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Where is Rosecliff?

REVIEWS OF Rosecliff IN Rhode Island

Stephanie Luna

Gorgeous house and a wonderful audio tour

Richard Berke

Amazing opulance on display. Excellent audio tour.

T. B.

My favorite of the roaring 20s mansions to visit in Newport. It's as beautiful as any of the mansions, but it it has a more relatable scale and less over-the-top decor than places like the Breakers and Marble House. Yes, it's an outrageous symbol of pre-income-tax excess at a time with terrible wealth disparity (almost as bad as today...), but the rooms have a scale and decor that seem relatable. The lawn and views to the water are spectacular.

Susan Pond-Weimer

Great tour.

St. Mary's Media Ministry Office

Beautiful Mansion. Great views of the ocean when visiting various rooms. The outdoors gardens are also beautiful. Went to the Nutcracker Ballet there. Highly recommend it. You feel like as if you are part of the performance. The setting make s it perfect for anyone to see it. Best views all around and so many decorations. Highly recommend coming here during the holidays.

Bruce Provencher

Any one of these mansions is worth visiting. My granddaughter really liked this one.

Michael Tracy

Beautiful grounds and the food was amazing!

Judy Ortiz

Interesting information. I love learning about the history.

Walter Evans built-in

Great view of the waves

Theresa Garland

Ir was marvelous! The view in back! You want to sit forever!

Hannah w

The story is kinda depressing but it's a beautiful house

Kevin T

Bottom level is great and interesting, top floor does nothing for me. Ive been many years and each time with the display they are running at the time i havnt felt is engaging or relative. Also took a photo from the balcany area as there is no pictures on the stairs. I understand the rule but I wasnt on the stairs and no one I was taking pictures of was stopping on the stairs and some woman tried to scold me about it and she got back the attitude she gave. Very unprofessional and although I wasnt in the right either acting as she had back to her I felt it was just at the time. Nice grounds.

Ahmad Reza Fattahi

One of the best mansions in Newport, not to be missed.

varghese Anu

Awesome view... great mansion

merriah beschinski

Such a beautiful and informative location. Very much enjoyed my time here!!

M.C. Meenagh

We were here for flower show. Parking down the street with the trolly shuttle was great. Upon arrival that were terrific flower displays out front. Exactly what we expected. Little gardens displayed with assorted designs and plants, absolutely perfect - pretty. the vendors out front were good. Heirloom seeds, pottery with hydrangea motifs, topiary. Rose cliff was lovely. Flowers inside were nice. Out back was the beautiful view of the ocean and many vendors. Some were "related". Beautiful garden wind catchers and garden ornaments. Outdoor furniture, bird houses, some really nice displayes on patio. but there were a lot more vendors " unrelated" like dresses and hand bags and jewelry. Nice sure but i went to see flowers and flower displayes and garden - flower ideas. So i enjoyed it but was a little let down not as much actual "flower " related "stuff" as i had hopped for.

Leah Drapkin

Gorgeous venue!! We were here for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was outside in front of the water and the reception was inside the gorgeous mansion.

Michelle Wade

By far this place has become my favorite mansions to photograph weddings. It is absolutely breathtaking. The food is always spectacular and Jenny the event coordinator is extremely attentive to the entire wedding party. I can't wait to photograph more weddings at Rose Cliff.

Maureen Salemi

Entry hall and grand stair case are amazing. Really liked the room the men retired to; small, intimate, cozy and beautiful. All the fireplaces in the house were very ornate and I enjoyed studying their detail. Of all the mansions, this has been my least favorite, but still interesting.

Jeremiah Gonzalez

Awesome experience to see the homes of the builder era, you can actually use this for a wedding venue as well! Staff was friendly, overall a great experience I actually bought a yearly membership as opposed to just a ticket!

Brenda B

Gorgeous mansion. Friendly and informative staff. Beautiful grounds and great views.

Lucy Kinsley

Gorgeous Historical House Museum !!

haley flk

I think this was my favourite mansion! I lo ed the colors and the simplicity but still amazing elegance it had. The history is fascinating. The oelrichs truly led a regal lifestyle we can only ever dream, well worth a visit, and again, my favourite mansion.

Eric Frandsen

Amazing home with an amazing view. A wonderful venue for any occasion! You should consider the tour, though understand it is not all original to what it once was.

Scott McLaughlin

Great place. If you're wondering about wheelchair accessibility, this place has it. Great lift at the entrance, and an elevator will take you to the interior floors. Staff was helpful too.

Zee Garcia

This place is a nice place to visit and even have a wedding at if you could afford it. The house is very beautiful and spacious. If you are going to visit the mansions this is a good place to stop and see.

Kassandra Aveni

Rosecliff was a dream. I got married there on a Thursday night and it was the absolute most wonderful fairytale day of my life. Jennie and the special events team were professional friendly and made the entire planning process smooth. There was even one day where I asked about how to number the tables and Jennie went above and beyond to email me back moments later from her phone on a weekend. Alison was a pleasure to work with too. On the day of, Jennie was so sweet and relaxed which kept all of my family and wedding party relaxed. She organized the timeline and all the behind the scenes details with my vendors to make the whole night run seamlessly. I can say enough wonderful things about her and the breathtaking mansion. The view out on the terrace and down by the fountain for the ceremony was unbelievably beautiful. The ballroom/reception and dessert room were breathtaking too. All my guests were taking SO many pictures of the entire room, ceiling, stairs, etc. Everyone said they had the time of their lives. FIVE stars all around.

Bobby K

A beautiful place but not quite as large as expected. As a paid tour I would expect to see a bit more of the property or a more in depth look but felt it was pretty much one large function room and a bird painting museum. Overall, if going to see the mansions, spend the extra money and see more than one not just Rosecliff.

Bernie Finer

enjoy the free parking

Kevin Boulay

If you are into art or architecture this is a fantastic house. Staff were friendly. Signs were easy to ready. There is tablet that the historical society uses to guide you through the house. It's self guided tour with the tablet.

Lola Diaz

Perfect place for the best parties!

Richard J Huggins

Work call places is very cool

Srilatha Chikkala

It's a party house. It gets used even today for events. The guided tour makes visiting the mansions more enjoyable, but this house doesn't offer much to see compared to others.

Shahrukh Riaz

Attended a wedding there, very nice & clean.

Connie Notice

A historical old hoyse..very interesting tour..a must see. Christmas time would be the best time to go when itis deco8and lit up with lights

Raphael Rivas

Very nice looking old school historical looking building.

Isabella Zuk

Very beautiful. Self guided audio your takes about an hour. Less rooms to tour thank other Newport Mansions. If you can only tour one house I recommend the Breakers or the Marble House, but this one also has its own charm.

Tracey Sanderson

This is a beautiful property with an interesting history. It isn’t furnished to the extent of the other house museums in the area, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Bernard DRAI

Beautiful mansion, gallery, Chimney, French garden, magnificent view and access to the ocean

Tejas Ravi

Beautiful mansion, includes biographies of the owners near the end. Smaller than it looks.

Bill Everitt

Very good presentation.

Diane Reed

Beautiful home and grounds. Great wedding venue!

Kristine Caton

Beautiful mansion on Bellevue Ave. It's fun to take the tour and stroll around the grounds, especially the back yard overlooking the ocean, stunning views. They hold some extra functions here like the film newport series this summer (this was one of the venues)

Alyssa Baker

Absolutely gorgeous

pSlim One

Liked. Was the second on our tour. Would like to do this one again with a formal your guide instead of the self-guided tour.

Emily Larson

Not nearly as impressive as Marble House and the Breakers but still interesting, especially if you've seen the 1974 The Great Gatsby.

Zae Magoon

Beautiful mansion and grounds.

Anthony Opoku

Immaculate cut lawns, place to park

Rex Barrong

So beautiful. Lots of money to build such an elaborate place.

Mark Nuetzi

Beautiful, well maintained, hard to fathom living this lifestyle.

Marcin Szala

a charming house with a sad story. Location for The Great Gatsby (the one with Robert Redford). Apparently the biggest ballroom in Newport - definitely a place where most glamorous parties have happened

Emma Salazar

First house we hit on our tour. Got to see the Audubon Untamed exhibit. Great way to start the trip.

Barb Welch

Everyone said this was a favorite but I was very disappointed in how little we actually saw. So much is set up for weddings so you don't get the feeling of what life was like there.

Bailey Zuk

The self guided tour with the assistance of an informational headset was so interesting and spectacular. Being taught the history is one thing, but SEEING the pieces and being there is such an amazing experience. There is a fee but it's so worth paying. Family friendly and definitely recommended!

Gerri Oberman

Newport R.I. is SPECIAL! The fabulous mansions have been saved for our History by the Preservation Society's Intetest and Support. The importance of enduring American Culture, History, Art, Architecture and Gardens for the Public is a Gift! It is a Pleasure to visit ,to learn, and ENJOY!. Thank you so very much! Gerri ,06,21,19

David Daly

Just with the Breakers this property has astonishing beauty and a wealth of history. Feel free to take the audio tour. Even download the app on your own phone as well so you can relisten from back home. Or rewind to hear anything you miss while visiting

Meredith Larson

Beautiful property. They were setting up for a wedding on the lawn so I couldn't get unobstructed pictures of the exterior.

Sharon Kania

Beautiful mansion as well as all the others


Rosecliff was the second summer home I visited and it was very impressive from the outside. The inside feels a bit empty as there isn’t as much furniture and lot all of the rooms were restored. However, it’s still a notable place due to the original The Great Gatsby movie and also True Lies. The audio tour was informative and well organized. I’d say The Breakers is #1, Marble House is #2, and this is #3 of the mansions I visited.

Cortney Ayers

The self guided audio tour included with admission is great. The exterior of rose cliff is nothing short of remarkable. Inside, you find the same. Some of the house has been converted into a gallery displaying fashion and art of the era as well. The ballroom is still functional as event space.

Stephen Thompson

The least interesting of the mansions we'r visited. It's fairly sparse because they use it for weddings, business functions etc. It's a fine house, looking very much like Marble House from the outside. But if you have to choose between this or some of the others like The Breakers or Elms, go elsewhere.

Marysue Paquet

Elegant! Very helpful staff! Loved the Audobon exhibit!

Larry Price

Love the audio tour. Ballroom so cool. Loved the den and kitchen. But lived the stories the best. U can feel "Night and Day" coming thru the walls.

Aaron Bennett

My favorite of the Newport Mansions because The Great Gatsby was filmed here which is one of my favorite books and I loved the movie as well.


Beautiful view of the ocean from this Estate. Sadly, we weren't able to see the roses in bloom in April.

Carolyn Lopes

It was beautiful. Very interesting narrative.

Mark Woodley

Rosecliff is a beautiful white marble waterfront house with the largest ballroom of all the Newport cottages. The heart shape staircase is pretty spectacular only outdone by the realization of how much these homes cost in today's dollars, but many of these mansions were built at a time before income taxes. Rose garden notable. These homes would make any event memorable. There's a copy of this home near Edwards Gardens in Toronto and makes me wonder how many other replicas exist elsewhere. Obviously the gilded age is still inspirational!

lh nguyen

Our family enjoyed it. Pack a sheet and lite sandwiches to enjoy at the end of the tour in the backyard.

William Johnson

A little less put together than the Elms or Breakers

Robert Schlatter

I love the mansion and the rose garden on the side

Stephen Ferris

Absolutely beautiful mansion well worth visiting

Joseph Calcagno

Amazing art exhibit


Very nice.. the staff is great

Chris Conner

Beautiful! To think, this could have all been mine...

David McIntyre

Amazing historic mansion. Beautiful views of the Newport harbor and beaches. It also had a nice little cafe for lunch. If you are doing the mansion tours it is a must see.

Ron Schnaper

Rosecliff terrace during an actual September evening wedding reception, this part on the terrace. The location is superb and the furnishings and trappings of the venue are spectacular of course, but so are the professionals who staff the cottage for the events. They treated everyone like they were the guests of a trillionaire. Fantastic.

Curtis Correll

Great house to see. Such interesting stories.

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

All preservation homes are done well, each with it's own character, thanks for hanging on to them.

Bhargav Kesavan

Such a great place to walk with your loved one. Calm and serene location. Downside is there is no restroom nearby. Parking is parallel parking. Just on the right side of the road. Narrow road with people actively waking on all sides so be mindful while driving. Nice spot to enjoy nature.


The Rosecliff is one of the best reproductions of the Gilded Era. The story of Tess is a stereotypical representation of the glory ang sad decline into decay. She was one of the great hostesses of that era but in the end wandered the great halls alone talking to imaginary guest.

Kristin Reeves-Hall

Beautiful historic building to view

Hrushikesh Vasista

The vast lawn behind the mansion offers a fantastic view of the ocean. It's just amazing!

Ken Wagner

Simple and sweet.

Susan Belair

Attended the Newport Flower show on the grounds. Just beautiful and a wonderful view!

Karen Saunders

The Preservation Society of Newport County has really done an exquisite job maintaining and preserving the history of the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island. The Rosecliff is amongst these Mansions and one visited by many thousand. The self-guided tour was well done, it’s a beautiful mansion.

Bob Lavelle

Great for wedding receptions

Pitty Love

The mansions are beautiful and the history of each one is great to listen to as you walk through the mansions HOWEVER, I was extremely disappointed (and disgusted) that the headphones were not wiped down once handed back to staff. The sanitizer was sitting right there when returning your headsets but not once did I see any of the staff wipe one any of the mansions. With everything going around nowadays, it is SO important to try to be as sanitary as possible, especially with that many people coming through in just one day. I understand that wiping each one down would be time consuming but there are inexpensive, *disposable* foam covers that can go over the ear piece. Shoot, I would even buy a pair if you sold them in the front before walking in. Just my .2 cents.

Jimmy Qiu

nice exterior and garden but interior was not too exciting.

Diane Bishop

Beautiful. Art throughout the rooms. Tastefully decorated. Outfits worn by Redford on display, The Great Gatsby filmed there.

David DuCharme

Great time always. Fascinating on how the rich and famous lived back then.

Rachel Neiman

Was so cool... Self guided tour with headphones. Really cool to see how rich people lived. I liked this specific mansion since it was not the Vanderbilt's, like a few other popular Newport mansions.

Zachary Elias

A beautiful mansion however it needs some touch up work on the exterior to return this place to its grandeur.

Shasvat Desai

Amazing place with majestic mansions lining up on 1 side and unforgiving ocean on the other. The cliffwalk is bit difficult but worth the effort

Sal DeFini

Very interesting. I liked that it was a self guided tour

John DiChristofero

Love the Rosecliff. The volunteer staff is so friendly and accommodating

Kevin McKeown

Great tour of an historic mansion from the early 1900s

Stanley Cesark

All of the Newport mansions open to the public are magnificent. The audio guides are included in the visit and are very informative and easy to use. Especially liked the audio "drill down" feature to find out more information .


A pristinely maintained, historic, "extremely elegant" mansion in Rhode Island. There's a beautiful self-guided tour, highlighting much of the history and glamour of Rosecliff mansion. The "preservation Society of Newport County" organization, really puts a lot of work into keeping this place maintained. The tour is about 35 minutes , and hopefully you get there during the time that much of the mansion is open… Sometimes they close some of the the halls, usually for maintenance, or for a special occasion/function. There's an app you can even download, before you go . ( Helpful? Please

Mark Mabry

Very cool ballroom, and The Great Gatsby from 1974 was filmed there as well as a great scene from True Lies!

Elisabeth Ogletree

The back stories are so interesting.

Roger Bailey

We visited the Newport Flower show. Very beautiful and a great day.

Steve Leslie

Fascinating history, we'll presented. Don't miss the Audubon portfolio on display through October

Paul Warnicke

Great historical house that's been featured in as grea movies

Lead MT

Wine and Food fest! Wow! So many wonderful restaurants represented.

Shirley Stafford

The tour was great, lots of goodies in the gift shop

deborah leong

Beautiful architecture . Like going back in time.

Lydia Lagerberg

Enjoyed the tour. Do wish there were more seats throughout the tour for partially disabled folks like me self to sit and rest.

Linda Simons

Self guided audio tour let's you progress at your own pace. Wonderful home.

Kathi Lindaman

Just beautiful! Staff was very friendly, setting was incredibly, grounds well maintained and peaceful. Walking thru this gorgeous mansion, you could slip back in time in your mind, but it was not stuffy or antiquated, but still fresh and timeless...and the ocean is the leading co star as well!


Wasn't my favorite of the Newport summer homes. While the tour gives a good overview of the house and history it's less in depth and doesn't show the kitchens or many bedrooms ( many have been turned into an art exhibit). Additionally the tour focuses alot on the locations current use as a wedding venue and art exhibit really detracting from the "historic" nature of the property. All in all its nice that this has movie history and an audio tour, but the fact it seems to be one giant wedding prom is wierd. And the conversion into an art gallery seems to detract from historic value. It's a very diffrent experience from the other homes you may find that you really enjoy it I however did not and would recommend the other mansions first.

Brynell Owens

Very beautiful and a must see

Lee Whitcher

If your context is The Breakers or Marble House, this is smaller but similar. Still well worth the visit, especially if you have any interest in the included special exhibition that happens to be on display upstairs (check their website for what is currently there).

Robert Nelson

Gorgeous house and well organized, automated tour.

Mike Thornhill

What a fantastic place to see. I would recommend getting a multi mansion ticket and checking out more of the Newport Mansions. Each of the Newport Mansions is unique in its own way and quite historical .

Leo Wells

Impressed with all of them, but this one I guess my favorite.

Nick Curcio

Wife and I attended the Newport Mansions flower show. Great displays. Lots of vendors. Beautifully maintained mansion by the Preservation Society. Can't wait to see during the Christmas/Holiday season.

Walter Matwichuk

Only 4 rooms restored. The rest of the house is set up and ready to host your wedding or your special occasion, which would probably be quite enjoyable and impressive. Chose one of the other mansions if you enjoy restoration projects.

Tatsiana Miraniuk

Beautiful, impressive place. Free access to the groun

Karl 1974

Rosecliff, built 1898–1902, is one of the Gilded Age mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, now open to the public as a historic house museum. The house has also been known as the Hermann Oelrichs House or the J. Edgar Monroe House. It was built by Theresa Fair Oelrichs, a silver heiress from Nevada, whose father James Graham Fair was one of the four partners in the Comstock Lode. She was the wife of Hermann Oelrichs, American agent for Norddeutscher Lloyd steamship line. She and her husband, together with her sister, Virginia Fair, bought the land in 1891 from the estate of George Bancroft and commissioned the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White to design a summer home suitable for entertaining on a grand scale. With little opportunity to channel her considerable energy elsewhere, she "threw herself into the social scene with tremendous gusto, becoming, with Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish and Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont (of nearby Belcourt), one of the three great hostesses of Newport." The principal architect, Stanford White, modeled the mansion after the Grand Trianon of Versailles, but smaller and reduced to a basic "H" shape, while keeping Mansart's scheme of a glazed arcade of arched windows and paired Ionic pilasters, which increase to columns across the central loggia. White's Rosecliff adds to the Grand Trianon a second storey with a balustraded roofline that conceals the set-back third storey, containing twenty small servants' rooms and the pressing room for the laundry.

Nick Sanginario

Best of Newport party was a blast

Mei Ling

I really enjoy these self guided tours and the different exhibitions...

Donna Kohl

A little stark and less interesting than the other mansions.

Alex Ferro

Went to explore the mansion and wasn’t impressed. They charge you $18 and you think you are seeing the whole house. They show you a you rooms which is interesting then it turns into a place about birds. You don’t see other side of house or kitchen which I’m guessing has been redone so they can have events and weddings there which cost a fortune. They ask for donations even though we just paid to walk around for about 15 minutes. The outside is nice and you can overlook the water. Overall they need to have more of a tour inside and more information on the home.

Roderick Brady Jr

While in Newport my family and i visited rosecliff. Though the exterior of the Mansion was beautiful the interior was quite disappointing. It did not have much artwork or furniture and it only had two floors. I do not recommend this house.

Debu Tante

Gorgeous historic Victorian era "cottage". If you get to see an Island Moving Company ballet here, you are in for a treat!

Leceta Allwood

Would love to renew my vows here

Beverly King

Fantasy wedding forever loved

scott davis

If you are going to go make sure you do it by visiting the theater first and watching the movie. They have a awesome deal for the movie, a snack and visiting the house. This place is a throwback to a society that was just outrageous with wealth, and lavish lifestyles. You can still see many of the intricate plaster molds placed atop The doorways to rooms and with the plaster crown moulding. The fireplaces carved out of solid blocks of marble/ lime stone were absolutely beautiful. This is overall a great way to spend a few hours if your in the area. Be careful walking down the streets if you decide to do the walk and then the house as the locals drive crazy.

Christian Robles

Not as much wonder or much to look at inside this house compared to the other Mansions. The tour was short, about 35 min. The whole second floor was empty beside the master bedroom and some of the rooms in the house were closed off

Zac Jaindl

We had the honor of having both our ceremony and reception at Rosecliff and the privilege of working with Jennie and her team throughout our planning process. Simply put: the venue is beyond breathtaking. My fiancé and I opted to keep our guest list small to ensure we fit into the parlor in the event of rain, but in the end were fortunate enough to have perfect September Weather and held our ceremony on the back lawn. I know it has been mentioned in other comments, so to address: yes, Rosecliff is a historic property and museum, so it obviously has stringent rules. The beauty of the property needs to be preserved. Jennie was able to maneuver our day-of plans to conform to all the venue’s operating practices while making sure our vendors were accommodated and the day went off without a single problem. In the end, every single guest was in awe of the venue and the event, and not a single vendor had an issue with setup or breakdown. It was truly unforgettable. I work within the wedding and event industry and have the privilege of working with some of the leading event professionals. Among all my experiences, Jennie and her team were second to none. We could not recommend them more.

Hugo Garcia Picado

You must visit this place to learn and enjoy the history and tradition beginning on USA hight society on 1900th, outstanding customer service

Beth Biez

The party house!

AMY Smith

Rosecliff is very beautiful and eloquent. Our family just wished it gave a little more history and had the rooms upstars dedicated more as the old rooms.

Robert Scheel

Great photo location

Aryan mobiny

Amazing house. No dogs allowed

Jose Pagan

Really nice Mansion!!

Meg le Comte

A magnificent and historic museum from the Gilded Age and for those who follow the architecture of Stanford White it is a place to visit. If you love to go to the Newport Flower Show, it is an ideal time to see the mansion and all the floral masterpieces. Also, you can just enjoy the entire day on the lawn with the music and light fare offered.

Donnell Patterson

It is simply an awesome piece of architecture!

Pat Kowalczyk

Beautiful arrangements.. Lovely backdrop for Jazz band and relaxing

LL Creative Social Media Marketing by NY Signs

"The Rosecliff" Newport's greatest party house. Glistening white mansion with biggest ballroom


Love the property, wish they real person tours were included in the ticket price like they used to be.

Kira Grange

went for the flower shower very nice, beautiful view, visit the gift shop

Khushboo Patel

Beautiful mansions! If you live history and a person's passion of home and decor. It's a must to visit!

Phil Goss

Very pretty. Get the 5 mansion pass.

Rjk Gelineau

Cliff walk.. excellent exhilarating experience. Go the entire cliff walk for a great workout!

Larry Schwantes

The audio tour was great. We also enjoyed all the extra audio information posted below primary room information. Talking the tour leisurely adds to the experience. They have an elevator for handicapped individuals, just ask. Well worth seeing. We also saw The Breakers, and "Herst Castle" in California prior to the Rosecliff.

Avesh Vij

Good place

Avi Ghelman

Very interesting place to visit. If you like American history it is very interesting

Christine Haverington

A most beautiful venue for weddings and other events.

T Bradshaw

Spend as much or as little time you want here. Fabulous staff, so much to see and learn about. Cute gift shop, on site parking.

Stephen G

One of the nicer great houses in Newport, RI

Joshua Weber

Beautiful mansion, named after it's small rose garden. The sight of many movies including the original Great Gatsby. More restrained, simple mansion compared to the breakers or marble house. Lots of details to absorb and admire. I liked that this one wasnt overly garish.

Peter Ball

Beautiful mansion and fascinating history. Currently has an awesome display of birds of America pictures by Audubon.

Kwai Ping Chan

Nice biew from the cliff

Elisabetta Murray

Very interesting place, beautiful architecture and decor. The audio tour is nice and full of information about the place.

Kane Kurtyka

Always love going to the mansions for the tours. They never get boring.

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