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Where is Beavertail Lighthouse Museum?

REVIEWS OF Beavertail Lighthouse Museum IN Rhode Island

Barbara Wilson

Very informative and interesting.

Gail Johnston

Wonderful experience and part of our history

Mario Petrella - Singer / Musician

Great views from here

Marcella Weinberg

Cute little aquarium too.

David Hatch

It was a bummer the inside was closed but still a beautiful view of the bay.

Mariah Isaac

Beautiful during every season and weather condition

shahy kid

great view n good fishing

rajesh kumar

Nice place to hang out whole day on the cliff during summer days

Matt Anderson

Breathtaking landmark with some very interesting history!

Michael Holz

One of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen a sunset in my life

Alicia Lynn Photos

Great experience! Took a walk around the museum and learned some great info! Got our Lighthouse passport stamped and enjoyed the roaring ocean views! Amazing!


Beautrful example of new england coastline


Great place

Kevin Kendall

Beautiful place! very informative Museum just wish I'd gotten there sooner so I could have taken more time In the museum

Aman Chuwan

There's a meadow you can lay down and watch the ocean, or rocks where you can sit and watch the ocean. Toilets are clean.

Ken McMillan

My favorite place in RI...perfect for a damily picnic, or just exploring the waterfront look8ng for shells...definatly a must-see destination in Rhode Island

Sara Lively

One of my favorite places in the whole world, so beautiful.

Scott Polak

Perfect day for a stroll and some history. Great job of restoring the structures. People were fishing of the rocks, relaxing in chairs, and simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the land and the lighthouse.

Michael Weflen

Very informative and well maintained!

Daryl Lucas

Nice historical place and well worth the visit. There's not a lot here, just a piece of New England history. Be sure to go when the museum is open.

Jaydeep Shah

Superb location. Secluded and serene. Beautiful sea view. Drive here is again amazing.

Keith Smith

Always great to visit here. Rock hopping, tidepools with critters and great views.

Karen Yakabowskas

Got lucky and went on a day when the tower was open. Beautiful views and great place to picnic and hike

Alexander Smith

Went here the other night and surprised my girlfriend of 2 year with a ring she said yes and it'll be a night we will never forget definitely going back

Tim Dwyer

One of my favorite places in Rhode Island. Gorgeous park with beautiful shore views built around an historic lighthouse.

Douglas Eslinger

Great place to visit.

joseph Rapoza

A wonderful place to visit for the whole family.

Mark Combs

Awesome, kids loved climbing rocks.

Amanda Myers

My review is more about Beavertail State Park than the museum there. I loved hiking along this beach park - there are rocks, huge rocks, all along the cost line on either side of the beautiful lighthouse there, and they are GREAT for hiking! I've also had a few picnics out on the rocks along the coast of the park. I've seen people painting, set up on the rocks; there are some great photography opportunities here; and, as I mentioned previously, some great hiking to be had here! I love this park! Beware of the wind though! It's almost always very windy at this park because of ocean coastline along a semi-peninsula. The horn for the lighthouse can also be deafening at times, but if you're there for hiking, then the noise is far enough away to not bother you, depending on where you are in relation to the lighthouse. I've also see tons of sailboats, and even a few tall ships all along the ocean waters surrounding the park. The lighthouse museum is fairly nice and curator is a wonderfully kind old man, who is always willing to spend the time answer any questions you might have, or to tell the history of the Beavertail Lighthouse. There is also a small aquarium in the building next to the lighthouse that houses many of the different species that you can find living naturally in and around the water surrounding the lighthouse and park. The whole place is really just a wonderful place to visit and I highly recommend it!

Jonna Silvia

This lighthouse has lots of history in it. It has 49 steps and then step out to the balcony. It was nice and breezy there. Beautiful view as well. Would not recommend children under 4 or 5. You can not carry a child or a baby in it.

John Plouffe

Beautiful seashore park.

Elizabeth Bullard

My favorite place!!

Amanda Spurlock

Beautiful coast line! Great for photos!

Stephanie Croce

Wonderful and very informative little museum

Cassie Foley

Such a beautiful spot. The lighthouse museum was closed which would have been better, but we all had fun walking around. A must see.

Lusy Diel

Informative and friendly guide

Kent Shaw

Really one of the most striking views. I like Newport, and I like some of the parks further up the bay. This view, though, really gives a sense of the state. I also like the museum. It makes me want to see some other lighthouses in the state. And, finally, the small aquarium to the side of the museum is really fun.

Thomas K

I will probably go back for a few more visits, Rhode Island is so beautiful.

Andrew French

Great views, great history and the docents really are helpful!!


Gorgeous place in RI!! The place is so windy and wasn't very crowded. So serene and well maintained.

Mari Donohue

Beautiful spot no matter the time of year!!

Katelynn Rule

Awesome views! Never disappointed after photographing

Bekah Furches

Lighthouse itself wasn't spectacular, but the waterfront views were amazing. Loved being able to climb down the rocks near the water.

Ryan Oberdorf

Amazing view....but it was closed. The shore was nice.

Theresa Carreiro

One of my favorite places on the planet, my whole family loves it here, across three generations. Definitely a Must See! The museum is informative and interactive. ❤️

Stephanie Bly

I was a little disappointed that you can't go in the light house but I got over it pretty quick when I saw the waves crashing on the rocks at high tide! So beautiful! And there's a nice little free aquarium that my kids enjoyed. And there's bathrooms. Always a plus.

Blake Bradford

Great place to visit! Very scenic. I happened to visit on a day where they let visitors climb the tower. Awesome experience!

Katrina H

Awesome place to take in the sites of Rhode Island. The views are spectacular and the mini aquarium is a nice touch. There are bathrooms on site as well

James R

Of all the local historical attractions in Jamestown, if you are only going to visit one then this is the one to visit. It was closed when I visited but, it was still more interesting than the others. Nice views and some nice oceanside areas to explore. Seems a popular destination for school field trips.

Joshua Cherwinski

Free to get in but the stairway to the top of the lighthouse was closed, that was a little disappointing.

Irene Zawadowicz

This landmark is fabulous any time of year. It is free to stroll the around and marvel at its beauty.

nicole bradbury

Great family day! Beautiful park type area as well. Pack a lunch and stay the day

Jessica Burrows

Beautiful location, full of history.

Kelly Bertram

It's always nice to learn something new about a place you've been going to for years. I just wish they would open the top of the lighthouse more often.

C Lu

There's a small aquarium there and beautiful views of the ocean . When stress is too much, I like to drive up there, just sit there and everything will feel so much better

Yo Mama

Stunning views historical buildings, cliffs, nice ocean scenery

hanna coyle

Awesome place,great to visit. Ocean view amazing

Mia I Flores

Beautiful view nice people

Jacqueline Bassett

I love this place. Great museum. Beautiful scenery. Folks out fishing.

Sally-Anne Moore

Very interesting, the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Offering lots of information. Lovely to visit along with a walk by the sea

Shane Bricault

Small, but, very detailed and the people who are there are nice and understanding towards lil one's. I think older people and young adults would enjoy the insides there while the grounds are for everyone that wants an adventure or to just take the sites in.

Barbara Faraji

Great state park. Clean and beautiful views

Juan Carlos Arcila

The best place and Uuuf beautiful

golam molla

Liked the cliffs. Nice little lighthouse. Did not went inside museum.

Robert Kirkpatrick

Well laid out, and clean. The aquarium was neat. Definately, worth a visit.

Tammy Liu

The oldest lighthouse in RI and the 3rd oldest in the U.S. Lots of history!

Vincent Porcella

I rate this lighthouse a 4 simply because of its unique style for New England lighthouses. Most are white & tubular. This is a stone lighthouse brownish in color & rectangular in shape. It's fairly easy to get to, with free parking. Some of your better photos will be taken from the rocks. I believe there is a small aquarium on the grounds due to signs I saw. I didn't have much time to spend so I didn't get to look around as much as I would've liked to.

Kristyn Dayter

Very beautiful views on the cliffs! We spent hours walking on the rocks and enjoying the views. Very quiet place. Cute little lighthouse with a free museum of it's history inside. Public restrooms are available outside of the lighthouse. The grounds are large and there is plenty of areas for sitting, having a picnic, sun bathing, ect.

Kristal Baker

Absolutely breathtaking views, and wonderful history.

Arthur Paul

Historic lighthouse from 1856 with fantastic artifacts and a five-room museum with amazing information on all the lighthouses of Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island 300 year Maritime history.

Lora Schenderlein

Beautiful scenery the waves crashing over the rocks so soothing

Tonya Turano

Breathtaking. Historic. Just pwrfect

goth 1856

I grew up here in Jamestown. So, yes, i have a bias. This is one of the most photogenic places on the planet. Passing nearby ocean storms/hurricanes make this one the best places to see the waves break on the rocks. It is also a great place for shore fishing where you can catch some fair sized ocean fish without a boat. On a very clear day you can see the cliffs of Block Island, nearly 20 miles away.

Melissa Devine

Another stunning location on Rhode Island's southern coast. Located in Beavertail State park. Great location for picnicking, sun bathing, kite flying, cast fishing, photography, hiking, jogging, sightseeing, and surf watch. Beware of ticks, and drop offs on the rocks. Be aware the rocks are slippery. Hold onto your kids and over confident teens.


Plenty of parking. Bring a picnic and enjoy the views. Plenty of paths to the water from various parking areas.

Brian Taylor

What a cool place! Very scenic. Friendly staff at gift shop. Will go again.

Susan Pickett

A beautiful lighthouse.

Daryl Bisordi

Great View be careful on the rocks it could be dangerous

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Great place to sit and enjoy the waves

Amanda Newman

Absolutely stunning

Bader Almutairi

Breath taking spot. Lovely for a picnic if you are are with someone or a nice me spot for chilling out and meditating.

Fleur Defries

This is a beautiful well-kept park with a historical lighthouse, museum and small aquarium. The aquarium is what made me hesitate to give this a five star rewiew - there is a large turtle housed there called Archie and when we visited he not only looked hungry but his tank was small, dirty and - in my mind - not adequate. Can whoever is in charge of the budget please inmprove this turtle's quality of life by buying him a new bigger tank?!? Or give him to an owner who will do this for him.

Bill Lozano

Learn a bit of history of the Beavertail Lighthouse and lighthouses in general at this small nice museum. Don't miss the small shed behind the main Museum which has a display dealing with Lighthouse lenses. A great place to have a picnic and look at Narragansett Bay and the ocean.

Bruce Clark

Absolutely beautiful! This was one of our favorite stops on our tour around New York, Massachusetts, Rhode island, and Connecticut! The road Google took us on was pathetically rough through Newport. But the 33 foot RV traveled and parked nicely at Beavertail State Park! I will be going back!

Corina Mayo

One of the nicer Lighthouses in Rhode Island that you can actually tour inside and learn about its history and see old and new artifacts. There's a gift shop and volunteers/workers who explain some of the items on display. There are outdoor bathrooms for your convenience.

Kavya Krishna

A beautiful place quietly tucked away in Rhode Island. One of my favorite spots in RI. Spectacular view with phenomenal natural setting for great pictures.

Joel Lewis

Very nice place

Melody Valasek

Favorite place on earth!


Very interesting information about rhode island lighthouses and shipwreaks.

Dawn Dolloff

Beautiful serene park

Suzanne Lamoureux

Great way to relax and listen to the waves

Teresa Maciel

Beautiful view but a really, really tough place to find parking.

James Moore

Cold out but was a beautiful place to go

Renee Thompson

Beautiful views and lighthouse!

Gopal Patil

Just amazing for a day out...

Kerry LaSalvia

Beautiful place to walk around and sit down and watch the waves. There's also a very informative museum on site.

C0 3B

Great fish and other sea life with a great view of the ocean and the lighthouse!

The Eagle

Serene and beautiful

James B. Sprole

Just enough people, normal nice people no riff raff.

Mike Pucci

Nice place to visit. No swimming - very rocky.

Teresa Diaz

My go-to place to get away either on my own or with the family. I can lay out and tan my son can play on the rocks we can check out some ocean life and have a restful day. I didn't even mention the gorgeous views!

Sara Ewen

This is a working lighthouse with a museum, gift shop, and small aquarium. The sights are beautiful and there are plenty of rocks for agile folk who want to do some treasure hunting. Composting potties with ramps are available and easily accessible, out in front of the lighthouse.

Jason Stone

Beautiful scenic views. Not for swimming.

Hector Baez

Beautiful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

Linda Lonczak

Beautiful views no.matter the weather. Nice peaceful place for a walk.

Lydia Lagerberg

My favorite place to go and center.

Audrey Murphy

I always look forward to going here, you must have your camera. Its a different experience than going to the beach no sand, less ppl. Beautiful rocks and cliffs formed with amazing shapes and designs formed from the oceans tides. It has a historical Museum showing awesome history about all the lighthouses and shipwrecks, restaurant. Wheelchair access. For all ages. My parents were able to sit on top of the cliffs and enjoy seeing the ocean ports and open sea. Bring a chair a book sit and tan have a picnic.But if you're a rock climber like me you will love that the most.! Bring your camera.

Derek Foster

This is my all time favorite place to go and unwind.

Robby Fresh

Simply Beautiful!

Dil Cho

Very nice to visit especially if you like lighthouses.

Jennifer Norris-Manning

This is a very interesting museum that not only explains the how a lighthouse works, but also has a focus on the families that have lived there over the years. I really like how they bring the history to life. Another favorite exhibit is the room about shipwrecks. Informative and educational.

Bob Price

A great place to view the ocean, and especially if you like the waves breaking on a rocky coastline.

Suzanne Frederickson

Great and educational place.


A nice place to visit with the family. The lighthouse history is amazing and the people very knowledgeable.

Ana Leon

Beautiful can't wait to go again, so peaceful place!

lawrence boccuzzio

It was nice seeing kne if the oldest lighthouses in the nation...the kids loved the little aquarium

Scott Davidson

Great tour and amazing view! 3rd lighthouse in the Americas....who knew?

Isabel Toro

I like this place during spring and summer. Best time for me yo visit is after winter time when weather is starting to get warm. There is park to walk. You can find picnic tables. If you enjoy scenic views for good pictures this is a good place.

Lauren Klenert

Always a great place to visit.

Donna Faidell

Very interesting


Absolutely beautiful and parking is free restrooms available too

Ray Craine

Great views, very windy..

Abhishek Chattopadhyay

Very nice beach and good place for enjoying quality time

Kevin Thurlow

Best value in New England as far as aquariums go

Linda Teixeira

It's a great place to have a picnic or just read and relax

Melissa Whited

Great place! Beautiful location, nice little museum. But be advised that the tower is only open sporadically, and primarily on weekends.

Marjorie Chisholm

Very peaceful and relaxing

Thomas Bryce Kelly

A quick little museum in a very scenic area. Great for children!

Jorge Garcia

my favorite spot in RI

Robin Mott

Very educational. Will go back.

Thomas Gallagher

A Very Enjoyable Experience. Toured the Lighthouse (Climbed to the Top) Waited About a Half Hour to Take the "Tour" Terrific View and the Museum (Nice Historical Overview) Can't Beat It for a Five Dollar Donation.


This has got to be one of the most scenic spots in Rhode Island! The lighthouse and the rocky shoreline is so beautiful as are the views of the bay. There is a small set of steps that lead you down to the water's edge where you can look back and get a great view of the lighthouse up above. There is a decent amount of parking but try to arrive early since this place will fill up quickly on a good day. Once you are here you will easily see why:). The museum is extremely informational and full of local history. There are interesting exhibits and factoids throughout which really give you a glimpse into the past when this light was constructed. So put Beavertail on the top of your list if you are in Newport or any of the surrounding areas. It's just another example of this state's breathtaking beauty! You will not be disappointed!

Doug Fox

Lots of knowledge here very interesting

Thomas Brand

Situated at the end of the island, you got some incredible views, especially on a nice evening watching the sun go down from parking lot 3

Ronnie Piedimonte

A beautiful little piece of New England

Yanitza Yepes

This place is absolutely beautiful. Great place to walk and take in the scenery with family or alone!

Paul Camillieri

Gail was the best guide ever!!! Beautiful spot and extremely interesting

Andrew luciano

Great for the kids and family. The lighthouse offers a small museum employee with knowledgeable staff. The views from the top are amazing.

Martha Mitra

Light house in nature's lap...loved it.

Kira Grange

beautiful view, not for those who do not like spiral stairs or close spaces

Pete DiLo

It's beaver tail!!! It's awesome

David Stork

Beautiful area! Knowledgeable people working in the lighthouse, and it's free!

Raymond Papineau

Awesome views of the bay

Amber Silverman

Beautiful place, interesting exhibits, fun small aquarium, cute little gift shop.

Megan Makowski

BEYOND beautiful! Loved every second. Fun museum with interactive screens to pick different videos, and easily accessible.

Tommy Caspoli

One of the oldest lighthouses on the East Coast a little Museum

Susan Seliga

Strange being in Newport when Aquidneck Island was my hometown. Everything seems so different but it was a nice visit today. Also beavertail. Nice view from the top of the lighthouse :-)

Jillian Pearson

Beautiful, perfect new England setting

David Cochran

Beuatiful place with small aquarium for the kids!

John Cournoyer

My favorite place, in RI. Amazing views, and relaxing to the sounds of crashing waves

Constance DeVozza

My favorite RI place

Isaac Daily

Really great definitely worth a look, the museum was nice and pretty big. They have a seasonal aquarium which was really pretty awesome. And it's nice to walk around and take in the views

Alyssa Householder

This place was very cool, lots of history and neat things to see. Didnt take long at all to go through so it was the perfect add on to our day!


Top five places to visit in Rhode Island. Phenomenal views all around of the water and the bay. Plenty of room to go for a walk. The rock formations around here just amazing. Perfect for picnics. Clean bathrooms.

David Rawson

Just stunning.... The sea put on quite the spectacle in the midst of the storm

ronald larocque

This is 1 of my favorite places. Ocean view is amazing, such peaceful place.

Travis Keller

I couldn't give it 5 stars cause we went on a day they were closed...completely our fault but it is a beautiful place and is worth the trip just to see


Very nice little and free museum with small aquarium area.

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