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3550 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29414, United States

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Where is Magnolia Plantation and Gardens?

REVIEWS OF Magnolia Plantation and Gardens IN South Carolina


This plantation was well preserved and with a huge surface. The little train service was a great experience and fastest way to visit the whole plantation. Gardens were lovely and had a good variety of flowers and other plants. The magnolia trees were everywhere hence the name of the plantation. The gift shop was full of fancy and special gifts. If you're in the vicinity try to find out the time to visit. It's worth a shot.

Kim Michels

Beautiful grounds! There is a large petting zoo for the kids. Gorgeous gardens with exotic, southern flowers. Beautiful views down the riverside, near the rice fields. You can spend 2 hours just walking the gardens. Wear your hiking shoes to explore.

Andrea Alava

Beautiful place and very well kept. You can not find one piece of litter anywhere on the plantation. You can walk and be lost in the beautiful surroundings. I was floored when I arrived. I’m from out of state and I can truly appreciate the beauty that South Carolina has. The staff was very professional and so polite. If you are in the area visiting, please visit this location. You will not be disappointed.

Bruce Bauer

Beautiful gardens are the highlight of a visit to Magnolia. The house while stately in its day has signs of serious disrepair. No photos allowed and a guide, Marie, who was just a little too stiff for my liking made the tour of the house seem like a privilege I was barely worthy of. (Hint, as a paying guest, you should NOT feel that way!) Overall, I didn’t feel value for what I got. Last time I was in Charleston, I visited Boone and it would get my overall vote as the plantation to visit in the area.

Lisa Keeney

Absolutely beautiful grounds! Highly recommend this and make sure to take the pontoon boat ride! Lots of Gators and birds and the guide is very knowledgeable! Could spend hours and hours here!

Trevor Schutte

Very beautiful place they had a few alligators so that was a cool sight. We did only the self guided tour and that was a cool adventure and definitely go back for guided tour to hear the history of the place

Hsuan-lei Sung

I wish they have more gators! It was very hot to visit in summer and kind of pricey if you would like to try everything. I think they need to provide more information at the booth because I did just randomly pick up a couple tours because people there weren't too helpful with my so many questions.

Pamela McKinley

The tour of the house was nice. You can’t photograph anything but it’s a nice history tour. The grounds are beautiful. The petting zoo was fun... with deer, peacocks, goats, and ducks just roaming free to pet & feed.

Hallie Feingold

So beautiful. Lovely walking trails, garden, and admirable respect for nature. Very romantic. Dog friendly. Make sure to bring a water bottle and sun screen!

Brian Adler

Amazing afternoon at the gardens, we took guided tour out to the Planation. Take the tram and go on guided tour of the house. Volunteers have amazing knowledge and great stories. It was hot and they had water available. There is also a snackbar. Amazing walk is beautiful shaded gardens. Plan to spend at least 3 hours. Minimum time to walk around and do the Tram and House tour.

Harley Turner

It is very beautiful. Definitely a lot of garden! This place just kept going! We enjoyed the petting zoo, they had deer that were wondering around inside, they did look like they needed more food. The food from the cafe was a little pricey but it was very good. It was 100 degrees outside when we went today, so we only stayed for a few hours. The gift shop was very large!

Steven Steven

$200 minimum for family of 4. $20 general admission per person + $8 tickets per person al a carte for all activities. $8 per person for a 15 minute boat ride around a lagoon. Imagine going to a theme park and you have to pay general admission + more for any ride. Cafe prices are jacked to the max. $3 bottle of water. $4 for a hot dog. $8 hamburger. Staff are generally grumpy, rude, and terse. Never will return. Don’t throw your $ away. Would have rather laid on the beach.

Josh Megli

I think I am a week or two late seeing all of the azaleas blooming in mass. Oh well! The swam and various other flowers were still really pretty. There was a sign near the entrance stating that this garden was formally a French style (where humans controlled the plants) and turned into an English (very natural looking and informal looking) style. I wish the map that was on the brochure had wording for the various numbers marked on the map but that was fine. Google maps actually has the trails marked. It's easy to get a little lost for a minute or two but don't fear as there are plenty of people to ask around if necessary. I just enjoyed the scenery. 2-3 hours here would likely be adequate excluding the swamp tour, which costs extra.

Natalie Hoff

We did the house, slave cabins, nature tram and swamp. Loved the tours but skip the swamp tour. We saw more alligators on the nature tour and walking the gardens. Great history! Would love to come back in the Spring for just the gardens


MUST BRING BUG SPRAY if coming in the summer. Otherwise, beautiful place to stroll and take your time. The ponds are inhabited by free roaming Gators. The grounds are swarming with free roaming peacocks. The petting zoo was my kids' favorite part!

Jake Mahoney

One of the most lush and secluded outdoor gardens I’ve visited in Charleston despite the popularity. We decided to stroll in and ended up spending several hours here - we chose viewing the gardens over food- which is saying something. The many different garden varieties have a ton of great scenery, information tablets, and picnic/photo ops. Be sure to pack water and at least snacks for your day! Count on spending ample amounts of time here if old southern gardens rich in history make your tail wag.

TheSophisticated Givens

Nice plantation but entrance price is outrageous for what you are able to see. Than the tours each are $8 per person. For a 45min tour. Don't think I would visit again

Paul Blocker

Spent two days here and only paid for one tour. The grounds are big enough to walk around and get lots of pictures. Lots of wildlife! Keep in mind walking out near the ponds that alligators will be out of the water and they blend in very well. Peacocks roam free and will try to eat your food. Keep that in mind if you want to get good pictures of them. The one that kept getting our food we called Kevin from the movie UP.

Jerry Martin

Very nice. Would suggest a springtime visit but a wonderful place regardless.

Pauline Hodges

We really enjoyed this unique plantation. We really needed more time to be able to explore and experience it all. We spent about 5 hours there. The nature boat is a unique experience where you get to see different animal life in their natural habitat. The nature train was nice to hear about some of the different plants as well as some of the animals. The house was nice, but we didn't really think the tour was much different than any other tour of an older home. We really enjoyed the beautiful gardens.

Jake De

A must-go plantation. This is our second one in the area and easily the better of the two. The basic admission ticket will get you into the grounds, to the petting zoo, and through the gardens. Use caution while in the gardens...alligators are everywhere, so watch your step. We even saw them on the walking paths. The garden is beautiful, the trees are huge, and the weather in May was awesome. Check out the gift shop on the way out.

Jacob Bryant

I've been here twice and I absolutely love going here and taking pictures of everything. The price is reasonable, they are military/veteran friendly, and the plantation is just breathtaking. I highly recommend anybody and everybody to visit if they want to see some of the beauty that Charleston has when it comes to preserving history.

Derek Rebuck

Magnolia Plantation is a unique place with a rich history. I have not visited the other plantations around it but I can tell you this one has a great outdoor garden with many statues and walking paths. Found some interesting wildlife too like banana spiders. There is a visitor video which I recommend watching. I will say though, I was slightly bothered that there is a price to get in which is access to the gardens, but to do anything else is an upcharge fee. It would be nice to be able to have the house included in the fee, even if it meant raising the rates a bit. But I still had a good time either way. It's work the visit, and worth a return visit even. It's almost too much to do in a single day.

Jake Hoskins

Beautiful area for a fairly low price. Tour guides seemed very knowledgeable. Also got see plenty of wildlife! The only downside is that there is an entry fee, then a fee for each tour you want to go on. However, I believe it's worth the price to just walk around the area.

Tabitha Mayo

This place is absolutely amazing. There is soooo much beauty and history here. The best part was the tour ride around the property. Our guide was so knowledgeable and honest about the history of the plantation which was really refreshing. When you read about plantation life it's always watered down and romanticized. She did not hold back at all. We learned about the people who lived and worked there, the plants and the wildlife. I would definitely visit again for the other tours.

Tara Ryan

Beautiful gardens. Easy walking paths. We did not take any extra tours, they were all $8 each on top of the $20 to just walk around.

agsayaa arasu

Doesn't have much to offer. The charge is also too high creating a very big expectation. But not worth it. On a summer day, it's best to take the train ticket that costs an extra $8.

Ryan Klasmeier

The gardens are what it's all about. They are rustic but gorgeous. The house tour is pretty, but limited to the first floor. The petting zoo is quite unique and fun.

Benjamin Forney

Great place to visit with the family. Very young children might be bored, but my teens had a great time. It gets muggy depending on the time you visit, so plan accordingly. Bug spray is a must! Make sure to visit the Audubon Swamp Garden too.

Mari Crouch

Absolutely gorgeous! Plan to be here for quite a few hours to see everything. There is general admission and additional admission for the other areas of the plantation per person. It's well worth the money though. The white bridge is beautiful! And their cafe has a variety of foods, drinks, and ice cream.

Myrtlewood Villa

Nice grounds with a lot of natural beauty and a history rich experience that sheds some light on the life of early settlers of the Charleston area and the struggle of slaves to freedom. Thanks to our guide Beverly for sharing her knowledge.

Jaclyn Saffari

Very beautiful place. We came when they had a BOGO deal on tickets which made it worth it. The small alligators freaked us out the whole time but it was a very cool experience. We really enjoyed seeing the peacocks as well. The trails are very nice and easy to walk on. There were some weird black bugs that kept biting us when we stopped so definitely bring some bug spray when you go.

Parker Bush

Unfortunately our trip got rained out, but we still had time to take some good photos. The gardens are huge and there is alot to explore, you can easily spend an entire day here.

Brian Baldwin

Huge grounds with beautiful gardens to looks at. I can only think of two areas where they could improve. First the trails could be marked a little better. Second the swamp gardens were really just a walk through a swamp with maybe 5 plants that weren't naturally growing. Don't get me wrong, the walk through the swamp was still nice. Over all it is wonderful place I hope to return to in the future.

Maggie Renstrom

Beautiful gardens and the tour guides from the tours were very knowledgeable both about the plantation history and the current property and wildlife

Jared TClove

We have came here twice in 2 different seasons. Once in the winter and another in the summer. Absolutely beautiful both times. Even during the winter where there was not as many plants, the grounds still looked beautiful and the trails were still very well kept. We rode the tractor with a trailer attach through the swampy area and saw all sort of wildlife to include quite a few alligators. The tractor operator was very knowledgeable about hte wildlife and the history of the plantation. They also have a small petting zoo that is very clean and well kept. The animals were interesting and friendly. Deer would just run around and you can feed them and pet them as well. Even though we have come twice, we still haven’t seen everything! There is lots to do and lots to see. Definitely worth a trip.

Allison Koch

The gardens were beautiful. The house was beautiful. We had a wonderful time visiting. We arrived just after they opened on a Wednesday and we had almost the whole garden to ourselves apart from maybe 3 other people. The wildlife was so fun to watch and the gardens were so amazing. It did get a little warm towards the end of our time there but it was getting to be about noon. I would highly recommend this place to others!

Doug Burke Photography

On a recent trip to Charleston we decided to go to the Magnolia Plantation for the tours. It was a beautiful place to visit and look forward to visiting again when in the area.

Kim Cochran

Best part was the tour guide we had at the slave houses. He was very knowledgeable. The house tour was okay. I was disappointed in the gardens. I wish the plants were labeled. You should go to Leu Gardens in Orlando. They know how to set up a year round garden which is well labeled. Oh.... we saw alligators in swampy areas which was very cool!

Linda Douglass

Great place to visit. Lots of activities. Dick the tram driver extremely knowledgable and entertaining. Very neat bathrooms clean.


It was a warm day, but a pleasant Breeze was blowing across from the river which made it a beautiful day for a walk. We saw some very breathtaking scenes the swamps are eerily beautiful. If you love taking pictures of Nature and Gardens this is the place for you the old trees covered in Moss are beautiful.

Peggy Franklin

Beautiful wish it had not rained. Still a good time.

Clinton D

Beautiful grounds and nice riding tours that spare you having to walk everywhere. Everything is separately priced, so be prepared to pay $40/person to visit and take a couple of tours. The mansion tour was nice, the home being decorated with a mix of both historic and 20th century furnishings and photographs, representing occupants from those periods.

Jennifer Bryson

We had looked forward to the gardens here and we're sorely disappointed on many fronts. The gardens are not well tended, much less "formal than one would expect from somewhere that presents itself as a garden place. The piecemeal proving also felt like you were being nickeled and dimrd for everything. More history or interpretation, especially by the numbers along the path would have been nice. The zoo part was quite pleasant.

Lyndi Stoddard

What a beautiful plantation! The grounds are absolutely stunning!! We loved walking through the gardens and stopping to read the stories along the path. We even saw a little alligator in the lake! The peacock was neat to see roaming around. We ate lunch at the cafe. Nothing that great but it worked for lunchtime! Highly recommend! *I've seen this place on Groupon a lot so check there for discounted tickets!

Stephen Brading

The house tour was amazing and is a definite must. The only problem I have is a blank piece of paper would be more helpful than the map. The map is very lazily put together and most locations and paths are not even displayed. Other than the map the house staff was very inviting and eager to answer questions and tell you more

Franchetta Carr

Alot of history in this place and beautiful scenery. I visited for a jerk and wine festival. Great location.

Justin Trevorrow

Visited first week in April. It's also first trip to Charleston. Easily spent 4 hours here and enjoyed the multiple guided tours. Concession stand had a great selection for the kids. Bathrooms decent too. I would recommend.

Mykhailo Roshko

The place is very beautiful, nice views, good looking nature. Place carries fascinating history 100% worth visiting. The only thing I would suggest is replacing all the carts to electric. It would give less noise and the air would be fresh in the back of the cart.

John Dissler

I didn’t love it. I had gone to the Boone Hall Mansion before and it was delightful but it isn’t the original house. This tour had said it was the original house so this time we went there. It was horrible. The garden walk is pretty much a swamp walk plus the mosquitoes were horrible. No warning. Everything was extra.we paid to see the house and the docent wasn’t very knowledgeable. He kept referring to a grumpy kid in pictures. I would not recommend.

Melanie Roetting

We were underwhelmed. The home is not pretty or stately and the front gardens were only a few perennials and marigolds. The tour was interesting but not worth the $8.00 on top of the $20.00 entry fee. My friends walked in and out of the Gardens. I can’t add photos because I didn’t take any!

Pam Bintner

We thought the grounds would be like the pictures on brochure with beautiful flowers throughout. Greens were lush. Docents great. Staff friendly. Flowering pots on porch of home would have been a nice touch as well as flowers in vases inside the home.

Myrtle Vaughn

Absolutely beautiful. I think the gardens need a lot more tending to sadly. That being said the house and property are very lovely. Pricing is a bit high, but I suppose that's common for the Charleston area. Good is a hard pass though, so skip the food here.

Jessica Delaney

This is definitely a must-see if visiting South Carolina/Charleston. Beautiful gardens, lot of walking options, gator sightings, tons of spots for photos and colorful flowered bridges. Was surprised to see people with their small dogs on the plantation as well, especially close to the lakes could be a gator treat! There's a zoo right at the entrance with some animals just walking around peacocks wandering around as well.

Juls B

This trip was just awesome! The train ride seeing all the birds and alligators then the the petting zoo, the house and gardens also they have a great place to get lunch and a huge gift shop. You can spend all day seeing the whole thing plus plenty of walking trails also.

Dan Wilding

This place is gorgeous! The tour was fun. The foods was good. The staf was friendly. The gardens were beautifully manicured. We took lots of photos. Magnolia Plantation was well worth the time and expense.

Devon Campbell

The staff were very nice but do not let the prices fool you, you must pay general admission on top of anything that you'd like to do. The grounds are pretty but if you are into a nature walk there are other places for that. The rookery is about the only cool nature area especially for birds and gators. Lots of feral pigs out there too so be careful. Would not visit again.

Richard St. John

It was good but not what we where expecting. If you're kids have a small attention span I would NOT recommend it. We saw allot of hot and screaming children.

Jessa Humanski

Bring bug spray because the mosquitoes love it there. But it was amazing even still. Beautiful and full of wildlife. Will return next time I visit SC.

Samantha Capofarri

Nothing like excluding our Veterans from your History event. I lost respect for their management! A college professors family can get in for free but not someone who faught for this country. We loved the Garden its beautiful and full of great history. We have visited many times the Garden itself gets 5 stars. But as for those who put this event on maybe you should rethink who is important in our country because its not just the active duty members our VETERANS did just as much if not more!

Joyce Becwar

Amazing plantation and garden experience. A little rougher around the edges than some others but exuberant and joyful. Lovely annual plantings on the margins of more natural areas. Bridges, gazebos and other architectural accents abound!

Samantha Stumpf

Beautiful! Spent a few hours here and didn't even see half the place. Can't wait to come back in spring and really see everything.


Fun place, very beautiful. Didn't really appreciate the employee standing near the children's play area smoking. Beautiful plants and great views over the river

eunyce wisemore

The house was beautiful and guide was very informative. Road the train and it went by many things and the guide was very informative. Walked the gardens and enjoyed that. Also walked the Audubon Swamp Trail and it was very cool. Made a very enjoyable day.

Nikki Clark

I would venture to say that this place has the most beautiful scenery of all the plantations & gardens in Charleston, SC. I would, however, recommend bug spray depending what time of day and what time of year you go. Unfortunately, I forgot about this and got almost 200 mosquito bites (my husband counted them)

Eric Mahala

It was ok. The add on tours on top of paying admission to the gardens seemed like a money racket but the wife enjoyed it. The train tour was good, the house tour to me was ok.

Liana Morris

Beautiful grounds. We did the nature train with our 7 year old and it was great. Lots of wildlife and beautiful trees!

Amanda Bilbrey

Truly disappointing! Very overpriced and unkempt. We we're so excited to visit but it was not what it's been portrayed to be. We kept walking different paths saying "maybe we're missing the cool stuff" only to be led back to where we'd already been.

Anthony White

We had a good experience, we just wish we went when most of everything is in season. We recommend you bring plenty of extra water during the hot season. The various paths can make for a long day, but well worth it. All of the staff are very friendly and very welcoming. My best advice is to go in the spring when everything is in bloom.

Liliana Martin

This was a lovely stop in Charleston. Make sure to bring bug repellent or you will regret it. The insects will sting through your clothing! I do not recommend the swamp self-guided tour. It was not worth the $8 ticket.

Claire Crawford

We did the house tour at the Magnolia Plantation, fascinating to see the snapshot back in time of the house's inhabitants and they way they lived. The plantation also offers a number of other tours that we did not have time to take, but would've liked to. A slave quarters tour and a train tour of the grounds... both looked great. We did have time to do a walk around the garden and down to the river which was absolutely stunning... Well worth a visit and I hear from other tourists that visited other plantation type attractions in Charleston that this was one of the best.

Chuck Hamilton

The gardens needed some work. The cafe was not a cafe. It was a walk up counter. It did have a large menu but not what we expected. We did appreciate the cold water that they provided for drinking. The outside of the Magnolia Plantation mansion looked beautiful. We got garden and a train ride tickets. Thought it was a little expensive for what we got. It was $81.00?

Matt Renstrom

Great place to visit! Lots to see! Come with plenty of time to kill.

Noah Lucas

Great place for tourists, families, anyone really. We used a coupon from their website for BOGO tickets, and also purchased the nature tram ride. We saw plenty of wild gators, and my son loved the petting zoo. If I came back, I'd do it in spring or fall when it isn't so hot.

randi Wilson

Although we did not get there until much later in the afternoon then we had planned and although we paid for full admission plus the slave cabin tour, it was definitely a place that was truly enjoyed by myself and my friends. All of us were visually impaired and they made great accommodations to include us in a very visual tour of slave cabins. We realize now that we could have paid for just the tour of the cabins but it was well worth the price of admission. If I ever get back to Charleston, I am going to Magnolia for a day!

Chris Tiane

Very beautiful gardens!!! I recommend to add the Swamp Walk where you can see many birds and also alligators

Cheryl Walters

Absolutely beautiful. In the daylight it is such a remarkable place, full of historical items and information. I took a tour of the house which is furnished with original furnishings. It gave me an understanding of how the rich lived during that period of time. The second tour was the cabin tour. Three original cabins or slave quarters are on the estate. Each one represents a different period of time. The first one is from the 1800's, wooden windows, no glass panes, no beds. Very eye opening. The first crops planted at this plantation was rice, later after emancipation this site became known for the beautiful gardens. The animals & birds that reside there had very beautiful colors and were available for children to pet in the petting zoo. They also have a botanical garden tour and a swamp tour. The architecture of the home is splendid especially the added portion where the rooms are in the shape of an octagon. I recommend visiting this historical site.

zohar Lerman

Very nice place to spend a few hours with the family. Few trails to follow with amazing Flowers, trees, lakes, and bridges. You can picnic or buy from the kiosk. There is a small area with animals. There are a few extra paid tours you can take. At least 2 hours of fun.

Jeff Sullivan

Wonderful spot to visit. Plenty of options on site. We did the nature tram tour. Well worth it for the history and general information. We ended up seeing several alligators.

Reni McLaughlin

Magnolia gardens are amazingly beautiful. We had a good guide on the nature train tour. She was funny and informative really seemed to like her job. It's a lot to see in one day but that's ok because you can come back the next day on the same ticket. Great value!

Diana Warren

Magnolia plantation was one of my favorite places while visiting Charleston! We are from California, and are pretty spoiled when it comes to our mountains, beaches and other scenic landscapes. When I think of the south, I imagined what this plantation looks like. Huge oak trees with Spanish moss lining the roads, lush gardens, historic homes and monuments. There is sense of serenity here that I was so appreciative to experience in person! We just missed all the azalea blooms, but the grounds were still beautiful! If you can go earlier in the spring, you're in for an extra treat! You can easily spend half the day here. I would say plan for at least 2-3 hours. There is a cafe on site with a simple menu and lots of picnic tables to eat at for lunch. If you don't mind walking, I would skip the train ride and explore the grounds on your own. There are so many pretty trials, bridges, and other things to look at on foot. Check out the little petting zoo by the cafe too! There are deer, goats, ducks, peacocks, and so on just wondering around, our kids would of loved it! We enjoyed as well. I would also suggest paying for the swap entrance, it's at the end of the planation near the exit. About a 10 min walk from the main grounds if you don't have a car. Side note, bring bug spray!

Ben Dunson

Was really cool to walk about. The cage free peacocks were amazing to see and the garden was fun to stroll through. Very beautiful and relaxing. I'd recommend not going on a day >100degrees, though! Also, $20 to enter was a bit pricey, but soon forgotten.

Tanay Rajwal

BUG SPRAY REQUIRED. The place is pretty well maintained, a lot of photogenic places and a very polite and friendly staff. • The place is pretty historic in terms of things that the house has experienced. A lot of owners, a lot of changes and a lot of people. • The tour of the trolley is a good one. Not a must do I would say but a good tour with quite a lot of information. • There are a lot of bugs especially on the trolley rides and the boat rides. So extra bug spray needs to be carried. • The parking here is free. • The tickets are one for the entry and additional for the other things to do like the old house tour, boat tour, trolley tour and a couple more. The ticket for this is 8 USD per attraction. • Overall a good experience.

debra kiely

One of the prettiest places while the Azaleas are blooming. Beautiful places to take pics!

Ashlee Hathaway

Very beautiful gardens. The azaleas were in full bloom and gorgeous. We did the garden tour (self guided) and the tram. The tram was very informative detailing the history, including the slavery, of the plantation. Very sad to see where/how the slaves lived. But, it also gave a nice view of all the gardens (may be a good idea to ride the tram first to see if you want to pay extra to see more of the swamp and/or house). We saw lots of birds and even some gators from the tram. Wandering around the gardens was very peaceful. The gift shop was very cute. The peacocks meandering around were beautiful. All in all, we felt our experience was well worth the price.

Rhiannon Hatchell

Beautiful gardens, lots of wildlife and places to explore. I'd recommend the walk through the Swamp Gardens.

Nathan Strutz

It should not have taken me this long to visit Magnolia Plantation and Garden! I was really not expecting to visit one of the most beautiful places in the country (and I've been all over the US, I would know!). Our tickets were good for a week, so we even came back. It's amazing what a couple hours in beautiful nature will do for you. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Adina Hicks

Beautifally maintained and there is so much history preserved here. Worth a visit!

Deirdre D

I stopped in Charleston for an overnight during a road trip. I had limited time (hours) to see just one thing before getting back on the road. We wanted to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. I HIGHLY recommend Magnolia Gardens. The grounds are beautiful and so varied. Lots of foot bridges - great for photography. So many flowers!! Gators in the ponds and river - be ware (well marked as such). Also they are very dog friendly. They have a cafe right beyond the admission area with a good variety of food and drink. The admission price is a little steep but well worth it so be sure to plan to be there for a good portion of your day. We ended up spending more time than originally planned. If you are a birder or wildlife enthusiast - the rookery in the swamp in spring is SO worth the extra $8! Saw amazing birds. I hope to return and tour their grounds again.

Karen Vassel

There is so much to see and do here that we need to go back again. I love the gardens. The stroll around the gardens and lake is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. The nature is breathtaking. The petting area is fun for kids and adults alike. The house is stunning.

Trey Hamilton

Beautiful location! Very hot in mid-July but also lots of shade with a breeze. The petting portion was nice and the trails with live oaks and magnolias was amazing.

Aaron Schulz

Very nice grounds but the house tour was the real highlight. Excellent tour guide and antique furnishings in the home. Petting zoo area was neat; they even had deer.

Brian Towle

Beautiful place with a friendly staff. Didn't get to enjoy the whole area as we were there for a wedding. Outside wedding was beautiful but could've used a little more shade for the ceremony. A deck on the water and a nice building for the reception was a nice touch. Wish we could have seen more.

Whitney Knodel

We happened to go on the day there was no power! It was great there wasn't anyone in the garden. The garden is beautiful and there is so much history. We didn't get to do anything extra or eat at the cafe because of the lack of power. They did make sure there was water for everyone that was there. I'm excited to go back when there is power. It is beautiful. Watch out for the peacocks and definitely visit the donkeys!

Dacia Harrison

Had a great time here. A wonderful place to take the family, learn some South Carolina history and just enjoy nature. Beautiful and relaxing environment!

Joseph Cosenza

Had a great time exploring the Magnolia Plantation while visiting Charleston. It's a very interesting tour with lots of history! We love History! The petting zoo is awesome and we got to see a bunch of different animals. The pigs were fun along with peacocks everywhere! Definitely recommend a visit if you're out this way!

Lauren Adams

Definitely Take the Nature Train! Visiting the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens was the highlight of our visit to Charleston. We began with the garden walk and saw all sorts of birds including an snowy egret up close, and a bald eagle. The best part was the Nature Train. Our guide, Sharon, was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the plantation,and the flora and fauna of the area. She could answer any question about anything. She was extremely engaging and warm, plus she had a great sense of humor and handled all the passengers with ease. I would ask for her again. The zoo is also a treat-they have lots of animals, many of which are loose so you can touch them. The staff are there to answer questions, and they are all quite knowledgeable. There is a cafe that serves good food. I highly recommend this place for some outdoor fun. You could easily spend all day at the plantation.

Brandon Hill

This place is very pretty and full of history, I definitely recommend a visit. However it's not cheap and can sometimes feel a bit like you are being nickel and dime'd at times. However it's mostly worth the cost, but plan an entire day or maybe two to see it all. The tour of the plantation house is full of amazing history but it felt a bit rushed, but I would still recommend it. A word of warning, if you are going in the summer months bring bug spray, we forgot ours and were bombarded by mosquitoes, tons of bites we've been treating all week.

Jeetendra Pujari

Peaceful. Garden is well maintained. I also took the nature train, the guide made it more enjoyable. Saw lot of small alligators. Lots of birds. The petting zoo was amazing. Rich history. Plenty of parking.

Sean Graves

Beautiful area if you enjoy nature. Has many different species of plants. There are bridges to walk over and water to traverse. It is alot of walking but well worth a visit.

Shaya Trudell

Ok so let me start with this is not a cheep place to visit, nor is it a place that you can fully enjoy in a few hours. Plan to spend the entire day. It's a beautiful place. The history of the place can be felt the moment you step out of your car and walk towards the ticket booths. There's so much knowledge if you take the tours. The swamp garden tour shows you real alligators and other cool wild wildlife. They also have a petting zoo with some tame wildlife. I honestly don't want give much away with the tours on the houses. They are great and full of awesome historical information on South Carolina as well as the personal family that owns the place.

LaWana Clark

This was a great experience for me and my 14 year old son. To hear about the part black Americans played in the making of America. So such slave labor put into building, planning and creating.

Greg Mundell

Came to Charleston to visit family and so glad we made it to Magnolia Plantation. Every staff member was so friendly. The lady at the ticket window advised us well when we had questions based on our time frame, yet wanting to capture as much of the experience as we could. Tad was a great guide on the train tour. His personality is PERFECT for that job. His ability to bring together geography, culture, history and humor....excellent. The grounds were gorgeous even in August, and not peak blooming season. In fact, it was 110 with the heat index, and I would donit again even so in a heart beat. I finally saw alligators...which was very exciting for me. The walks (make sure and check out the swamp walk,) had very clear signs that you may encounter various wildlife. We saw all ages there and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Thank you for providing this experience. We will be back.

James Smith

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a great place to take kids on vacation. They offer walking trails, history, and a zoo among other things. There is a lot to do and so many things to see. There is also a cafe for food if you’re hungry and drink if you’re thirsty. We really enjoyed our visit and would definitely come back next time we visit Charleston.

Emi Trevino - Wilson

An amazing place! Must visit to understand. Should plane on at least 3hour, but to do the whole plantation about 5.

Eddi Haskell

We went in August 2018 and were not impressed. 1. We thought we were getting a "Gone With The Wind" type architectural tour of a plantation house. The house on the tour is not that. This house is more rustic and informal. It was less Tara and more Beverly Hillbillies. I think Drayton Hall is the actual Plantation House, but no one told us that -- they were more interested in just selling us the ticket. 2. The delicious "Peacock Cafe" sells hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, frozen ice cream , has long lines, and runs out of food early. It also is entirely outdoors and has bugs. You eat at wooden tables. Luxury this is not. 3. The "formal gardens" were dingy and not well kept up. 4. Bugs, bugs, and bugs on the swamp tour. 5. As someone pointed out, some of the the tour guides have an attitude problem. You would think they are actually being guides for someplace classy and not someplace dumpy- Maybe it was the time of year, or the run down conditions, but do yourself a favor and do some research. This place is simply not very nice for the average tourist.

Patricia Chriss

Very very beautiful informative and they had a tram and a boat that we rode we did not have to walk

Jackie D.

Quite possibly the worst tour I have ever been on. Docent/tour guide could not have been more rude. We walked out, only to find out it is through the Park Service and good luck getting a refund. No need to bother. Way too expensive to see a house and slave quarters. Can see that in Washington, D.C.

Meredith Steele

I love this plantation. Beautiful pathways and the bridges and pond are gorgeous. Plus we saw all kinds of wildlife! 3 different kinds of lizards and an alligator! Didnt try the little restaurant there, but met a very friendly peacock. Even ate a peanut out of my hand! This ranks above Middleton, Drayton Hall, and all the other plantations for me.

Ashley Beasley

We enjoyed our afternoon on the plantation. We wished we would have planned for a little longer. We weren't crazy about the house tour but we did the slave and nature tours and the tour guides were very knowledgeable and kind. The BEST part of this place... The petting zoo! When a deer gives you kisses and let's you love on her it is the best thing EVER! It will be life changing!

Lori Cheffar

A definite throw back to another time..felt transported back to a simpler time. An experience to have for sure. The grounds were beautiful, the information was interesting, my take home treat were even better. A fun family day

Nelson M

Beautiful walking garden with just a twist of fear. There were so many places to walk around and see the beautiful garden and ponds. Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen if going out during the warmer months. They also allow dogs at your own peril as there are alligators that also roam around freely

Wannipa Ogrydziak

Beautiful garden, clean bathrooms. Took a friend from out of town there and we only had time to tour the garden, looking forward to tour the house and see everything else next time we go. Put on bug spray if you're going to walk the garden in the summer.

Kristal Singletary

Definitely plan a whole day. There is so much to see and do! Kids (and kids at heart, like me) will love the petting zoo area. Peacocks galore, alligators, deer who will come right up to you. Wish we would have planned to stay longer.

Richard Ward

On the plus side, the slave tour is a must as it explains why this plantation exists. Our tour guide was a bit gruff for a start but as the tour progressed he was excellent. It's not ment to be a happy go lucky tour. The gardens are extensive if not a bit tatty around the edges. They are probably nicer in the spring but pleasant enough. The downer was the cafe staff, zoo staff and general staff that we encountered. They were either grumpy or did not engage. Worth the visit though. Got an admission discount through our Atlanta Botancal Garden membership :)


Beautiful plantation and tour. Absolutley loved everything about it. Took a tour, gave plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings. A must do in Charleston!

Elizabeth Kuharski

Stunning year round and always offers an abundance of events! Provides great education and conservation for the area, as well as expansive grounds that ensure that you'll always have something new to look at. Got engaged here under one of the magnificent oak trees hanging with Spanish moss, and will always be my favorite place to go!


The home tour was interesting and informative; however, the upkeep of the facility and maintenance of the gardens were very disappointing. For the very high prices of entry, the gardens should be spectacular. Instead, there was a very meager patch of a garden in front of the main house. Its arrangement was pitiful. The large gardens were also pretty unimpressive. There were hodgepodge lines of wilted, thirsty annuals plugged in along a dusty path by the river. Hanging baskets around the house were poorly composed, wilted and dry. They should have been lush like the beautiful baskets along the streets of Charleston. Someone needs to take charge and make this destination vibrant with indigenous plants and fabulous gardens. Please, give people their money’s worth!

Rafael Koch

Way too expensice, the price is NOT 8$. Arriving there the minimum price is 20$ and you have to pay 8$ to visit the main house extra and plus 8$ to visit the slavery houses. Total of 36$ without boat tour (+ 8$). Also at the house tour, they explain only good stuffs about the family and doesn't say anything related to slaves. Only 1 mentioning about the confederate side they chosen. Good to walk outside, beautiful place.

Kristi Buczek

The gardens are beautiful and a great relaxing stroll during nice weather. I would recommend going earlier in the day. The house is also full of fun history and stories. The Peacock Cafe has refreshing sweet tea and sangria to sip as you go on your Magnolia adventure.

Rosalinda Wilson

Great flowers and a lot of trails to go through. Make sure you give yourself a lot of time some wildlife on the property.

Brian Lee

Always such a beautiful day at Magnolia Plantation! Whenever my mom comes in town she demands to go back! The staff is always wonderful and the landscaping is always either beautiful or being beautified! Love this place

Deborah Balger

Beautiful and Natural setting. You will come across Alligators and coastal birds n In the various swamp and pond areas. Small native animal area would be enjoyed by children. In reptile shed some of the snakes are vinyl replicas. Lots of walking trails but extra charges to access some. Leashed dogs allowed in most areas. Stay on trails and gravel paths as there are Alligators and possibly poisonous snakes.

Kathy DeOliveira

You can't come to Charleston and miss this place! The gardens are beautiful, the house very charming and the History incredibly interesting! Great Place to spend 3 hours or so, although you can spend all day. The staff is very helpful and the grounds are well maintained. We were able to find discount coupons online so definitely take a look and see!

Nick In Florida

Interesting historical plantation with great walking trails where you can see the beautiful garden areas, plantation home and buildings, inside informative tour, and a cool high ranger tower. I would recommend.

Heatherlynn 210

Had NO idea how large it was!! Beautiful place! Next time, I will need to plan a whole day there and bring some water! Oh and saw some gators ^.^

Smita Kulkarni

this place is overrated for the 20$ entry fee as it offers nothing else but 'walk yourself around' experience. There is 100% humidity in these parts of country and add to that the mosquitoes and bugs. Their peacock cafe is absolutely pathetic where rude people that have lost touch with Southern Hospitality are serving sub par food with attitude. Go to Middleton Place instead if you want worth for your money and some decent people to deal with.


Magnolia is fabulous place for any age! It is a must see location if you are visiting Charleston. You will get to observe wildlife while hiking on so many different trails. If you are lucky you can even see some alligators. They usually stay under the water, but when they start making bubbles, that's when you see them for sure. Magnolia Plantation is also a fantastic place for photo lovers! The Plantation is one of the oldest plantations in the South and even offers a wedding venue. The Spanish mosses and oak trees make the scenery even better. Your visit to Magnolia as well as Charleston will be very calm and relaxing vacation. Make sure you bring a water bottle!

Tiffany Blackwell

Fantastic place for kids of any age! They offer so many chores to customize based on what your interests are. The house tour is great but the boat tour is the most exciting as you'll see lots of Wildlife including alligators. The barn have lots of friendly animals to get up close to. And it's a great place to take a picnic or stroll the gardens. Definitely need bug spray during certain times of the area. The gift shop has some great local and unique gift items as well.

Rodney Prioleau

every thing was great and I really appreciate everything you do.


Magnolia Plantation is surrounded by beautiful Flora, with many picture taking opportunities. The small pond bridges were exceptionally beautiful reflecting off the water. The little animal farm is great for doing photography, with the animals being very friendly. Highly recommend!

Thomas Petersen

An incredible place to include on your must do list. There are motorized tours that take you all over the property including a boat tour. A small animal display area and a plantation house tour. You can also walk several of the paths that the motorized tours use. Do not miss this place.

J Murray

Cool place. The house has some interesting details, and the grounds are pretty cool (especially the swamp).

Becky Nicholson

The plantation is lovely. There is so much history in this place the gardens are beautiful. These people offer a lovely tour and are so friendly. The group I was with was happy with the entire day. We toured the Plantation Home in the gardens had fun with the peacock and the Maze. Especially enjoyed the history room and the young lady doing her research on the Family

Michael Barreca

So interesting with beautiful grounds. Can create quite the romantic connection with the dead in places like this.

Caroline Shealy

Beautiful gardens and an awesome swamp. Lots of wildlife. They even have a petting zoo.

Crystal Shirley

Beautiful place to visit in late March. Great temperature. Seen wildlife, beautiful flowers and natural beauty. Loved the history. Worth the money. Prepare to spend at least 4 hours.

Ryan Donohue

Beautiful gardens and so much history to explore. Great place for our kids as well!

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