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Where is Narragansett Town Beach?

REVIEWS OF Narragansett Town Beach IN Rhode Island

Gail Johnston

Hugely popular for good reasons, family and dog friendly, and a favorite for surfers

David Liddle

2nd most beautiful beach I've seen in RI...

Rebecca Hillier

The water was crystal clear, nice facilities and it wasn't crowded

Lorraine Bigelow

Love this place for lunch and walks!

Magelia Perez

It's nice, clea, cheap parking and laid back!

Joseph Rollan

I will give credit to the beach itself for being very clean, nice, and big enough for anyone to enjoy, but what holds it back is the absolute poor and unprofessional management. Gates were open in the morning when we went, but apparently we couldn't park in the lot because apparently the gate wasn't supposed to be open, which gives the customers a false place to park. We thought we could park in the empty parking lot in the beach, someone opened the gate, and didn't tell us we couldn't park in the lot until another management person, who also was very intimidating and was very touchy with my friends and I, and he told us that we couldn't park in the empty lot. And then we had to park in a very narrow street across from the beach and lots that were open and couldn't even pay to at least park in? Not only would you have to pay $10 to just park there but then you would have to pay AN ADDITIONAL $10 to just get into the beach itself. We went in the morning, no management people were there, no security or gates to tell us we weren't allowed to go on, so we assumed we could go on, but weren't told this information until we went to grab something from where we parked and went back to the beach to being told this information from different management people in a very hostile way. Had our stuff threatened to be thrown off the beach when we simply didn't know about the fee? In summary the management was completely disrespectful and unprofessional, more threatening than helpful. And the fact you have to pay $20 to get into the beach. Honestly it's a cash grab beach, but I'd save your money to go to another beach where you could just have a better experience with friends and family in the sun.

Steve Anderson

Narragansett town beach might be my favorite beach in New England


It's beautiful. It costs $10 per person per day to enter the beach. But I would think it is worth it. It was a little crowded as I went in the weekend but it was pretty good. I enjoyed the view. If suggest you to visit if you're in RI. ♥️

What a Weirdo

The management here is so poor and very uncomfortable experience with them. We arrived at roughly 8:03am, just before 8:30 when parking opened. The man whom was controlling the gates had them open, which of course would confuse incoming people. So we went into the parking lot, as we've heard that if you arrive before 8:30 it would be free parking. An elderly worker here came to my car and told us that we couldnt park, it was for residents only. So I questioned where we park and he goes and says, "don't get smart with me?", I said I was simply asking where we park and he goes and then says he doesn't mean it in a negative way and touches my shoulder? He goes on to explain the beach rules and says people get charged at 8:30. That was fair I guess, so we decided to find somewhere else to park, even though the gentlemen came off as very rude and we explained that the man wasn't stopping people from coming in. After finding a parking spot and coming back to the beach, we were fine. We had no charges or anything. We later left around 11:30 to go back to the cars to pick up some things. A few of us stayed with the stuff on the beach. Once we came back to the beach, the workers collecting money told us we had to pay, although we've been here all day and our items were already on the beach. We had to pay $10 per person. I believe the management here is extremely poor and is not worth coming on the beach to have fun. The parking is understandable, but the employees are very rude. They just came off as mean people, as they threatened to throw our stuff off the beach. There was no security this morning or anything at all. The kid at the gate had no idea what he was doing at all. The older man who confronted us this morning had said it was free before 8:30. Although, The beach is very nice, I don't believe the cost of coming here is worth it financially and dealing with employment.

Kathryn Lonergan

Best beach in Narragansett! Clean, most excellent lifeguards, no seaweed, no loud radios blaring, quiet guests, nice waves, flat shoreline, great for walking. Love, love love this beach.


Beautiful, clean, water nice temperature, parking, restaurant, restrooms, shower

t clark

Favorite beach as of today.

Lynn Dailey Dailey

One of the most beautiful beaches in Rhode Island....,The Coast Guard House is a remarkable landmark.. Absoltely striking

Jeffrey Oehler

Absolutely one of the best beaches in the state.

Tracie Pletcher

Beautiful view, fresh air and sunshine

Richele Kim

Love walking this beach.

Mia Pomerenke

Beautiful beach but pricey to visit when there are free beaches up and down the coast

Keath Romano

We had a nice swim in the water was warm. It was nice to spend some time with my mother

Samuel Benadon

I do love getting a bacterial infection from the water when the state of RI closes local beaches because the water is too contaminated on certain days, but town beach stayed open becuase they r greedy. I work in the water 7 days a week which makes my job harder knowing im swimming in literally trash and human waste.

John Paul O'Connor

Really enjoy this place late night.

Sharon Lepere

Clean beaxh no rocks in the water and hugh waves

Theresa Bullock

LOVE the beach and the town. My first time there and I was impressed. Parking is a small but a short walk. Bigs lots are for people in State or with passes. Very clean beach and the facilities were accommodating. Many outdoor showers. Nice perk. Didn't like that its $10 per person to get on the town beach, but I really didn't mind. Great atmosphere.

Alexander V. Laskin

Charging $10 per person to enter the beach?! It doesn't seem right.

Jeff Meegan

It's a great beach. But be aware they charge 15 to park (on wknds) and 10 per person (over a certain age) to get on the beach

Pam Campbell

Narragansett Town Beach is beautiful and relaxing anytime if the year.

Jacqui Nye

Fun in any season

Donna Sweet

Best beach in town and they offer free sunscreen! An iconic stop in Narragansett!

Marina Carosella

Always a great day at the beach!

Mel Rios

Exceptionally clean beach. Our visit was during the week. Was not overcrowded with plenty of room. Water was very clean and zero seaweed. Probably one of the best beaches I've ever been to. 10 bucks for parking and 10 bucks per adult. Well worth the 30 dollars considering the cleanliness and environment. Right side is surfing, left side is swimming. We ventured pretty far into the water with two 8 year olds and a 10 year old with the depth still being minimal.

Andrea H.

Beautiful beach! Unfortunately, you have to pay $10 per person to walk there between 8am and 6pm. Other than that, it's great!

Joseph Ferguson

This is early spring, cloudy and cool. Always a nice walk.

Kevin Griffin

Great beach big waves

Margaret Mager

Gets extremely crowded. Sand is dark and packed hard. It is $10 to park plus $10 pp to enter. There are much nicer beaches elsewhere in RI.

Prashanth Sappidi

Toooo much sea weed...

Elizabeth-Alice Gabriele

Grew up here. Best beach in RI

Sally Cooper

Great beach and great view

John Stamps

Great beach day! Summer's not over yet!

Michaela Silveira

I like it but it isn't fair that us as Rhode islanders have to pay to go to the beach. Rhode Island lives to tax everything. Pretty soon they are gonna tax the air we breathe.

Rob Hendrickson

As a beach, it's not bad - great facilities and overall location. And I understand funding is in short supply, but charging my wife and me $20 to get in and another $10 to park is exorbitant. Here in Florida on the gulf coast, all the beaches we've tried are free and gorgeous. I understand the townies want to subsidize their expenses, but there's something to be said for welcoming visitors with reasonable charges.

Jessica Brown

Very nice clean beach. They make sure the beach is all nice and clean and it's a smoke free beach which is awesome because I personally don't want to smell cigarettes while I'm having fun. Totally worth the money for a day of fun.

Riva Krow

This is the only beach I will go to in the summer time. I won’t go anywhere else. Wonderful place.

Luisa Dacosta

Fun place to hang out

debraj ghosal

Wonderful beach area. Having all the amenities around.

John Wolak

Excellent...extremely clean beach.

Kevonna Benton

Beautiful waves! clean water! no rocks!

Shelly Holden

My peaceful place.

Nicholas Matlach

It's a beach, but you pay to park and pay to walk on. Kinda pricey.

Dan Hern.

Pay to enjoy a beach, created by the Man Upstairs, that is free for all humans to enjoy.

Clout Easy

Best beach in the state!

ed massey

Narragansett Beach is our favorite getaway spot, whether for an hour or a full day!

Kaitlyn Orshal

Always very crowded. Lots of surfers. Not alot of room to swim. But a good place to explore and walk the beach.

Kendra Eichholz

Wonderful time with family!

Lisa Beattie

Great day at Narragansett Beach with Mike and Jack

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman Khan Mamun

very neat and clean beach with plenty food and rest space. Its really windy too. Birds come in flocks..

Jen Van

Looks like a beautiful RI beach with lots of lovely waves but if you’re not from the town be prepared to pay $25 for parking PLUS $10 PER PERSON just to step foot on sand since it’s their town beach.

Kelly Bertram

I have to give it the 5 stars because I just really enjoy being near the ocean. I go often just to relax, and take in all the sights, and sounds of summer. This just happened to be on The 4th of July weekend.

Slipshod Prodigy

Nice wave jumping, but the parking situation is rough for tourists. Nice food hub/restroom/showers.

Jane Durning

Went for food truck night, a bit disappointed in the low number of trucks. But food was pretty good.

Daniel Krause

A must go when in RI. Be sure to keep it clean and pick up after yourself.

Elisa Catley

The beach is wonderful! However, the employees gave me an incredibly hard time while trying to acquire my beach and parking pass. For NO reason! I have lived here for 38 years! Address, the same. They asked for my id. Not good enough. They asked for a piece of mail. Gave them my registration, which was mailed to me. Not good enough. I went home and grabbed a pile of mail. Gave it all to her. Not good enough. She had her manager look at each and every piece of mail. Every year prior to this, all I did was show my license and I was good to go! THEN, she went through and looked at my kids names. One kid, ok, next kid "oh, he has a different last name". Me, yes, so what, he is still my kid AND in YOUR computer as my kid so what's the problem? Next kid, "oh, he has a different last name as well." Me, yes, I adopted him" Again, these kids are in your computer as MY kids, which means at one point I had to show birth certificates for each to prove they are indeed mine . What's the problem?! Nothing else to say from her. At this point the last thing I wanted to do was give her my mone . If it wasn't for my kids , I wouldn't have! Terrible customer service! Not sure what change . As a life long resident, I am disgusted! In the years to come, we will spend our cash and time at the local state beaches. I will also advise my family and friends here to do the same.


Never too crowded✔️great for people watching✔️beach food✔️parking✔️clear water✔️yes you have to pay to park(unless you can find a spot where's it's free for 2 hours) and pay to go on the beach, but it's worth it ✔️

Wyatt Moore

While not extensive, good amounts of free parking and nice facilities for one of the better sand beaches I’ve been to in New England

Yolanda Muñoz

Beautiful beach, they separate surfers and swimmers which is great! There is a parking fee, weekday it was $10. They also charge to go in the beach area(not sure if it's all the time)Clean beach, great for all ages. Lots of great views, restaurants, stores. My advice would be bring cash.

Dave Butler

Rhode Island has the best beaches in New England, if not the entire East Coast.

Cassandra Sczuroski

Love going there at night!

vamsi vemuri

I was not able to sleep in nearby hotel, drove here in early morning to see great sunrise, had coffee, seen people walking, crabs hiding in holes, birds everywhere. By the noon time, it turned into a party place with lot of people and drinks.


Great beach! Only complaint here is the parking... and they charge for entry which is $10. Not bad

Rae Rodriguez

I had a lot of fun. Tis the beach! But the price is $10 per adult

Rennan Rosaniu Rodrigues

You need pay $10 to enjoy, and there's nothing

Jason Howard

Awesome atmosphere best time after 5 almost like a private beach and it’s all yours

Raisa Lomidze

A nightmare. The heat and the amount of people was unreal.

Iradj Mehrmanesh

Great place but parking and adult admissions are separate and a little on the high side. Clean and well kept.

Kimmeka Mellix

Nice speech but you have to pay $10 for parking and $10 Per person to get on to the beach

Raylee Ami

Beautiful beaches, great restaurants & shopping. Always crowded when I go but I don't care.

Steve Rickevicius

Beautiful beach, friendly people

jz smith

Thanks so much!!

Leslie Marshall

Beautiful beach! Be prepared to pay though--$10 to park/$10 per person to get on the beach

nick buonomano

It's definitely a beautiful beach despite Dory and tearing it up

SweetAvaG 519

Its so fun with the family

Marc Neilson

Beautiful beach and great surf but meant more for locals than visitors. Parking fills fast and most spaces require resident permit. Parking around the town makes it clear you are not welcome there with heavy enforcement. You must also pay $10 to enter beach area unless you have, you guessed it, a resident pass. Still, it might be worth a visit. Then head to friendly state beach nearby.

Ellen Fay

Best beach in RI. Soft sand, good waves for surfing or boogie boards, great views.

T Wichert

Love this beautiful beach off seaon

James G.

This long, crescent-shaped New England beach is a favorite for families and surfers, with swells averaging four feet on the edges and calmer, kid-friendlier waters near the middle. The stretch of classic beach wall, meanwhile, is a local teen scene (eavesdrop, just for fun). Expect to pay to park as well as to get on the beach, and bring some cash for a Del’s Lemonade from the truck in the lot (out yourself as a tourist by drinking your Del’s with a straw). If you want to really fit in, rent a board or grab a lesson at Narragansett Surf & Skate and later, opt for the clear (not white, not red, but only-in-Rhode Island clear) chowder from Aunt Carrie’s.

kevin durfee

Best waves out of any public beach

Philip Crean

Clean beach. Pricey though

Jen R

45 mins from my house and the traffic can be a nightmare but is worth the hassle. I’m from the Caribbean and i tend to be very critic about going to a beach because i’m always looking for that one that looks like a real beach to me; clear sand, blue waters/sky and nice waves... Narraganset Town Beach is the only winner in the area.

Holly harrington smock

Beautiful spot. Easy access and bea h walking.

James DeStefano

Nice beach, just very hard to find parking is the only issue. Sand is extremely hot on your feet though so wear shoes.

Ron Maringola

Great clean beach. Big waves, cost can get pricey

Natel Barreiros

Beautiful place, awesome food.

Paul Marchand

Beautiful beach, which the town owns so you do have to pay an entrance fee, but it's well maintained. Due to its location in the Bay the waves are not as big as they are say at East Matunuck Beach but better if you have little kids.

Cliff Cole

A REALLY nice beach. Clean and family freindly. Parking for out of towners is a less than perfect. Regular parking lot is for locals only. But even on labor day weekend it was not full.

Michael Castro

Place is nice, but they charge 10 per person to go into the beach

Jennifer Fisselbrand

Heaven on earth. So much better than Cape Cod beaches. Costed $10 each to get in, and $10 to park. Well worth it.

Emily bennett

Beautiful beach....have to pay to access and to park

Jens Graf

Great beach and very clean. The parking fee is $10, and beach admission is $10 per person.

Marissa Kennan

Very nice, clean beach. Parking is easy and there is a food and ice cream place as well as restrooms

carol voegeli

Water was cold but so refreshing

noor ahmed

Perfect for beginners surfing

Marianna Beres

Great waves. Noted the top 100 Beaches to surf before you die! Hang loose!

Mark Laferriere

$15 to park... $10 a person to walk on the beach.... REALLY..

Michelle Mcdonald

Beautiful beach but way overpriced!

Andy Young

So nice during the off season

eric poddubchak

Great community! Amazing views

Marlana Stone

Best beach around. We come down every year and this is my favorite beach(plus it's a mile from our house!). U do have to come early or later to get a good spot to park and its $10 in most lots or free on the street..then $10 to get on the beach but totally worth it. My girls and I like to go later in the day around 2-3pm and stayed until 730pm and its nice. Perfect waves and sand and always very clean.

kat crow

Nice Beach area with bathrooms and places to wash off. Lifeguards on duty until 7pm.

Colleen Crespo

The state beach facilities are very nice and parking is very affordable. However the fact that the sewage treatment plant just North of the beach is drained into the water as well as two other pipe lines from street sewers are released into the water, both on the state beach property. They had to close the beach yesterday, mid day, due to high bacteria levels????? Duuuuhhhh

J Lee

Beautiful, clean beach. Perfect place to sit & enjoy or take a nice long walk.

Hannah Cyrek

Beautiful beach, hardly no seaweed, clear water, beautiful sand! Slightly more expensive for out of staters than misquamicut but worth it.

Kerolos S

Awesome beach!!! Our new favorite beach! Accessible and affordable parking, just 10 dollar a person to get in (they do allow re-entry). The actual beach is very clean, many lifeguard towers with two active lifeguards in each. The water is very clean, free from any hazards such as rocks. Food and snack vendors are available at the site. Many other choices within walking distance! By far the best beach around this area.


Absolutely gorgeous and wonderful, open, public beach.

Natalie Taormina

Go after labor day. You can avoid the $10 entry fee and $15 parking fee right before falls begins to hit. Absolutely gorgeous but WAY too crowded in the summer. This is my favorite time to visit this beach.

Esta Avedisian

Great beach. Just way too expensive

Karla Hernandez

It's a really clean beach, the sand so soft and nice. A lot of parking lot

Peter Travers

Very long beach, on some days decent waves good enough for surfing...larger than normal waves were present due to the passing season, you have to pay to park at this beach but shortly after labor day, the parking is free and gives you great views of the beach and surf conditions

Mia Joy

expensive (parking and two people to walk on costs $30), but it’s a beautiful beach and the price keeps the riff raff away

Ray Maglio

Best beach In RI, nice waves and places to go to do something fun

Paul Ronnie

Small beach but very nice. Small waves when I was there but surfers were out catching a few short rides. Restaurants nearby. Great for walking g or just relaxing.

Meenu Bhardwaj

Great way to spend a whole day with family.. clean and tidy beach.. tough during summer time, $10 is charged per person as an entry fee...i really enjoyed my time there.

Judy Brown

Enjoy it for free a couple days past labor day! Well maintained beach, beautiful views and clean large waves, where surfers gather.

josh brimdyr

Great to have wide open space to surf. Pretty consistent. Bring cash to park and per person entry fee.

Kristi Smithson

Well, this beach might have been the most crowded beach I have ever been to. Luckily, it was nice and clean. There is an admission fee and parking fee. There is also decent food and restrooms.

Aleksei Poliakov

10$ free to enter, there is a seasonal pass

Rosangela Silva

Beautiful beach clean!Amazing!

Annie Croft

If you're new bring cash, parking and admission is a little pricey. Other than trying to figure out the parking situation and the snobby employees, we had a great time!

Patricia OHara

This beach is gorgeous. Believe you need to be a resident. Free music concerts during the summer, open to public then.

Alexis Ramirez

Beach is always clean. One of the best in the area. No rocks in the shore so you can easily access the beach and a very well trained lifeguards. Bathrooms are usually clean and there is showers available. Parking lot sometimes difficult, but the water and the place worth the wait. Also you have to pay a fee to gain access to the beach but if you wants things working money is needed. Not expensive and kids are free. I pick to drive there any time beach season is around. I recommend it.

Dina Belyayeva

The best place in Rhode Island for a day at the beach and casual dining.

Jeff Kocsis

Beach was nice but the young staff needs some customer service skills. I also didnt love the $30.00 to park and enter the beach for my wife and I.

Alexander Papadopoulos

Only complaint...water was cold. Otherwise great getaway

Steve Weimar


peter rossi

Best beach in the north east

Jason Colli

Always a pleasure coming to this beach


Beautiful clean beach with great waves to play in. I appreciate the free showers to rinse the sand and salt off, but would gladly pay for them if they were not freezing cold water lol. Snack bar is convenient but pricey, bring a cooler. We really enjoyed this beach.

Jay Enne

Nice soft sand and clean Beach

dan curilla

$55 a day for family of four? Pack your bags and leave Narragansett! Better beaches and cheaper in Rhode Island! I will not visit here again!

Pam Clark

Just another beautiful spot in Rhode Island

chris kelly

Most consistent surf in new england! Change my mind

Alfonso Francavilla

Clean beach with good amenities.

David M. Hamlin

A great, wide, deservedly popular beach. Modest parking fees for non-locals. Ideal for families, east coast surfing, strolling and sunning.

Brenda Mcdaniel

This is my first choice of beaches to go to. The parking is $10, and $10 entry fee for anyone over the age of 11, BUT no smoking on the beach, the sand is immaculate (so smooth, clean and nice) NO seaweed and the waves are always perfect. It's a really great beach for families. I do not reccomend feeding the seagulls and if you go in the water put your snacks in the cooler!

Justin Dufault

Ive lived here my whole life (43 years) I love this beach. Its super clean, and it is just a beautiful beach with a lot to do all around.

Buddy Laskowski

Clean...nice beach and clean water. Great concession stand!

Joie Testa

Beach itself is nice, but if you're not a resident, you pay per person to get on the beach. For visiting non-residents, I recommend one of the state beaches (Scarborough or Roger Wheeler) where you only pay per car.

Julie Panzeri

Great beach for surfing and boogie boarding. Beach stands offer food and restrooms. Pay to enter beach, parking lots and street parking are available. Village shops and restaurants within walking distance. Dell's stands! View of Narragansett towers.

Donnie Smith

It's Epic when it's just us locals here...EPIC!

Carlos Alonzo

Beatifull. And very nice

Benjamin Graves

Gorgeous beach, clean silk like sand. Beautiful blue ocean. Just pricey for non Narragansett residents.

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