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800-870 Ocean Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

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Where is Castle Hill Lighthouse?

REVIEWS OF Castle Hill Lighthouse IN Rhode Island

Scott Moore

It was cool. Don't drive up to the restaurant if you are just going to the lighthouse. There is a parking lot at the bottom and a short path to walk up to the lighthouse.

Sandeep M

Josue Anax

This place was just amazing, I didn’t stay at the hotel but I checked the facilities and walked around the area and it was just breathtaking, I couldn’t get enough of it also amazing place to walk around and to take pictures, with amazing scenery to the sea.

Colleen Ann

Stunning view! Get a drink on the lawn and enjoy the view from the Adirondack chairs.

Debi P

A short walk from Castle Hill Inn for some scenic pictures.

Sanghee Lee

(Translated by Google) Castle Hill Inn Lighthouse to see and do. It is not a big scale, but it feels very intimate with the feeling of being cute. I was sad because I was too windy and could not take a more active look. (Original) Castle Hill Inn 구경도 할겸 둘러본 등대. 커다란 규모는 아니지만 아기자기한 느낌에 무척 친근한 느낌. 바람이 너무 많이 불어서 좀더 적극적으로 둘러보지 못해서 안타까웠음.

nick zembrzuski

Cool cool

D'Andre Dimmie

Just did

Craig Palmer

What a lovely time, sitting in chairs on the lawn watching boats coming in and out of Narragansett Bay

Rick Testani

Bruce Caisse

The Castle Hill Light is a Newport Icon. A great place to watch the sunset. You can park at the Castle Hill Inn and take the short trail to the Light.

Steve Powell

This is a pretty cool spot on the Bay. It would have been even cooler if you could go inside. There are a maze of trails to this spot from the parking area nearby for all of the fishermen trying to catch dinner. The views of the Bay and the boat traffic is very cool.

Colin Patterson

Can't beat the view....very relaxing, great service!


Best place view for couples to see and people who want to be alone here as well.

Sara Lively

Beautiful little hidden gem

Paver Restoration of Florida

Awesome View

Kyle Ziegler

Awesome views at sunset. Remote with almost nobody there made it a private experience

Sohaib Ahmad

Cute little place hidden by a small half minute walk.

Amber Everin

I wish I was able to get closer to the lighthouse. But the views here were phenomenal If your looking you tour around this is a fun sight to see

Lorelle Quast

Private land

P St

Sang Lee

Ryan Cooper

Great place to see. Great picnic spot! You don’t have to go to the inn to get to this light house. If you park at the grass parking lot (on the right) just before the Inn. There is a trail right across from the parking lot that leads to the trail.

James Andrew Peters

2nd best sunset on Narragansett Bay

Mark Thatcher

Castle Hill lighthouse is another beautiful place to visit with a spectacular View of Jamestown and the Atlantic Ocean they also have benches to sit on and a picnic table to the far left facing south!!


Ronnie Oliver

Willie Murray

Nices views!

John S.

Stubby little light house with a lot of activity around it and I think there's a Chasm here too.

Remo Ziegler

Ryan MrRy

Rafael Pepe Pimentel

(Translated by Google) Beautiful historic Rhode Island place (Original) Bello lugar histórico de Rhode Island

Vanessa mcgee

Best place for Sunday brunch and water view.

M-J-D Forsvaret


No indication, but once found, nice view. To help you, when you see the parking on your right, you have to follow the path you see on the picture below, it's a 2 minutes walk to the ocean and you'll find the lighthouse.

Ken Ross

I love the view there

Mel Gonzaga

Gr8 place.

Diego Marin

Great spot for pictures!

Shane Russell

Awesome spot to catch the sunset - nice and peaceful!!

Jonathan Kamens

Thomas K

On private property of some resort, technically I was not supposed to go there. I did anyway, I love lighthouses.

Arundeep Mittra

Another excellent spot to visit. Don't go up to the hotel, instead find the parking areas right as you enter. A few feet from there is a trail that brings you to the light house. Beautiful photo opportunity. You can walk to the right of the lighthouse and go closer to the the water and spend serene time on the rocks

Mei Su

Nice place for party

Sylas Malladi

Castle Hill Lighthouse is a serendipitous encounter you’ll absolutely love.


Beautiful place.

Mike M

Great view

Philip Capozzi

Bailey Zuk

Such a beautiful and regal spot to get a 360 view of the water and enjoy a drink.

Surya Prabha

Carl Salvo

Castle Hill lighthouse is the shining gem of the entrance to Narragansett Bay's East Passage.

Vadim Loban

Awesome sunset spot

AE Conn

A beautiful location with historic lighthouse, but it should be restored and reopened to the public.

Jessica Huey

Wanted to get married here but unfortunately EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!! Still beautiful!

Joe Gandia

We had a terrible time trying to find this place to then get there and be confused on whether or not we can enter the grounds or not. We could not get close to the lighthouse. All of the, Do Not trespass signs around did not give us an asurance that we could enter and so we turned around and walked away. it was anti-climatic to say the least.

Bonnie Adler

Linda Borden

Incredible !!!!!

Joseph Craveiro


Tim Bosier

Needs better signs to point you in the right direction but a nice short walk with some very nice views.

Al C

Loved it

Pranay ravi

This is a hidden jem

sanku mudi

Jess M

New York

rita vereen

Third visit to this lovely destination point. Adirondack chairs on the lawn for sipping beverages while enjoying the water..we sat on the patio for outstanding and the view out over the water is primo. Service is primo

Jessica Vallance

Very easy to get to if you park in the Marina lot. Just a short walk on a beaten trail


It’s a good place to take pictures !

Kendra Wise

Great lighthouse you can get close to for photos....park at the boats and use trailhead across the street

ron onufry

David Corrigan

Small lighthouse. No access to interior

Enid Presser

Cannot say enough good things

Raymond Hickok

Nice little walk from the inn. Perfect for sunset

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Neat place, ignore the signs

Nitin P Mahadik

Awesome view and weather was cool, not so cold.

Deb Hanson

Great spot for photography, esp if you're in to lighthouses and popular w/ the fisherman. The views of the bay w/ sail & motor boats and the sunsets are second to none!

Bhargav Kesavan

Loved it. Such a lovely view. It’s on a small cliff, very beautiful. Great spot to sit in calm and serene location. You’ll never know how time flies if you’re not in hurry. There are three diff path to reach here. Parking lot has ample of space. Staffs here are very very kind. Appreciate their kindness. Do visit and enjoy.

Si Fish

Spectacular seaside views, Al Fresco dining, top quality service...

Jon Christensen

Beautiful view of the water and of course, the lighthouse!

Mary Ann Loss

Just might be the smallest light house I have ever been to.

Jason Peter

Great place .

Sarah M

Very neat once you find it. Look for the castle hill inn and there's a path that leads back to it at the far end of the parking lot.


So peaceful, and beautiful.

Corina Mayo

Could see it very faintly at a distance as the road leading to Castle Hill Lighthouse was blocked off due to the hotel nearby having some type of entertainment. Very disappointed that there seems to be only one entrance and exit.

Humayun Parvez

Vivek Murthy

Beautiful spot its on private property of a hotel but they don't mind people visiting the spot. The entrance path is hidden look for a small square wooden sign nailed to a 2x4 about 3 feet tall.

Maribel Hernandez

Loic Koulibali

Great place!

Karen East Robinson

Love the food and very scenic

Garth Tempel

Ridhi T

It’s a hidden gem. It’s a great walk from the parking area to the lighthouse.

Jeremy Long

Nicolas Williams

Great for drinks on the lawn.

Christina Clark

Very beautiful views and the staff at the hotel in the parking lot were really nice when we got lost!

Jose Maldonado

(Translated by Google) The site is very beautiful (Original) Muy hermoso el sitio

Michelle Herter

Stunning views, excellent food and service.

Jeff Vincent

Popeye Kahn

A beacon of civilization as you sail into the sunrise...

Moshe Liber

מגדלור מקסים

April Shaw

Most people GPS will take them to Coast Guard Station Castle Hill. I know because I work there. Please make sure you're reading ALL of the signs because civilians often find themselves face to face with a coastie for not staying aware of their surroundings. The lighthouse is beautiful and easy to get to. It's worth a visit.

Bob Loneker

Great view of the harbor on top of a elevated rock formation. You can't climb the light house. Not a destination for young kids.

Michael Castle

A small lighthouse. Can't go inside it.

Diana Rose

Timothy Sieben

Francesco Cardazzi

(Translated by Google) Fabulous location (Original) Favolosa location

dan piccini

Nice staff beautiful hike out to lighthouse. I'm told there is a nicely maintained trail but rocks along water were fun.

Francisco Javier del Castillo Cortázar

Beautiful landscape. A little bit far from civilization.

Vince Leese

This is a must visit restaurant. The views from here are amazing!

Gabe Fleming

This isn't even a business so I don't know why I'm reviewing this but sure I'll give it a shot: This lighthouse isn't just an ordinary light house. This light house draws you in and makes you contimplate what it is to be human in a world so full of craziness and hatred, that sometimes you lose your way. Something about this light house just didn't make me want to leave the Rocky cliffs on which it stands.

m&C chen

It’s a beautiful place in Newport

Franklin Reyes

It's great to refresh your self after hard times I really like fishing their

Barbara Elias Wagoner

Superb service inside while having no rsvp the dog had a front row seat at the bar,oversubscribed and not willing to serve 4 patrons. They have upped game on lobster roll.

Thomas Quackenbush

Worth walking around for the photo opportunities.

David Souza

I didn't hate it,I almost liked it!

Bertrand CARLES

Kris Q

Dr Francis Xavier

Nature in its insightful serinity

Val Parenti

Beautiful spot

Mandy Kirby

Beautiful. Lighthouses have always been so fascinating to me. This style is so much different from the ones I am used to in the West coast. Loved seeing this

Randy Giarnella


Nice place!!!

raka petra

Ranjeeta B

Beautiful beyonds word

Jaci Tull

Went in the off season and parked by the dock. Very short hike to get to the lighthouse.

Skip Martin

A beautiful place to be to watch the ocean. Even saw a couple of seals come up.

yaohui huang


Aleksei Poliakov

To get to the lighthouse drive to the inn (or park downhill) and take one of the trails throw the forest. Trails are not visible on Google Maps, but easy to spot - just walk along trees until you see a trail going in - all of them lead to a lighthouse. It takes around 5 minutes to walk from parking spot to the lighthouse.

Shawn Beresford

Park in the lot just after entering Castle Hill. The trail is directly across the street and a short, easy walk to the lighthouse. A must see in Rhode Island.

Janice Curry

The directions to the lighthouse were vague if nonexistant. We walked a trail through private property with posted signs to find our way. Many were doing the same. The lighthouse was positioned below the trails end. There are stairs down to the lower area, but only room for 3 or 4 people at a time.

Mike Gao

Spectacular view. Came here to see the lighthouse sunset view in a clear summer evening and witnessed a proposal and it was accepted - it simply rendered a romantic touch to the scene. Google maps GPS marked it correctly however I missed the entrance first time - the sign at the entrance says Castle Hill Inn, making you think a private place not likely for access to it. Later turned in and drove until stopped at a guard post. The guard told me I came to the right place. I can use their parking lot for free. Then a very short walk following the trail whose first half cause you to wonder where it may lead to. Then thru the trees and bushes and there you are. A good photographing site or simply do nothing and enjoy the view.

Michael Wyman

Joseph oquendo

Its easy to get to the lighthouse

Balagangadhar Bathula

Felix Rodriguez

Butifull area

Nichole Wright

Sit back and relax

Bill Liu


John Campbell

Had an awesome lunch at the Lawn, perfect day with amazing views and great food

Sandip Ray

Best time to visit here is during the sun set! Go around the mansions throughout the day and once the mansions are closed come over to the lighthouse and relax! The spot is bit walking from the parking and need to cover a little trail but is accessible for all age groups! I recommend to return before it gets dark and specially if you are not carrying a flashlight. Lighthouse itself is not at all impressive, its a small one but the place around and the sun set view makes this location very special.

Steven Schreiner


Stacey Miller

This is a must see next to the mansions and cliffwalks! Very beautiful

Alice Teles

cara silvasman

Great visiting


Just gorgeous!

david garcía meda

(Translated by Google) A natural beauty of Newport (Original) Una belleza natural de Newport

Chrissy Ann

Great spot to watch the sunset

Jay Smithweck

Bill Turcotte

Awesome spot to view the entrance of Narragansett Bay. The lighthouse is very scenic. It's a short walk along an easy path to get to the view point.

zl x

Beautiful place

marielis santos martinez

Fui de pesca me parece excelente

Phil J

As someone who occasionally likes to mess around with their DSLR (camera), it’s fun to find cool places to take photos. Castle Hill Lighthouse is one such place. A friend and I recently went. The mission, for me, was to try and capture the classic Rhode Island postcard image of castle hill lighthouse. I don’t know if I did, but I still had fun climbing over the rocks to see this little hidden RI gem. If you get the chance, go see it for yourself; it’s a nice area. There are a few “private property” signs around, near the Castle Hill Inn side, but if you google it, you can find guides online that will get you to the lighthouse.

Keith Duncan

Beautiful views of the bay and passing boats

Nick Kopanski

This place is secluded and you need to be a guest of the hotel in order to view it unless you do what I did and just walk the path to it lol. Awesome experience. It was actually kind of creepy climbing up the lighthouse because nobody but me was there.

Mark Mulone

Always fabulous. Food, service and ambiance. Enjoy


Great views and a nice little walk from the parking lot.

Ethan Morgan

Awesome place for a picnic in newport!



Gary Schnaper

Brings back memories

Candice Seplow

The day I went to photograph the lighthouse was foggy, but still made for an interesting affect.

Monique Flint

Nice little lighthouse. A short walk from the parking lot. Be,aware if you use GPS directions it will take you to the Inn. Stop at the parking lot at the bottom of the hill to the right. The path is across the street. You will see private property signs, but think its because it is on the Inn grounds.

Danielle Goldberg

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