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Where is Second Beach?

REVIEWS OF Second Beach IN Rhode Island

Mark Major

One of the best RI beaches.

Ricardo Johnson

Really nice beach. Just what you would expect in a beach. My only gripe is the entrance fee was too high for a public beach.

Alex Reed

Great beach, love the cliffs. Water was a perfect temperature, not too much seaweed either. A bit smelly in some parts of the beach though

Blythe Heirlooms

Clean water and fresh waves! Love it!

Mary Jane Lilley

Love 2nd beach! Beautiful day!

Karen Blackwelder

Love Second beach. One of our favorite places. The beach is clean. The sand is soft. Sometimes there us red seaweed in the water, 1st beach tends to be worse. There is a bath house with outdoor showers if you want to rinse off. There is a food bar for typical beach food. My only complaint is the bathroom gets so grimy as the day goes on. No tp and water and mud everywhere is gross.

Sergio Teixeira

Great beach very clean

randall sneed

Great beach, very clean and relaxed crowd. Never had a bad experience

Matt Mason

Saw a lady peeing in the parking lot. Thanks

Kristin Mantia

Very beautiful beach and clean

Steve Neely

No one goes there anymore too crowded

Jeffrey Brunsell

Great sand! Nice small waves for the smaller kids and a food shack. Ample parking for a fee.


I love the sand here. Really nice beach overall. Not trashy. Parking is a little expensive but other than that definitely going back.


Very nice, parking, shower, water temperature nice to go in, restaurant and restroom

Bradly Widener

We love taking our dog here in the off season. Haven’t been during peak times, but I imagine it gets busy. The sand is pretty fine, unlike some other New England beaches. It’s a very long stretch of beach, so there’s plenty of room to walk and let our dog run around. Parking is free in the off season but it’s pricey during summer.

Bill Hayes

Very clean with ample facilities and a concession stand. They have these great mats at access points that are very helpful with carrying and rolling all your beach stuff and for not burning your feet in hot sand. The waves are good for little children and nice gradual walk into ocean.

Ann Burkhardt

My personal favorite of the Newport Beaches. Great sand, water, waves and people watching. In season there is s snack bar with RI clamcakes. Off season, a great place to stroll in the beach and breathe in the salt air and views.

Murkin Martinez

First time here and definitely coming back. Great beach though pretty busy, good concessions, showers, changing stalls and clean restrooms. There were even food trucks close by. $15 to park on a weekday and $25 weekends. They put the money to good use, thankfully. Lots of staff, park rangers, and life guards on duty.

Tracie Pletcher

Second Beach was wonderful. Great water, small waves but fun. Parking is expensive


Beautiful, great parking, beth house and snack bar

Donald Rippetoe

The best! Always fun and relaxing!

Joseph Paquin

Nice place to go and unwind by the ocean

Ivan Zamorano


Doreen Sears

Great sand and waves

Bernard Cunniff

Nice scenery. There wasn't much seaweed when I visited. Nice, soft sand and restrooms nearby.

Vera Buratti

Terrific beach.

Josh Conroy

Great family beach, always great waves.

Mark Thatcher

An absolutely perfect day on September 21st 2019.

Tatyana Richman

The beach is a nice size, the temperature is pretty warm, and has large waves. There is a bit of seaweed, but once you get past it the water is very nice. No alcohol is permitted, nor is ball playing, but that isn't as enforced. Parking price is pretty high, $25, but if you carpool that shouldn't be a problem. I had a great experience there, and will definitely go again.

Craig Perkinson

Nice soft sand and beautiful sunset.

Robert Mulcahey

Great beach day. But many dogs being walked several off leash. Should be enforced and fined.

Serena Catherine

Nice beach. Some seaweed and good amount of shells/ rocks but also nice soft sand. The traffic was insane to get to beach. Huge lines. It was 4th july weekend so that might have been why.

Vadim Ilves

Best beach in New England

Adrian Edwards

Super soft sand, well maintained, great water. The only draw back is it's a bit pricey.

Sarah Brennan

I liked the food , but don't like pesky seagulls too much

Gary Feinberg

The bigger side of the beach was great. Had lots of fun boogie boarding.

M Carey

one of RI's best beaches. It costs to park before 4pm

Don Williams

Great beach, but they upped the $ this year which is a bummer.

Danielle Malaby

Beautiful beach. Lifeguards, spray off areas, bathrooms, changing areas, and food.

Kevin O'Connell

My favorite beach, get there early for parking though

Brandon Blair

Great staff, helped me when I passed out

Trevor Burcroff

I'm not objective as I live nearby and grew up nearby as well, but I have traveled around a bit, and for New England it is one of the nicest, plenty of room for the crowds in summer.Lots of amenities nearby

Maha Junaid

The water is saltier than anything. Its amazing. The beach is scenic and clean. Perfect for a small getaway.

Victor Rodriguez

Decent beach. Weekday parking is $15. Weekend parking is $25. Bathrooms decent. There are outdoor showers for full body and also foot showers. Water is okay, would be better if it were cleaner; water temperature is not cold. Sand is nice.

Craig Miniter

Can get her busy but didn't have the red tide like First Beach. The waves were better here as well.the snack bar had an ok selection but you got a lot for your money considering the lack of competition.

Cheryl Jones

It is free after 4 and the water is warm and there are a ton of kids having a great time. Sometimes seaweed is a problem. Make sure to bring a boogie board!

Brian Williams

Great Beach! Wife and I arrived around 3:30pm, mid week. Big beach with room to find a spot to claim. Didn’t use but looks like port a potties. Clean sandy (versus rocky) Beach. Highly recommend!

John Barbosa

Clean and fun stay. Perfect view

Alisa Mason

Absolutely gorgeous beach. The water is great, the beach is clean. 20 bucks for parking. Not bad, have bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms.

Jay Barron

Great beach. Explore the rocks of purgatory chasm on one side or stroll the trails of sachuest bird sanctuary on the other. Of course you can also just enjoy 2nd beach. I give four stars instead of 5 because the parking is always full and the snack bar is mediocre.

Everett Harman

A beautiful beach. Very peaceful and not crowded. Waves vary. Good for boogie boards on some days. Outdoor showers with cool but not cold water. Bathrooms with changing stalls. Parking $15 weekdays and $25 weekends.

Ashley Dennis

Great concession stand with good prices and portions lots of guards very few if any rocks a very well watched beach it was so clean the only reason for my 4 stars is $30 to park on a wknd is alot especially if people are already driving almost 2 hrs to spend the day their already.

Rachel Imd

Beautiful soft sand beach!

Erik Erickson

A long stretch of silky soft sand and none of the off-putting music which is so often found at some other beaches created a generally pleasant day with my family. Kids from 2 to 12 enjoyed the day with nice sized waves for boogie boarding with little undertow. The life guards were generally attentive without being overbearing. It was moderately crowded converting it was a windy Wednesday. Go to the main entrance where you will avoid most of the accumulated seaweed- although there was still waves of it.

Samantha Stanasek

Very nice beach. No rocks just a smooth clean beach.

Steve Walence

A bit cool to swim

Virginia Sterling

Nice clean beach and water isn’t too cold. My family and I love this beach. Parking is $25 during weekends and holidays but it’s well worth it. This beach also has a concession stand to those that are interested. Drinking alcohol is prohibited and smoking butts on the beach is too. If you are going to drink make sure you conceal it and remember drink responsibly. I definitely would recommend this beach to anyone.

danielle ray

Clean, handicap access to the water, wheelchair and water chair for use of beach for handicapped family's to enjoy. I've grown up my whole life and second beach is by far my favorite. It gets quite packed but it's an awesome time!! Food stand regular bathrooms showers to rinse before leaving. The list goes on and on!

Sean McKenna

Clean Clearwater best beach on Aquidneck Island

Martin Mense

Our favorite beach. Water is warmer than at the Massachusetts beaches. We have always been able to park.

R Burns

Excellent beautiful beach , extremely crowded today took over 2 hours to get in, paid 30$ for parking, prices increased this year, but all in all great holiday weekend at the beach!!!

Lora Harmon

Nice beach, and water awesome

Octavia Pinckney

Hands down one of the best beaches to visit in Massachusetts Rhode Island area. It was recommended by a coworker after recently relocating to New England from Texas, and I loved it. $20 to park, no pets, good for body boarding, tanning, and sand castle building!

Jay D.

Great waves & nice sand. Paid parking. Snack bar. Outside showers. One mile wide so great for walking. Great to jump the waves or use a small board.

Sandra Fisher

Always liked this one best.

Glen A

The beach was awesome. No seaweed or red tide nice clean water. A little surf for some fun but not to rough for my 9 and 7 year old grandkids. 30 dollars on the weekend is a little steep but you get what you pay for.


Can't beat the soft white sand that's combed every morning. Walk from your blanket to the surf and be we feel a pebble or rock under your feet. Also, the concession stand has all kinds of food!

Noeci Rocha

Great beach, clean beach, but a lot seaweed in the water

jvmusic 107

Very nice but extremely crowded.

Lori Yacko

Came down few times during our one week vacation we love it the beauty is stunning the red seaweed I can do without.

Sandra Ramirez

Wonderful. The temperature of the water is perfect. First time here. And I know I will be back soon...

Anne Botelho

I love the beach just not the admission $$$!!!

Ismael Roman

I love this place! Pretty nice and relaxing.

Mary S

Beautiful beach, nice waves, but a lot of red seaweed

Cyann Polena

Nice beach with life gaurd. Overall very clean and wtaer was good temp when we went. Only thing was that it was $30 to park on the weekend and there was a Lot of seaweed in the water and was very uncomfortable

Tony Veiga

This place has a great atmosphere. But parking is a maze

James G.

One of the Newport area’s most varied (and most expensive to visit) plots of sand, Second Beach sees a crossroads of day trippers, vacationers, and locals, though seems to specialize in the 20-something set drawn to the waves, the volleyball, and the pretty people watching. It can get crowded, but a hiking trail through the adjacent wildlife refuge offers some respite; you can also stroll 10 minutes to the far more isolated Third Beach. Skip the snack bar in favor of a post-beach fried fest at nearby Flo’s Clam Shack (phone ahead to avoid the wait).

Monica Maher

Parking pass fees went up again. Keeping for those who can afford. Keeping all others to look elsewhere

Leo Rosenhagen

Cool beach! I really enjoyed it. Not much space to play away from the water, but there's a nice place to mess around near the water.

Le Reynolds

Lovely. Great to laze about, walk the water's from end to end, or swim. ;)

Chris Nastasia

Clear Water, Sandy Bottom, just be sure to get there early on the weekend

Kelven Santa

Definitely one of the much better beaches I went to, Horse flies are minimal to none and sand fleas are basically non-existent. Waters are clean besides seaweed at the beginning, beaches are clean as well. Would definitely come back here, However I would recommend if you decide to come to come very early, like 7-8am early. If you decide to come at 10-11 traffic can be pretty brutal especially on a weekend. My only complaint is that they only take cash or checks for parking and nearest ATM is a 5 minute drive to a Cumberland Farms. Not awful, but very inconvenient especially if its assumed you have driven for a while to get there.

paulette hale

The Sun was shining the sand was sparkling it was a perfect day all the way around

Margaret Campbell

Just love each day we walk along the Atlantic.

Fabiola Almazan Olivar

The beach is nice but the bathrooms were dirty and just 3 changing rooms in the women side, the other 2 were used as storage rooms

Angela Dolan

Beautiful beach, great concessions!

Cosmic Beast

Second Beach is wonderful; easy to park, fair prices, clean beach. The waves here are very nice, and while they obviously vary based on the weather/tide/etc, I like the bigger waves and this beach has better ones than most of the area. There are also changing rooms, showers, and a concession stand.


Cleanest beach most clearest water 5 stars all the way

Michael Eicholtz

Great day with great friends!!


What a beautiful beach. Some of the best kept beach in New England, ( yes I know, not technically New England… :-)) Beautiful's in sand, always Groomed very clean. Sometimes the algae (red algae, although technically seaweed) gets a little bit high, but again the beaches are groomed each night by machinery, so it really is still nice! Very thin soft sand, and the waves some days can get pretty high over here when the tide comes in very exciting ( Helpful? Please

leah G

Only downside here is the seagulls are insanely aggressive!! They will take food right out of you hand

Terry Crepeau

Beautiful beach. Good waves. There is red seaweed today.

Josue Fuentes

Great location foro sunbathing the parking would be the only problem and life guards leave at 6


No red tide! Great clean beach

Edward Frenze

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ E-Z to see from Street ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Parking Lot

Maia Banayan

second beach is the first best beach, but the red tide at the end of the summer is buns.

John Solomon

Quiet, great prices on moorings, clean bathrooms, kayak and sup rentals

Lori Virgadamo

Prettiest sunrises. Clean beach. Nice surf. Love 2nd beach!

Meri Levine

Love this beach. Great sand, clean bathrooms and waves for boogie boarders

Dr. Jay

Great beach to go to!

Deborah Stoker

Prepare for huge crowds......parking lots fill up very early on weekends, but the water and waves are usually worth a 1 to 2 hour wait!

Jeff Weldon

Well maintained beach. Great waves for body surfing and Board surfing (at Surfer's End).

JJ Petrouski

Our favorite beach in southern New England. Wonderful views, beautiful beach. A gem.

Megan Dosouto

Great spot to go for a beach day. Known to the locals as “Second Beach” its a great spot for surfers, groups, and families to stay at during a beach day. Their main concession stand offers the food necessities and there’s usually a stand or two by Surfer’s End (near Purgatory Chasm) with a local food service. There’s also usually some opportunities to rent a surfboard or paddle board here, too. Can get a little seaweed-y near Surfer’s End though, so I recommend staying closer to the opposite side of the beach, which also tends to be a little quieter. Overall a great place for a livelier day at the beach where you’ll see plenty of people enjoying their time there too.

Grandpa and Grandma Bryan Wandering Footprints

Horrible. Came late in the day. $20.00 to park to take a look around. Water was brown with more sea weed than I have seen in my lifetime. Everyone in the water came out with brown crud hanging off their bathing suits. No senior or veterans discounts. We never went back on the remainder of our trip.

John Lake

Family Night, great time awespme food truck, music and fireworks!

Meredith Fiala


Kri G

One of my favorite places.

Lisa Flynn

Great waves and sift sand

Troy Mandeville

Such a beautiful beach, all sand, little to no rocks .

Lisa Gould

What an amazing beach. I truly loved visiting this beach w my friends who took us there. I will go back. Fantastic snak bar and changing rooms too.

Abe Kipnis

My friend and I went swimming here the second to last weekend in September, when it was still sunny. Nice gentle slope into the water, which was freezing; we just dunked our heads and hopped out. The sand felt really good in my hands. There's a nice rock formation. Really close to Newport, RI and all the shops and restaurants in the harbor.

Kim Stone

I loved walking along the beach with my son collecting shells. It was so peaceful. I highly recommend that you go off-season. It gets annoying when there are hundreds of other people walking around leaving garbage! If you're eco-conscious, bring a garbage bag to help keep the beach clean!

Sahara Beaulieu

The softest sand I have ever felt! This beach is well kept. We went on a windy day but the beach was not overly crowded. There was a nice sea breeze. Perfect day by the water!

Mark Baran

Really nice beach. Much better than 1st beach.

Jaime Cherry

Nice clean restrooms and showers also wonderful area with picnic tables

Edwick Quiles

Amazing sunset tonite, free Bluegrass band, and lighted firepits on the beach....incredible evening...thanks to all the staff!

Jeremiah Rios

Best beach in Rhode Island

Erin Anderson

Beautiful sand, clear water. A little expensive to park.

Santiago Hermo

Beautiful beach to spend the day. Downside: the only way to access it is by car.

Efrain Lopez

The beach was very clean. Water had lots of seaweed. Way too much of it. Water was definitely warm. Only has showers outside & you can't use soap to wash up. $20 on weekdays $30 on weekends.

Christine Van Woerkon

..was seaweed in the water..yaay..seagulls were bad for snatchin food in the area some1 said; theyre more aggressive this year & our crew experienced a personal example.

magnum goncalves

Love this place clean sand clear water great waves

Lynn Moniz

My happy place

Mario Scardamaglia

Lovely seaside best favorite new friend!

Brad Greenstein

One of many great Rhode Island Beaches. We went here on a Friday and parked by entrance six. This was a bit of a walk from the bathrooms and concessions but it was worth it. Closer o the bathrooms people tend to pack in and sit real close. There was plenty of space further from the main entrance. Water was warm and had good enough waves to keep the kids busy all day.

Kim Pelletier

Use to be a family beach. Lately, populated by a noisy younger crowd...swearing, drinking and loud music has become the norm. Need more of a police presence.

Luke Williams

Lovely beach with great views of rocks and hillsides. The surf was great the day I visited, which was out of season. There are outdoor cold showers so you can rinse off after your swim. I can't wait to go again. Really it's the view that makes me want to return.

Abby Witherell

Clean, easy to get to, great sand

Logan Gill

This is a great beach. They waves r not too much and the have very little seaweed. It is clean as well. They have an area at the end dedicated to the birds. There are also lifeguards on duty. It is a wonderful beach and I highly recommend it.

Christos Deligkaris

Organized, with showers and a place to buy drinks etc. Paid $15 for parking.

Susie Samuels

I spent a lot of time there and my grandchildren love it that's no better beat in Newport or Middletown except for second Beach.

Adam Logan

The shoreline was nice and clear and mostly free of seaweed

Da P.A

Great beach, nice sand over looking a cove with boats. Great for family, clean and safe.

David LaFave

So peaceful and serene.

Bobby Behnke

There was lots of parking and a very clean beach.

Deb Fate-Mental

Clean beach with pretty good waves. Also close to walking paths at Sachuest National wildlife sanctuary. Lots of parking. There is a parking fee. Concession stand, real bathrooms, shoes. Porta-potties and outdoor shower for after hours. No lifeguards after 6:00 in the summer.

Greg Moore

Very clean . Not crowded.

Diamond Centofanti

It's a beautiful place to go

Timothy Keane

Plenty of parking, nice waves, warm ocean water.... Absolutely beautiful experience, all around.

Bill Turcotte

This is an excellent beach. It has full services (food, bathrooms, showers and life guards) during the summer season. It can be crowded but, if you park at the far end the crowd is less. The parking fee is high but, if you go after 4:30 It's free.

David Kassay

Nice waves, nice sand, showers and changing rooms. Expensive to park. Gets crowded.

Matt Redmond

Very family friendly beach, gentle waves that never get too big, and a concession stand with typical beach fare. Beware the seagulls though! They've been overfed by people and can be aggressive going after your food

Diana Dragomir

Beautiful beach. After Labor Day, parking is free and on a weekday there were very few people around. No longer warm enough to swim and sunbathe, but great for a long walk. Some red algae near Surfer's End, but a few hundred feet along the beach and water are clean.

Bepi Mello

Such a nice beach. Soft sand, clean water, some seaweed at times, no rocks, showers and a police officer walking the beach to keep the beach safe. Many families and kids along the beach and not too crowded. I will definitely be back! Kids had a blast riding the waves.

Indrajit Mukherjee

One of the best beaches in Rhode island! I am glad to be there on a friend's recommendation!

Greg Murphy

Waves great and beach kept clean

Danielle Aquino

Huge waves, great sand, easy parking! Get there early for a good spot!

Floyydd Mumford

This is your 1st Mainland Beach unobstructed to the Ocean. Great surfing and waves. Beautiful and easy access. Parking is difficult in summer and is $30. After 4pm it’s free and after Labor Day is free.

Christine G

So clean and lifeguards are great!

Michele Nickerson

Sand soft. Water clean and clear. Always beautiful

Vincent Messina

Beach was clean, sand was soft. Beach crowd was relaxed and very family friendly. Took 1 star off because their food shack is run by a bunch of 15 year old kids that seem to have no idea what they are doing.

Christine Haverington

Lots of happy people enjoying the sun, sand, and clean surf, including me!

Amit Laskar

Love this beach, though a little far from our place but still love to spend the lazy afternoons there a lot.

Anna Medeiros

Love this beach. Very clean $10 weekday and $20 on weekends.

Karen M Sullivan

Water was so warm, showers, food, bathrooms were clean. I love this beach.

Julianne Sabino

This beach is awesome, its my favorite beach. There is a place to it and change. Thr waves are big and fun to play in. The water is warm.

Rodrigo Melendez

Nice beach well kept and sandy. Parking is $20 on the week and $30 on the weekend.

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