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44 Ochre Point Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States Located in: Salve Regina University

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REVIEWS OF The Breakers IN Rhode Island

Stephan Russo

A beautiful place to see and experience. Amazing to see history and the way the priviledge live. Maybe I'll hit powball and buy one myself.

Rakhi Bhattacharya

Gorgeous mansion in Newport Rhode Island! We visited this mansion on a tour during the labor day weekend. It's a huge mansion with lavish interiors and decorations. There are period furnishings and many of the original pieces have been preserved. It takes about 1 hour to do justice to the tour. However, there's nothing stopping you from cutting it short or doing a quicker tour at a faster pace. We used the audio headsets for the self walking tour so we could cover it at our own pace. The entire mansion and the grounds and gardens are wonderful. Definitely worth a visit.

Oren Vardy

A fascinating visit into US foo society. The audio tour was really good

Richard Berke

Jaw dropping opulance. Amazing it could be built. And preserved!

Gregory Wamser

Very impressive and interesting building. The audio tour is very good. Very much worth visiting especially around Christmas

Bill Hansen

My thoughts were,"if only the Vanderbilts would have done something good with their money, like start a university!" But then, I guess they did.

Jerry Tidd

Don't make the mistake we did of not blocking out enough time to enjoy all the sights here. At lease on full day, if not more. The have many options, but I suggest the $38 5 House Ticket, with The Breakers, Marble House, and Roescliff as must see destinations. Self guided audio tours. Amazing gardens. Then enjoy the sights along the cliff walk.

David Belliveau

Beautiful place to see what it was like to be that wealthy in a long ago time. Magnificent home and grounds.

Carla Kooij

Seeing the inside of this marvelous mansion was AMAZING! EVERY detail from the walls, fireplaces to the lamps were each so gorgeous, I couldn't believe it. I loved the fountain inside, the Great Hall that was 2 1/2 stories high, the huge kitchen, the big stairwells carpeted in red, the beautiful views of the ocean looking out the window, the marble bathtub and bathroom, the billiard room, dining room, so many thing to see and marvel at!

Frank Hager

You get to pay to see how the richest people in the world lived in the turn of the 20th century. Only a summer house. Magnificent or gaudy architecture depending on your point of view. Headsets included in $26 entrance fee. Do the cliff walk afterwards. Bring your black credit card to Newport.

Michael Dalrymple

Whilst the craftsmanship is beyond amazing, this mansion shows the dark side of Nuevo Americana royalty. A nation built upon anti monarchy sentiments, this place allowed a small family with unheard of wealth to exhibit why no nation is free from monarchy or socialite influence. I came here to appreciate the art, architecture and craftsmanship and was impressed beyond measure. But I did have the reservation in mind this was built off the misfortune and exploitation of many downtrodden people. 5 stars goes to the Craftsmen, servants and teamsters. I give the Vanderbilts -1 stars for being lame.


a marvel of architecture, finesse, care for detail. a precious monument beautifully preserved.

Hannah w

Amazing house we took the kids tour it was really interesting I don't know what the regular one was but I would recommend the kids version every time

J Pierre

Breathtakingly beautiful mansion enriched in history. Each room tells its own tale. The pieces are impeccably maintained and allow the audience to relieve the enchanting events from long ago. The flower gardens lead to a mesmerizing ocean view. Not to be outdone, the courtyard also leads to a beautifully kept lawn where families lingered to take in the sight. The tours are well organized and self-guided with staff pointing the way as you walk. There's a quint gift shop strategically located at the exit. It contains similar pieces observed in some parts of the house. Overall, the visit was memorable.

Liz Savery

Great step back into the Guilded Age. This house should be the first stop on your mansion your while in Newport. It’s the one you’ll see most in movies, literature references etc., and it’s just a glorious place. The staff could be a bit more informative but it’s the building you’re there to see. Re: the mansion tour - you don’t need to see all five (or that’s the package you pick) in one day or even one trip. You can come back within a year to see the rest.

Nicki Bress

Did the audio tour with my 9 year old. They do have a version for "families". We thought it was interesting.

Debbie Bernardo

19 yr old granddaughter loved it. Great history

Shavik Harindra Gunarathne

I loved the Breakers European architecture. It's well preserved. And it's amazing how it was constructed in just two years. It's a massive mansion. Wonder how much money it would cost if it builds today. The parking nearby is limited on a summer weekend because of the crowd. It'll take around 2 - 3 hours to fully explore the place. They don't allow tripods or flashing. It can get crowded so please be prepared for that.

Futago Twinn

This amazing Mansion is just so amazing to look at. The details, the arts the architecture is just impressive. The Preservation Society of Newport County did a great job of saving this magnificent time capsule. You may want to set aside at least 2 hours to hear all the bits and pieces of history of this place.

legacy 509

Holy smokes......... To own a "summer" home like this would be SPECTACULAR. Walking through and seeing the history of these is worth it.

Jeremiah Gonzalez

The Best of the Newport Mansions! Highly recommend, must stop here! Had an amazing tour of the home early in the day so there were very few people in the tour group. The staff was super friendly and just as informative if not more so. The home itself is gorgeous, most beautiful summer cottage I have ever seen, the history behind it is amazing, Highly Recommend! If this is the only house you get to visit you will not be let down!

Mike Rogers

Absolutely amazing! Show up early and beat the crowd.

Valdiez Clemens

It's pretty much a perfect example of the Newport Mansions. Massive, Beautiful, Amazing history, and Gorgeous views of the sea. A great choice for tourists visiting!

Ganesh Venkataraman

Must visit ! Elegant and majestic among the mansions in Newport. Audio tour is a must to do thing to understand the secret facts of this mansion. Sea view from this mansion balcony is awesome. Visit it during week days and you can enjoy it to the core as well as parking hassles can be avoided. Has a cafeteria at the mansion ticket counter with limited breakfast options. Enjoy !

Susan Gelman

Beautiful architecture and great place for photo ops . Still have to visit the mansion Newport is gorgeous.....

sarah jackson

Super fun walk along the coastline near the mansions. Some spots have waves crash over the walls, be prepared to get wet if you aren't attentive. Couldn't see many of the mansions like I had hoped, but still worth the time. One section was very stinky from rotting algae that was trapped along the rocks and small sand area. Easy for adventurous kids.

Jessie Griffith

A view into the height of American opulence and maltreatment of people considered to be of 'lower class.' Unfortunately, my wife took me to see this, otherwise I would have never paid to see how a bunch of rich snobs lived.

Isabella Zuk

A must see in Newport. So beautiful and interesting. Worth the price of the ticket. The self guided audio your takes about an hour and a half.

Michelle Mitton

We loved the tour of the grounds and the walk along the sea wall. Easton beach nearby is pretty, and it was the perfect stop on our road trip.

Brehan Brady

Wow, just wow! This place is a must see. Well worth the visit

Jennifer Gomez

Absolutely stunning. The tour was amazing and full of information. Highly recommend visiting

Michael Marolda IV

Goregous architecture. Truly amazing for America as our premier landmark to European Palaces. $26 for an adult ticket.

Sandy Bolton

This is an amazing house. The taped guided tour was so good.

Amanda Tsilimigra

Loved it! It was cold and rainy out side, perfect shelter! 26 to expensive but when in new port!! I believe this is the nicest out of the rest of the Mansions.

pSlim One

The best Mansion to tour (or at least start with). Enjoyed seeing it again (second time at this one).

Andy Kim

The Breakers is an amazing mansion that is just beautiful. The self guided tour is a must since it explains every room and hall of the mansion. The audio tour is very detailed and goes in depth about the history of the Breakers. It really lets you see what life was like back then.

Ankit Patel

Amzing $26 for mension tour fee, free Parking and You can do ground walk for free

Kim Pho

Beautiful piece of history! The mansion is definitely breathtaking. The architecture is so complex that each time you look at the building you will find a new detail that will make you appreciate it even more. You can choose to pay for a tour, or explore the outside for free. It is also a part of the cliff walk which also has beautiful scenery. I recommend driving to and seeing the other mansions in the surrounding area too. And parking is free which is much appreciated!

Bekah Furches

Incredible!! Loved the individual headsets so you can go through at your own pace. They even had extra info options if you wanted more details and stories.

A Riggins

Remarkable. We really enjoyed the audio tour experience at our own pace.

Sylas Malladi

The grandeur of this Mansion is truly special and the tour around the place is also well laid out. The audio cues for each checkpoint/ area is a nice touch with loads of historic tales. A great experience for history geeks.

Deborah Phillips

So wonderfully beautiful!!!!! The biggest summer cottage that I've ever seen! So wonderful to step inside of the gilded age. Yet, one feels relief to step back into our era. So much excess. I mean, it is gorgeous, just too much of everything!!! Even the children's cute playhouse is huge!!!!!!

Emma Salazar

Went on the Beneath the Breakers tour. Very interesting for those interested in the "latest" technology of the house and time. The house itself was breathtaking.

tyler kutch

We were going to go just to the grounds and not tour the house little did we know that you also have to purchase tickets just for the grounds. We did the clif walk which was an excellent walk.this is the view from the clif walk.

Kory Dell'Aquila

The mansion deserves 5 stars. I am giving the tour 4 stars. It is absolutely beautiful and leaves you in awe at the fact that people lived like that. The tour is a little dry and I don't think it needs to be. Just because something is historical does not mean you need a monotone voice in a dirty head set telling you about each room. But it is one of the top 3 mansions to see of you are in the area.

Bailey Zuk

This is a must see in Newport! We were sceptical at first as to if it really lived up to all the talk, but it is so worth it. There is a fee to enter but it's minute once you start your tour. They provide headsets to educate on the history of the building, and the ocean views are breathtaking!

T. Scott Schuesler

Although the recording device failed, this home and property is a must see! The interior of this home is extravagant and gorgeous. The tour is very informative and transitions at a fair pace so that you can enjoy the trip to the past.

David Walker

Great audio tour. Though I was underwhelmed by the house, needs to be closed for a year in order to perform maintenance. I wanted to see where the "robber baron" lived, not his son.

Vera Schnabel

Very interesting place to see. Hard to believe people only stayed here for only a few weeks a year. Breathtaking views! Too many buttons to push! Take the tour!

Thomas Gill

This is an amazing tour and this place is really breath taking. Definitely use the audio tour provided for free. Parki g can be found here but not near as easily as at some of the other mansions.

MAry Mcguire

Beautiful mansion!!! Quite an experience to see how the rich lived....would like to visit the other mansions also...great trolley tour!!!

Steve Culbertson

This Vanderbilt Mansion is a must-see in Newport Rhode Island. It is only second to their home Asheville North Carolina. The detailed architecture is amazing. To be so rich in the 1800's with forty servants and only live there 6 to 8 weeks a year.

Beta Zed

I’ve gone several times over the years. If you visit just one of the Newport mansions, this is the one. Well done self-guided audio, and they also have a kids version. Parking is easy, just across the street.

Alejandra Leon

Expensive and had nothing on European palaces. Opulent. Nice house, feels like you are in the great gatsby. Recommend the family audio tour

Cortney Ayers

The Breakers is a must-see late 1800s mansion. It’s remarkable! The audio tour is impressive. I was skeptical but it was well done and you get to see and hear so much.

Lisa Rose

Over the top Gilded Age Mansion, I find the wealth to be gross, however the history, the art, the stories are fantastic. How often can we see that much splendor in 1 place? And hey, there are 9 other mansions to your afterward! Loved Newport

Aaron Bennett

Amazing! I enjoyed the mansion however I would have loved for the tour to be guided instead of audio tours which have unfortunately become very prevalent. The Breakers has so many staff posted all over the place that they could easily have guided tours!

Kevin Collins

It's nice to see this fine old house (summer retreat) preserved and well presented via the audio tour.

Lisa Scimeca

The tour is self guided through a headset. Breakers House is amazing. It is truly a one of a kind house. I enjoyed the tour and seeing this amazing home up close. The tour took about and hour and was entertaining. I feel it was worth the money to see.

Peter Learn

Good audio tour (part of admission) really enhances the experience. A nice peak into the opulence of the gilded age.

bari boyea

It was wonderful to see the mansion and hear about the lives of the people who simmered there.

Tammy Liu

Incredible mansion (summer cottage!). Great audio program, definitely worthwhile visiting!

Ron Schenone

The Breakers is amazing. The guided audio tour is very well done. Highly recommend.

Laurie Bohanan

You will need to pay to enter this fabulous mansion. Then you get an iPod like device with headphones to take a narrated tour. The directions to follow are very clear. Very well done tour with extra info available if you have time.

Pamela Carey

COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!! Lots of walking, so wear con by shoes. This is defiantly one not to be missed. Be prepared to be dazzled. Opulent doesn't seem adequate to describe The Breakers. Lots of gold leaf and beautiful views. Self guided tour with headsets, with options of children's tour, regular, or additional info. Want to return, especially if they decorated for Christmas!!!

Ashwina Keertikar

Really cool place. Amazing to see how the rich folks lived a century ago


Really cool explanation of the property. Take your time and understand the history. Bit of a glorification of the robber barons but also a very nice historical marker with informative dialogue

Ashok K Bhan

Very nice place of historical importance. Meticulously explained content through audio with highly courteous staff. Must visit place


I loved the Breakers! I loved how nice the staff were and I also loved how the tour was through headphones. It was huge. I definitely recommend the Breakers!

chawsu win

Good to learn that Wealthy is not to show or impress someone else.

Ben Schreiner

Upon entering the estate you are handed a self guided audio tour that is super easy to use and able to provide more or less information based on your own preference. Very interesting and well put together. A great place to take out of town guests that want to learn more about the history of Newport

Harvey Avidon

Fantastic concert. Stunning, mesmerizing and sometimes haunting voices. Led me to the rocks!! Venue was also amazing. No surprise being the Breakers.


VERY VERY FUN. The tour takes you all around the house, so you get to see the private rooms of many of the family members. Admission is a little pricey but it's worth it. You can also always get a membership if you want to visit the other houses, such as the Marble House or Rosecliff.

Sandesh Joshi

It's mansion of rich people. I don't know if it's worth visiting for $26. I enjoyed it but I don't think I am paying this much again to visit 120 year building without much cultural or historic significance.

Brad Van

Absolutely gorgeous! Free parking; reasonably priced tours; fantastic views. Go see this place!

Johanna Gonzalezwingard

Perfect place to relive the grandeur life of one of America's tycoon!

Jessica Van Dyke

Beautiful house! It was so nice to have the audio guide throughout to learn about the history as well as the building itself. We had a great time learning and taking pictures to show our friends and family!

Nate Fish

Awesome place to go visit. The self guided tour is really informational and interesting. This is truly a beautiful place and it's very impressive. Its a little pricey for a ticket it, however its worth it if it supports to the conservation of such a historic place. Definitly a place to check out in Newport.

Convertible Spaceship

This mansion is absolutely incredible, breathtaking, stunning, exquisite and historical. Self guided audio tour means nice quiet walk through the mansion if you choose to opt out, which I recommend. the ocean view room upstairs is out of this world. It feels special just to even walk the grounds here. A MUST VISIT if you're in newport, rhode island


Good to visit for the family. The missing star is due to the restricted nature of the museum.

Rachael and Lifestyle

Touring The Breakers mansion was an experience I’ll never forget. As soon as we parked, I was astonished with the beautiful view. After purchasing tickets, we walked into the mansion and were given a set headphones. I really liked this approach as you can tour at your own pace. I absolutely love the idea of a virtual tour. The mansion itself was beautiful. The tour explained everything in perfect detail. The Breakers was a great experience. I would definitely recommend coming here.

Jackie Jiaqi Tang

The only mansion you can not skip in Newport! It is truly a piece of art and historical landmark. The guided tour is very thorough with multiple languages and kid's version available. The inside of The Breakers is even more impressive and inspiring. You can easily spend over an hour alone inside touring the mansion. There are additional tours worth going as well, such as beneath The Breakers.


The Breakers is quite a place to see. Entering the property you step back in time to a life of grandeur and luxury. I especially enjoyed the walking audio tour that takes you throughout the mansion and ends at the gift shop. I was surprised to learn that Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. The Vanderbilt family are the original owners of The Breakers which is now owned and managed by the Preservation Society of Newport County. Tours run year round, it’s well worth the visit!

Sal DeFini

The biggest and best of the gilded age. I liked that it was a self guided tour.

Teresa Maciel

Beyond words. Such a marvelous piece of architecture. Beautiful grounds. Make sure you take advantage of the Cliff walk for the views.

zombie crazy

Great experience! Definitely a hidden spot. Never heard from anybody but a must place for all nature beach scenic ocean front lovers !!! Worth visiting ..

Maria Lynn

Beautiful. So much history. Self guided audio tour. Highly recommend if you want to see the mansions close up.

Mark Mabry

Very cool mansion. The entry way is amazing and the grounds are very beautiful.

Jian Wu

This is the biggest of the house tours in Newport but I still like the marble house a bit more. This have better view thou. Also a must visit

Marianna Beres

Beautiful historic mansion, great self guided audio tours. Friendly staff. Well worth the admission. Keep your tickets for your next visit and you will get a discount next time you you come. Beautiful landscape surrounds the mansion, make sure you take your time to enjoy it. Clean bathrooms. Healthy choices at the cafeteria. Nice gift shop.

Sakshi Sharma

Beautiful architecture. Something an entire family can experience. Perfect location,right near the water.

Justin Magas

A piece of history worth exploring. We took the self guided toir after the trolley ride. Staff were kind, gift shop was quite nice, and the grounds outside were worth exploring too.

Julia Lindquist

Amazing museum, such interesting history and beautiful landscaping.

Alex Kogan

The The Breakers is a must see if you are limited to a number of mansions to see on Bellevue Ave in Newport. It is the first mansion that you should go to. The audio guide is great. If you are visiting with a child no strollers are allowed so you might have to carry your little one for about 45 minutes. The more mansions you are planning on visiting the cheaper each entry is, I recommend buying the 5 property ticket which has the best value if you have time to visit at least 4.

Mark E

One of the best examples of the Guilded Age. If you only have time to see a couple of mansions, make this one of the them. Go early as parking is limited.

Judy Dunscomb

Like most Vanderbilt dwellings, except perhaps the Biltmore, this is a baroque pile of mismash and a vomit of splendor. Still the craftsmanship evident in the stone carving and mosaics rivals the Alhambra, and is worth a look. They provide visitors with a recorded audio tour. My 9 and 12 year olds enjoyed the children's version and were captivated by the grandiose house. I found the tour informative and was able to cherry pick the information I wanted. A visit here is good opportunity to reflect on Gilded vs Golden ages.

adarsh sridhara

Breakers mansions is a must for all new englanders. The lavish constructions of the gilded era are a must watch for many tourists who are interested in that sort of thing.

Shannon Picou

We had a great time in Newport and really enjoyed visiting The Breakers. Beautiful mansion kept in great condition. The audio tour was very informative, but I do prefer guided yours with a real person. The grounds are beautifully kept. We had great deal that included a tour of Newport along with entrance into The Breakers. Highly recommend!

David Reichard

A must see to get a feel of the times. Newport Historical Society has done a great job.

Justin Bayoneto

In all honestly, the mansion is actually a bit overrated. Yes, it certainly holds a lot of history and prestige. However, the building itself can be a bit crowded, especially due to boundaries that prevent taking quality photos inside. For the price, its certainly better to take advantage of package deals if you're truly interested in visiting other houses. Alternatively, I would suggest just saving your money and simply perusing the outside of the building, still great for pictures! Perhaps if it were a guided tour it would be greater experience compared to simply relying on audio guides.


A fantastic view into the life of the gilded age rich. Audio tours are available for a few and you are guided through the house room by room. Be sure to take extra time to admire the details in each room and here the extra stories. I rate this a 4 as I felt the elms had more additional stories and extra tours making it my recommended Newport mansion but this property is incredible to visit.

Lee Whitcher

Grand on a scale most of us mere mortals haven't experienced before. Whether you think it's gaudy/wasteful (yes, it was :)) or just capitalism at it's best, the history is interesting. The automated audio tour is very well done, and even better - intelligent, helpful, friendly real human beings are also present to answer questions the tour doesn't cover. When I went you could get a ticket for $38 that never expires and allows you into 5 mansions. Seems more than fair to cover the good work being done here.

Brian Joseph Morris

The Breakers is incredible. Well worth the tour. Would highly recommend the guided tour. The architecture is phenomenal. Be sure to check out both the inside and the grounds outside.

Gaurang Dayal

What an experience.. To stand amidst royalty and view the beautiful ocean break onto its walls. You can only imagine the luxury and lifestyle those people enjoyed.

Natalie Taormina

$26 is a steep price to pay to look at another old rich person's previous home. It was cool but will not be doing it again due to price. You must do it at least once in your lifetime.

Rosetta Jettsona

I enjoyed the breakers kids tour because the tour had much more information and explained things in a fun way. The kids loved it, though I had to carry kid2 up the stairs. For history holics, I recommend the kids tour.

Mike Thornhill

Wow what a home! We opted for the 5 mansion access and was pleased that if you don't have time for all of the tours the ticket never expires. If you are interested in seeing how the 1 percenters live or lived then certainly check out the Newport Mansions. Most are self guided tours with audio narration.

Rob M

Awesome visit and tour. Make sure to accept the free audio tour headphones!

Kathleen Morrow

Beautiful home. Great audio tours and self guided tours. Really cool shop as well.

Deborah Genovesi

Really great tour and a fun afternoon trip. Opulent, lovely mansion. Be aware there are several stairs to climb, however. Slightly difficult for my 76 year old mom, but she did ok.

Hamza Malik

Pretty awesome mansion (it felt like a castle) the weather really nice that day, and the view of the water from. The mansion was exquisite. I loved walking about the historic building and getting a feel of their life there, very Jane Eyre!!!!!

Alex G

Unbelievably reach Castle amazing that they used it only 2 months a year

Philip Green

Very Interesting. Have not toured the Breakers for many years. The tour is now at your own pace with head phones. I loved it. A lot of extra content if you want more detailed information. We also did the under the Breakers tour which gave us access to the tunnels beneath the property. This was well worth the price of admission.

Mark Hemmann

Didn't know this existed! One of many homes. Lots of history! Thx for making this available to the public (for a fee of course).

Jed Boyd

This was so cool. My family always wanted to tour some of the grand homes of the Vanderbilts. This made their day. The grandeur of this house was amazing.

Nidhi Kalamkar

Beautiful Mansion by the sea. Loved their audio tour. They briefly explain about each room as you walk through the mansion. It has enough detailed for someone who want to quickly know about the history and architecture of the Mansion.

Karl 1974

The Breakers is a Vanderbilt mansion located on Ochre Point Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, United States. The building became a National Historic Landmark in 1994 and is a contributing property to the Bellevue Avenue Historic District. It is owned and operated by the Preservation Society of Newport County and is open for visits all year. The mansion was built as the Newport summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, a member of the wealthy United States Vanderbilt family, in an architectural style based on the Italian Renaissance. It was designed by renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt with interior decoration by Jules Allard and Sons and Ogden Codman, Jr. The 70-room mansion has a gross area of 125,339 square feet (11,644.4 m2) and 62,482 square feet (5,804.8 m2) of living area on five floors, constructed between 1893 and 1895. The Ochre Point Avenue entrance is marked by sculpted iron gates, and the 30-foot-high (9.1 m) walkway gates are part of a 12-foot-high (3.7 m) limestone-and-iron fence that borders the property on all but the ocean side. The footprint of the house covers approximately 1 acre (4,000 m2) or 43,000 square feet of the 14 acres (5.7 ha) estate on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Raphael Inocencio

Nicely preserved house gives perspective of how the upper classes vacationed during the summers.

Ray Venezia

Beautiful big house by the coast. They really knew how to live. The audio tour was great but I got 2 different headsets that would cut out. Get new headphones.

Natalie On

Beautiful views of the cliff walk, great example of a gilded age house and nice informative self guided tour. Place is well kept to a good condition with many examples of that era.

Mike Kowalk

The extreme opulence demonstrated is breathtaking. The design is awe-inspiring, and the intricate materials, decorations, and building materials is amazing to tour. Don't miss this one.

Jack Reynolds

Beautiful and extravagant summer ‘cottage’ of the Vanderbilt family. One room after another amazes you - My personal favorite was the music room. Can’t imagine how people lived in such opulence. Anyway, if you like this kind of thing, this mansion will be the centerpiece of your visit. From a practical standpoint, it was very helpful to have free parking and a cafe at the welcome center right on the property. Really easy to visit. Very much enjoyed the Beneath the Breakers tour as well. A great compliment to the self guided audio tour

Jeffrey Horwitz

Truly amazing home. Referred to as the Vanderbilt summer cottage, it has 70 rooms. Most of the rooms are massive with hifg ceilings, walls guilded in gold and one even in platinum. Tours of the house, and the underground areas avsilable. There is a little cafe if you want yo have lunch while there. Parking is across the street

Mary Cain

Adrian Concourse D Elgance was stunning tribute to the era of luxury in Newport, RI

Ray Aitkins

Wow! Except for the Biltmore House in Asheville North Carolina, there is no place more elegant or beautiful In the country. So colorful with lots of antique things that were ahead of their time for that time in history!

Janice Curry

Informative tape to listen while you tour this fabulous Vanderbilt mansion at your leisure. Photos (no flash) allowed.

Cyber Terrapin

I do not know which was more obscene. The overwhelming show of opulence or the fact that so many pay to look.

Stephen Dudla

Self guided tours beautiful views stunning mansion if you want to wait you can get a guided tour

Julie Matthew

Absolutely beautiful, but I regret bringing our two year old. Spent most of the time keeping him within the cordons, and that wasn't fun for either of us. Better for kids young enough to stay in a backpack or carrier, or old enough to listen to directions for the 45 mins or so it takes to walk thru. Staff were not super friendly, but it was a busy day and I had an angry kid... Live and learn I guess!

Apocalypse Inc

Wow what a awesome place to visit. Just go it’s pretty cool.

Chris Brogan

A truly one of a kind experience and historic mansion. The house is amazing. It was built in only two years, and yet every detail has details. There is history behind just about everything in the house and there is a guided audio your that is easy to use. There is even a family tour to make things more fun for the kids. If you are willing to she'll out a few more bucks there is a behind the scenes type tour that takes you places you normally can not access. It works with the other famous mansions in the area so that you can but a ticket for multiple mansions rather than getting a bunch of individual tickets. There are live shows in the evenings as well. Really an experience not to be missed.

Ben T

Absolutely incredible architecture attraction. The self-guided tour is well worth the exploration of the interior. This was one of the highlights of my long weekend in Newport. You could easily spend a couple hours here on the tour and then moseying around the grounds on a nice day.


Beautiful! We really liked the option of a kids audio tour vs. the longer tour. It can be expensive to tour more than one mansion. We recommend buying a Newport Mansions membership if you're planning to go to more than one as a family. At the time that we bought ours, it was $95 for a family membership, which we thought was reasonable. I think there was also an option of buying a two Mansion pass or three Mansion pass. After we priced out the cost, it made more sense for us to get the membership. We also went to Rosecliff and the Elms. My favorite part was the kitchen and the butler pantry at each mansion. The intricate detail and work that went into these homes is nothing short of incredible, just incredible. The pride you can feel that the owners had in their homes isn't seen as much today, in my opinion. The house rules were interesting. We chuckled that women weren't allowed in certain rooms like the billiard room. The bath tub in a couple of homes was awesome. We were just in awe. Our small kiddos did very well at the Breakers, but did not have much interest in the other mansions.

D. T-Harvey

My first visit to this beautiful piece of history. If you appreciate art, have an eye for history it is worth your time to soak it all in!

Jan Andrea

As a historical mansion, it's an outstanding tour -- the audio includes many stories from the "downstairs" part of the staff. What it stands for -- the decadence of the Gilded age -- should be an example of the conspicuous consumption that current billionaires should avoid, but that they rather seem to embrace. All of this opulence rides on the backs of working people, which we'd all do well to remember.

Wende Banks-Henderson

Beautiful house and well kept over many years. Much history and a beautiful property.

John Manfred

The very best Mansion in Newport RI, a must see for sure! Just amazing! Self guided tour that takes about 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs, the backyard boarders the Cliff Walk so you can get a full view of this unbelievable piece of history. Very friendly and knowledge staff on site. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Kerrick

What a wonderful experience. A glimpse into the lives of the super wealthy Vanderbilt family at the turn of the century. Sumptuous furnishings, over the top architectural features, with room after room of jaw dropping splendor. A truly beautiful house, or "cottage", as it was known.

Cory Deschnow

Bring a bagged lunch and eat on the lawn where the Vanderbilt's once played! Always breathtaking, a wonderful family audio tour that even my eight-year-old thoroughly enjoyed listening to! And that says a lot since he has a very short attention span! The cafe is also absolutely stunning and I guess that opened this year soooo, if you don't bring a bagged lunch, you can always pick up lunch there and walk it out to the gardens! My only drawback was that some of the staff wasn't that accommodating and also you cannot bring strollers on the property so my one-year-old was carried and tackled much of the time! ;)

Brent Rud

The building is amazing! The audio tour brings the building to life and you can imagine what life was like for the Vanderbilt's. It was a great place to spend a couple hours during the heat wave - the building itself was pretty cool.

Cecilia Garcia

The Breakers is probably the most stunning of all Newport Mansions. Pay a visit to this mansion for a taste of all things grand and travel back in time to the gilded age. Educational for children of all ages. After your visit, walk the Cliffwalk for amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Michael DiGregorio

Beautiful area that has unique styled mansions and a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Really enjoyed my visit at the cliff walk and it is a nice place to visit. We were there the day after Jennifer Lawrence's wedding. A must visit attraction.

Susan Perti

It was a nice tour. Consider a membership or the 5 location tour. It's worth it. Cons- crowded and the lines to see the rooms can be long. The bathrooms are inconveniently located. Pros- the awe-inspiring pretentiousness , grounds, gift shop, additional private tours for other locations in house not offered with regular admission.

Andrew Shuman

Just absolutely incredible. If you are a history or architecture buff, you will spend hours here in awe.

Becky S

Lovely preserved mansion from the gilded age. Amazing opulence!

Erin DeTrude

Out of all the mansions this is my favorite to walk through. 20 bathroom, servants quarters, and a kitchen plus so much more to check out. My 7 year old enjoyed listening to a tour on her own headset, but my 3 year old had no interest. Touring the inside of the manson with a 3 year old is not ideal, but there is plenty of room for kids to run out side in the backyard.

Greg Woo

A time capsule of a majestic building. It is a glimpse into a world of the Vanderbilts. Now we know the heritage of Anderson Cooper's heritage. For its time and even today, the Breakers are epitomised the lavish luxury juxtaposed in the irony at the brink of the Depression. Still, it is some sight to see.

Mick Eskew

Large mansion from days gone by. It was interesting to see how the 1% lived even back then, total opulence. This part of our New England tour package.

Stephen Hatcher

It's great that this place has been preserved for future generations to explore, that said don't but food or drink here. Charging $11 for a (very dry) chicken wrap isn't acceptable.

Swathi Nayak

Wonderful mansion. So luxurious!! Very well maintained. The audio tour was brilliant. The tour costs $26 per head. Wonderful views, truly breathtaking!!!

Ed Kozak

A beautiful example of "I'm wealthier than you" architectural period. Very well maintained , but extremely hard to relate to!

Reed Haynes

Very cool audio tour but its just a large house. Not a whole lot is "special" about the place

bang103 tunedin

Loved the audio tour since we can go at our own place. Besides descriptions of individual rooms, there were also audio clips from those descendants of the family as well as the descendants of the staff. The audio brought the family alive. The opulence is unimaginable! Would highly recommend a visit to see how the ultra rich lived, a century back. Went to another mansion subsequently, but found this more ornate and OTT. Do follow up with some distance of cliff walk if weather and health permits. Lovely!

Edward Weick

Amazing gilded age mansion offering self guided tour through provided cell phone with headphones. Or forgo tour and walk around and observe at your own pace. There is free parking across the street for visitors. I recommend going early before it gets crowded, as everyone is wearing headphones and it can turn into oblivious crowds walking into each other.

J and B

This place is amazing! Loved the self guided tour! A must see if you are in the area! It takes you back in time and you can feel what it would of been like in that era! The wealth in the area in unreal, there is many private homes! One sold for 37 million dollars, make sure you walk the cliffs and drive ocean drive! Great day trip!

David Le Guyon

An amazing mansion in the middle of a beautiful garden. It comes from a different time and has to be appreciated that way. From today's perspective, it definitely is too much...

George Schuessler

Took the self controlled tour and the experience was impressive with interesting information about the structure, its contents, the people who lived there, and the history showing how the times changed. Really an impressive place to visit.


Definitely worth a visit. The audio guide is full of great information about the history of this house. It inspired me to visit Whitney Museum in New York.

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