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146 Westminster St Floor 4, Providence, RI 02903, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Great Escape Room IN Rhode Island

Clarisse Wood

So much fun and Whitney was grat!

Cheryl Medeiros

Amazing way to spend my birthday. 6 family members ranging in age from 21-80. Thank you Whitney for your guidance and help. Whitney is absolutely wonderful. Will definitely try another room. And yes we made it through the Presidents Bunker with 4 minutes and 4 seconds left. Great time.

Antonia Simmons

Went for valentines day, and had a great time! Our host David was super fun and helpful.

Robert Ashman

Awesome, challenging & tons of fun. There were 13 of us in our group and we all worked together to solve the puzzle. Lots of laughs and together fun

Jeff Affonso

Had a great time with the whole family. We were teamed up with another family, and we really pulled together to successfully "escape"! Lots of thinking, lots of teamwork, lots of fun...

Lindsa Victor

Me and my children were on are way to the escape room,and they were going to close at 11 but half way there my daughter told me that they were closed at 10:25 so we never got to go, and my children have many after school activities which means we can't go to The Great Escape Room. My children were really looking forward to it. My daughters and son are really sad about it.

Jarid Price

SO MUCH FUN. Our host Sara was wonderful

Kelsea Piquette

Took my team here for part of a holiday party (w/ team building!) and everyone loved it. We both solved our rooms and had a great time with Sara and T (I'm sorry I can't remember your full name but I know it started with a T). Can't wait to come back :)

Nick Manos

Really fun escape rooms. I've gone twice now and had David as our employee both times, and he's great. Highly recommended.

Lori Zabatta

Such a fun time! Very clever puzzles with clever clues. Our guide, Justin, was very helpful when we needed it most! Glad we found our dice! Thanks for a great night!

Babs Kearney

So fun! Joey is the best host. Helps out only when asked. Full of personality and charisma. We are going back to try the next escape room very soon!


The rooms are challenging and fun. And the prompter is hilarious. Such a good time

Kathy Pelchat

We had a great time and will be back again!!

Liam McCollum

Justin was an an amazing host, my family and I had alot of fun solving the puzzle would definitely recommend.

zelipha Gitari

small space but great experience. we had a wonderful time paired with other guests.

robin feather

I went with my siblings and some of our adult children. It was so much fun! We would work on things individually and next thing you knew we were all working on something together. Whitney was our support staff. She was never "in the way" but was able to steer things a little in the right direction without giving it away...simple reminders of "remember the theme of the room" We all want to do it again very very soon!

Mark LaBossiere

It would have been cooler if our guide didnt try to supply us w/ the answers. She seemed eager to be done for the night.

Hannah w

Our guide joe was super nice I had so much fun

Sonia Mckinley

We had a great time finding clues and figuring out the puzzle. Would definitely go again. It was my first time and my daughters second. She said I would like it and I did. Thanks for a great experience!

Kayla Armstrong

This is by far one of the best places to do escape rooms in the New England area! A must do!

Karena Gutierrez

My husband and I decided to take my in-laws while they were in town visiting from out-of-state. It was everyone’s first time doing an escape room. We chose to do The President’s Bunker. It was an great experience that was made better by our guide, Justin. We definitely will be returning to try their other rooms.

Madison Cabral

I had such a great time at the Professor Mortality’s Game Room! The staff was very friendly and Whitney was very helpful when we needed help with clues. The room was so challenging but we managed to get out with three minutes to spare. I would definitely come back and recommend bringing your friends. :)

Chuckie S

My son (9) and I attempted the library on our own. Neither one of us had ever done an escape room before. We had David as our host, and he was very accommodating, from the moment we walked through the door. He gave us space to figure it out, but also was therer to drop a helpful hint now and then. We had an amazing time, and will definitely be going back again.


Waste of money the place is dirty inside you're touching things everything's Dusty

John Horvath

An hour well spent with three friends. We escaped from the Library in 56 minutes, 12 seconds.

Penny Shade

Had a blast. Even people who was not into the puzzle thing had fun. David was great!!!!

Eric Hall

Super fun place. David was awesome. Great night with family. Would definitely go back.

Bruce Duncan

We had an awesome experience at The Great Escape Room the other night. Our group was a mix of a few 11-14 year old girls for my daughter's birthday, and some adults. The scavenger hunt aspect of the puzzle solving, and the fact that there were so many different puzzles to solve to get through to the end allowed everyone be be fully engaged and involved in problem solving the entire time. Jordan our "room monitor" was incredible, very helpful in making it a great experience for the entire group. Couldn't have been better! Would highly recommend!

Roger Melo

As always, great room setup and great puzzles.

Jesse James

Tons of fun! Best puzzle room i have done. It wasn't full of unnecessary knick knacks that lead you nowhere. One person hangs in the room with you and is there for help and hints when you need. We'll be back to do the other rooms for sure.

Tashina Harris

We did this Escape Room with Joe yesterday as a last-minute decision before we caught a flight back to Northern VA. Even though we didn't QUITE escape in time, it was an entertaining and engaging experience. Joe was a fun presence who left us to our own devices and only provided assistance when we requested he do so. He encouraged us to explore and you could tell he really wanted us to beat the game! After our room was done, he even took the time to show us around other rooms and talk with us about upcoming renovations, which I thought was a nice "extra" touch. I highly recommend this experience!

Kelly StarSpangled

This was the coolest thing I've ever experienced! We've never done an escape room before, but we definitely will again! The staff was friendly and fun, the pre-game waiting room was like, a wonderland. We will totally be back.

Margie Brennan

Our family went as a Christmas present, ages 10 through 47 and it was perfect for all of us. Our assistant provided just enough clues to help us get started and everyone was engaged. We got our with 5 seconds left! We will definetly come back. Super clean, friendly and fun!

Glenn Tobey

Room we did was fun, Sara did a great job, good for going out with friends or a fun night out/team building for work, plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance for afterward.

Professor Gizmo's Workshop

This place is so much fun! The rooms are imaginative, and the clues are well hidden. Our host Sara was great, and only dropped subtle hints when our group had solved a puzzle but didn't realize it!! Looking forward to visiting the other rooms! Highly recommended :-)

Shay Waller

Ask for Sarah! We went with a work group and had a blast!

Keith Wareham

had a great experience. staff was excellent and the room was a lot of fun. cant wait to go back.

Melanie DuPont

Had a really great experience in the "easiest" room. Can't wait to go back and try the next!

John Lahar

Our group had a great time. Joe did an amazing job in the room. Great night out. I would reccomend.

Heidi Townsend

We had an amazing time at the great escape tonight! It was the very first escape room for all 9 of us in my group and we had a blast. It was really a team effort to figure out the clues. Ours was a medium difficulty and we made it out with 5 seconds to go! This room has a 24% chance of escaping and we just made it!

Brian Flowers

Really fun. You know the experience is great when you continue to talk about it after you leave. We already want to go back to other rooms.

Ali Sinicrope

We did all three rooms in one day! A little overload, admittedly, but they were planned out so well and kept our interest! Definitely recommend.

Alycia Silva

I really fun experience that challenges your mind. Even with 10 people in the room we all got to participate.

Brienne Dufresne

We had a group of 7 people. It was so fun to see everyone work together to escape from the Game Room with 13 minutes to spare. We had a great time celebrating my cousin's 30th birthday.

Linda Dagesse

My family and I had a wonderful time escaping the President's Bunker. Fun for all ages


I've been to a few different escape rooms between RI and Maine. The lobby is able to accommodate twenty or so people with room to spare, which is nice. There's lots of games and puzzles for you to test your knowledge with while you're waiting. Overall, I liked The Great Escape Room in Providence. I escaped a room with a group of 7 and only 5 seconds to spare. The theme/narrative of the room was believable and incorporated from start to finish, which I greatly appreciated. My only criticism without revealing too much is that you need to pay close attention to the "Do Not Move" furniture/item signs. It would have been nice if the signs weren't just white labels but perhaps color-coded like I've seen at other escape rooms especially if they're going to be incorporated into the game. We wouldn't have made it out in time if it weren't for Justin from The Great Escape Room assisting us with things we found not so obvious.

Pamela Collins

If you like puzzles, mysteries, riddles, or just using your brain to figure things out, this is a fun way to spend an evening with inquisitive friends. Joe was helpful without being overbearing or obvious. Definitely something different to do. It technically only takes an hour, but when you account for the introduction and the debriefing, it may take longer. It was fun watching friends get excited over clues, or realize how things fit together and cheered each other on. Bring your smart friends!

Emily Michele Olmsted

I thoroughly enjoyed this escape room and the effort they had put into the decorations and props. You also had to find your clues which was kind of a neat idea. Our guide, Joe, was always in the room with us which must have been extremely interesting for him. It was also helpful to us because he was there if I had a quick question about how far I should go to examine something (ex. to not take apart a prop further). He also gave us some good clues when we needed them. He also gave us a really detailed explanation of the other rooms and was telling us about his experiences in watching some of the groups that go through- it shows that he truly enjoys his job and thinks about how to adapt the puzzles a bit. Overall I would say this was one of the more fun escape rooms I have done thus far.

Mike Ferrer

Out of all the escape rooms in RI this location has risen to my top. The staff was so awesome. They were friendly, chill and really there to make the experience incredible. If you are a non-profit I highly recommend you call the manager and work something out. I highly suggest this location, especially to beginners because the clues are nicely laid out.

Brian Murphy

An absolute blast! We will definitely go back when we are back in town.

Rameez S

Visited this place as part of out team outing. We had a great time here it was fun solving the puzzles . Will be visiting this place again

Alexis Pereira

We had a great time with TY! She made our experience one to remember. She was enthusiastic and praised us when we succeeded. Will return!

ishmael arroyo

Great time Whitney made it real fun for us

Samuel Farias

Amazing staff! A+ service! Guides helped us through the room preparation and helped if we got stuck on one puzzle for too long! Amazing time and we even went back the same week!

Elliott Gagnon

Would not recommend this place. Most of the "puzzles" were just scavenger hunts. The clues given had very little to no context with the solutions. Also the fact that staff was in the room with us took some of the challenge away because she would give hints when not asked, and reveal missing pieces of clues without any indication that we wanted her help. She would also stop us from working on certain problems if they were not relevant or needed thwm later, which is part of the fun, to figure out what is relevant and what is not. Having staff in the room made it easier but took a lot of excitement out of solving the puzzles.

Samantha Kaleem

this place was so much fun! Justin was amazing! We did the Bunker and we made it out! whoop whoop!! i would definitely go back and try the other rooms! I would recommend this to any sized group of friends or family who love a good challenge

Rik Deering

If you’ve done escape rooms before, this is pretty standard. You have to solve a bunch of puzzles and riddles to get clues to bigger puzzles and riddles until you answer the main riddle which helps you unlock the door and... escape. This one was fun, but it was just a single room. I’ve done some that have you go through 2 or 3 to get all the clues to get out of the main room. But it was still fun.

Paul Vialo

This was such a fun and entertaining night! Amanda was great! Super friendly, laughed with us and genuinely wanted us to escape. We laughed at how dumb we were at times and throughly enjoyed our hour locked in the library. We would definitely do it again

Jeff Eaton

First time going to an escape room. Its was awesome! I highly recommend going if you haven't yet. Get a group of friends together and go have some fun!! The staff was great! Definitely be going back!!

Kaylee Harrison

Had a fun time! Couldn't have done it without Whitney but we escaped!

Brenda Pacheco

Great place! We took our great nephew here - he actually suggested it! It was a blast!

Karen Kearns

We had our Department Holiday Party at the Great Escape Room. We divided our group of 16 into 2 teams and competed against each other to escape the Library as they have two identical rooms for this challenge. It really was so much fun, though quite challenging come time to figure out the puzzles & riddles. David was our guide and he did a great job of keeping us on task. I'm happy to say our team was the winning team with 13.26 minutes left on the clock. It was alot of fun and we are looking forward to going again and doing one of the other rooms they offer!

Sofia Bgmail

Fun for the family. I suggest older kids, 10+.

Mark Burnett

Unbelievablely fun!! The staff made it even better! We went for an adult Birthday Party I planned for a friend, I have never been to any "Escape Room" so I had no idea what I was doing. Must have called 5 times with questions and they were awesome every time. We chose the most difficult room "The Game Room" so we were a little nervous since none of us had gone to an "Escape Room" before. Case and point it was fun as hell, not easy by any means but a blast figuring our way out. We were able to get out but not with much time to spare...9 adults all acting like kids/detectives was a good time for all and I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who hasn't been.

Kristin Rosler

Had such a great time. We have done a few other escape rooms at other places, but we especially liked this one as many opportunities for everyone in a mixed group (had young teens + experienced adults) to help with the scavenger hunt & multiple puzzles way of doing it.

Hanna Legault

4 of us did the Sherlock Holmes room and it was a blast. We ended up being the only group in the room for that time slot, but had there been other people with us, the room (size/puzzles/clues) would have been enough for everyone to feel fully immersed. We didn’t finish in time but our guide, Emma (who was awesome), let us keep going over the time to finish for ourselves. Overall great time, friendly staff, and tricky puzzles.

William Leary

This was an extremely fun event. I went there with my coworkers and we all had a blast. Very professional!

wilfredo soto

Tons of fun and well worth the every penny.

Unknown Unknown

Love this place! Brought my kids and then went back with my husband! So much excitement!

madison ouellette

its amazing and a crazy fun experience! go with friends & family

Sabrina Brown

It was great except for the fact that the guy kept setting up the room while we were still in there. He didnt wait until it was over to put things back which really killed the mood. We were the last group for the night and we were one puzzle away and when the time was up he just told us the answer without letting us even guess or stay a little extra. Wish we had a different person there.

Dawn Fusco

Great fun! Best escape room yet. Very challenging & Justin was awesome. Thanks great escape we will be back!

Chelsea White

My friends and I did the Library. We were paired with one other group and it was a good experience. It was a challenge, and our "Head Librarian" Amanda did a great job helping us when we needed it. We will definitely be back to do more of the rooms!

Allii Rose

My two friends and I went last week and had an absolutely AWESOME time with Justin! We escaped the Library with just under 10 minutes to spare! It was a great time! I work at a summer camp and we will be coming here with our campers some time soon! Definitely worth the money!

Corey Shurtleff

Best escape room we've done. There was legitimate plot and the staff was extremely fun and accommodating.

Victoria Uustal

If you've ever done an Escape Room before, you know each company has their own spin on clues. David was GREAT! Super helpful as we got used to the way TGER sets up and manages their clues. There were a lot of different puzzles going on in the room which kept everyone busy and engaged. We had so much fun, we're planning to come back and try a harder room!!

Nathan Trottier

Great time, very nice and intriguing setup. Will be back

Jocelin Jarvis

Had a wonderful time and will be doing it again!

Mark Chaffee

Did a family night with a 19 year old - we had so much fun. Justin (the host) was excellent and we ended up getting out, success and fun!!!

alex leblanc

We had a great time! Special shoutout to Joey who was incredible! 10/10 recommend

Kayla Pelletier

I am beyond thrilled with the experience at TGER Providence. When I saw that the night I had planned on going was full at the time I could go I emailed them and received a response almost instantly even though it was late at night. They accommodated my group of 9 wonderfully and made this experience unforgettable. We even finished our room with 19 minutes left! I have been to one escape room in MA that was... lets just say less than thrilling... but this escape room was fun and engaging! The scavenger hunt aspect helps everyone feel included as they can contribute to the group effort. I will be back soon!

Jane Cole

Went last night with the Providence Moms Blog group and we had a blast! Story line was engaging, puzzles were challenging but we managed to escape! Staff were excellent. Facility was well themed and clean. Over all fun night and I'm ready for the next adventure!

Chris Algiere

Had a great time in the Presidential Bunker with a group of 8. We killed it in 47 minutes. Thanks Dave for being a great host.

Marylin LaRose

Super fun and quite a challenge! I want to go back and try the game room!!! Love the staff there too!

Kristen Precious

We had a blast at The Great Escape Room. David was an outstanding guide. The whole experience was entertaining AND somewhat educational! I highly recommend this as a great time for families and groups of friends. We will be back again!

Tony Veiga

Great place for date night

Daniel Finn-Foley

I can’t recommend this escape room enough! This was my first time trying an escape room as a long time puzzle enthusiast, and doing the Sherlock’s Library likely sparked a longtime love of the genre. Well designed, well executed, and most importantly well run! Our “Watson” (the host for the puzzle hour) was Amanda, and if you go ask for her personally, as she was just fantastic. She single-handedly assured that I would be back to try the other rooms here (we pre-purchased our next escape) as her presence elevated the experience from enjoyable to sublime. Seriously - when you book your event, ask if Amanda is available, I can’t recommend her enough, I’m making sure she is on shift before we go back! Do yourself a favor, puzzle fans - escape this room!

Ted McCarty

This place is excellent. It is well organized, well planned and well staffed. They have multiple room puzzles for you to pick from and they are unique in that each has multiple puzzles happening at once, keeping the entire group engaged. They rooms also have an interesting premise. This is not to say the rooms are easy, quite the opposite. There easiest room is only solved about 70% of the time. Additionally you are made to sign a form that says you will not give away the specifics of these rooms online, so your not going to find answers from googling. Good luck.

Darren Cossette

Had a great and challenging time at the Presidential Bunker Escape Room(s). We had an 8 person team, 6 of us together and another couple added in on our adventure. The puzzles were very fun and exciting to solve and it required multiple groups of our team working in parallel to solve the end of the challenge. There was Standard scavenging activity as well as challenging coding and puzzel solving, visual and verbal. Everyone in our group had an Excellent time and we will all be likely to visit and try more rooms and challenges. Our guide (Sara) was very good. She only helped when required to do so yet never gave any critical information away. She helped with enough guidance to keep the experience fun and challenging. Darren

Tiffany B

It was so much fun. We did the Houdini room and had a blast. It was reasonably priced ($24.80 per person after tax) and so detailed. They really do a great job of setting the room up. Everyone I went with can't wait to try another room. We will definitely be going back!

Eric Handwerger

We did this with a crew of high school friends in from out of town for my wife’s birthday! What a fun experience (even with a few hangovers in the bunch

Allison Needham

I loved it. My family did the game room. Made it with 6:58 To spear

Nathan Perez

David was really nice and very helpful.

Claudia Riley

Soooo fun and well organized. Room was challenging and your staff is professional, helpful and friendly. Great idea for a group outing. We will ne back!

anais :

This place was amazing!! David was a pleasure an extreme joy to be around. His punch lines and little comments/jokes were outstanding :) The escape room “the Library” was fun i would definitely go again !!

Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro

My team and I enjoyed working with Amanda and her team. We look forward to continuing to work with the Great Escape Room in the future.

Christine Kile

So much fun!! First time doing this and would do so again !! Clues to find and puzzles to solve! Great for a birthday with friends or just a fun night out with friends or family! We solved all the puzzles and had 1 minute and 45 seconds to spare! Very enjoyable time and excellent staff to guide you through.

Dan G

I had a lot of fun trying to solve all the puzzles. We tried the president's bunker which was a little bit difficult because I do not know much of American history, much less all the presidents. But all in all the solution could be found everything in the room you just have to wrack your brains and decipher them. We were not able to solve everything and escape, provided that it was only 3 of us who went this time. I have a feeling that we will be more successful if there are more people, and the puzzle room could fit 10 people. The people who worked here were fun and very helpful, and the anteroom has everything you need, restrooms, some candy, some games that you could play while waiting. I will definitely be coming back and trying the other puzzles as well.

Michael Walton

Much more fun than I expected. Whitney (head librarian) have is just the right amount of help and encouragement to keep things moving and fun.

Alexa Duarte

If I could give this place more than 5 stars u would! Staff is so friendly and helpful! Been to all 3 rooms. We had Justin and Joe they were both fabulous and you can tell that they really enjoy their job! Can’t wait until new room is done. We will definitely be back with friends even though we had already done all. I recommend doing the Presidents Bunker. It’s amazing!

Ryan Westphal

Our large group had a great time! Everyone from those who had never done an escape room to those who had done many had a lot of fun. Amanda and Justin were great hosts. We look forward to trying out some of the other rooms.

Conaky Mays

The "Presidential Bunker" was both fun and challenging! Our team of four worked with another team of four to save the world with 12 and a half minutes to spare. There was something for everyone to do in order to feel included. We've already bought tickets for our next adventure!

Amy Carney

What a fun time our family had for our first time here! We had 3 different generations participating in the fun and we all had a great time. We have done a lot of these around the US and we highly recommend this one.

Emily Rose

I had a good time but didnt really appreciate having the guide in the room with you. It doesnt feel as "real" trying to escape. The room was being reset and everything put back in its place while we were still playing and really ruined the feel.

Shivani Patel

So much fun!!

Renee Bourassa

This place was awesome! I've done all of the rooms here and I have had Justin as the game monitor twice. He's hilarious and super fun to have in the game with us! Thanks for such a fun and involved room! Can't wait to see what else will come soon! Bring more rooms!

Abigail Sanchez

I had such a great time in the President’s Bunker for my birthday! My teammate and I solved the puzzles and scavenger hunt in just under an hour. We were challenged the whole time, but we also had fun the whole time. Wendy, the escape room leader made us feel comfortable and helped us have so much fun! She gave us just enough help to help us finish, but not so much that we didn’t get to enjoy the puzzles. It was perfect

Wendy Duncan

We really loved this place. Great experience that engages everyone in the room vs other escape rooms that only engage a few. I would highly recommend this place to others. Our room host, Jordan, was super helpful. She watched us closely and read the room really well. Our group included several 12 year olds so she made sure they were engaged and contributing. She was terrific. All in all, a great experience and we will be back.

Almando Mason

Fun unique experience! Will be revisiting for other options.

SESA 146886

Our group was new to escape rooms and Joe did a wonderful job introducing everyone to the concept. I thought it might be weird having someone in the room with us to assist with clues but Joe did an awesome job keeping things fun and stepping in only when we requested help. Joe was great and I hope he can assist us with a room again in the future.

Judy Smith

Easy to find, clean, and fun! I have never been to an escape room before. The instructions were clear as we registered and then once again when we entered the room. Not sure I helped much, but we SAVED THE WORLD, and had a lot of fun doing it. I hope to return one day soon.

Mary Maloney

David was a great host and the Game Room was amazing! It was my first real room and I was doing with an experienced couple. I never felt left out or behind. I definitely plan on returning to try some of the others there!

M _

Great fun and a real challenge. Be ready to solve equations and puzzles or bring some smart friends! The guides are super friendly and helpful. Thank you for a great experience Sara!

thomas beaucage

Lots of fun! David was a great host. He was funny and very helpful. We will be back again soon

Jeannine Luther

Overall it was a fun experience, but slightly disappointing. The Game Room is something that I could have set up in my own house, just searching for stickers on items and using those clues to get combinations to unlock boxes. While it was fun to do with a group of friends, we were expecting more as other escape rooms we had done in the past were a lot more elaborate and technologically savvy.

Becky Seymour

This was our family’s (5 adults) first escape room experience. Fortunately we had 3 others join our group because we needed lots of brain power and they were very fun to work with. We had a blast and can’t wait to try another one. We really enjoyed solving the clues and liked the clever way they were arranged and led to the final escape. Yes, we escaped, but with only moments to spare! Our host, Gio, was very congenial. As newbies, he provided us with the help we needed to maximize our time without giving anything away.

Bobby watt

We went in with our own group of 10 and had a blast . Joe and Whitney definitely made it a memorable experience . I would highly recommend trying it out . We did the bunker room and although it was tough everyone was scrambling around and had a blast.. oh and yes we escaped in 58 min... Woo hoo.. We can't wait to go back and try the next room and we will 100% request Joe and Whitney as our team members ... Great job great escape ..

Christina Hall

My husband and I went for the first time, not having any idea what to expect. We had a great time, enjoyed meeting other people and working together to find the clues to unlock each puzzle. Amanda, our “Watson,” was great, she explained the game clearly and answered our questions without giving anything away. We will definitely be back!

Norman Martineau

This was great fun and a challenge. Watson (aka Sarah) was great. I highly recommend this as a group activity.

Morgan Izdebski

Awesome place! Was really fun and Joe was super nice, helpful,and cool

Kim Pineau

We had a great time in the Game Room. We even made it our with almost 9 minutes to spare. So much fun for everyone.

Becky Doggett

First Escape room we ever did, and so glad we did it! The staff was awesome, friendly and professional. The room was really interesting with so many mysteries and clues to solve. It was really cool to see everyone in the group use their individual talents to participate. Never thought we'd make it out in time but we did! I'd definitely go back again sometime!

Leann Chanthavong

Nicole really helped me make a booked reservation here!! Loved talking to her!

Myrna B

Loved it!!! Sara was great!!! So much fun... can't wait to go again

Peter Piazza

This was my first escape room. The staff was extremely friendly, specifically Joe. He even went through how some of the puzzles worked after we completed the room!

Krissie Franco

Fun experience. David was a great host!

Krista Marie

My family and I did this and it was super fun and we all loved it would highly recommend

Robert Tripp

Awesome, in a word, awesome. It was our first time at an escape room. My wife has wanted to go for a long time, me not so much. A friend of mine asked me if we wanted to go so I thought I would surprise her. It was great. They put so much though into the game. The clues are difficult to follow but not impossible. It works a lot better if everyone works together. The person running it knew exactly when to give us a clue or steer us in the right direction. We're already talking about going back.

Heather Evans

Loved it! We escaped from the library thanks to teamwork among three groups of strangers, ages 14 to 64. A balance of wordplay and math skills were needed to solve the truly challenging puzzles.

michelle rodriguez

The gentlemen we had for our team was David, and he did a wonderful job. Excellent.

Renato Gutierrez

Great experience, very clean space. Wonderful customer service, well elaborated, fun and clever. Strongly recommend.

Jennifer Bessette

Elizabeth was great!! We had a blast! Our group ranges from age 40-age 7 fun for all!!!

Anne Biswas

We picked The Great Escape as a team building event for 4 teams that work closely together. This activity gave us the opportunity to work together as 2 larger teams (we had the group of 17 split into 2 rooms) in order to solve the mysteries. Everyone was able to use their own skill set in a fun and engaging way. Our leader Sara was awesome!

Joe Tatulli

Fun adventure with work teammates.

David Zachary

A great experience! Puzzles were layered and complex, really tested your puzzle solving skills. We went for a corporate team builder event and it was awesome that we were able to split into two groups and attempt the same room build at the same time. Staff was knowledgeable and great. Would definitely recommend.

Brooke Merriam

I brought my kids ages 11 and 13 and their two friends, and we had a blast! We did the Game Room and were with another family of 4. The games were challenging but manageable. It was great fun and Sara was an excellent guide. We made it out with about 7 minutes to spare! We will definitely be back to try another room!

Patrick McKenna

David was great! We had an excellent time! Would definitely recommend!

rebecca mirisola

David was great - made our experience fun and enjoyable! We went with a group of 8 and did the library. We found the puzzles a good mix, with a little something for everyone. Will definitely go back to try another room

Hillary Lannon

This was my 3rd Escape Room (1st here), and first time for my friends. This was my favorite so far! We did the Library. Good balance of challenge and success. Sara was great, guiding us only when necessary, but well timed to keep us going forward. Very pleasant, friendly and patient. There were only 4 of us, which worked well. (I wonder if 10 in this room would have been too many?) Only comment was that room got very warm, but facility/decor/challenges are great - right from stepping off the elevator until we left. Thank you!

Bill coyle

Great experience we did the bunker. First time for us, so we wanted to choose the most challenging room. Staff was awesome!!! We ran out of time by a few minutes so, we were proud we got that far. Would definitely be back!!!

Miranda Leigh

I was a part of a group of 4 that did the Library Room. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for something new to do in Providence. Also, shout out to our host Sara who was super nice!

Brittany Jardin

Just left! Joey and Sarah were so welcoming and so nice! First time doing an escape room and was super nervous we wouldn’t get out but we did! just in time! Will be back! Thanks!!!

Tanya Martin

Fun, and very challenging! Great place for my 11year old’s birthday!

Jammie B

We visited this location on the last day of a family trip to RI, so we were already checked out of our hotel room, and waiting for the Escape Room to open at 6pm. Inevitably, our little one got tired from walking around town all day, so we came back to the location a little early, around 5:15, to put our feet up for a minute before our 6pm reservation. The staff was SO kind and hospitable to us being there so early. The waiting area is chock full of activities and games to keep you busy while things are being set up, and the experience was fantastic. We were a group of 3, with one of us being just 7 years old, and we successfully completed The Library in 56 minutes. It was intense!! If I hadn't have played 5,000 room escape games online in my lifetime, we never would have figured this out! The clues were very well hidden but all within the realm of what you would find in an online game - nothing was outrageously impossible or anything like that. The host was very helpful as needed, and otherwise did not intervene, and the decorations/atmosphere were clearly given a LOT of forethought. We've done Boda Borg as a family a lot and we love it every single time. This was our first puzzle-style escape room experience, and we'll definitely be trying out some more of these. Thank you, Sara and Amanda!!

Erin Lavoie

Lots of fun for kiddies and adults !! Definitely going back. Our host was exceptional!

Lisa Scully

Took my mother for her birthday and she had a blast! Highly recommend

ana galli

Ty was the best! The experience would never be the same without her! Thank u ty!!

John Bradley

I brought a group of 22 students from my school for a club retreat. It was great! Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to do with a large group

Melissa Dichiaro

It was awesome. The Joey with tbe red cap was amazing and fun. Going back soon for another room.

Elise Bechard

Such a fun time with a very imaginative and creative game to solve. Took away the last star because there was no AC and the room was sweltering! The game host Gio was awesome and even brought us cold water, but still less than ideal. We still had a blast!

Ellen Schrier

David was the perfect host in Providence! So much fun. And yes, we did escape!

David Thompson

We were always very curious about escape rooms and wanted to try one. I looked up escape rooms in the Providence area, and settled on this one (their website was so much better, and the rooms looked more interesting). We couldn't have been happier. This was a great experience, and just right on the difficulty level. We lucked out and it was just my wife and I (choosing the middle of the day on a weekday helped...). We'll definitely be coming back with the whole family. Update: we went with the while family, and had a blast. They've changed their pricing (which isn't surprising after a year), so be sure to church out their website. They keep it up to date.

Nichole Smith

Justin was the best! Thank you for an awesome time, we can't wait to come back!

Don Kelly

What a great place. Did a team building event here with lunch and an escape room. Lots of fun, challenging puzzles, and helpful staff. Would highly recommend for a work function or a group of friends!

Diana C.

A group of us went for a work fun event.... and it was a BLAST!! Our librarian Amanda answered our questions and guided us without giving anything away. It was so satisfying being able to solve our way out of Sherlock’s Library. I didn’t want to leave. As soon as we were done, I wanted to try my hand at The President’s Bunker. I will definitely be back!! Thanks Amanda!!

adam sinel

I've been to a few of these places, this one was the best. Went w kids and adults, was very very well run and everyone was able to participate and enjoy. Would definitely go back. We were paired w two people on a date who I'm guessing don't have kids and it could have been akward, but really was nice. The main difference to this place was the employee stayed in the room. This really was helpful, not just for clues, but I've been to ones where people are destructive. And this really prevents that possibility, the lady I forget her name really was nice and that's why I liked this one the best.

Chris Carr

Excellent experience with high engagement and great customer service! I recommend the President's Bunker for a larger group.

Deb Martin

We had a fantastic time at the Great Escape. Lots of fun and Amanda was an excellent host. I enjoyed it so much I told the family we should consider doing something like this at the holidays....just a fun way to get together instead of the usual dinner out. Thank you for having such a fun activity in Providence!

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