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Where is Roger Williams National Memorial?

REVIEWS OF Roger Williams National Memorial IN Rhode Island

nikki mckiernan

Very friendly

Erkemey Tadevonts

Providence - really nice place for vacation. Here you can see a lot of huge and gorgeous buildings, beautiful parks and other really good things.

Adventure Krewe

Crazy park in the middle of town. Stop in the visitor center to get a couple cool nps cancellation stamps for you national park passport. Rangers very friendly. #adventurekrewe tip: you can park right in front of the visitor center on a Sunday afternoon to run in and get your stamps.

Judi Q

A nice place to visit and the only national memorial in RI. The ranger was quite informative and I learned things I never knew about RI and Roger Williams even though I did my college thesis on him.

Deborah Germano

It's a great place to have a picnic or any type of parties u can take the kids

Crystal McDaniel

Quiet peaceful respite from the noises of the bustling city

David Coreas

Roger Williams was a cool dude

Lynn Ouellette

nice place

Daniel Echt

John McNiff is the man!

Ron Plourde

Great place for a walk in a park.

Randy Evans

This was a nice park with a nice message of respect for different beliefs. The park surrounding the visitor center was also nice and shady on a hot day. The staff were great and were able to teach me that although I am from Canada and can be forgiven, it is still not a great idea to wear my NY Yankee cap in Red Sox territory!!! LOVE this park!!! It's where Roger Williams founded RI! It's a good size park to bring kids to run around after touring the RISD Museum, and then have a picnic lunch! Plus.... there's free parking!

Dennis Spencer

This is a out door all year round it nice in the summer time the Park Ranger John M he is a nice person he

Jackson Harris

Nice park full of historical information.


Great monument to freedom!

Brian Bigda

Friendly and helpful Park Rangers. Brief but informative education on Roger Williams ... We need more people thinking and behaving like him. Nice place to stop when visiting Providence. Park Service always does a great job.

melissa burr

Great park in the middle of the city

Mahmud-Ul-Hasan Monim

A nice place to walk around.


Words cannot describe the beauty of the park at sunset or sunrise. Now I know why it's a real favorite of the joggers and dog walkers at these times. A lot of Photographers visit the park to capture the Images & beauty of this Historical Landmark Park. Definitely a must to visit & take pictures , have a picnic, a bike ride , canoeing or fishing. Maybe seeing an image of Mr. Roger Williams himself strolling by around the park. You won't believe or think your in Little ole Rhode Island Have fun and come back again.

Glen Boisvert

Great place

Cheryl Charbonneau

Beautiful Scenery. Peaceful Nature Walk.

Ernest Grendell

One of the unsung heroes of the independence era, love the concept of Liberty of consciousness

Joshua Horn

I've been to many of our nation's great national parks. This is not one of them. Other National Parks are characterized by epic landscapes, crucial battlefields, or beautiful historic buildings. This one has free parking and air conditioning. Most of the land is composed of a city park, with some plaques that admittedly have a bit of useful information. It also features the spring of Providence, which at the time of our visit, was filled with garbage. The tiny one room visitor's center had a few plaques, but the main feature was the gift shop. Many of the products were hats and shirts branded as the Roger Williams National Memorial. Too bad they didn't have "I went to the Roger Williams National Memorial, and all I got was lousy t-shirt," because this was the one place I may have bought one.

Jimmy Huang

It's a pretty nice looking historical park.

Emilia D. Peña-Disla

A must see and learn from Providence. Here the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The staff was great with a big crowd of teenagers and kept them engaged and inquisitive about the first 100 years of the history of Providence, RI, and Roger William's impact in not only RI in the 1600s but how his vision and values are still an important part of the current society issues.

Paul Dobbe

A small national park, right in the center of Providence.

John S.

I question if the park is over hyped ! Well-groomed Park, plenty of trees I wish I knew the George Cohan statue by name on a plack. Stunning landmarks.

Jonathan Lopez

Great little park to check out the history of Providence and learn about Roger Williams!

Mike Wilkinson

Great for a quick walk

A. R.

Very nice place to go with the kids and learn some history.

Mark Black

Very well presented with an excellent park ranger.

Nicholas Russo

Also a child hood memory place... And also a big part of history for Rhode island

Veronica Higbie


mary thomas

Interesting short movie about Roger Williams. Friendly, professional & informative!

Anthony Delvino


tom m

Great place to relax friendly people friendly pets people respect in the area well they walk their pets always a smile and also the park rangers are amazingly helpful and friendly

Traci Lawson

This is a small but interesting museum. The grandkids liked exploring the chest comparing Native American objects and their corresponding settlers equivalent. (wooden toy/toy of bones - money/wampum. A small garden plot demonstrated an early replica garden - corn planted with beans climbing up the stalk surrounded by a squash plant. Ranger was great with kids and even included "I promise to clean my room" in their Jr. Ranger oath.

Jaclyn Skidmore

Small park with a great view of the city. Recommended if you are visiting Providence or just want a quiet place to sit and think.

Dennisandstephanie Spencer

John the park ranger is good

Nancy Worthen

Lovely park in downtown area, hosts many events, information center about Roger Williams.

Dan Becker

Roger Williams was such an important figure of early new England. Well worth a visir

Samuel Sullivan

Very relaxing

Joshua Rosen

It's just a city park, aside from a couple of signs there is nothing here that would distinguish this as a national monument.

Gregory Alves

Nice quiet place to sit and eat lunch in the middle of downtown. Learn a little about the the littlest national park in the smallest state.

Steve Turnbull

Nice, quiet park. Educational visitor center with good staff. A nice, quick historical visit with kids. Unfortunately not a lot to see, and nothing remains from the 17th C.

Walter W. Taylor

Great Rangers

jaque daly

Lovely, dog friendly, in town. Nice conversation with total strangers who have pets.

Elliot Klimowski

Very minimalistic park for the memory of Rhode Island's hero. Very nice visitor center giving an overview of the history of the area.

Gino Reyes


Daniana Melgar

Love the woods , so much to do

oderick campbell

The park is really beautiful and museum was very informative

Jane LeVasseur

Wonderful little park

Jill Blunt

Always so clean pretty ..excellent park service. Great place to walk your pooch.

Killa Tos

Love the quiet open area and the people in that area are great as well.

Trish Woodard

Information a excellent staff there

Trish Harmon

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great presentations through out the year.

derrick morris

Wonderful open air space in downtown Providence!

tr shastri

Very informative

Rock Jocelyn

Nice smaller park. There was an open area and vendors at the Pow Wow we all went to Sept 19. Vendors with unique crafts, reasonably priced food, and genuie kindness. We brought a small blanket and got a nice shaded seat. There were interesting historic placards. The first 9 houses built, 2 were owned by women (Unheard of then) The grass was soft and they had a poop bag station for dogs. There were 3 Porta Potties and I'm not sure if they are only there for this event. I'll let you all know the next time we trek that way. They also have Waterfire tonight as well #RockFromRI

Raymond Ramos

While small in size this park is big in heart. Nice history display and great outdoor summer concerts. Staff here are really informative and helpful. They also run the junior ranger program, which gives you something to do with your littles. Very nice park, if small - but a nice little green walk in the middle of the city! I love this local park. great place to wallk dog and they sometimes have doggy bags. Well mantained. Occasioanlly homeless.

Michael Hannigan

My dog and best friend, Mickey, loves this place. He freaks out when we get close.

Patrick Laverty

Awesome little park in the middle of the city!

Eric Ruck

Shade and Sculpture, the park Rangers are eager to help, and the speaking pulpit is fun.

James McCarthy

Very very interesting park, well-interpreted visitors' centre with extremely friendly staff. Also very much appreciated linking freedom of thought and conscience to modern rights movements in a progressive way. Well-done!

Jane Hopkins

Lovely little park in the middle of the city. Nice to learn who founded Providence and the history of the city.

Lesa Boo

Because Roger Williams was a great man who fought for freedom from religion, separation of church and state. He and his counterparts don't get enough praise. There should be a holiday. I'm related to him also

Mike Fine

Great national park in the middle of downtown. Be sure to stop in the visitors center and chat

Johnny Saint

So clean

Daniel Perez

Went to the rally for recovery today I had a great time thank you to everyone who was there!

Nick Iarocci

Fantastic especially the cost if u know what bring and how to store them. Tip on a hot day freeze yr drinks the night before

Dr. Natanael Valenzuela

Loved everything

Jimmy Anderson

It's a pretty little park perfect place to eat lunch on a autumn day

sophia bailey

This is a great little park honoring Roger Williams, his statue is actually in a different part of the city and also worth the visit (the view of the city is great!). And if you happen to find the park ranger you will be treated to a wealth of knowledge about the history of Rhode Island.

John Bowen


Laura Atryzek


Dylan Paneto

It's okay, just needs to be cleaned up

Mary Ann Loss

Super staff and exhibits.

Ken Wagner

A walkable gem in the city.

Mohannad Safadi

It's a nice park to take a break in and have yourself a nice lunch.

Tamara Wick

Always Pioneering the direction of the nation. I always treasure my home town providence.

Ely Margolis

There's a nice park right in the heart of the city plus a National Park Service historic site with very enthusiastic and helpful rangers.

vanessa hernandez

Nice park but needs a little TLC. What i assume is a well is full of trash. Overall, good experience.

John Soares

Great historical place

James Wilson

The tour day by bus turned out to be cold and rain. Our group decided to forego the stop at Roger Williams National Park.

Ollie Montgomery

Pleasant, clean and a nice spot of quiet green-space in the busy city. Parking goes quicker than you expect but there are busses available and it's within walking/driving distance of various main thoroughfares. Good for a festival or a relaxing moment.

Dan McQuade

Appreciated Much Ado...thank you headtricktheatre!

Jake Lamoureux

Very cool little spot to learn about Roger Willams

Diane Albanese

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. We talked for quite a bit about slavery and religious freedom. They have the stamp for the National Passport Book. The 5 minute movie really helped me to understand the issues of the day. Roger was kicked out of Massachusetts for proclaiming separation of church and state then 100 year later Thomas Jefferson wrote it into our constitution. Incredible stuff!

Akiva Marcus Cole

Beautiful park!

Brennan Ortiz

This beautiful and surprisingly quiet public park serves as a tribute to the historical contributions made by Roger Williams to the city of Providence. The space is charming, quaint, and a worthwhile respite from the nearby hustle and bustle.

Rhina Fernandez

Beautiful place

Scott Baxter

Dad's buried here and although the reason why I come is less than pleasant, the grounds are well-maintained.

Bob Brink

Like It.. Great Experience..

Simply Minimal

A short film is offered by the visitors center. A short leisurely walk around the grounds gives you more info. Homeless people sleeping on benches. Very sad.

Stephanie Spencer

It's a peaceful and happy place John the park ranger is a people person and and he is a nice person to

Brick Fantastic

One of two national parks in Rhode Island, Roger Williams National Memorial is great! Become a junior ranger, get a National Parks Passport Stamp that you can't get anywhere else, and learn about Roger Williams.

Bruce Fields

Its quite and the park rangers are nice with no problems you respectt them and your surounding its all good

Catie Cowden

Check out the visitors center to collect cancellations for your National Park passport! It's a small park but well shaded and easily walkable. Sometimes they will host events like flower planting.

Reaper Smith

I go here so men can be real respected,masters,and be tough and strong like men.Im the kind of chic that men is what im for,to do anything they need,i will serve all men,even if they talk down to me,they can ofcourse

Jaxz Lavallee

Nice small park wirh benches and plenty of trees for shade

Miranda M

Gorgeous place to stop and have lunch!

Jason Glenn

Quiet park, great view, several interesting things to see

craig packard

WARM & I come here often to exercise, one of our state gems, nice grounds, very clean, neat stuff to look @...;-) WARM is my service puppy...


Really nice staff and a great place for info on stuff :)


I love this plane

Brian Hoort

The park is very nice, walking the colonial houses across the street and up the hill was a treat. The building is a small, one room display with a video about the history behind Roger Williams. Its very nice, but quite small. I wouldn't make a big trip to it but if you are nearby do make the stop.

Aaron Miller

It sucks

R. Joshua Angell

Stood here for about a half hour waiting for a Peter Pan bus. No panhandlers or weirdos when we were there at 6am-ish.


Beautiful and fun to visit for historical learning too. Not overwhelming.

Robin Gillette

Nice place in a busy city


because I love to help out with the people

Peter Signorino

Beautiful view

M. Ryan Groff

An informational introductory movie and a small exhibit. And National Park Service is excellent, as usual.

Mary Beth Stamm

Attended the first of five concerts schedule this summer. Due to rain, it was in the building. I hope the rest will be in the beautiful park grounds.

Adam Simon

Fantastic view! This place is great if you're looking to follow in the footsteps of America's pilgrims.

Lynnette Monk Dezan

We enjoyed the easy walk and reading the historical information about Roger Williams.

Sean Hessenthaler

Really friendly Rangers. Great with kids.

YuHan Yang


Ojha Vishal

Good Spot for Picnic and Small Gatherings.

Sara Reilig

The city is broken up by this quaint little park. I enjoy lounging in the grass and taking in the beauty of our city.

Paul lovesAlligators

Great place to visit and learn about Roger Williams and RI history

Mrs. W

This was a nice museum to visit while doing other things in Providence.

Jeremy Girouard

Great little spot to visit! Beautiful garden and new visitors center!

Nekisha Kuiee Fry

Love the life of the park

Emmanuel Ross

Check it out

Michelle Giron

Lisa said to me that there was a Rally and there free food also music too. This is she that it start at 2:00 and end at 6:00 she volunteer there. I Love my daughter Lisa she really really get me out of the house so I appreciate that.

Marion Maurmann

I Love this Place

Luis Rodriguez


Esther Paris

Lovely national park, historic site, visitors' center. Beautiful place for some R&R, a picnic lunch (solo or with friends), and to learn some history about this lovely state, at your own pace and stress-free. (There's no quiz at the end. Laugh!) The ranger in the visitors' center is delightful. Despite the fact that this National Park is in the smallest state, at a whopping 4 acres it is NOT the smallest National Park. (There are more than 25 smaller national parks.) There are benches, picnic tables, parking spots (including HC). I am pretty sure I saw a bike rack. The park is well maintained; I noted no graffiti or other vandalism. It is easy to reach via RIPTA on the R-line and some other line/s. It is easy to reach by motor vehicle, and would be somewhat easy to reach by bicycle. (I cannot comment about the safety of bicycling in that area.) I truly enjoyed my visit and look forward to another.

Diane Bryant

A little gem in Providence. Original letter by Roger Williams from 1677 on display today.

Elvira Matthews

Great space to sit and relax. Enjoy the shade,nice quiet place to read.

Aristides Sanchez Sarmiento

(Translated by Google) I loved the explanation of the park service manager. He gave us a movie that talked about the beginnings of the city and Roger Willian. He gave us a map of outstanding attractions (Original) Me encanto la explicación del encargado de servicio del parque. Nos puso una película que hablaba de los inicios de la ciudad y de Roger Willian.Nos dio un mapa de atracciones destacadas

Nicholas Smith

Walk your dog here. Play bocce. That's what we did.

Katie Trott

We randomly decided to check out Providence on a day off and stumbled upon this park! Super informational, we loved learning about Rhode Island :)


Nice scenery. Free parking. Good walk.


Took megabus close by. The place seemed like a good place in summer.

tolerant fire

Beautiful downtown views

Michael Mckenna

Being born and raised near by this park may seem pleasing at first but ponds filled with trash rude people 4th July stay away unless you know providence

Tonya Cabral

Great park.

Michael Gee

Great Historical place to visit. Make sure that you go inside the visitors center, the Park Rangers and volunteers are very nice, they will answer questions and show a video on Roger Williams. Worth your time.

Mel Cordeiro

Friendly, knowledgable staff. Federally owned land. The land hosts a powwow there every year. Personally, it's a little small for a powwow but the land is great. Considering it is in the middle of the street (think median, only longer and a little wider) and parking is limited in their small lot, it is a nice piece of land. There are plenty of benches and informational signs all around the grounds. There are plenty of benches and places to sit, but the grass is better in my opinion because for just a moment, you don't feel like you are in the middle of the city. The memorial on site is amazing. Well worth the visit.

Katherine Wirtz

A fun and interesting place to visit in Providence. The site is small, but has a lot of good information and engaging displays. It is a good place for people of all ages, and the staff is delighted to be of any help. The park outside the building is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

Robert Russo

Wonderful spot to read a book or have a picnic lunch!

Erica Vanlandingham

Very small..but nice

Kelsey Trumpp

Very friendly staff in the visitor center!! Welcoming and excited to share their knowledge about the site, Rodger Williams, and the history of Providence. Also directed me toward other nearby historic sites of interest. Overall a great little stop in Providence for anyone interested in U.S. history!!

cydonie brown

Yeah, national park service.

Valerie Leon

Very pleasant historic location.

ɖɛǟȶɦ ǟռɖ ɖɛֆȶʀʊƈȶɨօռ

The food and delivery is amazing never had a problem

Bill Applegate

Best place to walk dogs during the day.

Luis Stgo

A lot of

Susan Anderson

Great park. An hour visit or so to fully experience the park

Kush Tripathi

Loved the place.. Got to know about history so much

Irving Guzman

Very nice park. Alot of areas to sit and take in the day

Sherry Vanni

Go down for your free access pass for all National Parks in the U.S. it's free

Christine Haverington

Important introduction to the bedrock of American democracy.

Steve Kilpatrick

A beautiful urban park. Small museum on-site with activities for families and kids. Very nice area for walking around, and the scene of frequent social events (pow-wow's, farmer's markets, etc.).


This is a great place to have lunch on a nice summer day and its literally 2 seconds walk from my job

Aramis Perez

Another excellent area to play Pokemon Go at or spend time with friends and family. I've grown up in and around the area of the memorial and it still is a great place to hang out at.

hafeez khan

Good place for "You"

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