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REVIEWS OF Chateau-sur-Mer IN Rhode Island

Wonuola Oke

Great house with lots of history. However, you are not allowed to take pictures.

J.L. Clemente

I would have enjoyed the tour more if it wasn't guided. The other mansions have self-guided, audio tours. This one dragged on because the guide gave impertinent facts. Boring.

Rebecca White

Great tour of an amazing piece of American history!

Kari Vierkant

Absolutely beautiful!

Jonathan Griffin

I would choose to live here over the Breakers, Marble House, the Elms and Rosecliff. That open area with the high stained glass ceiling was fantastic. It also had a more warm, homely aura.

Vadim Fitness Studio

Beautiful mansion and museum

T. B.

One of the gilded age mansions in Newport. Not as well known as some (e.g., the Breakers, Marble House, and Rosecliff), we really liked it because in addition to seeing the decadent turn of the century architecture and decor, you get to see some of the more utilitarian facilities, including the hot and cold kitchen, staff hall, three-story butler's pantry, and the service entrance.

Sanghee Lee

(Translated by Google) Unlike Newport's mansion, which is mainly a summer residence in July and August, it is actually a place where people lived for a long time. There is no audio tour and guided tour is necessary. It was a small and dark feeling, but it was nice because I felt the smell of people living. (Original) 주로 여름 7월, 8월에만 거주하는 별장 개념의 뉴포트의 맨션과는 달리 실제로 오랜 시간 사람이 살았던 곳. 오디오 투어는 없고 가이드 투어가 필수임. 작고 어두운 느낌이었지만 사람사는 냄새를 느낀 것 같아서 좋았던 곳.

Rick Williams

Must visit.

Susan Pond-Weimer

Quite a step back in time. Our Guide was so knowledgeable and informative. So worth the visit.

Bradly Widener

Dark and heavy, and a great example of Victorian luxury. I wouldn’t say this is the top of my must-see list, but definitely check it out if you have the time.

Peter M

Very engaging tour guide makes visiting this mansion a joy. The history is interesting and the artwork and furniture are beautiful.

Kevin T

An amazing property. I am not sure why, but every time I visit Newport I make sure that this property is my first stop. It awes me every time looking up multiple stories to the stained glass piece on the roof. Very cool trees on the property also. A must stop when in Newport.

margaret kirkey

Beautiful home.

Laura Valentine

Went to several of the mansions in Newport, and this was my favorite. The enthusiastic young man who was our guide kept us well entertained with stories about the house. House is very beautiful.

Sam Miceli

A narrated tour of the mansion. Other mansions in the area are self guided.

Thomas Cavanaugh

Great place to visit.

Julie's bites

Beautiful old mansion. Concerts are in the tent outside. Acoustics are good. Out house is spectacular - many people commented it was better than their house bathrooms.

Rich Navarro

A jewel

Patricia Johnson

Unfortunately not much to see in comparison to the other mansions.

Mark Chen

(Translated by Google) Very historical (Original) 很有歷史意義

Zee Garcia

A nice historic home full of beautiful architecture and detail. Even though so many of these homes were for the filthy rich and lived with much, they knew how to live in style. If you enjoy architecture and historical styles that are no longer used now these homes are definitely a must see.

Bernie Finer

Addison taking in the parking was free

Debra Pond

Beautiful house. Very warm, not overdone like some of the other mansions. Our tour guide was friendly and very informative. Beautiful landscaping around the house. Very interesting history of the generations that lived there. So happy to see that the upkeep of the property is still being maintained. Worth the trip.

Lola Diaz

Loved the private tour, the guide was super cool!

Ed Herlihy

Very nice tour. Docents were excellent and the home is beautiful.

Stacey Medina

So imuch fun to learn the history of this house


Too hot!

Roger Garcia

It was fun to hear about the history of the this house.

Eric Rocha

nice place

Abigael Balbuena

Absolutely brilliant spot. A must if you enjoy gilded-era architecture. Get the 5-mansion pass for best effect. Prices reasonable.

Adam Mingguo Li

Beautiful mansion with mostly wooden, Italian style and Chinese decorations.

Marcelo Leone

(Translated by Google) The house is beautiful. But there is no option to visit without a guided tour which ends up being a bit restrictive. (Original) A casa é bonita. Mas não há opção de visitar sem tour guiado o que acaba sendo um pouco restritivo.

pSlim One

Enjoyed touring this Mansion. This is not a self-guided tour like some of the other Mansions. I think I now prefer the guided tours over the self-guided tours.

David Shusterman

Nice mansion

Zae Magoon

Beautiful Madison. Staffs attitude took away from the experience. Make sure to book a tour in advance.

Ben Johnston


sanjukta mukherjee

Compared to other mansions nearby it won't please you much so better visit this 1st then other okay :)

Bernie Button

Cool history, only mansion in town that isn't self-guided

Rex Barrong

So beautiful. Lots of money to build such an elaborate place.

Rob Stan

Guided tours of this mansion were very friendly and informative.

Christian Zummer

Guided tours are very informative. The grounds around the mansion hold many unique trees and shrubs. Very cool place to tour, and far less crowded than the Breakers.

Jaimini Bhatt

Uninformed guide, you will see vulgar display of costly things with low importance from a history point of view.

Norman Wohlmuth

Great guided tour. Elegant.

Emma Salazar

Great your guide, great house.

Michael Kostelezky

must see....

Ann Gynn

Interesting tour. Eclectic rooms. Nice way to learn its family history.

Carlos Bolanos

A tour guide gave us a wonderful idea of the time the mansion was in its prime.


Such a beautiful house. The also give a great tour

Robert Knotts

Magnificent attraction

Joshua Rosen

We we're here for the Newport Music Festival which is a terrific chamber music festival now in it's 49thyear.

Johnny J Jiovino

Gotta love history !

Keith James

One of the oldest beautiful cottages, a must see .personal tour no head sets! Wonderful tour.

John Plourd

Awesome carved woodwork, not the garish marble of some other mansions...

Dave Pair

Nice place to bring kids


One of the first Newport mansions with exciting history but not as beautiful as The Breakers, Rosecliff, or Marble House. Make sure you get a pass to visit 5 mansions (you can also upgrade on the go).

Bonnie Adler

This is cozy and something I could live in....lots of original things in this home

Paul Wood

Beautiful house worth the visit and time.

Leslie Kurz

First of the mansions. Different style than the later estates. Interesting family history.

Cortney Ayers

This mansion requires a guided tour. There aren’t as many rooms available to see, but it was an actual home with some unique history. It was my least favorite stop of The Breakers, Elms, Rose Cliff and Marble House. However, it’s nice to have a guide to be able to ask some questions.

Lisa Rose

Front entrance could have been marked better since someone lives in part of mansion and it's private. I didn't like that part. Only 40% original but definitely worth the see. Excellent tour guide.

Rick Mendes

This was the third mansion we hit today. You can only see this one using a guided tour. The tour was great. On the outside, this house doesn't look like much. Inside is awesome. Floors that are 100 years old and still look new. 4.5 inch stairs that are much easier to climb than our 6 inch ones today. Platinum borders on walls that have never rusted. If you have only been to the Breakers mansion, come back and see this one.

Cheryl Spaeth


Errol Camlioglu

I've been to the other better known mansions, like Marble house and the Breakers. We never went to Chateau-Sur-Mer because we thought it would be less interesting or smaller. Boy were we wrong. Guided tour, incredible house and incredible history have made Chateau-Sur-Mer one of my favorite mansions to visit. Small details, like how they used cheap china as ballast in their trade boats, which they would sell off, as they went to different ports. Definitely worth the visit.

Alex Eisele

Guided tour is excellent (especially the one with Claudia) and scheduled every half hour

anna strobel

Very disappointing tour, I though it would be a self guided but it wasn’t. Our tour guide was just ok.

Jason Levy

Super nice tour. Beautiful grounds. Great visit.

Bill Sturm

Gilded Age fantastic. Ostentatious and over-the-top.

R Wheeler

This is one of the historical mansions that has a home feeling to it. I thought it was lovely.

Bethany Viviano-Kiesling

This was a beautiful home with a very interesting mix of design and architectural approaches. The woodwork alone is to die for. My guide, Kelsey, really brought the history alive and spoke on many aspects of the living and physical histories of the house.

Marlen Scalzi

Beautiful Victorian mansion with guided tours which are very informative. Lovely park-like grounds.

matthew l'esperance

Beautiful, but they shouldn't even be open in the Summer at all. Even on a cloudy, muggy, but not too hot day it was unbearably hot and extremely stuffy inside. We had to leave the guided tour, and we live in North Carolina so we are used to hot weather. They need to figure something out. I can't imagine the humidity is great for the woodworking, furniture, and other antiques in the mansion either.

Alison Marsano

Of all the Newport mansions we visited, this was my last favorite. While it is mostly to proceed, some modifications that the family had done changed some things significantly. It is a much darker house, but still interesting. I enjoyed the lady giving the tour, but loved the consistency of the audio tours in the other mansions. I don't know that I would go back to it more that I've gone once. I would definitely do the other Newport mansions again (Breakers, Elms, Rosecliff, and Marble house).

Amelia Hammond

Amazing place with incredible staff, especially Mary and Penny!

Louis Foster

My favorite of all the Newport Mansions! This has been our 5th mansion. As far as I know, this is the only one that still has a human guided tour, the other 4 we've been to, you carry around an audio player. This house was old money with a lot of intricate detail, unlike some of the new money mansions. This felt like a home, as opposed to the larger, mostly stone "cottages."

Jocelio Valverde

Lugar lindo tenho que voltar de novo.

pankaj kumar

Just one bathroom

John Jahr

A great experience

Rachel Montgomery

Beautiful Victorian house! This location does have a guided tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable. This house is great to view to really contrast the others in the area. The wood work in here is amazing, very attentive to detail.

Silver Sea

Stuffy and humid (not that it can be helped) but loved the tour and the informative tour guide. There are a lot of little hidden doors, a few of which you get to go into. The woodworking is absolutely amazing. The ceiling on a few rooms are hand carved, a long with a stunning table and a masterpiece of a fireplace (all dont by the same woodcarver). There are quite a few rooms you get to see, and you can even catch a glimpse into the closed parts which I personally like to see, it adds to the character of the house to see how it's been aged. Then there's the moon gate which you can still go up to

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Beautiful preserved home, great live tours.

Mark Cancian


jose hechavarria

Penny was an outstanding guide

Dwayne H

Amazing house. Each of the rooms were beautifully decorated with gorgeous woodwork, furnishings and rich wall coverings. A great contrast from the over-the-top gilded mansions

Robbie Rodriguez

Beautiful house. Did not like the fact you to have a tour guide to see the house. Prefer the other mansions over this one.

Michaela Miteva

Not worth the time. Compared to the others, this is bland.

Joe Amaral

The most beautiful of the mansions every room is so ornate.

Karen Saunders

Another beautiful mansion. Unfortunately most of the items original to this mansion were auctioned off. However the Preservation Society of Newport County has done an exquisite job with decorating the mansion and maintaining its beauty. I believe that only 4 items in this mansion are original.


Very intimate. Contains original furniture

Ronald Gutierrez

The tour guide was great. The house is perfect. It show a good chuck of history as you go through each room.

David DuCharme

Great time always. Fascinating on how the rich and famous lived back then.

Chet Dzikowicz

Just the history and amazing house

Courteney Wilds

The tour is fine but we had an issue with signing in for the tour. We were given misinformation which made us consider leaving to visit another house. However, things were worked out and we stayed for the tour.

Izzy G

Absolutely stunning inside. Enjoyed the guided tour very much. Luckily for us, it wasn't packed with tourists since it's still early in the season. No flash photography which was fine since my Samsung S8 adapts incredibly well in the dark. Parking lot can was full and there werent many people on the tours so beware.

Domenic styer

It was fascinating to see the mid 1800's architecture and remodel of this historic house. The tour guide was terrific and had a wealth of knowledge about the history of the family and the treasures that lay inside. Definitely a destination worth stopping by to see.

Sylvain Fortier

(Translated by Google) It is the first castle built in the region. Impressive the richness of the time. Guided tour very well done but only in English (Original) C'est le premier château construit dans la région. Impressionnant la richesse de l'époque. Visite guidée très bien faite mais seulement en anglais

Victor Yoon

Chateau sur Mer is the oldest of the Newport mansions, although there are houses and cottages that are older. This Victorian mansion is guided-tour only, and the tour lasts about 1 hour. It may be smaller in scale than The Breakers, but contains a beauty that's unlike any other mansions in Newport. Absolutely worth a visit.

Marcelo Mayer

(Translated by Google) Guided tour (Original) Tour guiado

Larry Harlan

Tour limitations

Ravindra Vangipuram

Smaller in comparison to other mansions but still a great mansion. Do take audio tour to know about the history of this mansion.


The tour was so so. Liked the breakers better

David b


Samantha Hathaway

Beautiful exterior. It would be better to start here, than go to some of the newer mansions as it is underwhelming after them. I also liked having self-guided tours rather than directed group tour which is what's offered at the Chateau

Audrey Lassiter

Excellent tour!

Linda Simons

Wonderful guide, very knowledgeable, she was great with 2 young boys who were in our group. Really enjoyed this house tour.

steve n

I really enjoyed the staff led tour after so many self guided ones. The house has great history and is left darker which really sets the mood to be like what it might have been and makes the glass accents in the house stand out. Go check it out.

Pat Miller

Great food

Mark Arcuri

If your headed to road island this is a great place to tour. It has many amazing features to the property including a fountain in a secret room. The only minor downfall is it's not being maintained well with chips, cracks and even sunbleaching to stonework.

Robert Fecher

The inside was really interesting, but the tree garden outside was the highlight. Be sure to check out the monkey gate.

Richard Jennings

This mansion was my 2nd favorite of the 5 we saw. Lotsa woid carving, trim and flooring. Plus you get a live person conducting the tour, great job with a wealth of knowledge.

Mike Thornhill

What a fantastic place to see. I would recommend getting a multi mansion ticket and checking out more of the Newport Mansions. Each of the Newport Mansions is unique in its own way and quite historical .

karen luna

Beautiful house, I spent a wonderful time and really interested the history. Excellent job of the man who explain everything about the house.

Kim Stone

"Castle by the Sea" Stunning. Another must see. The grounds are impeccably kept. The home is lovingly tended. I could very easily live here, if there were more bathrooms.

William Cavanaugh

Compared to the other tours not as much to see.

Sophie Mercier

(Translated by Google) Beautiful, but do not beat the Elms, the Marble house and the Breakers! Guided tour in English only and most of the furniture is not the originals because of an auction in those years. (Original) Magnifique, mais ne bat pas the Elms, the Marble house et the Breakers! Visite guidée en anglais seulement et majoritairement, les meubles ne sont pas les originaux à cause d'une vente aux enchères dans ces années-là.

Mei Ling

My daughter and I visited this place and truly enjoyed the tour; our tour guide really has a heart for this place and it shows!

Nancy C. McCord

If you do not love Victorian, you can miss this mansion.

rocky rider

Magnificent grounds for a motor display.

Mike Kowalk

Enjoyed a great tour here! While it doesn't have the name recognition of Vanderbilt, it was one of the most unique cottages we visited, and we loved the aesthetic and rich history of the place.

Edwick Quiles

Love the Chateau! Just remember u HAVE to sign up for a guided-tour ! ;-)

Jeffrey Horwitz

Another fascinating mansion in Newport. This is the oldest of the guilded era mansions and was built in the 1850's. Guided tour was very well done

Noel Angeles

Love the details...

Marycruz Tamayo


Leceta Allwood

Lovely guide tour

Kevin Voss

Nice tour. Guide was informative. Enjoyed the cottage.

david zhu

Good experience, smaller mansion compared to Breakers or Marble House. Still had alot of good history and had a very knowledgable tour guide. Is a guided tour only.

Peggy Stefanick

I'm going to cut to the chase and skip the politeness and be directly honest with you about the tour. If you receiving a semester of college credit for the store, then it is for you. If you just visited another mansion with a 'concise' audio/iPod tour (and found yourself skipping ahead), then this tour is not for you. I believe are knowledgeable tour guides name was Dianar. While our tour was filled with very, very thorough knowledge, it was simply too many words for me. After 40 minutes we were still in the first room on the tour. I started to get dizzy when I looked around and counted how many rooms were left on the 1st floor alone. I started to have anxiety thinking about how I should have packed a lunch, and brought portable seats with me. I recommend to the facility that they offer an abbreviated tour for people with shorter attention spans like myself. I really think this would be an amazing house to see but I wasn't mentally prepared to be there for hours, and I was piqued by hunger and thirst. I had to dash...and when I did, 2 others joined me in the same mental state. Maybe there should be a warning that you should bring a picnic with you. Maybe that warning would have mentally prepared me. So now I'm giving you the WARNING so you can enjoy the house and be mentally prepared for a Collegiate course. The takeaway here is that this tour is for a highly motivated individual that wants to discover all the secrets of art, architecture, and mansions. I think I'm going to try to come back to this house -- I did give it 4 stars after all. It could be 5 Stars if I was more mentally prepared. So next time I'm going to see if there's an abbreviated tour or pack the picnic, the collapsible chair, and maybe a flask.

Meg Tyndall O'Hearn

Really interesting collection of antiques. Not very ADA friendly - you can do the first floor in a wheelchair but not upstairs if you can't do a lot of steps. Cool raised circular grass installation in the back of the property.

Cheryl Swingle

This is an impressive place, deserving a tour amongst all the other mansions albeit a less critical mansion to see. The home has interesting history in that it housed a family through all 12 months of the year, the single dad went on to become a well-regarded politician, and the children stayed on at the house with one daughter finally passing in the later1900s. This is also the only tour we went on that was led by a live and very knowledgable tour guide. She not only offered fine details of the home, family and restoration but also had a wealth of knowledge to answer virtually any questions the group asked. It was surprisingly intimate and welcoming. Well done!

Mihaela Rusu

(Translated by Google) This villa can only be visited with a guide. At fixed times. The visit takes about 45/50 min. Unfortunately we only saw the floor below. Being with two little girls who don't speak English, it was a bit difficult to wait for the guide. We were not given a chance to take a quick look at it. But I imagined that they had their reasons. (Original) Questa villa si può visitare soltanto con la guida. A dei orari prefissati. La visita dura al in circa 45/50 min. Purtroppo abbiamo visto soltanto il piano di sotto. Essendo con due bimbe piccole che non parlano ne anche l’inglese è stato un po’ difficile aspettare la guida. Non ci è stata data la possibilità di dare uno sguardo veloce sopra. Ma imagino che avevano i loro motivi.

Thomas Gallagher

Interesting Artifacts and Historical Content.


Amazing for car shows!

Shane Warren

Amazing history.

Dale Eagar

Though I personally agree with Mark Twain that the "Guilded Age" represented by these opulent summer cottages was a thin covering over excess and often abuse of position and wealth, I enjoyed touring the five open properties...The Elms, Marble House, Chateau-sur-mer, Rosecliff and The Breakers.

Desmond Basdeo

Rich old history

Safiyya Abdul-Ghani

Excellent history

Brian Berzinskis

Nice to be at a mansion with a guided tour that is not via headphones.

LL Creative Social Media Marketing by NY Signs

The only thing I don't like that you have to wait for the guide and a tour itself takes 40 min, you can not go yourself like other mansions.


Another beautiful property, but didn't tour yet.

Bob Treue

Chateau sur mer requires that you take a tour at their time and pace, rather than listen to an audio tour as the other preservation homes have done. Additionally, the home is inland, so does not have the grand sweeping views. The home is older (1850s) than the other majestic homes of Newport. I would visit The Breakers, Rosecliff and Marble House before coming here.

juan cardoza

A lot of history it's very nice to learn how they live

Carl Friedrich Kostelezky


Rebecca Lentz

The guide was wonderful. I've been before but learned so many new things.

Vadym K

Dark and it was boring for me. Waste so much time, tours with audio headsets are much better.

Rob Pearson

Good historic mansion

Beau Thomas

Historical place to visit

Rob Hnasko

Not friendly. Go to the breakers and marble house instead.

Jacques Boisvert

Absolutely beautiful historic mansion, highlight of our trip.

Isidro Gonzalez

Beautiful mansion

Yuri Kiev

It is somewhat less opulent compared to other mansions in town, but still pretty good.

Isaac Daily

Beautiful place.

Mike Welch

Fascinating and very well preserved house. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and had lots of interesting anecdotes about the house and it's previous occupants.

Samir Shah

Underrated but one of the more interesting mansions in Newport. This place actually has guided tours and our guide was fantastic! Highly recommend adding this mansion to your list when visiting.

M Napier

Susan was a PHENOMENAL tour guide. Informative and always happy to answer questions. She had all the facts without the "ummmmms" and long pauses that can be a little distracting with some guides. She took her time and explained colors, culture, furniture, customs, historical events, people, architecture, TREES(!!!).... very impressive. Don't forget the moon bridge too. Be cautious but try to take pictures on it.

T Bradshaw

Plan accordingly... Guided tours only on the 1/2 hour. Take a walk around the grounds, catch the trolley. It's the remodel and the nod to the Munsters that made it fun and interesting for me!


Definitely worth seeing! Amazing woodwork throughout the home with a unique look compared with the other mansions in town. Very informative guided tour.

Šimon Vojta

A nicely preserved piece of the New England history.

Peter Ball

Amazing history in an amazing old mansion. I highly recommended.

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