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Where is Fort Sumter National Monument?

REVIEWS OF Fort Sumter National Monument IN South Carolina

Carl Peterson

Came with a tour group and we had the last boat of the day. They let anyone who wanted help take down the flag on the island and fold it. It was amazing to watch and hear about the history of the fort by the on-site rangers. Must see if you are interested in history.

Steve Burt

Very interesting fort full of history about the beginnings of the civil war. Unfortunately, you are not given enough time to really see it. One hour is all you get then the boat picks you up. Would have been 5 stars except for the short time you see it. It is just wrong.

Stephen Miller

As a Civil War buff since age of 11, I wasn't going to be in the Charleston area without seeing the Hunley and Fort Sumter. A nice boat ride. Nice scenery going out to the fort. Had a pleasant chat with a local history teacher about the CW. As we approached the fort you can tell it isn't what it once was. The Union monitors did a pretty good job of destroying the fort. What you see today is a concrete re-enforced relic. Still, the remnants of the fort and cannons were interesting enough. The ranger was fairly versed in CW history. Her knowledge of the fort was spot on. I ended up with a nice t-shirt

Ken Votapka

The kids love the boat ride over to Fort Sumter and once at the fort, you are immersed in history. The tour guides are friendly and very knowledgeable. Next time you visit, look for the water line on the inside of the fort.

Charlie Morgan

Well planned tour. Lies if interesting historical content.

Matthew Paquette

Very cool tour of the harbor, and the fort. A bunch of history is also thrown into the mix.

Adrienne Culp

The history museum and movie were really good.


Really interesting construction and historical background. The trip is by a little ferry so get ready to go on the sea. The Fort has been organised to be a tourist destination so you will find walking paths and industrial stairs. Directions are where you need them. You can see the old pieces (cannons) on display. Also some of the firing places are available to see. There is the flag pole place that is really enchanting sit down and relax a while. You can also opt for a walk on the small beach but be careful to not prolong too much the walk in places affected by the tide level. This place is where the first shots of the US civil were shot. For some reason that conflict started from such a beautiful place. It seems like history has a sense of irony in it.

Brian Adler

Book online!!! Ferry ride out to monument is quick and easy. Snack bar available on ferry. Monument is amazing. If you take 1st ferry out, you can watch them maybe participate in US flag rasing. Fun and easy place. You need to climb stairs and it's a active restoration site, so you are walking on uneven ground. Great views of the harbor and lots of signage to understand what you are looking at.

Evan Loehr

Amazing experience from start to finish! Everything is very well run and organized, there is a very cool museum before boarding which gives some context to what you are about to experience. On board the ship you are given some more details as you navigate your way to the fort, the views from on board are second to none. At the fort the Rangers are all extremely knowledgeable and offer an answer to any question you may have. Amazing to see history in front of your eyes. Water filling stations and restrooms are available throughout in the museum, on the ship and at the fort.

Philip Keber

Good price for priceless experience. National Parks at best

Fog x Zeus

Amazing! We took the last tour of the day and experienced the lowering of the American flag. Was a beautiful thing to see. Very well cared for. Pretty windy, dress accordingly.

Terry Morgan

Love the history. Nice boat ride from either Patriots Point or liberty square. In the summer bring water.

jason johnston

Nice boat ride to the fort. Always very interesting to learn about our history.

Samantha Kauchis

We weren't given nearly enough time to enjoy this before we had to be back on the boat. What I could look at was very interesting.

Mclaren 720S

Got here really early so we could get a seat on the ferry. We had to get there about an hour early to secure seats. The boat ride is unbearably long. They should have started the boat ride closer to the actual island. Amazing attraction especially since it was under the command of both factions during the war.

Delceno Miles

At first glance as the tour boat approaches, it seems small. But after the park ranger gives an engaging overview and one walks through this amazing military monument, it is evident that there is much to see and learn. The museum is eye-opening. The bricks that show fingerprints of slaves who made those bricks touched my emotions. My only complaint is there isn't enough time allotted to see everything. They should schedule more frequent boat tours back and forth so you can simply catch the next boat rather than feeling rushed to go through then jump back on the boat.

A. Rose

The boat ride was over-crowded so finding seating is challenging. It was the hottest weekend of the year when we went (which I recommend avoiding). The actual fort was cool but there wasn't a whole lot to see or do. Nice views of the water and a small museum but not much else.

Todd Gutowski

There is a lot of history here. I would recommend going on the first or last visit of the day to take part in the flag raising or lowering. Also, the fort is not fully accessible, so I had to carry our stroller up a number of stairs to get to the top.

Kara Gerenser

We did the sunset ferry ride and it was great! Lots of information and the view was lovely. Our BBQ was delicious as well!

Jerry Chavez

Great place to visit. Had a good time on the tour. I recommend visiting this place the history is amazing. It was cool to see all the old cannons and just being on the island was a great experience.

Ann DiMartino

Loved the boat ride to the fort. Also the place is amazing to see with great views and lots to read about our American history! I love historical places and learning about the people who shaped this country and their sacrifice and this place let's you go back in time to see how it was.

Andrea Capers

Nice historic site to visit in Charleston plus being able to cruise in the Charleston Harbor.

Kartwright Asnip

Went here when I was a kid and enjoyed it. They used to speak a lot more into the history of the harbour on the trip out there. I kinda missed that. But they added a talk with a ranger when you get to the fort and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the history.

US Merchant Marine

Awesome piece of American History. Ask for extended time as each tour is only 1 hour. I really enjoyed the actual shells still embedded in the walls. A definite bucket list item .4 stars only because of the limited time to absorb the atmosphere

Andrew Aldridge

Historical and fun. The fun part is the boat ride to and from the fort. It's a must see for history buffs.

Diane Davis

I visited Fort Sumter with my children and grandchildren. It was very educational for us all.

Chadwick Morris

Great place to visit with kids sure to it being open and free roam. The Ranger(Alexa) that told us the history was amazing and engaging. I highly recommend a visit!

Will Ezzell

Where it all started. Fun boat ride to and from the park. There also was a celebrity on the tour with us which was neat. Lots of cool facts in the museum.

Kevin Nichols

Great historic site and relaxing boat ride out. Be sure to go to top and look out on the ocean side for great views. Be sure to listen to the ranger talk to learn something new.

Thomas Malooly

If you have any interest at all in American history, you must visit this site. It would appear to me neither side wanted to start a war. Were you aware no one was killed on either side during the fighting? Plan to take the first ferry of the day. The sea is flat and you can watch the raising of our flag at the floor.

mrsixthreeandgifted M

Feel like a whole new world down there

Julie spires

Very nice, I have been here before. It was nice to visit again.

Kelly Fisher

I gave it 2 stars because the handicapped elevator was broken and my 2 disabled relatives missed out on seeing the whole place. I have a friend that remembers it was also broken when she went over a year ago. At least offer a reduced rate if it is obvious that someone isn't capable of climbing the stairs.

Jayson Drury

Very educational and entertaining trip for the family. Excellent way to spend a couple hours

Jon Beasley

This is something I've wanted to do since I was old enough to understand the tragic irony of this smart we were to defend Charleston after the War of thrilled Charlestonians were with the bombardment of the fort just 30 years later... how relentless the Union was to reclaim possession...and the senseless suffering and loss in-between.

Shawn Hughes

Great history site. Definitely listen to 8 minute talk by the ranger. Some seasons need to RSVP a out 24 hours

Jennae Faucheux

I went on the 9:30 am tour and we left the dock right at 9:30. The park rangers were very knowledgeable and the fort was cool to see. Since we were the first tour of the day, we got to raise the flag for the day. The park ranger gave a small history of the Fort before the flag raising and then called for volunteers to help. I really enjoyed that. Then we left the fort promptly at 11:15 am. Great tour!

Richard Geml

Remarkable history lesson. Boat ride was smooth and provides nice selection of snacks and drinks. Wish we had more than one hour inside the fort. Park rangers were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Mary Sweeney

Nice history; allowed visit too short

Teresa Gross

Love the history, everyone should learn about it!

Ashley Strickland

This is a valuable part of our nation's history. It was my first visit and I would recommend this national park.

Ander Worthy

Informative, peaceful... and all around great visit to a historical location.

Mary Phillips

Awesome to be part of the flag raising on 9/11/19. Great museum.

Anthony Chin

Amazing place but, small gift shop.

Bridget M

Way better than I expected.....chills felt all throughout! Was a great intro in-person experience to the Civil War. Read all about it from the West Coast but to see the real deal - chilling from the original fort and cannons to the original union and confederate flags. Truly bone chilling... and I'm not a big historian. Hard not to be moved in the grounds of this site!

James Cannon

This is a must-see given its role in our nation's history. One of the few attractions in Charleston worth the price of admission. The ferry ride is about a half hour, and the boat has snacks and drinks (you pay for them). You can walk around pretty much the whole island and see original guns and walls. There is also a small museum. If you go on the first trip of the day, you can volunteer in a flag raising. It's kind of a nice experience to bring people together. The big downside of the entire trip is that you only get one hour on the island. That isn't enough time to go through the museum and explore the fort, especially not for older people or anyone who moves slowly. I think two hours would be ideal.

Becky Fritz

Very much enjoyed the historic significance of Fort Sumter. Very informative.

Jennifer Lamar

Sailed by the fort today. Amazing history right in our backyard. The people look so little from our scale and perspective sailing on Shenanigan and seeing history alive today. Capt Jen & Janet

Nikki Skye

Very hot when I went, little brutal on an island like that. Very nice views and since the ferry is the only way on and off, it's not crowded at all compared to its size, at least not for me. Worth the trip as it's only about a 2 hour activity including the ferry ride.

Eric Mahala

Enjoyed going here. Boat ride out and back. Seeing dolphins on the way. Great history lesson.

stephanie galiano

Really cool place and the rangers were really nice and would answer any questions you have.

Jennifer Hickman

It was a beautiful place to release my sister's ashes at


Excellent Tour led by National Park Service guides.

Jason Berfield

Great piece of American history. Boat ride was nice and affordable. The island is well cared for however, I would have appreciated the park ranger walking around as he discussed some of the more detailed historical items instead of just pointing. The rain was not very heavy and it took away from the experience. Other than that, a must see.

Mary Kossan

A must see when you see in the area. Such history. Take the time to read as to walk through here. Amazing. One of my favorite places I've ever visited. I went twice in 6 months. Had to take more family there since I had enjoyed it so much.

Claire Stogner

Beautiful area. Fort Sumter is worth the visit. Beautiful views of the harbor. There is a very nice visitor center right across the street. They offer guided tour or you can just walk and check it out. I didn't take the guided tour. I walked at my own pace.

Claire Crawford

From the visitors center at Liberty Square to the actual Fort Sumter on Sullivan Island, a trip to Charleston is not complete without a visit to this important historical site of the first shots of the Civil War. Nice boat ride and a chance to see the harbor and a full hour on the island with Ranger tours of the site.

James Gregory

Awesome experience to stand on this small island that is so significant in our nation's history. Honored to have been part of the flag raising ceremony!

Bradford N Smith

A lot of history to this place, but I felt like there wasn't enough time to experience a whole lot. Great presentation by the park Ranger at the beginning however.

Renae Maison

I love seeing historic sites! The Park service does an amazing job maintaining our history!

Newfy Olaf

Used to be one of my favorite things to do as a kid, now they don't even allow access to the fort by private boat! Won't be paying for an overpriced ferry ticket to go back anytime soon.

Maria Lazoran

You take a boat out to the island & have it with your group for about an hour. What an awesome experience & beautiful way to experience a National Monument.

Travis Mularz

Great historical experience. The guides there were amazing!

Joe LaNunziata

Park rangers very friendly and courteous. Enjoyed learning of the intricacies of the fort not covered in history books. Also visited the aquarium. Great time!

Karan Berry

Very interesting especially for history buffs. The boat ride over was very relaxing. The park rangers at the fort are very knowledgeable and answered many questions from the group.

Nate Eisinger

Ranger Andy was incredible. Flag lowering was really cool. Definitely take the boat from the aquarium instead of the of the aircraft carrier.

cody herman

This place was awesome! A lot of history definitely a must go if you are in the area!

Patrick Nolan

Great time...Great Education...Boat Ride to Fort is relaxing and Nice. It is only about 2 to 2 1/2 hour adventure, Including the boat rides. Lots to see both at Fort, on boat, and back at Center. The Rangers are great and know many details about the history and action.


Our national parks system is outstanding. This is a great place to visit with a lot of history.

Luke Bear

This is a really cool place to visit! The boat ride out and back was really enjoyable. Walking around the fort was a great experience. Seeing such an important peice of history makes this a great place to visit!

Sheri Rodda

Nice ferry ride over. Fun afternoon! lots of information available.

Maggie Schwarting

Enjoyed the boat ride out to the monument. Beautiful day to be on the water. Would’ve liked a little more time to walk around and just be at Fort Sumter, though. The park rangers were very well spoken and present for any questions. Definitely a well preserved piece of history.

Chris K

Took the first tour of the day and that allowed us to participate in the flag raising. Park rangers were friendly and knowledgeable. You do not have to be a historian to appreciate and enjoy this quick excursion about United States history. The entire trip and time milling about is no more than 90 minutes.

Bart Arnold

Great place to visit if your into History. I enjoy it greatly. Boat ride over was enjoyable too.

Adam Parish

My family and I had a great morning visit to Fort Sumter. I was a little anxious about the boat ride to the fort, but it was a nice trip and the ferry-like boat had a small snack bar and bathrooms. The best part of our visit was upon arrival to the man-made island and being part of the flag ceremony. Our park ranger for this ceremony, Alexa, delivered an excellent speech that provided context around the significance and sacrifice by so many so that our flag could fly over Fort Sumter. Go visit Fort Sumter!

Mary Mullins

Great boat ride to Ft. Sumter. Very knowledgeable Park Rangers.

Shane Smith

The historical site was awesome but the park rangers didn't seem to know as much about the real history as they should have. Seems to me and others that their historical facts were a little biased and not factual. But what do I know I've only studied various types of history since I was a child and am a avid history buff.

D Bonanni

A must see if you're in Charleston. Be on the first ferry over to participate in the cermonial flag raising. Very cool and historic. The park rangers did a great job.

Tom Swift

How can you come to Charleston and not visit this historic landmark? The ferry ride over is nice and the monument is amazing. Famous for its role in the civil war, many people miss its roots in earlier history. A must do.

derek jolicoeur

This place is really cool to visit. I did not know there was so much history behind this fort. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the Charleston area!

katrina crawford

It's awesome how the park ranger seem to love what he's doing. The story he told held our attention and was interesting. My only disappointment was I couldn't find any bumper stickers to buy.

Stephanie Delano

If you are looking for a place to swim, this is not the place. Lots of fishing. My baby had his first ever preschool feild trip and it was great. We had a guide and a drag net to look for sea life. Tons of sea life!

Andrew Johnson

Well worth the 10 or 15 bucks to go see. Not only do you get a great little cruise out to the island but you get to see multiple points of interest along the way as well. The fort is well maintained and a huge point of pride for us locals. If you like history or just like fantastic views this can not be beat. I even saw a dolphin in the water on the way there!

David Hesson

You aren't on the island too long. The rangers on the island are very knowledgeable. There is a museum in the battery that is air conditioned and the ship we took had two levels. The top deck is open air, and the second level is enclosed, with air conditioning and restrooms. Refreshments are available on top deck, and beer is available on the return trip.

Justin Michaud

We were really lucky and were on the last ferry to the fort. Because of the time we were able to catch a flag ceremony, which had such an American Sprit feel to it. The Fort is impressive to see how things have changed since the war. The ferry ride itself is great to, has beautiful views of the city.

Robert Kaczmarek

The tour is undoubtedly a great chance to see a part of our history but also a relaxing boat tour to boot. The fort has an incredible history and played a significant role in... Well why spoil that? Go and see for yourself.

derek luk

Great place to visit for history buffs. Also had a nature adventure as 1) a 3 foot black snake guarded the side entrance to the Fort and 2) my wife and I saw a hawk catch a squirrel.

bruce mcdonald

A famous historical place that should be on the shortlist for anyone visiting Charleston.

Eddi Haskell

As any student of American History knows, this is the place where the Civil War first started as an actual armed conflict in 1861. As such, there is a hushed, reverential tone that overwhelms many people when they walk these sacred grounds. There is a museum, and you can book a lunch or dinner with a tour guide (recommended) as part of your experience here. But what we remember the most is how people, when asked to participate in the flag ceremony at sundown, which involved the folding and honoring of the huge American Flag which stands over the island, automatically took part and participated in the ceremony. You can still imagine the first cannon shots fired on that fateful April day in 1861 when the Union forces under Major Andersen surrendered to Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard. An incredible place to visit.

Marky Mark

Great place to get the beginning story of the American Civil War. Where the first shot of the Civil War was fired. Lots if reading and interesting information covering the Civil War. This is a wonderful tour, much of which is self guided. There was a presentation at the beginning of the tour or you can just go your own way. You only get an hour to look and read but the presentation was very informative.

Melanie Luttig

Learned a lot! Loved the ferry ride there, too!

John Lake

Amazing place of historical significance. Park rangers share an incredible amount of knowledge of events and stories. Small museum and gift shop on the island. Ferry trip was easy, the weather was quite poor during our trip but certainly didn't affect our experience.

Tim Brookbank

Very interesting historical site. Tour was well organized, displays were informational. So much history happened in this spot, recommend for anyone.

Calvin Duke

Really nice afternoon out with the kids. Make sure to take a water bottle.

Cierra Hope Taylor

Loved our experience at Fort Sumter, getting to view the burned and demolished remains of what once use to be a strong fortress. Getting to learn about the civil war and our history as Americans is always fascinating. Seeing it is even more intriguing. My son loved the cannons, and I personally loved the viewing deck where you could look across the water and see the flag from atop Fort Moultrie.

Jay Krieger

Small but informative. Nice little spot to look around while waiting for the ferry to Fort Sumter.

Carl Ingalls

So much to learn. Getting there and back was a great boat ride.

Tom Pessemier

Incredible piece of American History! So glad it’s still here and as well preserved as it is. If we remember our history, maybe we’ll do it better next time we have a tough choice to make...

Ian Smith

Nice boat ride across to Ft Sumter, cute little tour. The museum was the highlight as not much else exists. Was fun to visit while in the area.

Patti Bartholomew

The Fort of course is a must-see for all those people interested in the history of our country. Unfortunately such people will be let down because they will have no time to visit the wonderful museum on site. The tour is two hours and half of that time is spent getting there and getting back by boat. The ranger gives a 20 minute talk and tells people they have to be back at the boat in 45 minutes to go back to Charleston. The grounds have many educational signs to read and by the time I had read all of them, I had only 15 minutes to go through the museum. For those who are interested in seeing the museum, I advise them to skip the ranger talk and reading all the signs posted around the site and go straight to the museum.

Ashley Welch

Loved it. There was helicopters that came over and gave a little show which was awesome. It has a museum and the workers really know their history and give great stories. It is awesome.

Gino Ames

Great site explore and you get a boat ride too! History is awesome.

Seth Ferguson

Very historical and educational. There are gift shops and restrooms at the Fort that are also air-conditioned for those who hate sweating. The tour guides were very well acquainted with the area and were able to answer all questions. The tour is short, however.. but long enough if it's a hot day. Enjoy!

Sai Yaswanth

Visited on a Weekend, It was raining the whole day. Went to the Fort Sumter Island via Boat. Its a 20min travel to the island, the ride was fun. The fort was worth seeing and knowing its history, there was a guide who told us about its history for about 10min, appreciate it.

Robin Guillard

Yummy, yummy biscuits prepared the old fashioned way as promised. But be prepared for the first question you are asked, and then remember it! They call when your order is ready and use the name you provided. For me, the process caught me off guard a bit so heads up. It's all in good fun so take in the experience and enjoy the terrific biscuits and more!

Eric Krueger

Totally cool. Went on the sunset tour...strongly recommended of you want to avoid the heat.

Sierra Grande

Awesome, go here. Amazing piece of American history. We went in July it was soooo hot. At least the museum is air conditioned! The museum was also full of interesting facts and an original flag once flown here. Boat ride was fun also. It was pretty laid back once underway you can move about between the top open deck and lower air conditioned floors.

JaCoby Marston

Plan ahead of time. Make sure to be aware of when the ferries run to the island. The ferries are NOT wheelchair friendly or stroller friendly. There is bathrooms on the island as well as a museum and gift shop. Pack water. Wear sunscreen. Have fun.

Kerry Cosgrove

Nice (air conditioned) museum at the fort describing the history. The Ranger gave a good talk when we arrived. Not a lot of time to look around, but it is a small island. Ferry ride is comfortable but hard to hear the announcements and ongoing commentary about the fort on the screens.

Joshua Henthorne

Great tour with tons of information given further explaining "the first shots of the civil war" nice ferry trip out but bring water. There are no drink areas at the Fort

Jana Shill

Very, very cool. We enjoyed this. Get the National Park Junior Ranger questionnaire they offer on the boat... it was a great way to get my kids (ages 11 and 13) engaged and see a lot of the fort in the time available. Also, go to the orientation speech by the park rangers when you get off the boat. Every one is different, and ours was really interesting.

Michael Barreca

What a cool place so much history and so many stories here. The artifacts are amazing as is the ferry ride.

Alan Wildman

Interesting little bit of American history told by enthusiastic park rangers.

Deven Havner

Great little spot. Yes you have to pay to get out there. And to do the whole museum plus tour the grounds at a leisurely pace you may not have enough time, but we felt like it was plenty of time. The ferry ride over to the fort offers bathrooms, a great sea breeze, a relaxed ride, snacks (have to pay for at a reasonable cost), and great views. The Ranger talk that lasted approx 9 min was excellent. You are more than welcome to ask questions as well at any point in time. As a history teacher it was well worth the experience.

Edward B

Very cool. It's worth stopping here whether you're bringing the kids or not. Lots of history. Also the beach fantastic.

Payton Stock

Great ferry ride out there. Reasonable price about $24 each for adults. Guided by park rangers and volunteers. Very impressive structure and inside info from the guides. Stop by the museum to see the original flag that flew over the fort at the start of the Civil War.

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