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REVIEWS OF Middleton Place IN South Carolina

Paul Benson

A beautiful garden in very well kept condition. The landscape is fantastic, the gardens reminiscent of the European royal gardens with a unique Southern flavor. (Watch out for alligators, I am not kidding). The only thing missing are signposts. Small little numbers at grass level simply does not suffice. Kids welcome.

Shannon First

You will not believe how dirty, rotten, old and bug filled this INN/B&B/HOTEL is. They call it rustic. I call it filthy. They have many reasons why they let the place rot since 1970 but none of them valid. I just do not understand neglecting basic property building maintenance for so many years. You can totally tell they have not paid a maintenance person in forever. Most of us own homes and we would not let pests and rot consume our properties. There are much better B&B's in the area. Maybe not with this name or history, but so much cleaner and more comfortable. It just astounds me how they let this once beautiful place return to the earth. It is just really sad, but I did enjoy the horses. It is a nice place to tour for the day but you will NOT want to sleep here.

Benjamin A. Grewe

Obviously gorgeous views. Impeccable service, and the food was out of this world. Why go downtown when you get get it all right here on the Ashley? My wife and I will only go here for our date nights for the foreseeable future

Laurent de Barry

The location is extremely pretty but the staff doesn't seem to grasp what happened in this location and still present the plantation owners as really smart and successful business man... There is no details about the living of the enslaved people and their conditions.

Erik L

So beautiful! Flowers were blooming, weather was great. We didn't do the house tour, seemed unnecessary.

Ashley Smith

We stayed at the Inn at Middleton Place and took the short walk along the river to see the gardens because, well, why not! I was so impressed the entire time. We came in March on a gorgeous day. The flowers were gorgeous. The trees covered many of the paths to provide a softness of shade. We brought our 5-year old, who loved it.

Michael Pugh

This place is beautiful and truly one of a kind. The grounds are impeccably designed and always filled with flowers. I proposed to my now wife here and we have enjoyed going back to visit when we have the chance.

Kameelah Martin

As with most tourist plantation sites, it did not offer an in depth look at enslaved life, but did offer a focused walking tour that was meant to cover this specific angle. The tour guide was knowledgeable but did more talking than walking and covering the grounds. It seems to be a well preserved area and its certainly beautiful to look at. The gardens are exquisite. I was in search of something more, something that memorialized the enslaved folk. The video on the website does a much better job than the tour guide, but it was interesting to see the grounds in person.

Abigail Klein

Very beautiful! Lots of land and beautiful gardens that you can walk around if it's not too hot. I will say that the house tour is an absolutely MUST. It's an extra expense, but one of the most interesting things I did on this trip. I recommend getting the Middleton and Edmonston-Alston House combo, and if you're a student or military you can get a discount on tickets. There are bathrooms here, as well as a gift shop, but I will say that it's very very hot, so take sunscreen and a lot of water. There's a restaurant here, but it's not open between lunch and dinner hours, so pack a snack if you're visiting then.

Jodilyn Owen

Beautiful grounds, friendly staff. Real alligators

Rosely Brosz

Great plantation with so much history. The house tour was the best one I saw in Charleston but the slave quarter was not as interesting as Boone Hall. Beautiful gardens. Prepare to pay more than Boone. Lots of tours are extra. Great place for a wedding

Lisa Heinrich - Estabrook

A nice family day. Great for the kids also have food, shopping and a spa. I like to get my exercise walking the gardens. Or just want to relax and take in mother nature.

Rob ECCarts

Very well done in all aspects. You feel the setting throughout the whole property.


A spectacular site to visit on a trip to Charlestown. Absolutely MUST purchase the package including the Middleton Place house tour and the Edmonston-Alston House for the best experience.

Linda Lingo

The setting was beautiful. It appeared to be understaffed, thus impacting the lack of service. The rooms were not serviced. The staff ar the Lodge was very good. The house museum was fantastic.

cris cris

This is one of the most beutiful garden I have ever seen. This is a must see if you are in the Charleston area. I don't have words enough to describe the beauty of this place. Also, everything is very educational for kids and not only for them.


My mother and I visited together and enjoyed the whole experience very much. The house tour was informative without glorifying the Antebellum South and slavery. The grounds were spectacular - there was a nice blend of manicured gardens and more organic sprawls of nature. The Live Oak with Spanish Moss or stunning, and we enjoyed the azaleas which were in vibrant bloom. Make sure to plan enough time to wander and enjoy all that the setting has to offer!

Jared TClove

We have visited all the major plantations in the area and this is by far the most beautiful one. We were able to explore it all in a day, but the quality of every area is very high. Lots of rich history. The Butterfly Garden is truly a site to see. Lots of wildlife to take pictures of or just watch. The reflection pond is clean and very beautiful. There is also a small are with horses and other farm animals to take pictures of or just watch. Lots of trails to walk and enjoy the peace and quiet. A must see.

Kelly Barry

Huge place, with gardens, well marked paths and walkways, and interesting exhibits showing life in olden days. Lots of farm animals make it exciting for the kids. Not crowded. At $29.00 per adult, it's a little pricey.

Sarah Browne

Wonderful food. Perfect atmosphere for enjoying a meal with family and friends. Beautiful gardens.

Nate Elston

This was a super neat property to visit, clean and well kept. That said, there is a piece of information that would have been handy to know prior to going...the original plantation house was burned by union soldiers. So while you tour a house, you don't tour THE house. This was a little misleading and for that reason alone, I had to only give it three stars.

Wanda Croft

Absolutely enchanting! Love all the grounds. Great way to spend a few hours! The house tour in very informative but it is a farmhouse, not very opulent. The family paintings were very cool to see but I would have loved a slightly longer tour of each room. I am ready to quit my job and go work there giving tours!! Very romantic for us since there weren't too many people on the property.

Fusion Martial Arts

The Plantation walk is awesome but wouldn't stay in the hotel again.

Keady Garcia

It was beautiful, however all we did was see the animals around the grounds and skim over the blacksmith, the potter, and the weaver. I wanted the tour to take us inside the house. I would've paid way less if I had known all we were doing was visiting a petting zoo.

Alexander Kuhr

This is a historical landmark and exhibts the rests of the Middletonn Mansion with some unique historical pieces of furniture and art The mansion itself was not rebuild after the destrucion. So if you want to visit a historical mansionnthis is not the best option In Middleton you have a great park perfect view over the Asley River and wildlife such as Aligators They have some old service buildings and show the life of the slaves which gives you a great understandig of the time Great experience but more on the expensive side

Kim Smith

My wife and myself love the beauty and charm that is Charleston and the Middleton Plantation is no exception. We are definitely going back as I was not feeling well and did not get to spend enough time there.

Shawn Hughes

One of the most beautiful places I've ever been too. Take tour through house. Go back in time with people doing what was done in 1800s. Nice carriage ride brings you through property. Can walk through gardens. Great beautiful place. Can stay next store at Middleton Inn and get free entry to Middleton place and get in early on a short walk through the trail

Kay G

Beautiful historic landmark. I did the garden tour and walked through the stables. You can also do a house tour, beyond the fields tour and stable tour. I only had time for one.

Sherry Engelbert

I absolutely loved this tour. It was ssoo nice, the history; the people. We took the carriage ride for part of the tour. The restaurant food was good.

Virginia Miles

It's very nice. I loved my visit there .

Mary Kay DeRubeis

Interesting plantation. Stayed at the Inn at Middleton. Really enjoyable! Wonderful view and loved having a fireplace since it was March.

Kevin Smith

Very cool historic place. In addition to the gardens, there are animals, blacksmiths, and other people there in period costumes. This property is kept pristine and is just a joy to visit.

Tess Marie

This place is amazing. So beautiful. Easy walking paths. Lots of history. Just gorgeous.

mark held

Very nice interesting place to see history. A little pricey as it was $80 for two of us. Grounds and guided house tour. But we enjoyed our time here

John Hartman

We got to it late but what an amazing plantation! We will be making a return trip just to see and explore again. Beautiful house and gardens with a massive amount of land. There is a farm market that has beautiful and healthy plants available for purchase as well as a very elegant gift shop. Well worth the trip but a standard price over the individual parts would be a much advised change.

Ashley Bondurant

We did a trail ride yesterday on horseback. Everyone was friendly except our guide took a few minutes to warm up to us. It was a beautiful ride even though it's the middle of winter here. We were also novice riders and made out just fine! The horses were fantastic, loved them. Wish there was a little more history on the tour.

Ken T Mayland

UPDATED after 4 night stay and a wedding event. 3+/4-. Rated relative to other higher end resorts. Rooms were nice but with small TVs; SOME channels did not work (audio but not video). Room modem/router needed to be replaced by maintenance. SOME staff were very attentive, others indifferent. Had to wait 20 or more minutes for a 9pm check-in, as sole person helped another guest and locked registration hut. SOME gravel pathways were muddy/sandy which tracked into the room. Charming venue, but...

Jessie Nickelson

Middleton place is a great place to explore- there is history and beauty everywhere you step. The Octagonal Sunken Garden and the House Museum were two of my favorites. Inside the House Museum are pieces from the Middleton family collection, I was blown away at how many pieces there were. There are no pictures allowed in the House Museum, but I enjoyed that as it increased my focus on the true beauty of the House. I enjoyed all the tours- every single guide was so passionate about their job. They are a big part of what makes it the most interesting and Important garden in America.


Our third graders enjoyed the field trip we attended here. They were kept on a tight schedule so there was lots to see and learn. The lambs had just been born and were adorable! Even got to see several alligators! Plenty of space for us to eat our lunch at the same time as well.

Kimberly Heilman

It was amazing! We stayed 3 nights and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys relaxation and beautiful gardens. It was so nice in the evening to stroll the gardens, see the wildlife (alligators, turtles and herons) or just sit and watch the sunset over the flooded rice paddy. We enjoyed the restaurant for dinner and buffet lunch. There’s a complimentary continental breakfast or u can order which my husband did. I had the amazing croissants. We visited the end of April and the azaleas were finished blooming Would love to come back earlier to see them and the camellias (wish I lived closer)

Shari Barnes

This place is just beyond gorgeous. The staff is nice, the history is amazing to read and the views and property are just spectacular. The gardens are amazing and to see the true work it takes to keep this place running and know it has seen generations of families amazes me. We went during Spring Break (mid-April) and truly enjoyed ourselves. We did multiple tours and even saw a few alligators on site. I truly love to see the history of America.

Ryan H

Great place to unwind. stay at the Inn for a night to get access to the property. It's a little scary when no one is around but it is beautiful! All staff loves what they do and show it! If you book a house tour. Do not go in the house. Sit outside until the ladies invite you in! Or you will be greeted by this very intense women who I assume is heir to the Middleton who will greet you a rude formal "wait outside". Do not let her bitterness ruin the place. The tour guides know a lot and you might learn something

Betsey Bennett

This was one of the best tours and places to go during our trip to Charleston, South Carolina! We ended up staying almost the whole day there! We took all the tours that were offered and each one was very informative and an eye opener to how life was back then. The gardens were beautiful and we even saw a Blacksmith and a Cooper working! The animals all looked healthy and cared for but a couple of workers really made me smile. Two of the caretakers , one of the new Water Buffaloes and the other (a young woman) chickens/sheep really loved their jobs. Both of themed saw patting and hugging the animals as if they were their pets! That is really caring and more! Thank You for a great and memorable experience!

Lori Davis

We walked to the house and bought two tickets for my husband and I. The house tour is not included in the general admission price. We had the next to the last tour time which was 3:30. My husband asked if we could wait on the air conditioned porch until our tour started (it was 3:10 when we purchased our tickets) and the lady said no we had to wait outside on the benches. Oh by the way did I tell you it was 100 degrees today!!!!!!! I would not recommend the end of the day tour, the tour guide was ok but seemed ready to go home. Would not do this again and would not recommend the house tour, not worth the $$$.

Andrew Saluti

Had an amazing day Walking around the gardens and ponds. They had a few free tours which were great. Lunch was really good, a little pricey but on par with downtown Charleston. We even saw Gators in the rice pond! Give yourself 3 to 4 hours if you plan on eating here too. And wear your walking shoes!

Mary Johnson

I arrived late in the day to take photos of Arthur Middleton's tomb. At the ticketing booth, one of the cashiers, Tyrone, graciously offered to escort me to it. He explained certain aspects of the estate along the way and I felt like I had a personal guide. Kudos to Tyrone, a perfect example of the way a gentleman and good employee acts.

Claire Crawford

This is a beautiful plantation with some of the most lovely grounds and gardens in the south. The "home" and several out buildings are well maintained and the staff is universally well versed in the history of the property and enthusiastic in sharing this information. The 4th of July celebration was a great experience. The live interpreters are excellent. Do not miss the potter-she is outstanding. Not only is she talented but she is an excellent teacher.

Alishia Rhoda

Middleton is s signer of the U.S. Constitution and his plantation in South Carolina. This place is a must see and absolutely beautiful. I am in love with Charleston SC. #Opulent

Diana Warren

We visited here during wonderful weather in June 2019. We took the carriage tour, house tour, and walked the gardens. The carriage tour was lovely and we learned so much. The house tour was very nice but my wife did not enjoy it. I suppose when you compare it to Mt. Vernon, it is very similar. They do have some very unique items inside and it is nice to see the family history. The fact that the estate is still in the family makes the whole place even more special. The gardens were astounding. When we visited the hydrangea were in bloom. The ponds, the moss covered trees. I could have enjoyed the gardens all day. The birds that other wildlife make the whole place somewhat magical. The irony in this beautiful place, along the ponds and in the ponds are very visible alligators. Don't let your little ones run about freely! But, watching them in all that beauty is amazing. I don't think I will ever forget it. I will return in azalea season!

John Jocelyn Davis

Wonderful living history experience! The docents were very FRIENDLY and knowledgeable about the history of the whole area. I will go back just to see how it evolves into more rooms opened

Rami Michael

A very nice historical place. Really need to visit

D Barnes

Beautiful historic gardens. Our guide was the actual relative of servants to the Middleton family. He was very thorough and made us feel we were back in time riding on the plantation. These servants loyalty humbled me & have my heart. They were all loyal to the family in an incredible way. If it were not for the servants, there would be no Middleton Place to showcase for visitors today.

Ole Johnson

Very pretty and nice self guided tour. The food at the cafe was capital A awesome! And they don't treat their animals bad...see my Magnolia Gardens review.

p Ha

Definitely worth the visit. Great food. Picturesque place. Friendly staff who are happy to share the history. Also saw a couple alligators nearby.

Emily Franklin

Did the wine and garden walk. It was amazing. Walk at your own leisure, unguided. Grab wine at the tables scattered throughout the gardens. A tip: if you want to eat at the restaurant afterward, make a reservation days ahead.

Timothy Schank

Great place to take your family.. The history there is something to see... Beautiful land and flowers..

Debbie G

Definitely recommend the house tour in addition to the grounds. Debbie did an excellent job as our tour guide today. Bring your walking shoes. There is so much to see!! Something for all ages.

Donna Jones

Beautiful and serene. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Restaurant has a gorgeous view with amazing local cuisine.

Lynn Aiello

The most beautiful collection of azalea and camellia. Supurb gardens. I had dinner in the beautiful restaurant. Mushrooms, spinach, pasta. Everything was perfect

Aaron Schulz

The grounds here are immaculately kept. We did not do the regular house tour here, but we did the Eliza house tour. Our tour was one of three tours included in the admission price. The regular house tour is extra. The tour guide for our tour was great and very informative. There are about 37 different areas/things to see on the map here but you can explore even more as the grounds are enormous. If you’re a photographer, you will love this place. I couldn’t take a bad picture here. Highly recommend if you like exploring history and seeing beautiful properties. By the way, it was 100 degrees out with no breeze when we went. We still had a great time here!

Kristin Frye-Gallaher

The docent was excellent but we had a guest in our group that was interrupting and asking questions in a challenging manner that really ruined the experience...the guide handled it well! Knowledge a out the history is excellent

Samantha Black

We absolutely love Middleton Place! The gardens are beautiful. The food at the restaurant is also great southern food. Highly recommend a visit here!

Angela Pacileo

This place is great! Clean, away from everything. Love the atmosphere. The dinner was phenomenal!

Lorin Bird

Gardens are spectacular. We had two families and 8 kids between us and I didn't even know they were there. Kids felt free to explore and enjoy. Gardens are so stunning even the young ones recognized it was a pretty amazing place.

Ron Young

a nice place to visit and enjoy a step back in time. a guided tour of the last remaining home left standing. all the grounds are walkable and you can take all the time you need. if you want to take a carriage ride with a guide, try to book before you go as they sell out early.

Chris Harris

Great place to visit while in Charelston area.

Heather Harvey

We really enjoyed our visit the other day to Middleton. What we found most interesting was the hugely informative tour of the house. Our host, Pat, was talkative, informative and amusing so we learned lots of hitherto unknown American history. I would definitely recommend taking the house tour when people visit. The reason I gave this 4 instead if 5 stars was the butterfly lake and surrounding areas weren't as beautiful as pictures we've seen. But I reckon the heat and dryness at this time of year had something to do with it. We liked the alligators in the lake! We had lunch at the restaurant in fire and had the Southern Sampler menu which gave us a great taste of traditional Southern food. So all in all a great visit.

Brittany Dailey

Beautiful Gardens & an amazing experience, especially if you're interested in History - specifically the antebellum south. We went for a wedding and the venue is absolutely gorgeous for an outside wedding. All of the staff we encountered were kind, and went above and beyond to accommodate any needs. My only complaint would be regarding the Inn, but this review is separate from the inn review.

Caroline Staley

What a fun day at Middleton Place! It was hot but the beauty of the gardens and the shade it offered, helped us to forget! The house was beautiful and the history behind it is just so interesting!! The barns had people there explaining things, making pottery, blacksmithing, etc. The animals we fun too see and the kids loved that. Definitely give yourself a few hours so you can really relax, walk around and enjoy it! Grab a bottle of water on your way in at the outdoor store in the parking lot!

sar coxn

Very educational and breathtaking views. One word of advice is to hydrate up in the summer months. Also watch out for special events during the year.

David Lauer

Beautiful property. We took the house tour that was included with our stay at The Inn At Middleton Place. It was entertaining to learn and see some of the history of the property and family and their treasured belongings. Except for one small alligator we saw by the butterfly ponds, our visit was very comforting

Pat Good

The Plantation is beautiful and I can’t wait to explore it more. The restaurant however was horrible. There were 5 of us and 3 had to send food back. The chef spiced everything to excess; disguised the flavor of the food and burned ones mouth. The wait staff were really unprofessional and one would wonder what type of training was given.

Carol Price

We were told at the downtown Visitor's Centre that this was the only plantation that wasn't destroyed during the Civil War...not true. One house survived which is really all you see here other than the beautiful grounds. The tour was informative but I was expecting more. Beware if you take Uber Wifi to call one to go back. No taxis would come out that far from Charleston either (15 miles). The lovely woman in the restaurant drove us all the way to our rental house...a guardian angel for sure.

Karen Lyons

Such a gem to have in our area!! The carriage ride and driver was so much fun, the house tour was informative and enjoy, and the grounds of the plantation are so beautiful. Also, loved scratching the water buffalo!!

Jordan Dalton

Plan on spending the better part of a day exploring the grounds of this historic lowcountry plantation. Make time for lunch at the restaurant, which is a welcome treat. The absolute highlight of the multiple walking tours of the grounds is the expertly researched "Beyond the Fields," which focuses on the stories and experiences of the slaves that built the plantation and the gardens (and, indeed, most of Charleston). The beauty of the gardens blends with the stories of those who built them to make for a sobering, bittersweet reminder of our country's past (and, notably, our present).

Jayson Waits

My first time ever visiting a plantation. This plantation is amazing and so much to see and do. I did feel the price is a bit steep... but I understand the upkeep and operating cost has to be extremely high. Highly recommend anyone looking to visit a plantation to visit this one.

Catie O

A beautiful historical place to visit for all ages! My toddler enjoyed all the animals while other members in our party took a stroll around the gardens. The butterfly ponds are a great spot for pictures. The Market has great sandwiches and snacks for a easy lunch! Definitely bring sunscreen and bug spray(The Market does have these for sale if you forget) and walking shoes you don't mind getting dirty. Lots of dusty dirt walking paths. Take a horse drawn carriage ride around the plantation for a cool look at history.

Natalia Hanson

Old plantation site with one surviving historical house and gorgeous gardens is a popular location for weddings. Historical house staff, especially manager Rhonda and tour guide Eileen, went way beyond the call of duty to assure that every visitor had the best experience. Because the house remained in the same family for more than 250 years, many items of the décor and furnishings are original and well preserved. Make sure to visit the working farm, Eliza's house with slavery history exhibit, craftsmen demonstrations on the premises and finish your day with the meal at the restaurant.

Kayla Dee

Beautiful place and friendly staff. Happy with the reduced kids price. The prices are a little high in my opinion, just to walk around and see the land. But it was nice day walk.

Richard Ransford

Very pretty but a bad shame you are not allowed food or water. We looked at something's but in the end left early due to no water till you left.

Tiffany Blackwell

A beautiful plantation and gardens in Charleston area. Charming place to visit with beautiful grounds that is rich in southern culture. The sheep roaming the entrance field are fun to watch. There is a great gift shop and nursery that sells local favorite plants. Would like to try the restaurant and stay at the Inn soon as well!

Always visiting Someplace new

So much to see! I would have appreciated a little more guidance from the ticket booth. By this I mean knowing which gardens were blooming or that azalea hillside was all green and only a handful of flowers. Also I should have asked specifically where the carriage tour went. I had expected a tour of the outside perimeter of the property so I would know where to go back to. Instead the tour was the Greensward area. Our tour guide Taz was phenomenal! His explanation was detailed and interesting. He also explained how he personally connected with the property. Photos are of the livestock because they are new to the property.

Nadine Bibi

Beautiful gardens, well with walking through. Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to do any of the outdoor guided tours but did do the house tour. Would recommend potentially skipping that and focusing on the outside areas.

Christine Keefer

Well worth the price. Beautiful grounds to explore. Everything is at your own pace. Wish we had more time in the house to look at artifacts as the house tour guide took us from room to room quickly. The greeter at the entrance to the grounds was a pleasure to talk to and told us many neat stories about the grounds and property.

Ebony Flowers

Thank you for an excellent tour! I love how bold and audaciously your tour guides spoke about slavery. Only in America are Plantations glamorous. Thank for sticking to FACTS and not shying away from America’s horrible past. I am a A descendent of Gullah people and thank you for honoring them in this way. If any white people have a problem with the tours I encourage you to check yourself. Thank you McLeod Plantation for keeping our history so we may better our future.

Bruce Kimbrough

unbelievable how big that plantation was and what a great place next to the river and beautiful grounds great restaurant on the ground nice walk around the place and see the different aspects of that time in of life and people went through was nice to go and see it had a great time The kids loved it a little bit hot but we got through it all.

Piotr Szczupak

A lot of attractions. Great place to listen about slavery and history. Beautiful gardens. Animals walking around people. Plan to stay overnight and eat dinner to try neat cuisine.

Roger Swanson

Had a great time even with the heat today. Found that in the garden there's a cool breeze most all day in garden from wind on the Ashley River. If you like plants & a nice place to grab a traditional Charleston Shrimp & Grits with gravy this is the place.

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