love the exhibits and the people working there are friendly and helpful. My daughter always has a great time when we go, and I really enjoy the temporary exhibits they bring in. Great time for the whole family! In addition, the museum dies classes for homeschool students once a month as well as lots of events for kids of all ages.

Marian Pizeno

My family and I had a wonderful time despite the reason for being in the area is because of evacuating for the hurricane. Everyone loved the 4D show. Especially my 4yo who wants to be an astronaut. I can't wait to come back and hopefully get to look through that massive telescope!!!

Peggy Sherman

The exhibits were very good. My six year old grandson was able to have a good time. The play area for the little ones needs adult seating and needs to be updated. The workbench are was pretty bare. The food prices were way too high.

William Mims

Always a pleasure to go to the Museum, and the super hero exhibit was a excellent. My kids loved all the interactive things they were able to do.

Steven Mcelveen

Another great visit to the State Museum. I'm really glad I got to see the Hall of Heros exhibit before it ended. I can't wait for the next traveling exhibit.

Cynthia Tribuzio

Really enjoyed the museum. Their exhibits were very fascinating and the special exhibit on super heroes was great.

Julie Powell

We were visiting the relics and struck up a conversation with a knowledgeable curator of the museum. He told us a lot of personal information on some of the battles. Very interesting and well worth your time.

Becky Robinson

This is such a fun place. The 3D movies are great.

Bryan Adams

I love bringing my family here. Very interesting and educational. The special exhibits they host every now and again can be pretty awesome too.

Nancy Probst

Fun exhibits, great gift shop.

Jennifer Barker

While the rest of the museum-particularly the planetarium-is great, I am appalled by the ways they describe the civil war, mentioning slavery only in terms of how useful they were and how they built the economy. In the front of the museum, there is a MODERN painted textile detailing the state’s history. However, it is peppered with false claims in attempt to both justify the war, and to exonerate its role in the oppression of generations of people. The gift shop was the worst of all, showered in confederate flags bearing sayings such as “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.” Only so if you are white, apparently. I look forward to a day when we look at the confederate flag the way the Germans look at the swastika. Denounce your shameful history, South Carolina; don’t defend or justify it.

Matthew Davis

First Sunday of the month was $1 admission. Absolutely had an amazing time with my two and four year old. The exhibits were very high quality and educational. The four floors of exhibits have hours of amazing historical fun and education for all ages. From fossils to austronuats with fun and learning around every corner. We enjoyed the giant telescope with live view of the sun. So many exhibits and history we will be back for many more visits. Regular admission is well worth the this experience. Highly recommend for everyone of all ages. Clean restrooms and friendly staff South Carolina has captured the ideal museum experience.

Keri Wilson

The Hall of Heroes exhibit was nice n well worth the visit. The 4D movie was AWESOME. LOVED IT!!!

Anna J

It was pretty cool and lots of interactive things throughout.

Dorinda Riley's

It's ok more so for adults. I took my 4 year old. She enjoy walking around but I would have liked to read and learn. The 4D thether was perfect for her first time in one. Not too long but funny effects during Take Me To The Moon!

Blake Stokes

The same general exhibits that are on display now are the same ones that are on display when I went to to the museum while I was still in high school. Several of the exhibits are collecting viable layers of dust and need to be removed and cleaned. Occasionally they have a traveling exhibit to come through which are often very good and well maintained. Overall I am not impressed and would like to see more updating done to the State Museum. However if this is your first time coming to this location the exhibits are still educational and family friendly and enjoyable. However if you are a repeat vistor expect to see the exact same things on display.

Felicia Latten

Love this place since I was a kid, my boys still love to go and they are teenagers!

Daniel Seay

This is a great family experience. There are a lot of exhibits regarding SC history and general US history as well as science and space exhibits. I’d recommend it to anyone.

John Cook

Four floors of exhibits, quite varied, almost all dealing with South Carolina from prehistoric to the space age. Enough details for a history buff and portions are suitable for young children. They even have an observatory open to the public on clear Tuesday nights.


Went with my granddaughter's school trip. We had a great time, the kids had many fun and educational experiences. The planetarium show was very good. Staff was great.

Nick J

This museum has many thoughtfully presented and interesting exhibitions, including a truly fantastic collection of American telescopes. I know that sounds a little dry, but it's an extremely interesting exhibit. For any batman fans, they also have the Adam west Era batmobile. Truly awesome. Lots of parking, and right next to the children's museum.

Robert Weaver

A fun place to go with your family.

Adam Emrich

Lots of great exhibits and shop!

Sarah Shumpert

The Apollo 12 moon landing exhibit and the shows at the planetarium and 4D were really good! The guide at the telescope was super helpful and knowledgeable! The cafeteria staff was nice and the food was good. An enjoyable day!

Richard Hodaly

If you're visiting Columbia, you have to spend a day here. From history to science, the museum has so much to offer for all ages. If you're a local and you haven't been to the museum before, I strongly suggest you visit immediately. If you have already visited, then you know you should be planning your next trip. Ten stars if I could!

David Lewis

There are a lot.of great things to say about the South Carolina State Museum. It is loaded with history and most of the exhibits are nice to look at. My favorite part is going to the observatory on Tuesday night and looking through the telescope and they look at the sun dieing the day which is really cool. I have not been on a night where they look at a full moon but I bet that would be epic. The staff is super friendly albeit and very knowledgeable, especially the observatory people; those guys/gals love that telescope.

Caitlin Smith

Always a great place to visit. Wish the tickets included the Military Museum as well.

Dylan Marquis

I've never been to the state museum before and I thought it was great! The whole top floor is all about telescopes which might be a bore for some but, if it is, you probably wouldn't visit a museum anyway. Even had a chance to look at the sun through the telescope.

Zachary Salter

A fun place to bring the family. A good place to learn new things. The planaterium is especially amazing and a must do there. The science floor is very fun and interactive, so the kids won't be bored. Overall an amazing place.

Will is That GoPro Guy

Multi-storied building filled with literally tons of exhibits. The layout is easy to follow, a lot of the displays are intriguing, entertaining, and informative. The State Museum also has a planetarium and an observatory deck. It houses the largest collection of telescopes l have ever seen. The is an interactive science section that kids love to use. And the State Museum participates in a traveling exhibit, with it currently housing "The Hall of Heroes," a history of comic book, radio, and movie/television superheroes.


It was awesome! Great experience with my 9yr old son and his third grade class. I went along as a chaperone. I have done some research, you should too, and uncover this fun fact!

Ted Fetner

Third floor Apollo exhibit is a thorough summary of that program and moon landing 50 years ago. Mock-up of the control ring on Saturn V rocket, pictures of SC natives who contributed to the space program, including six astronauts.

Jessica Banton

Been going to this museum since I was young, whole family enjoys this amazing place! First Sunday of the month there is a discount on admission.

Forrest Mcminn

First rate and the food was even good.

Builder 3000

They had a fun 4d or 5d movie

Ashley A

This is the best place to visit they have pieces of history for everything from prehistoric to modern day they have a NASA section that is breathtaking huge telescopes that they allow u to look through on a moniter and the 4d shows are really cool to the seats move and shoot water out at u but the planetarium is the best place in the museum to be u feel like ur in outer space with the best up close view will definitely go back every chance we get

samantha alexandra

So much fun! If you enjoy history, this is an awesome place to learn new facts! I have to say my favorite part was seeing a piece of history, from a subject I've been researching.

that_weird_ kid_katie

I like it but they need to take better care of the place. They need to update it and get better things. Most of their exhibits are old and tearing up. Still a interesting place. Not too terribly interesting to a 5 year old though.

Tiffany Marshall

Great friendly staff. My students enjoyed their field trip!

Reinaldo Rementeria

Great place to visit. History inside and out. Love that it is housed in an old historical building. Exhibits are well done and functional.

Jennifer Blackmon

I loved the Caesar exhibition that they had. This a great place to learn about history. It is also a great place to bring the kids to so they can explore and learn about history.

Shawn Manning

Loved it! Hadn't been here since I was a school kid. Exhibits are great and educational. We, my nephews and I, had great conversations at a lot of the exhibits. And it's FREE!!

Anita Atwood

Great museum full of activities for whole family.

Tara Dekker

Really enjoyed seeing all the cool things in the museum.

Susan Best Lovin

They have done so much work its awesome. Get there early or you want get to see everything because its a big place. Love taking the grandchildren

Grace Meier

Very neat, interactive exhibits. Great job of keeping the interest level up. Only issue was all the kids running around with a seeming lack of parental supervision and being generally annoying, not something I fault the museum for at all. Would definitely go back.

mike allen

Just a great place to take a date or bring the kids. The Planetarium is amazing. The 4D theater is totally awesome. Plus, the museum is wonderful.

Jamm D

Very fun. Definitely go to the 4d theater. Space week is amazing and the staff there is so nice!! Lots of hands-on and interactive activities. Great museum to visit if your in the area

brad howell

Always a great time at the museum! State of the art 4D theater and the planetarium make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. The current exhibit for the Apollo moon landing is excellent and a great learning tool for the kids too. Speaking of kids, there's also Edventure next door and it's designed just for them. Loads of interactive and immersive activities make it a prime spot in the summer!

Hub 0316

A fun afternoon on Museum Day. So many fascinating artifacts and experiences from our S. C. State Museum you would need to go back the next day. We started on the top 4th floor & truly could have spent half a day up there. In the Art gallery, 1st floor, you can see a genuine Edgefield Pottery by Dave, in photo. We also enjoyed gift shop, Cotton Mill Exchange! We'll be back soon. We didn't get to the observatory. You need to come. Learning is a joy!

S. W. Hudson, III

THE authority on the history and geography of South Carolina! An amazing collection of artifacts and displays tell the geologic and social story of South Carolina. Not to be missed!

D Bennett

Very nice museum touching on every aspect of the state

Gregory Morris

The 4D theater is an experiance!! Short films that are interactive. There is no way to explain watching a dinosaur movie and then having "dino snot" blow on your face (something I never thought I would say as a positive). Special exhibits occasionally. Telescope has after hours special viewing on certain days.

Kameron Sydner

My kids love it here! — Great history and arts!!!

Tommy Serra

The kids had a great time as usual.

Generosa Tummond

Have been here many times and has improved over the years. The newest addition, the planetarium was great. They have an observation deck with a giant telescope. Will enjoy coming out for a star viewing on a clear night there.

Travis Sims

There's so much to do here. Went for my birthday weekend and there was plenty to keep me busy for the whole day. Definitely worth the trip.

Wesley Anderson

One of South Carolina's great treasures. History, natural history, military history, planetarium, observatory, large SC themed gift shop, children's exhibits, and much more, all in a huge old mill. Well worth the time.

Jeff Stikeleather

The approximately 200 year old former textile building is a great venue. The exhibits are fascinating. The planetarium show on National Parks is a must see. Going back to see the rest soon. Plan hours or multiple visits. First time visitor.

Jan Rhyne

Loved the History build 1988lotz of good exhibits too much for one day

Dyan Lease

Always love $1 Sundays!

Jenna Cullifer

Thoroughly enjoyed learning of local history by some great curators. Plan to do a lunch and learn, soon!

Nancy Baird

This place has far too much dead space that could be put to better use. One whole portion of the 2nd floor is completely empty. The map they give does nothing to help you actually find anything and the elevators have minds of their own. Have had my one and only visit there. Not real impressed.

Charles Nostrant

A very busy day for the museum. I was told they had 1500 students there that day. There were docents at many of the exhibits that educated the students about the displays. The ones I talked to seemed knowledgeable and enjoyed what they were doing.

Ed Kulisek

Had great time with granddaughters. Soft pretzels were great

Kristine Quinto

Every special event that I attend at the museum is awesome. A great entertainment place!

Rebekah Shilling

Great museum with 4 floors of educational information on various subjects from dinosaurs to space to south Carolina history since the beginning of time. 4d theater is pretty cool. The observatory with the huge telescope is amazing and the staff there actually interact with the patrons and tell what is being looked at.

Andrew Choudhry

The museum is awesome! We spent about three hours there and we did not see everything. There are shows and a planetarium. The exhibits are awesome and the whole place is beautifully kept. The museum is organized and allows you to see a lot of South Carolina history. This place is a must when visiting Columbia. I would recommend this to families or anyone who enjoys seeing rich historical artifacts.

Christina Rowden

Great place for adults and children! Highly recommend the Astro Kids program and observatory viewing on Tuesday nights!

Reesha Johnson

I took my grandson, Trent, to the special exhibit, Hall of Heroes, at the State Museum. We had a blast. He loves all of the Marvel and Avenger characters. They had so much that he was able to do including testing his superhero strengths. It was well worth the money and we made some great memories!

Ajay Ollis

Impressive! The SCSM was awesomep. So much to see, do, and learn. I liked that there were plenty of hands-on activities. We could've spent another hour or two there, easily.

Trina Dee

Always adding new exhibits. The Marvel Exhibit was awesome. Dollar Sunday's for most of the museum but special exhibits cost more. Plan on spending three to five hours there.

cat lover

Great place for a history person like me.

JaCoby Marston

Plan to spend at least 3 hours here. Go to the 4th floor first to start because that is where the Confederate memorabilia is located.i would also recommend seeing a 4D movie. Super awesome museum. Great to visit when the weather is hot and humid.


Word of the day... We went to see the space's not what I had in mind but for some it may be ok. I found it to be more of a history museum...not science. Anyone who knows anything about the moon landings may find this to be boring. I can only imagine the children's EDVenture is more exciting. After paying to get in, It cost extra to get in to see the 4D and the planetarium...we saw Black Holes. I am interested in space and science. I fell asleep. Again, boring....the video seemed out of focus and the narrator was boring. I am sure some will find this museum to be very interesting thus the 4.6

James Beeman

The best state museum I have ever been to. Excellent and varied exhibits.

Tootie D.

My family and I enjoyed ourselves here at the museum. We saw alot of history and learned bunch today.

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