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5 Touro Park St W, Newport, RI 02840, United States Located in: Touro Park

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Where is Newport Tower?

REVIEWS OF Newport Tower IN Rhode Island

Rovshan Jafarov

Saumil Jain

Good park very close to Newport downtown. Starbucks and a line up of restaurants and pubs down the street. Good place for a warm sunny day for a walk / picnic with nearby market and restaurants.

werner hidalgo

Newport Black Ships Festival

Myron Prins

Its build by Native Americans probably in the 15th Century long before the first colonists arrive in Rhode Island.

Tami Carey-Kretz

Nice park, interesting structure.

Johnny Wang

This place is worth the Googling. Interesting read!

Cynthia Mitchell

Imogene Karabeinikoff

Went to see it before history channel program. Thougt perhaps Viking but tv show swayed my opinion.

Jeff Watts


Jorge T

Bill Inskeep

I wouldn't put this hi on the list of things to see in Newport but if you are nearby you should go see it. It is an odd structure in an area of a bunch of colonial homes.

Nugz III

Nice little park. Not much parking.

Roger Nelson

Most interesting if not for the connection to astronomical alignments, The Builders had to have advanced knowledge of positional astronomy, precession, and have to be working from a design that was well laid out for the location, suggesting a design. ... or they would have had to observe the stars and planets over a period of 20 years to get the alignments right.

Scott Rounds

Really cool mystical site.

Svetlana Ivanoff

Ja Kr

Interesting thing about this is that we don't truly know the origins of the Tower. It would seem, based off its location, that it would have been an agricultural building (storage wind power, etc), but nobody knows and there was not thorough documentation of it existing throughout the town's history. it would also be unusual that a utilitarian building would have markings to denote solstice, equinox, etc. Despite all our technology, we still can't figure it's origins out. the fact it uses relatively primitive construction methods, doesn't necessarily mean it's more than several hundred years old. sometimes that's the intriguing aspect of a relatively simple structure like this, we may never really know it's true origins or design intent. Let's just enjoy it for what it is.

Bob Jensen

Interesting site with a strange history , a lot of theories of the building and usage .

tyler koch

Wei-Shien, Jan Chang

It’s a pretty cozy and well organized space inside downtown Newport. There are many benches around which people can find one to rest, read or simply enjoy the breeze. Very comfortable area.

Jason Harmon

Pretty cool place. Watch the History Channel's show on it before you go. It's a cool mystery.

hacer dolanbay

vaibhav gupta

Vladimir Borodin

Michael Marolda IV

Really cool. Tuoro Jr. bought this site after Benedict Arnold’s place was razed. This tower is probably 1660’s english, but looks norse and was thought to be up till the 1940’s.

Mon Y.

(Translated by Google) Mysterious building (Original) 謎の建物

J0hn D0e

Justin Kahn

The British tore the roof off the Newport Tower, tore the roof off the Tower

michael cummins

Most fascinating.

Deena Schmidt

Ernesto Lopez

Louie Campuzano

J.Scott Sibya

ashley arvin

Robert Shield

Interesting if you know some of the alternative theories people put forward regarding it's origin. I didn't see anything discribing its purpose or who built it.

Jonathan Miller

Visiting in August was great. Walk around and see it from ALL the angles. There's more here than what meets the I (eye)...

Tom Sherilla

camilla keller

Keith Severson

Briceyda Aguirre

Morgan More

Darryl Smith

Samuel Torres

Christopher Smithers

Tommy Souza

Good to see

alexander elder

havent got any.but if its connected to nights templar i will have.

Cuffaro Robert Charles

Christine Zartman

Very cool looking

Kelly LaFleche

Greg Duhamel

What's left from hundreds of years of neglect.. I give my thanks to those who do provide to the preservation of this tower. Mystery surrounds us all

Matthew Theroux

Great time at the Sister City Festival ...

Superstar Brandon



It was ok


Lamont Avery

Thomas Creasy

I've always been fascinated with unknown history. Close to everything else in Newport.

Laura Viveros

Newport's oldest attraction, Jim is very interesting to talk with, I enjoyed the history, I go for the winter equinox, it's really cool to see. Truly fascinating!

Andrew Monda

Deb Hanson

A great piece of history inside a great little park in Newport! I like to walk my dog here, take photos and play Pokeman Go with my nephew!

Marie Whalon

David Solek

Lots to do within walking distance

orit m

kristie perling

I found out that the knights Templar built It

Carol Brady

Rhody Ginger

Nice little park to sit and relax at. Not a whole lot of parking but it's never really crowded either.

Henry Albro

Giovanna Marshall

Beautiful and peaceful walk in this park. All the park smells like a wonderful perfume and is the amazing

Robin King

absolutely beautiful. I love the history

jay allard

Incredible to see something that cant be replicated today

larry arriola

Templers built it long before columbus discovered america

Nicolas Williams

Not built by vikings.

Mary Cam Crawford Todd

I hadnt realized it was fenced in. Lovely work of Art.

Jim Jasie

ozcan avun

(Translated by Google) The park around the tower is still known as Touro Park. This interesting tower and surrounding park is not the only place to be seen in the city. Newport; with its church, library and museum, it attracts many local and foreign tourists. In addition, White Horse Tavern, the first tavern in the US, is located in Newport. In short, the city is a place that lovers of history and archeology will love. (Original) Kulenin etrafındaki park, günümüzde hala Touro Parkı olarak biliniyor. Bu ilginç kule ve çevresindeki park, şehirde görülmesi gereken tek yer değil. Newport; kilisesi, kütüphanesi, müzesi ile yerli ve yabancı pek çok turisti kendine çekiyor. Bunun dışında ABD’de inşa edilen ilk taverna olan White Horse Tavern de Newport’ta bulunuyor. Kısacası şehir, özellikle tarih ve arkeoloji meraklılarının çok seveceği bir yer.

general grant


Eric Collins

It's just an old mill

Deborah Charest

Nice little park.

Jack Jack

marshal white

Very interesting historical monument with beautiful and detailed architecture. Definitely a place one should visit when Newport!

Bruce Hrabak

The whole city is just a walk back in time from the historic tower landmark to the whitehorse tavern. Oldest in America.

Robert Gaddis

Travis Lee

Make sure you stop by the museum!

Matthew Willett

Frank McGovern

So cool! So mysterious!

Daniel Murray

Its amazing how much Newport Tower is overlooked in our area. The tower may be the oldest structure in the New World, and really doesn't get much attention. Newport Tower is an amazing, secretive, but beautiful structure. I had the opportunity to speak with Jim Egan, who runs the museum just a stones throw from the tower. Jim is a very bright man, who took the time to explain various documents, pictures, and theories on the towers origin. I would say Jim has it figured out. You can tell how passionate he is on the subject matter.If you're into history, especially pre-colonial, I would strongly suggest you going here!

Allen Todd

The Newport Tower is a nice little tower in the middle of a nice little park. At first glance it appears to to be a simple tower in a park, some claim that this tower has a much more complex history. There have been TV shows that have made the claim that the tower was built by the Knights Templar. This unsubstantiated, but if you are in Newport stop by and take a look this visit the quaint surrounding town.

Clown_Puncher !

Hugo Adames

Very nice.

Abdullah Alneyadi

Deborah James

Lori Grant

Nice little urban park. Lots of architectural sites around the park.

Kyle Stephens

Really neat! Only small complaint is that Newport Tower didnt have a plaque or anything to tell us about it.

curt steinolfson

Was there while attending Naval Officer Candidate School, the tower is unique and not wholly understood in its' origin. Have watched History Channel episodes with various theories explored. Definitely worth the effort to explore!

William Lemos

Excellent photo op, with Channing Memorial Church nearby.

Rachael Adams

Veska Minkova

(Translated by Google) An interesting historical park (Original) Интересен исторически парк

Anton Khlebnikov

It's nice as well as the little park around

Bakhtiyar Karimov

The most enigmatic structure in New England. Origins and purpose are not known. Some researchers believe it was built by Templars before Columbus. Featured in America Unearthed series on Science channel.

Kris Gonet



Beautiful stone structure with an interesting history to it. It's located in Touro Park so it adds to the historic ambiance of the area. Definitely a nice spot to stop and take some photos since the park has plenty of picturesque trees and statues which make for excellent compositions.

Gabriel Perez

i believe it belonged to a farmer. my personal opinion.

Rola Viajera

Very nice

mark collett

Intresting..i live in ri..if u live here its something worth checking out

Julie Martell

Lori Markey

Very interesting and the museum is a must see.

Phil Goss

Not too cool. If you're on the area, you might stop.

A. S. Harvin

Miguel Revilla

Matt Trevarthen

Great park to stop and enjoy the Newport Area. Have a coffee. Relax.

Amanda Weast

Nikki Warren

Very cool historical spot!

Becky Gardiner

Rob Orndoff


Quiet. No one will bother you. Parking can be crowded

Joseph Ing

Cool quick spot & decent on street parking. Small park setting.

George G Eastwood


Russ Wright

Christine Haverington

So intriguing

Robin Montesano

Larry Bray

Matthew Johnson


Autumn Sullivan


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