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Where is International Tennis Hall of Fame?

REVIEWS OF International Tennis Hall of Fame IN Rhode Island

Stephanie Luna

Gorgeous grounds and history

Mary Jane Crusselle

La Forge courtside table, FABULOUS! Love the lobster bisque and the calamari.

saez waters

I visit once or twice a month, my friend Joshua is a member.

Marc Olechnowicz

Its a great place to visit for all tennis fans alike!! Toys years tournament is on the 15th-21st

Anthony Montanaro

Attended a wedding rehearsal dinner here Food Service beverage everything was Top Notch...

Mark Ryan

Amazing and memorable venue

Lawrence Mannino

Terrific testament to the sport, and nice reminder of another age when gentility and sportsmanship were valued as much as victory.

Rowan Howatt

A must to visit if you're a lover of the game.

Kimberly Moore-Jones

One of my favorite places to visit


What a beautiful area to visit!, And the cliff walk is around the corner!

Ann Burkhardt

A slice of Newport history. We like to find nextdoor at la Forge which looks out over the courts.

Jonathan Conlin

Interesting little pit stop if you're exploring Newport.

John Whelan

Such a historic and special place

Richard Ow

Great place to learn about the history of tennis

Rebecca Hildebrandt

Wonderful museum and well done. We all really enjoyed it. Everyone was so nice and friendly too.

MK Fong

If you like tennis history, this is the right place to visit in the Newport area. Just being able to see the old artifacts of tennis culture and the rich history of the game made this a special experience. I spent just over an hour here because of time constraints. I could easily have spent another two hours. Videos, interviews, highlights, interactive displays and they are adding more to the exhibition. Very progressive place. Well worth the entrance fee to support the cause. There is, also the oldest Court Tennis Court in the US. That was another experience in itself to watch the play History of anything is usually very fascinating and the experience at the ITHF certainly delivered that. I was told parking was rather difficult but I found some spots pretty easily along the streets for about two hours for free. Lots of discounts available to kids and even BOA credit or debit card holders.

Joseph Paquin

It shows all the tennis hall of famers

dmitri alvarado

As a tennis love I had to visit this place and it was a remarkable experience. The museum had lots of awesome exhibits including a kind of weird but still cool Roger Federer interactive type movie thing. The history was beautifully displayed and chronicled. My favorite part though had to be walking around the grounds and seeing/walking on the grass courts. I highly recommend anyone who has any interest in tennis to visit.

Tennis Lover

Enjoy visiting the ITHF every summer because there is always something new to see: it never becomes tiring. Also, play on their grass courts is truly an experience since we play on hard courts during the summer and Har Tru clay during the winter months. There are always plenty of matches going on for spectators to watch. In addition, there's a restaurant on site to sit and eat and sip and take in the scenery. The staff is helpful and personable and always ready to make your visit a memorable one. Their pro shop is always stocked with tennis clothing for every tennis enthusiast. The history of the sport is awaiting for the true tennis enthusiast!

Andrew Muttiah

Loved the place and the environment there. All courts are very well maintained. Beautiful architecture all around the venue. Gift shop has a wide variety of souvenirs. Restaurant inside the HOF has great food but slightly highly priced.

Doreen Sears

Not a big tennis fan

mary jane anderson

Michael Stich and Helena Sukova inducted into Tennis Hall of Fame 2018

Peter Davidson

History of tennis, it has grass courts public can play on, will need to bring stuff next time

Kyle Ziegler

Awesome because you don't need to pay to checkout the grass courts



Harrison Mazurkie

It was amazing so pretty and the tennis is great fun not boring for young kids at all A must see

Brian Griffin

Very interesting, great location


I am a tennis player, attend profissional matches and view matches on the Tennis Chanel almost every day. As far as can remember, I always wanted to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame to know some of the history of tennis and see the great plays of yesteryears and today. The visit exceeded my desires. The grass courts did not meet my expections. The grass courts look much better on TV. The staff, restaurant and food were very good. Just too much to see and digest in one day. I intend to join the ITHOF and visit the facility many times in the future. I am 71 and visited with my son and his girlfriend. We all had a fun visit. A GREAT PLACE to visit.

Katie Kourakis

Attended the tennis tournament. Loved the historic feel of the courts.


Really great place, especially their annual tournament in the summer!

Charles Thornton

Thanks for the guided tour.

Willie Murray

Small but informative and fun.

Kevin Yarbrough

I'm not into tennis like I used to be but I really enjoyed touring this Museum. Worth the time and money spent.

Abigail Rose-Craver

Enjoyed our visit to the ITHF. You're allowed to visit the gift shop and walk around the grounds for free if you don't want to pay for the museum part. Gift shop prices aren't bad for novelty gifts. If you do choose to visit the museum, the best times to go are 11AM or 2PM to do the guided tour for free, as it's included in general admission. You can hop on/off the tour as you wish which is good if you have children who can't commit to an hour-long tour. General admission is $15 and there are a bunch of different ways to get discount tickets for $11-12 (student, senior 62+, military, USTA, AARP, AAA). Kids under 16 are free. The price is even more worth it with the guided tour. Our guide, Liz, was incredibly personable and informative. You can tell she loves the sport and is experienced in what she does. We liked that once we finished the guided tour, we had a chance to go back and take a closer look at the exhibits. Great selection of memorabilia and multimedia interactive pieces. It is clear they continuously update their exhibits while keeping the essentials. They also have a handicap accessible display screen in one of the exhibits for visitors with disabilities. Restroom facilities are also very clean. Great location on Bellvue too across from shops and restaurants.

Conroy Schultheis

I think this place is great. I took my son and his girlfriend to the Hall of Fame qualifier matches on Sunday, July 14th. I will be returning for first round matches on Tuesday, as watching the remainder of the Qualifier matches today , aired in Tennis Channel. The portable bathrooms they have are really clean and air conditioned, located just outside the court fences on the north side. The Del's lemonade does cost $4.50 for a small. The bottled water cost about $4.00 per bottle, and the on site pizza slice costs about $6.00. Unfortunately, if you want to take in any matches, in the coming days that will be played on the North Side courts, then you will be standing in the sun for a long while, especially if a match goes 3 sets. At that point, if you understand the game well, you wouldn't want to leave, as you've endured the drama of the first two sets, and you want to know, which player will emerge the victor. It provides an up close and personal player experience, that you can't get from a larger venue tournament. The players walk on the same grounds and walkways as you do, and I've gotten many autographs and have spoken to many players over my last 43 years. Unfortunately, if you don't bear the heat well, it may affect you and you'll be drained, both physically and mentally by days end,. You've got to hydrate your body well, wear on cool microfiber, sweat wicking clothing, as it will keep you most comfortable. You can't bring your own personal water bottle( I think this policy should be changed) into the grounds, so you'll have to drink several bottles of purchased water and try to relax, in the shade, when you can, keep your skin well protected with SPF 50 sunblock, wear a wide brimmed hat, with sunglasses to protect the top of your head, neck,and eyes from the sun's penetrating rays. All in all, it"s a great outdoor tennis venue. It may cost you about $100-$140 for a good seat, under the green stained West side pavilion stands but it will help you make it through the day. I think the best deal is to have your hand stamped, allowing you readmisson to see the rest of the matches, when you return from lunch, and walk across the street, and get lunch for about 10 bucks or a little less, at Newport Creamery. You'll be tanked up for the rest of the day and won't need to get any additional overpriced, snacks Enjoy your day!

Isabella Zuk

I'm not too much of a tennis person but if you're walking around downtown Newport you can walk in a take a look around without paying for the museum. It's actually quite beautiful to look at. Courts are open to the public if you happen to want to pick up a game. Grass courts are open in the summer. There are several hard courts and one clay court.

Ken Levinson

I was in Newport for work recently and we had an event at the Tennis HOF. What a wonderful place to visit, even if your'e not the biggest tennis fan. Learned a lot about the history of the sport and was reminded of many of the historic moments. I highly recommend checking it out if you are nearby.

Terry Jacobs

Even a non tennis player will find this interesting

Bernard Perkins

Very nice historical site

Stacey G

Awesome place for history and walking.

Jose Castuera

Great place to find and learn the history of tennis

Carlos Zambrano

Nice venue for tennis.

Jean Mumper

We enjoyed a lovely time in Newport, RI and our visit to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. The tournaments we watched we're fantastic. Especially enjoyable were the exhibition games with the lady players dressed in long white skirts and the gentlemen in nickers and plaid caps. They were even playing with wooden raquets! In the museum, you may take a photo of yourself with a trophy or other props. The museum covers a wide range of tennis history with many film clips, and artifacts.

shekhar mehta

Always heard of it. Finally saw the lawns and old courts. One for the memories of years past

Steve Martin

Interesting but there are better ways to spend your time in Newport unless you really love tennis. I would rather spend time at the beaches!

Joe Mendicino

Great museum!

David Day

Nice idea. More about the memorabilia and grass tennis courts than the historical figures.

William Reid

Nice place!

Thomas Medder

Neat place and a lot of legends have played here. Love it being in Newport.

Bob Barnett

Good restaurant in the building.

Joanna Chapin

Beautiful architecture. A lovely space. Plus historically interesting.

LaMont Penry


Denitsa Pasco

Really nice place

Dianne Belk

Old building. Nicely done. A bit expensive at $14


The woman who did the tours at 11:00am and 2:00pm was very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. Will satisfy anybody's knowledge for the history of tennis. Many interactive displays and lots and lots of video clips of professional matches.


Not tennis fans, but we kept up with the big games, decided to go here on a 3 day Newport RI stay. WARNING: do not park across the street. It $2.50 per HALF hour. Once you drive in you can't back-out. Plus the rude teen attendant will just grab your money after you are charged $10 for 1:40 min. Street parking is impossible as this is smack in the middle of a shopping district. They have meters that take credit cards, it's $1.25 an hour. Three hour limit, not sure if you can just re-do another 3 hours or if they chalk the tires. There is an elevator, AARP discount (eaten up by parking) and children discounts, air conditioned room. BRING CASH.. NONE of the parking areas take CC. Cash only. One car was pulled aside as the lady dug around for cash. The early item of tennis were interesting. They have lots of memorabilia of long ago you would never find elsewhere. There was only one video that had sound. The others were very bad (old TV recordings) of people playing tennis that were enlarged and just blurry. You'd think they could get some direct clean recordings. Again, no sound or anything of who is playing. Interesting... time stops at 1999. After that, just a few plaques for each of the years on one wall. So if you are a Williams' sister fan, you'll see a plaque and one dress. Lots of stuff from 70's-80's. Billy Jean King and that era. The grounds are nice, you can eat there (no idea of prices) and there are all sorts of tents up for various activities that are most likely private. Seeing the million + dollar yachts in the bay I am sure they have lots of private parties. If you can find street parking, it might be worth it. Traffic, need I say is bad, but not impossible. This is just "up the road" from the harbor, but not walk able. Must be at least a mile away. So if you pay $20 for all day parking (no exit and returns - you're kidding that would drop their profits in half) get your hiking boots. There are stores all over the place if you want to walk from the harbor. There is free parking...way way away from the harbor. Or bring quarters..lots of them.. You'll get to know the one way streets as you circle like a shark for a spot.

Deborah Phillips

Too awesome for words! The employees are so kind and helpful!!! My family thoroughly enjoyed this museum!!!!!! My hubby and our three girls are tennis players. We couldn't get enough! We enjoyed this museum more than visiting The Breakers!!!!

Nort Wheeler

There is only one thing better than visiting the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport and that is playing there. Pinch me. The food at LeForge Restaurant on the horseshoe court is awesome. The best "Stuffie" I ever ate.

Bailey Zuk

Very cool to stop by and see the courts you hear of and see on tv. I didn't take the tour but if you're interested they do have a museum and provide tours. Super pretty and interesting.

Daniel cano restrepo

Amazing places

Shannon Webster

Pretty cool place!

Joseph Lenk

Enjoyed great tennis .

Jamie King

Living history of tennis..beautiful

Martin Kahler

Loved the history of this place.


I was lucky to get on a 11 am tour of the ITHF museum and it was an hour well spent with our knowledgeable and friendly guide. I’ve learned a lot about tennis history and famous players of the past. For someone who has any interest of tennis this is a great place to visit! I also recommend watching the “Borg vs McEnroe” movie.

J. Labonté

Very nice place to visit

Kelly-Lynn Dudek

What a wonderful way to spend the day, steeped in history, meticulously maintained and getting to see great tennis players in action!

Suzanne Gonsalves

Family day rocked!!!! We saw great tennis, had a great meal, and had photo ops with future greats.

Alphonse Griger

Really nice venue.

Mary Boylan


Antonio Zerpa

Nice place, full of history and located in a beautiful town. Said town is however very expensive, especially to park.

Kenji Yamamoto

Incredible tennis facility! I walk around and watch very good players here! It very fun!

Jeff A

A real treasure to Newport and Tennis in general. Amazing history and always a treat if you can play on the grass courts

Rick Scholl

Very interesting museum

Sara Swenson

Had a wonderful time renting grass courts to play tennis for family!


I saw Corbin Bleu here, and we played tennis together. It was lit. I could've sworn that it was the best turn up I've ever been to. I am going to arrange a trip to the Online Croquet Hall Of Fame. If anyone is interested in going hmu. Don't forget to buy my merchandise. Like, subscribe, comment. If you have any questions about the trip, ask.

Miguel Cura

Museum is bigger than expected. Summer tournament is worth attending.

Tennyson Whiting

Great courts, better history. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is home to the trophies and memories of the greats of Tennis. It's a bit pricey to hit but if you're going for the experience it's totally worth it.

Joseph John

Add this museum to your Newport iternery if you are a Tennis fan. This place will take you through the history of tennis from it's origins till date. Lots of original exhibits and memorabilia from past and current players. Good spot to spend the evening with family and friends. Highly recommend this spot if you are a big Tennis fan. Also has a restaurant on site and a store to get pro tennis products

GoITnet com

It is good place to visit

P Mm

Lovely place with a lot of history


Turn right on Bellevue from Memorial, 2 parking lots, one on right at CVS, other down on left at stop and shop. $7 an hr. International Tennis property is beautiful. You can walk around the grounds without paying a fee. Worth the walk.

Stephanie Long

It was good but it was really hot

Carl Berg

Interactive museum pieces, and the grounds are amazing... including court tennis the original


You walk through a covered passageway that opens onto a fenced court with umbrellaed dining tables surrounding this court along the fence. This is great location for outside drinks and lunch.

Jennifer Romano

Perfect for any tennis fan! Must see. Amazing history explained.

Victor Gomez

A great place for a true tennis fan

Jennifer Mason

Loved this place. The grounds are beautiful. Sadly it was a rainy day and we couldn't enjoy outside much. The inside kept us plenty busy. So glad we made the trip here.

Louie Lou

Awesome workers there are very nice and help a lot

Carolyn Smith Feyler

Wish I had more time to spend there. Rushed through some really interesting exhibits. Thanks, ITHoF! We'll be back.

Samir Haddad

A nice place to be as any other at Newport.

Piers Platt

Watched Pete Sampras play during his induction ceremony here - very cool!



Mr. Kris Kumaroo MBA, MS

If you've ever played tennis, you need to stop by this first class quaint Museum/Hall of Fame. Small and worth it. Park in the adjacent shopping center.

Toni Wiley

It's wonderful to walk through the history of tennis. So many surprises. Real life exhibits.

Nimit Shah

Not a particularly interesting museum if you have visited the museum at Rolland Garros especially. Pales in comparison. I liked the hall of fame part and the courts. Definitely better to go during the induction ceremony as you can see the players play a game of tennis. The history of the club is not what you'd like to associate with a hall of fame club to be honest.

Stephen Salomonson

Betty and I had a wonderful dinner here . Plus Holly the bartender was perfect .

Timothius Gunawan G Susilo

Great place to visit tennis history. Stop over n take alots of pictures.

Jacky Wu

Awesome experience

Adam Grimme

Really cool place!

John Lupfer

In the old casino. A lot of tennis history. Rivals any hall of fame.

Phyllis Adams

Very informative even for the casual tennis fan. Interactive items there. Loved the Roger Federer theatre.

Bob Podesta

Lots of tennis history. Beautiful courts.

Virginia Urbina

Beautiful place

Amandeep Gill

Fascinating museum with a lot of history. So interesting to see artefacts from the start of tennis and various trophies from around the world and from years gone!

dan devine

Kewl place

Shane Fowler

Looks great for a 140 year old venue

Mike Shugars

Such a beautiful club. Look forward to coming here every year!!

Keith Chan

A must for tennis fans. It was fascinating to see the evolution of tennis. All those old tennis racquets and old packaging of tennis balls.

Clare Gosselin

Such a wide variety of tennis memorabilia. Very impressed. Best ladies room I've ever been in!

Annette T. Paiva

A great little treasure in Newport Rhode Island where you can be up close and personal watching great matches on grass courts. Something to put on your bucket list or on your annual to do list.

Niclas Madsen

We found it by chance, so I guess the signage should be slightly improved. The entrance is free, which is pretty awesome. Many things to see if you are an enthusiast. Lots of history and interesting facts. Also a museum inside, which is not free. There is also a very expensive restaurant.

Eric Hamilton

Fast grass!

patty fritz

Love this place! Great food with a very unique atmosphere.

Seethalakshmi Ramesh

Amazing place , must visit place foe tennis lovers. Wow, what a collection and records. And most of all grass courts. OMG, it's free, you just have to book it in advance. That's it. It's so food for so cheap. Really worth a visit.

Hugh Donnelly

Amazing statue of Fred Perry. Grounds are remarkable.

Luke Ahearn

Great place! Cool history and beautiful grounds

Mark Andrew

Nice place to visit. Very quiet.

Aaron Rose

Very cool place and free to walk around

Frank D'Orsi, Jr.

Great history and stroll through the museum and grounds.

Chris S

Interesting well manicured place. Must see if you like tennis

Mick Colageo

Tennis players, coaches and fans have the Hall of Fame museum and up-close proximity to action every mid-July at the Dell Technologies Open, an ATP 250 tournament that is America's only grass-court tour event.

Philip Green

A piece of history right in my own back yard. I’ve lived in Rhode Island for over 40 years and only visited the ITHF recently. Museum is very good and it is neat to walk around the grounds of this venue. The restaurant is also good.

Dr.Gaurang Joshi

Lucky to be a fan of tennis...

Brad Rhodes

Was super cool to see the perpetual US Open trophies on display!

Dr Josh Brower

Great place to wander aimlessly for a couple hours. Really want to see a match played outside. Wish they would list when those happen.

Yogesh Agashe

This place is must visit place if you are visiting New Port. The place is interesting to know tennis facts and history. The place is historical with variety of information related to tennis game formation and victories of champions. The place is located next to downtown. Loved this place.

Ben Matteson

Always have loved it here. The history tour was interesting but the courts and the facility are beautiful.

Patricia OHara

Beautiful music venue, didn't catch any tennis.

Gregory Orzolek

It's a must if you in the area.

William Fletcher

Super fun museum with tons of awesome info

DC Gould

History. Class

Saikat Das

A small museum and there are associated indoor and outdoor courts for tennis. There is an entry fee for the museum, which was waived due to our bank of America cards. I am not sure if I would have given the same rating if I had to pay for entrance. The museum is very well maintained and clean.

Charles Miller

It is a great experience

Nancy Stickler

Interesting to visit; some interactive exhibits; due to bad weather we could not experience the outside portion. A tennis lover would appreciate it more than I did.

Swetha Srinivasan

Quaint little tennis museum and halll of fame

pam sailsman

I've been attending this event for 10 years now. The staff are always pleasant but James, thank you for rescuing a damsel in distress when my "slipper fell off and my carriage turned into a pumkin"...I was stranded. Keep up the good work guys and see you next year!

Matthew Huang

I love the game of tennis. This museum is layed out so all with the history of the game. The guided was great!

Peter Emery

Great Tennis History--Brings back memories from past tournaments

David M. Hamlin

Wonderful venue, great museum (even if you're just a casual fan) beautiful grass courts available for play - wear whites, the place is decidedly old school. For tennis players, this is a Must.

Thurston Hartford

Tons of history and the tennis isnt bad either

Paul Chacon


Susan Perti

A lovely outdoor venue for Newport jazz fest. Easy to navigate around in. Food vendors...merchandise...porta potties. Yea...we're good. No seat is a bad one. I can imagine parking is a pain. I walked over from b&b on Bellevue

Tommy Menard

Very cool place to visit I got there to late to take the tour but was still able to walk around the grounds.

Harold Salters

Museum aspects of this HOF are unexpected and outstanding. Terrific collections intelligently laid out. Museum at Wimbledon is very good; this one has larger collections better displayed.

Scott Bruce

It's ok

Rowan Pritchard

an establishment for tennis royalty, and royal tennis. Very much a location where you find the well-financed few discussing the finer matters of life whilst appreciate the technicality of Royal Tennis

Norah A B13

Very lovely place surrounding by amazing buildings

Bob Sullivan

Some very cool memrobelia. Awesome grounds and a great restaurant.

Mark Mulone

I must to stop in if you have time while in Newport

Ryan Stevens


Barry Russo

Nostalgic and picturesque, we will return.

Marty Kahler

Ate at restaurant and food was great

Steven White

Great piece of tennis history. If you're in the area and love tennis, then it's a must see. Even if you just walk the grounds. Shop has some nice gift ideas for the tennis buff.

Bobby Liu

Great atmosphere. Museum was much larger than expected. Classic grounds to pay tennis on. Now that there no free parking though but still worth it

Luiza Reynolds

We had a great time watching players in action.

Peter Ball

Great place to visit on a rainy day. Today was raining and we didn't expect such an incredible experience. There is just so much to see with everything anyone would want to know about the history of tennis. We didn't have time to see it all so we're going back again soon and at no extra cost. There's free parking right across the road for up to 2 hours.


Watch a tennis game there it was a nice place to visit and do check out the museum

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