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121 Mohegan Trail, New Shoreham, RI 02807, United States

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Where is Mohegan Bluffs?

REVIEWS OF Mohegan Bluffs IN Rhode Island

John Levesque

Great views of the ocean. Just a stop off spot to take in the views.

Rayleen Tritt

Gorgeous view and fun photo spot!

Claudia Quinchia

(Translated by Google) A spectacular place (Original) Un lugar espectacular

Maya Veldman Wilson


Colleen Hench

Mark Blais

Great viewing location

Rachel Duarte


Carol Daxata Diller

Very beautiful and scenic place. Would definitely recommend going on the trail.

James Bush

Karen Karademos

Easy going down the stairs, as bit tiring going up, but it is so nice on the beach!

yenny ventura

Love it.

Kamoud Lastle

Nicole Zito

Nature at is best

Lisa DiBenedetto

Jay Rashbaum

Great beach. Can get a little crowded but not bad.come on people, you brought your food and drinks down.. now carry your trash back up! Loved my time there!

Barbara Jean Law

Worth they veiw

Thomas Nonkovic

Ashley Bodington

Such an amazing place!

Frank N. Stein

Beautiful place to take in some great views of the Atlantic ocean or take a walk down the steps to the beach below to get a view of the magnificent Mohegan Bluffs. The steps don't lead completely to the beach below but you can access it at your own risk. If you're in decent shape and are adventurous I highly recommend continuing down to the beach. There's a rope at one point if you need something to help with your descending or ascending the bluffs below the stairs.

Kael Wiersch

A rugged escape from crowded beaches

Gino Escalante

Very pretty. Worth the walk!

Strife Hunter03

Beautiful view but be aware of going up and down the stairs path is very steep and can be sterenous. As well water can have riptides. Bluffs should never be climbed as they can become loose and create life threatening situations.

Kenneth Sawka

One of a kind

someone fancy


Kylie Sargeant

GO GO GO. Very pretty, worth the STEEP steps that you have to take down


Beautiful views, recommended location for a family visit

Eric Belair

Beautiful views!


Great visit

Wayne Morra

Bring water. Head south and enjoy the beauty of southern Block Island. You will not be disappointed. You can get back to the main road at Snake Hole Road or continue west to other friendly egresses.

Skip Rooney

Beautiful !

Pavel Cerny

Marina Carosella

Stef Kiley

Stellar view. Gorgeous beach. Great workout

Pratik Gajjar

Only spot on the island which can be called a real sightseeing spot. Stairs going down are pretty steep but only around 150 so not very difficult. If you are on the island not to miss this.

Colleen Ferrari

Loved it! Hidden gem. Be prepared to hike, and the stairs do not go to the shore, there is an area of rocks to climb down at the bottom. I recommend this only if you are physically fit and hydrated. You can swim, but there are no changing facilities or lifeguards and the waves were rough the day we went. Good for adventures. Not so much for families with chikdren.

Ka Zi

Great beaches, not to crowded. Sneakers and swimming skills recommended...

Eric Waldman


Andrea Schock

Mandy Mott

Beautiful place to visit.



Joseph LaChance

A truly beautiful place. As soon as we had to leave I wanted to go back. Don't walk down the stairs unless you are ready to climb 6 flights of stairs to get back.

Brad Ursillo

Gorgeous views!

Makayla Syphrit

Awesome spot to bring the puppy and hang out for the day! The stairs are steep but I think it's worth it

Chris Rotondo

One of the most beautiful spots in RI. A must visit on Block Island.

Paul Redman

Ashante Ntise

It's a beautiful place to take a way and have fresh breeze from sea and nature

James Bruno

Gary Fulton

Great views

Matt Joslin

kavitha Devi

Rupa Gupta

Beautiful...cliffs and sea....

Ralph Rincones

Surf, sand boulders incredible clay cliffs

Jessica Lincoln

What a beautiful view... although I warn you the 140 stairs are VERY TOUGH going back up not gonna lie, saw the best in shape people do it and they were struggling... buts its definitely worth it...

Padmashree Ravikiran

drew samsel

Breathtaking....but please people pick up after yourselves

Sarah Silva

Beautiful views, worth the walk

Drv gwu

Beautiful spot

Manobi Kanayalkar

Tina Bonavita

Rico Soule

What a great place with spectacular views

Carlos Rodriguez

Karen Gilbert

Awesome beach and work out!

Holly Bailey

Beautiful as always

Jennifer Mewhiney


Russell Brown

Ashley Rule

Julia Gritzbach

This place is amazing! Amazing views. A lot of stairs, but at the end of the stairs ~ you have to climb down. Be careful!

Brian Benjamin

Excellent views

Art Bedard

Gotta love those stairs and the big blue ocean.

jessica mcgilvray

Tammy Ciavarini

Bart Ranci

Katherine Doherty Bolivar

This beach is absolutely stunning- I’m an avid beach goer and I’d say it’s the prettiest and nicest beach in New England. Stunning views, clear and warm water in summer, sandy bottom and sandy beach. Natural clay cliffs where you can give yourself a spa treatment and wash it all away in the sea. Large fun waves to splash or dive in. There’s a bit of a sandbar effect so the water doesn’t get too deep and you can still touch about 20 feet out.

Jim C

Nice waves. Scenery was awesome

Miguel Nieves

Beautiful area with a beautiful view of the ocean & you're on a clay mountain.

E. Dwomoh-Appiah

kristy lynn

Beautiful spot in RI

Renee Kalan

The steps are tough, but worth it. This beautiful secluded beach offers some of the best views on the island. The bluffs are truly stunning. For those who may not be physically able to take the stairs, there is a small path off to the left leading to a fenced off overlook that offers a beautiful view of the bluffs and the ocean.

Bader Almutairi

If you didn’t read it in the guide books, you would have never thought this place existed. Though the name behind this cliff reminds us of a sad story, yet the this place has a natural beauty, lovely scene and nice beach. It is said that there was a battle in the 1650’s between some native indian tribes (the mohegan tribe was part of it). And after the battle, those who lost ran away and escaped all the way to this cliff. Instead of being captured and being prisoners of war, they decided to jump the cliff all the way to their death just so they dont get captured. What a sad story. I dont remember the details but sure enough you can find all about it online—google!

Syed Ahmad

This is the best thing i have seen soo far

Scott Noh

Gem of RI

Jody Keth


Shyam Halder

Scotty D

This place was amazing. Block island is small enough to walk/cycle/scooter around. The bluffs were our first stop. Brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed it at the bottom. We are here at the end of May, not many people here at all, but I imagine it would be crowded at peak season.

Ron Smith

It was foggy/overcast the day 3 of us walked there from the ferry. We didn't mind because it was brutally hot and muggy. Going down is easy. Going up shows how out of shape you are.



Pier Paolo Ficarelli

Frank Scavetta

Nice beach

James Gannon

Most beautiful beach

Meghan Leidy

It's beautiful.

Glendine Hurley

Lovely atmosphere

Kevin Dayton

Best views and best waves

Rita Hansen

Stunning beach with large waves!

Eric Lindstrom


Amity Smith

Gorgeous views! Fun staircase to climb down

Jose Candelario

We love it here!!!

Oscar Reyes

Place was heaven

Jessica Crist

So so beautiful, especially in the spring when the roses are in bloom. Not a bad beach either.

Davila Visuals

So breath taking! A must!

Bevin Bullock

Alexander McKeton

Richard Strid

Jamila Gittens

It's a quick bike ride from old harbor. There are a lot of steps but it's definitely worth it!

Pranay Reddy Keasara

Heather H

It was foggy the day we went but I imagine it's stunning with better weather

Eduard D.

Eric Davis

Best spot on the island

Krissy Pare

Very beautiful. Waves are usually big, they are very big when the tide is coming in. Be aware of an undertow and riptides. Stairs on the way down are steep so if you arent capable of intense climbing then I would not venture down. Very beautiful but a long way down!

Scott Moeckel


Sarah Romano

Scott Carroll

Leslie M

If you can catch a ride or rent a form of transportation from the main roads do it. Im a walker but for some reason the 1.5 mile walk felt like it was never ending. The water was great and clean and the view was impeccable. Bonus if you find clay rocks wet them and do a mask your skin will feel great

Sara Mac

Gorgeous view. Definitely worth the trip down down 150 stairs. I would not recommend for pets.

Titus Kana


James Curley

You'll likely take a bike to this location, park it in a big open area of bike racks, and go on your way. A staircase will lead you down to the coast and you will see a lovely splash of waves and NATURALEZA. Good stuff

Taylor gregg

Breathtaking views, great workout walking back up!

Evan Krypell

Gillian Moore

Paul Lombardi

Great stop on our moped trek around the island. Beach and cliffs were awesome.

Magalie Collet

Very nice stop to check out the ocean! Be prepared for lots of stairs. You need to be a good swimmer, they were lots of big waves when we went.

Linda Kelly


Elizabeth R


Veronica Peltz

One of my favor places in the world

Jared Bibeault

oh socute

Nice view!

David Senoff

Linda Gilpin Snyder

We rented scooters and visited this area. It is beautiful. Lots of steps, so us older folks just took our time. Worth the views!

Rebekah Madden

Beautiful spot for sunrise - had the beach all to myself this morning!

Supria Paul

Wonderful place!


Mayra Hernandez

Adam Balaski


Julia Rathbun

Gorgeous views.

Michelle Tolbert

Sumaya Amin

That's a real natural beauty! I love this part of block island most.

Bipin Saxena

Awesome untouched beach. Adventurous approach but worth it.

Gerald McElwee

Gail Bacon

Its our go to vacation spot. Epic beauty, ocean in the ruff....

Shawn Bertucio

Beautiful view

Hailey Chamberlain

Beautiful views, lovely beach, good leg workout on lots of stairs

Gordon Parise

They change annually

Sarah Fortune

Rigorous yet rewarding hike to and from the bluffs but well worth it for the stunning views

Newz with Z

This off the beaten path was simply awe inspiring and gorgeous. It's encompassing beauty was unexpected and the fogginess added so much mystique to our 141 step hike down. When you get to the bottom though you have to use a rope along the side and/or climb down large boulders. The water is rough. Not safe for swimming but one could easily spend an hour or so looking for seaglass, relaxing and just enjoying the sights, sounds and beachy smells that permeate the air. Great place for photos. Adventurous for families. The hike back up is not as intimidating as one might think of you pause on little "decks" every once in awhile. Would definitely go back and wish we had a longer time on the island. But of advice... Take a taxi to get there!

Karen Rathbun

If you can handle the steps you wont regret it. Absolutely gorgeous.

Cecilia Garcia


Very beautiful

Holly Grylls

Gorgeous views, great natural setting....165 stairs down, tho! Peaceful just to sit and watch the waves break down below.

Piper Ferland

Worth the climb back ..

Deborah Brothers

Can see wind farm , very steep cliffs, clay, dramatic location.

Travis Beish

John Booth

Beautiful view stairs are a leg killer but worth the walk on the beach

Marty Galvin

Michael Ethredge

Breathtaking views from such a small island!

Jonathan Ross

I came on a cloudy day and was expecting rain. I had planned to simply walk up, look, then turn around before it got difficult to ride my bike back. However, it was so stunning that I couldn't help but go to the trailhead, down the steps, onto the beach, and walk half a mile down it. It didn't rain, buy even if it poured, I wouldn't have regretted staying there even longer.

Lauritz Gröger

Jason Baldachino


It’s definitely a hike to get down to the beach, and back up may require a break or 2 if you get tired easily.. But it is absolutely worth it!! My 7 and 11 year olds had a blast and never complained.. The staircase is surrounded by gorgeous views of Corn Cove and the bluffs so there’s plenty to take in while walking.. Once you make it down to the beach you’ll be happy you made the effort.. The rocks can be a bit sketchy, but there’s a rope placed permanently there to help pull yourself up.. All along the beach you’ll find the whimsical traditional balancing rock sculptures.. Try to make one yourself to leave something behind!! We hiked along the beach for a while before we headed back up, and even though the tide was coming in fast we managed not to get wet.. My kids were fascinated with the electric generating wind turbines just off the shore.. A really lovely view and a great alternative to the crowded summer beaches here on Block Island!!

Tammy Senkewitcz


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