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160 Yawgoo Valley Rd, Exeter, RI 02822, United States

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Where is Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Water Park?

REVIEWS OF Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Water Park IN Rhode Island

James Braga

Prices at decent lines are a little long at times but not terrible! Overall good experience. Needs a dressing/locker room!

Capri Cassandra

The tubing park is great and only $13. It's a great way to spend and hour with your friends. Staff are fun and happy to allow groups of three or four tubes go down at once ! Especially on icy days, they can spin your tube really fast if you'd like. They do great private groups too.

Ayleen Rodriguez

Very affordable and close to home

Bradley Holloway

Jennifer Brown

Son fell staff was great with him and it was much appreciated!

Sabrina Buchanan

Had a blast

Amanda Michelle

So fun we go every winter

Inez R

Nan Pich

Bethany Browne

We loved the tubing hill!

Sharon Bovia

emily macmillan

peter gerardi

Steve Malloy

It's hard to rate this place. It's almost silly-small. For advanced skiers and riders, it feels like one turn between the top and bottom. Still, when I was first learning advanced snowboarding, there was a feature here I practiced on. It prepared me for some of what I then did at Breckenridge. For beginners, it's good and bad. There were nice instructors. The rope tow, though, is your baptism. Right after a good 10-inch storm, I head down there just to get on the snow and feel freshies. The do make some snow and have a tubing park.

Melanie F.

My 5 and 3 year old are learning to snowboard. This place is perfect. It's close by and small enough for them to navigate. The lodge and amenities are great for such a small place.

Brian Bigda

So, we've spent a winter getting acquainted with Yawgoo via lessons for the kids and some recreational outings, and I have to say I am impressed. Now, it's not a huge mountain (and I've skied mountains all over N.E. and out west), so anyone expecting something comparable and then complaining about it needs to get realistic. I think Yawgoo has done an exceptional job carving out interesting trails on what essentially is sloping terrain into a valley. The trails are varied and enjoyable .. and they are great for beginners to intermediates to work on technique. In fact, I am actually surprised at how many trails they offer. Now their black diamonds are not comparable to bigger resorts, but for beginners, they're challenging enough and a great confidence booster. I am also impressed with how the staff keeps the place open. This winter - 2018 - has been mild with lots of rain and 40F days, but Yawgoo continues to keep most of trails open, and in good shape. Whoever is in charge of trail maintenance is doing a great job. Lastly, the lesson program. The lessons are fantastic for any level, especially newbies. They're well organized, the right size as far as student to teacher ratio, the instructors are great, and the facility really caters to families. We plan on sticking with Yawgoo for some time with lessons and season passes. It's really a great place to ski in Southern RI ... remember that, you're skiing in Southern Rhode Island. If you live in the area, it's pretty special that you get to drive a short distance and get some skiing in at an enjoyable and affordable place.

Nir Cafri

Horrible costumer service, went snow tubing and got kicked out 10 minutes before our time ended

Cady Harrington

Rodney Smith

Luis Rodriguez

Went to order tickets for tubing and they were sold out 3 days ahead? I guess the whole state went that day , this was going to be my first visit sad to see the very limited availability i guess looking for another park is a better option wont be recommending this place to anybody at all.

Ken Wild

Carol DeSalvo

Had a good time staff friendly

j W

(Translated by Google) A ski resort that relies on artificial snow machines with extremely low elevation and low snowfall. The course is narrow, lacks topography, and has many flat burns. Dylan Gamache and others thought about how to play here, nurtured their creativity, and created various styles that influenced the snowboard scene around the world. (Original) 極端に標高が低く、降雪量も少ない、人工降雪機に頼って運営しているスキー場。コースは狭く、地形にも恵まれず、フラットバーンも多い。ディラン・ガマチェらローカルは「ここでいかに遊ぶか」を考え、クリエイティブさを育まれ、世界中のスノーボードシーンに影響を与えるさまざまなスタイルを生み出した。

obo G

Fun skiing but water park is ok


ecedergren 907

Justin Croll

Don't underestimate yawgoo for its size. It can be just as fun as any old mountain up north as long as you're with the right people. I can stay from 8:30 in the morning to 9:00 at night and still want to ride more. Also, management is very reasonable and friendly there. Usually you can spot Clay, Steve-o, or Jack (some of the operations managers) greeting people or taking care of things around the slope. I took lessons here about 6 years ago, not knowing how to even ride down a small hill. Now I am very cabable on the various features that are put out and switched around every week or so. Most of my good friends I met at yawgoo over the years.

Carol Bamford

Jeffrey Pan

Loved it! Clean, cool water, slides are great for kids. Please be advised though that adults close to 200 pounds will be traveling approx. 4000 mph at the bottom of the slide, especially the longer slide. Catches you off guard the first time.

Emilia D. Peña-Disla

Great place for people interested in winter sports but need practice.

Derryck Anderson

Katie G

Lacey Schenk

Bryan Gardiner

Ashley Marie

Tom Shea

how can you not love tubing!!!!

Jake Scott

I checked this place out back in the 90's as an experienced skier I found it to be very much a beginner hill and not much more. This hill claims to have 280 ft of vertical but it skis more like a (flat) 150 ft vertical and the "proud Mary chairlift" was very old and slow so unless you are snowplowing your way down,you will spend most of your day on this chair as most of the short trails of this terrain can be descended with just a few turns. The only great thing is,it's a ski area in Rhode Island!

Victoria Borges

Iam So pissed. we got there and realized we had to buy tickets online which is so stupid!

Noah Swanson

Great for family and young kids great place to learn to ski

John Pacheco

Not a large mountain, but an awesome Ski Area, with several trails and an awesome staff. If you want to learn how to ski, Yawgoo is one of the best places to learn. If you live in the Rhode Island are and want to enjoy some fun in the snow visit Yawgoo

Tyler F.

Me and my friends have so many good memories here at the water park. I’ve never skiied here but the water park is great. There’s two slides, a long one, and a shorter one. The lines could be big depending on what time you go at. The food is okay but I recommend that you bring some lunch from home. Also, there is a pool near the seating area. Great place and fun to spend a day during the summer.

Danielle Champlin

Anne-Marie Foster

According to my grandson's it was awesome!

Casey Bourret

Great local place, small, but fun.

Mike Boisvert

Nice place to take the kids for water sliding and use of the pool for a short time. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Definitely will be back with friends.

Gerard Carnevale

Went with grandkids and we all had a great time!

Nelson Pedro

OK, everyone. This one is hard to rank. If you are deciding between Yawgoo or Loon, go to Loon. Having said that, this is a great place to spend time. Learning to ski or board, spending time one morning or evening with friends or family, this is a great place. They try hard to make snow and usually do a great job if the weather cooperates. The food is good and the bar produces reasonably priced drinks. I have not spent time there in the summer but plan to this year.

Reed Tremblay

Fun to go with friends for an hour or two

susan gibbs

The place is an amazing place . The instructors are amazing ,They have lots of patience. We went with a group and everything went well.


It's a good place to meet up with ur friends and ski and snow board with them

Brianna Vierra

Joe R

Mark Rotella

It easy to get too. Always making snow. Survives the rain well...and great for kids. Staff that work there know how to have fun.

peyton messier

Totally ripped me off. They let me buy a $26 ticket without once warning me about there only being 2 slopes open and how bad the terrain was. I was appalled that they would even open on a day where the slopes were so bad let alone sell tickets at $26 so I went to the ticket booth and asked for my money back. The ticket woman just laughed at me and told me the best she could do was give me a voucher to return for free on a later date. This sounded fair to me but once I got home I read the voucher and it said it was only viable until the end of the season... which was 2 days away. And wouldn't you believe it rained the next two days? So I pretty much gave them $26 and got nothing back but a laugh in the face and a useless piece of paper. I never plan on returning and I highly encourage anyone reading this to venture to other places such as Wachusett or Powder Ridge as an alternative for skiing/snowboarding because Yawgoo is nothing but a headache.

Cynthia Turillo

Steven Burke

I ski here and it's great for new skiers it's little but it has great training services

David H

Nice place to go without long lines. Prices are a little steep

Maurice Doiron

Fun family friendly environment without the big ski resort headaches

Roy Medeiros

Great place to bring your family. Snow board and ski rentals are easy to use. No long lift lines.

Carlos Antonio Hernandez

sivakumar Batthala

Tubing in winter

Dawn Bender

This place is great for winter and summer fun!

Al Alix

Fun day with the grandkids, will visit again

Mariah Lobello

Lots of fun. Can be very busy.

Brendan Simonelli

There are better options for skiing and snowboarding

Erica O.

oh what a blast! At first I didn't think I'd have that much fun snow tubing, but I did. I actually love how well organized they are. I appreciate the time slots and limited tickets. It was not over crowded. No incidences. There's a small lodge to watch, and it was inexpensive. Definitely coming back.

Taryn Spiconardi

Great place for kids, they really had a blast on the water slides

Alison Shea

Great little local ski area, perfect for beginners or a day out with family

Jamie Dunham

Went to Yawgoo water park on a rainy day. There were only a few of us there but the staff was really nice and stayed open so my son and a friend could use the park for an hour. They had a good time and enjoyed there was no lines

Jay Allen

Local ski and tubing park

Timothy Robinson

Good place to learn how to ski!

Marianne Staudenmeier

Great snowboarding lessons for the kids!

al leclaire

Small but well worth the money!

Tiffany Floody

Fun times and close to home! It was a warm day but there was still plenty of snow on the tubing hill

Alyssas Tacos

Sooo much fun!

Dylan Maples

Has a nice skiing and snowboarding area, and a fun place to tube, and then you can come inside, buy a cheaply priced hot chocolate, and hang out by the fire! And in the summer, you can go on one of the cool water tubes!

Cheryl Dillon

TERRIBLE!!! You can't get in. Poorly managed and all you'll get is a sorry. Don't waste your time. Tubing is the worst! You would think with the amount of good days they have they would be more pleasant and accommodating to their patrons. Buy yourself a tube and find a good hill.


Very cold went to winter special Olympics great time dinner &dance afterwards wonderful

Lorraine Padula

Yahoo Valley Water Park was a blast Brianna loved it

Fabiola Almazan Olivar

Lynne Porter

Had a great time

Dylan Marinaro

Very fun to ski

Triple D III

Great slides and atmosphere Yawgoo is a great facility it is very clean and professional the list goes on amazing staff and a well kept clean swimming pool( which is rare nowadays) If I could give 10 stars I would. Overall just a great place! And there snow tubing is also very organized and fun for the whole family I would recommend this place to anyone!

Emily bennett

Derek Bruner

We had fun it's kind of pricey but not really I mean it's pricey for us because there's five of us and $20 a piece for 2 hours is $100 but we had fun I mean I wish there was a few more slides and less people or maybe if there was a few slides more they wouldn't be such long lines like we waited in line the first time for 20 minutes just to go down the slide one time because they had the camp there so I would suggest a day that maybe call before and make sure the camps not there but we still enjoyed the day we packed a lunch for a cooler but we just wait until our two hours was up and then we sat at the picnic areas in ate

John Mosher

Tons of fun

Amanda Morgan

Tim Johnson

Anthony Del Rosario


Prudence pelletier

Erin Shone

Kenneth Medeiros

A very easily accessible mountain to use and everyone was very friendly

Kelley Linden

I took my nephew to Yawgoo after growing up on going to the water-slides and having a blast. Positives -Good in-ground pool -Not a bad price Negatives -A bit dated- hasn't changed since I went 15 years ago. -The lifeguards and slide supervisors didn't seem to care too much about anything. **Important**- The kids had a good time on the water-slides but one of the main reasons I am writing is because of my experience on the larger of the 2 slides. I laid down on the slide (per sign direction) and after taking a second to get going, I started flying down the slide. Long story short, I was going so fast that I got turned around and hit my head on the slide before entering the pool. Luckily I am okay, but after I got out of the pool neither life guard came over to check on me. In addition, I watched several adults come down the slide and look as though they were going to fly off the slide coming around the corner. If you weigh more than 150 pounds I would HIGHLY suggest sitting up while going down either slide to prevent possible injury. I am not one who usually writes reviews, especially ones that are negative but I feel obligated to warn people about how potentially dangerous these water-slides can be and the general lack of care by the guards.

Ryan 977

So much fun!

Carl Meacham

We love snow tubing here every year. The staff have a fun attitude and it's a great value. There are 5 slides usually open and very little wait because they limit the number of people who can go at one time. Haven't skied here yet, but that's next.

Aaron Ferguson

Anon R

BEWARE AND CAUTION. Lax, careless staff fails to properly watch pool area right below the water slide -- a kid sliding down could easily crash into swimmers who should be exiting right away; rather, staff lazily look on -- paying more attention to the Liquor Bar (which oddly serves as the main entrance) as children continue waterplay in the retention pool with watersliders zipping down feet first. Asked if staff and lifeguard could find our child because he hadn't come down the slide for a long time; staff replied with "Go find him yourself because we can't find him. Plus it's not like they can go far or that anything can happen to them." The lifeguard even admitted that staff at top of slides should be watching children and properly look for a missing child; then next thing I know the lifeguard simply departs, leaving an unguarded pool/slide area. Saw this reckless hell within 15-20 minutes of arriving here. Spoke with one Katie (Agianis?) and requested the manager: She replied, "Well she's not here . . . She's kind of here and there." Last time we ever subject a child to this risky nightmare of an operation run by a fellow named Max Dewardener.

Joseph Michael Vellucci

Great place to teach young ones

Kevin Golinghorst

What a great local ski hill for the family!

Jennifer Bonsante

Christopher Dubuc

As a ski resort, it is small, best for kids and beginners. The kids love it!!! As a lifelong(above average) skier, it is boring. Drop the kids and go tubing!! The water park is also small, but its fun!! The smaller tube is perfect for smaller kids!! The larger tube is perfect for those looking for a little more speed!! It's the perfect detination for a couple hours of summer fun. The prices are reasonable, and they have hourly rates. Overall, it is a nice place all around, don't expect too much, and you will enjoy yourself.

laura areson

Good place to learn to ski. However it is pricey on weekends and vacations. It is too small a facility to charge that much.

linds b

Not too much for a water park. A large pool and a couple slides. I remember as a kid, though, having a BLAST with my cousins going up and down those slides all day. It is all enclosed into 1 smaller area with only 1 main exit, so it is easy to keep an eye on the kids. They have a lot of lifeguards keeping a look out and they are very watchful. Never been skiing here so I cannot comment on that part of this business. But I have gone tubing in the winter and it was a WHOLE lot of fun. I am a 29 year old adult and would totally do it again.

Stew Milne

Nicholas Bottone

Sean Cronin

I, personally, haven't skied here since I was a kid. However, my 7 year old daughter loves it. The staff is very helpful and friendly, it's an excellent place for starters and those who want to knock some rust off. Also, let's not forget the AMAZING tubing hill they have. We try to go all the time, unfortunately they are only open weekends.

Chelsea Soule

Very fun-Small ski place

Lisa Lopes

So much fun

redtmr 1

Well I might be biased because I work there but great skiing locally

norman moore

Very good going again

Lauren Kirsch

Ed Given

A lot of fun

Ajay Chandrasekaran

Not the best place to ski. The black levels are more of a blue level easy rating and there are only 4 paths.

Richard Giroux

Only two slides and a bit pricey

Scott Taylor

Hidden gem.

meghan marie

Amazing!!! Goes so fast! I highly recommend it to adults & children. The only thing I don't agree with is having 50 minutes. At least make it an hour.

Neha Gupta

Superb experience. Must go to place.

Jim Lafleur

Reasonable need some shade

Joshua Zinewicz

Small town ski area with a snow tubing section as well as a water park in the summer = awesome.

Brian Bordieri

Great local slope.

Amanda Escobar

I've loved coming here since a child at summer camp!!!! Lots of parking!! Clean pools & two fun watersides!! Clean bathrooms and friendly staff!! They have food and area in the shade to eat!!! Highly recommend it!!

Sarah Norton

Laid back and clean

Casey Conklin

Lots of fun, my family goes every year.

Tom Harrington

Great fun

justin bigos

didem calci

I reviewed their website before I went with my son which was very helpful. All the information I needed was on the site and they put the schedule up when they have big parties. I founded little pricey for 2 hrs of swimming but if adults taking their kids and they are not going in the water didn't have to pay made up for it. People who were working there were also polite and attentive as we were coming in and leaving.


Mike Cola

Went there with a large group of about 10 people. It was a nice idea, but it is not worth $13 for a 50 minute session that you spend about 40-45 minutes waiting in line and climbing the mountain. The conveyor they have makes it so that you don't have to climb up, but if you are fit enough to walk up a hill, you can easily outpace the towing line. If you live close to Exeter, then it may be worth it. However, the 40 minute drive from Cranston tipped the scales unfavorably.


Snowboarded for the first time here, slopes seem ideal for a beginner.

Patricia Allamby

Good for kids. Friendly staff

Synthia Trickett

Love love this place. A great location to go with the family and have a lot of fun. Lots of rules but definitely safe for all ages. They have a lift for the sleds that you can ride in. And a ski lift for the ski and snowboard area.

Tim Collins

A family run resort that is a great resource for RI. It is small, so you probably don't want to drive a long distance to get here. But if you live in RI and want to get out on the sloops this is the spot to be!

Thomas Martin

Nice but expensive.

tolerant fire

Only ski park in RI so it does the trick . However small hill and high prices . overall enjoyable

Mike L

Kevin Dunn

What a blast!

Kristy D

Love this place for the kids.. though, sometimes the lines can be a little wait..It has little snacks, food, drinks which are perfect if you plan to spend a few hours.. Good for babies even with the large kiddie pool.. May not go as much this year, as, the prices are steep once your child is past age 4.

zach ribas

Ryan Raposa

Great family place. Not a mountain by any stretch but perfect for beginner skiers and kids.

Mudassar Khatib

Did snow tubing at the tubing park. Great fun !

Gregory Clifford

Great for easygoing, small crowd, 2-3 hours of fun


Great for beginners!

Shreya Das

al who

Enjoyable day with grandkids

MM Miller

It's a really cute layout - cozy little lodge - but the skiing is terrible! maybe for snowboarders it's ok. the green trails are too steep and interrupted with harder trails - the rope tow operates poorly. I would be terrified to go on the chairlift....sorry, nice idea, but doesn't feel safe.

Eric Bronson

The runs are fine... but some of the staff were extremely unprofessional. One of the employees that was unhooking tubes simply screamed at little kids to get out of tubes. Another employee brought a couple of his friends directly to the front of the lines. Very disappointing.

Rick Girard

I took my daughter and her friends and they had a blast

Jordan Diminich

Great for beginners and families!

Phil J

We’ve visited here a couple times... specifically, the tubing park. It’s fun for both kids and adults, and your admission includes the tube rental. When we went, it was unseasonably warm; almost 50 degrees in February. This meant that the only snow was made by their snow-making machines... it was soft and slushy, but the tubing was still a good time. They have a tow-rope/ski lift to pull you back up the hill each time which was fantastic. There’s a concession stand at the top which sells hot chocolate, coffee, snacks, etc. We’ll go back again, it’s fun.

Tyler Miranda

Snow tubing is amazing. Everyone had a blast

Island Tour98

Tons of fun, great for kids, very friendly staff.

Stephen Chase

Best ski and water resort on the planet!!

Jeremy Lessard

Jean-Francois Brehany

Yawgoo is a great little place where you can go to as a beginner or a pro. Although small, the trails are fun and the lodge feels very homey.

Athina McAleer

Michael O'Keefe

David Olbrys


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