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REVIEWS OF ZooAmerica IN Pennsylvania

Lisa Pataski

Nice little zoo. Did not take long to walk. The enclosures are a nice size for the animals. The tortoise/roadrunner/burrowing owl/quail enclosure was magnificent. We followed the suggested route and loved the view of the zoo from the higher paths at the beginning. Nice to see a zoo that concentrates on animals from our continent.

Ch Bilal

Had a great time there, but very small compared to some of the other zoo's we been to. We didn't go to Hershey park, but if you do then it's a free admission to the zoo which makes more sense. Staff was amazing! Will definitely visit again if we go for the amusement rides.

Shawn Sweigart

It's been many years since my last visit. It was nice to see so many improvements. My daughter enjoyed her first visit alot.

Fawad Khan

It's a nice little zoo with small animals. It's free to visit if you have hersheys ticket otherwise its $12. Good collection of reptiles. Few bears and some foxes. Nice for young kids. Not much for older kids and adults.

Amber Brenner

Small zoo. Would never pay for tickets just for the zoo. But it's cool that its included in your park tickets

israel rivera

This is a good place to take the kids and have a good time.

Empty Canvas

I expected a lot from here, but the bear and shakes were pretty cool.

Michelle Soverns

Loved the zoo! So nice that it is connected to Hershey park and you can do both with one admission price!

Jennifer Jasper

It was a very nice experience with my family . I would definitely recommend it

Sue Sheridan

I'm not an expert, but it seemed to me that the enclosures were very small for some if the animals. The cats were excessively licking. The wolf was alone. There may be a reasonable explanation for this; perhaps the other or others were separated for medical reasons or any number of other things, but knowing that they are very social pack animals, it made me sad to see him alone. There was one bear that was full of joy while playing in the water! The zookeepers are doing the best they can with the small spaces allotted. It was very clean and the animals seemed well fed!

Saffire Chantal

Lots of animals. Easy to navigate. Not too big or too small. Had a great time!

Nicolás Calpa

It's a very interesting place, there a lot of animals that you possibly have never seen so it's a nice opportunity for learning. Very recommended if you have kids because they will this place.

Zachary Hatch

A nice little place. This place seems land locked. They do have a decent variety of animals considering their size.

Kathy VanLew

It was a little crowded but a good amount of animals that were easy to see

Dave Henning

Nice little quaint zoo. Not to large but the price is fair

Kimberly Killeri

It took me a while to write this. I've been to other zoo's since then. I love Hershey Park and the area and everything. But I did not love the zoo. For those who go to other zoo's and have walked through here, you will understand what I mean. I will assume that the folks there do the best they can and leave it at that.

Danielle Chance

Let me start by saying, Zooamerica is surprisingly small. That said, it is nice and we saw a variety of North American animals that I've never seen. We saw everything and took our time and were finished in under 2 hours. Having a sister zoo membership saved us 50%, not sure if full price is worth it.

Elizabeth Laidler

Was the least packed part of Hershey Park which made it so much better, animals looked happy too which was really nice to see.

Mary Butler

Nice little zoo. Go on a cool day. Lots of walking.

Ronnie Altice

Very nice smaller zoo.The kids loved the experience.

Lydia Caron

The animals looked well cared for and the staff was knowledgeable!

Matt Madorsky

Less then adequate facilities. I wanted to rescue the animals

Norman Rice

Love all the Animals! Really cool to see the various species they have! Especially reptile area!!

Junnita Jackson

Took the grandkids they loved it. they did wonder where all of the other animals like hippos, lions, and giraffes were though. nice afternoon and it kept them busy

Michael Bender

Love it here, we have a season pass and my son has been to the zoo at least 10 times. The bears are his favorite attraction.

Michelle Dale

This zoo is like any other zoo. It's fun to walk through, it has nice wood structures. They have some different animals that maybe other zoo's wouldn't capture or dont contain but it is definitely smaller than Pittsburgh Zoo. Then again Zoo America is attached to an amusement park. At the end of the zoo before you exit where you entered there is a gift shop. I didnt go in but it seemed nice and I'm sure there are some pictures.

Rachael Davis

It's okay. Not overly exciting but some stuff to look at. Very clean and well maintained.

Micky McDermott

Great fot a nice day outting alone or with company

John Barnett

Great place to visit with whole family.

Christina Rodriguez

Cute zoo. Lots of neat animals. Small

James Myers

Enjoyed the zoo very much with my kids as a rest between water parks and roller coasters

elvis nunez

Good place very nice experience ill visit again

shanon clendenin

Always a nice place to see animals from all over United states

Michelle Velez

It was a very nice zoo, all varietys of animals,and reptiles. Good place to take the whole family to visit.

Stephann Ibrahim

Wish there were more animals and less smelly. Overall pretty great got to seen some Elk and others.

Brittanyxoxo Bordeaux

It was very cool. Theres alot of cute animals to see!

Jacob Sockman

A fun zoo to visit for a few hours. The gift shop was sadly small and could barely contain the huge crowd that happened to be there. But, the animal portions were lovely and very informational.

chris swartz

A very nice variety of animals and the place was clean and well cared for, friendly staff and always trying to keep us happy!

Erin Taylor

My personal view on zoos set aside, ZooAmerica is generally a good zoo with a variety of animals. They teach you about the different kinds of species and their habitats and the animals seem to be well taken care of. It’s a pretty place and fun for kids as well as educational

Austin Weiler

This is a fairly small zoo. You can walk through in an hour. It is open to Hershey park visitors as well which can cause it to be pretty full! Also, the Hershey park rides are pretty loud! The animals are great! Bears, bobcat, otters, grey wolf... all North American!

Jeff Regner

It's a nice distraction from the rest of Hershey and provides some relaxation before getting back to the roller coasters. I can't help but think it needs a bit of a refresh, though, or at least a more frequent cleaning schedule. A lot of it just looks run down and a little unkempt. Still, it's worth checking out, especially if you have kids.

LuCinda Bradley

It is a North American animal zoo and some animals are there because they were rescued and cannot be released/ returned to the wild. The staff is polite and helpful. The train is hilly. Limited food is available, however you may take your own food and have a picnic . The Eagles are majestic. There are wolves and the Mountain Lion is silent and stealthy.

Steve Holzman

Great zoo with North American focus.

Kathryn Buckwalter

Fun experience with kids. I just wish there was more hands on things for the kids to do while learning about all the animals! Overall a fun time and not too crowded if you go right at opening time.

Dan G

Love coming here, always a great selection of animals to see. Just wish they could rotate the animals to different locations and then bring them back, so they don't look bored.

Denise Pisarcik

The animals were entertainingly active. It was work the walk through. Learned a few things along the way. The Spoonbill and roadrunners were my favorites!

George Miller

Great place loved the animals it was clean.

Shawn Dorman

This is definitely the smallest zoo we've ever been to, but its nicely laid out, easy to walk with the kids. And the staff were all super nice.

Robert Yeager

Zoo America is awesome and educational. They only have North American wildlife so you won't see lions or giraffes, but they have a really good selection with lots of fun facts about each animal. There are plenty of resting spots, and places to eat. Admission is included with a Hersheypark ticket or they are pretty reasonable to buy if you just want to visit the zoo.

Rob B

A great exhibit of animals you would never know otherwise inhabit North America. A very nice stroll to break away from the crowds in Hershey Park.

Terri-Lynn Clark

Small zoo, but quite nice. Nice animal selection. Bears, elk, wolf, lynx, ocelot, mountain lion, owls, eagles, and lots more. They also have a place where you can find the goose, who swim in a stream running through the middle of the zoo.

Mars Life

The animals there are cute. Also they have very unique kinds of animals. The bears were my favorite.

Belinda Torres

The park is old, run down and super small. I was excited to take the kids in as a bonus to visiting Hershey Park. But it turned into a waste of time.

Roscoe Combs

Very clean and very happy animals. My family highly enjoyed this park.

Douglas Kaminski

This was a great addition to Hershey Park. Had a great time walking around and seeing all the different wildlife. Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was interesting to find out how the zoo started.

Marie Nelson

I took my 8 yr old grandson to Hershey Park and before it got too hot we went to ZooAmerica. It took about an hour to see all the animals and exhibits. We loved the prairie dogs. We went back to the park and after an hour or so, my grandson wanted to go back to ZooAmerica!

Emilio Sanchez

Its ok. Needs more animals. And one on one with animals will improve that by putting a petting zoo.


Expected much more, but was still enjoyable.

Andy Jung

Went here for a school field trip. Kids had a blast, the staff were super friendly, and the recycling performance was a lot of fun. Would be tough to make a full day out of the visit so plan to do other things like the park if planning a day trip. I'd say there's a good 3 hours worth of entertainment for a 5 year old.

Jason Ciaschi

Nice little zoo adjacent to Hershey Park. If you go to Hershey Park you get in for free which is a plus. The zoo is North American with a variety of animals. They have a reptile section with a lot in it and a variety of animals outside such as deer, wolves, birds of prey, and more. It only takes about an hour to go through the entire place. Being free I would go again, but I don't think I would pay just to go in the zoo.

Charity Geoffroy

It's more a rescue/conservation center vs a zoo, so all of the exhibits are animals that live on North America. The staff do a great job of teaching at each of the exhibits throughout the zoo. But it isn't very big, so it took us less than 3 hours to get through the whole zoo.

John kyler

Wow! Even with the little we payed for this. I feel it was too much. Parking was easy and no lines. Sure the place was busy enough with a few school bus loads of kids. But besides a few interesting displays. It was a complete disappointment. I have to add that the staff could do a better job maintaining the zoo. Everyone was freindly enough and it's a quick pass thru. (45 minutes end to end)

Adrian toro

This was an awesome place to visit! It may noy be very big of a zoo...but it was a beautiful place to spend time with the family!

Sara Gowin

Great for the kiddos but food prices are steep

Bonnie Bessey

Loved seeing all the different animals very well taken care of. Clean and neat.

Evan Bingaman

I love zoo america. I feel the american pride spilling out

Michel de Ligt

For us this was one of the lesser parts from our visit to Hershey's Park. Besides the small size of the zoo the exhibits are very old fashion and doesn't give the animals a very nice environment to live. Hopefully the zoo get's some modernizing and give the animals that live here a more happy life.

Lelania Wells

You can tell they really take great care of the animals. Very small so easy to walk through with kids of all ages.

Jenn Alberti

This was the 3rd time attending this zoo on a school trip, and it was great! The wildlife talk and experience was funny and very entertaining! The enclosures were clean, and the animals seemed comfortable. I do wish some of them were larger and more varied.

Joshua Spiegel

Pretty depressing zoo. Very small exhibits, not a lot of space on the paths. Better off just staying in the park.

Chris Trinidad

Not too big, not too small. Just right for the kids to see the animals.

Danielle Valero

A lot of different animals to look at and read about. Kids enjoyed this small break from the rides to see the animals. They look well kept.


Awesome Zoo! I absolutely love how the exhibits are set up! The animals all look well taken care of and I heard a lot of them are rescues!

Mike McGrath

Really cool native zoo. It was a little smelly in some of the exhibits but overall clean. A lot of the animals aren't very active on hot days and can be seen panting heavily. Other days are very active.

Charles Vaughn

Planned this day trip with my daughter to try and keep her off the video games. We both had a good time at the zoo and while in the area we stopped at chocolate world. Great day.

Kendy Schwarz

I mean if you don't live near a bigger zoo then I'm sure it's awesome. It's awesome they take in the animals, but it seemed overgrown and not kept up. The bears were awesome.

Warren A

Nice little zoo connected to Hershey Park. Guided path allows you to see all the animals and exhibits. Plenty of exotic animals to see. Cheap price. Tickets can be bundled with Hershey Park

Maureen Hill

I enjoy this animal park very much; and always take the time to walk around whenever I'm in the area. I would like to see less fencing and more natural habitat for the otters and the mountain lions. I realize the zoo has only 11 acres, but they need to find creative ways to increase the limited areas for some of the beloved animals. Now, I haven't been there in over 12 months, so I'm hoping some improvements have been made. I'll let ya know.

Tim Benningfield

A nice addition to the Hershey Park. Lots of different animals that I never would have thought we would see at an amusement park. Entrance to the zoo attraction is included with admission to the park. They also had keepers on the pathways at different places holding animals that you could walk up and pet and they would teach you about that animal. The little man and I really enjoyed this part of the park. He loved running around trying to find the different animals in their displays and learning all about them. Well done Hershey, very well done.

Bryan Scranton

Highly recommend the after hours tour. Thank you Tal and Alicia. Y'all were great on the tour and very informative. From your Connecticut visitors thank you for the amazing experience

Patricia Hummel

Very nice time. Weather was beautiful.Have not been there in years.

Mark Moore

We came off season, but the animals were still looking good. For those that don't know the animals here are only those native to North America hence the name Zoo America. We also got to see a show rehearsal for the season which was fantastic. For only $12.50 a ticket it was well worth it. Note: there is a tax on the ticket price so bring extra for that, food and the gift shop!

Kate Knapp

There are sings for a suggested route to see all the animals. It was great

Scotts Honest Reviews

Great place! Oddly enough it is starting to smell worse and worse in the enclosed buildings. They need way better venting systems besides that it's a Ton of fun lots of cute animals a great place for couples and family's

Kh Weth

As a part of Hershey park, this place is cool. As a stand alone zoo, it's weak. I wouldn't pay for zoo admission alone

AB Buchinger

Nice small zoo in Hershey. They have a nice variety of animals. Some of the animals were a bit hard to find but nevertheless we got to see some animals up close too. To visit all animals in the park took us about 2-3 hours which makes ZooAmerica a perfect attraction for a half day outing.

Trixie Lulamoon

This was totally awesome, and i adored it so much! There was animals there, and you could see them in all of their animal glory. Most zoos suck because you don't get to actually see the animals, but at this one, i saw almost all of them! They had a pretty good selection too, with lots of american animals like black and brown bears, mountain lions, all sorts of snakes, a huuuuuuuge snapper, and lots of other things. This was a great stop.

Stacey Zimmerman

Excellent small zoo with great animals. The after hours tour is excellent!

Cooldude Awesome

If you already paid to go to the theme park then you can go to the zoo since it is included in the price they just stamp your hand to make sure you came from that way a ton of animals to enjoy even got a dark room for night animals birds, reptiles, bears you name it if you go to Hershey park if is a must to check it out this is a picture of a paricon falcon enjoy

Chris Herrold

It is not an all-day place to go. It is better for kids under the age of 5 that have short attention spans. The walking tour takes about 45 minutes. Enjoyed the eagles, bears, wolves and prairie dogs. There was an educational/comedy show the kids enjoyed. Personally I have no desire to return.


I liked that they had clearly posted signs that even offered a recommended path to follow that was nice. I loved the selection of animals and even the natural wildlife adds a nice touch even the bees that were noted as having been living in that building for a very long time I forget how long other then it was suprisingly long. I gave a four star as the wait in line at the one food stand was insanely long, and the chicken nuggets tasted disgusting they tasted like gross cheap chicken my kids love all brands of nuggets but even they took one bite and spit it out and wouldn't touch them. Obviously the overall experience was great with small issues which is why I gave a four star not a five.

Mark Royko

Small zoo, but worth it.. we explored while at the park.. never been so close to a bald eagle before, it was magnificent.

ash s

It was nice, and there were alot of animals

Veronica Gipe

An absolutely lovely North American indigenous zoo. Very pleasant to stroll thru. All of the name placards for each specimen type were very informative, the zoo is clean, well maintained and a complete joy to visit. The animals all appear to be very healthy and, just as important, happy.

Ronnie Carmel Kasan

Beautiful. Especially after i heard that the brown bears were saved from death by Hershey's a few years ago. Really exciting. Hope that in the winter live warm and pleasant tho ...

Michael Henderson

Walking around and admiring the animals is a great stress relief for me. I don't think they should remove the black vultures though they are my favorite and quite rare around the Hershey area. I also thought the large snapping turtle looked dead. Sad if so. Will visit again hoping to see the vultures still around

Jason Andes

Zoo is clean. Animals seem well cared for. Pricing not too bad. Cons, very small zoo, too crowded for isle ways and should limit how many walk thru at a time. I would not return due to how small and crowded.

Jason Haines

Great little zoo. Features animals that are native to North America, so you won't find anything super exotic. Bears are a highlight along with elk, mountain lions, and bald eagles. For the price it's a nice stop in the area. You can bring in a lunch too so that's nice.

Rafael catalina

It isn't a bad place, but its really basic. Not much animals you wouldn't find around a normal zoo. Don't pay to enter. Its free if you enter Hershey park.

Donna Tamuschy

Loved the assortment of animals to include wolves.

John Brannigan

Nice small zoo with North American animals. Go early or late in the day to see the animals active.

Lindz M

The zoo itself was great. Loved being able to see the animals even during a thunderstorm. The staff however was a different story specifically at the food court. When trying to report the incidents I experienced it seemed to be brushed off like no big deal. Being overcharged, missing food, dirty dropped food, and general discord at the kiosk is a slightly big deal. I will go again purely for the animals, but don't eat there

Tessa j

I was quite impressed for such a small zoo how impressively clean and detailed it was. Detailed of landscaping to prevent animals from getting too dangerously close to us and embelishment to resemble their natural enviroment

Margarita Meza

Its ok, thought it had more to see but for the price you can't beat it... It's also a nice zoo to walk and just enjoy a relaxing outing ... Recommend

*Jesse* D

Fun filled zoo! Great for all the family. Great views for photos of animals. A good amount of poke stops.

john boehm

Nice little zoo to spend some time at.

John O'Connor

I love zoo America. It is a smaller zoo but the prices aren't bad. It is connected to Hershey Park so if you are already at the park it is just something more you can do.

Sarah Jane

It’s not bad! It was very interesting and nice to stop at while in Hershey after eating so we could let our stomachs settle before heading on another ride. I wouldn’t personally make a day trip out of it, but I thought it was cool to see how many different animals are in North America. So cool to see an Elk in person too!

Lynn Crouch

The internet said open til 8:00 PM Got there and they had a magnet put over the hours. Closed at 5:00. BOO

Lis Del

They didn't have many animals. Some of the cages the animals were in didn't allow you to see them easily. The zoo didn't really decorate the areas according to the theme of that particular area.

Samantha Hoopes

It's a nice zoo, very clean but on the small side. Definitely need to do it with a day at Hershey Park or go over to chocolate world.

Jenn L.

My boys really enjoyed this zoo. It's not a huge zoo but that works perfectly for us. There are ramps but you may have an issue if someone is in a wheel chair. Some of them were a bit steep.

Ken Breivik

This was a nice diversion from Hershey Park. There is no additional cost if you come through the Hershey Park Side. There is a nice variety of animals but the zoo is not particularly large. The Grey Wolves were very nice and it was great to get fairly close to the Bears. The fences are very thick as you can see from the photos I posted. This can be a little bit distracting. If this review has helped you please give it a like.

jonna artisan

Our favorite part of Hershey Park. They are affiliated with other Zoos across the US so if you are a member be sure to ask, you may get a discount. We are members of the Greensboro Science Center in North Carolina and we got a discount. You can visit ZooAmerica without visiting Hershey Park. Shows, rides and pleasant walkways. Be sure to get a map. Nice for a family day.

Deniz mavruk

Two white Wolf's,two bears and some more cute animals were there.Staff was very nice and polite.Telling by the way I saw wolfs acted when their caregiver came they must know they're loved.

Slk Ric

Nice little Zoo. This is my first time seeing Eagles close up

Anne L

Great animals and learning opportunities about each animal. Relaxing part of the Hersheypark day so you can recharge. It's not as exciting as it was years ago but still is interesting. I miss the monkey island. The bears are fun to see though.

Tony Steven

Didn't expect the zoo would be so good. They have suggested route which took us up high through elevated path which is so nice so you can see much more view and my kids love it so much. They also have a lot of different animals and pretty much shaded area from the trees and nice surrounding.

Al Mogerman

Not very large but good view of all animals if out. Even if they are sleeping, recommend a walk through

Mohammad Taimoor Khan

Great little zoo for the young ones and adults alike. Decent enough size to take an hour or so of viewing. The animals look to be well taken care of and the staff is welcoming.

Tarun Ravi

Hot tbh, but other than that there were tons of great animals. Really good

Andrew Mosley

One of Hershey park's best kept secrets!

Josh Manges

A great little side tour when you're cruising around Hersheypark and you want to get away from the crowds. A good selection of animals and depending on the whether you can get excellent, upclose pictures. A must visit location for parents who have children who love animals.

John Carter

This park is easy to walk through and the prairie dog exhibit was quite impressive!

Darcy Stewart

Highly priced small park for what you get. You can walk the whole place in 20 minutes without the crowds. Should charge half the price. The habitats could have been nicer. Too much glass so you can't see the animals too well. Habitats didn't reflect the animal actual living environment and were too small. Overall they need to work on presentation. Staff was friendly. Place was kept clean. The place has too much staff with a guy in the parking lot under an umbrella doing nothing.

Mike Yeary

Very nice zoo. It is in the park area but I am not sure if you can visit it separately. Very nice people and helpful

mark bishop

A great addition to the theme park and chocolate world.

Danny Stief

As a North American only zoo, there isn't going to be enough attractions here to fill a full day. But the staff are friendly and helpful, and the animals are clearly well looked after. My wife and I had a lovely afternoon here, and would recommend it for anyone looking to experience some of the great wildlife that calls our country home.

Leah Leah

Seems a bit old fashioned - animals look more caged than in a natural enclosure like more modern zoos. Still, it's a pleasant walk.

Harry D

It was okay, most of the animals except the black bear and the owl were sleeping and stationary. In the old days it was more fun, there was more interaction until people started getting stupid and getting attacked and bitten by them. Which is still happening now with their dumb selfies. PS, lots of hills, beware. Need strong legs.

Marc Di Sabatino

This park is sad and depressing. The terrariums and habitats are out of date and lacking of enrichment for the animals. The crocodiles in the amphibian piece barely had over 10 feet of space. Most the mammals look depressed. More like animal prison than a learning and advancement center.

Adam Speck

This is a lovely little zoo that is included with your Hershey Park admission. It has a wide variety of animals and a nice little gift shop. They have birds, different kinds of cats, prairie dogs, deer and many more. Great place to take the kids.

Logan Lopez

Was fun but the zoo is very small. We were hoping to see bigger animals but only saw a few bears and leopards. Was entertaining but probably won't come back unless I want a break from Hershey Park.

Jill McGonigal

Animals seem well taken care of. Good assortment.


Great food, awesome service, amazing Christian company I am happy to support. Better fast food choices for me and my family.

Shane Murphy

We had so much fun celebrating our son’s first birthday at ZooAmerica! Fantastic place!

Amiee Wills

Easy to walk through in 45 minutes. The kiddos enjoyed it. The upside of small containment areas is the animals are easy to observe.

Kelli Cytron

This was a nice zoo to visit. It had a nice representation of animals. Zoo America is a nice diversion from the noise and crowds of the park.

Andre Mosley

Was a fun place to take a few minutes to explore. But it's tiny and not worth a separate ticket

lost on long island

This is not a zoo..its an animal jail,run down buildings..extremely cramped for the few animals they do have. Half the turtles looked dead,the deer have maybe a 40 foot area to live in.i personally felt terrible for those poor animals,i would be ashamed if i was the owner

Brandon Wolfenden

The education experience was great! And the great care of the animals was evident. However, for the hype they give to this zoo, it is vastly undersized and lacking in engaging exhibits. For a Hershey facility, greatly disappointed.

Gabrielle Radmore

This Zoo has a small section of animals and very small enclosures for them how ever because of this the animals are almost always seen and are able to be closer than some other zoos. Despite this the inside enclosures have a distinct old smell and they are very hard to walk around.


It was nice, animals were hard to see ,but was not crowded like the park is.

Sherri Hopkins

Small enough for younger kids to walk through comfortably, with multiple cooled indoor exhibit buildings. The looping shape of the zoo allows for easy revisiting of favorite animals, and multiple views of each habitat. An all-around great time for a family or school group.


Small zoo. Didn't see too many animals. Wasn't bad. Glad it was included in the Hersey Park admission ticket.

Adrienne Lemasters

ZooAmerica is a wonderfully charming zoo that isn't too huge, just big enough to give you a glimpse at some animals native to North America. They have a ton of events for kids and families. My husband & I buy an annual membership each year, they have 2 member-only events annually, they feed you a huge spread of great food and have special encounters with some of the animals. The early hour and late hour tours they offer are amazing - you get up close and personal with some awesome animals. They treat their animals with the utmost care and respect. I seriously love this place.

Jack Giebel

Hersheypark is great, but this area seems small, sad and rundown. It's a cool idea, but don't waste your time.

Eric Hale

Great free attraction in Hershey park. Got us away from the noise for awhile. Very enjoyable eclectic mix of animals.

Cody Becker

It was awesome. My 2 year old brother loved the bears. He was so happy he fell asleep!

Dan Herdman

Super neat little zoo featuring all the animals native to the US.

_zeebear_ art

I always enjoy seeing animals. They're such beautiful creatures, I just wish there were more here. It was a short experience but had a variety of animals, like bears, wolves, and big cats. A lot of the animals were hiding though, probably due to the excessive heat. I recommend coming here when it's a good cool temperature so you have the chance to see all of the animals and they are out. But overall pretty good!

Marissa Thomas VLOGS

the animals were great we seen some animals from out of the country, and some that dug holes. although if you are going on a hot day make sure to bring water or bring money to buy some! the stand where you buy it has a outdated sign, so the 16 oz water (the only size you can buy) is 2$ which is the cheapest water you can buy there, us as a family loved it and hope to go back again! 13 Stars!

Maria Hernandez

Zooamerica has a wide range of animals. I love how it's already part of the park. They have many interesting animals to see and even better than some zoos out there. Great addition to the park!

Donna Fairbank

Great small zoo but go early so all the animals are not napping

Maxine Mack

It was wonderful to visit. It has a large variety of animals reptiles etc even endangered species too from all over the world plus it's great exercise too!! Admission prices are good too! Now idk if I'm allowed to put up admission prices or not but here it goes. Adults is $12.50, Seniors 55yrs+ $10.50 and children gets in free with their school ID and if you have a Hershey park season pass then of course you get in free

Darlene Booker

It was really hot and most of the animals were hiding in an attempt to stay cool

kelsey stief

Kind staff and we'll cared for animals! What a great day!

Nicoli Clark

The kids always enjoy seeing the animals and learning more, each time we go. It's a clean, fun educational opportunity!

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Flight 93 National Memorial
Flight 93 National Memorial
Tourist Attraction - Pennsylvania

Memorial park