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100 South St, Providence, RI 02903, United States

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REVIEWS OF Providence Children's Museum IN Rhode Island

Karen Cook

Wonderful gem of a children's museum. Plenty of exhibits that captivated both of my children's interests.

Frank DeAngelis

Great place to go with the kids. They are veteran friendly too! You get a discount with proof of veteran status.

Jessica Cardoso

Very cute place, my 21mo had lots of fun! 2 floors of activities. Was a little crowded (expected on a Saturday) so plan accordingly.

Jorge Delgado

Great time, great place to spend some time with the kids

Beata Stomska

It's a great place for kids to have fun. Affordable membership that gives discounts/free admissions to lots of different places.

Mauricio Breglia

We went here with my 18 months son and he enjoyed so much , hope to come back one day so he can have fun again

Hannah Fornara

Great price and a lot of fun activities and hand on experiences for the kiddos.

Jennifer Johnson

I’ve been to so many children’s museums. One of them compare to the simplicity and quality at this museum. They offer military discounts and regularly have outside activities. We’ve attended a music class and a build a bear clinic all unexpectedly. The museum covers a lot of ages too. The placards are useful and understandable. Love it.

Ricard Melo Sr

Loved it boys really enjoyed it will be going back!

Jason Anglyn

Despite the name... there are no exhibits of children. But there are a ton of cool areas kids can play and interact with each other. I recommend getting the membership for those cold winter months where little timmy can't go outside and play.

Andi Banandi

I didn't go in, we were parked waiting for the AAA guy, but we could hear a bunch of children and it sounded like they were having a good time. I used to really like going here as a kid.

Season Laurel

My 16 month old loved it. We are going to purchase a memebership.

Randy Evans

Awesome museum, tons of activities, very self-directed (which lets a parent kind of sit back and allow them to handle most of it themselves). Nice outdoor area for when that is an option. Good location for a birthday party, too (and if you tell your guests they get a free pass for the birthday, they can kind of plan a whole day of it). ery fun, very easy, not terribly expensive.

Faith Thibault

A place to play in water, be a stone mason, sail from Cape Verde to RI, create a marble run, crawl through under ground pipes & more, does it get any better then that?!

Amy Loreck

This is a wonderful place for children. My kids have enjoyed it thoroughly for 8 years and haven't grown out of it yet. Great place for a play date or visitation.

C Nicole

always a great time with the kids. i see staff continuously wiping down toys and cleaning even while the children are still playing. that comforts me in knowing that they make an effort to stay clean and help to lessen the chance of someone getting sick, although that is still near impossible. i am giving 4 stars out if 5 because $12 per person over the age of 1 is very expensive for most people. i am aware that there are discounts for people that have certain health insurance (neighborhood health) or have an EBT card, but for those who do not, the price could be a bit lower.

Teresa Gomez-Marquez

Learning while playing!

Hussain Kapadia

A must see if you're in Providence. The water area is a good learning and fun experience for the kids. And do not forget to visit the 2nd floor. It has some decent stuff to test your child analytical skills.

Barbara Buttes, Ph.D.

Kids have a blast while learning! Adults can enjoy this place, too. Indoor/outdoor learning fun!

Meg Blackett

This is such a fun place for kids, my son definitely enjoyed it! The water room was his favorite.

Christopher e

Wonderful place to take you're children to. The kids will have a blast! Rain or shine.

Christopher Thomson

Good place for kids to expend some energy and have fun. Definitely some learning opportunities but the kids just like interacting most. Two floors. Lunch room. Easy to spend a few hours there.

Susan Freaney

It's geared for toddler-6. It hasn't changed much since I brought my oldest grandchildren many years ago. I don't believe it offers enough stimulating activities for anyone older than 6 years old

Erica Windsor

Great place for all ages!

Christine Scotti

We had the best time on a school trip. The staff was wonderful and the kids all had a great time. It's worth it to get a family pass for the year!

Elisabeth Hall

My kids didn't want to go home

Brian Aaron

The space is packed with fun things to do and well thought out. So many engaging creative activities for kids.

Jamie Partridge

The Providence Children's Museum is a fantastic place for families to visit, especially with young children (10 and under). Each section of the museum features different activities that involve gross and fine motor activities and encourages exploratory / imaginative play. For example, there's a grocery store area where kids can pretend to shop, cook, or work the registers. There's also a ship, construction site, a building area (blocks, magnet-tiles, and other building toys), and a gated play area for children aged three and under. There's also a room dedicated to water play, which my family thoroughly enjoys. They also have a fenced outdoor play space, which has rubber flooring. The museum is mostly accessible for individuals using assistive technology (it has accessible bathrooms, a ramp to the second floor, and most of the themed areas are spacious...minus the grocery store, ship area, and farm house area). While admission can be expensive, families can either purchase special passes through their local library or purchase a museum membership, which is absolutely worth it! Highly recommend families visit PCM.

Marlene Joslin

Learning through pretend play and imagination. Excellent small kids Museum

Daniela Doyle

Stopped by the museum while we were visiting my in laws and was very disappointed. Parking is horrible, exhibits are really basic, and museum was really overcrowded (i feel like it had to be in violation of maximum occupancy when i was there). Worst part was that the water room was “under maintenance” when we tried to go in and we couldn’t wait the 25 min for it to open. My 4 y/o was barely entertained for an hour. Gratefully we received free admission with our reciprocal membership. Not nearly worth $12 per person. Definitely a skip if you your kids are older than 2.

Mike Cap

We took our granddaughter here. Plenty to do, and very educational.

Douglas Mercer

Great place to go if your kids are under 10 I tried to go there but my kids are 11 and 13 and although it is a great place they don't cater to older kids. They still get a five star because it was a great place when my kids were younger.

Nancy Worthen

My 5 year old grand daughter loves the water room as well as Coming to Rhode Island. And o really like the Creativity Room, with lots of activity room.

Sophia Chaviari Borodemos

You will not be disappointed to visit the childrens museum. It is small enough to fit into a morning and packs a lot of fun. Try the outdoor cave and the green climber if it is a nice dry day. The downside is that the parking is extremely limited to a few spots, so you may need to have change for the street parking meters.

Carlos Zambrano

This place is awesome for parents, especially in the winter when you can't go out for a walk with your child.

Gothic Barbie

I love this place .....I went here as a child and now my kids get to share memories here with me but I giving it 3 stars only cause they could use an update there are areas that are falling apart wish they had the founds to do so

rao nischala

Water station, bridges and mirror related play was fun for kids.

Dawn Trudell

Fun activities that combine learning with each one. Even an area for babies to have fun and books to read to them at the reading tree.

M Carey

You gotta love a place where kids can be themselves...and not have to go digital. Filled with lots of fun, simple activities that help children build up much needed skills, this place is a gem in RI.

jairah zinni

The place was clean and they had a lot of inventive exhibits that induced thought and imagination. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. My 3yr old had a great time and enjoyed every room they displayed.

Jaykwon Barada

Me and my family had ana absolute blast! Its was really busy but its was still so much fun. My children made a little friend in almost every room

Cammy Boisvert

This place is so much fun. It has a great adventure inside and a really cool play area outside . My children love this place, free parking and a lots of admission discounts available, check the website

Heidi Townsend

This place was wonderful! Lots of things for the kids to do and explore. My 20 month old really loved the water areas and running around upstairs. We went on a Saturday and It was a zoo. There were so many kids and parents you could hardly walk. We went because we have a bank of america card and on the first full weekend of the month you get one free admission. I personally think it's stupid that parents need to pay to get in when it's for the kids only. It isn't like the parents play a bunch with all the stuff. To have admission $12 is ridiculous. The amount of things for kids to explore is unsurmountable really. But with fewer people it would have been much more enjoyable. I have to say that the majority of the children were well behaved and being watched by their parent or someone. But there were a few bad eggs especially in the water area. These three boys were clearly brothers and were bullying everyone around, ruining playing for any other kid and getting water everywhere. They splashed my daughter in the face so hard she cried. They had no parents around. It's as if they were dropped off and let loose. No supervision or decipline from the staff (though that's not their Job). If it weren't for the amount of people and these three children it would have been a more pleasurable place.

Tasia B

My son loves being here. The staff are incredibly nice

Sha-IS Wisedome

Great for children ages 7 and under. Inexpensive and so much to do! So many hands on activities.

Traci Lawson

We were driving through and when because that are a part of the blue star program (free for military) for a month or so. Glad we did the kid loved it and didn't want to leave. Come prepared for your kid to get wet the water learning center is great. They have aprons but it's hopeless your kid will get wet. This place is perfect for kids of all ages many critical thinking activity for them to do. Could spend a an entire day there. The kid wanted to do the same thing over and over we had to move him along to see most of it. The staff was super friendly and seem to really enjoy their jobs.

Edite Pires

Always take my little one here. Many child activities for a wide spectrum of ages.

Wenyjim valerio

Best place for children to have fun and learn while they are playing. My kids enjoy specially going to little woods and water ways and I love to have this space to play and learn with them at the same time.

Lori Willis

What a lovely children's museum. So much to see, touch and do! If the kids gets antsy, there's even a small playground to give your child something else to do! Great for busy hands and feet! Great place to spend a couple of hours. The earlier in the day you can go, the less busy. There is a water table, so come with a t shirt change.

Samantha A

This museum was actually great ! There was Tons of things to do with the little ones from a water stations to building blocks ! I especially loved the interactive rooms where you can step into different time zones like the 1600' to the 1900's try on clothes etc. it's really neat! The staff was really friendly and they clean the toys every day which is a plus!

Von Kachittavong

My 6 year old and eight year old love it. Small but plenty of activities for them to enjoy.

Hailey Hiltz

Great place for children to learn and have fun

Sarah Dorina Smith-Dufton

The children really loved all of the rooms. There is a neat climbing tower outside.

Carlton Bradshaw

You can easily spend 1 hour or 4 hours. Plenty of room to move around and exhibits for all ages!

George Estrada

So many activities for the children. Friendly staff and fun location. Fantastic military discount too!

George Hills

My kids had a great time.

Amanda Lamora

Absolutely loved it! Great place

Jeremy Fournier

The kids love this place, especially the water play area. It's not too huge of a place to get lost in

Angelique Kneepkens

We love coming to the Providence children's museum, our youngest children love every single corner of it! We wish though that there were some interesting areas or activities for older children, 10+ years. Also we wish there were some new activities every now and then, like at a museum, with temporary exhibits. But it's still a great place to go with children!

Julie R.

This is a nice place to take your kids to during the cold months. I do wish they changed the stations and updated the activities kids do. I previously had a yearly membership in November 2016 and just got it in February 2019 again and nothing has changed Also, I am a bit concerned about cleanliness of the facility, especially the restrooms-- definitely needs more cleaning and scrubbing! Smells like urine there.

Lindsey Raymondo

Great place for kids! Every time we go we seem to find something new to enjoy. My girls love the water room!

Alicia Cranston

Second floor closed even though they had booked multiple school field trips for the day and open to the public. Dissapointing

Cindy Sorensen

Fun for watching my granddaughter explore, but plan on that being the entertainment for the grownups.

Raymond Ramos

ook my grandson here age 19 months. Lots of things for the little guy to see and do. some things he does not understand yet but the next time I am sure he will as he is a smart little guy. It was great seeing him smile at the things he did understand and he ran aroung looking at each new thing. It is a safe place. a very nice staff but suggest going early if possible to avoid the crowd. Not expensive and well worth it. Will be going back soon.I could relax as well and that was a real plus.good parking.clean.a go to place

Leila Gadley

This is great place for the family mu kids love it

Jessica Bagley

Great place for children and lots of fun even for he adults lol

Julia Rae

This place is great for children to explore at all ages to learn new motor skills or get better at ingress they already have, my son loves it during the week when it isn't as busy since weekend's can be pretty packed, free admission certain days or times of the month, free with neighborhood health plan, any state insurance, food stamps, or state assistance such as the anchor card for up to 4 ppl. Hard to reach real ppl on their phone number but hrs are usually very accurate online for holidays such as veterans day they were open.. music play, water fun, a big boat they can explore and many exhibits to play in featuring a kitchen, and little house rooms that you and your children can both fit in. I would recommend this place for all ages up to 13 14 but it depends of course what the child enjoys, friendly staff, not too much parking especially when busy but if you get there fairly early you should be good, they provide carriages and recommend you use theirs since it is better for everyone getting around, cafeteria to eat, no food provided or sold, and many events here you can attend and find on the event page of their website.

rachael marie demeo

Our baby is only 9 months old and she loved it! A great place to spend a few hours


Fun place to bring the kids ages 6 months and up. I'm a big kid, so I had a blast with my kiddos. Definitely a place to check out when you're stuck in doors due to foul weather. I recommend checking it out!

Heather Ashcraft

Best children's museum in the region. Well staffed - toys/exhibits were kept tidy and together, broken exhibits were fixed while we were there, help was available when needed. Staff interacted with children-pushing them to explore. Wide variety of experiences that made for a fun and busy day. Many of the best parts of other children's museums were reflected in choices for exhibits. Both my 6 and 10 year old boys enjoyed the day. Parking on site! Non-chain restaurants within walking distance.

M Fofana

Its a great place for children. My 2 year old and my 9 year old had a blast.

Brandon Lanctot

Had a great time. Lots of cool stuff for the kids to interact with. I was even amazed by a few of the things they had.

Nilda Cruz

My kids love this place. There's so much to do to get their minds going

John Masterson

Great place to take the kids. They offer some discounts which makes it very affordable. A lot of options to play for kids all ages. The water section was very cool. Look forward to visiting again when it's not Spring Break week. Overall, it is still a great time.

Ivo Dobrev

Great place for kids of all ages. Wonderful and creative play areas. The water section is one of our kids' favourite but do bring a spare set of socks and shoes as it could get a bit wet.

Julien Fordeveaux

Our son (2 years old) have played like crazy! This is a real good place for children, so if you have children, you should go there without any hesitation!

Matthew Greenbaum

We were here for my kid's birthday and it was great. The staff could not have been kinder or more helpful. And they went on the intercom and wished her a happy birthday which she loved. The kids had a great time. There was so much for them to do. Highly recommended.


my Babyboy loves it ! its very interactive museum Kids can play and learn here , its very colorful and the staff its very nice .. There is a lot to do and teach your kids here .

Steven McFarland

Good activites for children with a wide variety of categories. Our 2 year old enjoyed the water room and the upstairs 4&under play room in particular, but also enjoyed other features. We spent about 2 & 1/2 hours there, and we could have spent longer had he still had the energy. We don't feel like we missed anything, and it definitely fits nicely between sparse and overwhelming, and it's clear that there are activities for a variety of ages and developmental stages.

Nicole Esposito

This place is awesome!

Micah Milligan

My overall experience was nice but I did find the facility a little small

Chanda Reagan

Brought the little one over for a our outings into the city. And they truly love this place and met a new friends here. We had such a splendid time with the other families and staff, I just had to give them a five star review.

Jenn Manning

Great little place. We went early and it wasn't too crowded yet. My 18 month old had so much fun!

Barbara Bolich

Well-used but lovely place for youngsters of all ages. Blue Star families get free or Very reduced entry. Waterplay room, wear one of the aprons. Maybe take dry shoes if you have a toddler! Toddler area-please don't try to take your big kids in. Arts and crafts, history, visual illusions, science, etc. We didn't get to everything in 2 hours. There is at least one thing for every kid! Wheeled chair friendly. Outside area with caves and climbing. Eating only in front room. Fabulous!

Hayden Frazier

Really a good learning fun place for kids

Kevin Glynn

A great but not too big Children's Museum. Free if you're a member of the Boston Museum of Science. The water area is really awesome. There are water features with whirlpools they can throw balls into, carbon dioxide from hidden dry ice making awesome fog-water features, and more. Fun mirrors, play spaces, super cool stuff.

Lydia Rivera

Nice and cute only 2 floors my ONLY complaint was the older kids running around and pushing the little ones with no parent insight I had to tell them something's multiple times and I feel like the people working there should of stepped in

Pravin Charles Vaz

A very well thought of, space for kids with hands on activities all around the place. They run group activities for schools as well as individuals. Parent allowed in. Staff is very friendly and know what they are doing. Diverse activities to suit a variety of interests.

Ross Burnham

Decent amount of nearby parking, and it has a bunch of stuff for kids to do. Staff is friendly, and it is pretty clean. We went for the afternoon and decided to buy the Membership an hour into our visit. Great place to take your kids. It's not a huge place but there is enough to do.


My son had a blast!

Kristen Lawson

Great hands on activities for kids off all ages, but I would say 2-9 year olds will get the most enjoyment. Very cool water station! You can bring your food and eat in a separate part of the museum. There are also some great restaurants close by like Olga's and The District.

Sarah Daylor

Terrible save your money and go to the Fall Ruber, Ma location

Joshua Klein

Absolutely wonderful place, we stopped here on a whim coming back from Cape Cod and we are so glad that we did! We had a hard time getting our son (he's 1 and he loved it, but there's plenty more to do for older kids too) to leave the water room, and I even had a blast with the things they had there. Very cool place, we are going to make it a traditional stop to and from the Cape.

Melissa Mitchell

So much thought put into what kids like to do, and can do in an environment that is open enough to run and play while somehow still feeling cozy. Strongly recommend the family membership!!!

James Richburg

Great place for children to touch, learn and have fun.

Ashish Gupta

It's a very good place to bring young kids, they can spend hours exploring this place.There is an area where kids can play with water. They have an outdoor play area too. Parking is little tight tough!

Heather Lucitt

The staff is always very helpful and friendly. It's a fun and educational place for younger children. I would say it's best for those 8 or younger.

Nicolas Williams

My kids always have a great time here, I just wish they had a few more stations.

Nicole Allen

Great place for kids, lots of fun activities.

Madelyn Marichal

The kids had a great time. Definitely for the younger crowd. We were in n out in approximately two hours. It's very small but got the job done. I probably wouldn't go back but have strongly recommended it to my friends and family with little ones.

Nathalie Herrera

Fun place for the kiddos. Certain insurances allow you to go in free so find out. Super nice for the kiddos.

Sean Chantre Moore

My son loves this place, not so much for older kids but 10 and under should like it quite a bit. Nice sensory rooms and I’ve never seen a staff member on their phone. My son had his second bday party here and everyone was happy!

The Best

great place for kids to discover science,nature

Majestic Gee

My kids enjoy The Providence Children's Museum. They always have so much fun.

James Mitchell

My one year old daughter had so much fun her favorite part was the water.. we definitely will be coming back. It's also very affordable for the family

sherri onorato

Not the biggest fan. Kids like the water area. Parking isn't good.

Tiffany and Houston Hoyle

This is such a fun place to take young children! My two, 2 and 4, love going. There are many different types of activities from sensory play (water room), building (so many types of blocks), imaginative play (whole rooms dedicated to a specific story like a ship, farm, grocery, and construction), art, and learning tools. If you went often, you could really dive in with specific areas especially if you are doing a homeschool topic. There is even a baby/toddler area that is gated in where little ones can roam safely and freely. The military discount is an especially nice touch for our family.

Rich C

What a great place to spend the day with kids under 10 for a great price...parking can be tough but worth it

Ray Harvey

A great experience for the family. Not sure who had more fun me or my son. Great place for kids to learn. Tons of interactive activities. Pack snacks or a lunch they dont serve food. They have a nice area for families to relax and have a snack or lunch. The water room is awesome but leave it for last as they will surely get wet. Lastly parking is not to good and museum parking lot fills up quickly.

Carl Christie

Cool stuff but never seems to be updated

Scott Davis

This place is great for the price and certainly a fun way to spend a rainy or cold day with the little one. Sometimes it can be a bit crowded and crazy, but that’s not really their fault. Kids are kids. Worth checking out and maybe grabbing the membership. Also, a little (not-so) secret, Museum of Science pass works here!!

Jaleh Fallah

Had the membership forb1 year, my son loved this place

Kiing Brii

This place is great for little kids (0-5) I feel like the older kids (grade school+) find it boring.

Melissa Silvia

Great experience for kids and adults

heather galarza

Kids had a blast! They have free parking as well and take part in the family free Friday events!

Anita Waldron

Great place! Kids love it and you can see the entire museum in about two hours.

Kevin Ogg

We took our kids here for a few hours on a Friday and had a blast. We spent most of our time in the water room, but the rest of the facility was just as fun. We built several dams in the water room, rebuilding them better with each pass. The shadow box scene creation was simple and clever. The top floor had several building stations with different type of materials (magnetic blocks, snap together blocks, regular welder blocks) and we could've spent another hour just creating. Parking can be a bit tough given the location, but we were lucky enough to get a spot right by the front door. If definitely go back and my kids would too.

Jennifer Goldberg

This is a small museum, but it packs a lot into that space, and in an incredibly efficient way. It's the perfect size for my 3 and 4 year old kids to spend an afternoon playing. They loved the water room, which is different from anything I've ever seen before, and the historical play areas were another big winner. My older child loved all the climbing and my younger children loved playing pretend with the toy props. It was a fun experience.

Melanie Fagan

A perfect place for 3-7 year olds!

Kim Banker

Great fun. Very creative and a wide variety of activities for the children. Can’t think of any anything they should improve.

Kelly Seddiki

Great museum for the under 10 crowd. Water tables, climber, and more. Pack a lunch, there is no food available for purchase.

rosa almanzar

Great time at museum. Parking was rough, ended up waiting ten minutes for a space to become available. A lot of inconsiderate people go to their car, and instead of driving off quickly, stick around doing all sort of things. All sort of things, just not driving out of the parking space.

Kerri Smith

This is my children's favorite place. We spend hours here and it's always a wonderful time! The staff is professional, polite and genuinely love what they do. Get yourself the membership! Saves money and it's a great investment!

Tatiana Trenholm

Perfect 0lace for my 2 and 5 y.o. 3 hours were barely enough

Peter Lombardi

Toke grandson from Oregon ther,very clean and very friendly staff.

Fred Winslow

The kids had a blast. Not expensive.

Erica Wilson

Love this museum. Perfect size for the younger kids so they don't get overwhelmed.

Javier D

Fun for all ages. Different things to do there. Not a large museum.

Nancy Shaffer

Perfect place to spend an afternoon with my 2 year old.

Kent Brannon

After experiencing the Niantic children's museum in CT, I wasn't expecting much here. Boy, was I wrong. We won tickets, so I can't remember the price which is likely a consideration for many. Bit there is a ton of stuff to do here, and a one-time visit for visitors or a yearly membership for residents may be a worthwhile investment. There is too much to list here, but a ton of science, history, and imagination-oriented play abound. Kids can perform structured science experiments, play pirate, build water-works and much, much more here. Have Fun!

Monique Santos

How can you not love this place! It brings you back to when you were a kid! There's just so much to do inside and out. My kids enjoyed it so much! Even my fifteen-year-old!

Mike Sanson

Show was good. Materials in museum were the same stuff from 5 years ago.

joseph pemberton

A great place to explore, learn and have fun. Many different theme rooms and activities to be involved in. Our 4 year old can easily spend 3 hours there without losing interest in what he's involved in. The yearly membership is a valuable investment for your child's growing experience.

Jen Perry

This is an awesome place to take kids, so many things to do. If you have neighbor Hood health or an EBT card,it's freeee

Jessica Ath

Great, clean place for children to play and learn! My one year old son had so much fun! But I must say, some of the kids that go there aren’t very friendly or have no manners. Two little girls took a toy from my son then pushed him. Their mothers just stood there, grabbed the girls and left without saying anything. Another kid tried slapping my son’s head but totally missed! Teach children how to be KIND!!!! It’s not hard.

Debbie Watkins

My nephew adored playing there

Mary Catherine Albenzi

It was quite the drive for us, but well worth it. Lots of stuff for the kiddos to do and touch.

Jenifer Boscarino

Amazing love the presentation.

Nicole Peloquin

My son always has a good time exploring.

Fra P

Nice place. Parking tight. Gets crowded.

Rebekka Dagitz

Just near it not there but don’t park in this lot after hours they will lock ya in

Deiry Polanco

What a great place! I love bringing my children here. There are a lot of fun stuff to do. I love letting them learn and explore. The place is always clean and the staff is constantly organizing and making sure the play areas are neat. My kids favorite is the water room. I cant wait to bring them during spring to play outside (fenced).

Joshua JCJGR

Good place for the younguns to run around when the weather sucks

mafernanda Olv

One of my favorite places in providence.

jose gomes

The kids have such a great time

Edward Rolland-Domenichello

Great place for younger kids. My boys are 1 & 3. The 3yo had a blast, the baby not so much, but it's to be expected. Parents with older children should really watch them a bit better around the smaller kids. Not that I'm not watching my own, but having to tell someone elses kids to back off and stop crowding my toddler seems rude, and I hated to have to do it, but a daddy will do what he needs to do to protect his own. With that said, the museum is a great place to learn, explore and grow!

amy putrino

Really has been the same place for years. Could use some updating, new exhibits and some better supervision from staff. Grocery items are everywhere on the second floor except where they belong, which is in the store. Parents letting their kids run wild, especially on the ramp to and from the 2nd floor, while they are busy looking at their phones. Wanted to play in areas where pieces of the exhibit are missing. Not sure you could spend more than 2 hours here.

ChrisBielloProductions #

It was fun. I've went there as a little kid, and when I was 11, and I went today. And it was awesome!

Diane Selley

Great place to spend the day with the kids or Grandchildren . Plenty of room for the kids to burn off energy, different themed rooms to keep to keep their interest .

Seth Louis

The children's museum is a hidden gem for the entire family to go and spend time with their children. The place is clean and everyone is nice.

Allison Delyani

Amazing place for kids!

Crystal Lacroix

Great place for our learning children

Amanda Loch

We were vacationing here from WI to visit family. After our 20 hour ride, I wanted our two little ones to enjoy some play time. I am glad the museum was able to provide that. All the exhibit are very interactive and enjoyable for two kids under three years old. This museum is appropriate for kids 6 and under. So much to do in such a small space. Limited parking in the lot.

Lori Gibbons

My grandson loves the place. We usually go once a week.

Henry Savelli

A great place to take the kids! We took our three grandchildren, and they were totally captivated for almost four hours. Tons of things for them to see and do.

matthew willits

OMG! My kid Loved it!! He couldn't get enough of all the exhibits, after 3 hrs we had to go and he threw a fit on the way out, not wanting to leave

Genuine Nazir

Wonderful environment. Great displays and amazing for everyone in the family. My son is dying to go back.

Miriam Goldstein

This is a very successful example of a children's museum aka educational indoor playground. We especially liked the four stories of immigration to Rhode island where the kids could play and act things out. Small but chock full! I also loved that they allow families to bring in food and provide picnic benches and places to eat.

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