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REVIEWS OF Audrain Auto Museum IN Rhode Island

Irene Ziotas

A gem! 3-4 different shows / year keep this museum on our radar. A fun intimate setting with smart & informative guides, don’t miss it!

Stephanie Luna

Great showroom and even better docents

Mike D

Not very big. The concept cars are cool.

jim m


Colin Liik

Great place to visit and see some beautiful pieces of automobile history. Every car lover should stop by and take a look. Prices are reasonable for the collection you get to see.

Cameron Slater

Cars change based on the exhibit! Look online before you go!

David Blais

A very nice place to visit to see some really nice cars.


A little pricey to get in but still enjoyable to see the cars they have on display. I’d recommend checking it out if you are looking for something quick and enjoyable.

John M

Beautiful cars on display at the museum. Cars and coffee once a month during the summer at the mansions is a must to do, some pretty cool stuff shows up

Jim Quinlan

Awesome display of cars!!! A definite "must see".....

Audra Russell

Disappointing car museum located in the heart of Newport's tourist district. The autos they have are displayed well and look great. But the real problem is how few cars there are. Given the admission cost it is just a poor value proposition. My advice is skip this "museum" and head to Portsmouth to see the much, much better auto museum called confusingly the Newport Auto Museum. It has many more cars in a much larger space. That's on the scale of the world class Peterson in LA and you can easily spend an hour or so perusing their fabulous collection.

Perry Cocozzo

Fun seeing classic and unusual automobiles. Very interesting.

Nicki Bress

Not very large, but we did enjoy what we saw and learned.

Tennis Lover

Enjoy browsing at vintage automobiles from gone by days. The staff are knowledgeable and personable and are ready to answer questions you may have.

matthew moss

If you are a true auto enthusiast you will appreciate this high detail small museum. While most auto museums have a large collection to go through that will keep you on your feet for many tiring boring hours, this place during my visit had an all Porsche collection with a couple of rare 356 models to the newest ones. (I'm not interested in much of the new stuff) a couple of rare ones I have not seen in person we're the 914/6, 962k, and a diesel tractor. The exhibit changes through the year, and does not repeat. Great job Audrain!

Carrie Boxer

So amazing! The people who work there are fantastic and helpful and these cars are incredible!

Marc Alcarese

The combo of classic and new and interesting cars would make any car enthusiast giddy. It also includes a constant changing inventory so if you were to return every couple months it would be a completely different expierence.

Jeremiah Gonzalez

Beautiful collection of cars, it takes a true enthusiast to appreciate this small collection of cars. When I went it was all Porsche’s and was amazing. They had from Speedsters to GT2RS’s a true spectrum of the Porsche brand. The staff was super kind and knowledgeable about the vehicles. Definitely a cool little pit stop that I would recommend to any enthusiast out there in the area, pics to follow review...

Stacey Lynn Gray

Fun little place. They did charge us full price to enter when they were closing in ten mins which was weird but- our fault for arriving then.

Andrew Croan

Beautiful car collection. Schedule rotates every couple months so you can se a whole lot of different cars!

Nick R

They don't let you reach over the rope to take a photo, really? Tiny collection with some cool stuff. Overpriced for the size of collection and they don't offer AAA discounts.

Katie Kourakis

I have a son that loves cars and this museum was a real treat. The cars are in pristine condition. There is an iPad at each car to give some history and detials about it. The museum is small so I wouldn't think you could spend more than an hour here but I am not the car enthusiast!

Kathy C888

Featuring GM Concept of a kind...for a limited time

Zachary Boucher

A little pricey but well worth it. Definitely worth getting a membership as their collection/display is updated/changed I believe quarterly.

Steve Borsher

Continually rotating display of extraordinary cars. Today several Woodies, and s brand new McClaren.

Eric Langlois


Hrag Arakelian

Car museums are rare. Although I wish more cars would fit in this museum, it is a real treat to talk to the museum volunteers and learn more about the owner and his amazing collection

Roman Bystritskiy

Very small, and pretty expensive. The American classic car collection we've seen was pretty interesting, but it's still hard to spend more than half an hour there.

t mac

Nice cars

James D

Its small, but it packs in a lot of interesting automotive history. Unique cars beautifully restored. It is also a "boy" activity so it gave my 10 year old son a break from shopping and the mansion museums.

Robert Platten

Fabulous and historical auto museum.

Terry Jacobs

Blown away.

Parker Roaf

Highly recommend this museum!

Meghan M

Amazing Museum! The building is stunning and the cars never disappoint! The events are amazing too! They are well priced, tons of fun and they are always coming up with something new.

Jose Castuera

Impressive collection of cars.

Paul Provost

Perfect display, perfect automobiles! Amazing for everyone!

Liam Murray

Amazing cars but few and expensive at $15 a head.

Jj Leca

Great display of beautiful antique cars, very knowledgeable staff & volunteers

Jeffrey DeMarey

Absolutely a spectacular exhibit of Harley Earl David de Museo did an excellent job.

Alison Stefanik

My husband really likes cars and we both found this museum interesting and informative. The staff person was knowledgeable and friendly.

Ralph Torres

If you like cars its a must see.

Yoanna Osborne

We found this to be an unexpected addition to the historic landscape of Newport. Handsome, well suited gallery space with immaculate presentation, apropos to the mission of sharing and celebrating each automotive “soul” in the collection. Inspiring telltale quotes which are a window into the minds of visionaries who made dreams into reality. We came within inches of car fantasies held since younger years. Best part ~ it's like seeing a brand new “wing” of the museum every time the multiple exhibits rotate. Thank you to the owners who are preserving automobile history and sharing their treasure with us!

su xia

Good, but small

Joseph DeCubellis

Very cool antique cars and some new hyper cars! So much fun

Larry Krainson

Fantastic little automotive museum. We will return. You won't be disappointed.

Sulaymaan Miles

If you love

Thor Ritz

Inexpensive, cars rotated frequently so visit often. Parking little hard to. Find during busy seasons

Kevin Oshea

We visited when the oldies were on the floor. I would love to come back when you have muscle cars !

Bill Crabb

A waste of money. You have a muscle car showing, but you do not show the muscle. Most of the hopds were down. Some of the hoods, that were up, yhe engine compartment was dirty. I ask the curator, why the hoods were up? He stated, the the owners did not want them up. DUH???.

Carl Burleigh

$10 to see a dozen Porches

Donald R McGettigan Jr

Awesome place great guys sweet and knowledgeable will go back. Must go back

Igor Cohen

Unbelievable exhibit of concept cars from GM. Highly recommend for visit!

Brittany Skolnekovich

The admission is not worth it. $15 a person to see maybe 20 cars.

Further Performance

Wonderful museum! Preserving automotive history.

Daniel Titus

Small, but nice. A very good collection of cars, heavy on newer foreign expensive sports cars. Worth the trip.

Hema Virani

Magnificent place for a party

Gary Goulet

Perfect. My brother and I spent an afternoon admiring automotive perfection. Thank you to the staff and incredibly knowledgeable docent for an excellent day.

Jeremy Theerman

This place is a must if you're in Newport. The cars are amazing, and you can get up close. You can't touch the cars but you can see everything you want to. They had most eras of the automobile age represented. The showroom is small and the collection is huge, so you'd have to go back multiple times to see everything. The process is fair and you can take a ton of pictures.

Timothy Norton

Interesting place to visit.

Skyler Gleue

Great car selection, friendly staff. A must-go if you are in the area.

Ocean Girl

For a car enthusiast this place is heaven . Every 3 months they change out their classic cars so new ones can be seen. They own over 260 classic cars. Definitely worth seeing for both men and women

Lisa Scimeca

My husband and I stopped by to see the cars. We saw the muscle car display. I enjoyed seeing the cars up close and reading about them. Museum is small and only houses a few cars at a time. I am not sure the price is worth the visit.

Suzanne Jacobs

A wonderful addition to our Newport visit. Fabulous cars.

Soshy Wagschal

Very friendly and a nice place to see unique cars

wayne gould

A lot of money to see less than 20 cars! Very deceptive since the website brags about a 200 car collection.

Emilly T

Hubby and I were on our way to grab a bite to eat before flying back home and my husband spotted this place saying "whoa, look at those cars." I know how much he LOVES cars (especially classic cars) so I pulled over and parked. There is a fee to go in and view the cars however, they have an amazing collection of cars. Come to find out, the owner has a massive collection of cars. He rotates his collection every few months. So, for a few months these cars are on display then he replaces those with other vehicles. Wow! If you're a car-nivoure (lol), this place is worth checking out.

Richard Bauchspies

Love the cars!

Margaret Campuizano

Great place to see awesome cars!! They are truly classic cars... The cars are privately owned..

Brian Feucht

Beautiful collection when I visited. Knowledgeable staff. Good location.

Mark Arnold

Classic cars in Newport.

Tom Reddington

Interesting cars, however through the window of the building you can see the entire museum. I don't think that the cost of admission is worth it based solely on the size of the museum. Parking is limited. Employees are polite


A small selection of private cars. Make sure you check out what cars are featured before you go in. For a Porsche fan like me it was fantastic.

susanne day

When my parents visit we always take them here because the exhibits change regularly. The staff is well versed in adding more to our experience.

Oleg Burakov

Nice small car museum, hard to find parking during "hot" summer season, but they are changing selection of the cars pretty often.

Mercedes Santiago

Beautiful cars in the very nice experience for me and my family

Ruby Defusco

The cars are something out of the ordinary... beautiful models. .

D Hayes

Outstanding display of automobiles from 1899 to 1935. Each car is a standout example of you to type and era. The museum building is spotless and beautiful. The staff are extremely warm, friendly, and inviting. As a result, I became a member even though I live an hour and a half drive away. Looking forward to the next display which should go up in early July.

James Yurwitz

This was a one of a kind experience at this smaller car museum. Very friendly staff.

Robert Tetreault

Wonderful day at the Audrain Auto Museum.

John Hicks

If you have the opportunity don't pass it up.


Always great cars, but a bit pricey for what it is because of where it is.


Great Porsche collection and fun slot car racing set up to play at the time of the visit

Raz Dabool

I'm a little disappointed, it's a small place and they only got few old cars (rest was newer Porches). For the money spent I was expecting more.

jml 4

Easy to find, easy parking, small museum but always with a worthwhile, interesting exhibit. Perfect for the younger set as it is not too big or overwhelming. The guide was very knowledgable and helpful, not overbearing. It is pricey for a family, but worth it. We parked in the grocery store lot next door with no problem.

Michael Peregrim

Great museum, exhibits are very specific, so check what's in before going incase it doesn't interest you, although it's also a great opportunity to develope and appreciation for a different side of automotive history. The staff is super friendly and really helpful., they seem genuinely interested in talking to patrons about cars, and it's really refreshing to see staff that love cars as much as the people touring.

Walter Anderson

Much Fun! Exhibits rotate frequently - we saw Porsches - mostly 911 derivative when we went. All privately owned, ranging from 1958 to 2019 models - knowledgeable docents (answered a number of detailed technical questions about the vehicles - stuff like the carbon ceramic disk brakes, dual motor hybrid plug-in super-car, etc. This is a smallish venue with only room for about a dozen vehicles for this exhibit - but we had a grand time! We wandered on our own through the show and then went back through asking questions of the friendly docents. Well recommended!

Yuri Dedulin

If you are in RI and love cars you must see place! Very friendly and knowledgeable personnel. Nice and quiet atmosphere.

Steve Leslie

Spectacularly restored cars, easily accessible and fascinating information, new shows with themed selections regularly.

Tony Redzinak

Awesome collection beautifully restored!

Andrew Intili

Love love love this place, another stop we always make when we come to town, they are always rotating collections of cars. We are always impressed with the quality of the vehicles and the knowledge of the staff. Highly recommend a visit if you have the time.

Joan R

Had an absolutely wonderful time all Classic Automobiles in excellent condition a caretaker was very knowledgeable

Phillip Jones

"Questionable value" is the theme of this review. Each year for family vacation, we visit a different part of the country with the goal of visiting every state. We always include car museums in our plans. The Audrain was surprisingly disappointing because of the cost per person, the small quantity of cars on display, the small size of the museum, and the exhibit items. When we walked in to the area to pay--an area surrounded by glass, I glanced around to see the cars in what I thought was the initial area of the museum. With that quick scan, I saw all of the vehicles...I just didn't realize that as I handed over the debit card. After paying and entering the initial area, we learned that this was the only area to the museum, and those cars were it. We were done with the museum in 20 minutes. Many of the cars on display are what we see at our typical Cars & Coffee gathering. The photos we had seen online of this museum led us to believe there was a larger collection and more depth to the exhibits, but as it turns out, the collection is rotated so the photos are of cars from previous rotations. In addition to the museum entrance fee, there is also a parking fee...unless you can find one of the few free spots open.

david bailey

Nice old cars in there

joe schmo

Place cost $14 to view like 8 cars! Visited today July 23rd and the man that takes the admission fee is arrogant and was not ever sitting where he was supposed to be sitting..he had to run after everyone that came in for their admission fee..not worth the money!

John C

Outstanding display of unique GM concept cars

Russ Matuszek

This is an art gallery of classic and antique cars. I've been looking through the glass of Audrain for the past 3 years from Bellevue Ave and always admired the diverse selection (250 cars in all) that rotate every 10 weeks. Not only are the cars elegant classics, but the building and gallery itself are pristine. I finally toured the museum today and was highly impressed with the look, layout, and the staff members. Great to see classics dating back to 1910! In the past, I've seen virtually every classic known to man through the glass of Audrain including the Model-T era, Elliot Ness days, the World War II period, and even the classics from the 1960s, such as Woodies. I remember seeing muscle cars from the 1970s and 1980s a couple of summers ago. The "theme" concept rotating every 10 weeks is a winner for Audrain! Show less

William West Hopper

Excellent presentation of vehicles in an amazing space that you only find in Newport RI.

Mary Lou Edwards

Great collection of antique cars, and volunteer docent was very knowledgeable.

Tom Heelan

It's not a big museum but is has some interesting cars. Easily pair it with a visit to Tennis HoF down the block.

mark diterlizzi

Exceptional car museum


Interesting museum. Since we were close to the closing time and they were preparing to move the vehicles, the receptionist allowed us to go in for free. I am taking away one star since the vehicles did not have the hoods open which, I believe, seeing the motors is part of the experience in antique vehicle appreciation.

Charles Casper

Nothing special

Michael Siraco

So cool! Smaller than expected but it's definately a quality over quantity sort of deal. Totally geeked out the entire time I was there. Had a great chat with the man at the front desk for an extended amount of time, he was more than happy to show me past and future exhibits. Worth the drive, the area is great!

Chastine Medeiros

Located in a great spot in Newport. The assortment of cars are amazing.

Charles Fonda

had an outstanding time. saw some beautiful models they have in their exhibit. wanted to drive one right outta there so bad lol. one day :)

Robert Hilton

Amazing cars. So much fun to look at and see the super cars and the different cars and bikes through the years

Wendy Beauchaine

Gorgeous building, very stately and smells amazing. Very special space.

Ernie Papineau

Very informative and beautiful cars

Keith Templin

Some very beautiful and interesting vehicles here swapped out every few months.

Michael Amos

Extremely expensive admission for what you get. Maybe 10-12 cars. The cars condition left a lot to be desired for "museum quality" vehicles. Save your money and look through the front window, you'll get the same experience

Matt Stafford

If you are a automobile enthusiast and appreciate cars as more than just machines but pieces of art you will wish you could give this private collection 6 stars

Eric Lawler

The collection is amazing and rotating every three months. A must see!


Great cars. The cars change every month.

Cindy Ferreira

Although the website stated the museum was open, when we arrived (and after paying to park) we were told the museum was closed due to switching out the cars. We arrived on a Wednesday and the museum opens again on Saturday. Something should've been posted on the website for all patrons, especially out of state visitors.

Andrew Stuckey

Amazing cars! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

rocky rider

Nicest restored vehicles anywhere in the world. IMHO

Aloys Garnier de Kermerc'hou

Astounding collection of cars. It was late 1800's/early 1900's when we went to visit but the collection is regularly changing. Very well thought out use of tablets to present facts about the cars, beautiful space that's not too crowded and let people truly enjoy the beautiful cars from all angles. Cars were maintained in an unbelievable beauty, with mirror-shine brass and chrome elements that truly gave those old timers justice. An unassuming, very pleasant surprise just a walk away from Newport's mansions.

Debu Tante

Nice collection of antique cars. I agree with the other patrons who think it is pricey to see such a small car collection. The Newport Car Museum has a much bigger collection (the cars are more modern) and includes a simulated car race at the end. With the exposed and reinforced beam structure on the first floor I was sure there were cars upstairs but was told the museum is only one floor. When I called the museum for info the recording said the Porsche exhibit was running but it wasn't when we got there. Several disconnects in our visit. It was worth seeing but ticket prices should be $10 or they should offer some discounts.

Nathan Robinson

The few cars they do have are amazing. But this is more of a small showcase than a museum. They do switch out the cars every 2 months. I wish I was here to see the next round.

Mike Wallach

Lots of nice cars to salavate over, there was also a wine tasting going on. Bonus!

Mary Cain

A must see for the pure enjoyment of being awed by the design of unique automobiles. Where history meets luxury.

Eric Jonathan Martin

A great spot for anyone who loves automobiles! The collection rotates every few months, and every exhibit is a wonderful selection of cars- and sometimes other assorted vehicles- of the theme. Every member of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have, but the interactive displays at every vehicle can help you find out just about anything you may want to know! A perfect way to spend some time while exploring Bellevue Avenue!

Andrew Wilson

Gorgeous cars, friendly staff, the Ferrari club showed up w 10 of their own hot as pepperoni rides. Hot darn, what a good time.


Awesome collection of cars. If you're an enthusiast, take some time to really look at the final details. There's a lot of little touches that can be missed. I took over 400 photos. Even got on the ground and took underbody shots. This was their sports car collection. My only complaints is more so with one of the employees there. Walked around like he owned the place and he was better than you. Bad attitude. Maybe it was a bad day. I don't care. I'd love to meet the owner. Show me moreee Nick.

John Solury

Amazing place. Unbelievable autos.

Lindsay Hill

Awsome, every 4 months all New car's to see

Jason Becker

The staff is very knowledgable and show a real passion for the cars on display.


Great cars and people. Events are exciting and plentiful. Best car club ever!

emily katherine Nemec

You're probably wondering what the best part of Newport, RI is and here you go. If you can, chat with Ted, he will give you all the good tid bits on this spectacular rotating collection.

Nick Pellegrini

Amazing experience! Awesome facilities and informative exhibits! Must stop if you are in RI and love cars!

Dennis Welch

Amazing cars with a collection that rotates every 3.5 months. The Cars & Coffee in the spring/summer/fall is great. There are monthly events such as tasting (wine & wheels, cars & cocktails, etc). Definitely worth getting a membership!

Earle Bryer

Absolutely amazing mecca for auto enthusiasts. The amount of charity money generated by them as well, is truly commendable beyond words.


Very interesting display all concept cars from General Motors. Really enjoyed it a lot of good information

Michael James brown


tristan henderson

Excellent display, great vebicles and super personable staff. Will be back.

Eric Dahler

Exceptional collection that rotates every 3 months. Stunning building and facility. Great staff. Very well done.

Arnav Deshpande

Huge waste of money. Don't come here. They charge $15 dollars for you to see 5-10 cars.

James Brako-McComb

Unless you're a student or military, the price is a little high for the size of the museum. Seriously quality cars on display though. Park on the street behind the tennis museum for free!

Richard Thurlow

Great display of GM concept vehicles

Justin Bodek

Great cars, knowledgeable staff. Ticket price is a little high for the quantity inside but at least the quality of the cars is there. Parking unfortunately is expensive nearby.

Stephen Smith

Collection is breathtaking

Jerry Klein

Wonderfully, painfully restored cars on display. A tad expensive for +/- 12 cars.

Joshua Wilkinson

Nice place, frendly people, beautiful cars

ray kelley

Amazing experience and very cool concept cars

Mary Lang

Good to see that the millions that Nick Schorsch stole from investors went to a good cause - himself - buying hundreds of cars - and charging $15 to look at ten of them, which you can do for free by looking through the window. Another Schorsch scam.

paola urena

So nice!

Michael Dembicer

Great place! My boys enjoyed the Porsche exhibit! And they even got little cars on the way out.

Sam Gregg

If you love old cars,antique machines or are just bored this is a great way to spend an hour or two.

Mike Levak

Vehicles on display are amazing! Really legendary and iconic brands from all the big years. Would have been much better if the associates working actually engaged you and gave more info when they see you standing next to a display. Most of the time they're standing around waiting for you to approach them.

Sandy Potter

Wonderful, great guide.

Mark Mulone

For only $20, a must see. Rotating the inventory and exhibit often.

Pam Rainey

More cars than you can shake a stick at

T Mcdonell

Attended Wine and Wheels and the Beer tasting. What great Events! As a member, we get access to so many great VIP events throughout the year. his place makes winter in Newport Fun!

Bobby Liu

I was really hoping for more... Everything on display you could see from the windows and everything you read inside could have been found online. Cars are in pristine condition but again... You could see it all from outside without paying

Hayes Weggeman

I liked the Cars. Beautifully restored.

karen kreutzberg

We enjoy this museum everytime we are in Newport, RI. The rotating exhibit space includes curated themed art. We caught the GM Prototype show. Rare offering of exceedingly fascinating conceptional auto design. Inluded some interesting history of Vanderbelts' auto races of 1890.

Sarah G

New cars to see every 3 months, so cool! I'll be back in the spring!

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