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Where is Rainbow Row?

REVIEWS OF Rainbow Row IN South Carolina

Keith Jackson

This is a short section of town with 5-6 houses that are painted different colors. It's a photo opportunity that is popular with some tourists. The houses are indeed different colors, and this is noteworthy. If you're wondering where the best place to stand while photographing these houses, simply look for the largest group of millennials in the immediate area. May go again.

David Arroyo

I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed with actual rainbowrow. I guess I expected a bit more since it is one of the "iconic" things to see in Charleston. With that said everything around it is just beautiful. We were sucked into the time it represents. It was quite an amazing overall experience. The pineapple fountain and all the cultural buildings are walking distance which makes this a pit stop of a visit

Laura W

It is a few colorful historical houses....not anything to write home about. You only view them from outside.

Joshua Keenan

As a tourist from the West Coast, it's so nice to visit someplace like this and not see homeless people. Clean, nice shops, good food, and a safe atmosphere.

Neil Maruca

Wonderful part of the historic district. I highly recommend a walking tour of the historic district: South of Broad and the French Quarter!

Rick VanderPol

Charleston is a great city... Take time to explore and learn about the great history of this amazing city.

Michael Williams

Rainbow Row is a beautiful and historic part of Charleston! Rainbow Row is a must see if you are coming from out of town to take in the sights of Charleston South Carolina!

George Burns

Very cool to see the old houses restored. Some very interesting entry ways. Awesome streets, often cobblestone and lots of eatteries.

George Briggs

History great carriage tour. Elisabeth and Jordan. Super dou. Had a nice ride.

Barbie E

Been here a few times throughout my life and it's pleasant to every time.

Wyatt Bricca

It's a few houses with pastel paint schemes.... Goodness gracious there couldn't be less to see here. There are more interesting blocks architecturally just a few minutes away. If you are trying to take a pretty photo for Instagram that makes your northern friends jealous of palm trees, there are better spots (i.e looking down Society St. and Meeting). It's fine though.

Steve Burt

Interesting line of homes painted very bright colors and very fun to see.

Sylvia Schumacher

So, if you are visiting Charleston this is a must see kinda stop. The neighborhood around the Painted Houses are very beautiful as well. The soft pastel paint and the older homes are a lovely sight to see! The photo only shows the back of one beautiful lavender color home, the front view you'll have to go and see for yourself! Enjoy!

Rian Cerny

Great history and so cool they keep everything original.

Cy Bickers

Did a walking tour and found out lots of city info. Great time

Jocelyn Bayuga

Cute row houses painted in rainbow colors, full of history and is a delight to see.

Owen Trott

Amazing historical architecture. But really be respectful these are mostly people's homes.

Glenna Zafra

A nice walk through the neighborhood with the different colored buildings. It was fun.

Alison Eisinger

Loved this walk up and down in front of Rainbow Road! Beautiful architecture and views of the Harbor. Parking can be a little tricky though!

Talk Nerdy To Me

It's easy to miss if you're driving, so park along the battery and walk down. The views are fine and the breeze off the Cooper is nice and salty! Also I noticed that as of this week one of the row houses is for sale - WOW! I might just stay a WHILE!!!! <3 <3 #HolyCity

Peter yohe

Wonderful experience in the historic district of old town Charleston.

Daniel Lockerby

Interesting architecture. We had a local give us a history lesson of the area. Amazing how much the area has transformed. See if you can find the "Spiderman" house. No front door. LOL

Drew Flatford

Beautiful and historic part of downtown Charleston! Must see for visitors

James Gabriel

Iconic pastel painted homes along the coast. We enjoyed walking through this part of town while site seeing.

Milo McCree

It was absolutely gorgeous! The paint jobs were immaculate and bright. There was a protest near by so i stopped by to fuel up on rainbow before i went.

WindKissed Woodyj500

A cute, colorful row of houses right on the waterfront. This is a Charleston fixture. Tourists should check it out and enjoy, but remember they are people's homes. Most of the tours will either take you by there or tell you about them. It's easy to find, and I recommend walking around the entire area since all the homes and gardens in the area are just so beautiful!

JJB 632116

Charleston is a very neat city to walk around. Lots of old colorful buildings line the streets. Very cool to stroll down Rainbow Row and see all the colorful buildings. Just a short walk to the waterfront with more great views. Also felt very safe walking around this area.

Parker Bush

It's a quick walk from the market to here. This is a great place to take pictures, and it's rich in Charleston history.

michael arnett

Pretty group of houses all attached. Good for a picture or two. That's about it

Martha Baird

Beautiful historic area. Always nice towLk through.

Braska Jennea Givens

My Photography Clients come from all over to see and be photographed here at RR, and no matter the time of year there are ALWAYS stunning and unique portraits I can capture for their legacies! It's truly a PhotoOp spot you don't want to miss on your next trip if you've never been here❤️

unsavory_ character

Very nice stroll with the kids. There was a park at the end with some cool statues and cannons. If you are interested in american history, Charleston is a must!

Jimmy Cosby

This geographical location has witnessed so much life and that life has left it's "Mark" in every layer of paint, every paver under ones' step, at every corner you turned that it "feels" almost alive at points... Charleston is and will always be one of America's most impressive cities, in my opinion! The pride, skill and willingness to push limits while maintaining composure with such polite tactful respect for others! This is one of the many reasons I choose to be a "Southerner"!!!

Myrtle Vaughn

Beautiful and iconic even for locals. I had the pleasure of seeing this in the snow as well! What a sight! Very cool spot. A lot of people do photography shoots here. Artists also like to set up here to paint so that's always a joy to see. I would recommend walking down this way if you are in the area.

Scott King

It’s pretty but only takes a few minutes to soak in. Mostly females looking for the perfect Instagram post lining the buildings.


Each house is painted a different color. Not sure the big deal. Looked like other colorful homes.

G Dalmeida

This is a walking tour for someone that enjoys architecture. It’s an easy walk, with alley ways, door fronts, court yards and so much to make you go ahhh. It’s a photographers dream.

Michelle Hollenback

Beautiful place. I loved it! Walking around & exploring was great! Bought some really cool gifts too!

Heather D

Rainbow Row is absolutely beautiful! It was my first time there and they are so adorable. It will be crowded do to everyone taking photos. But it's nice and breezy for being so close to the coast.

Rusty Rusty

Absolutely love the old Charleston architecture. This is a wonderful area that is great for photography lovers, both amateurs and professionals

Philip Verheyen

This is a very well kept neighborhood and a definite must see place for tourists.

Maureen Cogan

This is a pretty area of Charleston. Not only are the homes beautiful, but the flower boxes on the windows are a sight to see. They are all a riot of colors and textures and the flowers are spilling out of the boxes. I had more fun photographing those than the homes. It's a short stretch og street so you won't need much time there.

April Parmley

Always one of my favorite stops. Beauty and history!!

RT Gill

Just a cool thing to see in Charleston. If you can get some history behind it, it definitely gives you some perspective behind the homes.

Casey Salvador

We did some of our wedding photos here. Definitely an iconic spot for photos in downtown Charleston, SC.


Beautiful houses, it's also very close to the Pineapple Fountain and the Battery.

Chris Brent

Gorgeous views of harbor and historic Antebellum homes. Very authentic. Everyone should try to make it here at least once.

Kathleen Casbarro

Taking a carriage ride is the best way to see the area and determine what you really want to walk and see.

Supriya Trimbake

I wish I could paint the houses. It's scenic and colourful


One of my favorite places to walk, you really see the charm of the city, and the historical landmarks and character of the city is amazing


Pretty area to walk and explore, lots of history signs and plaques to stop and read.

Tammy Mancini

Amazing love the area. Beautiful

Bill Wheeler

Pretty area. Nice place to walk around and see the sites. Don't do it when it's over 95 had a hard time finding places to get water.

Jennifer Schneider

It's beautiful!!! Perfect place for a relaxing late afternoon walk.

Mayank Mehrotra

Nice place for some colorful pictures. Bright pastel colored buildings in a row.

Nichole Eichelberger

Great place for that perfect instagram shot... but be prepared for others to have the same thought. You might have to get creative to get a shot without strangers.


Pfffft... Is about all we can say. Charleston has many great things and much history and interesting things... This to us are old different colored homes and that is in a historic district and that is about it.. is barely ok... We wanted the rainbow market and row where the history is with the slavery markets and the interesting history of that not different colored houses..

Allen Humphreys

Beautiful part of the Charleston old city, great picture spots.

Mladen Simovic

Really beautiful historical landmark.. It is interesting to see part of the US that looks more like a Europe than anywhere else in the US. It has such a nice sidewalk along the seashore. All the houses are so beautiful. The view is priceless. This spot is definitely must see in Charleston!

Joel Havenridge

Disappointed to find out they are no longer houses of I'll repute for weary sailors. What a shock! Take a walking history tour, you'll get so much information. We did Walks Of Charleston. Very good.

Brenda Crump

Nothing to get excited about, just a row of flat buildings painted different colors. A couple streets over is a better attraction. Buildings with a lot of beautiful details

Claire WithLove

To be honest, we liked the brightly painted houses in San Juan better, here there were about half a dozen pastel colored houses as you can see in the pictures. If you are near the area, you might as well walk a few blocks to say you have seen "Rainbow Row" but I wouldn't want to pay for a tour to see them.

Paul Patison

The homes are terrific to look at, and the history of the city is on full display. Make sure to pick a nice day to walk around Charleston, you won't regret it!

Jessica usselman

What a great place to spend a day enjoying the sunshine! Historic Charleston was an incredible beautiful place to visit. The history is so rich and interesting and you could spend the day just waking around looking at all the cool houses with their gorgeous architecture and wonderful smelling flowers. This is a must see for anyone visiting Charleston.

Jason Pelletier

great place to walk through and close to all the shops and restaurants

Diana Warren

We spent a morning strolling the streets of Charleston and enjoying the historic homes. Many houses are similar to those we've seen in the "Garden District" in New Orleans, but "Rainbow Row" is unique to Charleston. Love the history in the area (including the oldest liquor shop in America across the stress from Rainbow Row) and after being there, appreciate all the local art featuring these houses! We noted one was currently for sale and wish we were in a position to buy it! :) Make sure to read all the plaques outside the homes and within the neighborhood!

Hannah Mapes

Very pretty, but honestly a let down to look at with my own eyes after seeing all the perfect Instagram/Pinterest pictures. Cars are parked all along the street and it's a popular place so it's hard to get a really nice picture. It's a lot shorter than I expected and there's only a handful of colorful houses. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but it's in a fairly touristy location and not far from Waterfront Park/Pineapple fountain. If you're already in the area, check it out, but don't go out of your way to see it.

randi Wilson

Historic and beautiful. Very entertaining history! Drove by it on a horse-drawn carriage tour with Palmetto carriage tours. Everything was explained beautifully. Extremely wonderful visual homes

Jerry & Lorie Widmann

It was nice. Makes for a pleasant walk through town.

Mark Garrison

Rainbow row. It's a stretch of streets that is appropriately named. Cool tourist destination. One of Charleston's unique attractions.

RaeLynne Johnson

Fun historic party of the city. Not as big as anticipated and in need of a bit of restoration but pretty cool.

Alyssa Cowden

It was a great place to walk! I was a little disappointed because I was expecting the buildings to be as vibrant as I have seen in pictures/paintings. It was beautiful and worth seeing!

Mikkel Helmersen

This place is very cozy, and the colorful painting makes for a nice enjoyable walk.

matt higgins

There are some really nice old houses around the sea wall at the bottom of the peninsula. The area feels strange though in a way that is hard to describe. Like they've tried so hard to keep the authentic quality of the neighborhood, they lost any semblance of a neighborhood.

Jesie Soto

So pretty. Definitely a must see. It it's entirety, Charleston is so beautiful, rainbow row is definitely just a slice of what it has to offer. I wonder what residents must think as people walk around taking pictures by their doors and windows or backyards and gates. Lol. Yikes, if you're a resident let us know how much you hate it, or do you guys even care ? It's just that your cobblestone laid streets and moss covered walls and massive trees are just such a sight to see !

Kerry Moeykens

Beautiful walk along the river. Like walking through time

Rick High

It gets very hyped up and there is really nice pastel-colored houses. But there are very nice houses elsewhere in the historic district. If you're looking for fantastic photos, this is nice but not necessary.

Emily Franklin

Lovely architecture, quiet, and historical plaques to read. White Point gardens nearby. Just plan to walk a few blocks for a public restroom.

Mrs. H

Just some art deco-pastel colored houses to attract stupid tourists like s..t atracts flies. Pretty old for US terms. But again, just a street in a 300-y.o. town.Go visit the slave house museum instead or some of the houses you can actually see the interior of.

Sara Giannelli : Gcrew

Definitely a beautiful part of Charelston. It is a must see if you are coming to visit!

Rachel W

I can definitely tell why people take all their professional photos here

Sudeep Deb

Get transported to Europe in seconds. Walk across cobblestone roads and battery with cool breeze from sea on the side. Enjoy the sunrise on the swings at the waterfront park. Or the sunset on other side of the park. Houses are beautiful and well preserved. House tours available to go through the history of the city and how the first settlers lived. Drive along the area to see all the houses..

Laura Mealer

Fish and chicken cooked together so fish had chicken taste and chicken tasted like fish. Canned green beans with out of can unseasoned. Out of grilled potatoes on Friday night at 7pm...not impressed with this restaurant.

William Lieberman

One of the classic, historic spots in Charleston South Carolina. Incredible, historic homes on the water. Each multi million dollar in value. Went as part of a Downtown Charleston Walking tour. Having guide was invaluable to get full history as well as current values. The stroll along the water is particularly beautiful.

Suzanne E

Pretty color houses. Hard to get photos. Take a history tour

Jane Smith

Beautiful. So different than where I'm from.

Bryan Le

Very beautiful and worth going out of the way and worth prioritizing. Highly encourage you to do it with a tour guide because there is so much interesting history with these homes that we simply could not have appreciated it without one. Interesting stories such as the original uses of the homes, architectural detail such as decorations, a house with no front door, exposed beams from the earthquake, rebuilt homes from the fire... All wonderful stories which all surround and contextualize rainbow row. This is why you come to Charleston.

Rob Heydt

Very pretty. Lots of history! Fun to explore!

Meg Trueheart

So iconic to Charleston, it's a must see! Embrace being a tourist and take all your Instagram worthy pics!

Tom Swift

Really fascinating to see homes which have stood for so many years. A local, Steve, stood and talked with us for about 20 minutes about the local history. Really nice guy and a very good representation of locals in Charleston.

Dianna Christensen

Pretty cool to see structures that old & how well maintained they are.

Jordi Vidal Rodriguez

Disappointing. There are much nicer, colorful and picturesque rows of houses else where in town. I wouldn't bother to walk there just because it says so in your guide.

Ashley DePiano

Very beautiful attraction and symbol of historic Charleston. A must see if you are here.

Theresa McCormick-Dunlap

It's a lovely street to stroll down particularly if you enjoy well preserved buildings.

Reinaldo Rementeria

Cool spot in Charleston. If you are visiting you should have info on what you are looking at. We were lucky to have a friendly local tell us about the buildings and their history.

Mary-Jo Wright

A must. Beautiful and such a wonderful city. Southern charm

Ken Cogan

They're OK. You're limited to viewing the outside since the homes, I believe, are privately owned. As a key attraction in Charleston, it's a must-see. Parking is nearby at a public garage for $1 per half hour. That's all the time you'll need.

Otrice Ellis Gibson

I've always lived these style homes. So unique and such a neat little street.

Michele Hoffman

It was an easy walk from our parking garage. If you love places with character, this is it. It was a quiet, fun tourist stop for us on our adventure in Charleston!

Sharon Berger

First time to Charleston! We took an online self-guided walking tour - great way to go! What a beautiful city with amazing history and architecture.

Evan Guthrie

Rainbow Row on East Bay Street is a cool part of Charleston that is nice to check out when you are walking or driving. The colors are cool and a nice variety and it is something that adds a little flavor to the street. Little things like Rainbow Row are what makes Charleston a great place to be and visit. This is a nice and quick thing to see and show people. My favorite color is the green one.

Curtis Boyd

Very beautiful area!! Highly recommended

Eddi Haskell

This is only a City Block wide, and can be visited in about 15 minutes. It is spectacular to photograph and just walk through. Each house is a colonial gem and painted a charming pastel shade. A must-see destination on any visit to Charleston

Angie Ives

Beautiful neighborhood! Had to pull over and get some pictures!

Jason Tousant

My first time in Charleston it really is a very nice city!

Kevin Werner

Ok. So, I hate to give 3 stars. The homes are impressive, the varied painting is ok but it really didn't do much for me. Walking on the sea wall was more fun. It's something to consider though how massive those houses were when they were built. They are big by today's standards, but for the time they were built, they were huge. It puts into proper context how vital Charleston was 200 years ago. It also should make one consider how, subject to change all things are.

Tiffany Blachford

Upon first glance, Rainbow Row can be a bit underwhelming considering how iconic it is to Charleston. But when you read the history of the plaques and consider how well maintained they are given their age, it's quite impressive. We strolled here around sunset and the street was empty!

Ophelia Abrahams

Visited this place in the summer and it was simply beautiful! Great vacation in Charleston!

Jeffrey Riehl

This is a very photogenic spot! I would go in the afternoon when the sun is going down and you can get some great shot. Definitely a safe part of town and lots of attractions around to walk to. We went around during the late afternoon and local residents were coming and going. I thought that they might feel intruded upon but they were very friendly. Be respectful and appreciate the art that is the architecture!

Rachel Yantis

These houses are stunning to see as they marry Traditional English architecture with that southern POP of color. These homes belonged to—and were saved by— some of the first preservationists in the country, and continue to delight anyone who sees them.

matthew hood

The area is beautiful. There’s also a nice little playground for the kids to take break too. Well worth a visit.

Michelle Shipp

Just a bunch of houses painted pastel colors. Pretty, nice picture spot. Not a very long row.

Ryan Nichols

This is overrated. The homes are very nice. It's not easy to get a good picture with them.

Melissa Stanton

Cool row of colorful well maintained historical buildings. Lovely floral arrangements in front of many of them. Very nice street to take a stroll down and then head to the waterfront.

Jens H

Nice little place. Great that these former abandoned houses were bought and restored with these lovely colours

Christopher Clayton

I did like this street and the architecture, but found all of Charleston to have the same pockets of this. If walking near by, it is worth seeing. But not worth the focus of a trip or travel. Many other walks in Charleston are just as good. Not a must see. Charleston in general has this same thing everywhere.

Kristi Denise Cremeens

I adore this area of Charleston! Its so beautiful from the buildings to the surrounding parks and trees, to the cobblestone roads! Love it!

chris mecke

Block of different colors of houses. Wife and daughters more impressed than myself.

Patrick Ross

It's ok, just a row of houses with a couple signs explaining how this area was dilapidated after the civil war and later became a historic district. The homes are all private property so you can't get a closer look at the gardens or interiors. I wouldn't go out of your way to visit, but it's worth a stroll if you're in the area.

Fancy Mayo

Beautiful homes. Very pretty scenery. Very close to the bay and other local highlights.

pamela knight

The history of the restoration and original use of the homes are as intriguing as the Rainbow Row homes. Because of the trees and cars in front of the homes photoing the homes is not easy.

Hilary Springer

Beautiful homes with so much of our country's happy to see it as it was in the 1700's now. Thank you City of Charleston.

Sally Cormier

Such a wonderful piece of history & a great entrepreneurial spirit of 2 women pioneer's.

B.W. Sites

Second time in Charleston South Carolina and it was as beautiful as I was told it was. Our family went through there when I was about five or six but don't have any memories of it other than how much my parents enjoyed it so it was fun to go back and see it as an adult.

Jack Lee

Good for out of town tourist lot's of nice restaurant's and people

Colleen McGrath

Beautiful! A must see during a trip.

Minka _

Fun booths with clothes and jewellery in the buildings where slaves used to be sold. That part is weird to think about, but thankfully those days are long gone and it's a place of better commerce.

Annalee Tobey

Beautiful homes and a nice walk getting to know Charleston. Charming and easy. Fun coupled with a walk along the waterfront!

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