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Where is Waterplace Park?

REVIEWS OF Waterplace Park IN Rhode Island

Erkemey Tadevonts

Very beautiful place

Saeed Afzal

An amazingly maintained and preserved history

John Corvese

If you haven't been to water fire yet, you're missing something wonderful.

Tim Blankenship

Sometimes there's a WaterFire

John Houlihan

Love this park!

naveen venkat

I have not been there during fire activity but the place itself is very pleasant and calm. Its right in middle of downtown.

Kevin Smith

The Providence river and park is great.


It was a wonderful experience. I would definitely do it a again.

Carol Daxata Diller

Providence downtown itself is a very pretty downtown but this is area is even more amazing! The water fire specially was a one in a kind experience. The way the fire artist performed the fire juggles was Nerve wrecking yet fun to look at. The wall filled with arts from kids all over shows the huge range of diversity and a want of overall peace.

Jay Lichtenberger

Partial water fire, had a chill vibe but not much to do around the basin.

Robert Schmidt

This is a tidal river basin who's history is illustrated on panels in a passage under a picturesque bridge. A showcase of urban renewal that serves Providence residents and visitors with a riverfront walking path and the magic of WaterFire on select evenings.

Walter Morgynski

Beatiful. Crowded, but worth it for water fires.

Catherine Ann

Definitely wasn't expecting the water fire tonight but amazing

yolibet Melendez

Nice place.

Jeri Beckwith

A nice walk in a beautiful setting

Jamil Clark

There's nothing like this Place at Waterfire! I visited during the day, and if there were just a touch more Park, this Place would REALLY shine!

k cox

Very soothing, calming and relaxing. Great way to wind down for the evening


Relaxing place

susan grace

A lovely production and very well done.

Randy Evans

Providence's Water Place Park and Riverwalk was a pleasant discovery, even in the winter. I can imagine enjoying summer time dining here with the river fire and gondolas. Will return again in warmer weather to check it out when outdoor dining is open. All cities with urban waterways should try to recreate San Antonio's Riverwalk and Providence has a nice example. It's very close to hotels, the state capital, Providence Place, etc.

Guzzi Family

It's great enjoyable family fun

Ines V Loureiro

Providence WaterFire is an experience to be enjoyed, words cannot describe the amazing times I have spent as a volunteer.

M.C. Meenagh

Visited for water fire event. Was excellant

Marc Bertoncini

Rhode Island should catch up with ancient Rome and install public restrooms. Enjoy the smell of pee!

Sarah Nabbit

I hadn't been to Waterplace park or Providence in years, so it was both familiar and new. There's plenty of seating, and there are ramps at a decent angle for strollers or wheelchairs, but they're a little hard to navigate, as you can't always see them from each other. We came for Waterfire, and enjoyed the art fair and food trucks while waiting for the lighting. I think if we come again with our toddler, I might aim to be there slightly later, the thrall of people watching and the art fair faded well before the lighting began for our almost 4 year old. For my wife and I, this is now on a list of dates we want to have, just walking on the lovely brick paths by the canals and enjoying a lighting.

Rahaman Holley

Best place to see the Waterfire.

BlueLight Glass

Awsome walking location, esp on warm sunny day in any season.

Angel Errafay

What a great time at Waterfire!!

Alexander J Pezzullo

Great place friendly staff.

Abigail Martinez

Definitely a must visit in Providence

Bradley Gifford

The WaterFire event is impressive. It's great to see the city come alive. And the art installation is really amazing.

Linda Meesters

Fun boat ride thru WaterFire

Patricia Shaaban

Bit to dark under walk way

swatantra neupane

Great for evening strolls.

Xiomara Luz

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! One of Rhode Island's famous attractions. We have people come down from all around the world to see the lighting's. Here you can rent boats and you can have your very own private tour with a romantic dinner OR you can rent one to enjoy with your loved ones

Beth Gates

Such a beautiful waterfront! I went to Water Fire and it was absolutely beautiful. So much fun!

Rabi Shrestha

During the waterfire festival the whole river lights up. There are a lot of stalls to eat at and vendors to buy things from. Otherwise is a nice place to go for a walk

Silbia Perez

Great place to walk along a river, and shopping nearby.

Allan Deveaux

Taking the grandchildren here on a summer evening is something I would call magical. It warms my heart that the memories we give them from these times will live with them long after I have gone.

keith odell

Beautiful and romantic <3

Kemi Robinson

Beautiful place to visit if your In The downtown Providence area

Sudipta Talukdar

Very good food but little expensive

Traci Lawson

We visited Providence specifically to see the water fires. What a beautiful city! We had a great dinner at Luxe Burger which is very near by and easily accommodated our party of 17. Then we walked along the river, enjoying the street fair, performers, and the river! We had many small children with us. Note - the water fires are lit when it's dark -not right at sun down (the anticipation was great). If I were to do it again, we would go later (or without kids!), and perhaps get a hotel room in downtown Providence. That way we could enjoy the fire festivities later into the night. We saw many people picnicking along the river- that looked like a great plan too!

Armando Ugarte Castelar

Very beautiful The RI state

Jonathan Dick

It was great at waterfire. Crossing the street from there to the mall is hairy with no police on traffic.

Julie Grant

Love the fire and the music - gets way to crowded ......

Lori Willis

This beautiful urban park was created by changing the course of rivers and train tracks running through the city, and it helped usher in a true renaissance for Providence when the city needed it most. Now it’s the site of WaterFire, the city’s signature event, and a great place to visit year-round right at the heart of the city.


Spectacular view at night, beautiful live music, a memorable night.

davina alejo

Pretty city view

Norman MacLeod

Water fire was incredible and the boat ride was amazing.

Nick Bilancieri

Was cool to see the water on fire. However, I would not plan a whole trip around it

Guy Moniz

Atmosphere is always great here

Andrew Tejada

I like to just walk around this area, architecture is beautiful.

Killa Tos

Love this place beat get away from the city

Pedro Santos

Beautiful place to relax.

Courtney Gifford

Maybe this place is fabulous when there is an event, but otherwise it's dead even on a Saturday afternoon. Most places nearby were closed too except the mall.

Scott McCutchan

Water fire was awesome!

Jeff Searles

Ahhh, this is a must see and do. The atmosphere is the absolute best.

Kieran O'Sullivan

Great place to see the Waterfore display

Lilly Schr

Beautiful blueprint of Providence!

Mustafa ÇAY

It's amazing

Aaron Massey

Oh the memories: Back in 1997 - 1998 we used to go down here to walk near the river at night. There were gas lit torches in the middle of the river and everything seemed so calm.

Gail Williams

It started raining but still a great event, was nice

Chris Maury-Harden

Fun to walk around, take pictures, and eat. See the Water Fire if you can!

Raymond Ramos

This beautiful urban park was created by changing the course of rivers and train tracks running through the city, and it helped usher in a true renaissance for Providence when the city needed it most. Now it’s the site of WaterFire, the city’s signature event, and a great place to visit year-round right at the heart of the city. Providence has done an amazing job on the Riverwalk. Beautifully connects businesses and activities to the river. Wonder place to run early mornings or just a stroll.

Glen Pepsak

Water fire was awesome

Jennifer Sanchez

Always amazing night! My fiance went tonight for a partial lighting and we felt so zen, so relax. We're definitely going to miss WaterFire when we move from lil Rhody.

Fraggle Haus

I absolutely 100% enjoyed every minute that I spent working at waterplace Park. With a crew of seven other people, I helped to set up the New Year's Eve extravaganza here. We were well fed, well appreciated, and well represented bye the media. The views are gorgeous, and the random sputtering of people who wandered by we're also quite polite.

Duke Ruggiero

great time in this great little city, so much to see and eat here

Al Calise

Always amazing what a great time!!!!!

Mirna Berdecia

One of the best places in Rhode Island for a relaxing getaway.

Kendra Wise

Loved water fire...very pretty and the music was nice

kenisha calucho

Beautiful waterfront. They had the water fire which is the lightning of the river. Lots of people in attendance. They had various tents, food trucks and vendors.

Charlie Banky

Nice family time

Laurie Levesque/Jackman

Love it can't wait till next year

Pankaj Patil

Nice water fire art.


When I first came to providence and got a glimpse of Waterplace park I instantly fell in love. Love at first glance. I have never experinced something so magical since my trip to the Magic Kingdom only but this time the Magic is REAL. It's unexplainable you have to experience it both night then day to fully grasp the powerful magic this place has.

Anne Murphy

Not many vendors. Started very late


I always have enjoyed the view of the area. During spring and summer months waterfire is an amazing sight. Plenty of places to stop and enjoy the view of the park and the sounds of Providence.

Katie Allen

Sad to see trash floating in the river. Nice park, although a bit dirty.

Chris Taylor

Water Fire was awesome. Well worth the late night with kids.

Dylan Weed

The kids and I had a great summer here. We came a few times to relax a little and beat the heat. The only problem I had is the food here can be a bit pricey. Other than that it was a grand ol time with my little ones.

Michael Resendes

Nice place for a first date go for a walk even take the kids out for a walk take the dog for a walk I love the place God bless mayor Cianci

Xavius Conrad

Water plus bonfire. Add music and some strange glowing blue orbs. Water front seating, good times.

Ashley Vu


Corlertt Salinas

Not to be missed. The whole area is a not to be missed one, and Waterplace park is one of the highlights. Spent couple hours here on a sunny day and had a lot of fun. Will return before summer goes away.

Vasuki Popuri

Had been there for the base lighting, it was great. This was my first visit and enjoyed it. It gets very crowded but its nice. You can go early to get a good spot in the front!

Rhody Ginger

Beautiful, well kept park. Great to walk around in, especially during Water Fire since it truly is an experience

Ann Rosenberg

I was there for waterfire last weekend and it was a really beautiful experience.

Rita Hansen

Stunning nature in the center of the city of providence!

Jonathan Hancock

Very relaxing park to just sit and chill in. Really wish I could have been there for the waterfire.

Vikrant Shukla

Good view and relaxing, must visit if in Providence.

Beth Solomon

It could be a really nice park but it needs a lot of Maintenance and the water is usually very dirty

Allan Chambers

Nice and clean.. With no homeless etc hanging around.. We went during the day so missed the night fires

Timothy Hawk

Really nice place to walk around and enjoy the river. Dog friendly and relaxing. Nice places to eat along the walkway.


Not bad relaxing plus gives you something to do and enjoy downtown providence.


It was fun! Crowded but amazing to watch! Good views, good food to buy, can be expensive so make sure to bring some cash for yourself! Overall had a great experience, I will definitely go again.


Awesome environment, Warm feeling during water fire, Well built Place, Very crowded during water fire night. Must go once, if you are in Providence.

Brandon Lamoureux

Nice relaxing views. Water fires are amazing to attend.

Nariq Richardson

Here at night is a great view and a beautiful time to walk with your love one

Jorge Garcia

This is a fine riverside walk near restaurants, downtown office towers, & a large urban shopping center (w/a movie theater). It's also close to the Amtrak & commuter rail station & the state capitol.

griffen gowan

Love water fire, but on a spring day, it's good just to set down and reflect.

Scott Fish

Great time.

Jarvis McLaughlin

A refreshing place when you need to kickback

Dery Teixeira

Good price for the amount of time you are allowed on the water. Views are great as you go under the bridges and open areas. Staff is very friendly and understanding, they called to remind us of our reservation. Plenty a room for a group of people.

Luis Ortega

Great views

Alexandria Hawk

Great place to escape for lunch or a quick walk around the water. You’ll also find seating to relax, read or just hang out. Kept very clean by friendly staff. Astonishing fire shows on the water at night on summer weekends as well as boats to rent.

Christopher Flynn

Water fire is a great night out.

christine Buckley

Love it here quiet and calm

Amie Dublin

A night to remember with some of my best friends. An early dinner, drinks, and a wonderful show watching the water fires in Providence. If you have never been, you have got to get there.

luz vargas

Very beautiful day and lighting of the wood was very NICE.

Varvara Boruch

Loved waterfire!

Charmyne Goodfellow

Great outdoor event

CurioCity Shop

Its ok and pvd is ever expanding

Elizabeth Channell

Great family friendly event, beautiful summer night.


Always love it will always go when I have the time

Flo a

Waterfire was kinda boring not for everyone

Katherine Lind

I love this place !!! Romantic and to spend time with Daily and friends.

Robert Wernerehl

Very impressive urban restoration of a riverfront with great walking areas.

zoraida aponte

The music is serene most of the time and the fire is great to look at, the boat rides is great too, you can walk all around the lake just looking at the fire all around, is a nice place to bring friends and family but, more likely for couples.

Future Siq

Pretty nice event, if there was food vendors it would have been perfect

Catherine Draper

Its beautiful just dont be screared if u see ppl getting high

S McCarthy

Plenty of benches to go enjoy your lunch.

Crystal Comas

Beautiful place to relax

Wanda Richmond

If you want free parking you have to go early. I always pay for parking in one of the many lots. The walk has never been far and it's easier getting out. Water Fire is a Wonderful show. If the River edge gets a little crowded you can always take a walk and checkout some of the many local crafts and art displays that are up for sale. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.

selah james

Fun place. Went to the fire water festival there

Esther Miranda

Is ok place to go and hang out if you don't mind be in the middle of people

Pranoy Paul

Fun to watch! Must visit it’s super cool .. good crowd and music. Although as a visitor you need to know where is the main/ major fun! Took time to figure out but the walk was worth it!

Santiago Hermo

I went to see the Waterfire. It had ballet, music, everything. Much better than expected.

Rob Quickenden

Great place... You need to come (so plan) when they run the WaterDance

Karyn Norman

The Providence Waterfire is fantastic! We visit any time we can. Great atmosphere, music, food, and vendors.

Elizabeth Benson

Waterfire is beautiful and fun. You need to go see it.

Deb Gordinier

Nice area to go for a walk, or sit and read a book. They also have kayaks you can rent

Eric Peloquin

Water fire has become a Rhode Island tradition. It is a must see for locals and visitors alike. If you can plan a boat ride during waterfire it is a beautiful experience.

Blas Sanchez

Very nice public place. The cultural activities are interesting, with high quality.

Moisés de Freitas Cunha

Great cerimony; excellent atmosphere.

Eric B.

Really nice area to just walk around and check out.

Tina Johnson

Nice place to stroll with great views!

Mister Guy

Local riverview park where they occasionally have WaterFires during the warm season.

Nicholas Smith

Beautiful park. Great place to read. Waterfire is pretty dope too.

Clarence Forrest

Great place to go. The fire show is amazing

Thomas Brand

Great place to take the family and kids for an evening out in the city.

Carlton Rutherford

Great place to hang in the city, when you can make sure catch a Water Fire show.. just wonderful.. nothing like it in any other city.. nice to get away and relax here.. people watch

Chrystal Bess Redding

Beautiful, large spacious place... I'm always around there with friends walking. Throughout the year the team of volunteers create different themes for the canoes volunteers and music performers.... it just takes my breath away... all the creativity and uniqueness.

Brandon Allen

Great place to hang. Beautiful and relaxing in the middle of the city. Great events and restaurants all around.

Vanessa Hereu

Nice area to take a short stroll around.

Maureen Rearick

Always a wonderful experience

Sue Zilmer

Very relaxing

Vicky Gaston

Wonderful experience in Providence.

James Schmittberger

Great time had by all

Louis Leo

Enjoyable but a bit underwhelming. I guess I just expected more action - fountains, mini waterfalls etc....great views though

Katie C.

Waterfire is an incredible experience! Put it on your bucket list because everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime! Family Friendly and a wonderful date night idea!

Dennise D

Great place for a stroll with the family or getting some exercise! Big steps as available. Awesome for exploring PVD and taking pics!

Brian Alexander

Nice very nice

Monica Mm

Great place to chill!

Paul Chacon

Peaceful and quiet spot to relax

Richard Winstel

Really enjoyed Waterfire last night.

Mario Marroquin

just beautiful!

Roberto Sosa

It was a very nice night to spend with my wife

An T

nice park for walking around the canals. the water fire event is amazing. beautiful place and energy very safe too.

Don Gagnon

Wonderful pedestrian paths along the Woonasquatucket River, great for exercise, relaxing walks, or easy access to restaurants, shops, and other businesses and central locations including Amtrak Station, Providence Place Mall and parking, in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

Vedanarayanan Selvakumar

A nice place to walk, Jog and enjoy the beautiful Providence. The place is maintained clean and safe. The riverside platforms sounds like a good option to jog in summer I was told that the fire works on the river would be beautiful. I didn't get the opportunity to witness that one.

Julia Bannon

Absolutely beautiful

Eric Balzer

Battleship , Medeiros memorial, nice restaurant.

Kanwaljit Singh Mangat

Great place to be threre

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