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Where is Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens?

REVIEWS OF Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens IN South Carolina

marla holt

Beautiful flower gardens. The house guide and the ride around the plantation were very informative. The Gullah Theatre is a must to see.Also the slave cabins are very informative. We did not go to the butterfly pavilion. The cafe lunch is so so. Go to the Boone Hall cafe and market that is outside of the grounds off Hwy 17. We enjoyed our day.

Jeremy Baker

House is beautiful, gorgeous. Gardens were beautiful. Slave cabins educational. Power went out, I understand that. We were told politely by hospitality bathrooms were off limits. No portable bathroom on the place for a backup! We were invited to leave and comeback! Rent some bathrooms just in case. Big problems for many customers, easy fix. One phone could have had them there in minutes.

Cynthia Parker

Boone Hall was a fun and informative adventure! The gardens at the main house are beautiful. The house tour shares a lot of interesting history. They have each of the old slave cabins set up to tell a story of the area from archeology to plants to crafts to Gullah heritage. The nature and agriculture tractor tour was amazing!! So many crops on one farm and such a wonderful descriptive narrative of the native plants. The centuries old oaks are awe inspiring And everything is included in one price. No extra costs for add-ons. Very enjoyable!

angela zamberlan

The place is Amazing, the oak avenue Is so beautiful that It Is worth the visit. Staff was very friendly and we enjoyed a lot the storytelling about the Gullah people. Unfortunately the weather was bad and the tractor tour had to be cancelled. They offered us a second day entrance but It wasn't possible to stay longer in Charleston. The slaves cabin exhibition was infomative, It might be improved with live explanation or exhibit.

Tammy Rogers

Great experience, beautifully kept. Definitely will be visiting again

Amy M Vaughn

Beautiful place. It's been a plantation since 1681 I think. There is a wagon ride, house tour ( lots of standing) and self walking tour of slave houses. The dock is a great place for pictures. There are little crabs along the river banks. They have a farmers market off a different road. I'm the fall they have a huge Scottish festival also.

Sanne Kure-Jensen

Well trained, dedicated, enthusiastic staff. Lovely setting. Beautiful gardens. Elegant live oak-lined entry. Excellent historical interpretation - signage and tour guides. Demonstration pollinator garden in aviary with monarchs and other butterflies. Tractor pulled farm tour showed fruit and vegetable production and irrigation system. Cafe on-site or bring a picnic. Wedding and event venue available. Overall, well worth the admission fee. Plan on spending 3-5 hours to see it all.

Sky covers

We had a wonderful time we loved looking at all the historic structures!

Leanne B

Wonderful glance at our nation's early history...everything here done nicely and very easy to navigate!

Lloyd Morgan

What a beautiful mansion. Wonderful scenery and gardens.

stanky poosah

House tour wanting. 3 rooms only. No photographs. So only solid memory is the history lesson of the only three rooms. The tour guide was very knowledgeable but $25 per person was unreasonable.

christye leasure

Beautiful grounds, wish we had more time to explore. Make sure to check out butterfly exhibit at the back of the snack shop.

Fog x Zeus

The main house was a disappointment for me, but the slave quarters are all original, and so beautifully kept! A beautiful place overall with so much history to take in!

Grant Blaisdell

The grounds were amazing! It was a picture perfect southern gem. You are going to want to stay until the sunset and take long leisurely strolls around the property.

Mike Bills

For those brides and grooms desiring that quintessential southern plantation wedding feel, Boone Hall Plantation deserves your attention as you search for wedding venues for your Charleston wedding. As a professional wedding vendor in Charleston, I look forward to working at such a beautiful place. Natalie Knox is the wedding and event coordinator at Boone Hall and she is awesome. If a couple should opt for wedding coordination as part of their booking, Natalie is on point with all the details of the day. Her organizational and planning skills are top notch. Working with Natalie makes your choice to get married at Boone Hall Plantation an even more beautiful experience.

Steve Burt

Interesting plantation unfortunately, could not see all of it because of time restraints. Plan to return

Joey Dobbertin

Cool place. The oak trees are the best thing to see. The house tour is pretty underwhelming as you only get to see 3 or 4 rooms, but it was informative.

Aubrey Weaver

I love Boone Hall Plantation, and it's always a must-see when we have visitors in town. You can't beat the gorgeous view or drive down the Avenue of Oak. I highly recommend taking the house tour while you're there. Ed Hansen is my favorite tour guide - I heard several of his tours, and the are as funny as they are informational. I also can't wait to try out some of the You Pick options at the Plantation!

Jocelyn Bayuga

I've been humbled by my experience visiting the Boone hall plantation. Its a very beautiful place but it has one of the darkest story of the american history. The tour is very informative yet depressing. We cannot change history but it is surely an eye opener.

Joanna Bradshaw

We just loved this place. When visiting the south it's a shame to not tour a southern plantation. So glad we did. Our tour guide, fantastic blond southern lady, was a hoot. She knew so much and made you feel like you wanted to sit down and eat lunch with her after the tour. The views are spectacular. Nature, the buildings, the atmosphere, all of it was worth the trip.

Lewis Hunt

What an incredible experience. Don't blink at the price of entry. It's worth every penny and more. The history of this place is incredible.

Mary Dreher

Beautiful working plantation in Charleston! The entrance through Oak Avenue set the tone for the rest of the plantation and was absolutely stunning. Parking is free and their is one entrance fee per person for the entire plantation so make sure you take advantage of all the various talks and tours! We really enjoyed the Gullah talk and house tour.

Tim Cirhan

A great place to visit for all interested in history and agriculture. Every part of the plantation comes with a very knowledgable guide or audio/visual presentation to tell you about the long, sometimes sad, and uniquely Charleston history of the Boone Plantation. Great for all ages and easily can fill a day of sight seeing.

Shana McGuire

The plantation itself is beautiful and functioning, but aside from one historian speaking about the slave quarters, everything else about slavery is whitewashed and downplayed. The house was finished in the 1930s, and you only get to see 3 rooms. We took the tractor ride to tour the land, and we were sorely disappointed to find out that whatever crop doesn’t make it to market just sits out and rots. No bother of inviting anyone out to pick the crops for food banks (of course those people would surely be charged entry fees *eyeroll*), all this food just sits on the ground, because it was obvious if it wasn't making money, it’s worthless (much like the slaves they claim weren’t treated *too* badly). Very disappointed in the waste and historical inaccuracies provided by this plantation.

trevor metzger

Beautiful location and rich history. Some of the old buildings have been used to provide insights to life during under slavery and are interesting for even kids. Adding insights and perspective. Worth the time and cost to visit if you have a couple hours.

Adam Kershaw

Boone Hall has been somewhere I have gone since I was a little kid. It's a part of the low country and is one of the most beautiful places in the area. Rich history and has given back to the community every year by letting us walk there grounds. Seasonal events from Oyster Roast to Pumpkin Patch as well. Thank you Boone Hall!

Jimmy G

I read the reviews both positive and negative and decided to see for myself. Personally I loved everything about the place. The tour of the house was wonderful. The tractor powered wagon ride around the property was informative. The self guided tour of the slave cabins was very nice and educational. I have a hard time understanding the negative reviews.

David Castle

Skip everything else and spend time in the slave cabins and hear Jackie's Gullah Geechee presentation. Life-changing! The plantation lands are beautiful. Thank God for his wonderful works. Hundreds of years old oak trees. But the home is not original--it was built in 1935 in the style of plantation homes. The docents are way too excited.

Tom Zimmerman

Great for the kids with multiple attractions to keep them busy. We went for the pumpkin patch and they had an inflatable slide and bounce house, two of these blob things the kids could run and jump on, and a hay ride setup for Halloween. Everything well placed and lines weren’t bad. Wasn’t happy we had to pay $5 extra for a 45sec pony ride that traveled in a 10ft diameter circle since we paid $12 per person to get in already. Maybe if they took the kids around a small area of the plantation it would have not bothered me. Overall I’m sure we’ll be going as a family to many of their events.

Chris Williams

The area this plantation sits on is beautiful. The first thing we did was walk down a row of cabins that's served as slave quarters. There's 9 cabins and each one has been turned into a small museum, with a display and tv playing short clips of information. At the end of the row is a small outdoor theater where a woman gives a talk/show about the Gullah culture, which was very good. After that we went a tour of the house. The guide was dressed for the time period and was very informative. The last thing we did was go on a hayride tour of the grounds. The guide talked about events from the past as well as things the grounds are being used for today.

Josh Beaty

A beautiful example of a plantation home and garden, the drive down to the house through the Oak trees draped in Spanish Moss was absolutely beautiful. The tour was informative and very specific to the house, while the more darker side was touched upon next door in the slavery section of the property. A well balanced view.

Drew Peregrim

House was the only good part. Good story and tour. The rest was either closed or second rate.

Fran Duncan

Beautiful grounds, loved the tour of the house but the highlight of the visit was the presentation of the history and culture of the Gulah peoples.

Dawn Thomas

The grounds are beautiful and the huge oak trees are unbelievable. However, you only get to see 3 rooms in the house, so that was rather disappointing.

Christne Harrington

Lovely day to tour the Plantation. Driving up to the house is a experience in itself. The presentation at the slave homes was the highlight of the trip for me. Much to see and learn. Worth the trip.

Candy Phillips

OMG!!! A walk back in history!!! They bring it alive with live presentations and plaques outlining the lives of the slaves. Tours of the plantation, the grounds, and the slave cabins are well worth the effort! Please come enjoy this one of a kind working plantation. Be transported back in time.

Wendy Higginbotham

Beautiful home and place to visit! The cotton dock is so pretty, the people are very nice and will answer questions about the area. We also sat for the Gullah show. We visited in the spring when the gardens were in full bloom. Ride the tour of the plantation and hear all the stories and movies that have been filmed at the plantation. Very unique and special place, we cant wait to visit again.

ernie joseph

This place is awesome if you love history! The slave quarters which had interactive televisions that told the story of each house. The tour guide of the mansion was informative and hilarious at the same time. We could have spent all day at this place. Also if you go then check out the boat house! Beautiful view!

Angel Vick

This home is actually part of my family tree. Was really exciting to visit and explore family history. History buffs, you'll love it!


Interesting place with knowledgeable guides. Beautiful grounds. I love that they still work the land and the results are available for purchase at their farmers market. Excellent Gullah performance and exhibits. Very eye opening.

Jason Blankenship

Go there! So many of the original structures still stand! The plantation itself is majestic and you feel it just driving on the long driveway up to the place. The film buffs who see this review will already know the part of the Patrick Swayze led mini series North And South was filmed here.

Kelly Newman

Truly enjoyed this experience. The story tellers here really know their stuff. It's an absolutely beautiful plantation.

Paul Skorheim

This is a picturesque southern plantation. Very interesting tours

Nema Biz

It was a super nice place to just walk around. I think it was $24 per person to get in. That included a half hour tour of the house and a ride around the plantation to see their trees and plants and such. That was probably about a half hour too. They also sold ice cream at the little shop so that was good too.

Lezlie Mitchell

We hit a cooler summer day so it was awesome. Have been in the heat before and it was terrible. Best attraction was the Gullah show. Slave cabins and main house was also very interesting.

Will Simms

Really awesome plantation! For about 24 dollars you get a carriage ride, a short tour of the plantation house (which was beautiful!), A chance to view original condition cabins that slaves really used alongside presentations within each hour, and a simply breathtaking view of the driveway filled with oak trees and Spanish moss.

Elisabeth Weinpel

Very short home tour. First floor only but nice grounds tour. Tractor tour and more. Great 2 1/2 hours and reasonable

Samantha Strutz

Horrible experience, I was trying to connect with friends at the pumpkin patch and didn't realize it was the wrong place. (Making this clearer would be nice) My parent was told she couldn't drive me up without paying the fees to get in so I walked about a half a mile up to the historical park and wandered around trying to find the pumpkin patch and asked several people for directions. An employee directed me towards some fields in the back to walk there, about halfway through the first field I look up how far it is and it's 1.2 miles away. Giving this up, I walked back to the front, nearly getting heat stroke along the way. Was not even given a refund or even a polite no after explaining everything. To conclude the story, I went to the correct place after getting picked up and barely got to say hi to my friends before they had to leave Overall pretty place, but wasted 2 hours of my life nearly getting heatstroke and spent money on a useless ticket and being in the wrong place the whole time And the worst part was there was no sympathy or niceness from any of the employees about the situation as you can probably tell from the reply from this review A simple, I'm sorry that happened would've gone a long ways

Gayle Breimayer

The friendly tour guide helped us step back into history. The mansion is maintained to it's original beauty & a tour of the grounds & gardens tell about its rise to fortune & the difficulties they encountered through the years. A "butterfly house" is situated among colorful gardens & a cafe nearby offers refreshments & lunches. Slaves houses allow you to actually feel their fingerprints on the bricks they created! I highly recommend visiting Boone Hall Plantation. It was the highlight of our vacation. The fee is all inclusive on the grounds & also has a discount for seniors.

Stephen Rovetto

The good: the historical presentations were well done with the Gullah culture presentation exceptional which earned the 4th star. The bad: the plantation home was not an original which was disappointing. The snack shack was disappointing as well. My wife's hot dogs were luke warm and tasted like they were microwaved as did my pulled pork sandwich. Unless I was missing something, I didn't see any wheelchair access to some of the presentations.

Zane Smith

Went here for a wedding on the Cotton Dock at the end of September. The place was absolutely stunning. The mosquitos were a bit much, even with bug spray, Manila candles, and having the venue sprayed beforehand. The crowds of tourists were not huge and and didn’t make it seem like an attraction.

Kelly Joslin

Nice tour of the house & farm. We didn't allow enough time to experience all of it. We had 2 hours before catching our flight, but really needed at least 3 hours.

Matt Giannis

Interesting looking private property but no historical context to the home, gardens, or the farm. Went expecting to see a modern working farm and get insights to what a historically slave run plantation used to be like. Instead we were sold a tour of a U-Pick farm and and no information about how this place came to be. Primarily acts as a modern wedding venue and festival grounds.

jennifer chatman

Easy self guided tour. Need to make reservations to tour mansion upon arrival. The tour guide for the house was pleasant and knowledgeable. Enjoyed and would suggest making this a strip on your vacation. Absolutely picturesque!

L p

Little pricey but a fair bit of things to do at the plantation. Tour of the big house is a little lackluster as you only get to see 3 rooms from the first floor.but the guide was extremely knowledgeable. It was raining too so no tractor ride.


Family friendly place! Great for friends on vacation and they want to see what the Plantations are like nowadays. Filled with history and wonderful tour guides!

Richard Heard

Beautiful grounds. Lots of history. Front drive of arched oaks is outstanding. Really liked the fact that's it's still an active farm growing pick-your-own vegetables.

Denise Norris

Tours were great! House is beautiful. Only problem was while trying to listen to the lady speaking before going inside, an employee with a leaf blower was working in the garden. We couldn't hear a word she was saying. I realize they have to do this to keep the property nice, but they know the tour schedule and should use the leaf blower accordingly. If I pay 24.00 to get in, I should be able to hear.

Claire Crawford

We took family to tour Boone Hall Plantation and once again we were not disappointed. Beautiful grounds, informative house tour and a ride from a tractor pulling us throught the woods and fields, This time everything was in bloom, people blueberry picking, tomato, pepper, watermelon fields in abundance to name a few. Our daughter is from a city in California, she is 6 and was totally in awe of everything. She loved looking at the horses and climbing the giant tree branch in the side yard. This is a wonderful place to visit and we are never disappointed.

Matt Heck

An informative and worthwhile experience. The Avenue of Oaks is pretty and several well known movies have been filmed here. The slave cabins were informative. The gardens and grounds were beautiful. They have horse stables as well. I didn't find the tour of the house to be very interesting - you can only see three rooms all on the first level, but it's quick and easy enough to do. A good way to spend a few hours.

Philip Crean

Plantations are a lie. Fancy buildings were built by eccentric billionaires later.

Amanda Farris

Fun, beautiful, and educational. I would recommend to others. I wish the big house tour had shown more rooms, however the information given and stories told were great.

Ryan Doore

Nice plantation. The actual house isn’t that old, so that is kind of disappointing. Grounds and trees that line the driveway are beautiful!

Megan Thistle

Amazing place with amazing history! Worth the drive from downtown Charleston

Michael Myers

Very nice grounds and informative tours. Highly recommended.

Maria Klein

Great place to visit. Very informative and educational. Beautiful house and gardens (but open more rooms please, it’s really interesting to see them)

Jill Ricker

Great history. Great narrative. Well run.

D. Knapp

Very interesting site and an absolute must see, when you are in or around Charleston. The Plantation is over 300 years old and the team does a great Job in telling the story of this Plantation, its owners and the slavery period. Don't miss the tour of the house and the presentations at and in the old Slave huts.

Debbie Sherard

Great place to visit, however they do not tell much about the slaves that worked on the plantation. This tour guide did say a black man designed the stair case in the mansion. The tours are great.

Gracie Lewis

Super interesting and beautiful. I wish we had gotten to do the hay ride but we would've had to sit at the waiting area for an hour to get a seat on the next one

Crystal Gail Berardi

Liked it ok. Glad I went. Best part was the huge trees as you enter the plantation. They say it's the most beautiful wedding setting. Brick slave houses were interesting. Cons: the main house isn't authentic. It was built much later. The visit was very expensive. The type guides didn't like answering questions at all. They had a strict script and that was it.

Richard Rolman

Enjoyed hearing about the history of this plantation. I highly recommend this if you're in Charleston area.

Jess Jacobs

Best experience ever. And very informative about heritage.

Michael Schöppe

Really nice place but the house tour did not completely meet the expectations... Nevertheless a must have for fans of North and South

Jason Fury

The plantation grounds are exactly what you want in a colonial setting. Tractor ride of grounds is awesome Skip the house tour. It's a modern home built to make money as a tour.

Valorie Townley

I took a group of friends (over 65) to tour this plantation while on vacation from Texas. While there we encountered many people who were all so friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our tour guide and the place was just breathtaking!! However, after one of my friends fell ill from the exertion and heat we had to cut our trip short. I got everyone in the truck to head out. I came back later and stopped at the information center to ask about returning to finish the tour another day. While I was asking a HORRIBLE man approached my truck and YELLED at my passengers to get the Dang Truck out of his way. He didn't give her a single moment to explain, he said he didn't care and told her to MOVE THE DANG TRUCK N-O-W!! She was ill and now afraid as the man frightened her. (She is 74 years old for pete's sake) There was no signage saying not to block the path, I had no idea it was such an ordeal. We were unable to return to finish our tour because she was so frightened by this man. I was so angry myself that it was probably a good thing we didn't go back. The people in SC were so kind and polite, we enjoyed everything about our visit EXCEPT that HORRIBLE UGLY man. WHO YELLS AT LITTLE OLD LADIES!!!! Beware of the ugly man at Boone Hall Plantation!!!

Gary Miller

This was one of my favourite stops in Charleston. It’s best known for the movies that were filmed there “The Notebook” and “North & South”. It was exhilarating walking under the iconic Boon Oak Trees and I really enjoyed the tractor tour of the plantation. The House is beautiful inside and definitely worth the admission fee. We loved it!

Dino S

The plantation is truly beautiful. This was our first visit to a plantation and the historic aspect of it was very interesting. We learned a great deal about life back then. Definitely worth the 24 $ enterance. Hats off to the guide that kicked out the brats that were jumping on the antique furniture during the house tour!

Dale Mcmichael

Great place. Lots of history of the low country. Worth the money.

James Smith

The driveway is lined with beautiful Live Oak trees that have Spanish Moss growing from them. They were planted in 1743. The trees are amazing. We found out from Margaret our wonderful guide that the house that is there now is from 1936 and is the fourth house on that site. Lots of antebellum age furnishings are a great addition. We visited old slave quarters and learned some about live there as a slave. There is more to do at the plantation and this is recommended.

Jens H

Beautiful plantation, with an interesting and partly horrible history. Our guides was extremely knowledgeable and showed us the mansion and other parts of the plantation. The guides who drove us around on the tractor/trailer were very good as well however a bit harder to understand due to the southern accent. The interactive tour of the slave cottages was very interesting, well made of this gruesome part of the US history. The butterfly garden was nicely done as well. We also took a stroll down to the boat house. I strongly recommend you to visit this plantation! Also see some of the movies which has been filmed here.

Amber Stevens

This place was wonderful and well worth the money. We got to tour the house, slave houses, walk through the butterfly garden and got great info on the history of the place and black history of the area. The Avenue of Oaks it beautiful and the place overall would be great for a wedding. It's also great for families looking for something pretty to see while getting educated on some of the history. I definitely recommend!!

Justin Michaud

Beautiful plantation! The house tour was fascinating, to see the rooms and concept. Although the house is a bit modernized, walking through the slave cabins keeps the history of the plantation alive. The property tractor tour was very intriguing, to see all the farming locations and different types of vegetation. I would recommend to anyone visiting the city

Brenda Corbitt

First time to visit Boone Hall. Enjoyed all the Plantation has to offer. It was very recommend drinking plenty of water while there.

Susan 82828

Love the history, grounds are beautiful, the driveway in is the iconic row of live oaks w Spanish moss on Gone with the Wind

Paul Valerio

Beautiful grounds and knowledgeable staff!! Great place even if you’re not a history or architecture buff!!

Bradley Butler

Great tour. Each group talk very good. I was here 50 years ago and everything is has been kept in perfect condition.

Arelis Castro

This place is absolutely beautiful. Great experience. The storyteller was amazing. Great learning experience.

Lorie Lee

Fright night was unorganized and obnoxious. Too many tweens that haven't been taught proper manners. Otherwise the cost of fright night was ridiculous compared to the events. Fright night scared my pocket book and stole my sanity.

Alexis Stratton

A neat location to visit, very beautiful for photos. However, the house itself was built in 1936 except for one small room that was original. And you only go into three rooms total! Some interesting history was talked about on the short house tour though. The entire tractor too was a sales pitch to come back for their Halloween events (and we visited in July).

Ofer Orr

Main house is fairly new, Does not represent 18th or 19th era. And the tour show only a portion of the house. for a price of $24 a person a little disappointing.

Natalia Hanson

Very impressive and almost mile long live oak road will welcome you to the plantation containing the only slave street full of historical houses with slavery history exhibits inside of each one. Available tours include garden walks, historical planter's house, slave quarters and original talking and musical show depicting Gullah culture

Tony Villani

Beautiful, the admission includes tours and a free ride around the plantation. We went there just expecting the house and came to find out how much they actually do there. When the weather is nice I could stay there forever. Boone hall is more beautiful than the pictures can make it. Just driving in was enough to make you want to slow down and admire everything

Christine Tropeano

Enjoyed the grounds very much. Beautiful trees. The tour was good but wish we could have seen more of the house, not just two rooms. The woman whongave it was very knowledgable. Also wish we could have gone on the trolly ride but the driver said the 8 of us waiting was not enough people and he had to wait 30 min for the next tour to get out when the ride was only 25 min. We should have been able to go and come back in plenty of time. Many of us didnt want to sit and wait 30 min. Other then that it was a very nice time.

Savannah Baker

Not really worth the money. Although the house is beautiful, you get to see about 4 rooms in the house (the top stories are completely off limits). Really cool story but you spend most of your money just to get onto the property. There are no outhouses to use when the power goes out, too.

Joe Hollinger

A very enjoyable experience. Guides were knowledgeable and entertaining. The Gullah presentation was a highlight. The avenue of oaks is stunning.

Leslie Dandridge Davis

On today.... Have to say I being of African decent was extremely disappointed of the encounter at the plantation. The Grounds yes are well kept. However, If we as American going to truly transition then please have the guts to truly speak on my ancestors enslavement and treatment. This tone "that was constant that we was more than willing" but its all over and we just prayed and played our drums is not the entire truth. Also, we was more than your cooks and house keeper and forced entertainment. We were your developers and inventors and the foundation NOT excluding our Native Indians whom land was taken from them period. Stop glossy over the pain that was inflicted on so many people whom didn't ask but was FORCED into the fabric of one of America's many atrocities. And please don't need be defensive we was there and the tours need to really speak in detail on slavery not the owners. Its a plantation for a reason... Nothing beautiful went on there....


Decent tour- didn’t provide actual black history unless you went inside of the actual slave “houses” Once inside the slave “house” you have to listen to the pre- recorded movies/audio to give you the history, most of which you can get online from google. We did not experience the Reenactment done by a storyteller because she left for the day, but based on the reviews and the staff, that part of the tour is supposedly very good. I would have liked to hear more about the slaves that resided on the plantation during the house tour or on tractor tour.

Todd B.

Are you looking for some history in Charleston? Then you need to go to Boone Hall Plantation. From Gullah history presentations to the tour of the main house, the history is literally falling from the live oaks! With plenty of places to sit, walk, and eat, you could easily spend the most enjoyable afternoon here. I would definitely go back myself and just soak in Charleston's history.

Nikita Sathiaprakash

Really cool place to go. The Avenue of Oaks is a great place for pictures and their slave cabins are really educational. The main house was really cool to tour and the tour guide was really informative. She was able to answer a lot of questions! The gardens were really beautiful and the flowers made for nice pictures! It was cool to visit a plantation that still produces crops!

Bailey Connor

Incredible tour packed with history, enthusiastic tour guides and multiple levels of depth. Multiple areas to tour all under one fee. There is a great little cafe with food and drinks. Very relaxed environment. Dog friendly although I wouldn't recommend it. Available as a venue location for several types of events. Suitable for all ages as long as the little ones have a decent attention span.

Mirko Zampogna

Great plantation to visit! A beautiful drive through large live oaks covered in spanish moss it takes you to the plantation house. Three talks are given at regular intervals, respectively about the house and the owners, the slaves journey and lives at the plantation, and the slaves and Gullah traditions. Each slave cabin has a self-guided tour, very informative. It takes about 3 hours to have a good visit. I have truly enjoyed it! I would recommend it.

Sherard Orange

We purchased the Harbor Cruise and Plantation combo. This Plantation is still a working Plantation. It features a house tour, tractor ride and several houses that cover all of American history during the slave years as well as to present day history. I thought I knew a lot about the history, but this tour filled in a lot of gaps for me. It is well worth it, I recommend going early in the morning. When we come back next time we will have to visit the farmers market and try a Crenshaw melon.

Thom Ryan

My mom loved it. It was a good history lessons and the slave stuff was amazing.

Calla Chow

My husband and I were engaged here and later married here <3! It is truly a magical place. If you have ever seen "The notebook" or "Gone with the wind", then you must come here. They also have an an annual oyster roast with live music!

Stephen Bernstein

The best part was the Gullah history provided by the woman near the slave quarters. She provided an engaging history with lots of information through words and song. It was very emotional and accurate. She was the best part of the tour for my three grandchildren and me.

Todd Swingle

The grounds are beautiful, but the presentation is lacking. The slave quarters is the most interesting part, but the cabins are so stifling that it was hard to stay inside for the full duration of the audio excerpts. The house tour is very disappointing. While the tour guide was fairly good, the information she provided was not interesting or engaging. It was irrelevant information about the families instead of information that paints a picture of the time period. The wagon ride was awful. Not worth the money.

Janice Adcock

This is a lovely area. the prince slave quarters built from bricks rejected from the brick making factory that was originally on this farm was fascinating. The fingerprints of the workers in the bricks had caused part of the rejections of the bricks. Fingerprints about the size of my great-niece Ella. That brought the humanity of small slaves building these homes. helpful staff will share many stories and each one of the slave houses is a history story in itself.

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