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175 Memorial Blvd, Newport, RI 02840, United States

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Where is Easton's Beach?

REVIEWS OF Easton's Beach IN Rhode Island

Dana Downes

Good beach, go to 2nd beach for better waves.

Patricia Conti

My art, what I love.

Hessam Dehqani

Very beautiful, clean sandy beach. We loved it.

Elizabeth Paolero

Easton's beach ballroom: beautiful venue for wedding receptions and events.

Min Lim

Good beach for surf too

saez waters

Great when no REDTIDE on beach

Debi P

The city takes unfair advantage of tourists who frequent the beach on the 4th of July holiday. $25 to park! As if we're not already spending enough on lodging, food, shopping, etc.

Pooja Rathod

Easton's Beach, located on Memorial Boulevard at the start of the Cliff Walk, is a 3/4 mile long surf beach with a board walk. It's not free. Parking fees are in weekdays 10$ and weekends and holidays 20$ per car. They give one parking ticket and we also park in street it's free. The beach was awesome lots of waves. The waves are not very big so kids can enjoy a lot. The beach is very beautiful no rocks no dirtiness no any type of littering we must take a garbage bag because they have not any dustbin. No alcohol and cigarettes and lots of traffic its is little annoying but beautiful beach must go..

Gaurav Kalani

Good beach but had some inch worms which got stuck on us and spoiled the experience a bit. Also they have a lot of red dead seaweed which is not my type. Good restaurants and walk as well as an Aquarium for kids. There are nice clean public restrooms and washing areas which weren’t that busy.


Very nice beach except at times seaweeds wash up. Their snack bar has one of the best lobster rolls in the area. They are closing on Sept 29 for the season that we had for lunch. Much better than one we had at San Fran last week.

Nilufer Usta

It is a nice, sandy beach. It was not overly crowded. The facilities on the first floor were not very appealing, but the food at the cafe upstairs was good. They need to limit the number of announcements they make as they were using it too often and disrupting the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

the Terminator's Channel

Kids loved it. Nice sand on beaches and shower rooms to clean up

Mike Pado

Great beach, lifeguards during season, surfers end (when waves).

William A. Moore

Really nice stretch of Atlantic beach. Not too crowded, but we visited on a Monday. Unfortunately, the change rooms were filthy.

Lara Jordan

Very friendly. Too many choices but that's what made it fun

melody laurel

Great public beach.

Francine Lavigne-Teague

Great beach, fine sand , near Cliff Walk

Tad Ignatz

Double lobster rolls at the snack bar are not to be missed

Sophia M

Nice looking beach with an aquarium to visit. Haven't gone during the summer so I'm not sure how nice the water is

Aaliyah Hasan

Easton's Beach is very clean show up early for best parking but parking can get expensive as prime beach time approaches. They do have meters if you think you can keep track of time while there. They have indoor and outdoor showers with plenty of bathrooms. Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and pets are prohibited on the beach anyone caught will be escorted off the beach. If you visit off season dogs are allowed on the beach but the other rules still apply.

John Wimbush

Really nice, peaceful beach. Water was cold on an 82 degree day but, hey, it's the northeast!

Will Rose

Average beach. Red tide due to the harbor is a bummer.

Brian Chaffee

The water had red tide so it wasn't good to swim in. The beach itself was nice.

Jonna Silvia

My favorite place to walk on the beach.

Ibrahim Alam

The beach is quite large and clean. Due to sea weed the water is bit reddish. There are aquarium and children play center also.

Uvette Lou

Beautiful beach. Lobster rolls were amazing. Seagulls are very aggressive

Kapil Jain

The good: not crowded, lots of cars in the parking lot, but the beach was not crowded. The concession stand seems reasonable and has a great view of the beach from the second floor outdoor area. It is self service. They have the usual fried sea food fare and lobster rolls that you would expect from a place by the beach and some chicken salad rolls for the non sea food lovers. The bathrooms were clean. The bad: the red seaweed which is present in half of the beach makes it difficult to be around. The other half of the beach is f Somehow at least visibly free of the red seaweed. The ugly: the stench, possibly from the red seaweed, is unbearable. We parked at the Easton beach parking lot which is $25 on the weekends and $15 on weekdays, played some catch, got a quick bite to eat and promptly proceeded to the cliff walk which is spectacular. Although I would think you may be able to find street parking if you are patient enough as our friends did even on the long weekend in case you're on planning to visit the cliff walk.

Robert Craig

Very nice and clean beach and not over crowded

Zé Desousa

Clean water friendly guests great place for the family

Claudia J. Dupre

Nice wide, clean beach, decent restrooms, $25 for parking today, July 4th. Not sure if that is the standard price.

Amy Baker

It's no nice and clean and not crowded, we'll be back again.

john azua

Clean beach with nice waves to boogie board. Food and bathrooms close by.

Teddi Foster

It was beautiful until the lifeguard came blowing his whistle lol telling us not to get in the water because of bacteria

Michael Muniz

Breathtaking view of the water. That enables you to see the curvature of the earth. And alot of curvature of beautiful women

Sarah Brennan

Seagulls are aggressive but very pretty and relaxing beach

Jen Lockett

First time here in a long time but my kids and I had fun

mary berthiaume

This beach is one of the best beaches in Rhode Island. It's beautiful and right next to the cliff walks if you like that sort of thing.

richard cabral

Clean beach all around, except for the water had alot of red seaweed or whatever it was. Needs a few more quick fast food seafood restaurants rite there, or maybe some food trucks. Other than that it's your average Rhode Island beach.

Maelis Rousselot

it was very nice and had no trash. However there is alot of seaweed and paeking is 15 dollars

John Gniadek

Big fan of this beach when we go in the summer.

Des Brownlie

Clean beaches, well maintained with easy access from roads and plenty of parking

joshua stockman

Pristine beach with beautiful views

John Radziewicz

Great free beach and the lobster rolls were delicious

vikram tuscano

Very average beach. Expensive parking. Had microwaved hot dog at the snack bar.

iShift Gears

Fun Day with the fam! Clean Beach!

Jeremiah Shumway

Good access and parking. Lots of red algae.

Craig Miniter

The red tide really ruined the beach experience. The snack bar was on point though. You also get to see more boat than at second beach, if your into that kind of thing like I am.

Tom Tom

Came for a 2 day one night trip. Was at first taken back by the red seaweed.... note its not a red tide... which is dangerous, but its red seaweed which is unsightly, but you can swim in it. The east side of the beach had less seaweed and overall we had a good time, the snack shack and aquarium and carousel are all good for young kids.

Lisa G

It is the smallest beach I've ever been too. Now they roped off a big portion of i for private use,so people are practically sitting on top of each other.

C Pierson

Our family loves Easton’s Beach, especially in September. Gorgeous vista, plenty of space for swimming or surfing or just walking! It can be windy, so be prepared. Enjoy the beach, and after, go around the corner to Empire tea & coffee for a snack!

Karen Furtado

Relaxing after Labor day, some red tide but good swimming where it's not!

Elizabeth Warren

Easton Beach is a beautiful place to visit. It has a beautiful beach,the sunshine and the fresh air is relaxing.It is a gorgeous place to have a wedding.

Lucas Tomolonis

I like the view on this beach, looking at Cliff Walk On one side. Gentle drop off in the water. Good body surfing!

Jen Van

We drove all the way from Bridgeport CT for the Newport RI beach experience and this beach was great! Very easy to get to, lots of easy parking ($25 for out of state on the weekend but it lasts the whole day, even if you decide to leave and return), waves, soft sand, not overly crowded, lots of space, very well maintained with changing rooms and separate bathrooms. Only thing was all the red algae but it’s harmless and only really present towards the shore. Best perk - easy access to The Cliff Walk which you MUST check out for a breathtaking elevated panoramic view (don’t worry, it’s a very easy 20min walk on paved terrain and omg it’s so so worth it). Can’t wait to visit Easton’s Beach next summer with the fam!

Bonnie Warren

A beautiful place and the beach is clean and the fish and chip dinner I had there at the seafood place was excellent!!

Natalino Silva

The beach is nice but the water is disgusting. It has this brown stuff that sticks on cloths, skin and hair. On top of it all it looks oily. Nice to come and get some sun and play at the beach, but not for swimming.

Jim Canderozzi

Mostly red tide good location near cliff walk and close to town

Cheryl Anderson

Such a beautiful evening.. Summer concerts given by Newport Recreation department last night was FABULOUS.

Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu

Very nice beach, sandy sea...

Chris Jardin

so fun surf spot because surfline calls it flat but it is really shoulder high and glassy with 7 people out - 7am on a Saturday in the summer..... what? yeah

Stephen Ferris

Great location for a special event. Facility includes an excellent carousel. Good ocean beach

Ryan Mahon

Clean beach with soft sand as and plenty of space and parking. Algae was bad today and hard to get off after swimming.

David Dahan

Serene - Felt we were in Edward Hopper's universe - the low tides reminded me of beaches in Normandy (but with more charm)

Jay D.

Also called First Beach in Newport, RI. Good parking with changing areas & public restrooms. Great kids aquarium. Restaurant with typical seaside food including twin lobster rolls. Beautiful carousel for adults and kids.

David McIntyre

Nice clean beach. There is also a small aquarium at the beach that is great for kids.

Lauren C

Great walk and view! A definite stop in Newport!

Thomas Wright

If you love volleyball and surfing this is definitely the beach to be at just definitely go online and check the Beach conditions before you go only because of the red seaweed but other than that incredible Beach awesome time

Justin Czarnota

Grat beach and a little place there to get great twin lobster rolls!

Raymond Hickok

Nice beach. If you can get there a bit early to snag the parking meters you could save a little bit

Kim Curry

Clean beach, cute aquarium, nice snackbar, great surf lessons. Yucky red seaweed and no ball or frisbee on the beach.

Kevin Carlson

The sand is way too fine, so it blows and coats everything. There are massive swathes of red seaweed that make the ocean unswimable, and if you do swim the sea weed stocks to your hair. The sea gulls are vicious and will attack your belongs even with you sitting there. Lovely views though.

Colin McNeil

I've been to a lot of beaches, and Easton sure is one.

Bader Almutairi

Very nice beach. Busy in summer and almost empty in winter.

Ron Rhodes

Fun day and good food.

Suzanne Brennan

Usually absolutely love this beach....but red tide hit last time there.....found a little spot for body surfing though. Easy access to a beach from parking.

Rudy Gabriele

It's a clean, fun, family friendly Newport Beach. Been coming here for 7 years now, it's my kids favorite beach.

Margaret Campbell

Great Aquarium and I really appreciated the education on the sealife.

Rosemarie Watkins

Awesome sand is clean, bathrooms and showers clean but there was red tide when we went on August 9, 2019

Evangeline Brennan

It is clean and not over crowded.

Joe C

Clean and not crowded. Great quick stop.

Peter Genovese

Best time ever newport beaches are the BOMB!!!!

Jesus Melendez

Alot if red tide..... Also there was a bacteria alert so just be mindful of that.. Other than that it was enjoyable

David Brillon

Love cliff walk and little swing n rock area

Angela Arredondo

My Princess had the best time

Jasmine Rogers

I loved it just relaxed the food was great.

Sara Barney

Nice beach, rentals available, showers and bathrooms. Nice Sandy beach, lifeguards and fun waves.

Paul Britto

Besides the the weather on just this day...this beach is awesome...the sand is soft...its clean...get here early get the good spots...

John Correia

Great family beach, protected area with lifeguards on duty

zachary gould

Smells like a whale dropped a deuce and died on the beach. Do something about that nasty red tide

Stephanie Thomas

My favorite beach to go to anytime of year! Well maintained, great walking beach. Ample parking.

Leah Drapkin

Beautiful beach. Was not very crowded when we visited (end of August) which made it even better!

Dharmendra Shivaji

Very good, clean beach with good waves and little to no seaweed.. Lots of shelter, clean restrooms, showers, food options.

Pavan Vardhan

Good one. You can enjoy a lot.

Nicole Souza

Beautiful beach. Very clean, soft sand, lifeguards available. Would absolutely visit again & highly recommend.

Charles Fonda

Had a blast with the family over the weekend. pretty much we relaxed on the beach all weekend. Gotten a hotel near by and pretty much soaked in some rays

Michael Thacker

If you like seaweed and tourists, this is the place for you. Located 5 minutes via drive from downtown Newport, you can find yourself swimming in Red Tide, while foreigners take pictures of themselves, while being entirely overdressed. If this sounds like your idea of a great summers day, come on down, 1st beach, where you'll leave with an itch inside your bathing suit.

Destiny Rose

Love the aquarium. Go pet a shark. Its worth it!

Deanna Nichols

Great beach. A bit crowded and very tight, limited parking.

Vanman White

It's okay little bit seaweed eee

Tim Joseph

Nice place, clean, plenty of parking.

william jenney

2nd Beach should be 1st; by a longshot!

Sandy Baggy

One of the worst beaches I've been to! Parking is $20, ridiculous! The sand particles are so small they get everywhere, inside your devices, underwear, food, drinks, you name it, the beach is full of broken shells, that are also sharp, 2 of us had feet injury. The bathrooms are the worst tho, very old, and the filthiest bathrooms I have ever been to, very disappointing, you'd expect better from Newport RI. Not a beach I will be coming back to.

Jed Boyd

Very nice beach with lots of parking. We parked here for the cliff walk.

Josie Cly

I came here for the first time with family. Such a great experience! $25 parking on a sunny Sunday. There are indoor showering, changing rooms, restrooms and outdoor showers to rinse off the sand (just a little walk from the mini aquarium).

Jeffrey Beauregard

Free parking after 4pm,snack bar great food

sunny kumar

I don’t k ow why people have it so high rating. My experience was very bad first- the bad smell , it was smelling so bad that I couldn’t take it for more than 15 mins. Second the beach water is so dirty it has full sea weeds and also the water looks red and super dirty . I came after reading reviews but it was the worst beach I ever visited. If you are planning to visit here make sure you can smell it and take water which is full or sea weeds. :(

Mamie Horstmann

Beautiful day at the beach!!

Deb Singh

This is such a great place for the whole family

Rob Karvelis

The cliff walk was the best part of this beach.

Mark Grant

Poor quality. Lobster rolls ap small. Sorry. Usually great. Lpcal!!

Ben Roth

Large beach with a lot to do. There’s an aquarium run by Save the Bay and a restaurant on the boardwalk. Beach is free!

Kyle Stephens

Solid beach. Part of the beach smelled funny but it was really clean and wasn't too crowded.

Abhirup Dutta

Nice beach to relax after doing the cliff walk. The place can get crowded on nice summer days. Parking can get difficult. Has some of the best waves.

Lisa Jellison

I love the ocean. Has a beautiful view of the ocean from the walk on the Cliff. Was very nice.

Dawid Zyla

Very nice city Beach with life guards around. You can find shells and also enjoy your time with waves. Water is cold but what would you expect from Atlantic ocean?


Great beach , nice snack bar bathrooms and showers.

Deb Gordinier

I love this beach. Plenty of parking ($25) and there are some vendors available for food and of course Del's

Christina Beall

Highly recommend. The seafood shack up on the boardwalk had amazing fish and chips... One of the highlights of our vacation. Cliff walk was fun. Aquarium lady came over to show us a baby turtle they had found. Down by the rocks we found great finds like lobster claws. Stinky down there though cause I think it's a bit of a graveyard.

John Sanchez

Even in the pouring rain the beach was full of life. This place is awesome and lots of fun.

Ze Desousa

It was cool just didn't like that late evening volleyball player's take over the Beach

Sandy Garden

The best part was watching one of the local guys flies model airplanes

Deniz Kalelioğlu

Very nice beach, with clean restrooms, practical showers, aaand delicious twin lobsters to eat

Brad Greenstein

Nice beach. Great amenities. There is food, a small aquarium, bathrooms, showers, and more than enough parking. If you are interested in sealife the aquarium will be great. It is small but packed with life. The water was warm and very active. Plenty of wave action. The only real downside was the seaguls. Beware of those crazy buggers. They are not all that afraid of people and will take food right out of your hand.


The sand is really soft but there are a lot of seashells, 2 steps on the beach barefoot and i cut my foot on a shell that was hidden under the sand. The water is really dark and you cant see the floor, even when its only a few inches deep. Also the seagulls in this area were really big. We didnt have any snacks but they still tried to go through our stuff. I noticed its kept pretty clean though and there were lifeguards on duty until 6pm. Oh and parking was really expensive, 25$ even though we got there at 4pm, they seemed to stop charging after 5:30.


Beautiful views. Close to many hotels which is nice with having 3 children.

Raymond Nunez

Coming here to get away from the grind of traveling and letting the cool breeze of the beach air flow through me as I stand. Great place to just relax and release your mind

Michelle Esile

Twin lobster rolls, great view, and free parking for an hour...what more could you ask for? Nice, reasonably priced lunch in a great beach environment.


Pristine and not crowded. A good place to chill on that balmy day

Jason Sanabia

Fun, safe waves that travel far along a gentle grade. Facilities in rough shape though.

Michael Alfaro

$25 parking have fun with that. Nice beach tho with okay trash management. Enjoyed the soft waves and pleasant breeze.

Athira Sadanandan

Beautiful! Perfect place to set up a tent and chill. But leave enough time and energy for the cliff walk.

Linda Manson Goldberg

Great snack bar best two lobster rolls and fries

Kaye Gonzales

Perfect weather in a great family beach. The sand was fine and clean. Nice view of the water and sorrounding houses.

Allison Barrett

Love this beach! I know there’s a lot of seaweed that washes ashore but it’s pretty well maintained and is a beautiful spot.

Lisa Borges

It's right near the Cliff Walk and the beach is wonderful.

Michael Michaelson

Just a great place to enjoy the wind and surf

Donna Pezza

Everything under the sun here Beautiful clean swept beach daily.....Aquarium on site and a carousel.....also swings ect. Food upstairs which was exellent and very clean bathrooms and shower changing rooms.....nice boardwalk with sitting benches and a great parking lot with only steps to the beach

Mila Antkevych

Very clean beach, great location. Not overcrowded. Parking lot is very close, you buy ticket for whole day. Highly recommend to visit local aquarium on the beach, staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Ann DeCurtis

Too much red seaweed to swim. Stayed for 2 hours. Just enough time for kids to play and grab lobster rolls. Payed $10 to park

Rena Strool

Marathon day! It was great!!

Matt Trevarthen

Great Beach. Expensive parking

BG&TM Bonya

Loved it! Def will go back

Michael Wheeler

Decent beach for catching some sun. A lot of seaweed and smells pretty bad. Sand is soft and debris is barely found. Not much else to do as a small stretch of beach is pleasant for swimming.

Ashley Little

Standard beach. Parking is easy, sand is meh, waves looked decent. Not too busy now that kids are back in school. The cliff walk is gorgeous.

Malaura Pannoni

We stayed at Rhea's Inn which was in walking distance to this beach and the cliff walk. Loved this beach!

Rob Keene

Red tide was terrible. Awful for swimming in July. I had bugs crawling on me that I had to shower off

Joshua Weber

One of the best beaches I've been to. Wide beach, somewhere around a mile long. Small pier area with shops. Parking lot with high cost, or metered street parking at a better price. Great view of the cliff walk and mansions on one side and houses facing on the other side. Beach is enclosed on both sides so waves are smaller and much more enjoyable. Sand is very soft on your feet. Lots of seagulls, it's fun to watch them drop clams and fight over them. The ocean is reddish due to the algae, which is pretty. Not overcrowded at all. Highly reccomend and within walking distance from the cliff walk.

Trace Rothwell

I love this beach. Parking prices aren't too bad, the beach is clean, white sand, and the waves are pretty good. There's also a carousel and aquarium. You'll want to get there early on the weekends.

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