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REVIEWS OF Philadelphia Zoo IN Pennsylvania

Jenna Jimenez

I love this zoo! I've been coming here ever since I was little and it's still always a great experience! The zoo is huge and they have a wide variety of animals that are well cared for.

Brittney Williams

The zoo provides great family fun. Just be prepared for a lot of outdoor activities. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, not very many places to eat indoors. Prices are also a bit high. I think people make out best when they purchase …

Kim Lau

Great zoo but bad service in the food area. Everything was great with America's oldest zoo. However, once it comes to the food service area, this area is lacking. After an exhausting morning visiting exhibit to exhibit, we as a family decided to get some food to eat. We went to the food area by the swan boat pond for some chicken tenders, burgers and pizza. We ordered those food items from the menu. After standing there waiting for 15 minutes see other people get their order which was the same as ours, I decided to ask why I haven't received my food. The clerk didn't know and said he will check. Another 10 minutes went by so I decided to get the manager, Jean, to check on the order. No apologies whatsoever but still waited another 5 minutes before get my order. There was no logical explanation for this delay as there was plenty of the items I had ordered and like I said before, similar orders came before mine. Service needs to be improved.

Ryan DeBellis

Don't listen to half of the 1 star reviews unless you're a new age hippy that doesn't understand zoos actually protect animals from going extinct. The other half of the 1 star reviews are based on food and restrooms.... It's a zoo people. Not a 5 star dinner/hotel. Out of the many zoos I have been to, this is up there on my top 5 list. It really is an amazing zoo.

Jalisa Foulds

The giraffes and Zebras were beautiful to see! A good experience, but a bit disappointing because there were no elephants

Sarah Jones

I disliked the zoo. The cost wasn't accurate at all. The extra costs/activities once you get there are more then the cost of the ticket. If the animals aren't in their habitat then those activities could have made the trip awesome.... but that's not the case ... it made the trip much worse. Updated my review because the huge disappointment was addressed. They didn't make everything in the zoo one simple cost but they did allow me to upgrade my recent purchase to a family membership price. There where a few options to choose from. So be sure to read carefully before you just buy a ticket to go. The one membership option allows a family to visit the zoo as much as they want for a whole year... with free parking. And another allows the family to visit bring guests for free and go on one of the rides for free.

Tamara Briggs

I loved it. So many new animals and reptiles. Playground area for toddlers, beautiful eatery. An awesome fun loving family spot!! Get a yearly membership!!! Money well spent

Meir Freund

Nice zoo. Don't have eto walk too far from one enclosure to the next. Had a great time and would recommend.

Kelly Brennan

Great place for a day trip. Employees were quick to help. Animals looked healthy with nice enclosures. The only thing I would change, an employee blatantly said that there were no more polar bears at the zoo because it died to small children that were excited to see a polar bear and then we had to cautiously explain death on what was to be a fun day out. Other than that small encounter it was fun!

Prasad RS

Animals are gone half the time. No bears, large primates and closes at 5 pm in summers. Should be open after 5 as well in summers. Food options are horrible too, but the staff is great. Does have petting zoo and kids center which is great

Siara Margo

Easy to get around. A lot of interesting animals. Cat display was a little hyped up for what it was. But I'm sure it'd be better if they were walking around.

Mirna Franco

An Awesome zoo!!! Had a blast, wish it was closer to me so i could go again.


This wasn't a bad zoo, but I have been to better ones before. I was expecting to see elephants there, but they did not have any. On the plus side, they did have giraffes. Nonetheless, it is something to do, and your little ones will enjoy it.

Jason Smoot

Brought my niece's and nephews. An just LOVED there reactions to everything. Seeing there faces light up the way they did, made the trip that much better. Will be back.

Daniel Mosaad

This zoo is the best! The animals here are rare and exotic, me and my friends saw a monkey in his closure just casually doing flips and acrobats for fun!!! The staff here also are enthusiastic and caring, yet also strict enough to keep everyone safe. They got a section for kids which is educational, and a petting zoo, this is one of the biggest, coolest zoo's I've ever seen! (I've seen a lot of zoo's lol)

Scott Morrison

Perfect size zoo for an afternoon trip. Got to see a lot of the animals up close, though I do wonder whether all the enclosures are big enough. The staff was really friendly and helpful, too.

Tom DeFlavees

Love the zoo, and value my membership greatly. The grounds are historic, the exhibits timely, exciting and often hilarious. Be prepared for the occasional whiff of the whole variety of animal scents... They can be forgiven. Check out the meercats in the small mammal house and outside it as well. Become a member. Being able to slide out the turnstile near the giraffes and get into the car is worth that alone !!

Becky Clark

Lots of animals including giraffes, monkeys, gorillas, hippos and more. Plenty of bathrooms and water fountains. The zoo is easy to walk through as most of it is flat. Family friendly!

Jeff C

The Philadelphia Zoo has always been an awesome treat for both family and friends over the years... strongly recommended to check this place out and make sure to get your tickets and pay for parking online to save money:)

Samantha Goodwyn-Bey

The Zoo was amazing! employees were helpful. The variety of animals was awesome and they were well cared for and looked healthy.

Jacqueline Bello

So beautiful and interactive! My daughter loved it all! However, she is a huge fan of polar bears and unfortunately, the ones they had passed away.

Sue Zarrett

It was my granddaughter's first visit ever and my first in many years. As always, it was clean and a very pleasant experience. The animals were very active, which was fun to see. I was disappointed that the tree house is now for members only and the polar bears are gone, although the penguins are a fun addition, in their place. We appreciated the addition of more food options, like the Urban Green, and the reintroduction of the Zoo keys, which my granddaughter enjoyed very much. The Lego exhibit is AMAZING!!

eric jacobsen

Free parking was good, and we got to park nice and close. Reasonable ticket prices. The park was VERY CLEAN and all animal encloses were also VERY CLEAN. Food was sub par, even for a park. We had a fun time walking around, and the park wasn't crowded at all. We went early in the day on a weekday, so much of the food/drink stands were not open. If you go on a weekend I'm sure it is. Fun place to spend half a day in Philly.

lisa Lisa

Had a great time. It wasn't crowded and all the animals were out

Kevin Mathes

Great zoo with helpful staff around the exhibits. We did the being the scenes tour and fed the two hippos. It was an awesome experience and the zookeeper was fantastic.

Cassandra Phenix

Probably one of the better zoos I’ve visited. The exhibits were well thought of and they included rare and endangered animals. The children’s zoo was a GODSEND for my rambunctious toddler. Do bring sunscreen, a hat, and good walking shoes.

Annette Blackwell

What a fabulous overhaul to the place I visited on more than a few school field trips! Wonderful staff & a fantastic upgrade to one of the oldest institutions in the city of Philadelphia !!!

Ed Brooking

Holy awesome zoo!!! We spent around 4 hours meandering through albeit backwards. Favorite spot was sitting with the gorillas. So beautiful and humbling chilling with them. Thanks Philly Zoo

R Frey

Good zoo with a large collection of exhibits. Looks like several exhibits could use renovation. Felt bad for some of the large animals, they could use more space. Also, many of the refreshment stands were closed. I know it is late in the season, but the price to enter is still the same. Do it right or close up for the season.

Alex K

Went to the Zoo on a weekday and it was almost completely empty. It was really nice to be there and basically have the Zoo to ourselves. The exhibits themselves are well maintained and the animals seem happy/healthy. Parking is pricey, and the roads around the Zoo are very crowded and were under construction at the time.

Justin Adams

Fun zoo, lots to see and do. Would definitely look at being a annual pass holder if you live close and wanted to visit multiple times, plus discounts at other zoos. Gorilla exhibit was favorite

Jamie G.

Love all of the animals, always feel bad they don't have more freedom, but the zoo takes great care of these animals and saves a lot of them. I love the new overhead walk they have and even got to see a tiger above my head! It was great seeing all the animals being so lively.

michael retamar

Highly recommend. Great place to bring your family or just a date with your significant other. Many animals to see. Monkey section is awesome. They’re my favorite. The way the paths are set up are organized and easy to navigate.

Emily Morgan

Absolutely fell in love with this Zoo. My Daughter was entranced with all the animals and great visibility of the animals. Hopefully when we go again it won't be 90+ degrees and the animals have more energy. We will make another trip (7 hrs) to visit again.


The Philly zoo is well maintained and the animals seem healthy and beautiful! Tons to do here and lots of food and beverage choices!! More dining seating would be helpful and food/extras (rides) are pricey but you can choose not to do either.

Delores Willis

I love zoos and the Philadelphia Zoo did not disappoint. We went early on a weekend and got parking in the first lot. There was plenty of room. Ticket purchase was smooth also. We got the schedule of the zookeeper chats and pretty much followed that. Each keeper gave a short talk about the animals, which was very informative. We stayed after the group left and asked questions both about the animals and about the zookeepers themselves. Every zookeeper was very friendly and willing to share their experiences at the zoo with us. The zoo was very clean and the animals looked very well cared for. It was a great day and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Philadelphia.

Michael Hardman

My two and a half year old son loved it here. The exhibits were informative, the habitats seemed clean and the animals well cared for. We came on a hot day and I appreciated that many of the walkways are well shaded. This was a nice trip.

Sebastian James

I went on a field trip for my ethics class. Personally it changed my view on zoos by a lot, it's clear that they are doing as much as they can to make the animals lives as good as they can in the limited space that they have. They also try and help save the populations of many animals, and have been successful with a few. It's not perfect but they are improving and trying. Plus they have a ton of different animals

Jason Persaud

We took a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo fro NYC. We got there around 11 AM on Wednesday morning and the place was practically empty except from a few camp trips there. The main parking lots still had lots of space. Parking is $16. Though the …

dory morris

I am an employee at the Philadelphia Zoo and I think that it is a really fun place to work. A few days ago a man named Taylor Fox and his son Harry came to the zoo and they were the nicest people to help. Mr Fox gave me and my co worker a really good laugh and that is why I love working there so much.

Mary Victor

I had a very nice time at the zoo. Saw the animals. Had my zoo key. We had a bite to eat. Zoo employees were very helpful answering all my questions and guiding me to the places I wanted to go. I plan on coming back on a cooler day.

Jesse Velilla

I was there with my family for the first time . we had a fun time. Moved around the different areas smoothly. Not crowed. Lots of animals and few rides to get into. I was especially amazed by the Lego structures. Thanks City of brotherly love feeling it here.

Erica Jones-Revilla

I mean, it's the Philadelphia Zoo! My favorite place as a child is still my favorite place as an adult. Lots of great exhibits (although it seems as though several are empty as the zoo updates). It's pretty big so make sure you wear comfy shoes

Shandelle C

This amazing zoo was the first true zoo in the United States. Chartered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on March 21, 1859, but its opening was delayed by the American Civil War until July 1, 1874. Besides their amazing animals the historic architecture throughout is something to see.

Yogesh Hingalaje

Name the Animal and you will find it here. Good grouping of animals. Well maintained place. Easy to hangout and find specific animals. Carry a zoo map at entrance. Can spend easily 2 to 3 hrs in this place. They have a boating option too for interested ones.

Daniel Spohn

Great place to visit. We are members so we go frequently. Well worth the 90 minute drive. The entire zoo is a no smoking zone, so little lungs are safe. Good food, lots of fun activities for all ages.

Ethan Quirin

I always enjoy my time at the Philly Zoo. It is so much fun to see some of the animals when they are in the overhead walkways. It really does give the 360 experience. I like what the Zoo has done to create a new Bald Eagle exhibit.

Aj French

Really fun. Staff friendly, park clean and the animals were great to see. Avoid the "Beer Garden" Bathroom. Both men's and women's were really bad, small and wouldn't flush. Its seen better days. Didnt realize there were other bathrooms we should have run too. That's it, we had a great day!

Elinea Smith

Always a great experience! We have a membership for the whole family and enjoy our visits. So much to do each and every time we go.

Heidi Stufflet

Was great when I was a kid and still great now. Always a fun day...even in the rain. Wonderful zoo!

Evelyn Crea

Season pass holder here. I have to say that Philadelphia zoo is one of the best I have ever been to. I love animals and my heart hurts seeing them mistreated. All of the animals in this zoo are well cared for and have lots of space. Such a breath of fresh air after seeing how Hershey park treats their animals. Thank you so much for all your hard work to trainers and caretakers.

Tim Rooney

Tons of different animals at the zoo. Lost the polar bear ☹️ but everything else you could think of. Beer garden and plenty of different foods to eat. Best to get a membership. Pays for it self in 2 visits.

Mike Aj

Not to much to say. But I love the Philadelphia zoo! Awesome adventure for the family. Beyond expectations from the staff on how they where so so so helpful and so so so sweet to all the guest. Beautiful experience.

B Marie

Great way to spend a day! Didn't get to see a lot of animal activity but they are beautiful creatures, well loved and with clean environments. My girls loved the leavening centers and carousal.

Johnny Robbins

It had been years since i last visited. I was impressed with the improvements at the zoo. With the big cats and other animals walking overhead

Mad CR

Nice place to spend the day with the family. Staff very friendly!! Will Come back!

Alayna Kemery

The Philadelphia Zoo is the BEST! My summer camp class went there on a field trip this past week and my students and I had a blast! The zoo is very well kept, there are tons of animals and fun exhibits to see, and the team members and staff are so friendly and helpful. It's a fabulous place for a trip with your family or for a field trip. I highly recommend!

Dawn Zamajtuk

Sorry to say I was extremely disappointed I traveled all the way to the Philadelphia Zoo with my granddaughter from Alabama we both love to go to the zoos everybody recommended we go I will say that the grounds are beautiful that little statues here and there are absolutely marvelous the big fountain in the front was so refreshing and greeting but I was disappointed in the some of the exhibitions and because it is a bad time I guess during the summer to visit his though we really did not get to see many animals at all living in New Jersey I probably would now Venture back to Turtle Back Zoo it's closer to home and I think I would definitely get more for my money and more excitement and seeing the different animals their Innovations there are absolutely going through the roof and I welcome that

Sallie Strayer

I grew up in Philly, but hadn't been to the zoo in years. Loved being there again. The tiger walk was great. The otters were eating and playing. The Gorillas and their babies get right up to the glass partition and it's like you can almost touch them.

Kenny Duthie

Excellent zoo with so much to do. We have a one year family membership and have came at least 5 times already. Parking is free with membership. The zoo has a great and wide variety of animals. The highlights are giraffes, gorillas, bears, lions, feeding the birds live mealworms, riding the baby train, the great food offered and more!!!

Tina Williams

Hard to navigate to driving-wise. The actual zoo was great and you could easily spend a day there.

Eric Cephas

Lots of shade cover helped us stay "cool" on a hot day. Love the changes they have made over the years. Great place to visit with my family! My 4 year old loves all of the animals. The people who work here are very friendly too.

Carissa Casella

There are a lot of new exhibits and places to visit. Even if you've been within the last few years you can go again and it's a totally different experience. This is a great place to spend the whole day with your family.

Sarah Galliera

Love the zoo. Was an amazing time. Had a little hiccup with getting lunch but it was busy and understandable. Enjoyed they brought back the keys and the otters were my favorite. So playful. Love the lego builds.


One of the best places to visit with kids. I found the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

Adam Connelly

Always a great experience! We have a membership for the whole family and enjoy our visits. So much to do each and every time we go.

althea unger

We went to the Zoo today. Was a very nice Zoo. Large enouhh that we spent 4 hrs there. Most of the animals were taking naps so did not get to really see some of them. It was still a great place to go.

Mary Bullard

Great place to visit. My husband and I had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. By far one of the best zoo's I've been to.

Melissa Erskine

We love the Philadelphia zoo. We have a family membership which covers free parking for each visit. We try to visit at least five times a year. It's great to pop in on Saturday morning for a few hours. The staff including the security at the front gate and the zookeepers are just so friendly and helpful. I also like that during our time in the last few years they are constantly making new updates and having new animals. So each visit is a little bit different every time.

Dave Jonas

Great for kids. Free Library may be able to "lend" tickets (I think). And memberships are relatively more affordable than other options (Camden Aquarium!)

Sheryn Laub

Such great improvements since I was a child. Love they brought the Zoo Key back and my husband found his from over 40 years ago, still works! Love the food trucks and vegetarian/healthy food options. After one visit this past May we became members and have visited 3 times since.

Johnny Miller

We thought we were going to be here a few hours and move on but so much to see and we like to take pictures we ended up being there 6 hours. Nice zoo with more to see than we first thought. Kids as well as adults will love it.

Lisa Shirley

This is such a great zoo. They not only have a lot of animals to see (if they are not sleeping at the time of your visit), but fun activities for kids. I mean it is no Bronx Zoo by all means, but this place is special as it is the very first zoo in the United States. You can literally spend the whole day here. They have plenty of places to go to the bathroom, rest and eat. They also have a few nifty gift shops as well. The price of admission for a nonmember is pretty fare and the lines to get in the zoo seem to move along quickly. Price for parking however, is a bit steep ($16). I recommend this place to everyone of any age group. I will definitely visit again in the future.

Andy W

We had a wonderful trip today and it was our first chance to use a membership that was gifted to us. The kids had a blast seeing all of the animals. I had been to the zoo many, many times as a kid and the changes they have made in the last …

Brandon Kaback

Wonderful place, not overly priced and has something for everyone. Great especially for young children!

Karen Koch Reilly

Awesome first zoo experience for adults and kids. Plenty of parking, shade on paths for a hot day, mist stations and water bottle filling stations (and air conditioned exhibits). A great day!

Kathleen Mignone

Membership is worth the money; free parking, multiple visits a month sometimes and your exploring with your family. There's always plenty to see and lots of opportunities to keep it simple or go all out. Plus if you only want/can handle a short trip there's a lot less guilty, and with a three year old sometimes a short trip is just what works for the day.

Greg Tisdale

It was okay great for kids. If you are really into zoos the Bronx zoo in my opinion is by far the best!

Bill Shepherd

One of the better zoos we have been to. We were season pass holders for several years and we loved it. We saved a lot of money this way and could do all the activities each and every time we went. Each year they seem to make more improvements and each year they have new fun and exciting stuff. We loved going in the fall and winter months because the zoo keepers often spent a lot of one on one time with us and we got to know a lot about the animals.

José David Luna

Great experience! I would highly recommend this Zoo. Went on a Friday and was almost empty of people, yet tons of varieties of animals and species to see! Great great great! Gorilla, Lion, and Rhino the best!

Kyle Schwartz

The Zoo is doing a wonderful job expanding the opportunities for many animals to explore with overhead bridges. The Primate area allows for hours of different observations.

Carolyn Hein

The Philadelphia Zoo is a great way to spend some time with friends on the weekend. We arrived in the morning (around 10:30am) and left around 2:30pm. We didn't feel the need to visit every exhibit and were a little bogged down my the heat at the end so we decided to head out a little early. In my opinion, you can spend as little or as much time as you would like here depending on your preferences. I had a great time.The gibbons were my favorite!

Haley Maruschak

Love the zoo! Staff are always in a good mood and the park is incredibly clean!! I try to come by at least once a year

Rebecca Zoltowski

The Philadelphia zoo is wonderful. Lots of animals, great food, lots of places for food and drink, or to picnic. You can bring food in to the zoo. I recommend getting a zoo key for each of the kids to hear extra things about the animals. They love seeking the boxes out to use their keys. Lots of shady spots to sit. If you Pokemon or Wizards Unite, there are a lot of stops or inns in the zoo area. They actually recommend you play while visiting, on their website.

Royal Williams-Thompson

Very good experience. Exciting seeing the animals traverse over the top of zoo.. not confined to one space


Amazing zoo! The staff was super helpful and welcoming and I get lost in parks all the time so it was good to have some help. The Animals can always be scene everywhere in this park. Just one word of advice- DO NOT go during the Jewish holiday of Passover. The park gets jammed packed

Jeff Smith

Good time at the zoo. Some animal exhibits have changed since I was there last. Roaming lion and monkey cages were cool.

Margie Pazel

Well taken care of. I enjoy seeing all the animals but I still feel they need to be free and live normal lives in their own environment not in captivity.

ItzLunar Lynxx

First time ever going and I got to go with my wife and my son's first time as well will cover back plenty more times. Loved it


Cool to spend time at the zoo after hours. Private company event. Easy garage parking with a short walk to the zoo. Helpful and friendly staff.

Brigitte Wiss

Parking too expensive. Entrance too expensive. 1 adult $40! Imagine 2 adults and 2 children! Price should be reduced so any body can afford it. It is for kids to connect with nature. People cannot afford it. Place empty. Water for animals dirty with algae (giraffes). No soap in bathroom at 5 pm. Need more signs to show where is the entrance from the parking. After 4 pm 1/2 price.

Anni Tsai

The whole family really enjoyed the Philly zoo. There are lots of things for the kids to do. A great mixture of learning and playing to hold interests for a large range of age groups. The adults enjoyed the food and coffee. It has more of a park feel than a zoo with beautiful trees, plants, and fountain.

Brian Fruchey

Really loved the Zoo360 feature. I feel the zoo is using all the space they have to the best of their ability. A great reptile house is a plus. Merry some Betty nice keepers who were always willing to answer questions. I've never had this much access to the animals' caretakers. Only negative, I wish the green spaces found around the zoo we're a little more well kept up. Would be more appealing to have more landscaped area.

Eric Dugan

Enjoyed watching the animals and what they were doing. It was warm out so many were in shade till later in the day. The entire zoo was clean and well kept. Would recommend to everyone to see it.

Tomera Cobado

This was a huge zoo compared to the Buffalo Zoo (which I'm familiar with), very clean, helpful friendly staff. The best banana soft serve icecream, and a ton of food choices. It was so awesome, I loved all the animals and the zoo was very clean.

Dawn Fosi

Had to spend a day in Philadelphia alone and figured the zoo would be my best option. Went for the pandas, which i spent a good amount of time at. Maybe I just didn't get the lay out but it seemed like a very small zoo. Either way the Pandas were worth it.

Mildred Saunders

The staff was amazing. I hadn't been to a zoo in several years. The habitats for the animals were beautiful. My niece and I went behind the scene with the hippos. What an amazing experience. The staff couldn't have been any more informative . What a great time we had. Can't wait to go back.

Porsche Holland

Haven't been in years but it was amazing! So glad I purchased a membership and look forward to exploring more. Nice touches and superfamily and wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms were decent and staff friendly. Vegetarian options seem limited and overpriced but we tend to be prepared.

MrsJen Hall

It's kind of expensive given the size. If you're planning to go twice in a year, it's probably better to just get the membership. That being said, considering it's relatively small in sq ft for a zoo, they have quite a variety of animals and attractions. And if you have smaller children or problems walking, the size might actually be a plus for you. They also have some really cool features like cage tunnel bridges that go over the walkways so you can sometimes see animals moving in ways you wouldn't if they were in a traditional cage.

Nettie Mccoy

Visiting from out of town and one of the stops on the list was the zoo!! Loved going and seeing all the animals, especially the new baby lion cubs!! Super cute. I was surprised though how small this zoo really is in comparison to other zoos I have been to. But the layout is easy to navigate and it's nice to see most of the animals out and about. The only downside is that we got there in the later afternoon and the zoo is only open until 5pm. Beyond that, employees were helpful when we had questions and it was a very fun time!

Jo-Ann Orsini

Had a wonderful 'behind the scenes experience' at Penguin Point today! Thanks again to the knowledgeable, caring and friendly staff who gave great instructions and even took photos for us! Unforgettable day!

Elena Sokol

a wonderful place where both animals and people who come to visit them feel great!!! spacious enclosures in which you can look through panoramic windows, many bridges/corridors. right above your head a tiger can easily pass, or a gorilla can run. Another pleasant surprise was a peacock walking among visitors. 1000 year old hand turtles, and a lake where you can swim on a swan. and delicious food from Chick-fil-A (although prices are three times higher than usual), but it fades into the background when you are impressed with this magical and friendly animal world.

Vince Cardella

The garage next door is very convenient. The cost to park in the garage is $16.00. The zoo is very clean and the staff is very friendly. My grandson had his face painted like a tiger. The girl did a great job.

Cheryl Hill-Herder

I am the mother of a budding veterinarian and the Philadelphia Zoo goes so many extra miles to ensure that her love for animals, their habitats and health is cultivated and inspired!! Definitely one of the nation's most family-friendly zoos. I highly recommend it!!

Hina Isfahany

Fun place to go with all ages, we had a toddler of 1.5year old and she enjoyed it to the fullest. Clean place with nice people even on a sunny day, reasonable food and beverages.

Jim Young

The animals are great! Great kids area with goats to pet. The food is low quality fast food, so bring food and use the picnic areas as an alternative. The parking is street parking on a zoo controlled street...

YourLandAndCruiseExperts Travel

Large zoo, large variety of animals to see. They run a great overnight program for scouts that involves having scouts and leaders check in, have dinner in their quick serve cafe, then explore the park while it is closed to the public. You can chose which badge you want to earn. We selected the Nocturnal Animals badge, so we got a private tour after dark. We slept overnight in their education building (bring your own cots/sleep mats), then had breakfast in the cafe. After breakfast, we had one last guided tour, at which point, the event was again open to the public.

Jenna Roadside

The zoo is great! The prices are steep for admission and food. I really loved the Big Cat Falls area. Lots of cool cats.

Bill Bland

A must see if you like zoos at all. Certainly not the best zoo in the county but as the first zoo in the USA, I was compelled to go and wasn't disappointed. Had a nice 2.5 hour visit with my 17 year old son and he enjoyed it too.

Teri Fleming

This zoo had great exhibits. Very easy to find you way around. Loved the way they had trails throughout so the animals could change roam.

Matt Chavez

Nice zoo. Unfortunately we're were not able to see all the animals due to me not feeling well. But the animals we did see l were well worth it. My 1 year old grandson loved the primates. I will return if I get the chance.

pradeep samji

This is a nice place to visit. A couple of things to note if you are planning to visit: 1. Go early during summer as the parking is crowded later in the day and some animals stay in their shelter and cannot be seen as it gets hotter and 2. Plan to spend 4-5 hours. I saw some reviews which mentioned that 2-3 hours would be sufficient and reached about 1:00 PM and could not see some of the animals as a result.

General Unitato

Everytime I come here I love to see all the animals! Great historic place that has grown in the many years its been up.

brian d

Excellent value. Loved the green structure for kids to climb and zip line. Well worth the extra money.

Lori Cheffar

I do like taking the ride down. Good scenery, i wish they had elephants. I don't care for the beer garden it's an un necessary addition. But it is a nice family day out and i enjoyed it

Jessica Brown

The kids loved the zoo. We had a good time, however some of the staff was less than friendly. I will go back, but I wish they were a little nicer.

Karen Nell

America's first zoo is clean, the animals are healthy, clean and well taken care of. Employees are very nice, polite and well informed. We enjoyed our day and will return again.

C. Adams

Wonderful experience! Family enjoyed every moment. Pleased improved "natural" environments/habitats and improved "freedom" of the captive animals has advanced since my last visit 15+ years ago. Always prefer animals are left alone to live …

Bonnie Bullock

So much fun! Everything was great! The only problem was the food. I didn't get what I ordered nor did people around me even though I paid extra. For such a high price it should be made correctly. Other than that I can't wait to go back.


The staff we have encountered are very friendly. A few have advertised "zoo keys" for sale which will activated recorded speeches explaining more about the exhibits. We were able to activate most of these with a pair of women's sunglasses instead

Nathon Horton

Great zoo. Awesome for kids. The new arrangement where the animals get to migrate from exhibit to exhibit is really interesting. The primate area was a huge hit with both the parents and kids. Had a stop at the somewhat new Watering Hole for a beer and some hotdogs. Things are a little pricey, but you expect that going in.

Constance Bille

The perfect size for a zoo. In one day Families can walk through it all , or you can pay close attention to certain particular animals and exhibits, or you can entertain tiny kids with petting zoo and rides and leave before they get tired.

Kinga Lictz

My favorite zoo since I was a kid. I got the new zoo key, which is blue parrots. I love all the animals and other features in the zoo. The stuffed animals and other souvenirs can be a bit pricey, but worth it as a gift for someone. I hope they do another exhibit for creatures of habitat. I like listening to the facts and learning more about specific animals.☺

Dean Chia

Awesome place to take family. Has both indoor and outdoor exhibits, so you can take advantage of all weather. We got a membership, and it's totally worth it! The hippos were awe-inspiring. Theses otters and flamingos were surprising favorites too. Will definitely be back soon, Lord willing!

Toni Brown

Hadn't been to the zoo since elementary school. Love, love, love what they've done with the zoo. The zoo employees were all very friendly and accommodating.

Arun Raj

Love it. You can spend the whole day here. The zoo is maintained extremely well. Membership has additional benefits like free parking, special events etc.

Jacqueline Limehouse

It was my grandson's 5th birthday. First time to the Zoo and he loved it. He saw the animals in seen in books. The impression on his astonished me. His father took a picture of him at the same place and spot he had his taken 24yrs ago. Philadelphia Zoo captures long and memorable moments. We'll be back soon to make more!

Kevin Pastine

Great zoo! Membership is worth every penny! Parking plus free rides and discounts on food and other great benefits at over 100 other zoos? I'll take it! Great selection of animals in good, clean enclosures. Events, food vendors, kid entertainment. All at a reasonable price and not that far! This isn't your small zoo, plan to be there a few hours. We typically bring lunch and picnic, they have a great deal of picnic areas!

Douglas Burbey

Between D.C., Baltimore and Philly, Philadelphia Zoo is the best for day trips. Parking runs $16 for the garage but neighborhood parking near zoo is available if you want to hunt for it. Recommend the garage. Not every exhibit is easily wheelchair accessible. i.e. The reptile house, but it is the oldest zoo in America. Food choices are pretty good for a zoo, prices are so prices but quality was higher than normal. Military discount is available and definitely cuts the cost of admission if you qualify.

Yoann Lussier

To pack so many animal species in a city is not an easy task but they've pulled off quite a beautiful trick. Finding your way around in the Philadelphia Zoo is as easy as can be. Once you've been, you'll want to come back for the size of it takes more than a day to appreciate.

Donna Miller

I love the zoo and seeing all of the animals. A lot of exhibits look like they are under construction and will have new and exciting things in the future. I got to see a sloth move and yawn. The hippos were very active and drinking water from a hose.

nicole em

Great place to become a member since we live so close. Always something to do every time we are there. Exhibits are engaging and my son learns a little more every time we go.

Craig House

Nice zoo, clean and atmosphere is good. It's Philly so of course the unions are going to get their extortion fees but they haven't ruined it yet like so many other things.

Taylor Ploeger

I love the Philadelphia zoo! They treat their animals so well and emphasize conservation of environment and the species that live there. The zoo is clean and the staff is knowledgeable and nice.

Evan Garfield

Beautiful zoo, easy parking, reasonable entry price. Consider the membership if you want to go more than once a year! The zoo is a can’t miss attraction while in the city!

Edward Guerrido

Great place for a day trip. Arrived by bus then taxi and wasn't disappointed. The covered monkey pathways over my head we're very cool.

Alexandru Pana

One of the nicest zoo's I've been to. A lot of animals, really well treated and with lots and lots of space available to them. Really nice to see this and also, there are some wired suspended "tunnels" where the big cats can walk right above you. Super nice!


Zoo itself was great. Accessible parking. Helpful employees. Well cared for grounds. The food!! We got hamburgers and chicken sandwiches from the place where the air conditioned facility is. Next time we'll eat the animals' food...I'm sure it is better. Food/service... Pretty bad and not cheap. Employees were 5 star pathetic...miserable and served the wrong sandwiches 2x. Maybe the food trucks are better or bring your own.

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