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Where is Cliff Walk 40 Steps?

REVIEWS OF Cliff Walk 40 Steps IN Rhode Island

Madiha Shameem

It's stunning. Worth the walk.

Cathi La Sota

Great place for a walk with beautiful views. Be warned, when walking along the mansions there are several spots where the waves reach the path, so be prepared to get splashed.

nick zembrzuski

Pretty cool, tame little hike to check out the cliffs, coast, and mansions/ college

Christine C

Why only four stars even though it is a beautiful walk? No one mentioned that the paved walkway is interrupted by boulders and jagged rocks. We managed, but if we had known about the absence of pavement in certain sections, we probably wouldn't have gone as far as Ledge Road.

Carol Daxata Diller

Pretty, a very relaxing and scenic area.


Cliff Walk is so beautiful I wish we had something like this in Connecticut. I love going to Newport and it never seems to get old. This is a charming City and we come every year to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Nicki Bress

Had my 9 year old with me so didn't go far, but it was very nice with stunning views of mansions and the coastal waters. Would have loved to do the entire length.

William Krajcovic

Very scenic, couples friends n families gathered there

Karen Lee

You can't see much of any of the homes from the path. But a nice walk.


Such a beautiful experience... The ocean on one side crashing on the wall of the cliff youre treading... Magnificent mansions on the other... Long walk, great for some outdoor exercise or a romantic stroll with a partner... Or with the kids to enjoy nature and release some excess energy... I love grabbing a latte before going n grab hot chocolates for the kids... Parking is... Eh... But u can find some.... Just watch for no parking signs... Either i recommend going to anyone... And going over the Newport bridge you do pay 4$ each time u go over it... If you go, i hope you love IT... I DO! :)


Loved this walk. A little crowded but enjoyed the views.

Jesse Rochefort

A nice relaxing walk with a great view of the ocean.

Ibrahim Alam

Nice place to spend your afternoon/evening. The whole area is quite large and you can enjoy your afternoon walk. The place is free if you roam around it, but you need to pay 26 dollars to enter the building. The building itself holds a lot of history and worth visiting. Also its a beautiful place to take photos.

Ramisa Fariha

Love it! I take this walk whenever I am in Newport!

charles Bell

Great just great if you can you should

Ric Ravier

What an incredible trail and place to take in the sea. The steps and waterfall cave are very interesting as well.

Jessie Griffith

Beautiful views and an easy walk to see some of the most opulent "homes" in Rhode Island.

Isabella Zuk

My family and I enjoy hiking and it took us maybe 3 hours, with stops along the way to sight see. It doesn't sound like it would be as great as it is but if you are visiting Newport you really should check it out. It's a great way to see the ocean and it takes you right past Ruggles beach if you enjoy watching surfers. On the way you can see the huge lawns of the gorgeous Newport Mansions. The walk does not loop, however there are exits along the way, and trolly stops. Trollies run every 30 minutes and they are cash only.


Very beautiful place to go and walk. Very scenic place to enjoy beautiful view.

swati jain

It's a nice little spot for pictures on cliff walk. I wonder why is it called 40 steps, there aren't 40 steps to climb.

Jacob Fickes

An awesome attraction for a leasurley walk along the beautiful coast of Rhode Island. Amazing views of the coast and a look into the historic oppulance of New England. This location is great for running, walking, dog walking, etc.

Olivia Montour

The view was beautiful and it's an easy walk, however it smelled like sewage where you walk over the rocks at the small beach

Sujil Maharjan

Cliff walk in Newport is amazing. You can get a very nice view from here and the walk is also very good.

Narayani Rajgopal

Wonderful sea view and walking experience Place worth visiting

Arundeep Mittra

A must go every time I have family visiting RI. What I found out was that the entry points are parallel streets and ended up on the farthest one, and that brings you into the hardest area to walk... on rocks. It was a great experience. The views are breathtaking. If you visit here, prepare to walk approx 3 miles one way... that's the best part of it. The entrance is at the beach... the beach itself has its pros and cons... too much red weeds, some areas are clear. Kids don't care, let them enjoy.

Pete Signorelli

Great walk between the ocean & the mansions. There is so much to see on both sides of the walk.

Margery Greene

Very nice walking path along the ocean

Stacy Gallagher

Very neat place, great view

Luisa Dacosta

What a beautiful and scenic walking route! Will def be visiting again.

Brian Hudak

It was beautiful, however all people aren't polite and hot the small walk way

Alexander Dixon

Wife found it breathtaking! I made sure the car didn't get towed, lol

Michael Peters

What a beautiful walk along the shore. Wear your good shoes or sneakers. Not likely for you to comfortably go the last half mile unless you're a rock climbing star

Sam Lee

Awesome view. A must if you come to New Port!

Brenda P

Perfect place to take a stroll and enjoy the ocean views! The first half is fairly easy with flat trails that you could take a stroller on. Second half is a little more challenging with stairs. Plenty of benches and places to sit along the way as well as a bathroom facility at marker 3. Check out the map. Parking is little tricky but if you drive around you can find a spot. A definite must do if your in the area!


Love it so much. Beautiful and nice walking here gave me a perfect day. You don't have to walk whole cliff walk, you can walk on part of it instead.

Sujin Pringle

Great place to hike. Has paved pathways therefore is great to tke kids on strollers. It has off beat areas for the adventure n adrenaline seekers. It was really beautiful.. plan to spend long time because of the various stops at view points.


If you ever visit, give this cliff walk a try. It has beautiful views, Awesome mansions in the back. It's a good activity for exercise. You can go to the beach afterwards or take a tour of a mansion. Get lunch at the end, because you can exit out to a street that leads you to some shops. It's a must do, just do it.

John Norris

Beautiful view, long walking path overseeing the ocean, plenty to do in the area. A great way to spend a weekend day with the family.

ashley spann

Really nice view with a nice ocean breeze

Jane LeVasseur

Just go is wonderful. Walk out onto the rocks... a little. Great place to park & walk & enjoy. There is park & pay.

Stephen Williams

Lovely views. Quiet and charming.

Cee M

Cliff walk is a must see I come often. Came on a perfect evening! Gorgeous purple pink sunset!!! I love Newport ❤

drew samsel

Beautiful long and sometimes challenging walk....views are top notch.....mansions are breathtaking

prashant gupta

Great pictersque walk with plenty of place to stop and relax.

Wai Lai

Nice cliff walk. Nice views

Bryce Britton

Fun place to walk and catch some fresh air, the scenery is definitely something to see. It’s a good time with family or if your just looking for some fresh air, it’s clean and free to do as well. Defiantly worth going on a walk here and there’s different points that you can stop and get off or turn around. Some of the houses along the walk are magnificent and very cool to see, and some even offer tours inside! I recommend the cliff walk

Len Poole

beautiful walkway. Very scenic. Bring good sturdy shoes and be prepared if bringing a stroller/young kids or older Parents some of the walkway is not paved/over boulders

Denis Lage

The cliff walk is well worth it. Beautiful views of the ocean and mansions. The only negative is that there can be a lot of people walking it but that's to be expected.

Ashley Toy

Don't bring your young children or strollers. There's literally a straight drop onto the rocks. Keep your kids at home. I definitely recommend going here! The sights are beautiful and the path is exciting and completely unexpected!!! This is my favorite place to go on a walk. The views are breathtaking. Bring your hiking shoes though and wear comfortable clothing because some of the path is dangerous.


Great exercise with amazing views and smell the sea.

Jacqueline Bassett

Beautiful sums it up. You walk on plaved walkway and then rocks. The scenery is beautiful

Wanda Doane

Beautiful views. Easy to moderate walk with plenty of rest areas.

Michael Sigmon

Despite being quite rocky at times, great place to run with some really cool views, even in the rain/overcast weather!

Ken TifTuftsts

Cliff walk was good. Saw several Mansions, took a bunch of pix, didn't make it to the end. Good time,weather was sunny and 60ish.

Andreas Holst Johansen

Lovely walk, do not bring strollers etc for the “last bit”. Though not as challenging as it was made out to be

christopher sowle

So much fun. The mansions are amazing the walk is really nice. Just think they should have more bathrooms there cause the line was kinda nuts. Waited like 30 min just to use the restroom

Frederica Wang

AMAZING view!! Must go if in town! Doesn't take much to enjoy the beautifully sea. Rainbow may appear if lucky.

Kendra Wise

Fun part of cliff walk we sat on the rocks at the bottom for a break

Mark Henderson

Beautiful, free, you have access to some of The most exclusive Newport properties and a view that cant be beat.

Justin Czarnota

it's great! Views and salt water in the air ...and the manzions!!

Melissa Devine

This is a very popular spot on the 3.5 mile long Cliff Walk. The original stairs were wooden, and were built there by a landowner who lived close by, and wanted to give his children access to the waterfront down the cliffside. Due to wear and tear as well as hurricanes, they have since been replaced by stone stairs. And, there are actually 44 steps, not 40. This was a meeting place for immigrant staffers of the mansions during the gilded age. There was a lot to talk about after working long hours for some of America's wealthiest families. Today, it is a popular location for fishing, sunrise photography, busking, a quick break from walking, and great location to take in unobstructed views of Narragansett Bay facing East toward Martha's Vineyard. There are seasonal bathrooms located here. There is also metered parking May-October, on Narragansett Avenue leading up to the 40 steps. There are about 25 spots and they fill up quickly.

samrat lamichhane

Very nice and cozy place. I highly recommend visiting this place.

Lori Yacko

Amazing!!!! The beautiful sites cliffs, homes, the ships we are to head back home today but if ever you want to see the power of water amazing I just cannot give the right review in just words! My family never saw such beauty in our life. So glad we came from shamokin pa for our vaca.

Rand Neveloff

A step back in time. Walking past the old school mansions along the beautiful Newport coastline is a treat. A must do if the weather is nice.

Fred Burgmeijer

Nice walk. Gets an effort when all the way to the end. Fairly good view on estates' back elevation

Svitlana Bohdan

Just love ❤️

Michael Donegan

Beautiful place to take in the full view of the bay. Be sure to bring sun protection because there are few shady spots.

Samantha Pattek

Scenery is so beautifuland the sound of the waves are very relaxing. Makes for an enjoyable walk!

Paul Knarr

Great walk in the yard of Newport mansions. Started at three opposite end on Bellevue. Need good shoes to climb over rocks 1st mile of the route from this direction but views are worth it. Last 2 1/2 miles easier footing with some good views of newports summer cottages. Had lunch at the Chandler overlooking the beach and the ocean. 500.00a night to stay in this luxury hotel but you can enjoy lunch for two for around 50.00 to 60.00.

Corina Mayo

The Newport Cliff Walk in RI is a 3.5 mile public walkway that borders the shore line. 2/3 of the trail is well paved and the other 1/3 is a little rocky and more closer to the edge of the cliff. The views along the trail is so picturesque and the air is so refreshing and breathtaking! The Mansions lining the other side of the cliff walk are so gorgeous. Amazing how these rich tenants built their homes and the cliffs walk in the late 1800's. Great history!

Jolie P.

Absolutely beautiful walk. Good chance of you getting wet or soaked, though!

Richard Irish

If you are expecting a view of the mansions from the cliff walk - forget it. The tall fences and hedges block all but water view.

amit verma

One of the best tourist spot of Newport... enjoy the nature by walking near the sea...

Reinerio Palma

Awesome, good experience___ planning to come back soon

HSE Partnering Solutions

Ocean, walking with beautiful wife and dogs...what's not to love.

Ahmed Archambault

Someone very close to me took here for my first time. It was absolutely wonderful and breath taking. A nice long walk that I would definitely love to go to again when the weather gets warmer.


Beautiful place to just look at the ocean and be in peace! Make the trip every year when I visit Newport to come down the steps and admire the ocean!

Harmandeep Tinna

Absolutely loved the views it offers, amazing location connecting Eastern beach and rear end of mansions. Perfect for jogging and enjoying the nature.


If you can make the walk and back. You're a winner.

Mike Lehmann

Very cool walk along the coast. Our favorite thing we did in Newport

Glenda Learish

A wonderful walk that is worth taking every day you are in Newport.

cathy folcik

A beautiful walk on a path overlooking the ocean

homebound 1968

Beautiful views on a nice sunny day. Easy to walk on until about 3/4 of the way through.

jeffery hunter

Great view when the weather is good. Awesome place to go for a 3 mile run.

Jolanta Zelga-Zajaczkowski

Breath taking viues, need comfy shoes, water and some snacks.

Charlie Wolf

They were clifs and steps, expectations exceeded.

Alan Dupes

What a great place to take a walk and checking out the views of the ocean and landscape. Be aware there are some sections that are not paved and is just a walkway of large rocks. On a nice day, expect to have a hard time finding parking. Possibly park at the visitor center and take the trolley to the walkway.

chaitanya mehta

Super view at the bottom of the 40 steps. It can get little crowded but it is good. The easy parts are stroller friendly. You might have to pick the stroller at places where there are steps, but it is doable

Shane Fowler

Loved it. The first part of the trail is easy the second half has some tougher sections but overall not that bad

Lavanya Kodali

It's a beautiful walk with awesome views to ocean and city skyline. Must do if you are in the area

Bob Loneker

Great walking path for a little cardio. If your bringing young or elderly be cautious. Not all of the path is paved

Michael Castle

40 steps down to just above the surf. You get a good view of the coast line.

Candy Bailey

My husband and I started at the beginning of the Cliff Walk and walked the whole (apr) 3.5 miles. The weather was rather hot (90), but the views were stunning. Be prepared with plenty of water and sturdy shoes. The first half to and a bit past the 40 steps area is rather an easy walk and fairly level ground. The last mile or so is pretty much rocky, but beautiful. We both enjoyed it.

Jerry Church

Very beautiful place. If u get the chance do the cliff walk

kat crow

Pretty but skinny sidewalks and the walk is mostly in the sun. You also have to pay for parking if you park near the cliff walk.


I loved it! So pretty! I look down, I see a big rocky mountain with crystal water below. I really like it. It is a amazing workout, as your walking 8 miles or so back and forth. If you are training for a marathon, I recommend going there.

Megan Dosouto

The Cliff Walk is a great spot for a long walk with a friend or two to see the beautiful ocean on one side and wonderful houses or the Salve Regina University campus on the other. The pictures I posted were specifically taken at the 40 steps, a spot on the Cliff Walk where you can (safely) walk down to the rocks. It’s also a good spot to go for a quick dip, but just be careful near the rocks!

alexander valaris

Great relaxing and peaceful walk in Newport with the mansions on your left and the ocean on your right. Get there early for a parking spot on the road. It opens at 6 I arrived at 6 and was the second car by 11:00 a.m. people where fighting for spots. Follow @avalaris on insta for travel pics

Esther Carrasco

Lovely views over Newport. Definitely worth stopping over for an easy walk. There are public restrooms 1 mile in.

carlos rivera

Love coming here with the wife. However, someone should invest in making a kiosk to buy water or drinks

RJ Reinert

Great place to start exploration of the famous Newport Cliff Walk. Scenic 180 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean. Ample street parking, as well as a small parking lot. Also public restrooms.

Gururajan Krishna

Out of the serene and there at the dusk.

Debbi Wood

There has been such a massive improvement done on the Cliff Walk! Wide open paved paths, benches, and beautiful views!

Corbin LeGrand

A lovely stroll.


Enjoyed this walk. The location we entered was not wheelchair accessible but fairly easy to traverse. Beautiful views of both the beautiful mansions and coastline. Everyone was friendly along the way. 40 Steps has a bathroom at that entrance.

Amit Patil

As name says, this is for walk. You can start from beach side to Beautiful villas to Watch tower. Plan accordingly if want to walk all way with timing of 2-3hrs. Roadside parking available, Paid half hourly. No food items for sale. Helps to maintain cleanest. View is awsome in any time. You will sea birds flying some time. Rest rooms available at some places. I saw only 1 but heard one more is available.

Nathan Cole

Wonderful spot for pictures at all times of the year

Ed Gray

Nice walk if you skip the unpaved rocky portion.

Jed Boyd

Neat little side stop to the cliff walk.


We had an amazing day! The 40 steps are awesome! You have to take in the view and the brave people who jump in off these rocks...(not me lol) The view is incredible and plenty of spots to take pictures. This is so much fun and you won't want it to end! The cliff walk is 3.5 mile walk along some of the most beautiful coastline on the Atlantic ocean. The walk runs 3.5 miles and about two-thirds of the walk is in easy walking condition. You can bring dogs as long as they are on a lease. Free parking and easy access!

Donna Kohl

Such a beautiful walk! Do the whole thing, the Rocky part isn't bad at all.

Mark Baran

Amazing views - great place to visit. Some of the terrain in tough so wear good shoes.

ira ira

Nice walk. You can see Amazing views and beautiful homes along the walk.

Mike Kowalk

Gorgeous scenery as you walk along the ocean cliff, and you can see many of the magnificent gilded age cottages as well.

David Landis

Very nice location , beautiful views, nice people enjoying area. Cliff walk is great

Martha Gaudreau

Great walt with breathtaking views!

Gurban Jalil

Pleasant walk, accompanied by a gorgeous view. Even though it gets crowded, especially on the weekends, you can still relax and enjoy yourself. There is also a parking area.

Craig Smile

Great views. Very walkable

Brandi Estrela

Ahhh it's Burger King not my favorite but the kids like the onion rings lol

cmp Mason

Was surprised to find that there are steps in various locations. Was hoping for a stroller friendly walk. Other than that it's lovely views of the water and rocks on one side and the lovely lawns and settings of the grand mansions on the other.

Patricia Ilch

Beautiful. Want something free to do... do this, you won't regret it


I only walked about a mile of it but it was a nice stroll with pretty flowers and interesting places to take pictures. There are some large buildings or houses that you can look at but they are mostly further up the path. We passed at least 2 or 3 places where you can sit down and rest. There was a bathroom and drinking fountains about a mile in by the first flag pole, which you can see the flag pole from pretty far away.

Erika Castillo

Amazing views of the beautiful mansions, easy walk not stroller friendly however if you have a little one.

Stephen Summy

You have go. Put on your walking shoes. Nice views of the waterfront and mansion's from the back side.

Aimee Schoonmaker

One place you definetely have to stop at if you are in the Newport area. This walk has the most amazing views. The majority of this path is very well maintained so just about anyone can enjoy this leisure stroll. We visited in the peak of July so the area was definetely crowded and parking can be sparse but it didn't impede on our visit! There is only one bathroom area so keep that in mind as we saw long lines when we started and finished the path.

Elizabeth Robin

Beautiful views, a nice dog-friendly path.

Sharon Wright

We didn't go down the steps but walked partway along the cliff walk. Beautiful scenery, big mansions set back from the shoreline. The part we walked was even and paved, and had rest rooms. We parked at a meter, but walking on noticed that some side streets had free parking.

Carlton Rutherford

A must see and do when visiting Newport... Great photo opportunities.. from the mansions to the awesome ocean views.. make sure put your walking shows on and wear something comfy...

Aaron Scholz

Restroom and 2 parking kiosks make this a great place to start the cliffwalk. It's technically more towards the middle than the start, but it allows ease of access, pretty views and paved pathways.

John Manfred

Just amazed and absolutely beautiful, this place is one of our favorite places to visit! A must do if you are in Newport RI for sure.

Rahul Arora

Great trail to take along the ocean.

Krishnaveni Raman

I loved Walking along the ocean.


Great and scenic view, especially when you get to the stairway! There is a public bathroom on-site but beware it will be packed. If you don't feel like walking all the way to the stairway you can also find metered parking on the same road as the stairway.

Michael Metcalf

Pretty coastline but not spectacular.

Cathy Roethel

Easy walking and great ocean view.

Grady Duffey

Impressive and bold! Great experience along the Newport shore line providing a "foot on the ground" experience for visitors and locals alike! Regardless of season, comfortable shoes and water are highly recommended for the trek. Areas of challenging rocky steps (literally) may be a but much for some, but slow and easy wins the race. Magestic view regardless of the entrance (there are several) or direction. Accompanying houses/mansions...and people watching make for a "must see" while in Newport.

Lisa Borges

One of my favorite places to visit in Newport. I have done the walking path. It's just wonderful to see the mansions and the water.

Mark Somma

Awesome time getting splashed by the waves unexpectedley..I would go again for the thrill.

Mila Antkevych

Go for walk early in the morning, enjoy ocean views, rear birds, beautiful landscape.

Michael DiGregorio

Beautiful place to see the Atlantic!

Susan Perti

This must-see tourist attraction is a fun addition to any Newport vacation. Walk part of it or the entire thing but do be careful when walking down the stairs. Many tourists here, almost too crowded on steps. Photo op views amazing.

Tatiana Laibinis

Stunning scenery. You can’t go wrong with taking a stroll down this side walk.

tina fontaine

Love this place it's a great place to get your walk in & nice views to take pictures

Yi-En Lee

Nice view. There were breeze and beautiful sunset when we were there. There is only one spot of bathrooms along the path which is a bit inconvenient. FYI, there are multiple parking lots along the walk, so don’t stuck in the one where Google map points out.

Erny Cozy

Really great way to spend the day. If you are not looking to spend any money and just want a simple day trip, this is the place. Nice view, and sea breeze is refreshing

Gary Schnaper

Great views! Nice walk for about 3/4 of it. Some of the walk is Rocky. Walking from rock to rock. The mansions are awesome! You can see most from the walkway. Some are kind of behind tall bushes or walls and are hard to see. There are parking spots in a few areas where roads go all the way to the walk. I parked at 40 steps. Great place to go down towards the water on a stone stairway. Bring some water and give it a go!

Stephen Germino

Great hike. It’s about 1.5 miles from Visitors Center.

Steven White

Fantastic place to walk or run amongst beautiful views of Both the ocean/shoreline and the incredible 18th and 19th century mansions that line coast along the walk. There are multiple options for the length of your walk or run. Parts of it are easily traversed, while other sections take a little more work. Where the proper foot attire, as in no flip flops, for these more rugged sections.


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